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gw noble - Buchanan District Library
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R ecord.
P U B L IS H E D E V E R Y T H U R S D A Y ,
a - . s : o x j 3vi:e s .
j o h it
T E R M S. » 1 .6 0 PER YEAR
DECEMBER 28, 1893.
Business Direetory.
S E R V IC E S ace held every Sabbath at 10;30
O o'clock a . st., at the Church or the “ Larger
R o p e a l s o , Sabbath School services immedlatey alter the morning meeting. Prayer and conferaace meeting every Thursday evouing. A. cordial
Invitation Is extended to all.
Flory, Pastor. Sabbath services: Sabbath
School 9:15 A. or.; Preaching 1u:30 a . 31.; Young
People’ s Meeting 6:00 r . at.; Preaching 7:00 r . m
Prayer Meeting and Bible Readiug Thursday even­
in g 7:00. Everybody invited to all tuose services.
The Knee Pant Suits
G. W . N O B L E
W e have too many Cloaks Bought in New York, for §3, $3.50, S3 and
W raps and have decided S4- They are just the thing for your boys.
O .O . F.—Buchanan Lodge N o. 75 holds its
. regular masting, at Oda Fellows H all, on to clear the stock if prices w ill
each Tuesday evening.
do it.
Nobby Youths3 Suits,
Tjt A A . SI.—Buchanan Lodge N o. hS holds a
highP , regular meeting Monday evening on or before
--------A N I ) -------the fu ll moon in each month.
grade novelties and staple
OF H.—Buchanan Grange No 40 meets on garments that our Cloak De­
P • the second and fmmrth Saturday o f each
partm ent is noted for.
Stylish Suits for file Head of the House.
nonth, at 2 o ’ clock r . m■ O.U. iV.—Buchanan Lodge N o. 98 holdalls
JA CKETS o f fine blai.k im­
i x . renlar meeting the 1st and 3d Tuesday evenported cloth, v ith fu ll fan
Neat and Tasty Neckwear,
ng o f eaeh month.
A . R.—Wm. Perrott Post No.22. Regular backs, high storm collar, cuffs
( X . meeting on the first and third Saturday and collar braid trimmed,swell
ven ln g o f each month. Visiting comrades al­
S T Y L IS H H A T S ,
reefer style, §6 to $15.
ways welcome.
i CTUMAN’ S RELIEF CORPS, W m .Perrott Post
JA C K E TS made in doubleIn all shades and shapes.
\ V N o. 81. Meetings held regularly, In Grange
breasted reefer style, storm
Hall, first and third Saturday o f each month.
OBERT HENDERSON, M. D., Physician and collar and cuffs, fu r trimmed,
Surgeon. OJficc. Rough’ s Opera House Block. $10 to $18.
Residence, No. 90 Front Street. Calls answered
all hours o f the day and night.
JA C K E TS 36-inch length, For Ladies. Misses and Children. The
/ I L. BAILEY, Homeopathic Physician and im ported beaver, fu ll skirts,
best- line of S3 Shoes in Berrien County. ■
VX. Surgeon. Otfics and residence in Imhofi'e
body and cuffs braid trimmed, Plow Shoes for all. Matty Bluchers for
block, Bnchanan, Mich.
men at 82.00.
S. &RAD, Manufacturer o f Lumber. Oua fu ll low sleeves, collar and
M « ton Sawing promptly attended to on abortfront edged w ith Canada seal
notice. Buchanan, AUcU.
fur, $15 to $22.
t\ COVBXRY, Attorney at Law. Office
, o er Roe «S2 KmgeryV buuiwurc atorc. Bu­ JA C K E TS with
fu ll cir-o
I I . A B IE L H A T H A W A Y , Salesman.
chanan, Mich..
cular skirt, w ith high storm
collar, 40 inches long, body,
skirt, cape and cuffs fu r trim­
med, large low sleeves, $20 to
H. M. B rod rick , M.D.,
iim s
Office at bit- new u t-JntLi e, 1 u i»i M.* 1 m l i i. m ».
Plush, Velvet and Cloth
Wraps and Capes, $5 to $25.
W e have a small lot of last
year’s garments that we w ill
sell you at 50c, $1 and $1.50
-A N D each.
mt U lllL IM B M
'JB? A M* M m
Having recently urecleu an
Rose & Ellsworth,
Improved Brick and Tiling Kiln
I a m n o w prepared t o furnish tb»*
S ou th
R f f K siL
the m arket affords. 4.U
W e ll, tlie n ew p a p er issued b y th e e
ranging in size from two to eiehtincher.
fSr-C allan dseem v brick and
B L O P G fT T .
tells a ll about it at tl v v illh eso n t F R E E
PRACTICALLY. Branchofficesanatinesia
two eiM^. Our students do the work and become expert operators. Best system In America. Circulars free.
A»’ in - C ity T olcr-m s'L C o., < w o s so ,
R. R , ?
J ohn S bbasttaj.-. Gen. T . S P .A ,
C., R. 1. & P . R. R., Cuu'auu, III
Buchanan, M ich.
(’ arry it w ell assorted stock o f w h ite and
y e llo w p in e finish ing
Ceiling, flooring, base, carvin g, m ou ldin g,
co rn ice , head and base b lock s, doors,
w hite pin e ship lap, drop and bevel siding,
etc. A g ood s tock o f lath and shin gles,
and a tine lot o f ced ar fe n ce posts. G ive
u s a ca ll.
i k
e c t s
8s a
5 52
12 33 615
117 703
137 723 Berrien Centre
142 729
Eau Claire
210 800 Benton Harbor
1 210
K M . P .M .
8 42 4 *f*
* 20 4 2a
7 38 3 48
7 18 3 30
7 13 3 25
6 45 5 00
A .M .
50 CTS.
HI £9
M at-vsteus st+ecesj.
Insane Persons Restored
f i S S r -E L I N S ’S GREAT
N erve R estorer
v ra //B R A ix 4c 24 K R V s D i s e a s e s
O nly t u n
cu rt S or N erve A ffection s, F its. E p iltfsy , etc.
INFALLIBLK i f taken as directed. N o F its a fter
fir s t d a y's use Treatise and £2 trial bottle free to
Fit patients, they paying expresscharges on box when
received. Send names. P . O . and express address of
. afflicted to D R .K LtN E .gir Arch Sc.FhiLxdeiphia.Pa.
Druggists. B E iF A IU i O F IM IT A TIN G FR A U D S.
1 * O W W W W ’ a<
B R . A . B . S P IN N K Y ,
o f
D E o ? ia o ia ? ,
Attorneys and Solicitors of Pat*
ents. United States and foreign.
Correspondence solicited. Instruc­
tion Pamphlet tree. 3- tt EhT
Congress strhkt. DETROIT
MICH, hstablished 1853.
_ My,doctor says i t acts gently o n tho stomach, liver
M d kidneys, and is a pleasant laxative. This drink is
made from herbs., and is prepared f o r use as easily &»
tea. it Is called
S11rimmrlcta aAlt (A Cfin
ftf AA—
" x niatAjr a icu iein e m ove* th e Doweln e a ch
4a y . I11 orderto behealthy, this is necessary. AddretaL
O U A T O lt B . W O O D W A R D , L e l i O Y , . V .
Educates young raen and
to tr'Jnt;tln themsclv-s in
iacJe{x;mIeiK‘»»save nMncy and
ttealdt. Businc'*.,
a l M x?
D'rpartni"’!4-. Tluirnughsy? thrfr
n«ss. B-:- '^ 5 Un:vfrsJ*y
* CiiafitTf?
Cures C on su m p tion , Coughs, C rou p , Soro
Throat* So'd by all l>nigcists on a Guarantee.
Fora Lame Side, Back or Che,«t Shiloh’s Porous
Plaster will give great satNfactioa.— 25 cents.
S H ?L C W S V 3 T A L IZ E R .
Ca,n eat Crackers and m ilk with beneficial
results. N othing in the w orld daintier
or more healthful and refreshing than
Jackson Crackers, U. 8. W afers, Drum­
mer’s Lunch and a glass o f milk. Phy­
sicians prescribe them.
In the words offthe “im m ortal poet” :
Jackson Superior Crackers and m ilk,
F or young and old are fine as silk.
Jacksou Superior Crackers
U. S. B A K IN G CO.,
JA C K S O N , M IC H .
F IL L M O R E C O T T R E L L , M a n a g a r .
I sit before this magic window, and tho world
runs past.
Revolving like a wheel, whose hither rim
W hirls fast beneath m y gaze, whose thither
edge rolls slow.
A nd these the scenes that reel b y endlessly:
Green glistening seas o f corn uptossing feath­
ers o f brown spume,
A nd yellow shored with beaches o f ripe
W hich, like Ulysses feigning madness, farmers
drive along
A n d sheaf in heaps o f rich, unsteriie gold:
Unceasing meadows leveled unto occanio
A n d sprinkled with faint tinkling herds that
A n d wind hoofed colts that flee us, half for
fear and half for fan;
H ills dotted w ith snowdrifts o f huddled
Thick shadowed forests haunted b y litho Dry­
ads fon d o f flowers
A nd thirsting ale v for cool deeps o f shade.
But hear the suddc ■ roar that shoots w ith ns
the trestled stream,
Com egayly sauntering its winding path,
W h ich leads from wide skied hills through
dingy twilights o f big towns.
A n d on unto the everlasting sea.
Betimes onr tempest footed runner shrieks
A nd halts to rest him a t wee villages.
W here cluster awkward louts ail rags, all stare
and blatant tongues.
Y et owning souls more mar velons than stars.
Then straightway on again, with panting
breath and clanging bell.
To race the rivaling wind across the plain.
Too soon the journey ends. The city swallows
ns too soon,
Bnt God he praisedl a few glad hours
Grant modern eyes a view o f skies and sens,
towns, farms and trees.
A w orld more wide than ancient lifetimes
—Rupert Hughes in New Y ork Sun.
Finnish Slave M arts.
A regular slave m art still exists in
m an y cou n try districts o f Finland.
Once a yea r such, paupers, aged peo­
p le and lunatics as cannot support
them selves are put up at public auc­
tion and consigned to those people
w h o w ill board them at the lowest
price offered b y the parish authori­
ties. The helpless creatures are made
to w o rk as m u ch as possible b y the
owners, w h o have the righ t to chas­
tise them , and w ho are usually m ost
inhum an in their treatm ent o f the
w retched lunatics.
The aged fo lk are physically unable
t o perform m u ch hard w ork, hut the
lunatics, thou gh m entally deranged,
are often b o d ily capable o f undergo­
in g a great deal o f strain. Conse­
quently the farm er shows little m ercy
tow ard them, harnesses them to his
plow s and thrashes them w ith his
w h ip as i f th ey w ere oxen, w hile the
piteous appeals and driveling wan­
derings o f the idiots do n ot soften the
blow s.—Pearson’s W eekly.
A Curious Advertisement*
A n old London paper contains the
follow in g curious advertisement:
“ W anted, a m an between 20 and 30
years o f age, to he a footm an and un­
der butler in a great fa m ily ; he must
be o f the Church o f England and
have had th e sm allpox in the natural
w ay. A lso a wom an, m iddle aged,
to w ait upon a you n g lad y o f great
fashion and fortu n e; the w om an
m ust be o f th e Church o f England,
have had th e sm allpox in the natural
w ay, v e ry sober, steady and w ell be­
haved and understand dress, getting
u p lace and fine linen, and d oing all
things necessary f o r a y ou n g lady
that goes into all public places and
keeps the best com pany. Inquire o f
the printer o f this paper.— Oct. 1,
Som e one reported to W illie’s
m other that th at 4-year old gentle­
m an had been overheard using som e
v e ry strong language. W h en a proper
tim e came, his m other spoke to him
about it. Considerably surprised, he
asked, “ H o w did y o u kn ow ?” N ot
w ishing to m ention a n y names, his
m other answered evasively, “ Oh, a
little bird told m e !” W hereupon he
instantly replied, “ I suppose it was
one o f those blanked sparrow s!” —
Chicago Post.
Changes W r o u g h t b y T im e .
It is v e r y hard fo r the m an w h o
com es hom e late at n igh t to realize
that th e penetrating and petulant
voice w h ich h e hears at th e head o f
the stau s is the speech o f that gentle
damsel w h o a y ea r ago w ould have
clim bed on a chair to escape a mouse.
B ut the w h irlin g o f tim e and custom
brings about som e strange changes.
—T oron to Empire.
The parish o f St. Christopher-leStock, London, has n ot a single in ­
habitant, b n t its electoral list must
always be d u ly signed. The parish
extends over the open space in fron t
o f the M ansion H ouse and th e R oya l
Exchange and includes a corner o f
the B ank o f England.
A ccord in g to som e old documents
recently discovered in the city o f
M exico, great treasures o f jew els and
gold w ere at one tim e secreted there
b y order o f Maximilian, and excava­
tion is p rovin g th e truth o f the
Th e W alk er cottage, a free hospital
in Sydney, w h ich cost §500,000, has
been com pleted in three years. It
has room for on ly 60 convalescents,
w h o are provided, free o f all cost,
w ith all th e luxuries o f a first class
A m on g the ancient Saxons N ovem ­
ber was k n ow n as w ind month, or
b lood m onth, because they then
slaughtered cattle fo r w inter food.
K K . A .M .
T he Blr<l T h at T old.
Send 3 2-ccnt stamps to A . r . Ordway & Co.,
Boston, Mass., for best medical work published
Will be at the Galt House, Jules. Friday,
February 9th. Special attention given to Ca­
tarrh . E y e , E a r, T h ro at an d L u n g D iseases.
Also, R ectal, U terine and P rivate Diseasi.
L. O. Schaefer,' Agent,.
Benton Harbor.
Oscar G. M urrat, Traffic Manager,
Cincinnati, 0 .
D. M. M artin, Gv P. A,,
Cincinnati, O.
C. S. B lackman, Trav* Pass. Agt.,
dnderson, Ind.
m a r k
Sulphur Bitters
Will give you
A lovely
r. at.
11 58 8 <H
11 40
It 33
It 0
11 05
10 50
10 38
10 32
10 23
10 15
9 34
9 04
1 0 0 FULL S IZ E
Fair Face
R O r T E .^
T ite P opular R oute Between the Michioax
C ities and all Southern Points.
Condensed Schedule o f Trains. Effective
May 28,1893.
r . 21* A.31. P.5I.
P .J l . P .a t A .M .
840 735 125 Iv Anderson nr 1 20 9 30
859 748 . . . .
103 .
9 12 7 58 1 49ar Alexandria 12 50 8 48
9 25 810 2 02 ar Sammitville 12 35 S 37
938 823 215
Fttixmonnt 12 22 8 2 *
9 48 833 2 26
12 10 8 15
Rev. R. N. Middleton, pastor M. E. church,
Cedar Springs, Mich., says: “ Sleep and rest
were strangers to me after preaching till I used
*Adirondn.** Now I sleep soundly and awahe re­
freshed, and I can heartily recommend it.”
CINE CO., Cedar Springs, Mich.
Sold by W . F. RUNNER, Buchan mi, Mich.
Of a
St. Louis Railway.
La Fountaine
ar Wabash
Iv Waba9b
X . Manchester
CARTER MEDICINE C O ., New Y o r k .
Positively cares Heart Disease, Nervous Pros­
tration, Sleeplessness, and aU derangements of
the N en ons System. Unexcelled for Infants.
A blessed hoon’ for Tired Mothers and Hestlcss
Babies. Purely Vegetable, guaranteed free from
Ladies s—
The Secret
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and
9 02
1022 908 3 00
1032 920
1045 9 35 3*25
9 50 3 40
10 03
1011 359
1023 408
10 30 4 15
1118 467
1151 527
Is the bane of so many lives that here is whera
v?e make our great boast. Ourpillscureitwhila
others do not.
Carter’s Little Diver Pills are very small and
very easy to take. One or twopiUs make a dose.
They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or
purge, hut by their gentle action please all 'who
use them. In vials at 25 cents; five for $1. Sold
by druggists everywhere, or sent by mail.
Me r v e
No. 52, Ex. Son., 1:55 P . M.
For St. Joseph
“ 54,
For South Bend
“ 51, Ex. Sun.,
For Terrs Hante
N o. 53, E x. Sun., 11:10 A. M. For Terre Haute
For Complete Time Card, giving all trainaand
stations, and fo r full information as to rates,
through cars, etc., addresa
J . C. Cox, Agent.
Or J. M. Chebbrocqh,
Galien, Mich.
Ass’ t GenT Pass. Agent, St- Louis, Mo.
0 59 845 238
Ache they would be almostpriceless to thosewhO
Buffer from this distressing complaint; bufcfortunately their goodness does noteudlicre,and those
vrho once try them will find these little pills valu­
able in so many ways that they will not bo wil­
ling to do without them. But after allsick b**- ^
a ?ia t | iir e
In effect June 13, 1S93.
Trains leave
Galien, Mich., as follows:
S 3 T B IG
Headache, yet Carter’ s Little Liver Fills are
equally valuabloin Constipation, curingandproventing this annoying complainb'wUile they also
correct nil disorders of thestomach.Btimulatotha
liver and regulate tlio bowels. Even if they only
t r a d e
Mail, No. 3 ........................................... 3:07 P. M
Chicago Night Express. No. 7............. h: 1 6 a M
Chicago * Kalamazoo Accom., No. 31.. 3:03 A. 31
A. if. Peacock, Local Agem.
O. TV. RcaaLKs O. P & T. A.
Sick. Headache and relieve all the troubles lnef»
dent to a bilious state o f the system, such aa
Dizziness, Kansea, Drowsiness, Distress after
eating. Pain in the Side, &c. Whilo their moafi
remarkable success has been shown in curing
LEAVE BUl’ h A h A h .
Mail, 'No. 2............. .............................. 10:01 A. M I
Atlantic Express, No. 10...................... 2:37 P JU i
Chicago & Rultuiuizoo Aeeonu. No. 22.. 8:27 P. M j
Prose Workss
Poetical Works,
Juvenile Books,
Toy Bookst
Gift Books,
School Books,
UMI16RHB MM1E U M ON IPPUCim v o l u m e x m
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins, Chattanooga. Tenn., says:
“ Slululi's Yitalizer'
consider itthobestremeSv fo r adcbUitatKd&iistem
I ever used.” F or Dyspepsia, Liver o r Kidney
trouble it excels. Price 7G eta.
I f som e people thought tw ice be­
fore speaking once, th ey w ould for­
get w hat th ey w ere goin g to say.
It is estimated that 5,000,000 o f
wom en are earning w ages in the
British isles:________________
G o u ts us D e te ctiv e s *
Maurice Barr is a p ou ltry fancier.
So are several o f his neighbors. These
LO H ’S ^ C A T A R R H were having m ore success than Mau­
especially those w ith the same
REMEDY. rice,
strain o f blood.
Have you Catarrh ? T ry this Rem edy. Itw ill
relieve and Cure you. Prioe 50 cts. This In­
Maurice could n ot account fo r the
je cto r f or i ts suoressfu 1treii tmen furnished
double fa ct that b e was getting no
free. Shiloh’ s Remedies are sold b y us on a
guarantee to give satisfaction.
eggs and his neighbors w ere busy
w ith a couple o f incubators on any
For sale at Barmore’s Drug Store.
other hypothesis than that a neigh­
b o r was collecting M aurice’s hen
Maurice had had a fine dog, b u t this
h ad been killing chickens and eating
eggs. H e could n ot a fford to keep a
lliiyal Insurance Building,
Goats are a grand invention, and
C H IC A G O .
M aurice concluded to profit b y the
If Yo r Time has a Money Value You discovery- So h e bough t a flock o f
fo u r goats fro m a neighbor and
should Protect It.
turned, them into h is barnyard. T w o
Indemnity $lOO per Month.
o f these w ere billies.
Death Benefit $5000.
One evening M aurice was attracted
Life Pension for loss of Limbs* ' to th e barnyard b y th e cries o f his
W V A N METER. Agt., Bnchanan aged m other jn-Iaw . w hose, rheuma-
Accident Association,
CT*JL I.', so bad sh e’Has great difficulty
in walking.
H e rushed to her aid and found her
safely perched on a stump nearly
four feet high with a billygoat on
each side o f her and her apron fu ll o f
eggs. The conundrum w as solved.
The poor old wom an never had an
appetite to eat w hen the others did,
and the cause became apparent. She
admitted that she was the robber all
along o f the hen fruit.—Indianapolis
A Pacific Ocean Basin*
Submarine soundings, w h ich have
recen tly been m ade w ith extraordi­
n a ry cai’e and precision, rendered
practicable b y means o f superior in­
struments in bands m ost experienced
and expert, show the existence in the
Pacific o f a trough or basin o f extraor­
dinary depth and extent along the
east coast o f Japan and the Kurile
islands, and under the E u ro Siwo,
o r Japan o r black stream, the basin
exceeding any similar depression yet
fou n d in any other region o f the
grea t ocean.
In a run o f 30 miles after leaving
the coast o f Japan, the surveying
officers fo r the proposed transpacific
telegraph cable found that th e waters
deepened m ore than 1,S00 fathoms,
and upon the next cast o f the lead
the w ire broke after some 4,643 fath­
oms had been run out w ithout bot­
tom having been reached. The depth
o f the deepest cast, w hich was 5£
miles, being the deepest w ater yet
found, is rem arked as sufficient to
hold tw o mountains as high as Ja­
pan’s great Fusiyama, one on top o f
the other, and then the summit o f
the highest w ould he nearly tw othirds o f a m ile under water.—N ew
Y ork Sun.
A i’senic Eaters.
The m a jo rity o f the fashionable
beauties o f Sydney, according to an
English observer, have peculiarly
delicate complexions, languid ex­
pressions, fragile physiques and a die
aw ay look in the eyes, ■which are
m ore suited to the enervated tem per­
am ent o f an old civilization than the
active vitality o f a n ew w orld. It
was easy even f o r a n ovice to detect
that these ladies ow ed a good deal to
their perruquier. Th e m ystery o f
this ciu’ious com bination o f prema­
ture baldness and unusual delicacy
o f com plexion was explained b y the
fa ct that these w om en ate arsenic in
order to produce an aristocratic pal­
lo r and languor and found to their
h orror that another effect o f th e
drug w as to m ake their hair drop
out. V aluing their com plexions
above their hair, how ever, they sacri­
ficed the one to the other. W h at a
w om an w ill endure fo r h er com plex­
ion m a y b e estimated b y this, and
also b y the fact that these arsenic
eaters rarely live past 45.—San Fr an­
cisco Argonaut.
A C urious Taste F o r Noise.
W h at w ould Buskin say o f a
h igh ly cultivated gentleman w h o
n ot lon g ago sold his handsome new
residence in a quiet suburb and pur­
chased another near the heart o f the
city and w ithin a stone’s th row o f
the B eading railroad? H e declares
that h e m ade the change to be near
a railroad, the various noises o f such
a neighborhood being n ot on ly neg­
atively agreeable, but positively in­
spiriting. T h ey are associated-with
th e days o f bis boyhood, and he
loves to beaw akenpd in the m orning
with the rum ble o f the early trains.
“ Oh, B uskin,” said he, “ though a
great literary artist, is a childish
crank on the su bject o f railroads!
N o truly aesthetic feelin g is destroyed
b y them .”—Philadelphia Becord.
Poisonous Saliva.
The saliva o f dogs and cats is espe­
cia lly rich in bacteria, that o f the lat­
ter containing a fo rm w hich is sel­
dom observed and so fatal that rab­
bits and ^guinea pigs inoculated with
it die in 24 hours. The dog’s saliva
contains an even greater num ber o :
bacteria plus occasional eggs o f in­
testinal w orm s and so on. Those
fon d and lovin g w om en w ho are
prone to w aste their caresses upon
lapdogs w ill he interested m this item.
—Pharm aceutical Era.
He Sold and Left.
A law yer had a horse that always
stopped and refused to cross a cer­
tain bridge leading out o f the city.
N o whipping, no urging, w ould in­
duce him to cross it, so he advertised
him, “ T o b e sold fo r n o other-rea­
son than that the ow ner .wants to
get out o f tow n .” —Boston Beacon.
The P « t o r , to H is Credit, D id Jfot Laugh
at th e M oth er’s Fears.
There was a com m otion in a house­
hold on Fourth avenue the other
day. The brand n ew baby, tbe on ly
infantile specimen in the N uw ed
home, w as in the arms o f its doting
mother, w h o was looldn g fo r some
new portion o f its pink anatom y to
kiss and admire. Suddenly there
was a scream, follow ed b y a h ysteric­
al h alf an hour, w hile the servants
w ere sent in breathless search for
the fam ily doctor. W h en the grave
old physician entered the room , the
poor w om an was w alking to and fro
like one distracted, pausing n ow and
then to grasp her crow ing child to
her, then replacing it in its cradle to
resume her nervous tread, weeping
and w ringing her hands.
‘ ‘Oh, d o cto r! M y poor baby 1 Save
him if y o u ca n ! But I know you
can’t. Oh, m y p oor ch ild !”
F or five minutes or m ore this con­
tinued in spite o f the physician’s ef­
forts to learn w hat w as the matter.
H e examined the child, saw nothing
that apparently ailed it, and at last,
w ith patience almost gone, insisted
on an explanation. Composing her­
self a little, the frightened m other
finally said:
“ L ook at its p oor little head, doc­
tor’. There, right on top. See that
soft spot? H ow it is heating! It
hasn’ t stopped, fo r m ore than an
hour. I k n ow som ething dreadful is
the m atter, but y o n mustn’t keep it
fro m me. Tell m e tbe w orst at once.”
T o tb e undying h on or o f that doc­
tor, h e did n ot laugh. A ll he said
w as: “ M y dear little wom an, pray
th at that beating w ill continue.
Should it ever stop, y o u r b ab y w ill
b e dead.” —Louisville Courier-Jour­
Irish Repartee.
A countrym an w h o w as a witness
w as asked.. “ Sa,.you_had_a pistol?”
Highest o f all in
Leavening Power.— Latest U. S. G ov ’t Report.
Bibles and Booklets.
T ha.!, sir.” ‘’ TTlTo t~.I you -intend
to shoot w ith it f
" I wasn’t intendg to shoot no one.” “ Then, was it
fo r nothing that yon got i t “ No,
it wasn't.” “ Come, come, sir, on the
virtue o f y ou r solemn oath, w hat did
you get that pistol for?” “ On the
virtue o f m y solemn oath, I g ot it fo r
three and uinepenee in Mr. Bichardson’s shop.” A t another tim e the
same counsel said to a witness,
Y ou 're a nice fellow, ain’t you?”
W itness replied, “ I am, sir, and i f I
w as not on m y oath I'd say the same
o f 3Tou.”
Judge Burton, w ho w as a v ery old
and wizened little man, w as tryin g a
case, w hen another v e r y old man, a
peas n t scarcely able to walk, came
into court to give evidence. Instead
o f going to the witness b ox he went
tow ard tbe passage leading to tbe
bench. One o f tbe counsel called
out to h im : “ Come back, sir. W here
are you going? Do y ou think you
are a judge?” “ Iudeed, sir,” said tbe
old man. looking up at Judge Bur­
ton, “ iiiui t ii. sn\ I believe I am fit
fo r little else.’’ —“ Seventy Years o f
Irish L ife.”
“ Science” In Everything.
wKh ti porch on one side. They are
built to stand the cold, which is
great there sometimes. So high is
the altitude and so encircled b y
mountains is th e reservation that
there is n o h ot weather.
The Indians are m ainly engaged in
farm ing, but do n ot do an extensive
business in this direction, though
th ey raise plenty o f food. The pres­
ent num ber o f the eastern baud is
about 1,600, and it is certain that
th ey are increasing. The healthful­
ness o f that region is remarkable,
and m any o f the Cherokees reach a
great age. The oldest inhabitant is
“ B ig W itch ,” w h o asserts that his
age is 115 years.
The Cherokees vote and are on the
same footin g as other citizens o f the
state. During the late w ar their
ch ief w as a strong believer in the
Confederate states and a fine battal­
ion or legion was raised. This was
com manded b y Colonel Thomas, w h o
years later died in an insane asylum,
and it did effective service, being
know u as tlie “ Thomas legion.”
Earnest efforts are being made to
educate these Indians. Those edu­
cated are very intelligent, speak Eng­
lish w ell and are fond o f w hite peo­
ple and do them favors. Many o f
the Cherokees, how ever, do n ot speak
English at all and are as w ild in ap­
pearance as a n y Indians in th e far
H unting is, as o f old, the favorite
pursuit. The smaller Irinas o f game
are n ot ignored. The rifle is the
usual weapon, b u t the b ow and ar­
row and the blow gnn are used.
Som e are very expert with these
prim itive weapons. The blowguns
are nine or ten feet lon g and are
made o f a kind o f reed, with a bore
or diam eter o f about h alf an inch.—
There is m uch confusion in the
popular m ind as to the application o f
such terms as science, scientific, sci­
entifically. A you n g gentleman from
the university lately assured m e that
cricket is played m ore scientifically
than form erty, and that there is a
prem ium o f 5 per cent in favor o f
scientific whist as com pared w ith or­
dinary g ood play.
A w riter in a recent num ber o f a
chess magazine refers to the royal
gam e as “ a .science, and an exact
science too.” In a m atch at drafts
the cham pion was said to have
brought so much science to hear upon
this play as to m ake 31 drawn games
before one w on game was scored. In
A F lo w e ry Green E yed M onster.
tbe palm y days o f the prize ring,
Dawes was in the sum m er house
“ tbe Pet o f tbe Fancy” was said to with Hawes. Their beloved w ives
display m ore science than “ Ben, tbe w ere behind a hush and w ere horri­
fied to hear ih e follow in g conversa­
In m y younger days I visited Bosh- tion:
D aw es— J. think Mrs. Alpheus
erville gardens, w here a m an dressed
in Lincoln green offered m e b ow and H ardy lovely. I'm quite gone on her.
H aw es— A re you? W ell, Sarah
arrows and invited m e to shoot at a
mark, observing- that “ A rch ery is a Owen is m ore m y style. I saw her
pleasing science.” —N otes and Que­ at our flow er show last year, and I
fell in love w ith her at once. So well
form ed and sh ow y and----F lying Powers o f tlie Swallow*
Bnt the -wives could contain them­
N ot on ly do swallows capture all selves n o longer. Th ey sprang at
their insect fo o d w hile on the wing, their respective husbands; they
they also invariably think while fly­ abused th em ; th ey becam e hyster­
ing, and they even feed their j’ oung ical, b u t it is difficult to say w hether
on the w ing, especially the house pleasure or mortification predomi­
martins, although it is v erv difficult nated w hen at last they allowed
to observe them p erfoim in ^tlie feat, their husbands to explain that tbe
so quickly is it done. A s the. young harmless chrysanthem um was ihe
birds arrive at full grow th they soon innocent cause o f each one's jeal­
becom e impatient o f confinement ousy. —Loudon Tit-Bits.
and sit all day with then* heads out
o f the entrance to tne nest, where
Stick and Buskin.
the dams, b y clinging to the nest,
The expression “ sock and buskin,”
supply them with food from m orn which literally means com edy and
m g till night, and it is during this tragedy, found its origin in the “ socperiod that the you n g are fed on the cus,” the Latin name o f the low
w ing by tbe parents. Then again, shoe w orn b y tbe ancient com ic ac­
the house sw allow trill wash itself tors, and the buskin, a contraction o f
b y dropping into tbe water as it flies. the French word “ brossequin,” re­
m otely derived from the Greek
“ bursa,” a hide or high soled shoe
A G o o d Reason*
w orn b y the ancient tragedians to
“ I don’t see w h y you em ploy Dr. increase their height. The soccus
H ugo as you r physician. H e’s tlie reached to the ankle only, whereas
m ostill tempered, quarrelsome fell on the buskin extended to tb e knee.—
I’v e ever m et.”
“ I quite agree with y o u ; hut, you
see, I have often been told that m y
throat trouble would disappear if I Conscience W a s Tender, but A pp etite "Was
Strong and Conquered.
o n ly could get m y larynx cauter­
A m on g tbe papers o f tbe late exized.”
State Senator G uy 0 . Stoddard o f tbe
“ W ell?”
“ W h y, I naturally chosa Dr. Hugo tow n o f Ledyard was found an old
on account o f his caustic tempera­ newspaper clipping containing a
quaint account o f an old colonial
m ent.’'—Journal Amusant.
Thanks X'ving church service and
dinner. It was w ritten in the year
A M ountain Band o f Indian slY lio S till Use 1714 b y the B ev. Lawrence Conant
o f the old South Parish in Danvers,
B ow s and Arrows*
One o f the m ost interesting places Mass., and runs thus:
“ Y e G overnor was in y e nouse and
in N orth Carolina and y e t one o f the
least known, even b y the people o f Her M ajesty's commissioners o f y e
the old N orth State, is the reserva­ customs, aud they sat together in a
tion o f what is term ed the “ eastern high seat o f ye pulpit staire. Y e
band” o f the Cherokee Nation. The G overnor appears very devout and
history o f the reservation is a strange attentive, although he favors Episcoone. W h en the Indians in N orth pacy and tolerates y e Quakers and
Carolina w ere rem oved b y tlie gov­ Baptists..
“ He was dressed in a black velvet
ernm ent to the Indian Territory, b y
fa r the greater part o f the Cherokees coat, bordered with gold lace, and
left their old hom e forever. But a huff breeches with gold buckles at y e
strong band retained land in three of knees, and white silk stockings.
“ There was a disturbance in y e
the western counties in w hat was
then almost a wilderness. A great galleries, where it was filled -with
tract o f land was set apart as a reser­ divers negroes, mulattoes aud In­
vation b y tbe state, and voluminous dians, and a negro called Pom p
laws governing these-Cherokee lands Shorter, belonging to Mr. Gardiner,
was called forth and put in y e broad
were enacted.
Originally th e tract o f land held isle, where h e was reproved w ith
b y the Cherokees was far larger than great carefulness and solemnity.
“ H e was then put in y e deacons’
at present. It n ow comprises 73,000
acres, and some o f it is the v ery best seat between tw o deacons, in view of
land in w estern N orth Carolina.^ It y e w hole congregation ; but y e sex­
is m ainly in Swain and Jackson coun­ ton was ordered b y Mi’. Prescott to
ties, right am ong the mountains, and take him out, because o f bis levity
the entire country east o f the Missis­ and strange contortion o f counte­
sippi does n ot contain a m ore pictur­ nance (giving grave scandal to ye
esquely beautiful region or one bet­ grave deacons), and p ut him in ye
ter suited to Indian taste and re­ lob b y tinder y e staire; some children
quirements, w ith its cold, clear and a m ulatto wom an w ere repri­
streams fu ll o f fish, its mountains manded fo r laughing at Pom p
well wooded and abounding in game Shorter.
“ W h en y e services at y e m eeting
and its com parative remoteness from
house w ere ended y e council and
tbe beaten track o f w hite people.
The w o lf is y e t a rov er in this sec­ other dignitaries were entertained at
tion, and there is a county bounty y e house o f Mr. Epes, on y e hill near
for bis scalp, n ot on ly in the counties by, and w e had a bountiful Thanks­
above named, b u t in several others. givin g dinner w ith bear’s m eat and
The bear is m ore abundant than any­ venison, the last o f w hich w as a fine
where else save in th e great swamps buck, shot in y e w oods near b y. Y e
near th e coast o f the state. Deer are bear was killed in L yn n w oods near
also abundant, and the pheasant, or Beading.
“ A fte r y e blessing w as craved b y
partridge, is found, though long
since gone from other parts o f the Mr. G arrick o f W rentkam , w ord
cam e that y e b u ck w as shot on y e
The eastern band o f Cherokees are Lord’s day b y Pequot, an Indian,
an interesting race o f people. The w h o cam e to Mr. Epes w ith a ly e in
W estern N orth Carolina railway his m onth like Ananias o f old.
“ Y e council therefore refused to
passes within 10 miles o f their reser­
vation, "Bryson C ity being th e near­ eat y e venison, b u t it w as afterw ard
est railw ay station. T be ch ief Cher­ decided that Peqnot should receive
okee tow n is kn ow n in English as 40 stripes save one, fo r lyin g and
Y ellow H ill, It is a ram bling place profaning y e Lord’s day, restore
through w hich rushes a hold moun­ Mr. Epes y e cost o f y e deer, and con ­
tain stream, the Ocona Lufty. The sidering this a ju st and righteous
Indian houses are all alike in design. sentence on y e sinful heathen, and
T h ey are built o f logs, w e ll fitteil, that, a., blessing hacL.been_craYed.on
yk meat, y e eouiicll all partSok'oT it
but Mr. Slieperd. whose conscience
was tender on y e point o f y e veni­
son.” —Netv Haven Cor. New’ Y o rk
B read F o r Trout.
T rout are generally accredited w ith
being fish o f a m ost fastidious diet,
scorning any sort o f fo o d save such
delicate morsels as m a y happen to
tickle their palates fo r the time. In
th e com m on belief they are epicures
o f the v e iy first water. I t is n o
doubt th at the richer and m ore plen­
tifu l the fo o d supply the less ready
are trout to feed on a n y lure artifi­
cially presented, and the closer w e
im itate their natural food a t the
tim e the greater is our success in at­
tem pting to m ake the trout take.
A t the same tim e there can b e n o
question that tlie trout is as omniverous as m ost fish, i f n ot m ore so,
and w ill eat alm ost anything. It
cannot with truth, he pi’edicted o f
bread, for example, that it is either
a natural or a com m on fo o d fo r the
trout, yet, b y perseveringly throw’ in g pellets into th e stream, front
m ay soon he educated in to taking
them, and as a m atter o f fa ct th e fish
in any particular stream m ay soon be
educated to such a p itch o f rivalry
that there wTill be a rush fo r a piece
o f bread cast upon tbe water.—Lon­
don Field.
T he Czar’s Adventure W ith a Hear.
A lthough n o particular friend o f
sport, A lexander decided t o follow
up the traces o f tw o heat’s w hich had
been discovered near tb e village o f
Tokrovo. H e was accompanied b y a
numerous suite. It so happened that
one o f the bears sent him spinning
on the ground, without, however,
doing him an inju ry, and the animal
fell dead, being killed b y one o f his
follow ers about 100 yards off. A lex­
ander is reported to have said, “ The
beast seemed quite a u fa it in the man­
ners and customs o f the court, fo r h e
did n ot stoji w hen he cam e up to me,
as h e had n ot been introduced.” The
bystanders hardly dared to smile,
fo r they w ere convinced o f the exist­
ence o f a nihilist p lot am ong tb e
bears.—C on iere d i N ap oli
N ortli o f England Funerals.
In several rural districts in Eng­
land, especially in tb e north, w hen
a funeral takes place, a basinful o f
sprigs o f b ox is placed at tb e door o f
the house where the corpse lies and
each person who attends the funeral
takes a sprig o f box as h e enters the
house, carries it hi the funeral pi’ocesrion, and finally throw s it into the
grave o f the deceased. ■■ Westminster
A dm ira l D o t’s Shoe!.
The smallest shoe ever made fo r a
male actor was that com pleted fo r
Adm iral Dot. It w’as 4 i inches in
length and l i in breadth, or equal to
an infant’s No. 4.—Shoe and Leather
D ram atic Banquets.
J oe Jefferson told a story the other
evening w h ich rather let in a ligh t
on stage realism.
In som e play h e was perform ing
years ago, the scene called fo r re­
freshments, and several allusions
w ere made to the ice cream, w hich
was supposed to be in one o f the
dishes and looked good enough t o eat.
The property m an w h o attended to
the details o f the stage feasts also
played a small part—a servant.
H e had to b ring on a lighted can­
dle and place it on the supper table.
H e bad looked upon tb e w ine w hen
it was red, or beer w h en it foam ed;
at any rate was under som e sort o f
alcoholic influence, the effect o f
w hich led him to so miscalculate in
vision that h e dropped th e ligh t into
the dish and set fire to the ice cream,
w hich w as made o f cotton batting.
I kn ew before th at stage w ine was
usually cold tea, and that gin ger ale
or soda water passed fo r anything
that sparkled, w hile sliced apple is a
favorite dish fo r theatrical banquets.
Thinly sliced smoked beef, too,
looks hearty fo r h eavy meals and is
greatly used fo r dramatic dinners as
it looks sh ow y and is n ot too filling)
—Polly P ry in N e w Y ork Beeorder.
.Eccentric "Wagon W h eel.
A very interesting paradox is the
one concerning an ordinary w agon
wheel, w hich is solid and rigid, yet,
-when fastened on its axle on a w ag­
on, w hen the w agon m oves part o f
the circum ference o f the wheel
w h ich is in contact w ith the ground is
fo r an instant at absolute rest, w hile
the point directly perpendicular to it
is flying along at a high rate o f
speed. T h e tw o points horizontal
-with the center o f the w heel are
traveling pretty fast, bnt only h alf
as fast as the topm ost point, and. as
the up goin g horizontal point in­
creases in speed the dow n goin g one
slows up until it is at rest fo r a m o­
m ent w hen in contact w ith the
ground. Y et the w heel is one solid
piece, a n d 'th ere are on ly tw o points
goin g at th e same rate o f speed at
the same tim e. Y et if the w heel is
taken off the axle and rolled d ow n an
incline every point o f the circum fer­
ence m oves at the same rate o f speed.
—St. Louis Glohe-Democrat.
A N e w C e r ta in C u r e f o r P ile s .
AVe. do not intend to indorse any except
articles o f genuine merit; we therefore
hike pleasure in recommending to suffer­
ers from Piles in any form, a prompt and
permanent cure. The following l.-lteis
speak for themselves:
Mrs. 3fary C. Tyler, o f Heppner, Ore.,
writes: One pkg. of Pyramid Pile 1 anentirely cured me o f piles from with it 1
have suffered for years, and I have m-ver
had the slightest return o f them since.
Mr. E. O’Brien, Rock Bluffs, N th ,
says: Tito. pkg. of Pyramid Filer Cure
entirely removed every trace of itching
idles. I cannot thank you enough for it.
The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new,’cer­
tain, painless cure for every form of piles.
It,is safe, sure and cheap. Any druggist
will get it for you if you ask him.
B uchanan
R ecord .
T H U R S D A Y , DECEMBER ‘2$, 1803.
A natural gas well lias been struck
in Michigan City, at a depth o f 70 feet
Two woman and a little girl, mem­
bers of different families, starved to
death, in the vicinity of Pittsburg, Fa.,
Am ong the great “ beneGts” derived
from a Democrat administration and
policy, we have m this country of
working men out ot employment and
those dependent upon them for sup­
port, over 2,000,000 people, and the
number getting no smaller.
In Buchanan’s administation the
democrats sold bonds at a discount o f
twelve per cent, for running expenses
o f the government, and now Secreta­
ry Carlisle is asking Congress for pow­
er to sell .3200,000,000 government
bonds for running expenses. A t the
same time they are formulating a law
which will reduce the revenues o f the
government $75,000,000 a year. No
trouble with surplus in their hands.
and fam ily are respectfully invited lo
The Good Templars o f our village
have called a meeting next Friday
evening to devise means for the relief
of the destitute in Northern Michigan.
Mr. W illie Becker and sister attend­
ed church here last Sunday. Miss Ona
Becker will go to Benton Harbor next
Saturday to attend the college Insti­
tute during the winter.
The usual pleasant smile worn by
Mr. S.
Waltz begins to broaden as
the new olliee at the elevator nears
completion. W ith a com fortable office
Mr. Waltz, can give Ilia customers bet­
ter accommodations than heretofore
if not better prices for their produce.
The Berrien Centre band Is officered
for the ensuing year as follow s: Pres­
ident, II. I,. Rutter; Secretary, Fred
Murphy; Treasurer, Arthur Miars;
Leader, E. M . Ilursh; Asst. Leader,
Arthur Miars; Board o f Managers,
II. I,. Rutter, J. II. Ullrey, E. D. Rutter.
Australia produces annualy 130,000,C00 pounds of wool.
Th e P y r a m i d Pile Cure
Is a new discovery for tlic prompt, per­
manent cure of P ile s in e v e r y form.
Every druggist has it.
One colony in Australia alone con­
tains 5,500,000 acres o f land.
Dec. 3d.—A large
Newfoundland dog, weighing more
than 100 pounds, in resenting a kick
from fourteen vear-old James Collins,
m Covington, yesterday, literally chew­
ed him to pieces. The dog jumped on
the lad, knocked him down and tore
one of his ears off. A crowd of more
than 1,000 people were attracted by
the boy's screams, but not one of them
had the courage to interfere. A police­
man finally succeeded in lassoing and
afterward shooting the dog, but- before
this was accomplished, the boy’s body
was terribly torn and lacerated. He
will die.
Cin c in n a t i, 0 ..
Tins members o f Sylvia Chapter, O.
E. S., are requested to meet in urgent
communication this 1Thursday) even­
ing, at 7 o’clock, to arrange for attend­
ing the funeral of Sister Emma Fritts,
be to held at the Methodist Church, on
Friday, at 1:30 p. m.
M bs. M. M. K n i g h t , VV. M.
M iss. F . A . S t r y k e r , See.
W h ile on the way to the Christian
church Monday evening, Miss Emma
Wray lost her gold watch and chain.
N ext morning, about 10 o’clock, it was
found in the middle o f the sidewalk
just north of Dr. Herrick’s house, cov­
ered with snow. It was returned to
her in good order and running as regu­
larly as if it had been to the Christ­
mas tree.
I n s t a l l a t i o n .—The
following offi­
cers o f Buchanan Lodge No. Os, F. &
A . M., were installed last evening:
George Churchill, W. M.
Charles Russell. S. W.
A . A . Lamb, J. W.
Aaron Miller, Treas.
B. I). Harper. Sec.
S. Roe, S. I).
F. A. Tielieuor, .1.1).
I. L. H. Dodd, Chaplain.
John M. Rouefc and (5. I). Richard­
son, Stewards.
Charles Snvder, Tyler.
D ie d .— Mrs. Emma Fritts. wife o f J.
A . Fritts, died at their home in this
village this morning after a shoit ill­
ness, aged 37 years. She was a daugh­
ter o f Mr. and Mrs. John Andrews of
this township. She leaves her husband
and one child, a little girl, to mourn
the loss o f a loving w ife and mother.
The funeral will be from the M. E.
church tomorrow (Friday) at 1:30 p.
m., under the auspices o f Sylvia Chap­
ter No. 74,0 . E. S„ of which order she
was an exemplary member.
P lace some Barren Lake water in­
to a white howl, or dish and watch the
antics o f the living animals therein.
They will dart hither and thither with
that agility practiced by a priz.e fighter.
— Star.
When one considers that this is the
stuff furnished by Niles waterworks,
it is no great wonder the saloon busi­
ness prospers there.
I)W% 27, 1.n!)3.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Crall, o f Indi­
anapolis, Ind., and Mrs. Florence (’ rail,
o f Chicago, spent Christmas under the
parental roof, at Mr, J. B. Crall’s.
Mr. H . C. Murphy and John II. Grail
returned to Indianapolis yesterday.
Mrs. W. Q, Smith and son Harrv are
spending the holidays in Lima, Ohio,
w ith Mrs. Smith daughter, Mrs. Carrie
M r. Martin Bishop reeem d a telpgram yesterday announcing the death
o f his brother, Jacob Bishop, o f Har­
risburg, I’ enn.
The Christmas entertainment at the
Berrien Centre, church Saturday night
was a grand success, and the one at
the Christian church at Eau Claire
was equally as good.
The Berrien Township S. S. Conven
tion to lie held at Eau Claire next Sat­
urday promises to he one o f great in
terest. The church will be beautifully
decorated with S. S. banners, national
flags ar.d streamers, & c. Y e Editor
Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your
Life Aw ay
Is the truthful, startling title of a little
book that tells all about No-to-Bac, the
wonderful, harmless Guaranteed to­
bacco habit cure. The cost is trilling
and the man who wants to quit and
can't runs no physicial or financial
risk in using “No-to-bac.” Sold by all
druggists. Book at drug stores or by
mail free. Address, The Sterling Rem­
edy Co., Indiana Mineral Springs. Ind.
Dr. J. Greenwood, o f New- York, was
the first dentist; about I7SS.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Hiss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
T h e F irst N ational Banlc o f liucliaim n, a t
B u ch an an , in the State o f M ich ig an , a t
the close o f Business, D ecem ber It), 18SKI,
Loans and discounts............................... s 77,252.18
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.......... 1,776.17
I'.S . Bonds to secure circulation............ 12,500.00
Premiums on I'. S. Bonds......................... 2 , 000.00
Banking house, furniture aud fixtures... 1.730.00
Dnefrom approved reserve agents........ 15,304.40
Checks and other cash items.'.................. 1,10S.S(>
Notes of other National Banks............... 1.770.00
Fractional paper currency, nickels and
Lawful money reserve in Bank, viz:
Legal-tender n otes................. 4,500.00 7,128.75
Redemption fund with V. S. Treasurer
(3 per cent of circulation)..................
Total....................................... $121,342.93
Capital stock paid in ................................ $50,000.00
Surplus fimil............................................... 3,651.91
rimivided profits, less expenses and
taxes paid.............................................. 3,981.03
National hank notes iinlstandmjr............ 11,250.00
Individual deposits subject to check....... 27,708.0:1
Demand certificates of deposit................. 24,748.90
Total................................ $121,312.93
St a t e
M ich ig an , (
CountyofBerrien. t ss‘
I, E. W. Sanders, Cashier of the above-named
hank, do solemnly swear that the above statement
is true to the best o f my knowledge and belief
E W. SANDERS, Cashier.
Subscribed anil sworn to before me this 23d
dav of December, 1893.
JOHN O. Dime.
Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
J a m e s R e v x o i .T)S, j
Ct.yub II. Bakeu, 7 Directors.
Cu a s.
V A N D A T ,I A L I N E .
Excursion tickets will be sold be­
tween all points on tlie Yandalia Line,
also to points on connecting lines, for
the Holidays. Dates of sale December
23d, 24th, 23th, :50th and Slst, ISO:!, and
January 1st, 1804, good returning to
and including January 2d, 1SOI. Rate
one and one-third fare for the round
trip. For full particulars eall on near­
est Yandalia Line Ticket A gent or
J. M. G i i e s b r o v o i i ,
Ass’t Gen’ l Pass’r Agent,
St. Louis, Mo.
B r e c k h n 's A r n i c a S a lr « » .
The best Salve in the world fo r Cuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands
Chilblains, and all Skin Eruptions
and positively cures Piles, or no pay
required. I t is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, o r money refund­
ed. Price 25 cents per box.
F o r sale
bv W . F . Runner. Druggist.
A H ou seh o ld Treasure.—3
D. W. Feller, o f Canajoharie, N. Y .,
says that he tilways keeps Dr. K ing’s
N ew Discovery in the house, and his
family has always found the very best
results follow its use: that lie would not
be without, if procurable. G. A. Dykeman. Druggist, Gatskili, N. Y .. says
that Dr. King’s new Discovery is un­
doubtedly the best cough remedy; that
he has used it in his family for eight
years, and it has never failed to do all
that is claimed for it. Why not try a
remedy so long tried and tested. Trial
bottle free tit. W. F. Runner’s Drng
Stine. Regular siz.e 50c. and S i.1()
Specim en Cases. - 3
S. H . Clifford, N ew Casse!, Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia and llieumatism, his stomach was disordered, his
liver was affected to an alarming de­
gree, appetite fell away, and lie was
terribly reduced in flesh and strength.
Three bottles ot Electric Bitters cuted
him. Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, 111.,
had a running sore on his leg of eight
years’ standing. Used three bottles of
Electric Bitters mid seven bottles of
Bueklen’s Arnica Salve, and his leg is
sound and well. John Speaker, Cataw­
ba, O., had large fever sores on his
leg, doctors said be was incurable. One
bottle Electric Bitters and one box
Bticklen's Arnica Salve cured Mm ensirely. Sold at W . F . Runner’s drug
It is S t r a n g e
That people suffering from Piles will
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gerous, painful, * cruel and expensive
surgical operations, when all the time
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trifle. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure
anil can be found at all drug stores. Any
druggist w’ ll get it for you if you ask
Matabeles always slay their prison­
A N e w P ile R e m e d y
Has created a sensation among physicians
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every form of Piles. It is called the
Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and sim­
ple to use, hut nothing removes the
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Any druggist will get it for you.
Ex-Vice President Morton was a
S u ffe r e r s fr o m P ile s
Should know that the Pyramid Pile Cure
will promptly and effectually remove
every trace o f them. Any druggist will
get it for yon.
The process o f grinding is a primi­
tive one.
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria.
The Duchess o f F ife is an enthusi­
astic angler.
A S u r g ic a l O p e ra tio n ,
For the cure o f Piles is always painful,
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ably expensive; on the other hand there is
a new, certain cure, perfectly painless,
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Pile: Cure. It is a more certain cure than
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F. H o w e ,
Less Than Two Cents Each,
156 PAPERSFOR $ 2.25
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MUNN & CO., New Y ork , 3 6 1 B roadw ay .
W ukueas, Iii a eertain suit pending in
the Circuit Court for the County of Ber­
rien, in chancery, wherein Dexter Curtis
is complainant, anti Lucy Woods Richards,
Sarah I). Morris, Freeman Franklin, Jo­
seph L. Richards, Martha E. Barmore,
Harriet L. Wells. Mary Rogers, George II.
Uiehartls, Jr. and William Nichols are de­
fendants, i, the undersigned Joseph L.
Richards have been duly appointed Receiv­
er to take and sell the property hereinaf­
ter mentioned, as more fully appears of
record in said suit.
Now therefore, on Tuesday, the 23d day
of January, A. 1). 1S94, at noon of said
day? at the front door of the factory build­
ing of the Zinc Collar Pad Company, on
Oak street, in tlie village of Buchanan, in
said county, l, the said Joseph 1.. Richards,
authorized as aforesaid, shall expose foisale at public auction, all of tlie pi-<Sperty
liereinafter mentioned, to-wit: Lots num­
bers nine and ten in Andrew C. Day’s Ad­
dition to said village of Buchanan; also
all of that certain piece of land lying west
of said lots and between said lots and the
mill race, measuring eight and one-half
rods north and south, excepting however
the twelve feet ajjey on west end of said
lots, also excepting a strip of land adjoin­
ing said mill race three rods wide on Chi­
cago street and extending sonth by a line
parallel with the west line of said lots 9 and
10, off the west side of tlie last described par­
cel of land, anil with said real estate will
be sold all buildings, machinery and fix­
tures. At the same, time aud place will
be sold all movable machinery, forms,
tools and implements, all finished collar
pads, all material for collar pads, all collar
pad boxes, all stock in trade, and all per­
sonal property of every name and nature
wherein said Zinc Collar Fad Company
was or is Interested, excepting always the
books of account of said firm and any
notes or accounts payable to said company.
Reference may at till times be had to an
inventory duly taken, in my hands for ex­
amination or eopv.
Dated Dee. 27, 1893.
Receiver as aforesaid,.
ic h .,
N o v . 1 3 ,1 8 9 3 .
I have examined with much care and interest the two vol­
umes o f the Youth’s Cyclopaedia, left with me a few days ago,
and am glad to say, for completeness and sim plicity o f lan­
guage, I have never seen its equal. It avoids technical terms
difficult for pupils to understand, gives the correct pronuncia­
tion o f foreign names and terms difficult to pronounce, and
Cyclopaedias that w ill he o f value to our boys and girls in
our grammar and high schools.
Hardware for Cash
It w ill supplement the work o f teachers, create a spirit of
Ill S.lich. St. - Ml Beni
E s ta te o f C h a r le s D jm h n e r.
First publication, Dec. 7,1893.
TATE OF MICHIGAN, County o f Berrien,—ss.
A t a acsBiou of the Probate Court for said
County, held at the Prohate olliee. in the
Village o f Berrien Springs, on the 4tlt day of
December, in the year one thousand eight huudred
and uiucty-three.
Present, Jacob J. Van R iteii, Judge of Probate.
In the matter or the estate ol Charles Danhner,
On reading and filing the petition, duly verified,
o f Albert L. Drew, Administrator with the will
annexed of said estate, praying ior the reasons set
forth In said petition, tlint ho may he authorized,
empowered and licensed to sell the real estate ol
said deceased in said petition described.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday, the 2nd
day of January next, at ten o’ clock in the fore­
noon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition,
and that the heirs at law o f said deceased,
and all other persons interested in said estate, are
required to appear at a session of said court, then
to ue holde'niu the Probate Olliee, ill the village of
Berrien Springe, and show causo, if any there he,
why the prayer of the petitioner should not he
granted. And it is further ordered, that said peti­
Interested in said estate, o f the pendency of said
petition, aud the hearing thereof, by causing a copy
of this order to he published in the Buchanan
Record, anewspaper printed and circulated in said
county, for three successive weeks previous to said
day of hearing.
(A true cony,)
Judge o f Probate.
Last publication Dec. 23, 1878.
inquiry oil the part o f pupils as well as the general reader
and bring a vast field o f knowledge w ithin the reach o f all.
A s a book o f reference for general reading, or special
study, it w ill be invaluable to the scholars in our schools and
the boys and girls may consider themselves fortunate into
whose fam ilies it w ill find its way. I trust its merits and low
price w ill commend it to all.
J. D. SCHILLER, Supt, of Schools.
I fu lly endorse the above.
A . J. SW A IN , Supt. Buchanan Public Schools.
First publication, Dee. 21, 1893.
TATE OF MICHIGAN, County or Berrien,-as.
Probate Court for said County.
A t a session of the Probate Court."or said Comi­
ty, held at the Probate olliee, in the Village ol Ber­
rien Springs,on .Monday-, the 18lh day or December,
in the year o f our Lord one thousand eight hun­
dred and ninety-three.
Present, Jacob J. V an R iper, Judge ot Probate.
Iu the matter o f the estate of George II. Rich­
ards, deceased.
Freeman Franklin, Administrator with the will
annexed, of said estate, comes into Court and rep­
resents that he is now prepared to render his final
account as such Administrator with the will an­
nexed, to the date of the hearing thereof.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the
16th day of January next, at lea o’ clock in the ioreuoon, he assigned for examining anil allowiugsneh
account, and that the heirs at Taw of said deceas­
ed, and all oilier persons interested in said estate,
arerequired to appear at a session of said Court,
then to he holden at the Probate office, iu the Vil­
lage oi Berrien Springs, Iu said county, and show
cause, if any- there he. why the said account should
not be allowed as his final account to such date:
And it is further ordered, that said Administrator
give notice to the persons interested in said
estate ,or the pendency of said account, and
tae hearing thereof, by causing a copy ol this
order to he published in the Buchanan Record, a
newspaper printed, and circulated in said county
for three successive weeks previous to said day of
(A tine copy.)
[ s e a l .]
Judge o f Probate
Last publication Jan. 11,1891.
Repeal or Not Repeal.
This is not the question with us and yon.
Heating Stoves, Paints, Oils, 4c.
Y orn s T a r t y ,
Notice ia hereby given that examinations of
teacher® for the county of Berrien will be held as
At St Joseph, the last Friday in February, 1S0L
(Special )
At Berrien Springs, the last Thursday iu March,
1S94. (Regular.)
At Berrien Springs, the first Thursday in August,
1894. (Regular.) ’
Examinations begin at eight o’clock and close
promptly at six o’ clock,
Officedays every Saturday at residence opposite
Virion School building, St. Joseph, Mich.
E r n e s t F. C l a r k e , Commissioner.
Old, m iddle aged or young, at the right price.
1.000 pairs of Gloves, real kid, styles as
above, at §1.1:5. Very much cheaper than
anywhere else.
500 pairs of Lathes' and Misses' 8-lmUtm
Mousquetaire Suede Gloves at§1.90 a pair.
20 dozen Men’s dog skin street Gloves,
only 75c; match them for §1.25 if you can.
Kid Mittens, Silk Mittens, lined Gloves,
for ladies, men and children, very much
cheaper titan elsewhere.
EXTllA SPECIAL! 200 pairs black
Silk Mittens, reduced from 75c to :»9e a
Opr second addition of Ladies' and
Misses’ Jackets has just arrived; in black,
navy, brown and dark green, tight fitting
front and hack, braided or fur trimmed,
with latest styles Columbian collar, very
much cheaper than anywhere else.
Visitors are cordially invited.
H. B. B O U G H ,
J E W E L E R .
A good Beaver Shawl from §1.39 to §14,
very much cheaper than anywhere else.
At S7J^e per pound will reduce the cost of
§5.00 Blankets to §3.50; §6.25 Blankets to
§4.38; cheap grades reduced in proportion.
Worth §2.50, now §1.75.
H A N D K E R C H IE F S .
You will make no mistake bv buying of
; 30
Teachers’ Examinations,
8 !
■ O N -" “
E s ta te o f S a ra h W o m e r .
The question is do you want
W hich is now open and ready.
First publication Dec. 21, 1S93.
TATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Berrien.—bb
At a session of the Probate Court for said County
held at the Probate Office,in the village of Berrien
Springs, on the 19th day of December, in the year
one thousand eight huudred and ninety-three.
Present, J ac ob J . V a n liirxn, J ndge of Prohate
In the matter of the estate o f Month Womer,
On reading and filing the petition, duly verified,
of Peter Womer, late husband or said deceased,
praying that a certain instilment now on file in
this Court, purporting lo be the laet will and tea
tament of said deceased, may be admitted to pro­
bate, and that administration o f said estate may
lie granted to William It. Rough, one ot tlie Exeeutors named in said will, or lo some other suitable
Thereupon itis ordered llitu Monday, tlie 15th day
of January-next, at It) o'clock in the foreiioon.iie as­
signed for tlie hearing o f said petition, and that tlie
heirs at law of said deceased, aud all other persons
interested in said estate, are required to appear
at a session ot said court, then to be linldcu in
the Probate Office, in the village oi Berrien
Springs, and show cause, if any there be, why
the prayer o f the petitioner shonldnot be granted.
And it is further ordered, that said petitioner
give notice to the persons interested iu said es­
tate, oi the pendency o f said petition, aod the
hearing thereof, bv causing a copy of this order
to be pnblishcd'in the Buchanan Record, a
newspaper printed and circulated in said county,
for three successive weeks previous to said day
o f hearing.
(A trnecopy-.)
Judge of Probate
Last publication Jan. II, 1S94.
-A ls T D
E s ta te o f G e o r g e H . R ic h a r d s .
In silk, linen and Swiss embroidered, or
plain, initial Handkerchiefs in linen and
silk for Ladies and Men. Handkerchiefs
by the box; Children's Handkerchiefs in
fancy boxes; very much cheaper than any­
where else.
S iLW E R W A R E , S P E C T A C L E S A N D N O V E L TIE S ,
M A R S H A L L F I E L D &. C O . ’ S
Worth §0.00 and §5.00, during litis sale at
§3.75 a pair.
Fur Sets for Children in white and col­
ors, Ladies' Muffs of all descriptions at a
discount of 25 per cent.
Are the best You can find them Jiere.
1,000 pairs of Gloves, four large pearl
buttons, at 83c; colors and black with white
stitching, etc.
Have been revised in price for the Holiday -•trade. We will save you money on them
L E O G R O S S M A N & C O .,
104-106 South MichiganIStreet, and IOI Pearl Avenue,
IN D .
W ithout reserve by Jan 1, regardless
of cost. Every article in stock suitable
If so it will pay yon to get prices for anything in the line of
for X-m as souvenirs. You can save
M O N EY T O LO AN . money by taking advantage of this sale. Builders’ Hardware, Contractors Sup­
large or small sums, e ow rates, on Improve
Outlawed W atches and Clocks sold for
plies, Mechanics’ Tools, Galvanized
farms only.
charges. Good family horse, buggy
Iron and Tin W ork, Furnaces
8 E Q R IE N S P a iiflG S , M IC H .
and harness for sale.
and Slate Roofing*, at
« ' and Abstract Office,
ED, I ,
L A P IE K R E ,
il e s ,
contains in neat and attractive form that part o f the larger
Rev. 0. AV. Welch, Lakesida, Mich,
says, “ l have used Adirondaand have
known my neighbors to use it and al­
ways with splendid results.”
Sold by
W . F . Runiicr.-12
Marriage Licenses
Jonathan I). K n a p p , W a terv liet.
211431 jAnna B. Slielar, Covert.
( Calvin F. Strome, Nodus.
*"4* ( Bertha E. Martin,
f Clias. (i. Reseller. Benton Harbor.
' * ’’ '( Lydia Iletterle, Pipestone.
f Harry II. Smith. Buchanan.
“ 1 “ '( Minnie B. Coveil.
2ii4T ( Edith Lewis, Galien.
U tah will undoubtedly be admitted as
a state by the present administration, 2(>4S. i Fred W. Heppeler, St. Joseph.
1 Dora, Denibroek
when polygamy will sprout up again
j Ueo. C. Iauher. Weesaw.
as fresh as ever. Under present ar­
( Bertha Storm, (ialien.
rangement the anti-p0 lygamy law
i Wra. Glasiuger. New Buffalo.
( Mary Waldy,
is in the hands o f the United States
government, bat with Utah a state it . . . . \ Floremmul Itemery. B . Harbor.
|Clara Uzoil.
will be in the hands o f the very people
j (lien Clarke. Pipestone.
against whom it is directed, and will *
’( Katie Thum.
not likely be enforced very rigidly. .......j Henry Abbeild, Indiana.
( Louise Besemer, Bertrand.
Utah should not be given state privil­ *
eges until that peculiarity o f its com­ . . . . j Wm. Kenyon, Column.
( Eva G. Defields. “
munity is completely cleaned out.
I Wm. (leisler, Royaltou.
( Delia Eisenliart.
The country is suffering from the , ( Sherman Tegg. Coloma.
( Pearl (ioff, Watervliet.
uncertainties of tariff legislation, but
the Democratic party cannot make up
its mind, and every day and hour tells
George II. Gaw is going to try to
what a horrid mistake was made in not
reelecting President Harrison. Murat satisfy everybody in Union City by
publishing a paper with four kinds of
polities in it. A page to each kin-L
There is one question which the Legitimate newspaper business is a
Democrats will find very annoying thankless enough job, without adding
next year and the year after if they any such freak.
abide by Professor Wilson’s second­
The jury which tried Conductor
hand protection hill. It is this, or
somewhat like this: “ I f you were not Scott, who was in charge of the
men enough to make the kind o f tariff Grand Trunk train which caused the
you said you would, why did you not
let the McKinley tariff alone instead disastrious wreck at Battle Creek, has
o f stirring up doubt, depressing busi­ rendered a verdict o f not guilty.
ness, unsettling values, raising hob appears to be difficult to find a jury
with manufactures, lowering wages, which will send a man to prison for
shntup shops, and aggravating the
carelessness, regardless of the charac­
slump generally by an unprincipled
of the testimony.
paring of the tariff?”—N . F. Sun.
A Brave Crowd.
T o N ervous D ebilitated M an.
I f you will send us your address, we
will mail you Our illustrated pamphlet
explaining all about Dr. Dye’s Cele­
brated Electro-Voltaic Belt and A p ­
pliances, and their charming effects
upon the nervous debilitated system,
and how thev will quickly restore you
to vigor and manhood. Pamphlet free.
I f you are thus affiicted. we will send
you a Belt and Appliances on a trial
V o l t a ic B e l t Co.. Marshall. Mich,
The lowest stratum o f rock in the
earth's crust is granite.
3 2 0 Main St.,
A t wheat prices. W e have a
complete stock o f Pine and
H em lock Lumber at prices to
suit the times. Times are dull
and we are going to make
business if prices w ill do so.
N otice some o f our prices on
Flooring, Siding, Sliip Lap
and Piece Stuff.
Good No. 3 Flooring,
Drop or German Siding, No. 3,
Hemlock Drop Siding, No. 1,
J. L. R E D D IC K ,
S O U T H B E N D , IND.
USlPThe largest aud best liue o f Cook Stoves and Ranges
u this section at bottom prices.
Look !
I am hound to sell if you want to buy, and everything goes
as follow s:
A fine lot o f Album s at cast, China D olls at your own price.
G ift Books at greatly reduced
plush and celluloid.
T oilet sets at cost.*
Columbia Series Books at 20c,
Collar and Cuff Sets at cost.
form er price 25c.
Shaving Sets at cost.
Gents’ Traveling Cases at cost. Bibles as cheap as can be
Christmas Cards and Booklets
K id B ody D olls very cheap.
at your own price.
Horn Goods at less that cost. Have also-a large line o f ladies’
Smoking Sets, in all styles, at
and gents’ Pocketbooks and
card cases very low.
These prices are snaps.
Other grades in proportion.
Piece Stuff, $12 to $16, all
sized ready for use. Pine
Finish, $20 to $30.
T alk about Shingles; we
have all grades from tlie
cheapest to the best, and at
prices to suit. W ashington
R ed Cedar Shingles a spe­
cialty. Come and see us and
we w ill make you happy.
Yours truly,
N IL E S , M ICH .
A t Panic Prices.
^ M
^ E .
L U M B E R !
I f you want money, the way to get it is by saving
on your purchases of
1f Von want Pine or Hemlock Lumber,
Doors, W indows, Blinds
Shingles, Lath,
M ouldings,
Wishes lo inform the public that he will
continue to run the ’Bus Bine in Buchanan,
and will hold himself in readiness to take
people to and from trains, anil from house
to house, cither night or day, and in all In fact, any kind o f Building Material, write ti
kinds of weather. Baggage of every des­
cription carefully handled. All orders
H . N . C A SE ,
left at the Earl Hotel will receive prompt
T h ree Oak s , Mich .
in t o
jv c x s o
Y ou w ill find the L a r g e s t A
PRICES- always, a.t
? ^ l .i s : e
sso r tm e n t
and the LO W EST
E leven young men were admitted
Miss G e r t r u d e H o w e visited South
to the M. E. church on probation, Sun­
Bend relatives last week.
day. A s they are nearly all from the
T H U R S D A Y , DECEM BER 2S, 1893.
Mr . M ax B artmess, o f Wabash, circ'e of young men who have been
Entered at the Post-office at Buchanan, Mich, Ind., was on a visit to his parents this classed as a little on the tough order,
as second-class matter.
this act w ill he of good report with
the entire community.
They should
Miss E dith B eardsley and mother receive every possible encouragement
spent Christmas with friends in La- in their new course.
Porte, Ind.
A v e r y pleasant event occurred at
M rs. George Stckafoose has been the home o f Mr. and Mrs. Henry B rovery sick at South Whitley, Ind, She cehs of Y iles township, on the evening
was better at time o f last report.
of the 20 inst. It was the occasion of
the marriage o f their daughter, Miss
Y ice April weather with the ther­ Lillian M. Broceus, and M r. W m . J.
mometer at thirty and roads m uddy, Hunter. Rev. Geo. Johnson tied the
is what we had for Christmas.
nuptial knot in the presence o f the
near relatives o f both parties. The
H enry H ess, o f Three Oaks, has presents were many and valuable.
contracted with the Michigan Central
for three thousand cords o f wood.
T he Featherbone Corset C o , which
moved from Three Oaks to Kalamazoo
F ashions change suddenly in some is one o f the solid institutions o f the
localities. The latest in Berrien Springs latter city. A t the annual stockhold­
is said to be cutaways in night-gowns. ers’ meeting, held a few days ago, the
report o f J. H . Hatfield, the president
Miss E lsie K ingery Is spending and manager, showed a large increase
her vacation at Berrien Centre with in the business A ten per cent divi­
her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Y . dend was declared and $4,400 added to
to be found in Berrien county, at the low­
Y im s.
the surplus fund.
est living prices for good work.
Pants Goods,
M arried , Dec. 25,1893, at the home
fill Inspection is
Front Street, Foot of Day’s Avenue,
L ist of letters remaining uncalled for
o f the bride’s parents in this village, by in the post-office at Buchanan, Mich.,
Elder W . P. Birdsall, Mr. Harry II. for the week ending Dec. 25, 1S93:
Smith and Miss Minnie Covell.
htr. Frank Cram. David Stroub, Miss
Ida Fleisher, Miss H. B. Laevis—2,
Mr . and Mrs. E. A ubil , of Middle- Mrs. Y ettie L . Potter, Mrs. Y . F. Mil­
ville, Mich., spent Christmas with Rev. ler, Mrs. Y . Miller.
Call for letters advertised.
and Mrs. Geo. J ob ’ son. They return­
J ohn Graham . P. M.
ed home today.
Buchanan Markets.
H ay—$6 © $10 per ton.
Lard— 12J2'o.
Salt, retail—$1.00
Flour—82.60 @ $4.00 per bbl., retail.
Live poultry—[email protected]
. Eggs—20o.
Wheat— 53c.
Oats —27c.
Corn, 38 c.
Live Hogs—f>l4 c.
T his is our combination for 1894
reading matter:
Record........................ ............S i.50
Weekly Inter Ocean............
Detroit Tribune....................... 1.00
Y e w Y ork Tribune................. 1.00
Cosmopolitan.............................. 1.50
Total to any subscriber who has his
subscription account paid up in full,
R. L. Polk & Co., who published a
R obert R icicaby went from Benton
Harbor to Hartford and started a drug directory o f this county two years ago,
store. He is now under arrest for vio­ have representatives collecting materi­
al for a new edition to be issued early
lating the local option law.
in 1894. This firm confines itself exclu­
R ough's opera house, Dec. 2S, 29 sively to the directory business, and
and 30. Prices, 15. 25 and 35 cents. are prepared to do that work to pi in­
Y o higher. Don’t miss this excellent fection.
M rs . G eo . B lo w e r s , o f Kalamazoo,
Mr . J ohn Groves, o f Kalamazoo, Mr. and Mrs. Rob Blake and Miss
was here a few days this week visiting Mary Blake o f Chicago, and a few of
his mother, Mrs. Post, and his brother. our highly esteemed maiden ladies of
were pleasantly enter­
C. W . Groves.
tained at the home o f Mr. and Mrs.
D on' t miss the T. B. Alexander Co., II. F. Kingery on Christmas night
Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, by members of the W. B. C. Refresh­
and Saturday’s matinee, at the opera ments were served and a pleasant
time was enjoyed by all.
house. Prices, 15,25 and 35 cents.
T he body o f the man who was found
in the St. Joe river, above South Bend,
in a sling.
The cause o f the trouble
proves to be that o f A . D. Dunbar, the
was a fall upon the icy sidewalk at son o f a well-known South Bend resi­
Imhoff’s com er, Monday.
J. L. R ichards is canying his neck
W hooping cough at Hagar.
J ohn P age has gone to Lima, Ohio,
to visit friends.
Call ou Will
B mk appears in this paper.
F red Sen ray , o f Michigan City,
was in Buchanan on Christmas.
A Yn.Es man drew a horse in a Niles
lottery. Christmas.
It was Win. Bimbury’s lottery.
Special scenery will be use,) by the
famous T. B. Alex mder Co at Hough's
Opera Hou>e.
R egular review Cutler Tent No.
21, K . O. T. M., Monday. Jan. 1. Every
Sr. K t. is urged to be present.
It. K.
A b r a n d new son is probably the
cause o f the broad smile Arthur Roe
wears since Christmas.
A s o x was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Bartmess, o f San Francisco, C a l,
Dec. 22.
Clint Bliss, employed in the Nor­
ton Bros’ tin plant, at Maywood, Illi­
nois, came to Buchanan for Christmas.
Miss E mma R ichster, o f Dayton,
received an elegant new Lyon & Healy
organ for a Christmas present.
T h e Y iles Recorder is going to adopt
the cash in advance plan o f doing bus­
iness with its subscribers.
Miss L innia Dutton is home from
Michigan City spending the holidays
with her parents and friends.
Ce r r y D u t t o n came Saturday, from
the South Bend business college, to
spend the holidays.
W il l Swanger , of Mariou, Ind.,
paid his Buchanan friends a visit this
F red E aton , of
JackBon, spent
Christmas with his parents in this
M r . and Mrs. A rbogast, of Chica­
go. are visiting Mrs. Arbogaat’s broth­
er, B. S. Crawford o f this place.
E. L. H a r p e r and children, Jessie
and Arthur, o f Cassopolis, spent Christ­
mas in Buchanan with B. D. Harper
and daughter.
Miss M attie Straw went to Argos,
Ind., Saturday to spend her vacation
with Miss Maud Welch.
Miss E mma Grover . Mrs. Irving
and Mrs. Fast, teachers in our schools,
are spending their vacation in Chicago.
E ld. F rank M utohler is at home
from H iram College, Ohio, and preach­
ed in the Christian church last Tues­
day evening.
T he lamps for the street lights are
in place, but do not give very brilliant
lights yet. The wire is yet delayed,
and until it arrives there can be no
w ork done.
O Z E ^ G k A -ls r iZ ilE I D
A s p e c ia l meeting o f Sylvia Chap­
ter Y o . 74, 0 . E. S.. will be held in Ma­
sonic hall, Wednesday evening, Jan. 3.
1S94, fo r initiation.
Mrs. M. M. K night . W . M.
Mrs. A . F. Stryicer, Sec.
TnE Buchanan delegates in the
State University, including W inifred
Higbee, Frank Whitman, Martin Steele,
Herbert Roe, Dwight Baker and Ira
Long are at home for the holiday va­
Ou r offer o f the R ecord and Inter
Ocean for $1.75 includes the privilege
to secure the World’s Fair portfolios,
which, is worth all we ask for both
papers. This portfolio offer lasts but
A number of diamond rings were
distributed among the young ladies in
this place, for Christmas. A partial
list w ill appear later among the mar­
riage licenses, so w e w ill not attempt
to give it now.
T h e Palladium copies the Recorder’s
article on county seat removal, and
asks its readers to apply it to Benton
Harbor. Oar remark on the subject
will also apply as well to Benton Har­
bor as Yiles.
Oranges and grapes, at
D ean,
J . L» R e d d i c k ,
1. P . H u t t o n ,
J , H. R i c h a r d s o n ,
O . W . C o o iid g e ,
Dealer in almost everything.
Literature and Observation Work.
A . Go G a g e ,
E F. W o o d c o c k ,
L . H .| 3 e e s o n .
L j E. W o o d f t
KENT’S . ^
The Y outh’s (.Student’s) Cyclopeadia
M r s . B in n s ’ f o r c h e a p M illin e r y .
has been commended by the leading
in progress at the Methodist church
educators as the most valuable educa­
Come and learn my p rie s on W ool
which will continue next week. Sub­
tional aid that has ever been offered Hose. Only 25c.
ject Sunday morning, “ The record of
to the pupils in the grauimer and high
the year tested.” In the evening, the
schools. Prof. A. F . Ames says, “ that
Tiios L loyd sells best liar 1 Coal
, ^
Mike is '
closing services o f the year 1S93 will to teachers who are doing observation
• ttiNtia 4
fur $7. Bei-t Hocking Valley Soft
Butternu t - Ch estnut
occur. W e will watch the old year out work and those who are reading works
Coal for $4 per ton.
and the new year in. Meeting will be­ of literature with their classes, will
Try some of Van Meter's Bread at
gin at S :S0. A ll are invited to attend. find this an especially bandy and com­
Subjects at the
plete reference book.”
See Prof.
Muskegon Baked Goods »t,
church next Sunday: Morning, "The Swain’s endorsement on page 2, with
LA M B ’S.
Y o u can get first choice a t regular price if
new commandments for 1S94.” In the Prof. Schiller’s commendation.
you come now. T h e y are cheap gifts— useful
evening, “ Adam, the oldest inhabi­
the best and handsomest Christmas
IT. B. D U Y C A Y .^
tant.” This is the first in a series of
sweepers ever made. S ee them.
W h i l e filling the oil tank of II. B. for 25c.
Quartern Red oak
-En glish 'Oak
Laberetaux’s, yesterday, Dan Whalen,
Sunday evening historical sertm ns
FOR SALE.— .V second-hand N o.y )
the Standard oil maD, stepped on a Garland Cook Stove in good condition,
Y e a r l y everything has been found nail, it going through his shoe and pen­ for sale cheap. Inquire at this office.
etrating the right foot to the bone.—
in the rag3 sent to the paper mill, hut Niles Slar.
Best Fall and Winter Underwear
the latest is a live kitten which was
will be found at
packed in a carload o f rags unloaded
II. B. nU Y C A Y'S.T
Modern Teaching.
at the Y iles mill last week. It is con­
One o f the features o f mode n teach­
I have a lot o f glazed sash for sale
Hiwi *S* _r
—sidered an omen of good luck to have
f»NCIS „
Wa l n u t Red v o o d v
HA7ELW00D GOA&TCBEJ) Sycatiore
cats, but no advance has been made in ing is the promotion of thought and at the price o f the glass. Good for
the price o f paper on account o f this investigation in the mind of the pupil. many purposes as new sash. They are
The student who forms the habit of six light, 10x10.
seeking answers to his queries in prop­
For the next 30 days I will close all
A W a t e r v l i e t man ( V) filled his
er reference books, secures not only Hats, trimmed or untrimmed, for cost
w ife’s bureau drawers full o f burnt' the basis o f a broad and liberal educa­
to make room for new spring goods.
wood and ashes, then shut them up.
tion, but acquires a habit of thorough­ Will close all untrimmed Felts for 50
H e was going to eyen up with her for
burning a few extra sticks o f wood in ness which w ill prove a large factor in cents and §1.
her private room.— Cor. St. Jo. Herald.
his future success. To provide this,
many parents have bought one o f the
large Cyclopaedias to find it too cum­
I have the agency for the A. B.
bersome and beyond the understanding Chase pianos for this vicinity, and
o f the young, because it was written want to see all who want to buy a
only for mature and educated minds. first-class Piano.
A s one o f our leading educators says:
“ The large Cyclopaedias create a dis­
I f you have auy idea of buying a
taste for research in the minds o f the farm I want to have a talk with you.
young, but the Youth’s Cyclopaedia I haye a good one for sale.
SACKINGS in two toned and plain colors. SMALL BASKET W EAVES
stimulates the spirit o f inquiry on the
in shot and illuminated effects. Handsome DIAGONALS in all colors.
part o f pupils and opens to them, in
SMOOTH WOOL SURFACES iu tones and grays. We offer these
DRESS M AKING. — Miss E lmira
simple and concise articles, the length
and breadth o f the field of knowledge. B urkus is prepared to do all kinds of
It is also invaluable to teachers as a work in this line, at her home, on |
help in raising the standard o f schol­ Day’s avenue, fourth house north of
Another line to which we call your attention is that of
arship.” Scientific subjects are treated the M. C. depot.
$ 3 .0 0 $15.00 Cloaks for
4.00 20.00
5.00 25.00
Cloaks for $20.00.,
A n u m b e r of people in this place,
who are out o f work, are making busi­
ness o f what has heretofore been
counted pure sport.
A good, welltrained ferret is made to keep several
families in meat from the crop of rab­
Ma r y E. N oble has secured a judg­
ment against the St. Joseph and Ben­
ton Harbor electric railroad company
for $G,500. She had her leg broken
while attempting to get off from one
o f the company’s cars while in motion.
D e t r o it poor commissioner is in
trouble, because people who are living
off the city give money to the church.
Buchanan township poor commissioner
has no complaints o f that kind, but he
has no trouble to find people who can
find plenty o f money to buy tabacco
and opium, but have to depend upon
the public for food and fuel.
T w o horses were sold in Elkhart,
last week, one for $1.50 and the other
for $0.00, the price including the har­
ness. John A . Hartman, o f South
Bend, is reported as having sold a good
horse at auction for 30 cents. This is
encouraging for those who have a king­
dom to trade for horses.
J ames McD onald, recently offered
five lots on “the flats” for a county
seat site. Ole Olson, of St. Joseph,
goes h:m two better and says he will
give him: seven lots on Yiles avenue
for a site.—S t Jo. Press.
They m ay as well not worry over
their liberal donations. The county
is not goin g to need them.
spent Christmas in Buchanan.
Blake is employed in the tin factory
in Maywood, Illinois, making Am eri­
can tin plate from American made
A chairmaker from Dowagiac came
to this place Saturday with a wagon­
load o f his chairs to peddle about
town, and was charged $2 license.
This made him mad, and he kept up
a public display o f his mad all day.
The wonder was that he succeeded in
getting rid o f liis load.
More ViCTisis.-About three months
since a woman canvassed this place
fo r photographs to enlarge.
She took
the photograph and fifty cents the
first tim e she came around.
Said she
lived in Y iles and gave every evidence
o f good faith, excepting the collection
o f money in advance. A number o f
people here arc mourning the loss of
much-prized photographs and their
change. It is less than tw o years since
the same game was played here, but it
appears to have been forgotton,
A cc o r d in g to the Recorder Niles
is going to offer to give $65,000 and a
site for the removal o f the county seat
to that place. Considering the fa ct
that Y iles can’t bond herself nor
make a contract for electric lighting
or anything else covering a sum equal
to less than one-lialf that amount, this
proposition looks a little queer. I f
the Recorder will keep mum about it,
we w ill let it into a secret. The coun­
ty seat is not going to be moved until
after 1943. Honest Ingin I
M r . R obert B la k e and fam ily
i i fIlli1
j i 1■fllf" llLfJ
.d . dl
At Prices Hat fill Speak for Themselves.
$ 10.00
T he ladle3 o f the Presbyterian
church cleared over $80 at their annu­
al Fair, and wish to thank the friends
who so liberallv contributed and gen­
erously patronized them.
1? ! .
And ten thousand other presents,
which you w ill see by calling at Santa Are prepared to grant liberal accomClaus’ Headquarters.
Come early,
®modations to regular customers.
while the stock is complete. Our con­
fectionery stock is full, with over one
hundred different varieties Candy, at
DIRECTORS: f i g ]
The revival meetings at the Evan­
gelical church were .the means of the
conversion of about eighty-five to nine­
ty persons. Forty-one have united
with the church.
R evival services will begin at the
U. B. church January 3,1894.
I nteresting revival meetings are
Lawrence L L Unbleached, at
Pepperell R
Lonsdale, bleached,
A r e s id e n t o f Portage street evi­
dently thought spring was here last
Saturday, as he was seen spading his
Interest P aid on Deposits.
Bill McKinley is the Cause of All This.
a Bhort time.
F red Scott, of Benton Harbor,
stepped on a. rusty nail and ran it into
his foot.
FO R 5 0 C E N T S !
$ 6.00 Cloaks for 8.00
10 00
$ 3 0 .0 0
M rs. IV. I. B lowers and daughter
Belle, o f Kalamazoo, are spending the
week in Buchanan,
D r . Swasey has been making ex­
tensive improvements on his property,
in the north part of town, this week.
ly meeting here last Sabbtith, complet
ing his first round o f quarterlies. lie
reports prosperity on the various
charges of the district. W ill hold
quarterly meeting next Saturday and
Sunday at Tyner, Ind., on the Walkerton circuit.
A Y ew Y ear ’s Greeting awaits
you at the U. B. church next Sunday.
Subject for morning sermon, “ Medita­
tion.” F or evening, “ Our Resolution.”
The new year is the time fo r retrospec­
tion and resolves.
E ld . J. H . P aton w ill preach in the
Larger Hope church next Sunday
morning and evening.
The Presbyterian congregation will
hold its annual business meeting at
the church on Wednesday evening,
Jan. 3 ,1S94, when officers will be elect­
ed fo r the ensuing year, reports will be
read, and all necessary business trans­
acted. A fte r the business meeting
the ladies will serve refreshments. A ll
the members of the congregation are
invited. Admission free.
O f all goods, both Summer and W inter.
A n endless variety of
35 cts. w ill secure a reserved seat
fo r the T. B. Alexander Co., at Lough’s.
T he statement o f the First National
E lder J. F . B artbiess held quarter­
The G rea t C le a r in g Sale
T his is the last R ecord you will get
this vear.
F ount), a plush robe.
Citizen’s national Bank,
Church N otices.
R ecord.
in clear and popular language. The
classic feature o f the work is especial­
ly marked. The great authors, gener­
als, statesmen and philosophers of an­
cient times, whose recorded thoughts
and deeds are an inspiration, have
been given their due degree of promi­
nence. Even the deep philosophy and
statesmanship o f the ancients are
brought within the apprehension of
the young, as can he seen in the articles
under the head o f “Plato” and “Peri­
cles,” etc.
See Prof. A . J. Swain’s endorsement
and Prof. Schiller’s commendation on
page 2.
Is the agent for White and Y ew Home
Sewing Machines, in Buchanan. Need­
les and Oil. Office with Henry Lough.
I w i l l be at the F irst National Bank
in Yiles, Dec. 14, 21, 2S and Jan. 4 ;
First National Bank in Buchanan, Dec.
12, 19, 20 and Jan. 2; Dayton, Dee. 11,
18, 27 and Jan. 3; at my home, one
mile south o f Dayton, Dec. S, 15, 22,
29 and Jan. 5, for the collection of
taxes for Bertrand township.
Chas. W . Mathews .
F o l l o w in g is the cost of $2,000 life
insurance in the different fraternal life
insurance organizations doing business
in Buchanan, for 1S93, at the average
age of 37 years: Modern Woodmen,
$9.90; Maccabees, $15.00; A . O. IT. W.,
$17.00. This shows a saving in theModern Woodmen of $5.10 over any
other order in this place. The mem­
bers o f Buchanan camp have good
reasons for being proud o f their suc­
cess during the past year, having ad­
ded 70 new members during that time,
giving them a total present member­
ship o f over 100, and are adding new
ones at every meeting. This order
now ranks third in size in the United
States and their record shows them to
be m uch cheaper than any other.
D ied, Dec. 13, 1S93, at 11 o’clock,
Lnnettie J. Rugg, of la grippe, after
only a few day’s illness, aged 31 years, 8
months and 20 days. She went quiet­
ly to sleep, as it was her request to be
left alone unmolested for a little while,
and soon expired peacefully. She was
sick a number of years, suffered peace­
fully and patiently, and was a Chris­
tian to the last.
Dear sister, tliou art gone to reBt;'
From every sorrow free;
Since thou art gone among tile hlest,
Why Blionld we mourn for thee.
Thy smiling lips, now pale and cold,
Have ceased to move—thy tale is to ld ;
Thy crimson title l>y death is chilled:
Thy cheerful voice is ever stilled.
W e do thank the kind neighbors and
friends for what they did for ns in
onr time of sorrow,
M rs. H enry Gilbert .
T lie Promotion o f Thought.
Formerly teaching was by rote, but
modern teaching pursues a wiser meth­
od. The progressive teacher now en­
deavors to promote thought in the
mind o f the pupil. It is not the aim
o f the wide-awake teacher to fill the
mind o f the young with mere teclmi
cal studies. While the mastery of
technique is good enough in itself as
a matter of mental discipline, yet any
thoughtful, well-informed teacher will
tell you that it is not sufficient; that
a good reference book adapted to the
understanding o f the young will lead
up to the higher knowledge and make
the progress o f the student easy aud
rapid. Such a work is the Y outh’ s
Cyclopaedia, which has greatly aided
the teachers in public schools, acade­
mies and seminaries, in raising the
standard of scholarship.
See Prof.
Swain's and Prof. Schiller’s endorse­
ments on page 2.
T he regular meeting of the stock
holders of the First National Bank of
Buchanan, Buchanan, Mich., will be
held at their ofliee, January 9, 1S94, at
10 o’clock a. m.
E. W. Sanders , Cashier.
T a x N otice.
Tax payers o f Buchanan township
may pay tlieir taxes at the First Na­
tional Bank at any time during bank­
ing hours.
Chas. A . H owe, Treasurer.
The St. Joseph Valley Nursery Co.,
located at Yiles, will sell the farmers
and land holders o f this vicinity, guar­
anteed Nursery Stock true to name-'at
panic prices. The officers o f this com­
pany are well-known in the county,
and a guarantee at their hands means
something. Mr . F red Y oung is now
soliciting orders for spring deliver and
will he.glad o f your patronage.
T il e M. C. R. R. Co,, will sell excur­
sion tickets to all points on the Com­
pany’s lines at one and one third fare
for the round trip, on Dec. 23, 24, 25
30 and 31 and Jan. 1. Limited to Jan.
2 .1S9L
7i. F . Peacock, Ticket Agent.
A n y one trading Ten Dollars cash at
my store will be presented with a nice
B ook Case, free .
Full line o f Nuts, at
House to rent.
Eight rooms.
My Christmas Goods are here. Come
and see what I have.
FOR SALE.- •House and L ot near
T h ese goods
Don’t forget that I still sell Pianos
and Organs. I f you contemplate buy­
ing either, see me before buying.
F or Sale . House and lot on Oak
street, second door south o f old Furni­
ture factory lot. Price, $000.
Geo. Wyman & Co,
offer a great variety of stuff
suitable for Christmas pres­
Japanese Crockery W are,
Baskets, C elluloid goods,Plush
Cases with Comb and Brush,
M anicure Sets, Collar aud Cuff
Boxes, Handkerchiefs aud
fancy goods o f every descrip­
tion. w e know no reason why
everything in our line would
not be suitable f o r a Christ­
mas present. W e are sellingmore and more o f staple goods
each year for that purpose.
Our lines throughout the store
are quite complete.
In Great Variety and at Low Prices.
Come and Buy.
W e have decined to go out
o f Oriental Rugs and w ill take
h a lf off from our form er price.
That w ill make a $200 Rug
$100; a $50 Rug $25; a $10 Rug
$5. A n y of these would make
a nice Christmas present.
W e are always figuring how
cheap we can sell good reli­
able goods; not how much
they w ill bring.
W e offer a lot o f hammered
brass, bronzed, lead lined Um­
brella Stands for $1.25 ea,ch.
These are made by m achinery ;
the hand made goods cost $10
to $20 and look just like these.
Price, $350.
N ow as the Holiday time draws
nigh, wait until we are in full dress, a
BINNS, Opp. Hotel?
A n invoice of fine Wallets, Bill
Books, Ladies’ and Gents’ Card Cases^
Purses, direct from the factory. See
them at
BINNS’, Opp, IIotgL
I f you are interested in se­
lecting a Christmas present
I will run my Feed Mill at my fac­
tory and lumber yard, on Alexander
street, and will grind Corn, Oats, Bar­
ley, Rye, Wheat, or any other grain
for stock feed.
center o f town.
F ascin ators, L eggins, M ittens and C loves w ill soon b e in lively dem and.
deserve and should have y o u r attention.
South Bend, Ind.
B O T T L E :? 5 CENTS.
---------------- — — -----------------------------
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A T .
Tlio N ext to th e L a st Serm on o f th e Series
on “ T h e P rophecies ojf tlio W o rld ’ s P air.”
Is tlie M odern Business W o rld a Cour t of
H onor?
H kw Y ork, Dec. 24.—Rev. Thomas
Dixon, Jr., surprised Ms audience in
Association hall this morning by an­
nouncing before the sermon that after
the first day o f January he would stop
the publication o f his sermons. Hesaid:
" I have informed the American Press
Association that with the close of tho
present series X w ill no longer furnish
my sermons for publication. I have two
reasons for this: X am not yet 30 years
old—I am writing too much thus early
in life. I desire to spend several years
in study before m ating more. Besides,
with my present methods o f work and
study I find flic method o f advance prep­
aration o f manuscript for the pirns an
intolerable drain on my time and ener­
The sermon this morning was on “ The
Court of Honor,” the next to the last in
the series of the “ Prophecies o f the
World’s Fair.” The text chosen was
from X Corinthians iii, 31. “ A ll things
are yonrs. ”
But twice before in my life have I
been so profoundly moved as when X
stood for the first time within “ The
Court of H onor" of the fair—once when
I stood on the lofty summit o f a grand
mountain peak and looked down upon
the great world God had made so beau­
tiful, and once again when I first climb­
ed the sand dunes o f my native state
and gazed upon miles of ocean breakers
as they rolled in from the infinite deep
and broke upon the beach with hiss and
boom and sullen roar.
X couldn’ t keep back the tears—who
could that had a soul?
Julian Hawthorne has most beauti­
fully described that scene: “ The pale
gilded dome of the Administration
building, the ranged columns o f the
peristyle, the pinnacles and the Diana
dome, with the golden goddess floating
above it and forever aiming her arrow
at the wind’s eye: the mighty statue of
the republic, majestic with her uplifted
arms and severe drapery, dominating
the eastern end of the lagoon, and the
white splendor of the great fountain at
the other extremity, with that ravish­
ing figure of Liberty sitting divinely
erect in her chair on the poop of the
barge, her eight maiden gondoliers oar­
ing on either side, while Father Time
steers on the stern, his scythe fastened
to the tiller, and Progress alights on the
bows, her trumpet in her hand; then
the Venetian bridges that span the arms
of the lagoon, with Kemey’s matchless
bears and buffalos guarding them; the
mighty hulls and horses on the midway
steps, the triumphal pillars marking the
comers o f the vast quadrangle With
their slender white beauty, the exquis­
ite little Greek temples in the fore­
ground o f the peristyle, the glorious lift
and sweep, strength and spirituality, of
the whole stupendous conception.which,
despite its infinite variety, is a harmo­
nious unit o f design, and finally the
gleaming, glancing lagoon itself, rhym­
ing with the beauty above and multi­
plying it and rippling round the deli­
cate noses of the gondolas as they flit
noiselessly hither and thither with the
gallant figures of the Venetian oars­
men in how and stern. These things
make an era in our national aesthetic
education, and the development of our
people in the knowledge and love of
beauty w ill date from tMs happy
gulf That 'separates toeaVen'Troin hell.
The first principle of your modern busi­
ness world is war, competition, brutal
fight— every man for himself. It is the
strongest arm that wins, an d the weakest
■ones are trampled to the earth and killed
and beaten without mercy. W ar and
pestilence are the only hope to regulate
our population, according to the princi­
ples of this modern business world.
The brutal survive, while the weak per­
ish. What is to become o f this vast ar­
m y of weaklings? W ell, our Malthusian
philosophers say: “ We w ill have a pes­
tilence by and by, and God w ill send
ns the cholera. Or if not God in his
goodness and mercy w ill send us a war,
and war w ill thin the ranks, and the
battle w ill begin again. After the
weaklings have been eliminated the
world w ill not he so crowded,, and we
can proceed. ”
Sneli is the basis on which modern
commerce rests. Ill this battle, this
war, this madness, this struggle, the
very competition which has been called
the life of - trade is its defeat. For yon
have only to press competition to a cer­
tain period when men who are fighting
each other know they must combine or
die. Only press your competition far
enough, and it is either suicide or com­
bination. This brings .into your world,
governed by that principle, infinite con­
fusion, for when that defeats itself and
no new system takes its place the result is
chaos— cheating, lying,swindling.steal­
ing, crime, intemperance, suicide, de­
spair. Why do men open saloons and sell
whisky? W hy, because they have accept­
ed this modern principle o f the modern
world that the strongest man is the man
that is worthy to survive,* that it is a
battle, a war. and he who is victorious
is the man who is crowned, let the busi­
ness be what it may. Hence the gam­
bler who does not hesitate about his
methods, saying that might constitutes
tlie first principle of your modern
world. Daily facts these are. Lying in
the business world—so much there is of
it in all trades! Overreaching is what
thousands of men are after in the busi­
ness world. To overreach a man and
get the better of him by some trick; to
get out of him more than we give in re­
turn. That is the sum total of the pur
pose of some lives. If iu war a man is
wounded, you pass him by. Most heart­
less of all things in the world is your
modern business wav. When a man fall
by the wayside iu modern business, tlie
world has no mercy, no heart, uo ear to
pity, no arm to save. That is modern
Christianity ‘is certainly in deadly
conflict with that sort o f life— success­
ful business with modern methods down
to date. There are business men who
are honest. There are men who have
set out in the world with the determi­
nation to make houor and truth audthe
good of society their aim, anti they have
grown wealthy,some of those men. They
have grown powerful. How, that being
a fact, the man who departs from that
law and says that he can justify him­
self on the grounds of success has be­
lieved a lie that he may damn himself
in the process. There are men today
whose business career is absolutely
above reproach. I might mention a
thousand successful business enterprises
that have been founded thus on integri­
ty. So much the worse for the success
that may he otherwise. But. a man
says, the quickest way to get rich—
well, you do not have to*he too consci­
entious. How and then just shut one
eye, and then yon will reach the high­
est things hv the most rapid process. Of
course when you get your money you can
do a great deal of good with it. Right
may fail for a moment today, hut it is
certain to rise tomorrow. Men that are
shrewd and cunning, men that are w ill­
ing to lie and be unfair and dishonest,
may "get theii riches for awhile, but as
sure as there is a God in heaven it w ill
turn to ashes at last in their grasp.
Christianity is today the real power
that rales this world. Yon think the
devil is ruling it on the top, but Chris­
tianity is the real power that rules it
beneath tho surface. Some years ago
in Paris money was flowing like water,
and it was rumored around among pol­
iticians that all one had to do was to
shut one eye and open the other, and lie
would he rich in a minute. There is
plenty of money in the w orld: why not
yon have a little? The press is on onr
side. You can make a million as easily
I could hut feel the clash between
this scene o f peace and beauty and glo­
ry and the actualities of the business
world the walls o f these palaces cover­
ed. W ill this great Court of Honor ever
be really incarnated in our business?
Or is the conflict irrepressible and hope­
less between the divine and the rush for
“ A ll things are yours, "ev en business,
and the business world, and a business
career, and a business life. Yet the
more I see o f modem business, as tr :nsacted today, the sadder it makes me.
1 never have to enter into a business
transaction that calls me into direct
as snap your finger. So they reasoned,
touch with the supreme spirit of our and this man fell and that. Hobody
modern commercial life, as at present kuew anytMng about it. Millions flow­
conducted, that it does not make me
ed in every possible direction. Men
heartsick. X feel, when through with
Mgh in position succumbed to it. Well,
it, as if I wanted to get off somewhere
they succeeded, invested their millions.
in a desert and scratch out a cave in
They had Vieir money and their day,
the side o f a hill and live on herbs in a but the day o f wrath came at last. And
simpler, honest life. I f there is in any now poor weeping France looks on, and
man’s mind a doubt as to whether the
one great man falls and another and an­
modem spirit o f successful business is
other. And the poor little fool that was
in harmony with the spirit o f Jesus in the assembly that day and said: “ 1
Christ, all he has to do is first to know
believe in old fashioned honor and in­
what Jesus Christ taught, and then go tegrity, and I will nothave yonr money.
with that spirit in his heart into your I w ill vote as my conscience dictates” —
modem refrigerator o f a thoroughly up
he was described as a fool and an idiot
to date, down to the last minute busi­
then, hut now he is the only man that
ness transaction.
can hold his head tip and look the world
Is a successful business o f today afield squarely in the face.
in which a true Christian, desiring the
The great principles of right and
highest and noblest things, can enter and
truth are those that really are guiding
Hope to succeed, and at the same time
and directing the world. Every doubt­
hold his Christian integrity?
fu l business in this world could be swept
Does the Court of Honor* rule our busi­
from the face of the earth, and the
ness world?
earth would he richer. Whenever men
To answer that question you must ask
ask yon to enter into a successful busi­
ness transaction, remember that this
First— What is Christianity? It is
world can do without that transaction
sacrifice and the spirit of sacrifice.
and he the better for it, and yon had
Jesns said i f a man would save his
better let it alone. It is not the easiest
life, let him lose it. That is the cardi­
way, this way o f Christian life, as
nal principle o f Jesus Christ. That is
against this modern business method,
the first and last principle o f Christian­
hut it is the only true way. Christians
ity. Jesns lived that and died it. He
in the past had a hard time to live;
sought no powerful friends. He made
then they died. They were put to death
none. He had no home in which to lay
in the arena. They marched over burn­
his head. He accumulated no wealth.
ing plowshares. The Christian man to­
He had no army to follow him. He
day can live better, easier, with less
wrote no hook. He made no creed. He
sacrifice called for by modern life, than
gathered a few simple fishermen about
ever before in the history of the world.
him, who were disciples, adherents, fol­
And the man that says, “ I cannot live
lowers in life, in heart, in purpose, and
today unless I do these things,” simply
he laid down his life, judging from a
lies. Is the business world in conflict
modern business point o f view, an abso­
with Christianity? So much the worse
lute failure. He only lived 33 j ears,
for the business world. The curse of
and he threw away every opportunity
God— a living, withering, blasting
he had of a successful career. He might curse—is on that society, on that com­
have put himself at the head o f an ar­
merce that makes success possible
my and conquered the ancient kingdom
against truth and right and honor.
o f the Jews and thrown off the triple
yoke of a Roman and kingly tyranny if
“ A ll things are yours,” and because
he had hut so desired. He threw that
the business world is a legitimate field
opportunity away again and again. He for a Christian its obligations are high.
might have been wealthy, if he had It is yours; hut, precisely because it is,
used his magnificent powers to accumu­
it is holy ground. The merchant that
late wealth. He might have had the sits at his desk is doing as sacred a work,
great and powerful as his friends, hut , when honest in his transactions and dealwhen people came to crown him and * ings, as I do when 1 am here at this
make him their leader he escaped. And
desk before yon. on Sunday. The labor­
he died a most miserable death, amid er at liis anvil, the farmer who holds
the mock and jeer and scorn o f his en­
his plow, every workingman that does
emies, crucified between two thieves,
his work unto the Lord, is doing a sa­
with not a grave that he could call his
cred work. His shop, his office, his
own, his very clothes stripped from his
place of business, is as sacred as the
body, dying thus outside the walls o f high altar o f God to him, for God call­
Jerusalem, a miserable felon, deserted ed Mm there to he the high priest. But,
by his disciple s, disowned by all who
you say, what is the use to he honest?
knew him except a few faithful women.
People love to he humbugged. But,
That is the kind of life he lived. Thatis
my friend, for yonr own sake, be hon­
what lie meant when he said, “ I f a man
est. Most people, take them all in all,
would save his life, let him lose it, and have a large streak of fool in them.
i f he would find it let him lay it down.”
They will run after special bargains
and sales. For your own heart and life
The second principle o f Christianity
he houest. You do not fool yonrelf, and
is what wo call faith—the power to be­
when you mark your goods to fool the
people and to rope in the unwary you
lieve in something—to believe in God
and in man, our brother, the linage o f know in yourself yon have degraded
yourself. You have sold yonr own soul
The next principle is that of
out to the devil in the process. Be hon­
love— love to Gocl and man. That is to
est and avoid every man who in the
be a Christian, and that is Christianity.
process of the business world seeks to
1 take it from the definitions of Jesus,
coin money out of other people’s blood.
from his life and c l racter and from
his recorded word.
I am done with bargains, sheriff’s sale
and bankrupt clothing establishments.
Second—‘W hat is business—modern,
successful business—today? In the first If you support those establishments, you
place, it rests upon the antithesis of
are trading in the blood o f broken
sacrifice. Sacrifice represents one pole;
hearts and homes, for it took good, hard,
business the other pole, and the differ­
labor to make those goods, and i f they
ence that separates them is a gulf as are sold at less than it costs to make
deen and wide and as impassable as the •them you .are buying the price of good
hearts'"blood. ~A*s YoY'TDeMffan~ffiat'*can
undersell another man and make it pos­
sible to undersell by cheating clerks and
giving small wages and making them
work their lives out—I would rather go
to a man that gives his clerks honest
salaries. The time may come in yonr
life when adversity may he yonrs, and
yonr loved ones aro thrown on this great
vulgar labor market of the world, and
in your own flesh and blood others can
trade in dollars and cents. If you get
what are called bargains today, it means
somebody’s heart is broken— somebody
else has paid for it too high a price.
I do not want anything to do with
business transactions where the princi­
ples that are used are such that an indi­
vidual would not touch.
We have
corporations. A distinguished man
died some years ago in Hew York city,
the soul of honor in every personal
transaction. His servants stood weep­
ing by the door when he died. He did
not owe a cent. Everything was paid
for in cash. He said: ‘ ‘ Do not owe your
workingman a cent. It is dishonest to
keep his wages from him, unless you
pay him interest on i t — pay him
promptly. ” But he was at the head of
a gigantic corporation that held a mo­
nopoly and made his fortune out o f the
lives of a community that were ground
in the process. And when men ap­
proached him he said, “ I am honest in
all my transactions, but a corporation
has got no soul. ” God does not call cor­
porations to account. The devil does not
call them to account. They have no
soul. They w ill even cheat the devil.
But God does call the individuals that
constitute the corporation to account.
God will call to account all the persons
involved in the conduct of that business.
Individuals will thus render their ac­
counts at the last. Why, yon know that
a town council and a school committee
sometimes w ill he cruel and unjust
aud unprincipled in a transaction that
an individual man or woman would
scorn to stoop to. A merchant who
would scorn to sell flour mixed with
chalk, scorn to mix up his goods and
adulterate them and sell them to the
world, who would kick another man
ont of his store who would offer Mm
a- trick by which he could adulterate
sugar or flour or coffee—yet sometimes
those very men will go into a corpor­
ation and swindle thousands.
I f yon think you can, through the
process of yonr social or political ma­
chinery, cheat Almighty God, let me
assure you that, while men may not un­
derstand, the great God of heaven and
earth understands, and you are just as
responsible as though you had done it
personally. Let us understand, then,
that while cannibalism maybe justified
on the high seas sometimes, the soul of
the world still revolts at it. Some sail­
ors came in the other day and reported
that, starving to death, they fell on a
brother sailor and ate his body. They
arrested them and put them in jail.
Thej* are :.*.•,'.tmg trial for their life.
They will noi he convicted, because the
jury will say that it was life or death.
They cast lots. They could not execute
a man for saving himself from starva­
tion. _ But when a man eats his neigh­
bor for the very luxury of eating him,
just takes the choice parts o f his body
and discards the others, if there is any
law above the eirth or under it or on
it that w ill justify that I have yet to
find it.
Enter and abide, young man, in no
business that yon cannot put your heart
in. Some of us have to do things that
are disagreeable. I f you have to choose
yonr profession, choose something that
you can put your heart in, or you will
never be successful in it. They had a
competition in plans for a monument
for Walter Scott in Scotland, and a man
who was a simple carpenter once, Mr.
Kemp, won the prize, and the plans
were accepted for that monument that
stands now the tribute of Scotland’s
love to this matchless genius. Why did
lie succeed? As he passed along the
road one day a dusty carpenter hoy, a
gentleman driving in his carriage saw
he was tired and stopped his horse, and
the great man said, “ Get up and ride
with me.” So he became acquainted
with Sir Walter Scott and learned to
love and admire him. And it was one
of the inspirations of his life that led
him to become a master architect more
than a carpenter. And when they threw
the competition open to the world, this
man drew the matchless monument
that now stands there incarnated in
maible. Why? Because his heart was
in it. Other men could not compete
with him, because he had put his soul’
into it. The highest success In life is
that work in which a man can thus put
his soul, his heart. The heart, after
all, is worth more than mere success
and mere dollars and cents.
Let us at least hope that our children
w ill live to see the day that there shall
in deed and truth be a grand Court of
Honor in the midst of the world’s busi­
ness in which beauty and righteousness
shall rale.
T ito Southern F am ilies.
The following two families make a
showing which is difficult to find excell­
ed, even in the prolific mountain re­
gions of Tennessee and Horth Carolina.
The Rev. Asa Routh is a Baptist
preacher residing at Piny Flats, Sulli­
van county, Tenn. He is a spry old
gentleman, about 70 years old, and still
fills his regular appointments at several
preaching places. He is the father of
33 children, all of them living. Mr.
Routh has been married twice, and his
second wife is still living and helping
to take care of the family. Mr, Routh
Is almost deaf, but otherwise shows no
signs of old age or decay. His family is
nearly equally divided as to sex, there
being 17 hoys and 16 girls.
The other family is that of Moses
Williams, colored, who lives on a farm
near Fayetteville, H. C. He is a lively
young chap of Co, hut doesn’t look it.
He also is living with his second wife.
There have been horn to him 45 chil­
dren— 10 of them girls. By his fifst
wife there were 20 girls and three boys,
and by the second 20 girls and two hoys.
Nearly all of them are living.— Louis­
ville Courier-Journal.
A D o u b le C atch .
The Eganville (Out.) Star is respon­
sible for the following story*. A young
man named Tom French, hailing from
Renfrew, in the employ of Mr. John
McGuire at Barry’s Bay, went out on
the bay in a small bark canoe trolling
for trout. After paddling for quite
awhile he observed a large buck com­
ing toward him. When near the canoe,
it turned and made for the shore quick­
ly, followed by Tom, who, when he
came alongside o f the beaut}*, saw that
its horns Were entangled in the troll
line, the result being that the canoe and
its occupant were pulled toward shore.
Mr. Joseph Prince then appeared on the
scene in another canoe, when the two
men, with the aid of their paddles, suc­
ceeded In dispatching the noble denizen
of the forest. When the exciting battle
was over, Tom noticed on the end of his
line a 38 pound trout.
A R iva l to Oak.
The representative o f a well known
firm of builders informs me that he be­
lieves that he lias hit upon a discovery
in a Borneo wood called “ bilian.” It
has a very close grain and in appear­
ance is not unlike ebony, more especial­
ly after exposure to the air. Its main
virtue, however, consists In its break­
ing strain, which is greater even than
that of English oak. Moreover, “ Mi­
lan” is not a particularly heavy wood,
since it only weighs 60 pounds per cubic
foot, against the 80 pounds o f boxwood.
Further, it seems remarkably free from
the propensity* to swell in water, and so
would Jie extremely useful for snbaqne-
ous •"fflde'si'bSslGe's toeing toibst amiable
for beams and uprights in domestic ar'chitecture.— London Cor, Manchester
Fun. I n Maine;
Tears havo often been shed over tho
partiality of the red ear at the husking,
although nobody up to date has ques­
tioned that kissing should go by favor,
but we seo by tho report o f a Vassalboro husldng bee, in the Waterville
Mail, that for once the old rule was set
aside, and the ideas of some of onr so­
cialistic friends as to “ faro and fare
alike” got in their work, for “ no mat­
ter how reserved in manners or how fas­
tidious and how short the acquaintance,
every woman was smacked, and it was
hard to tell who acted the worse, the
hoys or that portion o f the assembly
mado up of the older men, the baldheaded men or old bachelors. ” —‘Lewis­
ton Journal.
H u n t in g : a B r i d e .
A curious custom prevails at wed­
dings among the Soudanese Arabs. A ft­
er various ceremonies, including a pro­
cession and a m arriage feast, the almost
invariable accompaniments of weddings
in the east, the bridegroom is led about
9 o’ clock in the evening into a large
dimly lighted room. Here on one side,
huddled upon the floor, are the female
relatives and r'-iends of the bride. In
t he farther corner are four or five maid­
ens of the same height and size, wear­
ing precisely similar clothing and close­
ly veiled. One of these is the bride, and
the young man lias to find out which it
is. I f he has been wise, he has bribed
one of tho old women spectators to give
him a secret sign by wliich to guide his
choice. I f not, he attempts to seize the
veiled figure whom he suspects to he
his bride.
If possible, she slips from Ms grasp
and runs away, he in hot pursuit. An
exciting chase through the chamber
follows, until he is able to catch her,
when he tears away the veil from her
face. If it is his bride, the game is end­
ed, and another ceremony, called the
ghalwa, or bride dance, begins. But
if he has made a wrong choice he must
try again, and the captured girl, after
rearranging her disordered dress, takes
her place again among her companions.
Again he makes a selection, and aft­
er another long struggle succeeds in un­
veiling a second maiden, possibly only
to find, that he has caught the same girl
over again. Many hours may ho con­
sumed in this way, and sometimes
morning dawns before tbe unlucky
bridegroom secures bis bride.—Youth’s
Frances ‘W illa rd on M arriage.
One of Frances Willard’s intimate
friends says that the great temperance
leader is personally^ lovely woman
with delicate features and dainty hands,
and that her evident fascination for
men of taste is very evident. A gifted
man once wrote to her, “ Dear friend,
methiuks your heart deceives you, for
when we meet, though you hardly look
at me, you speak kindly, and I take
this as a token.” To which she replied,
“ Dear brother, this is the explanation:
I had a clear and direct gaze until study
weakened my eyes, and I protect them
now by studying the carpet.”
So uaffectedly kind and cordial to all
mankind is this famous lady that many
of them hare paid her the compliment
of offering her their hearts and hands.
Indeed so numerous and importunate are
her love letters that it is necessary to
have them answered by her secretaries
with the statement that she has no time
for other than business correspondence.
Some of these letters of late date prove
that age cannot wither nor custom stale
her infinite variety. Still, Miss "Wil­
lard has a high opinion of men in gen­
eral. though she has never honored any
man with her hand, and, to quote her
own words, “ If there is a spectacle
more odious and distasteful than a man
who hates women, it is a woman who
hates men. ” Hert heory of marriage m
relation to society gives this postulate.
“ Husband and wife are one, and that
one is—husband and w ife.”
Tlie M ost Stubborn Ju ry Y e t.
The most remarkable case in Texas
legal history was tried at Oakland be­
fore Justice English—Mrs. Ella Hallo­
way versus J. H. Van Alstyne'. Tho
case consumed the day and was given
to the jury at night. Before retiring
the jury demanded that each man he
paid his 50 cent fee. The justice de­
murred and ordered them to bring in a
verdict, or they would get no fee. The
jury retired, and in 15 minutes entered
court. They had a sealed verdict.
Before turning it over to the justice
the jury struck for their hard earned
fees. Under protest the justice gave
each juror 50 cents. He opened the ver­
dict, which read, “ The jury cannot
agree.” This enraged the court. He
demanded the 50 cents each juror had
been paid. The jury refused, and the
court ordered them locked up until a
verdict was given pro or con.
After being out another hour the jury
reported they were still unable to agree.
Judge English then demanded the re­
turn of the fees. The jurors refused to
surrender, and a fine of §2.50 each was
assessed and their incarceration order­
ed. A compromise was finally reached
by four of the jury returning the fees
and the other two paying the fine of
§2.50. The higher courts w ill he in­
flicted with the case.— St. Louis GlobeDemocrat.
N e g r o e s W h o P a ss F o r W h ite s .
A t the census of 1880 nearly 34 per
cent of the colored population was un­
der 10 years of age, while at the census
of 1890 only 28 per cent was under 10
years of age. Samuel E.Tatum, a Wash­
ington negro, in explaining this, says:
“ It may he a fact that the colored pop­
ulation is constantly falling off in its
increase, for which there may he a great
many reasons. We should first take
into consideration the vast number of
people of color leaving the race yearly.
There are thousands who emigrate from
the south so light in complexion that in
the north they are supposed to he white,
and in this way a vast number of fam­
ilies in the course of a decade lose theii
identity as people of color.” — Washing­
ton Correspondent.
A Fasting: Hoff.
Dr. Free Harris owns a hog that is
fasting. She has not eaten or drunk any­
thing for two months. She seems happy
and contented, and no amount of tempt­
ing food w ill she take. She runs around
the street and seems determined to out­
do Dr. Tanner in the act. Much inter­
est is felt in the outcome, and some bet­
ting. She is gradually losing flesh.—
Dalton (Ga.) Dispatch.
A M ean M an.
There is a man in Philadelphia so
mean that when he is asked to join in
singing “ Old Hundred” he chums off
“ Hinety and Nine” instead. He says
he has got to make 1 per cent anyway
these hard times.— Texas Siftings.
Queer M od e o f Felling: Barge Trees.
A chain o f compressed cakes of
gun cotton tied around the trunk o f .
the largest sized tree and exploded
will, h y the action o f their violence,
cut the tree dow n instantly and as
sm ooth ly as though done hy an ax
in th e hands o f an experienced w ood­
man. Tim ber cutters w orking am ong
the forest giants o f Montana, Idaho
and W ashington declare it to he the
cheapest and the" m ost economical
m ode o f felling trees that has as yet
been devised. O nly experienced per­
sons w ith suitable electrical appara­
tus fo r exploding the dangerous m a­
terial used in this operation should
attem pt such short cuts in tim e and
labor saving.—St. Louis Republic.
A M o d e m P ress T h a t Is to D o tlie 'W ork I n
tlie P h ilad elp h ia M int.
The striking of meclals in the coiners’
department of the United States mint
has for years been by means of the
screw and fly press. Tlio screw in this
press is 6 inches in diameter, and there
aro*three threads with a pitch of three
inches. The double lever attached to
the head o f the screw is 13 inches in
length, or 6jo feet either way from the
center o f the screw, and upon the ends
of the arms are mounted halls weigh­
ing about 150 pounds.
Three men are employed in the work-"
ing of the press— one to arrange the
blanks to be struck upon or between the
two hardened steel dies, while one at
each end of the lever furnishes the power
to raise the screw and then hy a rapid
movement cause the same to descend to
the work, they being careful at the
proper moment to step inside to avoid
being struck .hy tlio recoil of the lever.
Two and a hhlf revolutions of the screw
give with all the force the men can im­
part a blow or pressure equivalent to
250 tons.
In the striking of a 4 inch diameter
medal some 50 or 60 blows are neces­
sary to complete the medal. The blank,
which becomes hardened by the force
of each blow, must he annealed. Each
time consequently the amount o f labor
bestowed makes the cost of such medals
quite high.
Some 19 years s'nce the idea was con­
ceived that the introduction of hydraul­
ic pressure would he more satisfactory
and produce better results, both as to
cost and execution. The trial was then
made on an ordinary hydraulic press,
such as is used for forcing the wheels
of a locomotive on the axle, made at the
machine works of William Sellers & Co.
An accident occurring in the burst­
ing of the steel collar, hy which the
then coiner of the mint was injured,
had a dampening effect upon the
scheme, though the idea never met with
encouragement, until some two years
since, when an opportunity was offer­
ed to make a test of the pressures re­
quired to make the various coins. This*
being so satisfactory and having gain­
ed the conclusive knowledge that for
years had been only gness work, it en­
couraged the revival of the idea, and
plans and estimates were framed for a
press that should have a capacity of
striking pressure equivaleut to 2,000
The contract for this press was award­
ed to Messrs. William Sellers & Co. at
a cost o f §7.000. The designshaving
been approved, the press was completed
in September, and upon trial at the
works the recult was most satisfactory.
The dies used upon the trial were those
o f the 4 inch General Grant medal.
The blanks were submitted to a pres­
sure of 1,000,000 pounds, and the sec­
ond pressure after the annealing of the
blank almost finished the medal. One
blank, upon which the pressure was ex­
erted three times in succession, was
found to he more than was necessary.
The press Is complete in detail and
symmetrical in design. It is an arch or
oval in form, the base and head being
heavy iron castings, the whole being
secured by two cast steel bands 4 inches
thick and 6 inches wide. These hands
were submitted to a strain of 3,000,000
pounds each before being put in place.
The ram is located in the upper or head
casting and is placed in a steel case. It
is 25 inches in diameter, and the maxi­
mum pressure of 4,000 pounds a square
inch gives on this area the pressure of
2,000 tons. There is a graduated de­
vice attached by which any desired pres­
sure can be secured and held for any
length of time. Experiments will soon
enable the person in charge of the press
to determine the amount of pressure re­
quired for the various sizes of medal.
The movement of the ram up and
down is simply hy the pressure o f the
. oil from the tank, situated about 15 feet
above the room, the maximum pressure
being supplied hy a thin throw pump
and is only exerted during about the
last half inch of the stroke of the l-am.
The power to drive the pumps is sup­
plied by means of a 7 jl Horsepower
Eddy electric motor of a slow speed
type. For the annealing of blanks there
is a small gas oven, and it is very satis­
factory. It has been demonstrated hy
the experiments already mado that the
pressure of 20,000 pounds per square
inch is required to cause such metals as
gold, silver and copper to commence to
flow or become fluid. Very interesting
results are expected from the install­
ment of this plant, which will add so
much to the advantage of the govern­
ment.— Philadelphia Telegraph.
Real Estate Exchange.
What is
I f you want to buy or eeil a bouse,
IT you want to buy or sell a farm.
I f yon want to buy or sell vacant lots,
i f you have timber land for sale,
I f you have money to Joan,
— call ok—-
Tiie Buchanan Real Estate Exchange,
A t the RECORD OFFICE or at the office o f A.
A. WORTHINGTON. We w ill publish a list or
desirable houses, lots farms, &c.
ig^**We solicit your patronage.
Castoria is D r. Samuel Pitcher’ s prescription for Infants
and Children. I t contains neither Opium , M orphine nor
other Narcotic substance. I t is a harm less substitute
fo r Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor O il.
I t is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years* use hy
M illions o f M others. Castoria destroys "Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vom iting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assim ilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bow els, giving healthy and natnral sleep. Cas­
toria is the Children’ s Panacea—tlie M other’ s Friend.
“ an excellentmedicino fo r chil­
dren. Mothers havo repeatedly told me o f its
good effect upon their children J’
“ Castoria is sowell adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me.”
H. A . A hcheh, M. D.,
Ill So. OxfordSt., Brooklyn, N. Y .
Da. G. G. Osgood,
Lovell, Mass.
“ Our physicians in the children's depart­
“ Castoria is the hest remedy for children o f
ment ^Uhve spoken highly o f their expert
which I am acquainted. I hope the day ismOt
far distant when mothers will consider the real.’ , enqe in their outside practice with Castoria,
interest o f their children, and use Castoria in’ - , and although we only have among our
stead of thevariousquacknostrumswhiehare. medical supplies what is known as regular
products, yet we are free to confess that the
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
merits o f Castoria has won us to look with
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
favor upon it.”
agents down their throats, thereby sending
U nited H ospital' and D ispensary,
them to premature graves.”
Boston, Mass
Da. J. IP. K ixcheloe,
Conway, Ark.
A l l e n C. S m ith , Fres.,
The Centaur Company, TT M urray Street, New Y o rk C ity .
Your W atch
Insured Free.
A perfect insurance against theft or accident
is the now famous
---------------------- B O W ,----------------------the only bow (ring) which cannot be pulled
or wrenched from the case. Can only be
had on cases containing this trade mark.
— MAPS B Y —
T E E iL T I lN T G
Onr long experience and careful
study o f the best methods enables us to
Cure Every Curable C ase !
W e have made regular visits to the
same offices for many years and can
show recommendations o f ability and
Keystone W a tch Case Com pany,
of Philadelphia.
the oldest, largest, and most complete W atch
Case factoiy in the world— 1500 employees;
3000 W atch Cases daily.
One o f its products is the celebrated
Jas. Boss
Filled W a tch Cases
which are just as good as solid cases, and
cost about one h alf less:
Sold by all jewelers, without extra charge
for Non-pull-out bow. T h e m anufacturers
w in send, y o u a w atch case opener fre e .
H. E. LOUGH, A g t, Buchanan.
Chancery Notice.
First publication Nov. 23, IS93.
State of M ichigan ,
Tbe Circuit Court for the Conntv o f Berrien,
In Chancery.
Geohge W . F ades, Complainant
Consultation Free
Send for Circular of Information.
D r .iBR EW ER & S O N
E V A N S T O N , ILL.
bs s.t Miles, Mich, Galt House, on Tuesday, the 9th of January.
E lvira H. F ales , Defendant
In this cause, it. appearing from affidavit on
file, that tbe defendant, Elvira H. Fales, is not a
resident o f this state but is a resident of tbe
state o f North Dakota.
On motion of complainant's solicitor, it la o r ­
dered that the appearance o f said non-resident de­
fendant, Elvira 11. Fales, be entered therein within
four (4) months from the date of this order, and
in case o f her appearance she cause her answer
to tbe bill of complaint to be hied and a copy
thereof served on the complainant's solicitor
within twenty days after-thc service on her o f a
copy o f said hill and notice of this order, and in
default thereof said bill will be taken as confess­
ed by said non-resident defendant.
And it is therefore ordered that within twenty
days the complainant cause a notice o f tliis order
to be published in the Buchanan Record, a news­
paper printed, published and circulating in said
county, and that said publication be continued
therein once in each week for sh: weeks in saccession.
November 15, 1893.
Thomas O'H ara ,
Circuit Judge.
V ic t o r M . G o r e ,
Solicitor lor Complainant.
Last publication Dec. 22,1S9J.
J. L. STEPHENS, n . !>.,
If you want W ater in your yard or
house we have the
M aterial costs 25 cents p er rod , galvan­
ized. M achines sold an d fences made by
Pipes, Hydrants,Hose, Sinks,
W ash Eowls, Closets,
Are yon going to put up any new fencing this
Fall? If so don't pay something ior nothing.
See S. Ferguson, o f Davton, or write him for
prices on the National Fence. Get something
that is stayed to stay and put up on it3 merits.
Fence adopted by World's Fair management.
S, FERGUSON, Dayton, Mich.
and evarything to do a first-class job of
FA R M E R S !
SrasliicEK.lile Radies
W e a r T h em .
D ressed alters
R ecom m en d Them .
X e a d io g M erchants
Sell T h em .
T h e y arc th e only Corsets
ever made that will fully
supply the fieficSeacieB of tho
tall, shader Sgnro and pro­
duce the fashionable contour.
■They are o f great value in
a v ow in g Dame Nature to
fulfill her mission o f d cvel-
Both work and goods warranted to
give satisfaction.
tha corpulent lady, wiili entire satj-t:
£ i,oo to £5.00
i f not oKtabvit
m erchant, send io r our llin »ir. t, <
Manufactured on ly b y the
S C H X L L I7V G C O R S E ? O -
W elcom ed .
The following "bit of dialogue is related to have taken place between an ac­
tor and manager of a since disbanded
Manager— What do you mean hy ac­
tually smiling during the performance
of the death scene, as I saw you do to­
Actor—I couldn’t help it. With the
wages we get now death comes as a
happy release.—Hew York Herald.
W h e n B o otli and Coquelin M et.
“ I often recall with interest,” writes
Mrs. Lucy H. Hooper from Paris to a
Philadelphia paper, “ the only time that
Constant Coquelin and Edwin Booth
ever met. They breakfasted with me on
the occasion of Booth’s first visit to Paris
after his London engagement. I longed
for an artist to sketch the pair, one as
perfect an embodiment o f comedy as the
other was of tragedy. Neither could
speak a word of the other’s language,
yet so vivacious were their gestures, so
expressive the changing play of their
features, that words were scarcely need­
ed. I, who acted as interpreter, found
it necessary merely to indicate what one
or the other wished to say, and then the
subject would he so vividly carried on
hy looks and movements that no further
indications were wanted.”
uUr i O N
f f ( y U IN N E W S P A P E R D O M
“ T wice-a-W e ek ” is the new name given to the
Semi-Weekly Detroit Free Tress. The “ Twice-aWeek” has taken the place o f the old Weekly edition
which,afterauexistenceof 62 years, was discontinued __
Nov. 30th, 1893. A. weekly paper is no longer fully
adequate to the requirements o f this progressive age. *
The Free Press, first in everything, is the first to pro­
vide for its great host o f readers a “ Twice-a-Week,"
—complete in every detail o f the modem newspaper,—at a price ($1.00 a
year) hitherto unheard o f fo r an 8-page semi-weekly family journal. This
is indeed a newspaper revolution—a revolution the benefits o f which accrue
wholly to the reader. The spirit o f Free Press enterprise is ever alert to
promote the interests and welfare o f patrons.
1st.—The Tw iee-a-W eek Free Press comprises 8 or more
pages and is published every Tuesday and Friday
morning in tim e for early outgoing trains.
Catarrh Can’t Be Cured.
with l o c a l a p p l i c a t i o n s , as they
cannot, reach the seat o f the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure It you
have to take internal remedies. H all’s
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. H all’s Catarrh Cure is no
quack medicine. It was prescribed by
one of the 1 est physicians in this
oountry for years, and is a regular pre­
scription. It is composed o f the best
tonics known, combined with the best
blood purifiers, acting directly on tbe
mucous surfaces. The perfect combi­
nation o f the two ingredients is
what produces such wonderful resblts
in curing catarrh. Send for testimoni-
2nd.—It is the largest and hest Twice-a-"Week in America and contains all the News,
Markets, lite ra ry Miscellany, etc., brought down to the hour o f going to press.
3rd.—The Twiee-a-W eek fre e Pre’ss w ill cost only ONE DOLLAR a year— 104 news­
papers for $1,00. Did you ever hear o f so liberal a proposition?
4th.—Take your local paper for local news and The Tw ice-a-W eek for general
new s. No other papers in the world w ill give you so much for so little money.
F . J. C H E N EY & CO., Props., Toledo, O
Sold by druggists, price 75c.
M o r p h i n e baht
cu red in i o to t£0
d a y s . 3 0 ,0 0 0 cases
cu red. B o o k o f tes­
tim on ia ls free. X o
P a y t ill C ored .
X c b a n o o , O h io *
A Stone In H is H eart.
James O’Rourke died in Fitch hos­
pital recently. Postmortem Examiner
Thornbury held an autopsy and found
imbedded in the center of O’Rourke’s
heart a stone about the shape of an Eng­
lish walnut, which weighed between
four aud five ounces. The heart was
abnormally large, being nearly four
times as big as a man’s heart usually is.
It took up a large portion of the chest
cavity which is usually occupied by the
left Inng.
The stone was in the aortic cavity
and almost completely filled it up. To. •
only opening through which the blood
could flow was a space about l La- siziof a small goose quill, and for a long­
time past the heart had been able to do
only about one-eighth of its work. Tiuformation of stone is of a calcerous na­
ture. The case is without precedent
and opens a new field for surgical re­
search.— London Dispatch.
160 ACRES in Wecsaw township. Price $35
per acre.
80 ACRES, lying onc-lialf mile south-west of
Niles City, on Chicago road; first-dasBland, good
improrenieuts, and a most pleasant home. Be­
longs to Geo. A . Correll. Price $7,000. Call as
above or upon Mr. Correll at the premises.
One of the finest residences on Front street,
for $3,050.
Good house and lot on Second street for $600.
New house and lot on Second street for $500.
80 ACRES in Cbicaming. The south half o f the
northeast quarter of Section 34. Price $40 per
acre. Easy ternra. Call as above o r at the prem­
ises on Ira Wagner. 60 acres are improved, bal­
ance hard wood timber.
40 ACRES iu Section 5 in Buehanan township.
Price $1,700.
House and lot owned hy J. N. Smith, on Chi­
cago street. Price $450.
Good house and lot, 5 bySO rods, with good well,
cistern and other improvements. All first-class.
On West street, north. Price $2,800. Apply as
above, or to J. 31. Bliss.
260 ACRES, good buildings, 3!» miles from Bu­
chanan. $35ueracre. Easy terms. A bargain.
T H 1$
P R E )B ) P R E ^ S i S O O .
D E T R O I T , M ICH .

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