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THE CIRCUS HAS BEGUN. The official campaign period for the May 9, 2016 Philippine presidential elections is now officially open.
A new President and his vice president will be chosen, along with 12 senators, 250 representatives of the lower house of congress and local officials
from councillor to local town mayor to governor.
These candidates are now out in the hastings to solicit support from some 55 million qualified voters, including those from abroad.
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“So let the side show begin
Step right on in…”
- Sideshow, Blue Magic
Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga, 85 Pacquiao likens
MANILA, Philippines – Notes of
mourning welled in social media
following the news of Carlos
"Caloy" Lozaga's fall to cardiac
arrest. He was 85.
Loyzaga, arguably the greatest
Filipino to ever play the game of
basketball, died Wednesday, January 27, around 7 a.m. at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center.
The 6-foot-3 Loyzaga commandeered various editions of the
Philippine national basketball
teams into the Asian Games in in
the late 1950s and in the FIBA
Asia championships during the
early 1960s. He also played in the
Olympic Games twice.
Highly regarded was Loyzaga's all
-around and equally clean play
that it became a subject of many
memoirs and discussion by many
Philippine basketball pundits. But
he will always be remembered as
the "Big Difference" who made an
indelible mark in behalf of the
gays to animals,
draws flak
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Toronto hugs the world’s sport stage
It was only fitting that National
Basketball Association (NBA) all
star weekend was finally held on
Canadian soil in its biggest city Toronto, home of the only Canadian
NBA basketball team - the Raptors.
But more than that, the sports fest
of February 12,13 and 14 serves to
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ROYAL VISIT: Healing the
Story on page 6
wounds of war
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Manny Pacquiao: Pambansang
Kamao to Pambansang Kahihiyan?
Japan's Emperor Akihito, center, Empress Michiko, left and Philippine President Benigno Aquino upon their arrival for a five-day state visit. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
February 2016
Manila Feedback
Filipinos Making News
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Binay drops in survey, Duterte
and Poe tied 2nd place
Administration candidate Mar Roxas drops in the latest SWS survey
Escudero slips;
Marcos tied with
him for No. 1 – SWS
It's the first time that Senator Escudero lost the lead in surveys, says SWS. The numbers of Leni Robredo and Alan Peter Cayetano rose by 2 points.
MANILA, Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte’s numbers improved to catch up with Senator Grace Poe at 2nd
place while survey leader Vice
President Jejomar Binay’s
slightly dropped in a new survey that continue to indicate a
tight race for the presidency.
one, is now just 5 points
ahead of Duterte and Poe although
the survey's
3percentage-points error margin puts the 3 candidates in a
possible tie.
21% in November 2015.
Poe’s numbers remained flat
at 24%. Duterte also got 24%
but this was a significant 4percentage points increase
from his 20% in a January
2016 survey, based on the
Business World – Social
Weather Stations (BW-SWS)
survey on February 5-7 conducted among 1,200 validated
The survey shows that Binay
(29%), who remained number
The error margin puts Binay’s
numbers from 26% to 32%,
which overlaps with Poe and
Duterte’s numbers between
21% to 27%.
The new survey is a deviation
from Binay's performance in
the last two SWS surveys, conducted in December 2015 and
January 2016, where he appeared to have recovered
from a downward spiral between November 2014 to November 2015. He enjoyed a
high of 37% in November
2014 and suffered a low of
Binay registered an improvement in the December 2015
SWS survey (26%) and the
succeeding January 2016 survey (31%).
Administration candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas II dropped
to 4th place, getting the approval of 18% of the respondents from 21% in January. The
3-percentage-points decline is
significant considering the
survey's error margin.
Senator Miriam DefensorSantiago received a mere 4%.
For the vice presidential race,
Senator Francis Escudero lost
the top spot.
In the senatorial race, Sena(Continued on page 6)
Pacquiao likens gays
to animals, draws flak
By: DJ Yap, Marc Jayson Caybyab, Ramon Royandoyan, Tarra Quismundo
then, are better than humans.
They know how to distinguish
males from females.
“My mistake was inihambing
ko yong tao sa hayop and I
sincerely apologize for that…”
“If people engage in male-tomale, female-to-female relations, they are worse than
animals,” he added.
At press time last night, he
was reportedly hosting dinner
for the local LGBT group.
As his remarks touched off a
firestorm of criticisms, the
world champ issued an apology.
“I’m sorry..” - Pacquiao
WORLD boxing champion
Manny Pacquiao has drawn a
flurry of jabs, hooks and uppercuts from various groups
after describing gay couples,
lesbians and transgenders as
“worse than animals.”
Interviewed by TV5 for its
“Bilang Pilipino” election coverage, the Sarangani representative
sense” would show there
were no animals which engaged in sex with those of the
same gender.
By analogy, then, if persons
engage in same-sex relations,
they are worse than animals,
Pacquiao said.
“It’s only common sense,”
Pacquiao said in Filipino.
“Would you see any species of
animals engaging in male-tomale,
(sexual) relations? Animals,
“I’m sorry for hurting people
by comparing homosexuals to
animals. Please forgive me for
those I’ve hurt,” Pacquiao said
in a statement. “I still stand by
my belief that I’m against
same-sex marriage because of
what the Bible says, but I’m
(lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender). I love you all
with the love of the Lord. God
Bless you all and I’m praying
for you.”
“I apologize if I hurt the feelings of those who belong to
the LGBT community. I feel
that as a leader it is my moral
responsibility to tell and stand
by what is right and what I
believe is true. I respect LGBT
rights and I have nothing personal against them. But I hope
they will also understand my
own stand and belief regarding the issue…”
Homosexual animals
Despite Pacquiao’s claim of
common sense, however,
studies have shown that even
animals engage in homosexual
A “born again” Christian pastor, Pacquiao made the statement in the campaign for his
senatorial candidacy under
the banner of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).
Pacquiao has missed the campaign trail to prepare for his
fight with American Timothy
Bradley in April. But he has
ranked high in the voters’
preference polls, getting into
the “Magic 12” of senators in
the coming elections.
The video of the interview has
gone viral on social media,
garnering over 1.1 million
views. Netizens on Twitter
were quick to react.
“Hope the LGBT community
spearheads a campaign to
keep Pacquiao off the Senate.
We don’t need another bigot
there,” Cecila (@ceso) said.
“Imagine how many gay box(Continued on page 8)
SOLID NORTH? Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr barnstorms in Northern Luzon. File photo by Jasmin Dulay
(UPDATED) – Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr is
now tied with Senator Francis
Escudero for the top spot in
the vice presidential race,
based on a February 5-7 survey conducted by BusinessWorld and the Social Weather
Stations (SWS).
Both are now at 26%, according to survey results released
early Monday, February 15, in
This is the first time that Escudero lost the lead since September 2015, when BW-SWS
preelection surveys, BusinessWorld said. Escudero was at
28% in the January 2016 BWSWS survey.
Escudero (20%) enjoyed up to
13-percentage-point lead over
Marcos (7%) in September
2015, but it was a time when
Marcos was still reportedly
considering a presidential
run. Marcos' numbers showed
double-digit increase (7% to
24%) after he filed his certificate of candidacy while Escudero gained additional 10%
in the November survey. Escudero has since showed consistent decline while Marcos'
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Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga,
country in the 1954 FIBA World Championships
(now the basketball World
Cup), by making the tournament's Mythical Team and
securing a Bronze medal.
numbers proved to be erratic.
Marcos’ new numbers didn’t
grow much from January,
however. They just increased
from 25% in January to 26%
in February 2016. The survey
has a 3-percentage-point error margin.
Camarines Sur Rep. Maria
Leonor “Leni” G. Robredo was
up 2 points, from 17% in January to 19% in February, BWSWS said.
Senator Alan Peter S. Cayetano’s numbers increased,
too, from 14% in January to
16% in February.
Senator Gregorio “Gringo” B.
Honasan II got 6% (from 8%
in January), while Senator
Antonio F. Trillanes IV had
5% (from 3% in January), according to BW-SWS.
For the presidential race, Vice
President Jejomar Binay's
numbers slipped while Rodrigo Duterte's rose, putting the
Davao mayor in 2nd place
with Senator Grace Poe.
Senator Francis Escudero,
meanwhile, now shares the
lead in the vice-presidential
preference survey with Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. –
Loyzaga, a former San Beda
Red Lion, went on to coach
the University of Santo Tomas men's basketball team
in the collegiate arena. He
also mentored U-Tex and
Tanduay during the early
years of Asia's first pay-forplay league, the Philippine
Basketball Association. ⦿
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February 2016
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As in past polls, the winning candidates will most likely win
their votes through popularity, the 3Gs (guns goons and gold)
while the losers will always whine of “being robbed of victory” through fraud or cheating and this is because such dirty
tactics has been an “institution” in Philippine elections despite the introduction of automated elections.
But what makes the Philippine election style unique is how
candidates can manipulate the weaknesses of traditional values such as family and close kinship.
You always vote for your “compadre” who gave you past favors, money or helped your son or daughter get a job.
The same way, a presidential bet will pay off his financiers
with juicy contracts or project once elected. This system has
bred corruption on a wide scale and it is a never ending cycle.
Thus, the system of “patronage” has always been a stumbling
block in a system that cannot be said as fair and even fight.
Who got the gold (money), the goons (to terrorize voters) and
the guns seemed to have the upper hand.
Money can buy an entire family or a whole barangay come
election time and whoever is the highest bidder get the votes.
This is a sad reality in Philippine election.
There was this story that a presidential bet in the 1990s lost
by a small margin because the administration bet was able to
withdraw money from the banks that was already closed one
day before the voting was to start. The bank was ordered to
open at the request of higher authorities.
Election spending is mind boggling. The amount of money
that circulates even before the official 90-day campaign commences amounts to billions of pesos.
Under the law, each presidential candidate is allowed to
spend at least P10 for each voter which means, multiply that
with some 55 million voters, it could amount to at least half a
billion in pesos with an additional party spending allowance
of some P250,000,000.
The total for each candidate will be at least P800 million to
P1 billion.
But in reality, a presidential bet will have to spend between
P10 billion to P20 billion, give or take. As they say, money
flows like water during election time.
A barangay captain (village leader) whose area has a big voting population can be promised a car and P200,000 in cash if
he can guarantee a candidate’s win in his area.
The families and other lesser leaders in the barangays are
then wined and dined, completed with cash dole outs.
In low flung areas where poverty is more pronounced, bets
provide food, transportation, allowances to voters with the
guarantee of their votes.
There are at least 18,053 posts or elective positions to be contested in this year’s polls that include 1,600 town mayors, 80
governors plus, 12 senate seats and 250 congressmen.
The hoopla and competitions in every nook and cranny of the
Philippines makes elections a huge circus, a big fiesta complete with marching bands, cheerleaders, grub and drinks and
what have you that even the occasional violence is drowned
out by the revelry for weeks and months.
But after the decision day, it’s back to the normal fare of hope
amid poverty, praying each day that the ideal leader will
come their way. ⦿
Tenny F. Soriano
Influential and highly popular TV host Boy Abunda was
livid with anger.
and I’ll fight for my rights,”
said the TV host who is
openly gay.
Lesbian singer and artist
Aiza Seguerra said “I’ve lost
my respect for him.” Aiza
called him ignorant and a
bigoted hypocrite.
“Common sense.
Sino ka
para husgahan ako na mas
masahol pa sa hayop? Common sense. Iboboto ko ba
ang kandidatong tinawag
akong mas masahol pa sa
Boxing champ and senatorial
aspirant Manny Pacquiao is
now a much pilloried person.
The most hated man in the
In an interview over TV 5 on
his views on same sex marriage, Pacquiao, who is
known as a conservative
Christian, called gay people
as “worse than animals”.
“It’s common sense. Do you
see animals mating with the
same sex? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female. If
men mate with men and
women mate with women
they are worse than animals,” Pacquiao said in a
mixture of Tagalog and English.
But he later apologised after
a stream of criticisms flooded social media, newspapers
and international other media outlets, including BBC
(British Broadcasting Corporation ), CNN (Cable News
(Toronto) among others,
highlighting his slur on gay
A comment from noted Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton
said Pacquiao’s comparison
was “barbaric”.
Abunda, who has millions of
followers and viewers nationwide, did not hide his
disgust as he asked his TV
network big bosses to allow
him to air his views on national TV with a special
“Gay rights are human rights
Quoting Pope Francis’ statement about gay priests, “if
someone is gay and he
searches for the Lord and
has good will, who am I to
Just as he is being bashed,
Pacquiao had no shortage of
defenders among them his
Jojo Binay who is also an opponent of same sex marriage.
In the coming days, the backlash on Pacquiao’s candidacy
and his April fight with Timothy Bradley will be known
as more people are coming
out in open criticisms of the
8-time boxing champ.
The LADLAD, an influential
group of LGBT whose members sit in the Philippine
congress, are asking for a
boycott on Pacquiao, including another group calling for
declaring him as a nuisance
It will definitely hurt his
chances at the May 9 elections or his standing as he
currently sits in the top ten
bets surveys.
There is also his record as
congressman whose attendance is dismal just as the
number of bills filed.
The trouble with Pacquiao is
that he wants to chew more
than he could swallow. He
wants to be a PBA player
which he is but with disas-
trous results, he wants to be
a singer but the song is not
there and he wants to be
president, yes …but maybe
of the Philippine Boxing association, if there is such as
As Abunda said, Pacquiao
crossed the line when he
described gays as worse
than animals and then maybe too, Pacquiao is now
crossing his rubicon with his
upcoming “last fight” with
Timothy Bradley. But the
biggest fight of career may
yet to be: Pacquiao versus
the LGBT with the Filipino
Pambansang kamao...now, a
Pambansang Kahihiyan and
an international embarrassment….
Did Enrile asked the reopening of the Mamasapano case
to get back at President
Aquino? There was nothing
new in the proceedings of
the case nor was there any
new information or revelations. Truth of the matter,
Enrile at 93 years old, still
packs lots of power as a top
notch lawyer and a crafty
By reopening the case, he
destroyed President Aquino’s credibility by showing
his indecisiveness as a commander in chief, a leader and
He showed how the leadership has bungled its way in
launching a covert operation
that blew in their faces at the
same time causing the
deaths of 44 specially
trained police commandos.
The casualty here is of
course Mar Roxas, whose
chances of being president is
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February 2016
Dateline: Manila
Filipinos Making News
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Into the running…
Diego Ojano Franco
A day after the Year of the Fire Monkey started, the gates of the
“pambansang karera” for candidates
for national positions in the May 9
elections have opened.
The opening salvos of the foremost
contenders for the highest position,
the presidency, boomed in such fiery
heat as the official campaign period
began last February 10 and the race
kicked off to a somewhat contained if
not measured heat by the top “bidas”
but also incensed expressed hate
among commuting public as the respective top candidates’ proclamation
rallies created monstrous traffic jams
in the strategic areas where they were
Of production design quality, survey
presidential frontrunner Grace Poe
chose the historic Plaza Miranda in
Quiapo, Manila to spell out her governance agenda reprising her famous
dad FPJ’s classic movie line “puno na
ang salop” (enough is enough) in reference to the battle against poverty,
corruption in government and the
criminals who would also be target of
her administration, to the cheering of
a packed crowd estimated at 8,000.
Without losing the touch for emotional appeal, candidate Poe noted that
the drama of her life started at a
church in Iloilo where she was found
as an infant, it is fitting that the next
chapter in her life should be launched
in front of the Quiapo Church very
much revered by multitudes of “masa”
Laying the core values of her candidacy, Senator Grace Poe made her
pledge “before the people, before
God… I am Grace Poe, mother, daughter, Filipino. With all my heart and
strength, I will uphold and defend programs of a compassionate government, our aspirations for the Filipino
Family, our hopes for the country and
our children.”
by the graduating Aquino administration.
* * *
With the poor man’s welfare on top of
his mind, Vice President Jejomar Binay fired his opening shot aptly at the
Welfareville in Mandaluyong City with
the message of a “truly caring government” if elected as the next president
of the country. The United Nationalist
Alliance’s (UNA) bet for chief executive of our islands, Binay proclaimed
his governance vision of “free uniforms, books and school items for (the
Philippines’) 20 million public students, expansion of the Pantawid
Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps
(Conditional Cash Transfer Program)
to include senior citizens ages 60 to
64 and free medicines for the poor,”
jobs for the jobless and a promise for
tax exemption for people earning
P30,000 and less per month.
The crowd of about 15,000 in police
estimate roared with this idea of near
“welfare state” in the making. Who
wouldn’t? And the people lapped it
even more as the missiles from the
UNA camp’s initial “bomb carpeting”
hit the “uncaring” Aquino administration replete with corruption, killings,
bureaucratic mess and public service
problems which will be resolved in
Binay’s envisioned Makati-style Philippine republic. In the proclamation
rally, the Mamasapano tragedy was
highlighted by the presence of Senator
Juan Ponce Enrile and former PNP
Special Action Forces chief Getulio
Napenas (who is in the UNA senate
slate). Unanimous with the loudest
cheers and thunderous ovation was
the Peoples’ Champ (and probably the
Peoples’ Senator), candidate Manny
* * *
With the exception of Binay who did
not speak a word on corruption and
criminality on his proclamation rally,
all four of the candidates for president
centered on their intensity to drive
home their strongest message on
these two Cs.
The feisty Miriam Defensor Santiago,
true to form, carried this message in
her kick-off rally in the Solid North
and appeared for the first time as a
tandem with her running mate Bong-
bong Marcos in Batac, Ilocos Norte.
More than the witty lines that endeared the senator to both young and
old of the A-B-C-D-E social classifications, Santiago promised to change
Philippine politics and hound the corrupt once she becomes the President.
Straightforwardly, she assured the
crowd that came to see and hear her
at the proclamation rally at the Imelda
Cultural Center near the Marcos Mansion that “all the people who stole the
people’s money shall be sent promptly
to brand new jails.” She went on to say
that those found guilty of corruption
can choose their jails: ordinary, business or first class. As if the crooks
shall be on an airline joyride.
Santiago lightened up the crowd with
her “Miriamisms,” the “tarty lines”
that explodes like “laugh-bombs” at
the Mariano Marcos University where
she and Bongbong Marcos
proceeded after the proclamation gig.
Addressing students, she called on the
youth to give importance in choosing
the right kind of leaders and swung at
her two rivals: one, as a candidate
who “is not sure where she was born”
and another who “faces many scandals about stealing but is still running.” No clues needed but we do
(Continued on Page 9)
* * *
To establish as the core of his
“balwarte” (political bailiwick), ruling
Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer
Mar Roxas on the other hand made his
initial campaign sortie in his home
province Capiz province to reiterate
his call for advancing the next surge
matuwid” (straight path) direction of
the outgoing Aquino administration. A
reported crowd of 10,000 welcomed
President Aquino and his cabinet who
flew in to bat for Roxas and the LP
coalition’s 12-member senatorial
slate. “We are here. We are unstoppable. We will win,” Roxas vowed to his
fellow Capizenos declaring that he will
never give in to abusers, fraudsters
and thieves, apparently a swipe
against his closest rivals: the “toughtalking”, the “questionable resident”
Criminals, drug pushers and addicts
may have shivered in the dark when
Partido Demokratiko ng PilipinasLakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) presidential contestant Rodrigo Duterte
launched his opening bid in the heart
of Tondo, Manila. He was the earliest
bird in the first day of the official election campaign period actually when
he and his independent vice presidential candidate Alan Peter Cayetano
sneaked shortly after midnight in Binondo, Manila where 6,000 people
went out of their houses into the corner of Lavezares and Delpan streets to
mob Duterte for selfies, hugs and yes,
The pre-dawn political
“streetsweep” was surely a first in
recent memories of election styles and
strategies for us. After dialogue and
hearing the concerns of leaders and
residents in the area, the urban legend
of Davao had a late- midnight- andearly-breakfast meal of hot noodles,
tinapay and fried eggs before parting
with the surprised masa of Binondo at
3:00 in the morning.
At the proclamation rally of the LP-led
coalition “Daang Matuwid”, Roxas
asked his province mates for their
help in the continuity of the cause for
justice, peace and development sought
under the straight path map charted
Later in the evening, near the Sto.
Nino Church in Tondo, Duterte stood
at a center stage before a packed
crowd of supporters that filled the
streets leading to the proclamation
site and spelled out in Tagalog and the
* * *
Visayan dialects his platform of government which boils down to his challenge against criminality, his focused
determination to achieve equality,
decentralization, jobs generation, enhancement of agricultural development and to strengthen povertyreduction programs. He lashed out his
exasperation with how the government bungled governance and zeroed
in on the systemic corruption that
seeps down pervasively which the
crowd applauded in roars of agreement. The deafening response of the
awed and jubilant waves of humanity
present to his oft-repeated warning “I
will have criminals killed” reverberated in many parts of the Philippine islands where the event were streamlined simultaneously.
(Continued on page 9)
February 2016
Manila Feedback
Anti-crime advocate
Lauro Vizconde dies
Lauro Vizconde founded the Volunteers Against
Crime and Corruption (VACC) after his wife and
daughters were brutally murdered in 1991
MANILA, Philippines– Anticrime crusader Lauro Vizconde died late Saturday afternoon, February 13. He was
Filipinos Making News
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Japanese emperor visits
Philippines to mourn
WWII dead
By JIM GOMEZ Associated Press
Vizconde died at 5:15 pm on
Saturday, Dante Jimenez of
the Volunteers Against Crime
and Corruption (VACC) confirmed to Rappler.
Vizconde was earlier confined
at the Unihealth Paranaque Photo from Lauro Vizconde's
Medical Center in Sucat, be- Facebook page
cause of a heart attack, before
suffering a fifth heart attack at Jennifer (After nearly 25
years of fighting for justice for
on Saturday.
his family, Ka Lauro is now
The Vizconde family said in a
with his wife, Estrellita, and
statement that Vizconde's
their children, Carmela and
heart attack was triggered by
Jennifer),” Rodel Vizconde, a
diabetic and pulmonary comnephew, said in a statement.
Vizconde founded the VACC
“Pagkatapos ng 25 taon na
after his wife and daughters
pakikipaglaban para sa hustiswere brutally murdered in
ya para sa kanyang pamilya,
their Paranaque home in
kapiling na po ni Ka Lauro and
1991, a tragedy known as the
kanyang asawa na si Estrellita
at mga anak na sila Carmela
(Continued from page
slowly being eroded.
Nomination proceedings for
Michelle Serrano are well
Barring any last minute
nominees, Serrano may yet
to be the next senator in the
Red Chamber.
Actually, we could have ended up with two lady senators were if not fate intervene.
senator years back as she
was the first priority nominee but, because of her busy
work schedules such as
maintaining her dental clinics and other concerns, she
had to beg off and the rest is
Trouble was, there was only
one other nominee remaining.
By the way, one of the recommending
said had there been other
several nominees, he would
have chosen another one
but, he had no choice.
I was told, Dr.Vicky Santiago
could have been our first
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Binay drops in survey...
tors Vicente Sotto III and Panfilo Lacson still topped the
latest survey.
The survey was conducted
while the Supreme Court continued to hear oral arguments
on the disqualification case
filed against Poe and after
Duterte campaigned hard in
Metro Manila and Luzon provinces.
The question asked respondents was the same in December last year and in January,
according to BW-SWS: “Kung
ang eleksyon ay gaganapin
ngayon, sino po ang malamang
ninyong iboboto bilang presidente, bise-presidente, at mga
senador, ng Pilipinas? Narito
ang listahan ng mga kandidato.” (If the election were held
now, who will you likely vote
as president, vice-president,
and senators of the Philippines? Here is the list of the
The results were first published in Business World early
Monday, February 15.
In a statement, Binay said:
recent SWS survey results confirm that the core support of
the Vice President is solid and
steadily growing. While the
present survey results are
encouraging, the Vice President is well aware that the
real survey is still on election
day itself."
Reacting also to the survey,
Poe said that "we will use the
data provided as guide for our
next moves." She added: "Our
resolve is to continue to focus
on our message of inclusive
governance." – with reports
from Carmela Fonbuena/
Japan’s Emperor Akihito and his wife Empress Michiko also lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown
Soldier at the Libingan ng mga Bayani inTaguig City, Wednesday (January 27).The Imperial Couple arrived in Manila on Tuesday for a five-day statevisit marking the 60th anniversary of Philippine-Japanese
diplomatic relations. (Photo by Benhur Arcayan / Malacañang Photo Bureau)
MANILA, Philippines (AP) —
Japan's emperor said Tuesday that his nation must remember the tremendous loss
of life in the Philippines in
World War II, as he and his
wife began their first visit to
the Southeast Asian country,
which suffered under Japanese wartime occupation.
"Many Filipinos, Americans
and Japanese lost their lives
in the Philippines during the
war," Emperor Akihito said
in a statement he read before departing from Tokyo.
"Especially in the battle in
Manila, a tremendously large
number of innocent Filipino
civilians were victims. Upon
making this visit, we need to
bear this in mind at all
The 1945 battle for Manila
between Japan and allied
U.S. and Philippine forces
leveled the capital city and
left more than 100,000 dead,
according to Philippine historians.
Relations between Japan and
the Philippines have improved dramatically in the
seven decades since the war,
with Japan becoming a major
trading partner and aid donor for the Philippines. Akihito's visit is seen as a strong
sign of a further deepening
of ties as the two countries,
which are both close American allies, confront China
over long-contested maritime territories.
Japan's Self Defense forces
have staged joint search and
rescue exercises with the
Philippine navy near the disputed South China Sea and
are providing the Philippines
with coast guard patrol
Akihito, who is a revered
symbol of Japanese unity but
plays no political role in his
country, has no plans to discuss security issues such as
the territorial disputes or
demands for an apology by
Filipino women who have
accused Japanese forces of
forcing them into wartime
sex slavery, according to
Hatsuhisa Takashima, the
emperor's press secretary.
Michiko were met at Manila's airport by President Benigno Aquino III, his top Cabinet members and his sister.
Aquino is to formally welcome Akihito at the presidential palace on Wednesday
and then have a brief private
meeting. The president will
hold a state banquet for Akihito and Michiko later
Defense Secretary Voltaire
Gazmin, among the Philippine officials who welcomed
Akihito at the airport, said
the first visit by a Japanese
emperor to the country following the last world war is
a milestone.
Gazmin said the Filipino generation that saw the horrors
of the Japanese occupation in
the 1940s still remembers
that period, but that it is
time to move on as the two
nations, now strategic allies,
face common security concerns in the region.
"It's really more painful for
us because my father was a
veteran soldier who was
forced into the 'death
march,'" Gazmin told The
Associated Press, referring
to the Bataan death march,
forced tens of thousands of
Filipino and American troops
to march 100 kilometers (65
miles) from the Bataan Peninsula to prison camps under
intense heat and harsh conditions. Thousands died, but
Gazmin's father survived.
"We should move forward
and forget and work for a
better relation," Gazmin said.
"It's a necessity, we need
allies for our current needs."
Akihito, 82, is to pay his respects at memorials for both
Philippine and Japanese war
He is the son of former Emperor Hirohito, under whose
name Japan waged World
War II. Akihito was 11 years
old at the end of the war.
The emperor's trip follows
his visits to the World War II
battle sites of Palau last year
and Saipan in 2005. He also
prayed for Japanese and U.S.
war dead on Iwo Jima in
Associated Press writers Ken
Moritsugu in Tokyo and Teresa Cerojano in Manila contributed to this report. ⦿
With WAVES, your ad goes a long way!
[email protected]
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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MP’s Corner
Michael Levitt, Member of Parliament for York Centre
I am deeply honoured that
the voters of York Centre
believed in me and entrusted me with the responsibility of representing them in
Ottawa. As your Member of
Parliament, I will strive to
make our community and
our country a better place.
Canadians voted for a Liberal government on a platform of change. Our new
government is working
hard to quickly bring about
that change: lower taxes,
which took effect January 1;
infrastructure spending to
reenergize our economy;
and an increased Canada
Child Benefit, payments
from which will begin in
Under Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau’s leadership our
government doubled the
number of family sponsorship applications, is committed to reducing immigration application waittimes and fixing the live-in
caregiver program.
These are just some of the
challenges we hope to address in these next four
years. I look forward to
hearing regularly from you
on what your concerns are,
and how I can best represent you.
tion—we are here to help
guide you and work with
the relevant government
departments to resolve it.
I look forward the next four
years and what we can
achieve for our country and
our community.
MP Michael Levitt
Constituency Office
660 Wilson Avenue
Toronto ON M3K 1E1
[email protected]
I will be hosting town hall
meetings, the first to be
held in February 21 at Antibes Community Centre
from 2-4 p.m. The purpose
of these is to bring together
representatives from all
orders of government—our
provincial MPP, municipal
councillors, and myself—so
that we can work together
to address these challenges.
My constituency office is at
660 Wilson Avenue, just
west of Dufferin Street. If
you have any issues regarding a federal government
program or application—
for example, a permanent
residency or visa applica-
Toronto Mayor John Tory, Councillor James Pasternak and Michael
Levitt, MP for York Centre at Pasternak’s town hall meeting held
recently. PHOTO BY WAVES
At Councillor James Pasternak’s skating party at Chapley Park
Michael Levitt, Member of Parliament
for York Centre, invites you to attend
the inaugural York Centre Summit.
Durham Crossover Basketball is under the auspices of
North American Basketball
Association (NABA) is to
represent Canada in the
upcoming SM NBTC League
in the Philippines on March
13-17 2016 at the Mall of
Asia Arena. This is a premier league back home that
gathers the best of high
school teams all over the
country and games are to
be telecast through their
media partner. This is the
first time that a team from
Canada is to participate in
this prestigious league and
we intend to build good
relationship with colleges
and universities back home
for possible exchange of
opportunities in the future.
The team is a selection of
the best high school Filipino Canadian players here in
the GTA and surrounding
cities, the core of which
came from our basketball
club. They are very much
excited to see how they are
going to fare with the best
high school teams back
home. They are also very
eager to play and meet new
friends. All of the kids are
well disciplined, humble
and very friendly. They
have been working so hard
and have come a long way.
Years of practices and sacrifices are now bearing
fruits for them but they
cannot do it on their own.
Each member of this team
will need financial support
from friends and families.
Durham Crossover Basketball Team is inviting you to
be part of this endeavour
and help send these boys to
Manila. The funds raised
will help cover the team’s
expenses on airfare, accommodation,
transport during the tournament. The task at hand
is daunting and they need
your help.
For interested sponsors
and donors, please contact
Michael Cruz, DCB President, at 416-795-8985 or
by email at [email protected]
For more information, visit
Mr. Levitt, along with local representatives from all orders of
government, will be available to answer residents’ questions
and address constituents’ concerns in a public forum.
Refreshments will be served (Kosher options available).
Sunday, February 21, 2:30 pm—4:30 pm
Antibes Community Centre
140 Antibes Drive, North York, M2R 3J3
RSVP to:
Dan Lovell, 416-638-3700
or [email protected]
Durham Crossover under the auspices of NABA will represent Canada on the upcoming SM NBTC National Championships on March 13-17 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila. Team CANADA delegation is
headed by Coach M with his players Andre Cruz, James Canlas, Matthew Daves, Evyn Santiago,
Matthew Oligane, Ridge Ablang, Alvin Florido, Jaiden Abad-Mohamed, Phaul Peralta, Matthew Lim and
Robert Ocampo, and Assistant Coaches Abe Oligane, Mark Guiam and Ramon Lim.
February 2016
Manila Feedback
(Continued from page 3)
Pacquiao likens gays to...
ers and gay athletes’ hearts
Manny Pacquiao just broke,”
added netizen Jaythan Edrick
Not sure if the best way to refute
“masahol pa sa hayop” (worse
than animals) statement is to
tell him there are homosexual
tweeted ([email protected]).
‘Symbol of bigotry’
Even celebrities like spoken
word poetry performer Juan
Miguel Severo, DJ Mo Twister
and Liza Dino commented on
social media.
“We Filipinos love our symbols and signifiers. Pacquiao
won that seat because he symbolized and signified hope,
resilience, greatness. But with
that statement, he easily became a symbol and signifier
for ignorance and bigotry,”
Severo (@TheRainBro) tweeted.
Singer Aiza Seguerra called
Pacquiao an “ignorant, bigoted
On Instagram, Seguerra said
people should not vote for
Pacquiao even if he had
brought the country honor.
“You might’ve done our country proud but with your statement, you just showed the
whole country why we shouldn’t vote for you… You are an
ignorant, bigoted hypocrite.
You made me lose all the respect I had for you,” Seguerra
Beauty titlist Dino, Seguerra’s
wife, commented on Facebook,
in Filipino: “The punches on
Manny Pacquiao’s head may
have scrambled his brains! …
How sad.”
Even Mo Twister (real name:
Pacquiao’s remarks were
among the “more offensive” he
had heard.
Hollywood gossip columnist
Perez Hilton (real name: Mario
Armando Lavandeira) also
commented. “Why do people
have to compare homosexuality to animals?! WHY?? Ugh,”
Hilton said: “The sad thing is
that Pacquiao is world famous
and a national hero … so we
can only guess he’ll win his
election to the Senate pretty
easily—and then spread this
awful attitude around his
country. ”
Support for Pacquiao
At least one netizen backed
“Manny doesn’t say being a
gay or lesbian per se is a sin.
It’s the act that he is pointing
Ladlad chair Danton Remoto
said Pacquiao betrayed “a
shallow understanding of sexual orientation and gender
identity.” Ladlad is a national
organization of LGBT people.
“Doesn’t he realize there are
gay crabs?” Remoto said.
“To say that animals are better
because males of the species
sniff and have sex only with
the female of the species is
ignorant of the fact that homosexuality is found in all forms
of creation—from plants to
animals and yes, even people,”
Remoto said.
A number of animals have
been documented displaying
homosexual behavior, including sheep, penguins and macaques, he said.
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Canada’s largest Filipino street festival is searching for
talented performers for an exciting entertainment program
planned for the August 20-21 2016 event.
ALL AGES — Singers, Dance groups, Bands, Cultural groups,
Program Hosts. Extraordinary talents are most welcomed!
Contact Rolly Mangante at 416 845-4984
or email us: [email protected]
(For volunteers: [email protected])
manded a public apology.
“Pacquiao should realize that
if he wants to become senator
he should educate himself on
the need to protect the rights
of disempowered sectors of
the electorate,” said Arlene
Brosas, the group’s second
Gay marriage is outlawed in
the Philippines due to opposition from the Catholic Church,
and 80 percent of the country’s 100 million people subscribe to the faith.
Gay marriages are officiated at
small churches but these unions are not recognized by the
Catholic Church.
Popular gay comedian Vice
#PrayForMannyPacquiao to
his 6.7 million followers on
Twitter as he tore at the boxer.
“Some people think they can
judge people like God just because they’ve attended a prayer meeting and read the Bible,”
he said. “The Senate needs
experts on politics and law,
not blind prophets.”
“Outside the boxing ring, I
don’t think Manny Pacquiao
should be taken seriously. It
struck me first as funny. I pity
him,” said Kakay Pamaran, a
pastor at a gay church.
founding pastor of the LGBTS
Christian Church Inc. in the
Philippines, called Pacquiao a
“bigot” for his statement.
Agbayani’s group holds ceremonial same-sex weddings,
issuing Certificates of Holy
Union to couples. The rites are
not legally recognized in the
Ire on Internet
Ever since the video was uploaded on Monday evening,
Pacquiao has earned the ire of
virtually the entire Internet.
“Nike, with its inclusion & diversity policy, should drop
bigot @mannypacquiao as its
brand endorser,” said netizen
Jonas Bagas.
Netizen Jan-Daniel Belmonte
put in his two cents worth. “To
be fair to Pacquiao, we are
actually worse than animals
but it’s not because of samesex marriage. Dogs are really
nice, after all,” he said.
“Anyone who votes for
Pacquiao is worse than an animal,” tweeted netizen Cecilia. With a report from Aquiles Z. Zonio, Inquirer Mindanao
Gabriela Women’s Party de-
swan song or his final allstar game before retirement this season. This was
Kobe’s 18th consecutive allstar game appearance setting a precedent of sorts.
(Continued from page 1)
Toronto NBA ALL-STAR...
remind all and sundry that
a Canadian-American John
Naismith invented the
sports in 1861 in Springfield, Massachusetts.
The 65th edition of the allstar, despite the bitter cold
that descended in the city of
an unusual winter, did not
dampen the fired-up enthusiasm of both players and
fans as Toronto lit up their
Filipinos Making News
Alongside Kobe, the Raptors own Kyle Lowry and
Demar Derozan wowed the
thousands of crowd who
braved the frigid weather of
the city.
warm hospitality.
Adding historical note and
significance to the event,
the NBA bade farewell to
one of its biggest star, Kobe
Bryant of the Los Angeles
Lakers, who played his
It was after all, as the Toronto Star’s Bruce Arthur
described it, a “celebration
of Kobe and Canada” as the
Knights of
& New Vision
Feb 6, 2016
120 NBA players and hundreds of celebrities jampacked the sports venue.
With the inevitable sunset
of Kobe Bryant, another
generation of basketball
great has come to a glorious
At best, the Toronto edition
of the NBA All-star weekend defined the city as a
major sports hub, a universe of its own in the
world of basketball. We can
play the game. ⦿
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
[email protected]
[email protected]
(Continued from page 5)
wonder why Roxas and Duterte were
off in Miriam’s target range. In her Solid North incursion, Santiago, who claim
that she was in remission from lung
cancer which has become a public and
political issue, remarked more than
once that Bongbong Marcos is a capable Vice President who can take over as
President “if something happens to
me.” Just in jest we duly noted.
* * *
Calling all Bicolanos &
Devotees to the Virgin of Peñafrancia
The scheduled Novena Devotion to the Virgin of Peñafrancia for
month of February will be on FEBRUARY 21, 2016 (Sunday).
The Novena Devotions start at 2:00 pm—Holy Rosary followed
by the Novena prayers and immediately followed by the celebration of the Holy Mass. Fellowship reception will follow at the
Church hall after the Holy Mass
Our Lady of Assumption Church
2565 Bathurst St, Toronto
This month’s sponsors are the Provinces of Sorsogon and Masbate, care of Mr. Toti and Naty Gutietrez—Tel. 416 751-9437
For more information
Bobby Achacon: 647 456-3641
Paeng Nebres: 416-618-1352
Yes, kabayans. The race has started. In
the Year of the Fire Monkey that according to some predictions of Chinese
feng shui practitioners will be optimistic for the Philippines but with the election season may create some uncertainty. This year threatens to be hot,
may explode and burn, in the literal
and figurative senses, people’s homes,
businesses, money, and relationships
that may include personal and political
dealings among many of us.
Although the official election campaign
period started last February 10, a tidal
wave of early “formal and informal politicking” has been tossing us islanders
as early as a year ago. Posturing, plotting and behind-the-scene planning or
schemes have been cooked, re-hashed
and re-heated in the boiling pot of ambitions, intrigues and power trips in
this season of boon for opportunists
and celebrity makers and image shakers of every trade and shade.
It is too early to see the shape of things
political to come. The ball is round as
they say. And the dribbling will go on
until May 9. A lot of matters will still hit
the fan in the coming El Nino season of
politics. The debris and the fallout will
Waves From Home columnist, Diego
Franco, affirms that the political derby
in the Philippines has begun.
settle until the final count is in.
As the Philippine Daily INQUIRER (one
of our trusted sources of solid news
and reference for our columns) frontpaged this national democratic enterprise, err, exercise: “May 9 polls may be
PH wildest and closest race”.
True. Our barber Mang Inar has already predicted that on our shiny pate
in lieu of a crystal bowl.
The best yet to come? It would depend
on our people here at home. We pray
that they may not be swayed and blinded by all these calculated postures, poses and preenings by those top jockeys
in the running. We, the people, are the
horses here. In the final lap, let us not
forget we vote not for the trophy and
the cash prize. We are running for our
future and our children’s lives. ⦿
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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Poe son apologizes for
shoe flap
By Macon Ramos Araneta
THE son of presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe apologized Monday for
the controversy triggered by a photo
he posted on social media wearing
sneakers that looked like limited edition Nikes that cost close to P1 million.
“I apologize if anyone was offended by
my shoes, it was never my intention to
upset anyone,” said Brian Poe Llamanzares, 23, who said he paid P10,000
for what turned out to be knock-offs of
limited edition Nike Air Mag Back to
the Future Marty McFly 2015 sneakers.
The senator’s son, who quit his job as
correspondent for CNN Philippines,
said he merely wanted to buy himself
something after saving up for months.
“I don’t know much about shoes and
I’m not exactly a sneaker expert so
when I saw these online [at P10,000]
and I liked the design, I saved up and
bought the shoes,” Llamanzares said.
Llamanzares had also earlier told
online news site Rappler “the shoes
did not cost as much as the rumors
“I bought it online from my own savings. It did not come from government
funds as I am a private citizen and not
working as a public official,” Llamanzares also told the online news site.
“I used my own hard-earned money. I
hope that these rumors and lies are
finally put to rest.”
Llamanzares posted a photo of himself
in the sneakers and was criticized by
social media users for an ostentatious
display of wealth, saying this was contrary to his mother’s pro-poor image.
Brian Poe Llamanzares
But Antonio Aguirre, proprietor of the
specialty sneaker store Sole Slam Manila, said on his Twitter account that
the shoes were obviously imitations.
The genuine item, which is self-lacing
and lights up just like the ones in the
1989 movie Back to the Future 2, sells
for as much as $20,000 on eBay.
The senator defended her son, saying
he did not steal to buy the shoes and
said he was entitled to do so.
“He saved up for that a long time. Even
if assuming I was not agreeable to it, it
made him happy. He has a right to it.
Why should we stand in the way?” she
She said her son should be spared
from political attacks since he has
done nothing wrong.
“He is a private citizen who deserves
his privacy,” she said.
BOC to auction 60 pieces of
Marcos jewelry
By Evelyn Macairan
MANILA, Philippines - All 60 pieces
of Marcos jewelry in the possession
of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) will
be auctioned off, along with those in
the custody of the Presidential Commission on Good Government
The Roumeliotes collection will also
be put on the auction block, Belle
Maestro, spokesman for Customs
Commissioner Alberto Lina said.
“The auction date has yet to be determined… hopefully by next
month,” she said.
PCGG commissioner Andrew de Castro said they are leaving it up to the
BOC to decide on what would hap-
A Customs appraiser holds a set of jewelry from the Roumeliotes collection, on of
the three sets of the Marcos jewelry collection in this file photo. AP
pen to the Roumeliotes collection, it
was reported over the weekend.
Comprised of only around 60 pieces
of jewelry, the Roumeliotes collection is, however, deemed to be the
most expensive among the three
Marcos jewelry collections.
It was seized from alleged Marcos
associate Demetriou Roumeliotes as
he tried to smuggle it out of the
The PCGG could not disclose the value of each collection because this
might affect the bidding prices, Maestro said.
As per PCGG, the three collections
were pegged at more than a billion
pesos, tenfold from the previous appraisal.
“However, further gemological testing will be required for a more accurate estimate,” Maestro said.
It was later forfeited in favor of the
BOC as the attempt to smuggle jewelry out of the country is a violation of
the Tariff and Customs Code.
“The BOC and PCGG are currently
establishing a panel that will oversee
the auction process and the selection
of an auction house,” she said.
The PCGG has given a “conservative
estimate” of P1 billion for the three
jewelry collections: the Roumeliotes,
Hawaiian and Malacanang.
Revenue from the auction would
lower the BOC’s collection deficit. –
Joint Knights of Columbus and New Vision's Valentine's dinner-dance, Feb 6
February 2016
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Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary
Happy Retirement
Filipinos Making News
Tenny & Myrna
Waves staff
Mrs. Philippines PIDC 2016 Candidates
L-R Emma Andrada, Jacquiline Tayag, Natalia Versoza Hilse, Madelyn Duyo, Rosalinda
Tom, Lauren Lamando MacLeod & Chloe Norolob. Not in the picture: Cristina Revilla. Coronation night for the 8 lovely candidates will be held on Saturday, March 19,
2016 at Rembrandt Banquet Hall. PHOTO BY FLORO VIRTUCIO
Ateneo Alumni Association Canada Elects
New Officers for 2016-2017
Retro World REtroSPECT
Reunion Concert Tour 2016
in Toronto!
Remember those vintage clothings, shoes, hair, stylish fashion, music
from the 70s, 80s, 90s up to 2000 and of course, the Philippines’ Retro
Pop Music Authority - REtroSPECT!
The guys are back and will hit your new year with a grand musical reunion billed as "RetroWorld REtroSPECT Reunion Concert Tour 2016!"
The newly-elected officers are as follows: Chairman – Reynaldo Reyes (Ateneo de
Manila); Vice Chairman – Bill Quebral (Ateneo de Zamboanga); Treasurer – Jose
Gutierrez (Ateneo de Naga); Assistant Treasurer – Luthello Peñaflor (Ateneo de Naga); Secretary – Floro Dabu., Jr. (Ateneo de Naga and Ateneo de Manila); Assistant
Secretary – Medy Chua (Ateneo de Naga); Press Relations Officer - Bernie Sychangco
(Ateneo de Manila); Sergeant at Arms – Ed Doroja (Ateneo de Zamboanga);
Auditor – Robert Chua
The hip band is composed of J. Martin, now from Guam USA, Em-J from
Naples Italy, Ogie from Manila and Goldie from Vancouver Canada who
were hailed as the Philippines’ 23rd ALIW Award's Best Group Performer
(Hall of Fame Awardee) and Certified by American Federation of Musicians (AFM) of USA and Canada as Internationally-Renowned Retro Pop
The reunion concert tour kicks off in Cebu City at the Waterfront Hotel &
Casino in Lahug on January 15, 2016 at 8pm in line with the Sinulog Festival celebration then on January 29, 2016, the grand concert tour continues at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan with the grand party
starting at 8PM!
But the reunion concert in the Philippines doesn't stop there. REtroSPECT
will also be having their world tour! They will be invading Toronto, Canada on March 5, Saturday – 7pm at Prestige By Night located at 4544 Dufferin St., North York, ON M3H 5X2.
During the concert, witness the lavish production numbers to include
REtroSPECT paying tribute to the music icons- Michael Jackson, Tina
Turner, Whitney Houston, Boy George and the band's signature retro covers including their original hits in the past like "Shake Your Booty",
"Bakit Nga Ba?," "It's Party Time," "Chika Doo," "Getaway," and "Who
Will" among others. They will also keep the crowd partying with their revival hits like "Hot Stuff," "Play That Funky Music", "Reunited" along with
OPM hits like " 'Pag Tumatagal Lalong Tumitibay", "Hagkan" and a lot
more retro hits from the past!!! /JA
Relatives and friends attended the joint birthday celebrations of Cerena Masu, Gina
Maderazo Masangkay, and Xandra Maderazo Pangantihon held on Jan. 15, 2016 at
eHarmony Banquet Hall. PHOTO BY ARIEL RAMOS.
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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Forbes: Not the first time Nike
axed Pacquiao
By Dino Maragay
MANILA, Philippines – Nike’s decision to drop Manny Pacquiao as endorser is
not the first for the sports
apparel giant.
This after Forbes reported
that the company did not
sign Pacquiao to a fresh
contract after their first
deal expired in 2012.
Forbes’ Kurt Badenhausen
said that Nike wanted to
evaluate what the boxer
could still bring to the table
after losses to Timothy
Bradley and Juan Manuel
Marquez in that same year
– the last one a shocking
“This is not the first time
Nike dropped Pacquiao as
an endorser,” wrote Badenhausen. “Nike did not
renew their partnership
after it expired at the end
of 2012. There were calls
for Nike to drop Pacquiao
in the first half of that year
when he made similar comments about same-sex marriages, but Nike waited to
see Pacquiao’s performance in the ring. It wasn’t
partners walked away at
that point with Pacquiao
looking like a shot fighter.
Nike walked away too, according
camp,” Badenhausen continued.
Pacquiao, who is in the
middle of controversy after
issuing derogatory remarks
toward same-sex couples,
had been wrongly accused
of issuing almost the same
comments a few years ago,
something he denied.
“Pacquiao returned to the
ring in November 2013 and
registered two straight
wins, which brought Nike
back to the table in the second half of 2014. Nike
launched a line of hoodies
and t-shirts in April 2015
ahead of the [Floyd] Mayweather bout.”
That’s when Nike and other
Pacquiao as their endorser
started distancing themselves from the boxer.
“He [Pacquiao] lost both
his fights, including a devastating knockout at the
hands of Juan Manuel
Marquez in December
Almost all
statement, wherein he
claimed that people in
same-sex relations are
"worse than animals,"
turned out to be the last
straw for Nike, whose sales
of the boxer’s apparel were
reportedly affected by the
(Continued on page 19)
Noemi of OFWC (Ontario Filipino Womens Club), surrounded by
family and friends celebrated her birthday at Congee Queen (Yonge
and Steeles on Jan. 16, 2016). PHOTO BY ARIEL RAMOS
2015 Macluhan Fellowship awardee Joseph Morong in Toronto
Toronto journalists, publishers and friends welcome Joseph Morong in Toronto.
Joseph Morong won the McLuhan Fellowship for his excellent
reportage of the issues surrounding the peace process in Mindanao, especially the discussions around the proposed Bangsamoro
Basic Law. Mr. Morong discussed the peace process in Mindanao
with fellow Toronto journalists.
Che-che Lazaro (Right with
Wave’s Myrna Soriano) was the recipient of last year’s Macluhan
Fellowship award . PHOTOS BY WAVES.
Toronto Maharlika Lions Club inducts new members, to hold Charter night Feb 20
Lions Gov. Harold Hobson
(center), assisted by PRC &
President Alex Castro, Sr. (3rd
from L) inducted 3 new members recently at the Lions Den
in Scarborough. (L-R) Sponsoring Lions Joe Roblo & Erlinda
Paras, Alex Castro Sr., Harold
Hobson, new Lions members
Lewis F. Lacerona, Milagros G.
Tolentino and Julian Baricuatro.
(Not in picture) Sponsoring Lion
Ferdy Coronel. (inset) TMLC
Lion Imelda Acosta received a
special award from LCI and
Gov. Hobson.
Toronto Maharlika Lions Club
will hold its Charter night on
Feb 20 at JC’s Banquet Hall,
1686 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough. Tickets will be available at the door for $40 with
dinner, live entertainment, mid
-night dessert table and allnight dancing.
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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Search for Mutya ng Maynila 2016 is on!
Clockwise: Mutya ng Maynila pageant directors Michelle Serrano, Lorelei and Joseph Redoblado with PCCC Chairman Rolly Mangante, directors Lino Eroma, Bong Capitin, Vice-Chair Pete Torralba and media director Teresa Torralba during a meeting at Cucina Lounge. Photo by WAVES
10 Of The Most Unforgettable Moments From Black Stars
At The Grammys
Black Grammy history
Will Smith's Grammy Boycott
wouldn’t be televised.
Before opting out of this year’s annual
Academy Awards, Will Smith famously
boycotted the 1989 Grammy Awards.
Despite earning the first ever Grammy
Award for Best Rap Performance, Smith
and partner DJ Jazzy Jeff skipped the
event when they learned the category
Lauryn Hill Making Grammy History
Lauryn Hill’s debut solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” is often herald
as a classic among music enthusiasts. In
1999, Hill became the first woman to
receive the most nominations and
awards in one night. After receiving her
fifth and final award of the evening for
Album of the Year, Hill told MTV News
backstage the event was “a beautiful
thing, I can’t even tell you. It’s like I’m
still dreaming.”
Kanye West and Jamie Foxx's Performance Of "Gold Digger"
Kanye West and Jamie Foxx made it very
clear that “she ain’t messin wit no
broke…” during their 2006 performance
of “Gold Digger,” which featured Florida
A & M University's Marching 100 band.
The pair’s memorable performance concluded with West transitioning into a
(Continued on page 24)
February 2016
The Sixth Annual
The International Professional Entertainment Network knows how
important it is when somebody makes an impact in the community or
even in somebody else’s life. That is why the Most Beautiful Filipinos
in Canada Award of Recognition was created. Our main goal is to honour these people who have really made a difference in Canada.
The prestigious award honours the Filipino who has really made a difference. Someone who has done or achieved something beautiful.
The word beautiful can be defined in so many different ways. More
often than not it describes those with physical attributes only. However, it can also be someone who has demonstrated an extra ordinary
achievement, success, a good deed or a humanitarian service.
The awardees were nominated by individuals, group and organization,
based on their positive impact in the community they serve. Nominees can be anybody from any field or endeavour, such as: arts, business, sports, public service etc.
The Most Beautiful Filipinos in Canada will be honoured in a simple
but elegant Presentation on Saturday, February 20, 2016, at 7 pm at
the Isabel Bader Theatre, 93 Charles Street, Toronto. The Awardees
will also be featured in the special edition of the FILIPINO Image Magazine.
For more information please email us at [email protected] or call
us at 416 889 1746
647 718-1360
[email protected]
your ad ripples
Filipinos Making News
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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February 2016
Filipinos Making News
Religious Inspirations
Even the WAVES obey Him...
National Shrine of our Mother of Perpetual Help
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
131 McCaul St, Toronto
(416) 598-3269
Pope Francis gets
'Lolo Kiko' doll from
Pinoy priest
7:30 am * 9:30am * 12 noon, * 2:30pm * 5:05pm * 7:00pm
At Guadalupe Mass, Pope highlights
Mary's 'yes'
Pope Francis’ historic first
pilgrimage to the Basilica
Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City brought
reflections of obedience, surrender, and hope as the Holy
Father celebrated Mass on
Feb. 13.
“We have just heard how
Mary went to meet her cousin
Elizabeth. She sets out without delay, without doubts,
without lessening her pace, to
be with her relative,” Pope
Francis stated during his homily on Feb. 13, pointing to the
Gospel of Luke.
Mary “is the woman who says
‘yes’...this is the ‘yes’ which
prompted her to give the best
of herself, going forth to meet
the others,” the Holy Father
Pope Francis offered these
reflections while celebrating
Mass at the Basilica Shrine of
Our Lady of Guadalupe during
his 6-day papal trip to the
country of Mexico.
During his homily, Pope Francis noted that listening to that
particular Gospel passage on
Mary “in this place has a special significance.” He went on
to highlight Mary’s availability
to those in need, saying her
obedient surrender to God
helped her serve her brothers
and sisters.
“Just as she accompanied Elizabeth in her pregnancy, so too
she has and continues to accompany the development of
made him “her ambassador.”
Because of St. Juan Diego’s
lowliness, the miracle of Our
Lady of Guadalupe was able to
proclaim that “we are all necessary, especially those who
normally do not count because they are not ‘up to the
task,’” the Holy Father stated.
the blessed Mexican land,”
Pope Francis stated, saying
Mary reveals herself particularly to those who feel worthless.
When Our Lady of Guadalupe
appeared to St. Juan Diego on
Tepeyac Hill in December
1531, Pope Francis recalled
that “the first miracle occurred which would then be
the living memory of all this
Shrine protects.”
“On that morning, God roused
the hope of the little ones, of
the suffering, of those displaced or rejected, of all who
feel they have no worthy place
in these lands,” the Pope stated.
Pope Francis also noted that
St. Juan Diego first experienced true mercy and hope
through Our Lady of Guadalupe. Although St. Juan Diego
often thought “he was not the
right person,” Mary remained
persistent in her requests and
“God’s Shrine is the life of his
children, of everyone in whatever condition, especially of
young people without a future
who are exposed to endless
painful and risky situations,
and the elderly who are
and out of sight,” Pope Francis
The unworthiness of St. Juan
Diego can be an example to
everyone, the Pope continued,
saying Mary favors her children who feel rejected,
“assuring us that those who
suffer do not weep in vain.”
Pope Francis holding the "Lolo Kiko" doll presented by Filipino priest
Rev. Fr. Robert Young. Photo from Vatican Radio
A Filipino priest studying in
Rome presented Pope Francis with a doll that resembles the pontiff, in a surprise
encounter in Rome's cathedral.
The official Facebook page
of the Vatican Radio posted
a photo of Rev. Fr. Robert
Young presenting the doll to
Pope Francis at the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran in
The photo shows Pope Francis delighted while holding
the doll given by Fr. Young.
“Look at the Blessed Mother
from within our own sufferings, our own fear, hopelessness, sadness, and say to her,
‘What can I offer since i am
not learned?’” the Holy Father
Kiko," (Grandfather Kiko) uses
the nickname given by Filipinos to the Pope when he
visited the Philippines last
January 2015.
The Pope then reflected on a
liturgical hymn, asking to have
“eyes for you, O Mother, simply contemplating you with a
heart quietened by your tenderness, that silence of yours,
chaste as the lilies.”
In an interview with CBCP
News, Fr. Young, who is taking up his Doctorate in Canon Law at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross,
said he had to cross security
lines to be able to get near
the Pope and give his gift.
The Holy Father also noted
(Continued on page 20)
Edgardo “Gary” Ibanez
The pontiff was paying a
visit in his cathedral for the
annual meeting with the Roman clergy.
After his speech, Pope Francis excused himself as he
had to prepare for his apostolic visit to Cuba and Mexico. When the Pope was
walking down from the platform, Fr. Young ran and
shouted "Santo Padre."
The priest approached the
Pope and said in Italian,
"Here’s a gift for you, made
in the Philippines by a friend
of mine."
The Pope smiled and replied: "Is it for me?"
"I said, 'yes' and he replied,
'grazie,'" Fr. Young said.
Although it was just a brief
encounter, the priest said it
will be a "lifetime memory"
for him.
Fr. Young also shared that
the doll came from a friend
in Manila who made the
"Lolo Kiko" dolls as souvenirs for the recent papal visit. ABS-CBN News
Remember that you are dust,
and to dust you shall return.
January 25, 1967—January 17, 2016
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul rest in peace.
Ash Wednesday at St.Patrick’s Church. A cross of ashes is applied
on a worshipper's forehead on the day marking the start of the
Lenten season. The ashes symbolize the dust from which God
made us. As the priest applies the ashes to a person's forehead, he
speaks the words: "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you
shall return." Alternatively, the priest may speak the words,
"Repent and believe in the Gospel.” PHOTO BY WAVES.
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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ZIKA VIRUS: A public health emergency
Signs and Symptoms
Zika virus disease is
caused by a virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes.
People with Zika virus
disease usually have a
mild fever, skin rash
(exanthema) and conjunctivitis. These symptoms
normally last for 2-7 days.
There is no specific treatment or vaccine currently
The best form of prevention is protection against
mosquito bites.
The virus is known to circulate in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.
Zika virus is an emerging mosquito-borne virus that was
first identified in Uganda in
1947 in rhesus monkeys
through a monitoring network
of sylvatic yellow fever. It was
subsequently identified in humans in 1952 in Uganda and
the United Republic of Tanzania. Outbreaks of Zika virus
disease have been recorded in
Africa, the Americas, Asia and
the Pacific.
The incubation period (the
time from exposure to symptoms) of Zika virus disease is
not clear, but is likely to be a
few days. The symptoms are
similar to other arbovirus infections such as dengue, and
include fever, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint
pain, malaise, and headache.
These symptoms are usually
mild and last for 2-7 days.
During large outbreaks in
French Polynesia and Brazil in
2013 and 2015 respectively,
national health authorities
reported potential neurological and auto-immune complications of Zika virus disease.
Recently in Brazil, local health
authorities have observed an
increase in Zika virus infections in the general public as
well as an increase in babies
born with microcephaly in
northeast Brazil. Agencies investigating the Zika outbreaks
are finding an increasing body
of evidence about the link between Zika virus and microcephaly. However, more investigation is needed before we
understand the relationship
between microcephaly in babies and the Zika virus. Other
potential causes are also being
Zika virus is transmitted to
people through the bite of an
infected mosquito from the
Aedes genus, mainly Aedes
aegypti in tropical regions.
This is the same mosquito that
transmits dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.
Zika virus disease outbreaks
were reported for the first
time from the Pacific in 2007
and 2013 (Yap and French
Polynesia, respectively), and
in 2015 from the Americas
(Brazil and Colombia) and
Africa (Cape Verde). In addition, more than 13 countries
in the Americas have reported
sporadic Zika virus infections
indicating rapid geographic
expansion of Zika virus.
Zika virus is diagnosed
through PCR (polymerase
chain reaction) and virus isolation from blood samples.
Diagnosis by serology can be
difficult as the virus can crossreact with other flaviviruses
such as dengue, West Nile and
yellow fever.
Mosquitoes and their breeding
sites pose a significant risk
factor for Zika virus infection.
Prevention and control relies
through source reduction
(removal and modification of
breeding sites) and reducing
contact between mosquitoes
and people.
This can be done by using insect repellent; wearing clothes
that cover as much of the body
as possible; using physical
barriers such as screens,
closed doors and windows;
and sleeping under mosquito
nets. It is also important to
empty, clean or cover containers that can hold water such
as buckets, flower pots or
tyres, so that places where
mosquitoes can breed are removed.
Special attention and help
should be given to those who
may not be able to protect
themselves adequately, such
as young children, the sick or
During outbreaks, health authorities may advise that
spraying of insecticides be
carried out. Insecticides recommended by the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme may
also be used as larvicides to
treat relatively large water
Travellers should take the
basic precautions described
above to protect themselves
from mosquito bites.
Define and prioritize research into Zika virus disease by convening experts
and partners.
Enhance surveillance of
Zika virus and potential
Strengthen capacity in
risk communication to
help countries meet their
commitments under the
International Health Regulations.
Provide training on clinical management, diagnosis and vector control including through a number
of WHO Collaborating
Strengthen the capacity of
laboratories to detect the
Support health authorities
to implement vector control strategies aimed at
reducing Aedes mosquito
providing larvicide to
treat standing water sites
that cannot be treated in
other ways, such as cleaning, emptying, and covering them.
recommendations for clinical care and
follow-up of people with
Zika virus, in collaboration with experts and other health agencies. ⦿
Zika virus disease is usually
relatively mild and requires
no specific treatment. People
sick with Zika virus should get
plenty of rest, drink enough
fluids, and treat pain and fever
with common medicines. If
should seek medical care and
advice. There is currently no
vaccine available.
WHO response
WHO is supporting countries
to control Zika virus disease
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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DOH may bar Pinoy
athletes from Rio
(Continued from page 12)
By Mayen Jaymalin
“Pacquiao’s camp hoped
would send sales skyrocketing for the Nike line. Instead, Pacquiao had a listless performance against
Mayweather, which he
blamed on a shoulder injury. Sales of the Nike
Pacquiao line have been
limited and royalties were
expected to generate less
than $1 million this year for
Pacquiao has apologized
for the remarks, but he
maintained his stance on
the issue due to his religious belief.
MANILA, Philippines – The
(DOH) may stop Filipino
athletes from participating
in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil due to
the prevailing Zika epidemic.
Lyndon Lee Suy, DOH
spokesman, said yesterday
the department will come
out with a recommendation
on whether or not Filipino
athletes should be allowed
to join the games before the
start of the Olympics in August.
“If the (Zika) cases are still
high, then maybe we
shouldn’t allow them to go.
But if it is already under
control, why should we
prevent them from joining?” Lee Suy asked.
He said they would have to
assess the situation by July,
then come up with an advisory.
uneventful fight with Mayweather.
Nike officially parted ways
with Pacquiao early Thursday, saying it will no longer
have dealings with the Filipino icon.
"We find Manny Pacquiao's
comments abhorrent," the
company said in a statement. "Nike strongly opposes discrimination of any
kind and has a long history
of supporting and standing
up for the rights of the
[lesbians, gays, bisexuals
and transsexuals] LGBT
The company is no stranger
to cutting ties with its bigname athlete endorsers.
According to ESPN.com,
Nike has dropped former
cyclist Lance Armstrong,
running back Ray Rice, running back Adrian Peterson
and sprinter Oscar Pistorius as endorsers over the
past four years.
Pacquiao will return to the
ring for the last time
against Timothy Bradley on
April 9 in Las Vegas (April
“What we want is for our
athletes to be able to focus
on their preparations. We
do not want them being
bothered and lose their focus on their training,” Lee
Suy said.
Thousands of athletes are
set to converge in Rio de
Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics.
The Philippines is expected
to field at least 15 athletes
in various sports.
The national basketball
team, Gilas Pilipinas, may
also join if it wins the FIBA
Olympic Qualifying Tournament to be held in Manila in
2015 McLuhan Fellowship awardee, Joseph Morong (center) with Butch Galicia, Teresa Torralba, Ores
Ting and Mon Torralba.
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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By Joseph G. Lariosa
CHICAGO (JGL) – As the Filipino nation prepares to commemorate the
30th anniversary of the EDSA People
Power Revolution later this month,
Kim Komenich, a photojournalist
of San Francisco Chronicle, who won
the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for covering
the EDSA Revolution, will roll out his
book, “Revolution Revisited,” at the
Kalayaan Hall of the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco, California on Feb. 25, 2016.
Philippine Ambassador to the United
States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. welcomed the
launching of Mr. Komenich’s book,
saying, the “1986 People Power Revolution was not only a turning point
in Philippine history but also a
source of inspiration for oppressed
peoples everywhere.
winner Kim Komenich (left) presents his
book on the 1986 EDSA People Power
Revolution, “Revolution Revisited”, to
Philippine Ambassador to the United
States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. at the Philippine
“It was an unequivocal proof that a Embassy in Washington, D.C. on 28 Janunation’s yearning for freedom and ary 2016. (Photo courtesy of the Philipdemocracy could never be totally pine Embassy)
suppressed and that it could give the
people the courage to rise above
their fears and pessimism. This is the
story that Kim Komenich’s photographs eloquently tell.”
“Revolution Revisited” is a compendium of photographic images of the
days leading up to, during, and after
the EDSA People Power Revolution,
which is considered the first peaceful
and bloodless revolution launched
by the people against their autocratic
government. Komenich won the Pulitzer Prize in 1987 for his extraordinary coverage of the historical event.
The photographs were also exhibited
in a show of the same title at the Ayala Museum and other parts of the
Philippines in 2011, and in the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C.
in 2015.
tect and preserve the quality of the
“On one level, I was just photographing the day-to-day life in the
Philippines, but on another, I was
watching some of these things happening behind the scenes. What a gift
it was to be a witness to this,” Komenich further remarked.
To find out more about the book and
how to get a copy, please visit
revrev.com/blog or e-mail [email protected]
“While I was working, I kept history
in mind,” Komenich said while explaining the measures it took to pro-
Mr. Komenich was a former instructor at the University of Missouri and
teaches workshops around the country. In 2001 he was a teaching fellow
at the U. C. Berkeley Graduate School
of Journalism's Center for Photography. He also taught a Photojournalism course at Stanford Continuing
Studies. ([email protected])
(Continued from page 21)
chocolate, sex or certain drugs.
Another study showed that music
with a quick tempo played in a major key made people feel happy,
while music with a slow tempo in a
minor key more easily led to feelings of sadness.
they age.
Even people who have some form of
brain damage can regain partial or
full access to memories (depending
on severity) by listening to music, as
listening can help draw on old memories and neurological patterns due
to the fact that the rhythm and
sounds of music stay within the core
of the mind for a long time.
3) Music Makes You Happier
As mentioned before, music has the
power to do so much. It can make
you feel happy, sad, excited or even
pumped up. Listening to music that
hits you in a special way causes
your brain to release dopamine
which is known as a feel good chemical. It causes us to feel emotions
like happiness, excitement, joy, etc.
Listening to music provides us with
the same burst of happiness that we
would get from eating a piece of
4) Heartbeat, Pulse Rate & Blood
‘We listen to music with our muscles.’ Nietzsche
Studies have shown that music
strengthens the heart and improves
the recovery time of patients who
were suffering from heart disease.
Regardless of the genre of music,
listening to your favorite music releases endorphins in the brain that
help to improve vascular health. It
has been seen that both men and
women who listened to music soon
after cardiac surgery were much
less anxious and even reported having less pain as opposed to those
who rested quietly.
An observation made at Massachu-
(Continued from page 17)
At Guadalupe mass, Pope...
that Mary wants all her children to “be
ambassadors” like St. Juan Diego, by
giving food to the hungry, refuge to
those in need, clothing the naked and
helping the sick.
“Today, she sends us out anew; today,
setts General Hospital, found that
heart patients confined to a bed that
listened to music for 30 minutes had
lower blood pressure, slower heart
rates, and less distress than those
who didn’t listen to music.
5) Improves Sleep Quality
Some of the most common things to
interfere with sleep are stress and
anxiety (heart rates.) Since music
has the ability to affect both in a
positive way, research has found
that listening to music at various
times promotes better sleep patterns for people and even created
more restful sleeps. In some cases
music might even be able to be used
to effectively treat insomnia.
6) Boosts Your Immune System &
Reduces Pain
Research has shown that music is
capable of reducing levels of the
stress hormone cortisol, which is
responsible for weakening the immune system, increasing risk of
heart disease, interfering with
she comes to tell us again: be my ambassador, the one I send to build many
new shrines, accompany many lives,
wipe away many tears,” Pope Francis
“Mary says this to us again. Go and
build my shrine, help me to lift up the
lives of my sons and daughters, your
brothers and sisters.” CNA/EWTN
learning and memory, lowering
bone density, blood pressure, etc.
[9] Research found that by listening
to just 50 minutes of uplifting music
the levels of antibodies in the human body increases. While different
types of music were not studied, it is
important one listens to music they
enjoy as personal preference of music does have an effect on overall
physical effects.
7) Reduces Depression & Anxiety
Researchers from Drexel University
found that cancer patients who either listened to music or worked
with a music therapist experienced
a reduction in anxiety, had better
blood pressure levels and improved
moods. Music can have positive effects on the psyche, mood, pain and
quality of life as well.
“The evidence suggests that music
interventions may be useful as a
complementary treatment to people
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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Lance Fuentes: Dribbling his way to the spotlight
What inspires you? My
Instagram account because
a lot of people are witnessing my hard work and my
dedication to basketball. In
return, I also inspire a lot of
people that nothing is impossible with God.
Who is your basketball
idol? Stephen Curry is my
idol. He is humble and he
also believes in God. And his
shooting is spectacular and
his handles are on point.
What is your favorite basketball team? My favorite
is the Warriors because they
have amazing teamwork.
A 13-year old Filipino
Grade 8 student from Richmond-Vancouver is creating quite a stir with his basketball skills. And the news
waves rippled to Toronto.
"L.A_Handles" on his Instagram, is in the Grand Finals
for TSN Advil Highlight of
(Canada). His exceptional
skills in ball handling, that
he worked so hard since he
was 7 years old, earned him
a spot in the contest.
Proud parents, Ronald and
Arlyn, would like to reach
out to our readers to vote
for Lance from March 8 to
April 3, 2016. Voters will
also have a chance of winning $5000 CAD.
In an exclusive interview,
Lance confidently answers
the questions passed to
Who coached you or
helped you improve your
basketball skills? My dad
helped me improve my ball
skills and I would like to
thank him for motivating
me, driving me to the court,
and supporting me. And my
Mom, despite her health, she
supports me 100%.
handling what other skills
are you good at? I'm also
good at shooting and passing. And I have a lot of experience because I played for a
lot of club teams and coaches since I was in Grade 4,
especially AthElite. I am
very good in Math. I am also
Learning Center in Westminster. That helps me a lot.
Do you have trophies/
medals in basketball or is
this the first competition
you joined? I have 2 MVP
trophies. I won the Knights
of Columbus free throw competition: District and Lower
Are you inclined to pursue a basketball career?
I’m very inclined to pursue
my basketball career.
practice almost everyday,
rain or shine and even snow.
And I believe I have the most
wonderful and special gift
from God. And I know one
day, I can share this to a lot
of young ballers that anything is possible if you believe.
How have your parents
supported you in your
passion? How do you bal-
ance this with your academic and other pursuits? My parents supported me by always cheering
me on in my games and driving me to my games and
practices. I always prioritize
my studies first before anything else. In my spare time,
I go to the Richmond Olympic Oval or the community
Center for basketball practice.
What is your ultimate
dream? My ultimate dream
is to play in the NBA. I also
want to create a program
and train young kids on how
to get handles, especially
those coming from families
who can't afford it.
What do you hope to
share with the Filipino
My parents
are both Filipinos and I am
so proud and humble to be
in this contest as a Filipino.
Please check Lance’s amazing display of basketball
talent at https://youtu.be/
dt4ToXpHFwY & https://
Lance Fuentes is indeed a
Filipino Making Waves!
From March 8 to April 3,
let’s all vote for Lance
Fuentes at the Advil Highlight of the Month website:
7 Ways Music Benefits Your Heart, Brain & Health
Joe Martino
Who doesn’t love music?
Certainly there are some of
us, but for the most part
music is a big part of our
lives. Whether it’s the music
that we listen to on the way
to work, while we workout,
or the music we hear in a
symphony or film, it can
bring up our moods, tell us
a story or even bring us
down. Music has touched
cultures all over the world
since very early times in
human history. Have you
ever wondered how music
might affect our health?
“I think music in itself is
healing. It’s an explosive
expression of humanity. It’s
something we are all
touched by. No matter what
culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ~ Billy
Personally I like many types
of music, but I can’t say that
I fall in love with a lot of
music. It is usually special
bands here and there that
make their way through my
ears that I tend to love and
stick with for a long time.
The beautiful thing is, everyone’s taste in music is
different so no matter what
music you make, you’re
likely to find someone who
will appreciate it. Of course
the music industry favours
certain types of music and
is designed to not allow indie bands to get very far,
but that is a whole other
Music is capable of a number of health benefits including lowering stress levels, raising states of consciousness,
moods, accessing different
states of mind, developing
the brain and is useful in
meditation -which has a ton
of health benefits.
The fact is, there isn’t a single human culture on earth
that has lived without music! For example, native Africans and Americans both
used music in the form of
chanting for their rituals
and healing ceremonies. In
Ancient Greece music was
used to ease stress, soothe
pain and help with sleeping
patterns. Many have said
music heals the soul, and it
appears that they were
How Music Benefits Our
1) Improves visual & verbal skills
Several studies have shown
that music education at an
early age stimulates the
child’s brain in a number of
ways that helps to improve
verbal skills, communication skills and visual skills.
A study that looked at 4 to 6
year olds who were subject
to one month of musical
training that included training in rhythm, pitch, melody, voice and basic musical
concepts resulted in enhanced ability to understand words and explain
their meaning.
A study using subjects that
were 8 to 11 year olds
found that those who were
involved in extra-curricular
music classes were developing higher verbal IQ’s
and their visual ability was
greater than those who
were not receiving the
Even children as young as
one year old who participated in interactive music
lessons with their parents
had a greater ability to
communicate, smiled more
frequently and were showing greater signs of sophisticated brain responses to
2) Keeps an aging brain
Research has shown that
having musical training and
listening to or playing music in old age can help keep
the brain healthy especially
as it ages. Since listening to
music is like exercising the
brain, one can expect the
benefits of better memory
and mental sharpness as
(Continued on page 20)
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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A ray of hope for
lung cancer patients
Mike Espina was losing weight, getting more tired than usual, and
growing weaker every day, his energy being drained like the flame of
a candle slowly ebbing away. Returning home to the Philippines
after working abroad, he went to
see a doctor and underwent some
tests. There was a mass in his lung
and a biopsy confirmed his worst
fear: He had stage four lung cancer.
Mike will never forget the day the
doctor pronounced his death sentence. He recounts in his blog: “As I
remember, it was like in a movie.
Suddenly, everything stopped and
movements became like in a slow
motion. I could not comprehend
what my doctor was talking about,
it could not sink into my head ... I
was enveloped by fear because I
felt I would die too soon, not
achieving the things I wanted to
happen in my life.”
A visibly shaken Mike asked himself: “How could this happen to me
when I lived such a healthy lifestyle
— I ran regularly, ate healthy, and
did not smoke?”
According to his doctor, his exposure to petroleum refineries could
have triggered the development of
cancer cells in his lungs. Mike lived
and worked in Kuwait as a product
development specialist for a telecommunications company.
Aside from his toxic exposure, his
doctor said that stress could have
also contributed to his condition,
particularly during the wearying
worrisome period of his life when
Mike was a graduate student in
Mike’s pulmonologist prescribed
oral therapy for three months to
shrink the mass found in his left
lung. Only after this would they decide on a treatment plan.
After his oral therapy, and buoyed
up by an ample dose of support
from his friends, Mike underwent
another CT scan procedure to
check if the mass in his lung had
shrunk. Mike got the biggest surprise of his life: While they were
only hoping for the mass to shrink,
they were astonished to discover
that it was completely gone! For
Mike, his recovery was nothing
short of a miracle.
Today, Mike, full of life and hope, is
ready to face another exciting chapter in his life: He’s set to migrate to
the United States later this year or
early next year. Meanwhile, he’s
taking it one day at a time. He’s doing some painting, which he
learned from his support group as
part of his therapy. And every
chance he gets, he never tires of
telling people his story. “I want to
share my experiences so I can help
raise awareness on how we can
overcome lung cancer. I am grateful
to have been healed by God, and I
hope others can be inspired by my
“We have heard stories from lung
cancer survivors, and they are stories that touch us,” says Dr. Gerry
Cornelio, oncologist at St. Luke’s
Medical Center. “However, the challenges of lung cancer remain pressing, and they need to be addressed.”
And the battle rages on. According
to the 2012 Globocan statistics of
the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), lung cancer is the most common type and
cause of cancer death among Filipino men, and top two in mortality
among Filipino women.
The World Health Organization
(WHO) sees a spike in lung cancer
diagnosis in the next 20 years.
About three years ago, WHO reported 8.2 million cancer-related
deaths and 14M new cancer cases
(this is expected to increase to 22M
in the next two decades).
While smoking is the number one
culprit behind lung cancer, there
are other factors that increase one’s
risk of lung cancer, such as pollution, exposure to high doses of radiation, heredity, and industrial and
chemical carcinogens.
Last week was National Cancer
Consciousness Week and the
Usapang Kanser round-table discussion organized by Merck Sharp
& Dome (MSD) instilled awareness
of this disease and what’s being
done to win the battle vs. the Big C.
The good news is, current developments in lung cancer treatment are
giving patients — and their families
— newfound sense of hope.
“Chemotherapy remains one of the
common ways of curing cancer, but
there are recent breakthroughs in
lung cancer treatment that can help
more patients,” reveals Dr. Gary
Lorenzo, oncologist from the Makati Medical Center.
The good doctor mentions other
forms of therapy, such as radiation,
which kills cancer cells, and targeted therapy, which counters specific
abnormalities in cancer cells.
But of all the treatment options
available to patients, Dr. Lorenzo
points out that a form of treatment
called immunotherapy has proven
very promising in clinical trials
Ching M. Alano
What’s immunotherapy?
Immunotherapy is a form of treatment where the body’s immune
system is trained to recognize and
ward off cancer cells. Especially
when it is healthy, the body has the
natural capacity to fight off cancer
cells. Immunotherapy stimulates
the immune system to work harder
and smarter so it could attack cancer cells more efficiently.
“Immunotherapy allows us to use
our immune systems, our bodies, to
combat the disease so what we
have is not really the same kind of
side effects or toxicities that you
see with chemotherapy or other
cytotoxic agents,” notes Dr. Gerry
(Reprinted from Philstar)
the clinical trials in the UK happily
reported they have been cured of
their tumors only after weeks of
immunotherapy. Some of these patients were initially given only a
few months to live.
sparked more than a glimmer of
hope for cancer patients in the
western world. Once this treatment
option becomes available in the
Philippines, many patients who are
hanging on to a slim thread of hope
may just get a second lease on life.
“Lung cancer treatment is still continuously improving. We are hoping that if we can’t beat it, we can at
least make it a controllable disease,” discloses Dr. Cornelio.
The treatment has shown astounding promise as can be gleaned from
results of clinical trials presented at
the American Society for Clinical
Oncology annual conference last
year. Aside from lung cancer, immunotherapy was found to be effective against melanoma, kidney,
bladder, and head and neck cancers. Immunotherapy has also
shown some promise in the treatment of mesothelioma, a cancer
related to asbestos exposure.
Dr. Cornelio, however, still believes
that despite all these developments
in lung cancer treatment, nothing
beats a healthy lifestyle when it
comes to battling lung or other cancers. “A sound and healthy lifestyle,
and a clean environment, remain
important factors in lung cancer
treatment,” he stresses. ⦿
Cancer patients who participated in
[email protected]
647 718-1360
or email
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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A Message to The Filipino Community Of Ontario From George De La Rosa, CEO of Luminus Financial:
Luminus Financial STILL Offering Free Remittances!
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy and prosperous New Year!
At Luminus Financial, we are thankful for the support of our Filipino community. More specifically, we are also thankful for the support of our Filipino
members, which is why we are announcing that Luminus Financial will be extending our offer of FREE Remittances from your account to anywhere in
the Philippines for an indefinite period of time.
Due to the overwhelming demand over the last few months, we have decided to continue the program into 2016. We are waiving the fees on ALL remittances. Not only is this offer available to you as a member-owner of Luminus Financial, but it is also available to any of your friends and family. Now is
the perfect time to invite ALL of your friends and family to open an account at Luminus Financial and start remitting for FREE!!
We hope this news will start your year off with some excitement! At Luminus Financial, you can always count on your experience of “Clearly Better
Banking” and in this case, “Clearly Better Remitting!”
NOTE: The remittance fee will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $10 per transaction on any remittances to the Philippines.
For more information on ‘Remit Now, Pay Later,’ please visit luminusfinancial.com
Box A Smile delivered smiles to 3,000 children over the
holiday season
The busy holiday season was
made extra special with the
activation of Box A Smile,
LBC’s Christmas GiftGiving
activity during which smiles
were delivered to 3,000 underprivileged children in various communities. With the
invaluable assistance of Project Pearls, the Box A Smile
gift-giving events were a success, drawing volunteers
both from the LBC & Project
Pearls communities.
dancing and singing, and of
course, food and drinks.
Project Pearls, a volunteer,
headed by Melissa Villa, gathered children in the various
communities of Helping
Land/Newland, Tondo, Manila, Lubusang Alyansa ng
Katutubong Aeta ng Sambales (LAKAS) in Botolan,
Zambales, and relocated residents of Ulingan now in Barangay Batia, Bulacan. A total
of 3,000 children were treated to a Christmas party with
games and prizes, lots of
LBC volunteers from various
departments and areas participated in the gift-giving
activities: from the principals, executives, and their
children, to warehouse personnel, associates and frontliners, delivery associates
and teams. The LBC family
came in full-force, some employees dressed as Santa
Claus, enjoining the children
and all present that it is indeed FAMILY that truly
makes the holiday season
With these events, an overwhelming sense of community and camaraderie was felt
throughout, in keeping with
the spirit of giving, the true
spirit of the holiday season.
Over 3,000 donor participants from the US were engaged, and co-sponsors likewise provided much-needed
assistance for the events.
LBC VITAS Warehouse Manager Glenn Garcia as Santa Claus, with
the children of Helping Land, Tondo, Manila
special and memorable.
“LBC has been a very important partner for Project
PEARLS. LBC USA has generously provided assistance to
Project PEARLS in transporting in-kind donations to Manila from United States. Because of this, we are able to
provide to hundreds more
children in the communities
we serve mainly in Bulacan
and Tondo, Manila.
“When they informed me that
they would like to partner
with Project PEARLS for a
gift-giving for 3,000 children,
I was very grateful and humbled, not to mention, I was
jumping up and down from
excitement because this is
the first time we are able to
provide Christmas gifts to
over 1,000 children.
LBC volunteers from various
departments and areas participated in the gift-giving
activities: from the principals, executives, and their
children, to warehouse personnel, associates and frontliners, delivery associates
and teams. The LBC family
came in full-force, some employees dressed as Santa
Claus, enjoining the children
and all present that it is indeed FAMILY that truly
makes the holiday season
special and memorable.
LBC has been a very important partner for Project
PEARLS. LBC USA has generously provided assistance
to Project PEARLS in transporting in-kind donations to
Manila from United States. Because of this, we are
able to provide to hundreds more children in the
communities we serve mainly in Bulacan and Tondo,
When they informed me that they would like to
partner with Project PEARLS for a gift-giving for 3,000
children, I was very grateful and humbled, not to
mention, I was jumping up and down from
excitement because this is the first time we are able
to provide Christmas gifts to over 1,000 children.
LBC and Project PEARLS partnership is more than just
a corporate partnership, it is really a partnership for
humanity. Together, we are helping and supporting
each other in making this world a better and kinder
place for all - rich, poor or poorest.--- MELISSA VILLA,
Project Pearls
Being there in the gift
giving … heartwarming
seeing the smiles of the
children. We’re happy to
make their Christmas a
little bit brighter. --MONICA ARANETA,
President, LBC Foundation
LBC encourages communitybuilding by providing all employees the opportunity to
volunteer and assist the areas where they serve. ⦿
“Box A Smile gave me a chance to
reflect on the true meaning of
Christmas. Seeing all those kids and
the joy on their faces as we not only
gave them gifts, but also played with
them and showed them kindness,
was heartwarming and moving. It
was a good reminder that this is
how Christmas, and everyday for
that matter, should be. A time to share, and spread joy and peace.” -- NENA L.
WUTHRICH, Executive Director, LBC Foundation
20 & 21
Call Rolly Mangante
416 845-4984
February 2016
Mon Torralba
Pag Tumatagal
Lalong Tumitibay
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For requests to publish the chords of your favourite OPM songs,
please continue to email us at [email protected]
You and I (Together Forever)
Artist: Rico Puno
(Nonoy Tan—Mon Torralba)
Artist: WADAB
Intro: C(add9) | Fm/C | C(add9) | Fm/C
Verse 1
Alam mo bang ikaw lamang
Ang tangi kong minamahal
Ang buhay kong ito
Ay nagkakulay ng dahil sa 'yo
Verse 2
Kung ika'y nalulumbay
At wala sa iyong dumamay
Tawagin ang pangalan ko
Asahan mong andiyan na ako
Don't you know that (2x)
Pag tumatagal lalong tumitibay
Ang pag-ibig na itong inaalay
Ito’y tunay, I love you
Verse 1
Lalo kitang minamahal
Habang tayo'y tumatagal
Ligaya ko'y ikaw
Kung didilim ikaw ang ilaw
Sa oras na kapiling kita
Walang lungkot, puro ligaya
Ikaw ang tanging iibigin
Pang habangbuhay kong mamahalin
Don't you know that (2x)
... you, haah...
(Repeat Chorus except last word)
... you, haah...
(Repeat Chorus 1/2 step higher … to FADE)
647 707 7201
My love
Forever you will always be my
Only love
Forever you will always be my
Faithful love
D7sus D7
G7sus G G11-G7
It's always you, you'll always be
My love
Forever you will be my first and
Only love
For you alone I'll give my
Em7 Am7
Everlasting love
D7sus D7
G7sus G7 G11-G7
I promise you, you'll always be
C(add9) C
You and I will never say goodbye
G7sus G7 F/C-C
Will never even wonder why
You and I will always be
D7sus D7 G7sus G7
Together forever
You and I will never say goodbye
G7sus G7 F/C-C
Will never even wonder why
You and I will always be
G11 G7
Together forever
C - Fm/C – C - Fm/C
In love
Repeat Chorus except last two lines
G11 G7 G11-G7
C – Fm/C - C
Patti LaBelle Joins Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and
Lil' Kim for “Lady Marmalade”
Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil' Kim’s revamped
version of “Lady Marmalade” received a classic touch
during the 2002 award show when Patti LaBelle joined
the ladies on stage. The legendary soul singer capped
off the special performance by adding her vocals to her
timeless hit, which was inducted into the Grammy Hall
of Fame in 2003.
Mary J. Blige is no stranger to giving fans their money’s
worth when it comes to her live shows. Nothing short
of those expectations, Blige delivered an amazing performance of “No More Drama” in 2002.
Jennifer Hudson's Riveting Whitney Houston Tribute
Whitney Houston’s untimely death in 2012 just hours
before the 54th annual Grammy Awards prompted
show producers to make last minute revisions. To honor Houston’s Legacy, Jennifer Hudson closed the show
with an emotional rendition of "I Will Always Love
You." After her performance, Hudson released a statement to Radar Online, “It was the greatest honor of my
life to be able to be the one to pay tribute to Whitney’s
memory. It was from my heart. I haven’t stopped crying since she passed. Her family is in my prayers.”
Usher And James Brown's Soulful Duet
Usher’s 2004 single “Caught Up” eventually led to the
Atlanta-native catching up with his idol James Brown.
The R&B heart throb had a chance to showcase some
of his dance moves when Brown joined him on stage at
the 2005 Grammy Awards for a performance of “Sex
Aretha Franklin's
The Queen of Soul commanded the attention -- and
respect -- of Grammy viewers when she graced the
stage in 1991 for her performance of “Respect,” in
commemoration of Franklin’s prestigious Grammy Living Legend award.
Michael Jackson Won Eight Grammys In 1984
Repeat I
performance of his hit single “Touch The Sky.”
Mary J. Blige's Amazing Performance Of "No More
Verse 2
Together Forever
(Repeat Chorus except last word)
Guitar Lessons
(Continued from page 14)
Intro: Em7 | A11 | DM7 | A11 sustain
Verse 1
Filipinos Making News
The legendary King of Pop became the king of the
Grammys in 1984 when he received eight awards.
Though M.J.’s record was matched in 2000 by Santana,
Jackson still holds the record for most Grammy nominations in a single year with 12.
Beyoncé And Tina Turner 's Epic Duet
Following her memorable duet with Prince in 2004, Bey
found herself “rolling” into an unforgettable performance with Tina Turner. The pair took the stage together to perform Turner’s classic hit, “Proud Mary.”
Brennan Williams, Pop Culture Editor, The Huffington
"Music is what feelings sound like"
February 2016
Filipinos Making News
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ABS-CBN Star Kargo
ABS-CBN’s ‘Dolce Amore’
launches service in
brings the ‘sweetest love’ to
viewers worldwide via TFC Greater Toronto Area
Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil reunite for much-awaited ‘kilig’ comeback
One-stop shop cargo offering to serve fast-growing
Filipino Canadian community
Kapamilya service of TFC that is a one-stop shop for door-todoor shipments from the U.S. to the Philippines, has expanded
its coverage by launching on January 16 in Ontario, Canada to
serve the Greater Toronto Area.
"Star Kargo Canadanwas conceived with the fast-growing Filipino Canadian community in mind," said Ray Olano, ABS-CBN
North America head of sales and distribution. "There are over
70,000 Filipino Canadian households and many of them have
benefited from using our products and services like TFC and
myRemit. Thousands have also been engaged by our TFC
Events. Adding Star Kargo to our list of offerings in Canada
means our customers here can enjoy the same quality, reliability and trustworthy service that ABS-CBN and TFC have been
known for."
February 12, 2016 (QUEZON
phenomenal success of their toprating series “Forevermore,”Liza
Soberano and Enrique – one of
the country’s hottest love teams –
return to worldwide television to
give viewers a taste of ‘sweet love’
via ABS-CBN’s newest romantic
drama “Dolce Amore” beginning
Monday, February 15 (Tuesday,
February 16 – Australian Daylight
Savings Time or AEDT, New Zealand Daylight Savings Time or
NZDT, Guam, and Japan time) via
The Filipino Channel (TFC).
the big screen, with “Just the Way
You Are” and “Everyday I Love
You” being certified box-office hits.
After making the whole country fall
in love and believe in forever, Liza
and Enrique take on “Dolce
Amore,” a story of two young wandering souls in search of who they
really are, who will be brought together by destiny and feel an infallible connection with each other.
From their unexpected meet up,
the two will discover a sense of belonging to each other and will find
themselves exploring the greatest
adventure of all – falling in love.
“It’s a project I think almost everyone will be able to relate to. It’s
about finding your identity and
finding love, and the story is just so
fun and uplifting,” said Liza of the
kickoff of TFC’s theme for the love
month, ‘Feb-ibig.’
She plays Serena, a young girl
raised in Italy by her adoptive parents. Though she lives a good life,
she cannot shake off the feeling
that an important part of her identity seems to be missing – the truth
about where she came from.
Bearing the same struggles is the
character of Enrique, Tenten, who
grew up in an orphanage suffering
from the pain of his real parents’
hardworking raketero, Tenten takes on different jobs to help his adoptive family.
“It’s a ‘peasant meets a princess’
kind of feel. It’s a very
light teleserye, like what we all love
– the kind of ‘Forevermore’ feels,”
shared Enrique.
Aside from “Forevermore,” the success of LizQuen also translated on
Moreover, Liza said that fans
should expect her team-up with
Enrique to level up in terms of
‘kilig,’ and that they will be more
open to experimenting with their
characters in “Dolce Amore.”
Serena and Tenten’s worlds collide
when Serena, in search of herself,
wanders off and travels to the Philippines, a country she is strangely
drawn to and heard about from her
Filipina nanny.
To kick off its service, Star Kargo Canada announced its two
drop off locations under Authorized Agent MCA Cash & Cargo
Inc.: 6-3500 Pharmacy Ave. Scarborough ON, M1W2T6 and 1445
Courtneypark Drive East, Mississauga ON, L5T2E3. Pick up of
boxes may also be requested.
To celebrate its launch, Star Kargo Canada is offering a Special
Introductory Price of $5.00 CAD off per box until February 29,
To learn more about ABS-CBN Star Kargo Canada,
call 416.495.7007 or visit http://www.star-kargo.ca
Kapamilya singer-actor and heartthrob Matteo Guidicelli, meanwhile, will take on the role
of Giancarlo, Serena’s best friend
who is secretly in love with her.
Playing Liza’s adoptive parents in
Gil (Luciana) and Ruben Maria
Soriquez (Roberto), while Edgar
Mortiz (Dodoy), Rio Locsin (Paps),
and Kean Cipriano (Binggoy) will
depict Tenten’s simple but loving
adoptive family.
“Dolce Amore,” which will be subtitled in English for non-Filipino
speaking viewers, will also see
characters portrayed by seasoned
actors Sunshine Cruz, Andrew
E, and Frenchie Dy.
Do not miss the kickoff of ‘Feb-ibig’
this love month via “Dolce Amore”
beginning this February 15, Monday (February 16, Tuesday – AEDT,
NZDT, Guam, and Japan time) via
TFC worldwide. Worldwide viewers can also witness the beginning
of ‘sweet love’ via livestream on
TFC’s official online service,
TFC.tv Relish “Dolce Amore” also
via The Filipino Channel’s (TFC)
various platforms worldwide. ⦿
Anne Curtis
Coco Martin
“I Love OPM” and “It’s Showtime”
host Anne Curtis adds kilig to the
evening viewing habit of TV viewers as she joins the cast of the number one teleserye on primetime,
“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”. Anne
plays the role of Trina Trinidad, a
rich fashion designer who has a
bitter relationship with his stepfather Michael Alonzo played by veteran actor Christopher De Leon. As
potential harm threatens their family, Michael taps Cardo (Coco Martin) to be their bodyguard and asks
help to find out who is the person
behind the threats they are receiv-
ing. As he faces his new mission,
how can Cardo protect Trina and
Michael from danger? Will Cardo
fall in love to Trina as he does his
duty as her bodyguard? Don’t miss
the action-packed scenes in “FPJ’s
Ang Probinsyano,” weeknights in
ABS-CBN. For more information
about the program, visit the official
social networking site of Dreamscape Entertainment Television at
Twitter.com/DreamscapePH, and
CALL 647-718-1360
[email protected]
February 2016
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Six Touristars make the cut…
ABS-CBN’s newest singing
competition for non-Filipino
singers who love Pinoy music, “I Love OPM,” premiered
on a high note with a national TV rating of 24.8% last
Saturday (Feb 13) and
20.0% last Sunday (Feb 14),
according to data from Kantar Media.
The show, hosted by Anne
Curtis with Eric Nicolas, beat
its rivals over the weekend
which only hit 11.1% and
6.1% respectively.
Eight hopefuls, or called
“Touristars,” auditioned but
only six of them got the approval
“Himigration Officers” composed of the Philippines’
Nievera, Asia’s Nightingale
Lani Misalucha, and Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni
Among those who made the
cut were German-Irish Jeena
Dimaandal captivated the
crowd with her heartfelt
version of Sharon Cuneta’s
“Bituing walang ningning;”
American heartthrob Ryan
Gallagher made the women
scream with “Himigration
Clockwise: Jeena Dimaandal, Ryan Gallagher, Anna Rabtsun and
Addy Raj
Officer” Martin Nievera’s
“Kahit isang saglit;” Russian
Anna Rabtsun surprised the
audience with her rendition
of Gloc 9’s “Sirena,” and Indian exchange-student Addy
Raj serenaded the crowd
with Daniel Padilla’s version
of “Hinahanap-hanap kita”.
What OPM hits will be showcased next? Who will have
the best love story on how
they fell in love with the
Philippines and Filipino music? Which country will be
able to produce the foreigner whom can sing OPM the
“I Love OPM” is a first-of-itkind singing contest for
100% non-Filipinos who
love OPM music. It is an
original concept by ABSCBN.
Don’t miss “I Love OPM”
every Saturday right after
“MMK,” and every Sunday
after “Rated K” on ABS-CBN.
@iloveopmtv on Instagram
and Twitter or like https://
iloveopm on Facebook.
Rosanna Roces to marry her
lesbian partner
Veteran actress Rosanna
Roces revealed on Wednesday night she’s about to marry her long-lost lesbian lover.
“I met her when I was 15. In
fact, I had Grace so we could
have a child to raise together,” Roces said in a TV interview with long-time friend,
Boy Abunda.
her lesbian lover, Roces said
she’s changed a lot. The once
cantankerous but now happy actress said she has
stopped smoking and drinking, among other vices. This
time, she said it’s for good.
This relationship could be
her last.
Grace is Roces’ firstborn.
“I’m not even attracted to
men anymore,” Roces said,
followed by her signature
naughty giggle.
“She [lesbian lover] thought
I love the father of Grace but
no, I just wanted to have a
child with him,” Roces said
on “Abunda Tonite” on ABSCBN.
Roces’ revelation came a day
after Abunda gave a mouthful to boxing champion Manny Pacquiao because of his
anti-same sex marriage
She didn’t give any details on
the identify of Grace’s father.
Looking back, Roces and
Abunda have been friends
for more than two decades.
Abunda asked Roces what
happened to her relationship
with the lesbian lover, why
they didn’t end up together.
“She just disappeared. Then I
had boyfriends, lovers, so
many, you know that, Kuya
Boy. I change partners as
fast as people change
clothes,” she said in Filipino.
Now that she’s reunited with
In the late 1990s, they used
to host the now-defunct
“Startalk,” once the longest
Saturday afternoon show-biz
oriented talk show on GMA7,
which also used to be the
home network of Pacquiao.
When Abunda transferred to
ABS-CBN to host his own
show, Roces eventually re-
Filipinos Making News
Susan puts a period to
the Grace ‘issue’
MANILA, Philippines – While
before she kept mum on
something that is nothing
more than an urban legend,
Susan Roces decided to put a
period(.) to the persistent rumor that her daughter, Sen./
Presidentiable Grace Poe is
the daughter of Susan’s sister
Rosemarie Sonora by former
Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.
“Why would I deny it if it’s
true?” Susan finally broke her
silence last Tuesday in Iloilo
where she accompanied Grace
during a campaign. “I was
with Rose day and night at
that time at hindi ko siya nakitang nagdadalang-tao. Rose
was busy with TV shows and
she was visible. That was in
1968, the year Ronnie (FPJ)
and I got married, and the
same year Grace was born,”
and found at the font of the
Iloilo Cathedral.
Asked about the possibility of
Grace undergoing a DNA test
with Sen. Bongbong Marcos
(who’s running for vice president) and other Marcos relatives, Susan said, “Ay naku,
maraming dekada na ang
nakaraan, Grace is past 40, so
whatever explanation is useless.”
What is important, according
to Grace, is how she is loved
and raised by Susan and FPJ.
“The values I learned from my
parents make me who I am,”
stressed Grace. “What my
mom always says is you
should have a purpose greater
than yourself. It’s something
that my Mom and Dad applied
in their own lives.”
The TV revival of Carlo J. Caparas’ legendary komiks character Panday (on TV5, airing
end of this month with Richard Gutierrez in the titular
role) pleased Grace.
“In the prequel,”said Caparas,
“it will be revealed for the first
time that Panday will be
shown as a foundling, just like
Incidentally, did you know
that Grace was taught
taekwondo by FPJ?
She may be small in build but
the truth is that she’s a black
belter. So, beware!
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Rosanna Roces
signed and went back to acting for movies.
From being one of the top
sexy and more controversial
actresses in the ’90s, Roces
was able to reinvent herself
into becoming a dramatic
and much-awarded actress
in the following years. She
has since then acted for
more serious directors like
Carlitos Siguion-Reyna, Chito
Rono and Erik Matti.
She was married for 11
years to banker Tito Molina.
The marriage has since been
On television, Roces didn’t
elaborate on the details of
her wedding to her unnamed
lesbian lover.
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February 2016
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February 2016
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