Summer Activity Challenge



Summer Activity Challenge
100 Days Of
Summer Activity Challenge
Make Lemonade
Wash a Car
Star Gaze
Skip Rocks
Plant Flowers
Play Jump Rope
Go to a Park
Scavenger Hunt
Play Hop Scotch
Play Volleyball
Climb a Tree
Pajama Day (All Day)
Float on a Raft
Pick Berries
Have a Relay Race
Feed Ducks
Play Frisbee
Whittle a Stick
Water Balloon Fight
Take a Boat Ride
Collect Seashells
Hammock Nap
Drink a Slurpee
Ride a Bike
Play in the Rain
Go Canoeing
w/ Apple Chips
w/ Veggie Pretzels
Go Bowling
Play Flashlight Tag
Go to a Ballgame
Blow Bubbles
Go to a Fair
Batting Cages
Eat Lobsters
Sleep in a Tent
Just Chill
Fly a Kite
Make a Tire Swing
Eat Ice Cream
Go Rock Climbing
Shoot Some Hoops
Walk on a Boardwalk
Lay on the Grass
w/ Olive Oil Sea Salt Kettle Style Chips
w/ Veggie Chips
Watch a Thunderstorm
w/ Sweet Potato Kettle Style Chips
UnPlug (no TV, computer, cell,
whole day!)
Visit an Amusement Park
Bake Cookies
Paint Rocks
Camp Indoors
w/ Half Naked Popcorn
Make an Outdoor Fort
Play Mini Golf
Water Slide
Sidewalk Chalk
Run Through a Sprinkler
See a Magic Show
Watch a Sunrise
Visit Fun Relatives
Have a Cousin Sleepover
Shuck Corn
Take a Hike
Go Barefoot
Ride a Horse
Go to a Zoo
Jump on a Trampoline
Catch Fireflies
Eat Watermelon
Go Fishing
Do Underwater Handstands
Play Hide & Seek
Make a Bird Feeder
Eat Popsicles
Watch a Movie Outdoors
Pick Flowers
w/ Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
Dig for Sand Crabs
Chase Butterflies
Watch a Sunset
Take a Scenic Drive
Visit a Toy Store
Watch Fireworks
Eat a Fruit Salad
w/ Half Naked Popcorn
Make S’Mores
Go Swimming
Have a BBQ
w/ Avocado Oil Jalapeno Kettle Style Chips
Play Catch
Hula Hoop
Treasure Hunt
w/ Hot Jalapeno or Sriracha Veggie Stix
Have a Pillow Fight
Root Beer Floats
Family Board Game Night
w/ Olive Oil Rosemary Kettle Style Chips
Go to a Farmers Market
Start a Journal
Play on Monkey Bars
Go to the Library
Dangle Your Feet Off a Dock
Find Shapes in Clouds
Eat a Cherry Snow Cone

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