Entertainer, Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller and



Entertainer, Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller and
s an entertainer, Wayne Rostad has become one of the
most recognized voices and faces on the Canadian landscape. His award-winning CBC television show, On the
Road Again, has made him a Canadian icon.
On stage, he has shared billings and rubbed shoulders with
many of the best entertainers in the business – Johnny Cash,
Ricky Skaggs, Charlie Pride, Loretta Lynn, the Bellamy Brothers, and
Emmylou Harris – just to name a few; and opened for such greats as
Waylon Jennings and Roy Orbison.
His original songs about the places he’s been and the people he’s
met along the way have won the hearts of fans across the nation.
The Globe and Mail has written that Wayne is:
“…an endearing, talented man who looks to have been carved
from the rock of the Canadian Shield and then smoothed a
little by the summer winds off Lake Superior. His rapport with
his subjects is rich and unaffected, and he seems an unabashed Celtic
Represented by Robin Moir, 23 Deerfox Dr, Ottawa ON Canada K1J 4W3
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www.waynerostad.com [email protected]
Wayne has travelled Canada from sea to sea to sea, from the Pacific’s Queen
Charlotte Islands to the mighty Atlantic, all the way up to Tuktoyuktuk and Fort
McPherson in the high North, criss-crossing the country entertaining at concerts,
festivals, and fairs.
His television show travels have given Wayne a unique understanding and perspective of Canada and its people, making him exceptional among Canadian
entertainers. He’s been called ‘Mr. Canada’, and ‘Canada’s Storyteller’ based on his
songs, stories and adventures.
The Montreal Gazette had this to say:
“…He’s the kind of fellow who would be pleasant company on a long drive, a fishing
trip, or an afternoon telling lies and drowning beer in a tavern. Rostad has a natural
spontaneous friendliness...”
And then, there is Wayne Rostad, In Concert.
Undoubtedly, he is one of the most commanding and compelling performers anywhere. He takes to the stage with his guitar in hand, a powerful one-man show
that keeps audiences spellbound with his songs, stories, humour and passion for
entertaining them. He has that very rare and special ability to make everyone feel
that he is singing for them and them alone.
Wayne not only loves people, he loves humanity. He is a strong community activist, who has helped raise millions of dollars for The Children’s Hospital of Eastern
Ontario and the Ottawa Heart Institute. He also serves as Honourary Chair of the
Christmas Exchange.
His work has garnered him many awards and honours. He has been inducted into
the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame; he is a Paul Harris Fellow; and
a Judge Brian Stevenson Award recipient. He also serves as a Board member at
several charitable foundations.
Recently, Wayne was awarded the Order of Canada for his strong commitment to
the people in his own backyard and in communities across the country.
Check Wayne out at www.waynerostad.com
and at www.myspace.com/waynerostad
Represented by Robin Moir, 23 Deerfox Dr, Ottawa ON Canada K1J 4W3
(613) 823-3887
www.waynerostad.com [email protected]

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