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Inspiring Chinese
Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association (HYSTA)
Inspiring Chinese
in Business and Technology
Letter from the President
Seven years ago, I was a bright-eyed entrepreneur who has just launched a startup called NetScreen
Technologies. As we envisioned growing our startup, I found myself developing an increasingly lengthy wish
list. I wished I had more business experience, I wished I had more mentors.
Fortunately, I found several
mentors who guided us through NetScreen’s various stages of growth, and helped us morph the company
from just an idea, to an established market player, to becoming part of Juniper Networks (networking industry
leader) in 2004.
It has been an incredible journey, and I am indebted to my mentors. Earlier this year, I became president of
Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association (HYSTA), partly motivated by a deep desire to give back, and
to help others avoid the mistakes I have made, and the detours I have taken in the past. I hope to see more
and more Chinese professionals to be successful in setting up and growing their own businesses or excelling
in established Silicon Valley companies.
On a macro scale, the rapid rise of China signals a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Silicon Valley Chinese.
We’ll see two emerging mega-trends in the next few years. On one side, many US multinationals will
significantly expand their business inside China as a strategic move; on the other hand, more and more
Chinese companies are looking for expansion opportunities in the US.
HYSTA members, many of us
possessing the cultural and business understanding of two of the largest economies in the world, will play a
pivotal role and contribute significantly to these trends.
HYSTA is at an impressive 2,000-member strong today. I want to thank and acknowledge the leadership
before me as well as our sponsors. Most importantly, I would like to personally thank many HYSTA volunteers.
You have provided countless contributions as well as much toil, sweat and selfless sacrifices to make HYSTA
the success it is today. I am sure that your contribution will not only help the local Chinese community, but also
help yourself grow.
Riding on an excellent foundation, HYSTA’s board, management team and volunteers are working hard at
creating more value for HYSTA’s members and sponsors. We endeavor this year to improve the quality and
quantity of our many programs and events. We will endeavor as well to borrow best practices from the private
sector and seamlessly execute on HYSTA’s operations. This year, as we continue to focus on fostering entrepreneurship, we also launched the Emerging Leaders Forum – a forum focused on helping Chinese professionals
to develop their career inside mid-size to large companies.
The future is bright. The opportunities are limitless. If you’re ready to inspire, or to get inspired, I invite you to
join us on this amazing journey.
Feng Deng
President, HYSTA
Co-founder, NetScreen Technologies
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association
(HYSTA) aims to promote entrepreneurialism and
career development among Chinese professionals
in Silicon Valley, and to facilitate networking and
exchange of business ideas among successful
Chinese entrepreneurs and executives in the
Silicon Valley and mainland China.
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Table of Contents
Executive Club
Venture Capital Group (VC Group)
Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF)
Beijing Chapter
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Success Story
If the last century was a time when China struggled to find its
identity and its place in the world, the new millennium is an era
when China returns to center stage. China’s growth now accounts
for 30 percent of the world’s GDP. It is not only one of the most
attractive places in the world for production, but also the fastest
growing market for most products and services. China has
become an important focus of every global investor and
an integral part of every global corporation’s strategy. In recent
years, a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs is starting to
make an impact in China and abroad.
Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association (HYSTA) was
founded in the Silicon Valley in 1999 by a group of pioneering
Chinese entrepreneurs. Arriving in the U.S. first as students, they
later rose to prominence as founders and leaders of billion dollar
public companies. They hoped to build a better connection between China and U.S., and to help aspiring Chinese professionals
become successful entrepreneurs like themselves. Hua Yuan, the
first two words of HYSTA, means “Chinese origin” and represents
HYSTA’s deep roots in China and with the Chinese government.
Miradia is a Bay Area startup focused on designing state-of-art display chips for projection-based
HDTV. Its founders met Mr. Tingru Liu, Managing
Director of Infotech, a VC arm of the Chinese
Ministry of Information Industry (MII) during Hua
Yuan‘s 2004 annual conference. As a result of
that meeting, Infotech joined leading VC’s in the
Silicon Valley, including Sequoia and Worldview
to invest in Miradia’s series B financing.
“Miradia wa looking for an experienced investor
who can help with their penetration into the China
market. Infotech was looking for a quality company
with distinct technology leadership and a huge
potential market. Hua Yuan’s annual conference
provided a unique
for establishing
such a valuable connection,” said Mr. Greg Miller,
CEO of Miradia.
Founding of Hua Yuan (HYSTA), originally known
as the Entrepreneur Club (E-Club), in Silicon Valley.
Today HYSTA is the leading association for aspiring Chinese
professionals and has created a unique network of successful
Chinese entrepreneurs and executives. At the same time, it
has become the first stop for networking and exchanging business
ideas between successful Chinese entrepreneurs and executives in
the Silicon Valley and those in China.
Launch of HYSTA Executive Club.
First HYSTA annual conference, with 1500
attendees. Launch of HYSTA Venture Capital
Launch of HYSTA Beijing Chapter.
Expansion of Executive Club (HYEC), the exclusive
de facto network for successful Chinese
As China enters the world stage and Chinese businesses come of
age, HYSTA endeavors to inspire a new generation of Chinese
business leaders and bridge the Pacific for global companies
establishing themselves in China and Chinese companies
expanding globally.
Launch of HYSTA Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF),
for aspiring entrepreneurs and managers.
HYSTA 2005
entrepreneurs and executives in the Silicon Valley.
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
WhatWe Do
HYSTA’s programs are designed with one primary goal in mind - enable our members to learn
valuable skills and build valuable connections in order to become better entrepreneurs and
corporate executives. Our programs, ranging from 20 people seminars to 1,000 people
conferences, leverage HYSTA’s unmatched network of accomplished Chinese business leaders
and investors interested in China and in Chinese entrepreneurs.
In addition to general programs such as the Annual Conference and the Speaker Series, each
of HYSTA’s three Silicon Valley chapters also conducts their own activities targeted at specific
interest groups. Executive Club focuses on enabling the community’s luminaries to connect,
exchange ideas, and share resources. Venture Capital Group focuses on the needs of investors
and connects them to aspiring entrepreneurs. The Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) focuses on
meeting the needs of aspiring professionals through seminars in small group settings.
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Annual Conference
HYSTA’s Annual Conference has become the event
in Silicon Valley every spring for successful and
aspiring Chinese professionals. Joining them are
some of Silicon Valley’s best known venture
capitalists, senior executives, bankers, accounting
and law firms. It is a day of making connections
and a day of learning, as prominent speakers come
to discuss the latest trends and issues about China
and businesses.
Speaker Series
The Speaker Series, held bimonthly this year, focuses
on economic, social and business topics related to
China. It is an opportunity for a broad range of
audiences to hear and learn from prominent business
leaders, scholars and influential policy makers in both
China and in the U.S.
In addition, it aims to help
HYSTA members with mainstream Silicon
Valley and help enhance communication between US
and China.
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Chapter Programs
Executive Club
HYSTA’s Executive Club has become the network in
the Silicon Valley for successful entrepreneurs and
executives from China. Membership is by-invitation
only and typically consists of leaders of successful
startups and senior managers of global corporations. Members find the Executive Club to be an
important platform for exchanging ideas, sharing
experiences, and pooling resources with accomplished individuals from the same cultural background.
The Executive Club holds quarterly net-
working events and informal gatherings to facilitate
relationship building.
In addition, by leveraging
HYSTA’s extensive relationship with top-tier venture
capital firms, the Executive Club is also an important avenue for proven entrepreneurs to establish
affiliation with VCs in the form of entrepreneur-inresidence (EIR) programs.
Events in Executive Club are open to its members
only. To recommend individuals for membership in
the Executive Club and/or learn more information,
please contact [email protected]
Venture Capital Group (VCG)
The Venture Capital Group (VCG) is a premier network of
reputable venture capitalists with strong interests in Chinarelated investment opportunities. VCG provides a platform
for its members to exchange information, share knowledge
and leverage resources. It also provides entrepreneurs and
executives with the opportunities to network with VCs and
access valuable VC resources. Since its inception, VCG has
served members through numerous events and activities,
such as networking events, Start-up Showcase (deal flow
event for VCs) and venture discussion forums. The VCG
also works closely with HYSTA’s two other chapters, the
Executive Club and the Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF).
Membership in the VC Group is by-invitation only.
Certain events in VC Group such as venture business forum
are open to the public. For more information, please contact
[email protected]
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF)
Emerging Leaders Forum (ELF) focuses on specific topics
of interest to aspiring Chinese entrepreneurs and
professionals, such as “breaking the glass ceiling,” and
“the China effect and you.”
It hosts four events every
year, leveraging HYSTA’s extensive network of
industry luminaries and veteran entrepreneurs, and aims
to help Chinese professionals broaden their knowledge
base and advance their careers. By limiting the size of
events, it provides an intimate platform for members to
network with like-minded comrades and an opportunity
to establish mentor relationships with business leaders.
Events in ELF are open to the public and give prior
consideration to its members.
For more information,
please contact [email protected]
Beijing Chapter
HYSTA’s Beijing Chapter counts on its board
members Edward Tian, CEO of China Netcom,
Yuanqing Yang, President and CEO of Lenovo
(Legend) Group, and other prominent Chinese
business leaders. The Beijing Chapter engages
in high level exchanges between business
executives in China and in the Silicon Valley, and
has built a strong relationship with the Chinese
business community and regulatory authorities.
For more information about the Beijing Chapter,
please contact [email protected]
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
(alphabetic order by last name)
Adam Au
Simon (Xiaofan) Cao
Carmen Chang
Steve Chang
David Chao
Howard Chao
Patrick McGovern
James Morgan
John L. Nesheim
Vivek Paul
Scott Sandell
Bo Y. Shao
Lip-Bu Tan
Tien Tzuo
Alex Serge Vieux
Sam Wang
Wenjing Wang
Ping Wu
Divisional Vice President, Computer Associates
Founder, President and CEO, Arasor Corp
Partner, Sherman & Sterling
Founder, Chairman and CEO, Trend Micro
Managing Partner, Doll Capital Management
Partner and Head, Asia Practice, O’Melveny & Myers, Silicon Valley
and Shanghai
Founder, Chairman & CEO, BEA Systems
Founder and Chairman, Hina Group
Founder & Partner, Acorn Campus
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, NetScreen Technologies
President, Bright Oceans Corporation
Founder and Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Vice President, Cisco Systems, President , Cisco China
Chairman and Founder, H&Q Asia Pacific
Founding Partner, Crimson Venture
CEO, JDS Uniphase Corporation
Chairman, David Lam Group, Founder, Lam Research
Chairman & CEO, Achievo Corporation
CEO, Harbour Networks
CEO, Primeton, Co-founder and Ex-COO, AsiaInfo
Founder & CEO, UTStarcom
Chairman, Cadence Design Systems, Chairman of Executive
Committee, Oracle
Chairman, International Data Group
Chairman & CEO of Applied Materials
Author, Best Seller “High Tech Start Up” , Founder, The Nesheim Group
Vice Chairman and President, Wipro Technologies
General Partner, New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
Founder & Chairman, eBay EachNet
Chairman, Walden International
Founder and Chief Marketing Officer,
Chairman, DASAR; Chairman and CEO, Red Herring
President, SMIC Americas
Founder and Chairman, UFSoft
Founder and President, Spreadtrum Communications, Inc.
Yuanqing Yang
Xin Ye
Gerald Yin
Charles Zhang
Shoucheng Zhang
Lili Zheng, Tax Partner
Min Zhu
President & CEO, Lenovo Group
CTO, Linktone
Vice President, Applied Materials
Founder & CEO,
Professor, Stanford University
Chinese Business Services Group, Deloitte & Touche
Co-Founder and President, WebEx Communications
Alfred Chuang
Hong Chen
Wu-Fu Chen
Feng Deng
Wei Deng
Timothy C. Draper
Jia-bin Duh
Ta-Lin Hsu
John Paul Ho
Kevin Kennedy
David Lam
Robert P. Lee
Yinan Li
Yadong Liu
Hong Lu
Don Lucas
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
HYSTA’s success today is a direct result of our volunteers’ hard work and dedication. Although our volunteers
come from different backgrounds, they all have one common passion: the desire to give back to the Chinese
community. Led by accomplished business leaders – HYSTA’s President, Vice President and board members
– they are the people behind HYSTA’s many successful programs and activities. In return, our volunteers grow
with Hua Yuan, learn from managing a diverse and dynamic organization, and benefit from direct interactions
with the business leaders and from each other.
Do you want to broaden your horizon? Are you looking for mentoring opportunities from accomplished
business leaders? Do you want to contribute toward building the leading association for Chinese professionals
in the bay area? Please write to us at [email protected] .
Management Team
Feng Deng, Co-founder, NetScreen Technologies
Vice President
Bo Y. Shao, Founder & Chairman, eBay EachNet
General Secretary
Guangyu Xu
Vice General Secretary
Hua Yang
Operation Manager
Sophia Liu
Ran Xiao
Legal Consul
Selena She
Kelly Liu, Janet Wan (Publications), Yi Cao (PR-English Media), Xiaoguang Sun
Thomas Hu
Hongran Fan (Director), Janet Ge
Volunteer Program
Sheng Liu (Director), Gary Chen, Shiming Wang, Yuankai Wang
Speaker Series
Frank Liu (Director), Kelly Bu
(PR - Chinese Media), Sean Qi, Tracy Zhai, Xiaodi Zhang
Yixiu Ye (Bagley), Cindy Zhang
Chapter Committees
Venture Capital Group
Xi (Stella) Jin (Chair, Board), Tina Wang (Director)
George Chen, Mark Hsu, Elise Huang, Minyi Tang
Jonathan Wang, Suzie Wu, Vinie Zhang (Board)
Executive Club
Qilin Hu (Co-Director), Selena M. She (Co-Director), Justin Chen (Board),
Min Zhu (Board)
Emerging Leaders Forum
HYSTA 2005
Sally Shi (Director), Jack Jia (Board), Gary Chen, Bing Rui, Catherine Shen
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Boardof Directors
Chen, Hong
Chen, Justin
Chairman & CEO, The Hina Group
Prior to establishing The Hina Group, Dr.
Mr. Chen is a California attorney
Chen founded and acted as Chairman
specializing in corporate financ-
and CEO of GRIC Communications from
ing, mergers and acquisitions,
1994 to early 2003. Under his leader-
joint ventures and more.
ship, GRIC had a successful IPO on
Chen is also a registered U.S.
NASDAQ in 1999. Previously, Dr. Chen
patent attorney. He is currently
founded and acted as President and CEO of Aminet. Dr. Chen the
the managing attorney of PacGate Law Firm, which has
President of Asian-American Manufactures Association (AAMA) in
a focus on cross-border business transactions. Mr. Chen
2000 and Chairman in 2001. Dr. Chen received his BS in Computer
received his Master of Science degree from the College of
Science from Xi’an Jiaotong University and Ph.D. in Computer
Medicine Juris and Doctor degree from the College of Law
Science from State University of New York at Stonybrook.
from the University of Iowa, and BS in biochemistry from
Peking University. Mr. Chen has played instrumental role in
the establishment of Hua Yuan Association.
Jia, Jack
Co-Founder, Board Member,
and Chief Strategy Officer,
NetScreen Technologies, Inc.
Founder and CEO,
Baynote, Inc.
Before founding Baynote, Jack was the
In 1997, Feng co-founded NetScreen Tech-
Senior VP and CTO at Interwoven Inc. from
nologies, which soon became a leading net-
1997 to 2004, and the founder and CEO
work security equipment vendor. NetScreen
of V-max America.
Prior to this, he led
went public on NASDAQ in 2001. In April
operating systems and applications de-
of 2004, NetScreen was acquired by Juniper Networks. Recognized
velopment at SGI, Sun Microsystems, Stratus and NASA for over a
for his success, Feng received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award
decade. Jack is a frequently invited speaker at international confer-
from E&Y in 2002 and the Innovator of the Year Award from CRN in
ences and TV programs. He is a contributing author for books such as
2003. Prior to NetScreen, Feng was employed by Intel Corp. Feng
“XML Handbook, the 4th Edition”,
holds a MS degree in computer engineering from the University of
technology issues and trends. Mr. Jia holds a number of technology
Southern California and a MS degree in electronic engineering from
patents. He holds a BSEE & MSCS from Beijing Jiao-Tong University,
Tsinghua University. Feng also holds five U.S. patents in computer
a MSEE from Polytechnic University of New York, and a MBA from
system architecture and IC design.
Santa Clara University.
and he writes a column on key
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Boardof Directors
Jin, Xi (Stella)
Lu, Qi
Stella has been responsible for
Vice President of Engineering, Yahoo! Inc.
IDGVC’s Silicon Valley investment
Dr. Qi Lu is responsible for technology de-
operations since 1999. She has 18
velopment of Yahoo’s Search and Market-
years of experience in operations,
place businesses unit, which includes the
consulting, and technology invest-
company’s search, e-commerce, and local
ments. Stella works closely with cli-
listings businesses and products. Prior to
ents in Corporate structuring, team building, business develop-
joining Yahoo! in 1998, Dr. Lu was a Research Staff Member at IBM
ment, marketing, sales, and distribution. Prior to IDGVC, Stella
Almaden Research Center. Before that, Dr. Lu worked at Carnegie
was a partner at Vantone Invvestment Group, and co-founder
Mellon University as a Research Associate, and at Fudan University
and vice president at Lorrex Health Products. Stella received her
in China as a faculty member. He holds 20 US patents, and received
M.A. in Economics from the University of California at Davis
his BS and MS in Computer Science from Fudan University and PhD
and B.A. in Economics from San Francisco State University.
in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.
Venture Partner, Silicon Valley
Wang, Stan
Shao, Bo Y.
Bo Shao is the founder of EachNet and
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO,
Viador Inc.
Chairman of eBay EachNet, China’s
Stan Wang has more than 15 years of
leading online auction and e-commerce
IT experience, specializing in software.
company. Founded in 1999, EachNet
He grew his career through founding
attracted close to US$60 million of private
and co-founding several start-ups, led
management turn-around of public
China in 2003, a landmark acquisition in the history of venture in-
company and most recently helps building companies through
vesting in China. Mr. Shao served as Chairman and CEO of Each-
strategic mergers and acquisitions. Since 2000, Mr. Wang has
Net from 1999 to 2003, and as a Vice President of eBay Inc. from
served and played key roles in several influential non-profit IT
2003 to 2004. He is a recognized leader of China’s Internet industry
originations promoting business in Silicon Valley, and Asia, espe-
and the recipient of numerous industry awards in China and abroad.
cially for China. Mr. Wang is Chairman/CEO of Viador Inc., a
Prior to founding EachNet, Mr. Shao worked in the Boston Consulting
software company he co-founded in 1995. Subsequently he led
Group and Goldman Sachs. Mr. Shao holds an MBA from Harvard
a successful Viador IPO on NASDAQ in 1999. Mr. Wang holds
Business School and a BA, summa cum laude, in Physics and Electri-
a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing,
cal Engineering from Harvard College.
a MS in Mathematics from Oregon State University and a MS in
Founder&Chairman, eBay EachNet
investments and became
Mechanical Engineering from California Institute of Technology.
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
Boardof Directors
Zhu, Min
Zhang, Lin
Min’s career spans from the late 1980s,
including experience with mainframes,
database systems, networking and communications, telephony, PC collaboration
software and expert systems. Min de-
Mr. Zhang is the Vice President of Bright
Co-founder and Chief WebEx,
WebEx Communications, Inc.
Venture Partner,
New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
veloped his technology expertise at the IBM Scientific Center in Palo
Alto. He was also the deputy to the Chief Technical Officer of Price
Waterhouse and the Vice President of Expert Edge, a software design
company. In 1991, Min co-founded Future Labs, one of the first
companies to produce multi-point document collaboration software.
Quarterdeck acquired Future Labs in 1996, and Min went on to cofound WebEx. Min holds an M.S. in Engineering from Stanford
Vice President,
Bright Oceans Corporation (China)
President, Bright Oceans
International Corporation (US)
Oceans Corporation, one of the largest
private companies in mainland China. He
is also the President of Bright Oceans
International Corporation, based in California. Mr. Zhang is
responsible for growing the company’s international business and
managing ten branch offices in the US, Canada, Australia, and
Hong Kong. He is involved in all major decision making for the
business development in telecommunications, postal
services, transportations, energy, and financial services. Mr. Zhang
received his B.S. in Mathematics in 1984 in China. He earned his
MBA in 1989, and an M.S. in Computer Science in 1992, in the
United States.
Zhang, Shoucheng
Zhang, Vinie
Professor Zhang spent four years as a senior
Vinie Zhang is responsible for strategic in-
Professor of Physics, Stanford University
Vice President,
Hitachi Corporate Ventures Capital
research staff member at IBM before joining
vestment in IT, Bio-tech, new material, and
the faculty at Stanford in 1993, where he is
NANO/MEMS technology areas at Hita-
now a Full time Professor of Physics. He was
chi. Prior to this, Vinie was a Vice Presi-
awarded the Outstanding Innovation Award
dent at Asiatech Ventures, an early-stage
by IBM for his distinguished research in semi-
cross pacific venture fund. Earlier, Vinie
conductor physics. Prof. Zhang serves as Chief Scientist in Miradia Inc.
worked in managerial roles at Read-Rite Corporation, and FIT Bear-
He is a senior advisor to the Pudong high-tech Park in Shanghai, and
ings. In China, Vinie was the editor in chief of a Shanghai-based
also serves on the advisory board of Global Catalyst Partners, Focus
school children newspaper and the youngest TV producer and talk
Venture, Applied Materials VC board and WI Harper Investment group.
show host for Shanghai Television Station. Vinie received her MBA
Prof. Zhang received his Master’s degree from the Free University of
from Haas Business School at the University of California at Berkeley.
Berlin, and Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Stonybrook.
She held BS degrees in Magna Cum Laude and Finance and Market-
Prof. Zhang was Vice President of Hua Yuan from 1999 to 2002.
ing from San Jose State University.
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
General membership in HYSTA is free and open to the public. HYSTA is for you, if you are
from China or have a keen interest in China, and if you have the ambition and potential to
advance your professional careers or to start your own business. To sign up, simply email
[email protected]
In addition to the general membership, if you are passionate about your career or entrepreneurship, you may be interested in HYSTA’s Emerging Leaders Forum’s (ELF) more intimate
forum for learning, nurturing relationships and searching for mentors. ELF membership is open
to the public but requires a nominal annual fee $60. To join or to find out more information,
please contact [email protected]
HYSTA’s remaining two Silicon Valley chapters, the Venture Capital Group and the Executive
Club are by invitation only. To recommend individuals for membership or to be considered for
membership, please contact [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
HYSTA is a non-profit organization and thus depends on our sponsors’
general support. Our sponsors include many of the best known venture
capital firms, investment banks, accounting firms and law firms, as well as
a number of global corporations with significant investments or interest in
China. For a list of a HYSTA’s current sponsors, see page 15. We thank
our sponsors for supporting HYSTA’s mission of
promoting Chinese
entrepreneurship and career development, and bridging China and the
Silicon Valley.
Through HYSTA, our sponsors gain valuable exposure to HYSTA’s 2,000
general members, its Executive Club, VC, and ELF chapter members, and to
many Chinese opinion leaders on both sides of the Pacific. Our sponsors
are also able to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and business trends
in the Chinese community, gain valuable insights, and build important
relationships for doing business in China.
For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact
[email protected]
HYSTA 2005
Inspiring Chinese in Business and Technology
& Contact Information
General Information
[email protected]
Executive Club
[email protected]
VC Group
[email protected]
[email protected]
Public Relations
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Volunteers in 2004 and 2005
Kelly H. Bu
Yi Cao
Gary Chen
George Chang
Hua Chang
Thomas Chen
Simon Chueng
Jeanne Du
Li Fang
David Gong
Ling Han
Qilin Hu
Jessie Jiang
Pamela Lee
Rita Lee
Ming Lei
Weiping Lu
Liangwen Lin
Xiang Lin
Frank Liu
Kelly Liu
Sheng Liu
Chuck Nee
Thomas Pan
Sean Qi
Ned Ren
Bin Rui
Selena She
Catherine Shen
Elain Shi
Sally Shi
Gene Shu
Helen Song
White Song
Allen Su
David Sun
Xiaoguang Sun
Karen Tang
Michelle Tang
Angel Wang
Ben Wang
Cheryl Wang
Janet Wang
Hongyan Wang
Lei Wang
Shiming Wang
Tina Wang
Ran Xiao
Guang-Yu Xu
Hui Xu
Mark Xu
Allen Yang
Hua Yang
Yixui Ye-Bagley
Renee Yu
Jason Yuan
Tracy Zhai
Cindy Zhang
Howard Zhang
Meggie Zhang
Xiaodi Zhang
Cindy Zhao
Cindy Zhang
Ming Zhao
Sophia Zhou
Joanne Zuo
Asian American Multi-technology Association (AAMA)
Asian Silicon Valley Connection (ASVC)
Chinese Information and Networking Association (CINA)
Churchill Club
Hua Yuan would like to thank Bo Y. Shao, Hua Yang, Kelly Liu,
Janet Wan, Sean Qi, Tracy Cui Zhai, Xiaodi Zhang, Thomas
Monte Jade Science and Technology Association (Monte Jade)
Pan for contributing to this brochure.
North American Chinese Semiconductor Association (NACSA)
Their dedication make
this brochure possible.
Silicon Valley Chinese Engineers Association (SCEA)
Silicon Valley Chinese Wireless Association (SVCWireless)
Hua Yuan would also appreciate the help from Panache Com-
Singapore American Business Association (SABA)
munications, LLC for editing, Owen Studio for graphic design,
Tech Venture Business Network (TVBN)
and Entire Printing for printing support.
The Chinese Software Professionals Association (CSPA)
Vietnamese Silicon Valley Network (VSVN)
HYSTA 2005
Annual Sponsors
Shearman Sterling LLP
Accel Partners
Deloitte Touche LLP
Lehman Brothers
Morrison & Foerster LLP
New Enterprise Associates
Sequoia Capital
Trend Micro, Inc.
Walden International
Warburg Pinus
Battery Ventures
Bessemer Venture Partners
Cathay Bank
Focus Ventures
Goldman Sachs
Heller Ehrman LLP
IDG (Asia)
Intel Capital
O’Melveny & Myers LLP
Silicon Valley Bank
WI Harper Group
Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association
w w w . h y s t a . o r g
General Information
[email protected]
Executive Club
[email protected]
VC Group
[email protected]
[email protected]
Public Relations
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
© Copyright 2005
H u a Yu a n S c i e n c e a n d Te c h n o l o g y A s s o c i a t i o n

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