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Resource Catalog - EPI
 EPI-­‐Center Partner Resource Guide Dear Expository Preacher, This catalog is designed to be a companion resource for the expository preaching cohorts you will have an opportunity to join after the training institute concludes. Each page is a description of our preaching partners’ ministries along with comprehensive information about training materials they offer. The red links become interactive through the online version of the catalog which you can access through our website www.epi-­‐ These links will take you to specific websites and tools within those sites. Some material will appeal more to preachers just starting out while other resources are geared toward more seasoned preachers. Your cohort leader is equipped to help determine what would be most helpful for you at your present level. We sincerely hope you will benefit from the preaching partners we’ve presented through the EPI-­‐Center. We’ll be adding additional resources as they become available, so please visit the website from time to time and select “Resources”. J. Kent Edwards, Ph.D., D.Min., is the Founder and CEO of CrossTalk Global. The goal of CrossTalk Global is to “equip biblical communicators, so that every culture can hear God’s voice.” We are not a seminary and do not offer academic degrees. We provide cultures across the globe with competent practitioners who are equipped to provide the biblical communication so desperately needed. Kent’s purpose in life is to change people’s lives with the Word of God and help others do the same. He has spent his life pastoring God’s people, preaching God’s word, and helping pastors around the world serve their Savior more effectively. He has authored two award-­‐
winning books, Deep Preaching (B&H 2009) and Effective First-­‐Person Biblical Preaching (Zondervan, 2005). Trust
Charles Simeon Trust Simeon Course Resources The Simeon Course on Biblical Exposition is a flexible online training platform for people who want to get better at studying and teaching God’s Word. We have three different courses that tackle different aspects of preaching and teaching from the Bible. Our first goal is to assist preachers and teachers of God's Word. For this reason, we thoroughly and thoughtfully review each item we produce or choose to share here in order to determine whether it meets our criteria for "helpful to the working pastor." The result of this process is our Resources section, organized into audio resources, video resources, and written resources. Each work was produced by our partner pastors and organizations and reflects what we think are the best resources in the world. Our partner organizations include Matthias Media, the Proclamation Trust, 9Marks, and the Gospel Coalition. Using a unique combination of world-­‐class professors and accomplished practitioners, these courses help students become familiar with how to preach and teach from each genre of the Bible (Literary Genre course), how texts function in the context of the whole Bible (Biblical Theology course), and how our doctrinal convictions should have an impact on our preparation (Systematic Theology course). Haddon Robinson Center for Preaching The Preacher Resources Haddon W. Robinson is the Harold John Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Preaching, senior director of the Doctor of Ministry program, and former interim President at Gordon-­‐Conwell Theological Seminary. One of his major contributions to homiletics is the "Big Idea of Biblical Preaching" (the title of a book which is in his honor), whereby sermons should have one major idea (has one subject and one complement), even if the big idea breaks down into several subpoints. Robinson also argues that a sermon should be primarily expository, since that places the authority in the biblical text, not in the preachers themselves. If this is your first time, start with our weekly podcast -­‐ Preaching Points. If you’re looking for more in-­‐depth conversation and instruction on preaching, check out PulpitTalk, our quarterly CD journal on preaching. For those who are just starting out in the study of preaching, you will benefit from spending a few days with our faculty at the Preachers' College. And if you would like help on a sermon you are currently preparing or have recently preached, check out Sermon Doctor Rx.
resources/Preaching.cfm Books: •  Biblical Preaching – Robinson •  The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching – Willhite and Gibson The Stephen Olford Center The Preacher Resources The Stephen Olford Center is dedicated to facilitating educational programming that embodies the ministry legacy of Dr. Stephen Olford (1918-­‐2004). Dr. Olford was a champion for expository preaching in the United States and around the world. He was often termed a preacher's preacher and devoted his life to preaching the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit and teaching others to do likewise. Pastor’s Plus Archives: designed to offer Christ-­‐
centered, excellence-­‐driven biblical materials to bi-­‐
vocational ministers and other working church leaders for sermon and Bible study preparation. The archives contain over 521 messages from Dr. Stephen Olford. Dr. David Olford is also featured in some of the messages and is the program facilitator of the radio broadcasts. Books: •  A Passion for Preaching •  Anointed Expository Preaching ADRIAN ROGERS PASTOR TRAINING INSTITUTE The Preacher Resources Known for his evangelistic zeal and uncompromising commitment to the Word of God, Adrian Rogers was one of the greatest preachers, respected Bible teachers, and Christian leaders of our time. For over fifty years, he consistently presented the Good News of Jesus Christ with strong conviction, compassion, and integrity. What Every Pastor Ought to Know: A training series for developing ministry leaders who know how to think biblically , spiritually, and practically as they shepherd the flock of God. Sessions include: •  The Sermon’s Integrity •  The Sermon’s Preparation •  The Sermon’s Illustration •  The Sermon’s Presentation •  The Sermon’s Invitation One Passion The Preacher Resources Dr. Steven J. Lawson is President and founder of OnePassion Ministries, a ministry designed to equip biblical expositors to bring about a new reformation in the church. Dr. Lawson hosts The Institute for Expository Preaching in cities around the world. Dr. Lawson is also a Teaching Fellow for Ligonier Ministries, where he serves on its board. Moreover, he is Professor of Preaching and oversees the Doctor of Ministry program at The Master’s Seminary, where he also serves on its board. Dr. Lawson is also Professor in Residence for Truth Remains. OnePassion is committed to training pastors in expository preaching that is firmly anchored in proclaiming God’s Word. Our goal is to provide as many free audio, video and written materials as possible, along with charging minimal for other resources. In return for these materials, ministry donations are appreciated to further these efforts and continue to provide complimentary resources. o  Expositor Magazine o  Institute for Expository Preaching o  Expositor Podcast o  One Passion Global o  Dr. Lawson’ has authored many books on expository preaching available on the One Passion website EPI-­‐Center Expository Preaching Institute – Center Bibliography of Suggested Preaching Materials* A Passion for Preaching, Reflections on the Art of Preaching, compiled by David L. Olford, 1989, Thomas Nelson Publishers Anointed Expository Preaching, Stephen F. Olford with David L. Olford, 1998, Broadman & Holman Publishers Biblical Preaching, The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages, Haddon Robinson, Third Edition, 2014. Baker Academic The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching, Connecting the Bible to People, Keith Willhite and Scott M. Gibson, 1998, Baker Books Christ-­‐Centered Preaching, Redeeming the Expository Sermon, Brian Chapell, 2005, Baker Academic Deep Preaching, Creating Sermons That Go Beyond the Superficial, J. Kent Edwards, 2009, B&H Academic Publishing Group Expositional Preaching, How We Speak God’s Word Today, David Helm, 2014, Crossway Publishers He Is Not Silent, Preaching in a Postmodern World, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., 2008, Moody Publishers A Manual for Biblical Preaching, Lloyd Perry, 1995, Baker Book House Preaching, The Art of Narrative Exposition, Calvin Miller, 2010, Baker Books Rediscovering Expository Preaching, Balancing the Science and Art of Biblical Exposition, John MacArthur, Jr. and the Master’s Seminary Faculty, 1992, Word Publishing 12 Essential Skills for Great Preaching, Wayne McDill, 2006, B&H Academic Publishing Group What Every Pastor Ought to Know, DVD series, 2006, Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute *Although there are many good books on the subject, these are works that are particularly helpful in the craft of preaching. Additional works will be added to this list from time to time as they come to our attention.