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MacDraft PE (Front) US
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Why Microspot MacDraft Personal Edition?
Microspot MacDraft Personal Edition (PE). with features from
the award-winning
MacDraft Professional, offers an
easy-to-use graphic design solution to rival other vector-based
design tools on the market.
It has a very intuitive user interface which means it is much
easier to learn and use than other professional level programs.
With it’s simplicity, it makes it suitable for all ages, ranging
from complex drawings to simple graphics.
Symbol libraries are available to help with the drawing process.
These can be dragged and dropped into your drawing saving
time and money. You can also create your own symbols for use
in your particular specialisation.
Floor Plans & Elevations
Illustrative flowcharts
Graden Designs & Layouts
Buildings & Objects
Components & Products
Both MacDraft Pro and MacDraft P.E. allow you to combine
vector and pixel based graphics in one document so they can be
used for producing different types of documents like posters,
banners, greetings cards and newsletters. With the new
enhanced image manipulation it is even more useful. Hundreds
of thousands of users over the past 25 years cannot be wrong.
Whether you are using it for the home, business or as an educational tool, MacDraft PE can be the low cost answer to all your
graphical needs.
Why not try it before you buy it?
There is a 14 day free trial available so you can try the product
with no obligation and we have informative tutorials to help you
on your way. We are highly praised for our technical support
which is available free by email or phone and we have a knowledge base and forum to help you when our offices are closed.
MacDraft P.E. is worth looking at for all your graphic design
and illustrative needs and if you want to use MacDraft P.E.
again, any old version may be upgraded for a reasonable price.
Don’t let your creativity be stemmed by expensive software, get
MacDraft P.E. today an Easy-to-Use and affordable package.
T +44 (0)1622 687771 E [email protected]