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TAI Ling80 Programma Inglese.indd
Photocredit Laura Laurenti - Abito Walter Dang
1936 - 2016
Photo cre
dits: Cent
ro Storico
A Great
event to mark
the 80th
of the FIAT 500
Turin, 16-19 June, 2016
On the initiative of the Organizing Committee for the 80th Anniversary of the Topolino,
founded in Turin with headquarters at n.18 Piazza Statuto, Turin.
Participants arrive in Turin:
From 9 a.m. the crews gather at Lingotto, 230 via Nizza, Turin, at the Hotel NH Lingotto Tech. They will be
checked in with the assistance of a multilingual help desk.
Bookplate Exhibition
A bookplate is a small piece of paper, conceived, etched and printed by an artist, and formerly applied to the inside
cover of a book in order to claim ownership. Over time it has become, without losing its original identity, an instrument used as an introduction to the world of art and of collecting. Thematic layouts will guide the public through
the evolutionary steps of the “Topolino”. The exhibits on display, beyond the history of industry and design, contain
wide references to the City of Turin, to the men and to the circumstances that made the car’s creation and success
“Lingotto”, event venue
The multifunctional Lingotto complex, which will host the event, represents the new home of the FIAT car company.
With work beginning in July of 1916, Giovanni Agnelli declared that it reflected “a drive towards change, development
and projection into the future”.
The eightieth birthday of Topolino will therefore coincide
with the hundredth anniversary of the “laying of the first
stone” of the enormous factory which aroused the stunned
admiration of the industrial and architectural world, to the
point of being defined by Le Corbusier as “one of the most
awesome sights ever produced by industry”.
The appreciation of the great architect is preceded, in his
book “Vers une architecture”, by an eloquent description
of the construction and of the test track , which is worthy
of mention here: “Five hundred metres of facade where,
across five floors, innumerable windows multiply into an
enormous grid. All this is crowned by something resembling a warship with a curved brim rising above the edges,
there are bridges, chimney stacks, courtyards and gangways. A shimmering white beacon gleaming in the atmosphere”.
t The programme includes four free visits. Those interested can make their own way to the relevant sites at any
time during the day:
Bookplate Exhibition dedicated to the “Topolino” at Lingotto 8Gallery
Bricherasio Palace, n. 20 Via Lagrange, with guided tours in English and Italian
FIAT's Historical Headquarters, n. 20 Via Chiabrera
The Historical Reale Mutua Museum, n. 22 Via Garibaldi.
Bricherasio Palace
Built in 1636, it was owned by a number of important families, including the Cacherano, Counts of Bricherasio. On
the first floor, in a perfectly preserved historical room, FIAT’s deed of incorporation was signed on July 11th 1899.
The scene is depicted in a famous painting by Lorenzo Delleani. In the nineties, as headquarters of the “Palazzo
Bricherasio” Foundation, the building hosted a number of art exhibitions and other cultural events. It has belonged
to the Banca Patrimoni Sella & C since 2010.
t In addition, interested parties can book the following activities via a registration form:
- a morning visit to the National Cinema Museum + a ride in the panoramic lift for € 14.00
- an early afternoon visit to the Egyptian Museum for € 13,00, or to the Car Museum for a reduced price of € 8.00.
t 5 pm at the Auditorium of the Car Museum: Committee Welcome.
t 5.15 pm - The Legacy of Vintage Cars: “Back to the Future”
lecture by Roberto Giolito, Head of Heritage FCA ITALY.
t 7 pm - There will be a meeting with the Authorities and all the participants
will be welcomed.
The National Car Museum,Turin
The museum, previously dedicated to Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia,
now to Giovanni Agnelli, is considered to be among the most
important and oldest car museums in the world. In its permanent
collection there are more than 200 cars including, naturally, a
1936 Topolino, as well as a number of chassis and around twenty
engines. There are about 80 different makes of car (many of which
have disappeared) representing nine different countries
t This will be followed byy a Pasta Partyy – an Italian dinner featuring excellent local products.
PPasta represents, like the Topolino, one of the strongest
ssymbols of our country and is our calling card throughout the world. As a result, an evening dedicated to pasta
was naturally
due. The pasta will be supplied by the historical
Piedmontese pasta manufacturers PASTA BERRUTO, with their brands
The company has been producing high quality
products since 1930,
1930 and have exported to over 100 countries.
FRIDAY JUNE 17th, 2016
Italian Style: the taste of beauty through ART and FASHION
t From 8am at Lingotto, the “Topolinos” will climb to
the top of the famous elliptical ramp before parking
on the test track situated on the roof of the historical
t Drive to Moncalieri for the car exhibition in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and the neighbouring streets.
t Fashion show by the cosmopolitan designer Walter Dang.
Walter Dang’s Fashion
Walter Dang designs clothes which tell the story of the women who wear them with
elegance, style and simplicity. Walter began his career in the Parisian high fashion
ateliers alongside the great maestro Pierre Cardin, but it was in Turin, with its cosmopolitan feel and tasteful elegance, that he found the perfect place to found his new Fashion
House. And on this special occasion, dedicated to the history of the Topolino, which is
also a history of Italian tradition, Walter will create an evening dress in real time using
fabric, pins and a mannequin; witness the creation of a legend before your very eyes.
t During the second part of the morning, there will
be staggered departures for trips outside of the city to
the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge (for a photo shoot) and
Racconigi Castle.
t Break and buffet at AgriSAPORI, 3/11 Strada della Franca, Pralormo,
with products from all of the best local farms.
t In the afternoon, guided tour of Pralormo Castle.
Pralormo Castle
Filippo and Consolata Beraudo of Pralormo will personally greet the participants and tell them about what it means
to “live” in a castle in modern times. The Beraudo family, the Counts of Pralormo, have lived in the castle since 1680
and have carried forward a programme of continuous preservation, conserving with care and passion the castle's
original furnishings and its historical archive. The secrets of the castle
will be revealed, presenting a hotbed of activities where the daily
rituals dedicated to the everyday workings of this great house are
performed… the fire, water, light and food; the rooms are steeped in
tradition and the history of illustrious characters, such as the drawing
room dedicated to family meetings, childhood games and feminine
diversions, and the majestic hall, evocative of music, dance and
convivial moments, lived out over more than three hundred years.
The English style gardens created by the architect of the court Xavier
Kurten in 1820, and the old French greenhouse with its collection of
orchids, will be the backdrop to an extraordinary experience!
t Music from the twinned bands of Moncalieri and Gassino.
t Dinner in the “Garden of the Roses” in the castle which dominates the city.
t Afterwards, the Matteotti Theatre in the historical centre will host the play “Il Poema dei Monti Naviganti”.
Il Poema dei Monti Naviganti
The play is based on the book by writer and journalist Paolo Rumiz, “La Leggenda dei Monti Naviganti”, which won
four prestigious literary awards in 2007. The author confesses that though he left in order to escape from the world,
he instead ended up finding one: unexpectedly, the journey he made in his Topolino from northern to southern Italy,
along the Apennines, became the discovery of a
hidden and wonderful Italy thanks to the fairytale
beauty of its natural and man-made landscapes.
The story of the thousands of kilometres travelled by
the Topolino is brought to the stage by director
Alessandro Marinuzzi, and performed by actors
Roberta Biagiarelli and Sandro Fabiani, who split the
original character of the writer into two; that of a
female writer and journalist whose idea it was to
undertake the journey, and that of a photographer,
who joined the adventure along the way. These two
perspectives, like light and shade, create emphasis,
contrast and appeasement which are reflected in the
nature of the mountain landscapes, in the undulating
winding roads, in the people they meet and in the
expectations they hold.
SATURDAY JUNE 18th, 2016
Italian Style: through CUSTOMS and SPORT
t From 9 am the Topolinos travel to the centre of Turin by way of a panoramic route through the hills of Turin,
passing through Moncalieri and Pecetto.
t Public exhibition of the cars in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.
Piazza Vittorio is one of the most important squares in Turin. It is
situated in the historical centre of the city, near the Po river, and it
covers an area of about 40,000 m² (360 metres long and 111 metres
wide). It is the biggest porticoed square in Europe.
t At 11 am – City Party “20 Years of History: Cars, Customs, Music and Dance from 1936 to 1955”, to the rhythm of
the foxtrot, Lindy hop and boogie-woogie, preferably in vintage dress.
t Opportunity to visit the city centre, lunch in any of the bars or restaurants you prefer among those that have
agreed upon a special price for the Event, and then return to Lingotto in the early afternoon.
t From 4.30 pm - Trip to the Juventus Stadium, a place which, with skilful harmony and awe-inspiring strength,
SUNDAY JUNE 19th, 2016
t From 9 am - the Topolinos will drive to Mirafiori Motor Village, n. 9 Piazza Cattaneo.
t Experience race driving in the “Topolinos” along one of the test tracks that has seen test drives of all the models
manufactured by FIAT, and which has written part of the industrial history of our country.
Mirafiori Motor Village
The Mirafiori Motor Village is in the completely renovated area of the historical Mirafiori FIAT factory, inaugurated
in 1939. It is the biggest exhibition space dedicated to cars in Europe, but that’s not all.
Devised with a multi-purpose function in mind,
Mirafiori Motor Village hosts social, cultural and
theatrical events. In addition to a futuristic
showroom featuring with the whole FCA product range, the venue offers a conference centre
(Mirafiori Agorà), an art gallery (Mirafiori
Galerie), an elegant bar and restaurant
combines the spirit of the ancient amphitheatre, a venue designed to host great sporting events, with
cutting-edge technology and lofty architectural beauty.
The Juventus Stadium “where excitement isn't only on the pitch”.
Inaugurated in 2011, the Juventus Stadium immediately became an architectural symbol of contemporary Turin and one of the city's main tourist attractions.
Environmentally friendly and free from architectural barriers, it is considered one
of the most advanced and innovative sports stadiums in the world. Inside the
stadium there is a museum dedicated to the history of the football team, a vast
shopping centre, various bars and restaurants and the so-called “Walkway of
the Stars”, a path which encircles the whole perimeter of the stadium, on the
second tier at a height of roughly 18 metres above the pitch. On the flooring of
this panoramic terrace there are big golden stars dedicated to the finest and
most important footballers to have represented the club.
t Between 5 and 6 pm the crews and accredited members will be welcomed. Access to the “Walkway of the
Stars”, along which the “Topolinos” will bring to life an evocative chain, standing in single file and embracing the
entire perimeter of the stadium.
t Until 7.30 pm, division and grouping of the participants at the meeting points located along the stands for
optional guided tours of the Juventus Museum and the stadium.
t Aperitif on the pitch, then at 8:30 pm there will be the Gala Dinner in the “Sivori” room.
t Return to Lingotto in single file in a sort of parade through the city centre by night.
(Mirafiori Café) and a stylish shop dedicated to the sale of
objects branded with the FCA Group logo (Mirafiori Store).
t Visit of the complex and break at the Mirafiori Café and Mirafiori Store.
t At the “Mirafiori Agorà” conference centre, thanks to the A.I.S.A., “Associazione Italiana
per la Storia dell’Automobile”, there will be a meeting with Lorenzo Morello, entitled
“The designers and the manufacturing techniques of the Topolino”, and Alessandro Sannia,
“From the mass-produced to the custom-built, the car of the Italians for twenty years”.
t Light lunch and event closure.
Moncalieri City Council
Pralormo Town Council
Foto originali: Laura Laurenti
Progetto grafico: Dario Calcagno
[email protected]
@Comitato Ling80
The parts of the programme which have not not yet been explained in detail are currently being discussed with our suppliers.
The Organisational Committee reserves the right to make improvements and change to the programme up until its definitive publication.