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District of Eastern North America
Winter 2011
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Brother PatricK PoweR, FSC
Brother Patrick Power with former students and friends from St. John's High School
he Brothers of La Salle Hall in Ammendale found good reason to have a pre-Christmas celebration. It was December 22nd ~ the day Brother Patrick Power turned 98
years young. He has the distinction of being the most senior Brother in the District
of Eastern North America, DENA.
Most of Brother Pat’s active years as a Religion and Latin teacher were at South Hills
Catholic H.S. (now Seton-LaSalle) in his hometown of Pittsburgh, and at St. John’s H.S. in
our nation’s capitol. After his retirement from classroom teaching, he lived for twelve years in
the Central Catholic community in Pittsburgh before moving here to Ammendale in 2005.
He still carries on correspondence with former students who fondly remember his daily exhortation to “Speed to the board!” These days he volunteers in our Development and Auxiliary offices, calling donors to thank them for their support for our retired Brothers and our
educational ministries.
On the 22nd, Brothers from our St. John’s and La Salle Hall communities were joined
by several graduates of St. John’s, including Joe Gallagher, Class of ’39, a long time teacher,
coach and friend. Several of the graduates’ wives were also guests. A late afternoon Mass was
followed by a social and dinner. Enjoying the tribute from his wheel chair, with
attached balloons from his nephew, Ray, he didn’t miss the opportunity at the
end of dinner to regale everyone with some words of wisdom from the vantage
point of his 98 years. Ad multos annos, Brother Pat!
VOL. 22 No. 2
Brother Joseph
Juliano Professes
Final Vows
This past fall, Brothers, family members
and friends gathered in La Salle University’s
chapel to witness Brother Joseph Juliano’s
final profession of vows as a Brother of the
Christian Schools. For the past three years
Brother Joseph has been the President of
San Miguel School, a middle school serving
economically disadvantaged boys in Camden, New Jersey. A graduate of La Salle High
and Johnson & Wales University. he received
a Masters in Administration from the University of Notre Dame last summer. Brother
Dennis Malloy, Provincial of the District of
Eastern North America, received Brother Joseph’s vows on behalf of the community. Father Matthew Hillyard, OSFS, Rector of the
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in
Camden, celebrated the Mass and delivered
the homily. Following Mass, guests enjoyed
a reception and dinner in La Salle’s Student
Union Center. Calling it “an emotional and
very powerful day,” Brother Joseph expressed
his gratitude to all those who have been supportive of him in his journey as a brother.
The District of Eastern North America
Leadership Team
he District of Eastern North
America (DENA) is composed
of the former Baltimore, Long
Island-New England, New York
and Toronto Districts, tracing
their roots to the mid 1800s. Its
educational ministries in this
region include the following
states and territories: Maryland,
Michigan, New Jersey, New York,
Ontario, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, DC.
DENA was created in September 2009 to better meet the
challenges and opportunities of
Br. Timothy Froehlich (Finance), Mr. Alan Weyland (Mission and Ministry), Br. James Martino
the Lasallian mission in the 21st (Administration), Br. Jerome Sullivan (Auxiliary Visitor), Br. Thomas Scanlan (Auxiliary Visitor)
century. The fundamental mo- Br. Dennis Lee (Auxiliary Visitor), Br. Dennis Malloy (Brother Visitor).
tivation for taking this action was the choice for new life together and in association with our Partners to
revitalize our mission of education and evangelization to young people, especially those who are from challenging economic circumstances, as well as for the renewal of our lives as Religious men, and for the future of
the Brothers in this region. We move forward together with a renewed spirit of faith and zeal, and trusting in
God’s providence that He will continue to bless and prosper the many life-giving works of the District.
Novices at Mont La Salle
ictured at left are the five Novices who are now
midway through their novitiate year at Mont
La Salle in Napa, California. From l-r: Brothers
Anwar Martinez, Anthony Baginski, Lewis Harwood,
Kenneth Kalinowski, and Michael Miller. Under the
guidance of Br. Kevin Slate and Br. Robert Hazard they
are spending the year deepening their spirit of prayer,
as well as their understanding of holy scripture, Lasallian spirituality and the Rule of the Brothers of the
Christian Schools. Each week they also volunteer their
services, working with students of Justin-Siena High
School, our school in Napa.
Br. Phillip DePorter, FSC
SGM Michael J. Hackett,
USA (Ret) ~ AFSC
(1920 - 2011)
The St. John’s College High School community in Washington, DC was saddened on January 16th to learn that
Michael J. Hackett, one of its most venerable former teachers, had passed away at 90 years of age. Hundreds of former
students, colleagues and friends extended their sympathies to his three sons and their families at a wake service held at
St. John’s. Former school chaplain, Father Joseph Kleinstuber was the celebrant and homilist at the funeral Mass held at
Blessed Sacrament Church. Lt.Col. Anthony Grimm, USMC (Ret), a student in Sgt. Mike’s first class, delivered a heartfelt eulogy on the life lessons learned from him.
Michael Hackett joined the U.S. Marines in 1938 and served in the Pacific theater in World War II. Returning to
Washington from service in Korea in 1951 he came across a newspaper ad for an instructor at a local military school.
Though not exactly what he was looking for, his wife, Kitty, persuaded him to go for the interview. After meeting with
Brother David Cassian he agreed to take the position “for one year.” Thus began an illustrious career that spanned 38 years
as a military instructor, teacher and counselor to many thousands of St. John’s cadets. Since the JROTC program at St.
John’s is Army based, it was necessary for Mike to transfer to the Army Reserves. He retired from the Reserves in 1980 as
a Sergeant Major but continued on at St. John’s until 1989.
In his reflection at the wake service, Brother Malachy Broderick, FSC noted that St. La Salle emphasized the need for
“compassion for the children confided to our care.” He went on to say that “Mike had the unique ability to be able to exercise military discipline with compassion. He could correct a cadet while respecting the cadet’s self esteem. Mike always
said he learned compassion from Kitty, who taught a shanty Irish Marine how to love.” Sergeant Hackett often said that
he stayed at St. John’s because of his great respect for the Christian Brothers, who he would affectionately refer to as “the
Marine Corps of the Catholic Church.” The respect was mutual and, in recognition of his dedication to the educational
mission of the Brothers, Mike was honored as an Affiliated Member of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, hence the
designation AFSC after his name. As an expression of their appreciation for his dedicated service, the JROTC staff created the “Iron Mike Award,” an award given each year to an outstanding cadet in his honor. Semper Fi for sure!
The Christian Brothers lost a dedicated employee and good friend with the passing of Lomas McDowell after a brief
illness on December 19th at 75 years of age. Over a span of 46 years his smiling face and gracious manner were familiar to
Novices and retired Brothers alike. Born in South Carolina, Lomas arrived in Ammendale in 1964 as an assistant cook to his
uncle and eventually assumed the duties of head cook. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Juanita, and his son Ricardo.
Father Jack O’Hara, of Dale City, Virginia, presided at a funeral service held at St. Joseph’s Church in Beltsville. Lomas’
wife, Juanita, and his son, Ricardo, were supported by many relatives and friends, as well as co-workers, Brothers and former
Brothers. In his tribute, Brother John McErlean, the Director of the La Salle Hall community in Ammendale spoke of Lomas as “a gentle and caring Christian gentleman, a man of impeccable integrity, who was never heard saying anything negative
about others.” In closing he expressed the Brothers’ gratitude for his “extraordinary service, dedication and hard work these
many years.”
Following the church service, the funeral procession made its way to the Brothers’ De La Salle Cemetery where, in
recognition of his faithful service and friendship, Lomas was laid to rest. Everyone was then invited to La Salle Hall for a
buffet lunch and to share their memories of a good man who will be greatly missed.
Photos in this issue courtesy of: Christian Brothers Conference, Phil DeRita, Joseph Grabenstein FSC, Doug Heidrick, Anwar Martinez FSC, Matt
McCauley, Stephanie Parrish and James Rieck FSC.
After a brief illness with cancer Brother Phillip passed away suddenly at Gilcrest Hospice in Baltimore on September
19th. On the 26th, his brother, the Rev. Arnold DePorter, celebrated a funeral Mass at Immaculate Conception Church in
Towson. At the time of his death Brother Phillip was a member of the Calvert Hall College community and served in the
school as the Director of Counseling Services.
Born in Aurora, Illinois, Brother Phillip was one of seven children of Walter and Amy DePorter. After two years of
undergraduate study at Georgetown University, Phil entered the Christian Brothers Novitiate in Ammendale in 1960. A
Spanish education major as an undergraduate at La Salle College, he would earn an MA in that field at Temple University.
Later, he received an MA in Theology at La Salle and an MS in Counseling at Villanova University.
In the course of his 50 years in the community Brother Phillip served in teaching, counseling and administrative positions
at West Catholic, South Hills Catholic, Archbishop Carroll, Bishop Walsh, St. John’s, Hudson Catholic, Cardinal Gibbons
and Calvert Hall. It was probably the scope of his involvement in so many of our schools that prompted his nieces to refer to
him as “Uncle School.” His enthusiasm for his ministry as a Brother served him well as a District Vocation Counselor for five
years. When he wasn’t engaged in studies, he would spend summers working at places like the San Miguel School in Camden.
His engaging and often teasing manner gained Brother Phil lifelong friendships with many of his students and their
families. At the funeral Mass his brother reflecting on his quick wit, told of the time Brother Phillip introduced him to several
brothers at St. John’s with the line, “He couldn’t make it as a Brother, so he became a priest.”
During the service reflections were shared by Brother Eric Henderson, a classmate, and by Brother Phillip’s niece, Aimee
Baumiller, who noted that “Brother Phillip’s legacy to those of us left behind is far reaching, spanning several generations. The
many lives he touched can never be fully measured. Within days of his death several people mentioned to our family that he
was the inspiration for them to enter the teaching profession.”
Following the funeral Mass, Brothers, family members and friends journeyed to Ammendale to lay Brother Phillip to rest
in De La Salle Cemetery. In writing a posthumous tribute to Brother Phillip in his 50th year, Brother Joseph Grabenstein
wrote: “When I asked for his favorite quotation, he immediately responded that he found inspiration in the familiar Lasallian prayer, Let us remember that we live in the presence of God. Brother Phillip now rests in the richness of that presence ~ the
reward of five active decades in the Lord’s service.”
Mr. Lomas McDowell
1935 ~ 2010
Honored for
Service to
Brothers Honor
The Ballroom at Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin House was the venue this year
for our annual dinner honoring Brothers celebrating special anniversaries. The
November 13th event also honored Louis J. Guarrieri, Jr. for his many years of
dedicated service on behalf of our schools. Proceeds from the affair will benefit
three Lasallian educational programs serving inner-city elementary and middle
school children: San Miguel School, Camden, NJ ~ La Salle Academy, Philadelphia, PA ~ San Miguel School, Washington, DC. Students from each of these
schools were on hand to greet our 280 guests as they arrived at The Ben.
Brother Kevin Dalmasse of Central Catholic High School, Pittsburgh, served
as Master of Ceremonies and Brother Dennis Malloy, Provincial of the District
of Eastern North America, presented each of the Jubilarians. While all of the
honorees received standing ovations, the volume was especially high for Brother
Patrick Phillips who was celebrating his 75th year as a Christian Brother.
Louis J. Guarrieri Jr., BFSC
Brother Jubilarians included: 75 Years - Br. Patrick Phillips. 65 Years - Br. Hugh Albright, Br. Thomas Caldwell, Br. Francisco Martin, Br. Hilary McGovern, Br. Nicholas
Sullivan. 60 Years - Br. Timothy Dean, Br. Brendan Garwood, Br. Charles Gresh, Br.
Philip Whitman. 50 Years - Br. James Bednar, Br. Phillip DePorter (RIP), Br. William
Fealy, Br. Eric Henderson, Br. William Johnson, Br. Richard Kestler. 40 Years - Br. Lawrence Shine. 25 Years - Br. Charles Huber, Br. Anthony Nguyen, Br. Leonard Rhoades.
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Dr. & Mrs. J. Michael Whitaker, MD
t was especially fitting that Louis Guarrieri was
recognized at the Christian Brothers 5th Annual
Service Awards Dinner. He was one of the original architect’s of this event which honors our Brother
Jubilarians for their dedication to Catholic education
and raises funds for special educational projects and
District needs.
A proud graduate of Philadelphia’s Father Judge
High School and Villanova University before eventually
becoming the CEO of Cooke Publishing Company in
suburban Warminster, Lou has long been a strong advocate for Catholic education. In his association with the
Christian Brothers, dating back to 1975, he has been a
steady source of support for a variety of school and district programs. In 1989, while serving
as a Corporate Volunteer with Business Leaders Organized for Catholic Schools (BLOCS),
he was invited by Brother John McDonnell to serve on the Friends of West Catholic Advisory
Board. During his years of service as a member and chair of that Board he was actively involved
in two successful capital campaigns. In that same year Brother Charles Lackes, Development
Director of the Baltimore District, asked Lou to join the District’s newly formed Development
Committee. His marketing skills and development insights, as well as his boundless energy,
have been invaluable ever since.
In introducing Lou to the Awards Dinner audience, Brother John McDonnell recalled his
many years of devoted service and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Brothers to “a generous benefactor, dedicated mentor and loyal
friend.” Brother Dennis Malloy conferred
the title Benefactor to the Institute in the form
of a framed citation from Brother Alvaro R.
Echeverria, FSC, Superior General of the
Brothers of the Christian Schools. Brother
Dennis noted that, “through his association
with the Christian Brothers and the Oblates
of St. Francis DeSales, Lou has made significant contributions to the vitality of Catholic
schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
and beyond.”
Present at the ceremony were Lou’s mother, Yolanda, his wife, Agnes, their children
Carol, Susan, Kathryn and Edward, and a number of relatives and friends. In accepting
the benefactor award, Lou expressed his gratitude to all of them. He also noted that
“it was an honor for him to work
with the Brothers who are
committed with such a wonderful spirit to the education
of all children.” The Brothers greatly appreciate his
“spirit” as well and
look forward to his
continued association with them in
the Lasallian educational mission.
2010 Awards Dinner Attendees
Br. Timothy Ahern, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. John Babu
Br. Arthur Bangs, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Barson
Br. Thomas Barton, FSC
Mr. Laurence Basinski
Mr. Louis Beccaria
Ms. Lynn Seay
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Binder
Sr. Margaret Anne Birtwistle, SSJ
Mr. Thomas Biscotti
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Borger
Mr. & Mrs. James Bowe
Br. Malachy Broderick, FSC
Br. Mark Brown, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bruno
Br. Daniel Burke, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Burns
Sr. Mary Bur, IHM
Br. Thomas Caldwell, FSC
Ms. Claudia Campbell
Rev. Joseph Campellone, OSFS
Mr. Steven Cappielo
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Carabello
Dr. & Mrs. John Carabello
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Carlo
Ms. Kathleen Carroll
Ms. Teresa Carroll
Br. Patrick Cassidy, FSC
Ms. Susanne Cassidy
Br. Thomas Chadwick, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ciccimaro
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Clark
Dr. John Convey, PhD
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Craig
Br. Kevin Dalmasse, FSC
Mr. Rob Dalmasse
Br. Timothy Dean, FSC
Ms. Mary DeMasi
Ms. Beth Dembach
Br. David Deradoorian, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. Robert DeVico
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Dezzi
Ms. Teresa Diamond
Sr. Carolyn Dimick, IHM
Br. William DiPasquale, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. James Dolan
Mr. & Mrs. John Dolan
Mr. Hugh Donaghue
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Donahue
Ms. Rosalia Doudna
Mr. Matthew Shiffler
Mr. & Mrs. John Duffy
Br. Thomas Dunn, FSC
Br. Francis Eells, FSC
Ms. Anya Elthgroth
Br. Gabriel Fagan, FSC
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Br. Gerald Fitzgerald, FSC
Mr. James Fitzsimmons
Mr. Brian Fluck
Mrs. Mary Anne Freitag
Br. Timothy Froehlich, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. Alfonse Gabriele
Br. Edward Gallagher, FSC
Br. Brendan Garwood, FSC
Mr. Joseph Gerngross
Mr. Michael Gillespie, Jr.
Br. Joseph Grabenstein, FSC
Ms. Bridget Grady
Br. Charles Gresh, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Gresh
Ms. Donna Griffin
Mr. Edward Guarrieri
Ms. Kathryn Guarrieri
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Guarrieri, Jr., BFSC
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Br. Dennis Malloy, FSC
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Br. John McDonnell, FSC
Ms. Bridget McErlean
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Mr. Francis McGarvey
Br. Michael McGinniss, FSC
Mr. Stephen McGonigle
Sr. Jeanne McGowan, SSJ
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Mr. & Mrs. Mark McKenzie
Mr. & Mrs. Sean McKenzie
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Br. Gerard Molyneaux, FSC
Dr. & Mrs. James Moore, PhD
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Br. Joseph Myers, FSC
Br. Anthony Nguyen, FSC
Br. John Chung Nguyen, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Donnell, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Pablo Otero
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Palmieri
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Palopoli
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Palumt
Mr. Dylan Perry
Br. Patrick Phillips, FSC
Mr. William Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Quattrone
Br. Leonard Rhoades, FSC
Br. James Rieck, FSC
Sr. Joan Rychalsky, IHM
Br. Charles Scanlon, FSC
Mr. John Schmitt
Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Seikaly
Mr. Ray Shay
Ms. Cory Clark
Br. Edward Sheehy, FSC
Mr. Brian Slattery
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Smith
Br. Dominic Smith, FSC
Br. Leo Smith, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. William Smith
Ms. Melissa Spahr
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Spires
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Spires
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spires
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Spires
Mr. Vincent Spires
Mr. William St. Clair
Br. Kevin Stanton, FSC
Br. James Steck, FSC
Mr. & Mrs. AJ Thomson
Br. Mang Tran, FSC
Br. David Trichtinger, FSC
Ms. Jennifer Tyndall
Mr. Alberto Vasquez
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Ventresca
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vizza
Mr. Alan Weyland
Dr. & Mrs, J. Michael Whitaker, MD
Ms. Jennifer Yokois
Br. Thomas Zoppo, FSC
5th Annual Christian Brothers' Service Awards DinneR
Central’s Brother Raymond
Distinguished Lasallian Educators
Still Viking Strong
Each fall at the Huether Conference, a national gathering of administrators and teachers from Lasallian schools, several Distinguished Lasallian Educators from the USA-Toronto region are honored. Among those recognized this school year were three
teachers from the District of Eastern North America. The following profiles were submitted by their school administrators.
Diana Aguilar exemplifies the role of teaching as a vocation in the professional and
spiritual meaning of the word. The Catholic faith and the charism of Saint La Salle
has motivated her desire to serve underprivileged students. An artist by training,
she has adapted her artistic talents to develop a math curriculum that prepares her
students for the rigors of high school mathematics. Growing up in El Salvador during a civil war, she became separated from her parents who, like many parents of San
Miguel students, left their native country to seek a better life in the U.S. She arrived
here at the age of nine and faced the challenge of learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture. She has brought to an otherwise male environment a warm
maternal touch that has helped soften even the hardest of hearts.
Michael McNamara is a legend at La Salle Academy. The example and quality of his
commitment to Catholic and Lasallian education is truly incredible and and inspiring. He is an extraordinary teacher, not only in the mastery of his subject matter,
but also in the connection he makes with his students on a daily basis. Grads frequently refer to him as the best teacher they ever had and speak of his influence as a
role model in their lives, His sense of inner peace and understanding, coupled with
his willingness to go the extra mile with his students, contributes greatly to their
deep admiration and respect for both the teacher and the man. It is evident that his
“touching minds and hearts” goes beyond his exemplary math expertise to the realm
of changing lives.
Daniel Rhoton has been a force within the St. Gabriel’s System since graduating
from La Salle University in 1988. An English major in college, Dan took up the challenge of teaching math at St. Gabriel’s and quickly became a master teacher in that
subject area. His skill was especially helpful in the preparation of court adjudicated
boys for state GED certification. With proven expertise in the classroom, Dan was
appointed Vice Principal in 2008. In that capacity, and while still teaching, he was
successful in integrating career technical education within the existing STEM approach to learning. Dan is a true icon of innovation and heartfelt care for students.
He possesses an exceptional ability in integrating educational practices with the
therapeutic treatment program at St. Gabriel’s Hall.
Diana Aguilar
San Miguel School
Washington, DC
Young Brothers Meet in Mexico
Michael McNamara
La Salle Academy
Providence, RI
Daniel Rhoton
St. Gabriel’s Hall
Audubon, PA
Executive Director Appointed at San Miguel, DC
Since her appointment this past year
as San Miguel’s first Executor Director,
Ms. Martha Kendall has been energetic
in bringing her extensive experience in
development and organizational planning
to bear on the school’s mission to meet
the educational needs of underprivileged
Latino boys in our nation’s capitol. After
moving to Maryland in the mid 90s, Ms.
Kendall became the Director of Develop-
At 81 years of age Brother Raymond Bronowicz is
already a legend among the Brothers for his enthusiasm
and stamina. Now in his 59th year in the classroom,
he is teaching religion to the entire freshmen class at
his Alma Mater, Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh. Having also been a teacher and administrator
in the Philippines, Italy, and Bolivia he brings a unique
perspective and energy to his classes, his mentoring of
the Viking football team, and to the community life of
the Brothers. Carpe Diem, Brother Ray!
ment for St. Mary’s Parish Schools in Annapolis. She has also led successful development efforts at Archbishop Spalding
High School in Glen Burnie and Notre
Dame Preparatory School in Towson.
Ms. Kendall currently serves on several
Boards of Trustees and shares her expertise as a member of the Leadership Council for the Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools
hirty-one young Christian Brothers
from four countries gathered in Cuernavaca, Mexico in the first week of
the new year to celebrate their brotherhood
and to share with one another their experiences and dreams as consecrated men living
in community and working in association for
the educational service of young people, especially the poor.
The meeting was organized by a group
of brothers representing the District of Antilles-South Mexico, the District of North
Mexico, and the U.S.-Toronto Region. They
were assisted in their planning by Brother Jesus Rubio, the Brothers’ International Secretary for Formation. Among those listening to
“the voices of the young” were representatives
of the Generalate in Rome: Brother Thomas
Johnson, Vicar General, Brother Edgar Nicodem, General Councilor for Latin America, and Brother Robert Schieler, General
Councilor for U.S.-Toronto.
Brother Daniel Berlay, a middle school
teacher at Colegio La Salle, in Vera Cruz
said, “It is always an incredible experience to
meet brothers from other countries, because
we learn different ways of living the Lasallian
spirit . . . I feel excited to live as a Christian
Bothers, integrating my vows into the Lasallian mission.
The program included time spent with the
children of Internado Infantil Guadalupano,
an orphanage operated by the Brothers in
Mexico City for 160 boys who are homeless for
a variety of reasons. The young Brothers conducted a field day for the boys and had dinner
with them. Brother Michael Miller, a graduate
of Calvert Hall in Baltimore and a novice at
our Mont La Salle Novitiate in Napa, California, commented,“The short term experience of
the gathering . . . and our stay at the orphanage
will have long term effects on my vocation. I
saw possibilities in this vocation beyond our
borders. The conversations with Brothers
from Mexico and the Antilles, and witnessing
the ministry at the orphanage provided inspiration for my vocation.”
Looking to expanding the dialogue in the
future, the General Council will be hosting a
meeting of young Brothers from around the
world in Rome in 2013 in preparation for the
next General Chapter of the Brothers in 2014.
By Br. Joseph Mahon, FSC,
DENA Formation Counselor
Lasallian Volunteers & Lasallian Youth
C together at la salle high c
he circumstances worked
out well for a meeting
between two very active
groups of young people.
On Friday, January 14th, our Lasallian Volunteers arrived from all
parts of the country at a retreat
house near Philadelphia to reflect
on their first semester experiences.
Since graduating from college last
year, these generous young men
and women have been engaged in
a year of service in a wide range
of programs associated with our
educational ministries. Then, on
Saturday, La Salle High hosted
four Lasallian Youth groups from
Bishop Loughlin (Brooklyn), La
Salle Academy (NYC), St. John’s
(DC) and West Catholic (Phila.)
for a day of community service in
Ambler, Kensington and Germantown. At the end of the day
the Lasallian Volunteers joined the Lasallian Youth groups at
La Salle High for Mass, dinner and reflection on their vari-
Students Discover
St. Gabriel’s Hall
Valley Forge Connection
Bethlehem University, Palestine
The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
presented Bethlehem University with the 2010
Living Stones Solidarity Award in Washington
in November. The Award honored the university for its commitment to improving the lives of
Christians in the Holy Land through education,
advocacy and solidarity, particularly in its emphasis
on excellence in academic programs and preparing
students to assume leadership positions in society.
Vice Chancellor Brother Peter Bray, FSC called the
award a recognition of the ways in which the university has loved, supported and stood in solidarity
with Christians in Palestine for 37 years.
La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA
ous experiences. Father Anthony Janton, AFSC, the school
chaplain, offered Mass for the assembled Lasallians and spoke
of the importance of their spirit of service as a witness to the
Gospel in today’s world.
On December 11th at some 425 locations
across the country wreaths were laid to commemorate the sacrifices made by men and
women throughout U.S. history. For the first
time since the inception of this program in
2008, Valley Forge Park was invited to participate. The Park Office in turn invited its neighbor, St. Gabriel’s Hall, to provide volunteer
workers. Accompanied by staff, a group of students joined about 75 other community volunteers in laying 2000 wreaths at the gravesites
of those who served and died at Valley Forge
during the harsh winter of 1777-1778.
In the course of the morning’s work one
of the Park Rangers noticed the boys with St.
Gabriel’s jackets and proceeded to share with
them an interesting historical relationship
between General Washington’s encampment
and what would later become the site of St.
Gabriel’s Hall. Because Washington believed
that the British might attack Valley Forge
from occupied Philadelphia to the east, he
gave orders that a bridge be constructed over
the Schuylkill River to the west. The bridge
would become known as Sullivan’s Bridge, after the Revolutionary Army officer whose unit
built it. Washington used the bridge to secure
supplies and ammunition on the west side of
the river. The Ranger went on to explain that
the bridge opened onto an area just a few hundred yards from what is now St. Gabriel’s Hall.
So, on a cold Saturday morning, in addition to supporting a noble community service
endeavor honoring the sacrifices of our first
patriots, our students learned about an important historical connection tying St. Gabriel’s to
the Revolutionary War.
By Edward Kershner,
Community Service Coordinator
[Mr. Kershner, La Salle High ’67, is a retired public school administrator. St. Gabriel’s Hall, which was
founded in 1898 by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, serves as a residential treatment facility for court adjudicated boys. A component of the St. Gabriel’s System of social services, it has been conducted by the Brothers
of the Christian Schools and their associates since its founding.]
Cardinals in Big Sky Country
In recognition of the university’s successful partnership with local and global communities, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
selected La Salle University for its 2010 Community Engagement Classification. “This recognition
is due to the efforts of many students, faculty, staff
and community partners,” said President Brother
Michael McGinniss, FSC. “Community engagement
is a part of who we are as an institution and how we
define ourselves as Lasallians.”
It has been cold on the east coast this winter, but it was a bone chilling 14
below in Browning Montana for these 11 high school students from Baltimore. They were involved in a week long immersion experience at De La Salle
Middle School on the Blackfeet Reservation as part of Calvert Hall’s Campus
Ministry outreach program.
West Catholic Wins State Championship
Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY
The New York City Department of Education’s
Bureau of Nonpublic School Services awarded a
$1.25M grant to Manhattan College for its graduate program in School Building Leadership. The
grant benefits non-public school principals and
teachers from NYC’s five boroughs as they train to
be collaborative, principle-centered, life long learners as leaders in school administration, supervision
and professional education.
Ocean Tides Schools, Rhode Island
A grant of $500,000 was recently awarded to our
Ocean Tides program for court adjudicated boys
by the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile
Justice and Delinquency Prevention. According to
President Brother Brendan Gerrity, FSC the funds,
which are coming from the Federal Economic Stimulus Fund, will be used to expand the existing job
training program for students at the Narragansett
campus to the Providence campus. It will provide
for the purchase of new equipment and the creation
of four new full time positions.
Playing into late December, Coach Brian Fluck’s football team capped a
13-2 season with a convincing 50-14 win over South Fayette High School in
the AA State Championship game, thereby earning its first Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) title, and setting records for points
scored and total offense in the process. The victory was particularly satisfying for West after having suffered a heartbreaking double overtime loss in the
championship game two years earlier. Coach Fluck commented, “This win is for
all West alumni, the 2008 team, and all the people who have backed us.”
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