Since 1990, TEL Systems has been delivering and supporting Scala
Infochannel Systems. Scala has been the preferred solution at Cable
TV Channels, Corporate TV, Hospitals, Universities, Exposition Centers
and Retail Branding for many organizations and corporations.
Infochannel provides everything you’ll need to put important information out to HD or SD television displays for Digital Signage and Narrowcasting. For State-of-the-Art solutions, count on TEL Systems.
TEL Systems - Delivering and Supporting your AV Network
Message Template w/ Photo Insert
Message Template w/ Multizone + NewsWeather
Message Template w/ Photo Insert,
Multizone + News and Weather
TeL Systems provides everything you’ll need to get your facility or
organization moving foward w/ Digital Signage. We install the system
for you and provide professional training and on-going support. All of
our turnkey packages include over 100 pre-built and professionally
designed templates for daily use and we offer professional graphics
and customized template design for customers that need complete
ready-to-go branded systems. HD or SD, simple or complex, TeL Systems provides the support and expertise to ensure your
continuing success in the quickly growing signage field.
For more information or a system quotation,
contact your TEL Systems Representative today.
7235 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103
main ph. (800) 686-7235
Headline Zone
Local Weather Forecast
Supports multiple zones and allows
easy updating of any zone using
graphics, text, photos and videos.
Keeps viewers watching your displays. AP News, Stocks, Weather
and Traffic also available.
Template Driven
Maps and Advertisements
Easy to use Templates are available to help novice users create
customized messages without
technical or graphics expertise.
Supply valuable information to
your viewers for wayfinding and
Tues. June 14
Current Date and Time
Newsline Messages
Automatically displays the current
date & time info for viewers.
Receive up-to-the-minute News
Information direct from the AP.
Still at the Top after 25 Years of Developing & Delivering Digital Signage Solutions
(Winner of Frost & Sullivan’s Competitive Strategy of the Year Award in the Digital Signage Software Market in 2011)
• Now Playing on 500,000 Screens w/ 250,000 Players Installed Worldwide
Scala Infochannel hit a new milestone in 2012 with driving more than 500,000 screens globally.
• The Most Reliable Signage Solution
Design & Automation
With decades of experience behind them, Scala develops & delivers the most reliable Digital Signage Solution.
Infochannel Digital Signage Solutions maintain 24X7X365 reliability - guaranteed.
Scala Infochannel Designer 5 is used to design and
generate templates which are then published to the
Infochannel Content Manager
• Unlimited Users and Multi-Level Access
Scala Infochannel can handle an unlimited number of users accessing the Scala Server. Infochannel Server
(Content Manager) provides Administrative and User Accounts, making it simple to define New Users and levels of
access to the system. This allows control over who has the ability to “publish” new messages and content to the
Infochannel Players. Administrators control the level of access for User accounts and every parameter for access
can be customized. for different users and departments (Workgroups).
Acts as the Infochannel Server and provides security
for the overall system. Message Templates and Media
reside here on a RAID protected storage subsystem.
* Multiple departments can use Infochannel Designer
to create and upload new content or templates to the
Infochannel Content Manager
• Template Driven - Easy-to-Use
Media Creation Station
(not included w/ Scala Infochannel base package)
Graphics and/or Video Creation
using Industry Standard Applications and File Formats
Infochannel is a Template Driven solution, making it easy for first-time users to get started. Choose from a library of
professionally designed message templates, fill in the text and upload photos. Templates include animated graphics, multi-layered fly-ons, placeholders for headlines and body text plus photos, background graphics and videos w/
innovative and powerful tools like slideshow-mode that allow first time users to look like seasoned pros. Even the
Novice user will be able to access templates, upload photos and create finished messages within a few minutes.
Administrator and User Desktop PCs
(access, upload, preview, edit, srrange, schedule and publish content)
Each Player Supports up to 2 independent channels
of 1080p HD content including multi-zoned screens
* Each department that wishes to have template
design and creation capability must purchase a
licensed copy of Infochannel Designer
Administrator and User Login via Secure Password
Infochannel supports various levels of access to the
Content Manager. Administrators have full access and
control. Tiered levels of access are supported
• Multi-Zone w/ both Landscape and Portrait Orientation
Infochannel features Multi-Zone capability. Define any area of the screen for messages, photos, text crawls, sidebars and date/time stamps, clocks and more. Zones handle all types of media including text, graphics, video and animation. Typical setups include 3 zones, but individual Player
configurations can be set to any number of zones and you can change zone layouts on-the-fly without any interruption to the currently running playlist. Scala Infochannel also
allows easy switching between Landscape or Portrait orientation.
• Multi-Channel Output on Select Models
Choose from either Rackmount Players that allow dual channel output or Mini Players that feature Single Channel output. Each player can drive a single display or multiple
displays using HDMI, DVI or VGA. Each channel plays its own unique series of messages, images and videos including multi-zoned screens. Each channel features the ability to
schedule messages, photos, images and videos. Dual channel output means that you can use a single player to drive two independent outputs instead of using a dedicated Player
for each channel. This effectively reduces cost of ownership for installations where multiple channels are desired.
• Powerful Scheduling
Infochannel offers advanced scheduling features using a simple point-and-click calendar system. Just click on that date, set the “Start Time” and “End Time” and Infochannel will
play your message(s) accordingly. Scheduling is available for any zone and Infochannel supports scheduling of entire playlists or individual elements (like a JPEG photo or MPEG
video) w/ a few mouseclicks.
• Lighter Footprint on your Network - Infochannel is Built Smarter - from the Ground Up.
Like other signage systems, Infochannel allows remote control of the players via LAN/WAN or Internet. But unlike other systems, Infochannel performs its daily tasks without
imposing heavy bandwidth loads required by competing products. Many systems employ IP video streaming architecture, which puts heavy loads on your network - creating a
network bottleneck. SCALA knows your IT dept. doesn’t want systems that slow the network. Infochannel is built smarter - from the ground up.
•Dual Channel Output with Multi-Zone Information Display. Each Rackmount Player can drive 2 independent HD channels.
•Compact HD Player available for single channel HD and Interactive applications.
•Includes support for BMP, IFF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TIFF and Targa image formats.
•AVI, Flash, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (including H.264) and Windows Media Video (WMV) formats in Standard and High Definition
•WAVE and MP3 Audio Formats
•Optional TV Tuner Video Input card supports Cable TV or LIVE Video Input (composite or S-Video) for Players
•Optional News, Weather, Stock and Traffic Reports available for annual subscription fee
•Optional AdManager Software Module and Invoicing System available for additional fee
7235 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103
phone (800) 686-7235
Powered By
Scala players can be used to drive content to
interactive touch-screen kiosks for way-finding

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