Trip Manual - JCC Camp Chi



Trip Manual - JCC Camp Chi
JCC Maccabi Israel
Participants Manual
your guide to the ultimate
Israel teen experience
You are about to have the experience of a lifetime!
The better prepared you are, the more fun you’ll have, so we’ve gathered all the information you’ll
need in one place. Read this booklet carefully and keep it as a reference for later. Sit back and get ready
for the greatest experience of your life!
About JCC Maccabi Israel
JCC Maccabi Israel is a thrilling Israel adventure. Participants will meet peers from around the world,
explore Jewish heritage together, and tour amazing and beautiful Israel.
JCC Maccabi Israel provides the same professional expertise found in all of our JCCs and camps. Safety,
security, and a quality experience are the highest priorities of our program.
JCC Maccabi Israel is a project of two partners; JCC Association and Maccabi World Union. JCC
Association is the continental umbrella organization for the Jewish Community Center Movement,
which was started in 1854 and includes almost 350 JCC, YM-YWHA, and camp sites in the U.S. and
Canada. Building on the 100 years of experience and the success of programs across North America,
with JCC Maccabi Israel, we know you will have an unforgettable journey.
Our six educational themes
The six educational themes of JCC Maccabi Israel programs underlie any Israel program you are
staffing. These six major themes are woven throughout the programs, through interactive workshops,
group discussion, outdoor activities, sights, and experiences:
L’dor v’dor (from generation to
generation): Understanding our
past in order to build our future
Mifgashim (connections):
Creating meaningful dialogue
between North American, Israeli
and Polish teenagers
Kehillah (community): The
importance of strengthening our Manhigut (leadership): Learning
Jewish community and making
values and gaining skills that will
help our teens become future
leaders in our communities
Ruach (spirit): Judaism and
spirituality – a pluralistic
approach toward our culture
Gvanim (diversity): Explore
the diversity and complexity of
Israeli society and
its people
JMI Participants Manual 1
Getting ready
In order to travel to and from Israel, you must have a passport that is valid for an additional six months
after your date of return to America. You are responsible for getting or renewing your passport. You
can pick up a passport application at any of the following locations: Any regional office of the U.S. State
Department’s Passport Division (they are located in most major US cities); your local U.S. Post Office, or
any U.S. District or State Court having naturalization authority.
For more information, call the toll-free federal information number 1-800-688-9889 or visit:
Please keep a photocopy of your passport with you at all times.
Passports of American citizens will be stamped with a permit upon arrival in Israel. If you are not a U.S.
citizen, you may need a visa to enter Israel. Consult with the Israeli consulate to see what additional
documents, if any, are required. To locate the consulate nearest you, visit
If you are an Israeli citizen, please contact your local Israeli consulate to coordinate your visit and ensure
painless arrival and departure from Israel.
Travel insurance
JMI provides health insurance for the duration of your program, but not travel insurance. We
recommend you purchase travel insurance in the event you need to cancel the trip for some reason.
There is an option of using Travel Insurance Israel. You can contact them at 1-888-747-3773 or by e-mail
at: [email protected] Some JCCs may coordinate a travel insurance plan with another
provider, so we recommend being in touch with them before signing up.
Packing List
Israel is hot and dry in the summer. Lightweight, easily laundered, drip-dry, cotton or cotton-blend,
casual clothing is recommended for most touring days. JCC Maccabi Israel is not responsible for items
lost, stolen or damaged, so leave your really good stuff at home.
A backpack is a MUST so you can carry whatever items you will need for the day’s activities—a change
of clothes, camera, a towel, etc.
Summer Trips
The following items are essential
If you don’t bring these things with you, you’ll have to buy them in Israel, at your expense.
q Backpack (for hiking and touring)
q Hiking shoes or sneakers with good support
q A comfortable closed hat (must be worn for all hikes and outdoor activities—visors are not
q 10-12 short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts (A T-shirt with sleeves must be worn for hiking. Tank tops are
allowed only at night.)
JMI Participants Manual 2
q A water canteen or water bottle (We provide a thermal water-bottle cover that holds 1.5 liter
bottles, which are easily found in Israel.)
q Sun block (spf 30 or higher)
q Small gifts for host families—one for Mifgash (weekend with Partnership 2Gether) and one for the
family during visitation weekend (if applicable)
General items
q 10-12 pairs of socks
q 10-12 sets of underwear
q 2 light sweatshirts
q 2 cotton pajamas
q 2 bathing suits
q 2 pairs of jeans or comfortable slacks
q 3-4 pairs of shorts
q sneakers or sandals
q water shoes
q 1 pair of flip-flops
q a flashlight with extra batteries
q travel alarm clock
q laundry bag
q pens and other writing materials (postcards, envelopes, and stamps can be purchased in Israel)
q toiletries, including; shampoo, deodorant, hairbrush/comb, moisturizer, facial soap, toothbrush,
toothpaste, razor, shaving gel
q insect repellent
q small mirror
q 1-2 towels, for showering and swimming (most hotels provide towels)
q feminine hygiene supplies
q waist pack (may be convenient for carrying money, ID, etc.)
Winter Trips
If you are participating on a JMI winter trip here are some additional items you should pack.
q 3-4 long sleeve shirts (some thermal)
q 1 sweatshirt for evenings or to add onto existing clothing
q 1 jacket/coat – warm and water proof
q some pairs of thick socks (wool is recommended)
Summer Participants Manual 3
q warm gloves
q Ear muffs or similar
q 1 pair of thermal underwear (just in case)
q 1 wind/rain jacket (that folds and can fit into backpack)
q 2 cotton pajamas
q 1-2 pairs of sweatpants
q 1 bathing suit
q 1-2 pairs of shorts
q 1-2 pairs of boots
Modest dress
While you are in Israel you will be visiting a number of religious sites. While all JMI programs are
pluralistic and non-denominational, we do ask that you respect the local norms. Therefore, when
packing, girls should bring a long skirt (one that falls below the knees) and a shirt that covers their
shoulders. Boys should bring a pair of long pants and a kippah (yarmulke).
Specifically for women
q 2 pairs of lightweight pants
q 2 long-sleeved shirts (for religious sites)
q 2 nicer shirts for Shabbat
q 2 skirts comfortable for walking (one must reach below the knee for religious sites)
There is no need to bring expensive jewelry or a lot of make-up; neither is necessary for the activities in
which you will participate.
Specifically for men
q kippah (yarmulke) for Shabbat and religious sites
q 2 pairs of light cotton slacks for Shabbat
q 2 collared or dress T-shirts for Shabbat
Note: Articles of clothing with pictures, emblems or writing that are lewd, vulgar, racist,
obscene, or advertise or depict drugs or drug use are strictly forbidden.
*If you choose to bring a Musical instrument on the trip we recommend that you ensure it
Laundry will be done at least once during your program. A service will pick up the group’s laundry in the
evening and return it the next evening. JCC Maccabi Israel is not responsible for items lost or damaged
during laundering.
JMI Participants Manual 4
Health insurance & medical information
An Israeli supplementary medical insurance program covers all participants. The JCC Association Israel
office has been working with this reliable program for several years. The plan provides coverage on
almost everything. Exceptions are pre-existing conditions, mental health problems, eyeglasses, dental
work and prescription medication. If you become ill, you will receive free medical assistance, free
medication and any additional needed care. Hospitalization is included. The plan provides coverage
anywhere in Israel and operates 24 hours a day.
Make sure to bring a copy of your family’s insurance card, including the plan name and policy
number. Please include this information in the space provided in the online application site (http://
An American madrich (staff) will always be with you if you’re sick. This includes doctor visits or being
sick in bed. You will never be left alone. If you choose to go home to be treated, you will have to cover
the cost.
If you wear contact lenses, bring a pair of glasses for emergencies; the dust of the Israeli desert may
present a problem with contacts. Lenses that can be chemically cleaned are most convenient. It’s a
good idea to bring your prescription with you in case of loss or damage.
If you take medication or will be taking medication while in Israel, you MUST provide the following
information, as instructed in the application packet.
Prescription medication
• Name of medication
• Explanation of use
• Dosage instructions
Non-prescription medication
• Name of medication
• Explanation of use
• Dosage instructions
Note: Bring any medication that you take regularly. It is also wise to have a copy of the prescription
with you. If you generally carry medication without full packaging, bring the page that explains the
exact chemical makeup of the medicine and dosage. Medication from North America often has
different names and if lost, can be hard to trace without exact details.
Madrichim will collect all medication at the onset of the program, and hold it for the duration of
the program. Madrichim will be responsible for dispensing medication according to the information
supplied in the application packet.
JMI Participants Manual 5
Preparation for your Israel experience
Every group receives an in-depth security orientation upon arrival. Security rules and regulations are
explained, including those prohibiting hitchhiking and wandering off alone.
Your group may also have an orientation and preparation meeting in the US before leaving. Please
contact your group organizer to learn more.
Electrical appliances
Electric current in Israel is 220 volts DC, (In the US and Canada it is 110 volts AC) single phase, 50 hertz.
Transformers that convert voltage are available at most electronics stores. Many appliances such as
hair dryers, radios, and clocks require special transformers, so be sure to check with a specialist. Some
appliances are available with built-in dual or universal voltage and for these appliances, only an adapter
to Israel electrical sockets is required.
Feel free to bring a couple of small, inexpensive gifts to give your host families during the Mifgash
(Israeli encounter) part of the program and/or the home hospitality segment (if applicable). You’ll
be able to buy flowers or chocolate once in Israel; however, gifts that are uniquely American, and
particularly indigenous to your region of the country, are more appreciated.
Group t-shirts
It is customary on JMI teen trips that your bus group will design and print their own T-shirts (usually
towards the end of the program). The teens usually put together a committee that chooses the color
of the T-shirt, text and other trip-related remarks that go on.
If your group decides to purchase T-shirts, it will cost an extra $15-20.
Spending money in Israel
You will want to have money for gifts, extra snacks, and miscellaneous items. There are no restrictions
on the amount of foreign currency visitors may bring into Israel. From our experience, participants
spend an average of $100/week for gifts, ice cream and drinks etc.
If you choose to use your debit/credit card, make sure your card is accepted at international bank
machines. We don’t recommend using a credit card to get cash advances, though you may bring one if
you want. Another option is to use a prepaid card, such as from payoneer, which works the same as a
credit card and an ATM card. You will be able to add money to your Payoneer account as needed and a
replacement card can be issued within 24 hours should the card be stolen or lost.
The shekel (NIS – New Israeli Shekel) is Israel’s legal tender; you can exchange money at the airport. We
do not recommend using hotels to change your money because they have a high exchange rate. Using
your Payoneer/debit/credit card to withdraw Israeli currency is possible and recommended.
As of January 18, 2015, the exchange rate was $1 = 3.94 NIS. (check again before you depart)
JMI Participants Manual 6
Tipping your bus driver and tour guide
As it is a large source of their income (and because they are always so great!) it is customary to tip both
your tour guide and bus driver. If you are on a community or camp trip your program director will give
you more information as to how much you should bring for your tip.
Average temperatures in major Israeli cities:
F= Fahrenheit
Tiberias & Karmiel
Tel Aviv, Netanya & Herzliya
Eilat & Dead Sea
63-81 F
66-84 F
68-95 F
73-98 F
67-83 F
70-86 F
75-99 F
77-103 F
66-86 F
75-99 F
72-86 F
79-104 F
Tiberias & Karmiel
Tel Aviv, Netanya & Herzliya
Eilat & Dead Sea
NovDec Jan
54-67 F
47-56 F
43-53 F
59-78 F
53-68 F
48-65 F
54-76 F
47-66 F
49-65 F
61-83 F
51-74 F
49-70 F
A word about Shabbat
When coming to Israel people bring their own traditions. All JMI programs are pluralistic and
non-denominational so there will probably be people on your trip who come from very different
backgrounds. We ask that you respect all your friends and learn from one another.
All of our programs are Sabbath observant. Although you are allowed to use electricity in your private
rooms, we ask that in public places such as tours, dining rooms, halls and lounges you observe Shabbat.
Our programs do not travel or engage in any activities that require the use of electricity, writing or
money. Remember even if you are not observant, there may be people on your trip who are, so please
be respectful.
JMI Participants Manual 7
Travel information
International flights for JCC Maccabi Israel programs are arranged by group through JCC Maccabi Israel.
JCC Maccabi Israel continental programs fly out of the New York area (JFK or Newark airports). Camp or
community programs either fly out of New York (JFK or Newark) or an international airport near your
community. For more information please contact your camp/community director or JCC. Please read the
following instructions to make your flying experience run smoothly:
Please check with your group leader about luggage limitation and check in policy—different flights
have different regulations. However you should limit yourself to one piece of luggage (for return flight
as well) weighing no more than 20kg (50 lb) only.
Type of luggage
Remember, you will be carrying your own luggage in and out of hotels and hostels, and on and off
the bus throughout the program. Your bags or suitcases should be made of lightweight but durable
material. We suggest a duffel bag on wheels, which has wheels on one end and a pull piece on the
other; these can be purchased at most luggage stores.
If you choose to bring a musical instrument that does not fit in your luggage, you may not be able to
bring it on the plane as carry-on and may need to have it checked. Please check with the airline for
rules about carry-on luggage. If your instrument needs to be checked, you will be responsible for any
incurred cost.
The 3-day bag
Most participants bring one suitcase/duffel bag on wheels. In addition, many bring a foldable/
collapsible nylon type bag, which can be used as a second suitcase—handy for portions of the program
when you may need to bring only enough belongings for a two or three day period.
Carry-on luggage
On most airlines you will be allowed one piece of carry-on luggage with a maximum total dimension of
35 inches. You must be able to fit it in the overhead compartment or under the plane seat in front of
you. A purse or waist-pack does not count as a carry-on.
We strongly suggest that you put one change of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap in your
carry-on so that you will be prepared to freshen up quickly upon arrival. Since 2006, the Transportation
Security Administration has required that all liquids and gels (for example toothpaste, shampoo, or
deodorant) be in containers no larger than 3 ounces, and stored together in a quart sized Ziploc plastic
bag for security screening.
Carry-on luggage policy varies depending on the airline, so check with your group leader before you
begin packing.
Summer Participants Manual 8
Lost luggage
Our experience has been that misplaced luggage (meaning that it does not arrive on the same flight as
the group) usually arrives on the next flight. If your luggage is indeed lost, the group leaders will help
you buy whatever items you need. The cost of these purchases is the sole responsibility of you and your
family. However, the airlines will most likely reimburse you up to a certain amount. If your luggage does
not arrive with the group’s, a JCC Maccabi Israel representative will assist you in locating your luggage.
Flight deviations
Flight deviations are defined as coming onto a program late, leaving the program early, or staying in
Israel after the program is finished. Deviations tend to be very complicated, so we advise you to avoid
them at all costs. Should a layover be absolutely necessary, it must be cleared by your community
contact and you must have a signed waiver prior to booking the flight. Deviations tend to incur extra
cost, which is your responsibility.
Summer Participants Manual 9
While in Israel
Safety and security
Our activities are carried out in compliance with the strictest possible safety guidelines, in accordance
with standards established by the Ministry of Education, the Jewish Agency Security Department, the
Israeli Defense Forces and SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel). All JCC Maccabi Israel
groups consult a 24 hour communication room operated by the SPNI to ensure that daily programming
meets security standards. Routes, tours, and itineraries can and do change, according to security
recommendations. Each group is equipped with a cellular phone at all times and is accompanied by
a trained, armed chaperone throughout the trip as needed and stipulated by the security guidelines.
Participants are not permitted on public transportation. In addition, JCC Maccabi Israel programs are
known for close and regular communication with relatives and friends of participants. Our New York
and Israel staff is available by telephone 24 hours a day.
Our groups are chaperoned at all times and travel around the country in chartered buses. Even when
the group has free time, staff is present and available.
Our staff are much more than guides; they are important role models, too. Participants give them very
high marks in their final evaluation.
Each JCC Maccabi Israel group is staffed by a team comprised of American madrichim, a licensed
Israeli tour guide, and an Israeli counselor who is also a certified first aid responder. In addition, JCC
Association has an office in Jerusalem with experienced staff to handle any challenges that may occur
and offer support and guidance to the groups.
We see our staff as the most important asset of our program and we pay very careful attention to their
selection and training. They have a deep understanding of their responsibility for the well-being of the
teenagers in their care, and of adolescent issues and needs.
In addition, both Israel Experience Inc. of the Jewish Agency for Israel and JCC Maccabi Israel
coordinators will spend quality time with the group and are on call for any problem or emergency that
might arise.
Accommodations and food
You will be staying in modest and comfortable accommodations, typically three star hotels and youth
hostels, with the exception of camping out or sleeping in the Bedouin tents or home hospitality (if
applicable). All hotels/hostels and kibbutz guesthouses provide kosher meals. The food in Israel will
be a little different from what you are used to, from the Middle Eastern falafel and shawarma to
buffet style breakfasts. The principle meal of the day is lunch. Different foods are part of your Israel
experience, so take this opportunity to explore a new cuisine. The Mediterranean diet has been proven
to be one of the healthiest in the world. And if you’re desperate for pizza or a burger, there are plenty
of places in Israel today that serve these, and from time to time we may visit these places as well.
Summer Participants Manual 10
Because we believe staying in touch is critical, we maintain a sophisticated system of communication
with the group and their families. Each group carries a cell phone at all times. Each bus is equipped with
a closed circuit radio, which keeps the group in contact with the bus headquarters at all times. All the
group coordinators have cell phones so they can be reached 24 hours a day. Full time New York staff
stays in touch with each group on a regular basis. Additionally, verification of arrival in Israel can be
done through the airline office or the JCC Maccabi Israel New York office.
We will contact you with your group’s contact information closer to departure date.
Please refer questions and comments to your group organizer. Should you need to contact our New
York office, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. EST you may call:
Tel: 1-800-732-1266
Fax: 1-212 481-4174
Email: [email protected]
Time zones (during the summer)
Eastern Time Zone to Israel, add 7 hours
Central Time Zone to Israel, add 8 hours
Mountain Time Zone to Israel, add 9 hours
Pacific Time Zone to Israel, add 10 hours
In the event of an emergency, please contact your group organizer, who will then be in contact with the
JMI staff. We are available 24 hours a day at a number that will be provided closer to departure date.
Additional communication information
You and your parents will receive a list of useful telephone numbers. There will never be a
problem reaching the group in the event of an emergency. As for regular calls, although all of our
accommodations have telephones and faxes, participants may not be accessible at all times. We
know you need to keep in touch with your family back home. Each community will decide on a certain
procedure for maintaining contact with their families.
Purchase a calling card to use to call home. All major companies operate in Israel. In addition, you can
buy calling cards at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.
Cell phones
While cell phones are extremely popular and allow a level of comfort, they are also very distracting
when the group is traveling. If you would like to rent a cell phone, please understand that cell phones
will not be allowed during program time and participants may use their cell phone during nonprogram times only. If you are interested in renting a cell phone, please be in touch with Talk n Save – Information is on our website at and
in the “valuable information for your trip” section of the online registration.
Summer Participants Manual 11
Keeping in touch
We encourage you to write letters and postcards to your family and friends while in Israel, but keep in
mind that the mail system overseas is often slow. Mail to and from Israel can take significantly longer
than mail within the U.S.
All packages are subject to customs and import charges that can be as high as 100% of the item’s real
value. In addition, Israel customs require a special trip to Tel Aviv to claim a package.
We do not recommend sending mail from the US to Israel. We suggest that you rely on fax and
E-mail and faxes
You may receive e-mail at this address: [email protected] or fax to: (972) 2 624-7767. E-mails and faxes
will be delivered to your group as often as possible. Senders should be sure to include your name and
group name (Joe Smith-JMI Camp Chi) in the subject of the e-mail or fax.
Phone calls
If you will not be traveling with a cell phone, you will have limited access to telephones in order to make
calls home. It’s not a good idea to set up specific times for making or receiving phone calls because of
the busy schedule and limited access to public phones.
Summer Participants Manual 12
JCC Maccabi Israel conditions and regulations
Each participant must follow our regulations and general code of behavior. A copy of the JCC
Maccabi Israel Conditions and Regulations is in your online registration area. This document is
for your records, though we do need a signed copy in our office prior to the trip’s departure.
1. General Code of Behavior: As a participant in JCC Maccabi Israel Programs, you are expected to
behave in an appropriate manner at all times. Participants may not fight, steal or engage in any kind
of antisocial or disruptive behavior. Participants will be held responsible for the cost of any property
damage they cause.
2. Illegal Drugs: The purchase, use or sale of drugs is illegal in Israel and may carry personal and legal
consequences far more stringent than the laws of your home community. In addition, any purchase
or use of illegal drugs is grounds for immediate expulsion from the program without refund and at
your expense.
3. Alcoholic Beverages: Possession, consumption or distribution of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Violation will result in expulsion from the program without refund and at the participant’s expense.
4. Smoking will not be permitted by JCC Maccabi Israel at any time during the program. The purchase
and or use of any and all smoking paraphernalia, including but not limited to hookahs and/or
nargilas, is also prohibited.
5. Piercing and Tattoos: Participants in JCC Maccabi Israel programs are not permitted to engage in
either ear or body piercing, nor are they permitted to get a tattoo throughout the duration of the
program. Insurance does not cover medical issues related to body piercing or tattoos.
6. Social behavior: We anticipate that participants in JCC Maccabi Israel Programs will behave
appropriately in the presence of members of the opposite sex or with members of the same sex.
Participants shall not be permitted in the rooms or living areas of members of the opposite sex
except at times stipulated by the program staff.
7. The program is a group experience. Participants must adhere to the itinerary and activities of the
8. JCC Association and its partners do not use public transportation for our groups. All transportation
provided for our groups is arranged through a private chartered bus service.
The use of public transportation by any participant at any time is strictly prohibited.
9. The weather in Israel is hotter than in most areas in the US. Participants must be prepared to hike
and to wake up early during much of the program. Also participants should be prepared to wear
hats and drink more liquid then may be necessary in their home environment. T-shirts with sleeves
are required for all hikes.
10.Kashrut: All of the food provided during the program will be kosher.
JMI Participants Manual • 14
Focus on security
Safety and security is our number one priority. We want to share with you some of the measures
taken by JCC Maccabi Israel in order to ensure the well-being of our participants and staff:
1. For many years, the Jewish Agency has operated a special center that is in contact with the IDF, the
Ministry of Education and the Society for Preservation of Nature (three bodies that operate trips,
hikes and tours for youth in Israel). The staff of this center update us regularly and very efficiently.
All of our hikes and travel routes are approved in advance and modified daily if needed. Our security
guidelines are based on the recommendations made by this center.
2. All JMI participants are required to stay with the group at all times except when given permission
by their staff. Any family or friends visiting or hosting participants need prior permission and
coordination. JMI reserves the right not to grant a participant permission to leave the group. If
permission is granted, the host family must pick up the participant and bring the person back to an
agreed upon meeting point at a predetermined time.
3. Structured free time is allowed at certain times during the program. Participants are briefed where
they can go and need to report back to staff at designated times. Staff members stay on duty
during that time. Emergency cards are given to participants on the first day of the program with
relevant phone numbers of staff and administration. Participants are strongly advised to carry this
card with them at all times.
4. JMI follows the regulations of the SPNI, which are based on IDF and Ministry of Education
regulations to have an armed chaperone during certain segments of the trip. When needed, we will
employ additional first aid and guard personnel.
5. Itineraries and programs are reviewed regularly and changes may be made based on security
updates we receive.
Get excited!
Join our Facebook group, JCC Maccabi Israel, to meet people from your trip and get more fun
facts about Israel!
Check out these awesome websites to get yourself in the Israeli state of mind:
Check out some of the places before you get there. This website gives you info about where you will
visit while in Israel.
Balkan Beat Box is the latest music sensation in Israel. Check out their website and listen to some of
their songs.
Learn about all things Israel from pop culture to politics.
Politics junkie? Check out awesome lecturer Neil Lazarus’s website for all your up-to-date Israeli political
Are you a tree hugger? So is Israel! Find out more about all things “green” going on in Israel.
Useful words and phrases
Thank you
Good morning
Where is the bathroom?
How much is this?
I do not speak Hebrew
Do you speak English?
Boker tov
Ayfo ha shirutim?
Kama ze oleh
Ani lo medeber/et Ivrit
Ata/at medeber/et Anglit?
JMI Participants Manual • 16
Advice from past participants...
1 Go with the flow—things in Israel are a lot less structured than in America… learn to love it!
2 Wear sunscreen!!
3 Step outside of your comfort zone. “Get ready for salad for breakfast.”
4 Take a lot of pictures (of people and places)!!!
5 Prepare to be dirty and sweaty for most of the trip, so do not bring any expensive clothing.
6 Drink water!
7 Don’t overpack! (You have to carry your own bags)
8 Keep a journal or start a blog!
9 Prepare yourself and your parents for minimal communication over the course of the trip (that’s
part of the fun!)
10 Again, drink a TON of water!!
JMI Participants Manual • 17
Important numbers for contacting your child in Israel
Jerusalem Office: Ido Medan-David : 011-972-26251265 *2
New York Office: Nicole Risener: 212-786-5093
For the most up-to-date information and to connect with us in preparation for your trip,
check out our website at or visit our Facebook page JCC Maccabi Israel
See you in Israel
JMI Participants Manual • 18
JCC Association is proud to present
the JCC Maccabi Games , JCC Maccabi
ArtsFest , and JCC Maccabi Israel .
Connecting Jewish teens through
sports, the arts, and travel.
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JMI Program Director, JCC Israel Center
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