wares crafts east village music car show july 1



wares crafts east village music car show july 1
J u l y 2 016 | C i r c u l a t i o n 3 5 0 0 | E V- N A .C O M
july 1
Canada Day
car show
Pigeons are a troublesome bird that are common
not only in Calgary, but cities around the world.
They produce an easily identified cooing sound.
Since pigeons are not a migratory species, they
cause year round conflict with humans when they
breed and roost in groups around urban dwellings.
Calgarians must often contend with high levels of
noise and unwanted accumulation of feces. Due
to strong instincts to nest in close proximity to
their site of birth, pigeons can be very difficult to
remove, especially if the basic necessities of food
and shelter are being met.
Preventing pigeons
Here are some steps you can take to keep pigeons
• Remove potential roosting areas by sealing
elevated openings and entrances. Install
appropriate-sized bird netting to take away
access to ledges and balconies.
• Install posts and wire on window ledges and
ridges to prevent pigeons from gaining a foot
• To prevent perching, apply gel to ledges
using a caulking gun. The gel makes the
surface unpleasant and unstable under the
bird’s feet.
• Eliminate all outdoor sources of food and
• Make sure garbage is stored in containers or
• Destroy nests and eggs.
If extermination is desired, enlist the services of a
pest control company.
The problem with pigeons
Pigeons aren’t just annoying – they can cause
costly damages as well. Storm gutters can be
blocked from the feathers, nesting materials and
droppings of pigeons, which may result in structural water damage. Additionally, metal and stone on
buildings may become damaged over the long run
from the corrosive uric acid component found in
pigeon droppings. The accumulation of droppings
may pose a safety risk, making ladders and ground
cover slippery. There is also a health risk associated with pigeons as they may contaminate food,
or transmit fungi, bacteria or ectoparasites in the
Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre,
will open on Canada Day 2016
seven days a week for the month of July only.
Studio Bell will then move to regular year-round
hours from Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 am to
5:00 pm. For full details on hours of operation,
holiday closures, and to purchase advance tickets
or an NMC Membership, please visit studiobell.
The National Music Centre (NMC) is ready to rock
the East Village with the public opening of Studio
Bell on July 1, 2016. To celebrate our country’s
birthday and the story of music in Canada, Studio
Bell’s Premier Founding Partner, Bell Canada,
is presenting free public admission on July 1,
from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
The Bell Live Series brings music to the
King Eddy once again
The Bell Live Series at the King Eddy will bring
you 10 days of foot-stompin’ tunes—right in time
for Stampede! From July 8 to 17, the King Eddy
will be transformed into a pop-up country bar with
real-deal western music: classic country, rockabilly,
bluegrass, western-swing, and Americana.
The Bell Live Series at the King Eddy will run daily
from July 8-17, 11:00 am to 2:00 am. A $20 cover
will be in place after 6:00 pm till close.
Explore five floors of exhibitions that tell the story
of music in Canada, celebrate music icons in the
Canadian Halls of Fame, rock out with interactive
instrument installations and sing along to your
favourite Canadian tracks in Studio Bell’s sound
To thank supporters and give music fans more
opportunities to visit this new East Village attraction in its opening month, Studio Bell will be open
Following a complete heritage restoration that
included the reassembly of the exterior façade, the
King Eddy will open its doors to celebrate Stampede Week with daily food service, DJs spinning
classic country vinyl, and live music each night. For
full performer lineup and ticket information, please
visit studiobell.ca/visit.
A Message from your Councillor Druh Farrell
Council Approves
Pedestrian Strategy
in the 1980s.
Unfortunately, the
to reduce speed
limits on residential
streets in Calgary
was not supported
by Council at this
On average, one pedestrian is injured in a collision
each day in Calgary. Many more injuries occur in
parking lots and often go unreported. The financial
cost to society from pedestrian deaths and injuries,
estimated at $120 million per year for Calgary
alone, is staggering. The impact to individuals and
families left to cope with the recovery, and sometimes a lifetime of disabilities, is immeasurable.
Every Calgarian is a
pedestrian. A pedestrian
is someone walking
(or rolling in a wheelchair) to school, from one
business meeting to another, to catch the train
or bus, or for an evening stroll. Ward 7 boasts a
higher proportion of people who walk than most
other areas of Calgary, partly due to its nearness
to downtown, but also because of its walkable
neighbourhoods, shopping streets, river pathways,
and access to schools and transit. The importance
of walking to Ward 7 residents is one of the many
reasons that I championed STEP FORWARD, as
well as other initiatives that support active travel.
As we implement this plan over the next decade,
you will see Calgary become a safer, more walkable, and more enjoyable city.
These financial, social, and emotional costs were
driving factors behind City Council’s decision to
unanimously support STEP FORWARD, our new
pedestrian strategy and safety action plan. I have
been striving to make Calgary a better place to
walk for many years and I am extremely proud of
this work. The strategy also goes beyond safety to
encourage more Calgarians to walk more often by
making it easy, accessible, and enjoyable.
We focused the plan into four areas with a list
of 50 actions for short, medium, and long term
• Safety - reduce collisions and increase the
feeling of personal safety.
• Plan and Design - remove barriers to
walking by improving connections and the
walking experience for people of all ages and
To learn more about this and other topics, visit
druhfarrell.ca. To sign up for updates on key issues,
please email [email protected]
• Operate and Maintain - manage sidewalks
as public spaces and seasonally maintain
and repair infrastructure.
Paint the Pavement
Paint the
Pavement is a
volunteer led
initiative that is
a great way to
bring community
together through
• Educate and Encourage - remind citizens
about shared responsibilities for road safety
and encourage walking for improved health,
recreation, and commuting.
Speed is a crucial factor in the severity and survival
rate of any collision, especially ones involving those
walking and cycling. Lower speeds save lives.
From Toronto to Boston to Edinburgh, cities around
the world are reducing speed limits on residential
streets for the sake of safety. Closer to home,
Airdrie introduced 30 km/h on all residential streets
East Village Seniors Drama Club Does It Again
Those of us who enjoyed the plays put
on by seniors in the
former Golden Age
Club will regret not
being in the foyer at
City Hall last week.
Members of the
East Village Seniors
Drama Club, pictured
above, staged a
play at noon hour.
As has been the
case with previous
plays staged by
East Village seniors,
everybody who saw
it was delighted and
called for more.
(from left to right, Parin Pardhan, Leslie McFarland, Jean Woodhouse, Joan Ramsey, Mayor
Nenshi, Tony Mifsud in front, Cherie Ratte from Carya)
The East Village Seniors Drama Club told one of the
member’s stories. After all, what is drama, but a
medium for telling our stories? This drama had its
origins at a recent meeting of the members of the
Drama Club. At this meeting some of the seniors
of the East Village Seniors Drama Club told stories
from their past. The group chose one of these
stories, put it in the form of a play and staged it at
City Hall. The particular story told on this occasion
involved a group of young people who wanted a
wrestling facility. When appeals to the elders failed
to elicit a positive response, the young people built
their own. These young people enjoyed building
the facility almost as much as they enjoyed using
it. Unfortunately their enjoyment was short lived.
Someone was hurt and the same adults, who
were deaf to their requests for a facility, closed the
facility that the young people had worked so hard
to build. Sounds mundane? Not in the hands of
these seniors. The response of the audience was
East Village
Senior’s Social in the
Location: East Village – 5th Street Square
5th St. & 7th Ave. SE
Days: Friday’s
Time: 1:00 – 4:00pm
Dates: July 15th & 22nd
August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
The City of Calgary presents Senior’s Social in
the Square summer program! Seniors Social in
the Square is a FREE drop-in seniors program
based around social interaction and is designed
to provide seniors with the opportunity to
engage with their community by meeting new
people and trying new activities! There will
be plenty of hands-on activities, learning from
special guests, and field trips!
For further information please contact:
Angel Jackson
Recreation Program Specialist
T: 403.476.7163
E: [email protected]
Their success is a reminder that East Village is
chock full of people with interesting stories The
East Village View applauds the East Village Seniors
Drama Club which has been at the forefront in
telling these stories in a very effective way.
Message from Kent Hehr, MP for Calgary Centre
This is in addition to the
hundreds of millions
that will be sent to the
province through the
Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements
Last month, the nation looked on as wildfires raged
throughout northern Alberta. As events continued
to unfold, we watched the city of Fort McMurray
declared a state of emergency and evacuate all
residents. Our hearts went out to the community
as they left entire lives behind at a moment’s
notice, and touching stories of loss and heroism
trickled in through media reports.
As always, you can contact my office by email
at [email protected] or by
phone at 403.244.1880. My office
is located at 950 6 Ave SW and my
door is always open to you. You can
follow my work in Parliament online
at www.KentHehrMP.ca where you
can watch clips of yours truly in question period
and sign up for my e-newsletter.
Our government was quick to respond to the crisis.
We assured Albertans in the very early days that
we would stand with them during this difficult
time, and would support their efforts to rebuild. I
was in the airport heading back to Alberta when
I received the call from the Prime Minister asking
me to chair the federal government’s Ad Hoc Committee on Northern Alberta Wildfires. My cabinet
colleagues and I will coordinate across departments and take a whole of government approach
to recovery and rebuilding efforts in the weeks and
months ahead.
MEET, make friends and play euchre!
Since convening this committee, we have met to
discuss strategy, resources and the coordination
at all levels of government to assist our friends,
families, and neighbours to the north. We committed air support, military, and have matched the
generous donations of Canadians to the Red Cross.
Residents from East Village, Inglewood,
Ramsay and Beltline Victoria
FROM 7:00 P.M. TO 9:00 P.M.
For years Alberta has carried the Canadian
economy. Now it’s time for us to give back: we
will assist during this acutely difficult period, and
we understand that rebuilding Fort McMurray
and northern Alberta will take years. The federal
government will continue to play a role.
$2.00 per person and all fees go toward cash prizes;
Auditorium at Murdoch Manor
(corner of 9th Ave & 5th St S.E.)
***For those of you unfamiliar with this card game,
there will be free instruction***
For further information please call
Chris (before 7 p.m.) at 403-514-0441.
Already through federal leadership and the cooperation of other jurisdictions, we have brought
in relief for Alberta’s incredible first responders.
Further to this, four water bombers from Quebec,
three Ontario firefighting teams, 3,000 cots,
blankets, generators, and living supplies were also
brought in through federal agencies. Additionally,
we deployed federal resources to restore communication networks, and the Canadian Space
Agency to track the wildfires.
Mental Health Seminar -
with depression and or anxiety. One can also learn
to manage their mood and function at their best
On May 2, 2016, the Organization for Bipolar
in the community. They also have group based
Affective Disorder “OBAD” and Kerby Centre
program to help with abstinence of substance use,
sponsored a Mental Health Seminar which focused replace prevention and mental health concern.
on the Mental Health issues such as depression
They mentioned about other available resources
and stress in older adults. The seminar was open
such as, Renfrew Recovery Centre, Claresholm
to the public and approximately 52 people were in and Landers Treatment Centres and adult addiction
attendance. During the seminar, attendees shared
service. Besides urgent services and emergency
opinions, thoughts and suggestions. The purpose
departments there is Calgary Distress Centre,
of this seminar was to provide education about
East Side Walk in Counseling Centre and South
available mental health care options and ways of
Calgary Health Care Centre walk
improvement to reduce stigma.
in mental health. In community
The information provided by
council, there is CYRA, Calgary
our speakers was consisting on
Counseling Centre, Calgary
proactive and innovative conDistress Centre, Calgary Catholic
“Mental Health Needs
cepts for mental health issues.
Family Service, Alberta Health
a Great Deal of AtKerby Centre Thrive Department
Services grief support program.
tention. It’s the Final
Manager Zainy Abdy was on
In cognitive assessment they
Taboo and It Needs to
hand to open the conference. We
have senior’s health one line
Be Faced and Dealt
had OBAD’s Executive Director
referral where client can discuss
Kaj Korvela and Clayton Buck, sea referral with their family doctor
Adam Ant
nior’s peer support facilitator as
to address any concerns with
our key note speakers and well
as Alycia Berg and Tiere Fenrich
Alycia and Tiere concluded their
from Alberta Health Services.
presentation with summarizing
Kaj Korvela and Clayton Buck spoke on OBAD’s
that seniors health is consist on two major catecontribution towards mental health issues in
gories, one is Access mental health and second
Calgary. The three pillars are peer support, public
is Geriatric mental health. If someone is observing
education & removing stigmas associated with all
changes in their mental behaviour they should
mental health disorders.Their website: www.obad. contact their family doctor for a referral or can go
ca is a great resource for all who are curious for
to Community Geriatric Mental Health Centre.
themselves, a family member or a loved one. They
Zainab Abdy
facilitate five weekly peer support meetings. All
Page 8 Kerby Centre
are welcome.
Alycia Berg and Tiere Fenrich discussed the
options of how to access mental health services
in Calgary and what services are available. They
described that a person can get access to mental
health services by phoning at 403-943-1500 EXT 2,
which is telephone base mental health screening
service. Anyone can call to make a self-referral.
They also mentioned available programs through
Community Geriatric Mental Health Association.
Their Bridgeland Senior Health Centre offers geriatric day treatment service. This service is based on
10 week intensive group experience for individual
Reader Rock Garden
• Stay on designated trails and grassy areas at
all times. This helps to protect the plants.
Reader Rock Garden Historic Park is one of Calgary's most unique cultural landscapes featuring
the restored Reader house (that contains Reader's
Garden Café), rock pathways, bridges, benches
and beautiful flowers. Reader Rock Garden is the
perfect location for group functions and events, including weddings, photography sessions and family
gatherings. • Garden users must exercise caution at all
times due to the sloped and uneven nature
of the trails. Please wear appropriate footwear.
• Due to the nature of the pathway system,
groups must be broken into smaller sizes of
15 people maximum.
• Animals in the garden are wild, do not disturb or feed them.
Location: 325 25 Avenue SE
Area: 16.5 hectares
Park hours: Open sunrise to sunset • Be considerate of all other visitors to the
Garden etiquette
• Adhering to the rules will ensure the protection of the Garden's valuable plant collection
and historical features.
Reader Rock Garden is a designated provincial historic site. When visiting the garden, please respect
the uniqueness of the plant collection, wildlife and
facility by following these simple rules:
• It is prohibited to disturb any part of the plant
collection including seed collecting, fruit or
flower picking or removal of any plants.
you. But some foods can help the process, and
lemon is one of them. It stimulates the secretion of
bile, which helps remove waste from the body, and
triggers liver enzymes that help with the organ’s
cleansing process.
Some tips to make the morning beverage as healthy as possible:
1. Drink the water at room temperature.
Ice cold water might be more refreshing
(it even burns calories because your body
expends energy heating it up), but there are
some drawbacks: The extreme cold shocks
your stomach, making it slightly more difficult to absorb nutrients. If you’re concerned
about absorbing all the lemon’s vitamins and
phytochemicals, enjoy your water warm or at
room temperature.
Drinking water in the morning is important
because we tend to get dehydrated overnight.
Getting a good dose of water when you wake
helps get your body back on track, because a lot of
bodily functions don’t work properly when you’re
dehydrated. When it comes to beverages, water
is always the best choice, because it’s hydrating
and calorie-free. And adding a little lemon juice
only makes it better. The fresh flavour comes with
basically no calories or sugar, and a healthy hit of
vitamin C, folate, potassium and special flavonoids
with anti-cancer properties. Many people also
report clearer, brighter skin when they start their
day with lemon water.
2. Drink it through a straw.
The citric acid from the lemon juice can
soften enamel, damaging your teeth.
Drinking through a straw limits the exposure
to your teeth.
3. Add a few sprigs of mint.
Mint leaves give the drink a little boost of
refreshing flavour, and they help promote
healthy digestion.
Source: http://www.canadianliving.com/blogs/
As for the detoxifying properties of lemon water?
Your body knows how to detoxify itself, so it’s generally good to question things that claim to detox
Each year on August 6, people around the
country celebrate National Wiggle Your Toes
Day by going barefoot, wearing sandals or flipflops, as it is all about showing off your toes
and giving them some exercise!
Message from Honourable Joe Ceci, MLA Calgary-Fort
Dear friends,
I can imagine many of
you are just as excited as
I am about summer
being right around the
corner. The Calgary
Stampede, Calgary Folk
Music Festival and
GlobalFest are just a
couple examples of the
fun events we have to look forward to here
in Calgary. Please remember to celebrate
responsibly, and stay mindful of your own
safety and the safety of others when
enjoying any public event. I wish you all an
exciting and fun-filled summer!
As always, our office is available to assist
you with any questions you might have
concerning provincial government
programs and services. Please feel free to
drop by our office or give us a call at the
number listed below to share your
concerns or ideas.
You can also email us at:
[email protected]
Your Constituency Office:
Suite 151, 2710 17th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
Canada, T2A 0P6
Phone: 403-216-5454
Fax: 403-216-5455
Message from Honourable Joe Ceci, MLA Calgary-Fort
As always, our office is available to assist
Dear friends,
you with any questions you might have
I can imagine many of 403.263.4824
746 5 St. SE
you are just as excited as concerning provincial government
programs and services. Please feel free to
I am about summer
drop by our office or give us a call at the
being right around the
number listed below to share your
corner. The Calgary
concerns or ideas.
Stampede, Calgary Folk
Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm
Music Festival and
You can
also email us at:
GlobalFest are just a
9 am – 7 pm
[email protected]
Sundays & Holidays 10 am – 6 pm
Coffee 10:15 am
fun events we have
to look
am to here
Your Constituency Office:
in Calgary. Please remember to celebrate
Suite 151, 2710 17th Avenue SE
responsibly, and stay mindful of your own DropCalgary,
in to pick-up
flyer last week of every month.
Canada, T2A 0P6
safety and the safety of others when
Phone: 403-216-5454
Fax: 403-216-5455
enjoying any public event. I wish you all an
- ATM onsite exciting and fun-filled summer!
- Hours -
FREE Creamsicle
or Fudgesicle with
purchases over $30.00
Excluding GST and Tobacco.
Expiry August 31, 2016
JULY 2016
TOT Storytime with Calgary
Public Library
The summer months bring a whole new level of
bustling energy to East Village and CMLC has a
jam-packed events and programming schedule.
As you’re enjoying the community please be
sure to stay alert, watch for changing road and
sidewalk closures, and pay attention to the
construction signage and staff. Here are some
highlights of events in July:
Every Wednesday, 10:30-11:00am
Confluence Plaza, St. Patrick’s Island
Calgary Public Library brings endless imagination to the park with children’s stories every
Wednesday. Stay after and spend some time
exploring the island playground. The program
is designed for ages 1-5 years, but siblings are
always welcome!
Running until the end of August, please join
us for these great and free noon-hour fitness
Every Second Wednesday, 11:00 – 12:45pm
(July 6th, July 20th)
Confluence Plaza, St. Patrick’s Island
Yoga with Stef Rizvi. Bring your yoga mat!
Meet Calgary Public Library’s newest addition:
Outsider’s Run Club pre
The Book Truck!
sented by The Sweat Style x East Village. Meet in front of This “library on wheels” brings books, movies,
and many library services to the community and
the Simmons Building.
gets people of all ages excited about reading
Wednesdays: Crossfit with Inglewood and books. At The Book Truck you’re able to:
CrossFit. Be prepared to feel • register for a free Library card
the burn.
• browse and borrow from the collection of
Barre Body Fit with Barre 1,500 books and movies
Body Studio. Bring a mat and • return Library items
Find the full Book Truck schedule at: https://calgarylibrary.ca/booktruck/
Every Saturday, 2:00 - 4:00pm
Enjoy acoustic sets by local musicians around
the island. A great way to spend a summer
afternoon on a beautiful urban island oasis.
Sunday July 3, 12:00 – 4:00pm
Trout Beach, St. Patrick’s Island
Join us and BassBus for this family-friendly
celebration of the long weekend. Your day at
St. Patrick’s Island will include music, activities,
food, and a fun atmosphere. The events will be
held on the afternoon a summer long weekend
day. If you can’t get out of the city for the long
weekend come enjoy this urban, inner-city
Every Sunday, 1:00 – 3:00pm
Nothing says chill summer days like someone
singing along to their guitar. We have local
artists joining us on the East Village Experience
Centre deck every Sunday.
Sunday July 17, 12:00 – 4:00pm
Trout Beach, St. Patrick’s Island
Wednesday July 6
Inauguration: 12:30 – 1:30pm
Concert: 7:00 – 9:00pm
Music Pavilion, East Village Storm Pond
Wear your western attire for this alternative
celebration of the Calgary Stampede. Join us for
some western beach activities plus a full afternoon of alt-country music curated by BassBus.
Celebrate the opening of the new Music
Pavilion, a gift from our sister-city Quebec City.
Official ceremony at 12:30pm followed by a
community concert in the evening at 7:00pm.
The concert will feature Québécois band Tire Le
July 19 – 24, 9:30pm
St. Patrick’s Island
Shakespeare by the Bow presents a new way to
see a classic with Hamlet – A Ghost Story. Join
us at the south end of the George C. King Bridge
nightly at 9:30pm, and watch this tragic tale of
youth, love and betrayal brought to life...as the
sun goes down! Free to attend!
Friday July 8, Pre-Parade at 8:00am, Main
Parade 9:00am
Watch from your windows as the parade sets
up in East Village and head’s through Calgary’s
For more information please visit - http://parade.
Thursday July 7, 1:00pm
K2 East Village
Shakespeare by the Bow brings Hamlet to you
with this intimate performance in K2. Watch
this tragic tale of youth, love and betrayal
brought to life. Free to attend!
Art takes nature as its model. Aristotle
A Winnipeg architectural firm 5468796 Architecture designed the trio of shipping containers
connected by a pergola of sorts to serve the
adjacent community garden and play area with
“flex space” for all sorts of future community
programming along 6th Street SE in the Crossroads area.
Commissioned by the Calgary Municipal Land
Corporation one of the containers is occupied by
artists from Calgary collective Light & Soul.
Photo: Heather Saitz/Swerve
Kai and Ricole are artists who are painting a 58
panel public art installation that will surround the
New Central Library construction site. Here's
what they had to say about their vision behind
project: "The artwork is a tale through the seasons, from dawn to dusk. It's a collage of images
illustrating the local flora and fauna, and humanity's
place within it all. The work is an exploration and
of culture's intimate relations
with nature's
upcoming events in the neighbourhood, and the
third is perhaps the best-looking tool shed on Earth
– a mother ship for the 88 lucky gardeners who
scored a patch of dirt in the adjacent community
The East Village Neighbourhood Association
gardening team (Susan and Tina) extends a thank
you to Kai and Ricole for lending a helping hand to
Jacquie Moore, Swerve. May 19, 2016.
A second
container is
currently storing
all manner of
secret stuff for
Here are some very interesting historical facts you may,
or may not have known about
the Calgary Stampede
6. Guy Weadick, the main driving force behind
the show in its early years, led the Stampede's operations for 20 years.
7. He couldn't have done it without A.E. Cross,
A.J. MacLean, Pat Burns and George Lane,
the "Big Four" businessmen who contributed
$100,000 to the first show. Without it, it may
not have gone on.
Did You Know?
1. The very first show took place in September
of 1912 and lasted only six days.
8. The very first show generated approximately
$120,000 in economic benefit, making it a
great success!
2. Over 100,000 people attended the first
3. The first rodeo awarded $20,000 to competitors. According to Dave Manuel's inflation
calculator, that's worth $487,804.88 in 2014.
9. In 1923, the first free Stampede breakfast
was held at a campsite just outside the
Canadian Pacific Railway station close to
downtown Calgary. Jack Morton, a chuck
wagon driver, invited his loved ones and
visitors to enjoy free pancakes at the camp,
creating a tradition that still exists today!
4. In 1912, more than 2000 aboriginal peoples led the Calgary Stampede parade fully
clothed in ceremonial attire.
5. Women were allowed to compete in fancy
roping, bronco riding and trick riding in the
first Stampede. Today they can only compete
in barrel racing.
10.The same year (1923) was the first year
where chuck wagons were used in the
Calgary Stampede parade.
11. The greatest outdoor show on Earth
didn't become an annual event until 1923.
12. The Stampede has its own Queen and
princesses. In 1946, Patsy Rodgers became
the first Calgary Stampede Princess. In
modern time’s one queen, two princesses
and one aboriginal princess are appointed
to represent the show at various events
around the city.
13. By 1950 seven movie productions had
filmed scenes at the Calgary Stampede.
14. In 1959 the Big Four Building, named
after the "Big Four" businessmen who
helped fund the Stampede in its early
stages, officially opened.
Join us for Calgary’s biggest
Canada Day party! Free
family activities, live music
& lots more from 9 am – 4
pm. Easy access to lots of
other great events including
the East Village Street Fair!
15. The daily Grandstand Show began in
1964 that included the Calgary Kidettes,
a group of young performers who would
evolve into well-known and talented Young
Canadians of the Calgary Stampede. The
group still performs till this day at the
Grandstand Show.
Posted: Cody Battershill. Huffpost Alberta.
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Licensed to prescribe medications
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use. Mild to severe acne not responding after 3 or
4 months to non-prescription products may need
prescription acne medications. Your Imagine Health
Pharmacist or Doctor may be able to prescribe
other treatments.
What is acne?
Everyone has had that stubborn pimple that
appears out of nowhere. Acne develops when your
Ashley Yim, Pharmacy Student
pores gets blocked, and become blackheads and
Imagine Health Centres, Calgary Downtown
whiteheads. Contrary to popular belief, blackheads
100-300 6th Ave SE
are not dirt, but is the colour of fat when the pore
Phone (403) 775-9669
is open and exposed to the air. When not exposed
to the air, the pore is closed and becomes a white
“What’s more important that your health?”
head. With acne prone skin, skin can often feel
greasy. However,
Examples of products for mild and moderate acne:
washing your
face twice a day
is all it takes, as
• Aveeno Clear Complexion Foam- • Clearasil Ultra Cleansing Cream Wash,
over-washing can
ing Cleanser, salicylic acid 0.5%
salicylic acid 2%
cause dryness
and make the skin
• Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore
• Clearasil Daily Clear Acne Treatment
produce more oils.
Cleansing Pads, salicylic acid 2%
Cream BP Plus, benzoyl peroxide 5%
Acne gets worse by • Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish • Clean & Clear Persa-gel 5, benzoyl peroxa bacteria called P.
ide 5%
Treatment, salicylic acid 2
acnes that lives on
• Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily • Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control Moisturour skin.
What are the
options and
what to use?
izer SPF 30
• Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
With the large number of products sold for acne
it can be difficult to choose a product. Using
mild soap or “soapless” washes that are labeled
“non-comedogenic” (will not cause acne) are good
choices. Typically, acne face washes with salicylic
acid or benzoyl peroxide are used for mild cases of
acne, while gels and creams with benzoyl peroxide
are good options for mild to moderate acne.
• Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Cream Broad
Spectrum SPF 30
Since, benzoyl peroxide can dry the skin, it is
important to use a moisturizer that is “oil-free”
or “noncomedogenic” to avoid breakouts. Using
a sunscreen or foundation with SPF 30 is also
recommended when using benzoyl-peroxide as it
can cause a sun sensitivity reaction.
Purchase from Alexandra Centre
We are raising funds to help fight senior citizen
hunger issues in our community! Show your
support by purchasing some flower bulbs from us
before September 6 to help support our Seniors
Picnic Basket Program!
Not working?
The Seniors Picnic Basket Program supplies a
picnic basket full of nutritious food to senior
citizens in our community who are in need of the
Many people get discouraged when they don’t
see rapid improvements. However, acne products
are not meant to work overnight. These products
usually show improvements after 3 months of
EV seniors shared their
on the next chapter of their lives. In particular, we
asked them about what type of place they would
call home. Here’s what they said:
A. Rent geared to income;
B. Safety & security;
C. Should be in an urban / inner city setting;
D. Accessibility to services such as groceries;
E. Built to meet supported living needs;
F. Visitor parking; and
G. Access to public transportation…& transport
that is specifically arranged for the resident.
Service Alberta – Registration
Expiry Month Chart
Albertans will no longer receive a letter in
the mail reminding them to renew their driver’s
license or vehicle registration. Beginning in April
2016, the province will begin sending out electronic reminders via email for registration, licence and
identification card renewals.
The province said the mailing of government
reminders is a dated practice and an unnecessary
expense in a digital age. The move is expected to
save taxpayers $3 million a year. “During these
tough economic times, it’s particularly important
for government to find smart ways to save taxpayers’ money,” Danielle Larivee, acting minister of
Service Alberta said in a news release.
The building design should address safety and
security within and outside. Units should respect
privacy, this includes sound proofing between
units. However, social interaction is important both
through programming & through providing places
for residents to gather.
Albertans with disabilities will continue to receive
reminders in the mail. Seniors over the age of 70
will continue to receive mailed reminders until April
1, 2017.
What’s Important to You?
Send us your thoughts.
Dop-off: In Mailbox for #104 Murdoch Manor
[email protected]
There are three ways for Albertans to be reminded
when it is time to renew:
1. Visit your local registry agent and sign up for
an email reminder.
2. Sign up online to receive a reminder from
one of the following:
3. E-registry (Vehicle Registration and Driver’s
4. Alberta Motor Association (Vehicle Registration)
5. MyAlberta (Available April 1, 2016)
JU LY 12
5:00 pm
Every second
Tuesday of
the month
428 9th Ave SE
6. Check your licence plate or vehicle registration and mark the date in your calendar.
Drivers can also renew their vehicle registrations online.
Source: By Karen Bartko, Online Journalist
with Global News, March 2, 2016
Have ideas to chat about?
[email protected]
we Rise
Should I Contact SCCOT?
• Do you notice a difference in your
life since the 2013 flood?
• Do you find it frustrating to know
who to call for help?
• Do you need a family doctor?
• Are you concerned your housing
may be at risk?
• Do you want to stay independent
in your home for as long as
• Are you concerned that your
health may be at risk?
• Are you concerned about your
mental well-being?
• Do you need help remaining
independent in your home?
• Would you like more social
We can help!
Supporting you in your home & community
Helping to maintain your independent housing
Assisting to coordinate services
Providing emotional support and coping skills
Attaching you to ongoing medical care
Phone: 403-999-9362
Email: [email protected]
#104, 807 - 6 Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4V8
thE ChAutAuquA tEnt
August 13, 14 & 20, 21
C A lg A ry ’ s E Ast V i l l Ag E
FrEE and ticketed entertainment. For more information visit
or call
403 262 7286
are in. However if we want to build trusting relationships that can lead to a stronger community
we must have an open heart to learning.
Learning. All of us have different thoughts and
feelings when we think about the topic of learning.
What are we learning about? In what setting is the
learning taking place? How long will it take? Who
will be involved? Why am I learning and what will
it do to help me to grow in life as a person? These
are just a few questions we may ask ourselves
when it comes to learning.
Please do not misunderstand me. We are not
simply consuming knowledge so that we can
morph into what we think we need to look like
or so that we can use the information to benefit
ourselves. We look to use our learning to better understand people and who they are as individuals as
well as a community. We have a “learners heart”
in our jobs, our relationships, as well as our faith.
We feel consistently having an open heart to learning doesn't necessarily mean we are constantly
learning and not engaging. It also helps to prevent
a judging heart that pushes people away and uses
the knowledge to help grow not only ourselves but
others around us.
For those of you who are students, you may currently have the mindset of getting as far away from
learning as possible and never have to think about
it again. For those of you in the professional world,
you may look at learning as a necessity to growing
in your profession no matter what it may be. For
those of you who live in a new area, you may look
at learning as a way of getting settled into your
new home and a necessity for survival in your new
Hanna and I recently went to Village Ice Cream in
Victoria park with some friends. If you have been
there you might know their phrase, “We are all villagers”. My understanding of this phrase is not that
there is some secret club called THE VILLAGERS,
but that we are all part of the same community not
because of what we do, who we are, or what we
offer, but simply that we have a “learners heart”
and want to be a part of something bigger than
My wife and I fall into the latter group. We have
recently moved to Canada from the US and look
forward to finding a place in the EV sometime this
summer. We are in our mid-twenties and even
though learning can be long, tiring, and almost feel
hopeless at times we look forward to never having
to stop learning. Being from another country, there
are preconceived ideas and stereotypes about the
type of people we are and how we live our lives.
We find ourselves having similar preconceived
ideas about the community we are living in.
Although these stereotypes and ideas may be true
in certain situations they can be very damaging
as we settle into our new home and try to build
Hanna and I can’t wait to meet you!
Nov 1 2015.ai 1 20/09/2015 3:04:17 PM
Chris and Hanna Greenwood
Lifespring Community Church
reaching out
For my wife and I, we have come to Canada with
a “learners heart”. This is a phrase we adopted and clung on to as we not only move to a
different country, but also as we transition into
different stages of life. We have all experienced
many changes in life that involve opportunities for
learning. If Hanna and I come into this new stage
of life only using our previous knowledge and
preconceived ideas we will quickly find ourselves
unable to build relationships and grow in our new
community. It will also create a feeling of distrust
between us and the people of the community we
@ the K2-EV Centre
428-9 Ave SE between
“the Center of Hope
and the NaƟonal Music Center
Sunday Morning Service:
10:30 am
East Village Local Service Providers
Access Mental Health – Calgary
[Alberta Health Services]
Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre
Adult & Senior Services
Phone: 403.943.1500 Ext 2
Non-emergent service helping all ages
to connect with addiction and mental
health resources.
Phone: 403.266.3600
1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE
Prevents homelessness, offers care and
shelter, rehabilitates and rebuilds lives.
Addiction Helpline
[Alberta Health Services]
Calgary Food Bank
Hamper request line: 403.253.2055
Do you need food? Apply for an
Emergency Food Hamper.
Toll free: 1.866.332.2322
Confidential service providing alcohol,
tobacco, drug and gambling support.
Operating 24 hours, 7 days a week
with interpreter services in over 180
Calgary Legal Guidance
Phone: 403.234.9266
100, 840 7th Ave SW
Information and advice to low-income
people who cannot afford a lawyer and
don’t qualify for Legal Aid.
the alex seniors health centre
Phone: 403.920.0011
630 9 Ave SE
In addition to primary health
care, seniors are able to access
complementary services such as:
chronic disease management, smoking
cessation, nutrition, pain management,
recreation therapy.
To be accepted as a client you must be:
55 years of age or older, currently
without a family physician, low income.
Calgary Municipal Land Corporation [CMLC]
Phone: 403.718.0300
Hillier Block, 429 – 8th Ave SE
Calgary Police Service
District 1 – Ramsay
1010 – 26 Ave SE
Phone: 403.428.6100
Report a minor accident, stolen or
damaged property where there is no
suspect in the area, general noise
complaints or another non-urgent
criminal matters, non-emergency
number at 403-266-1234.
[Community Liaison]
[email protected]
Alberta Supports Contact Centre
Information about social based
assistance programs, access and
support offered by the Government of
Toll-Free 1.877.644.9992
Big Belly Solar Street Compactors
For Service: 403.510.1512
Three part trash and recycling units
located throughout East Village.
Calgary Transit & C-Train
Customer Service Centre
Centre Street Platform
125 7 Ave SE
Monday-Saturday (10am – 5pm)
Lost Property: 403.268.1600
Call Centre: 403.262.1000
Community and Neighbourhood
Services [City of Calgary]
LifeSpring Community Church
428 9th Avenue SE, K2-EV
Sundays Morning Services at 10:30 am
Nancy Dick,
Community Social Worker
[email protected]
Phone: 403.473.7273
Meals on Wheels
Phone: 403.243.2834
A non-profit organization that
provides home delivered nutritious,
low cost meals to seniors and those
convalescing or with mental or physical
Distress Centre
Phone: 403.266.4357
300, 1010 8 Ave SW
Distress means something different to
everyone. We’re not here to tell you
what it means for you. We’re here to
listen. 24 hours a day our confidential
crisis line will connect you with a
helping hand and caring ear.
The Salvation Army
[Centre of Hope]
Phone: 403.410.1111
420 9 Ave SE
Kerby Centre for the 55 plus
Lynn Podgurny
Luanne Whitmarsh
Phone: 403.265.0661
The Safe Communities
Opportunity and Resource
Centre [SORCE]
Location: City Hall LRT Platform
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am –
Provides resources in 3 areas: Housing,
Mental Health & Addiction and
Employment & Training
428 9th Avenue SE
Phone: 403.470.6300
Landlords and Tenant Information
[Alberta Government]
The Way In (Older Adult Services)
Programs and Services
Toll Free Number: 310-0000
Phone: 403-SENIORS (403.736.4677)
The Way In team will help you or your
loved ones connect with services and
supports in your community including:
Assistance with forms for pensions,
benefits, transportation and housing,
Care giver support, Commissioner for
Legal Aid Alberta
Phone: 403.297.2260
All Albertans may contact Legal Aid
Alberta regarding their legal issue,
regardless of income.
Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta
Phone: 403.269.3183
We are the largest provider of selfcontained seniors’ housing in Calgary.
CIBCad_BowTower.indd 1
2015-11-27 10:27 AM
Let us manage your debt with dignity.
Let us deal with your creditors.
Licensed Insolvency Trustee
BNA Solutions has 18 years of experience in
Calgary, and is licenced by the federal government.
One monthly payment
Interest free re-payment plans
Settle your debts without going bankrupt
• Free Parking • Convenient Location
Free Consultations
#314, 1212 - 31st Avenue NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7S8
P: 403-232-6220 www.bnasolutions.ca

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