The Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) is the



The Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) is the
The Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) is the
annual event for international school leaders and educators in the
Asia Pacific region. AISC brings together the international schools
community to explore topical education issues that educators
within Asia Pacific international schools are keen to debate.
At AISC international speakers provide expertise and thought
provoking presentations. International school leaders and teachers
attend AISC to plan actionable strategies that they are able to take
away and implement in their classrooms and schools.
Deepen their understanding of the latest issues and learning innovations for international schools
Listen to presentations from leading international professionals and educators
Find solutions to topical learning and teaching issues
Participate in stimulating workshops and demonstrations that provide new skills to improve
teaching, learning and school management
Explore the largest gathering of educators, school suppliers, IT experts, educational NGOs and
government departments from the Asia-Pacific region at the co-located Learning & Teaching Expo
Establish lasting connections and friendships with fellow educators in the Asia-Pacific Region
The AISC 2016 conference will bring some of the education world’s best speakers to Hong Kong to inspire
education professionals in international schools. If you would like to meet the speakers for more insights,
check out more details on website : and register now!
Get in touch!
If you would like to speak or participate in AISC, please contact
Ms. Niann Lai at +852 3958 0531 or email: [email protected]
Be Part of the Future
The AISC 2016 conference programme focus’s on innovative learning themes including topical issues
specific to international school educators and leaders. The AISC 2016 conference programme will also
include three special topic themes. The conference programme is divided into two separate and
concurrent streams with same price options.
Keynote Speaker
Ira Chaleff
 Author, Speaker and Thought Leader of the “Intelligent Disobedience” and “Courageous
Follower” Movements
 President of Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates
International Child Safeguarding Experts
Jane Larsson
 Executive
Director of the
Council of
 Chair of the
Task Force on
Child Protection
Student Welling Advisor
Colin Bell
 CEO, Council of
 Executive
Task Force on
Child Protection
*For details and latest updates, please visit:
Tim Conroy
 Student and
 Secondary
SEN Advisor
Be Part of the Future
Who will attend AISC 2016?
The conference is tailor-made for individuals from
international schools in the Asia-Pacific that
operate with English as the primary medium of
 Teacher, Instructor
 Principal, VicePrincipal
 Senior Management
 School Board
20+ Countries represented
At AISC 2015, speakers and delegates
attended from across the Asia-Pacific region
as well as some western countries.
 Guidance Counsellor
 IT Director, IT
 School Psychologist
American School of Bangkok, Thailand
Anglo Singapore International School, Thailand
Australian International School, Philippines
Bromsgrove International School, Thailand
Dubai English Speaking College, Dubai
Everest Academy Manila, Philippines
Gems World Academy Singapore, Singapore
Green Oasis School, Shenzhen, China
Guangdong Country Garden School, China
Guangzhou Huamei International School, China
Huamei School, China
International School of Macao, Macau
Kinabalu International School, Malaysia
Kolej Mara Banting, Malaysia
Kuwait English School, Kuwait
Marmara School Chindamonee, Thailand
Marmara Schools, Thailand
Mutiara International Grammar School, Malaysia
Nansha College Preparatory Academy, China
Nexus International School Putrajaya, Malaysia
Nobel International School, Malaysia
Orchlon International School, Mongolia
Pan-Asia International School, Thailand
Santa Laurensia School, Indonesia
School of the Nations, Macau
Taipei European School, Taiwan
Tenby International School Miri, Malaysia
The American School of Bangkok, Thailand
Vientiane International School, Laos
Western International School of Shanghai, China
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Be Part of the Future
Booth & Sponsorship
Ms. Jessica Poon
Tel.: +852 3958 0560
Email: [email protected]
Registration & Conference Enquiry
Ms. Niann Lai
Tel.: +852 3958 0531
Email: [email protected]
Strategic Partner
Diversified Communications Hong Kong
English Schools Foundation (ESF)
Diversified Communications is a fast growing international communications
company headquartered in the United States. The company spans across
broadcasting, digital products, software, publishing and the production of marketleading events. In Hong Kong, Diversified Communications organises a growing
portfolio of trade exhibitions and conferences. All the events embrace an
established relationship with key suppliers and buyers in different industries.
The English Schools Foundation (ESF) was established by the Hong Kong
Government in 1967. ESF is the largest provider of international education
programmes in Hong Kong which operates five secondary schools, nine primary
schools and a school for students with special educational needs across Hong Kong
Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.
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