International Youth Cultural Conference



International Youth Cultural Conference
Youth Cultural
28 - 30 November 2012
Sarawak Cultural Village
Kuching, Sarawak
Conference Organisers:
Yayasan Perpaduan
Cultural diversity
is a driving force of
development, not only
in respect of economic
growth, but also as
a means of leading
a more fulfilling
intellectual, emotional,
moral and spiritual life.
nity has always been the underlying objective
and issue addressed in the youth programmes/
events convened locally and internationally.
In recent years, focus has narrowed on topics like interculture, cultural tolerance and cultural gaps in addressing
the issue of unity. International organisations like UNESCO
and ASEAN have been organising youth related events
revolving around these topics and focus areas.
The conference organisers are pleased to invite young people aged between
18-25 years to join the International Youth Cultural Conference, which will take
place in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on the exotic island of Borneo. Papers are
invited on the following topics:
Conference Topics
Heritage & Modernity – the Way Forward
Youth Identity & Voice
Dialogue and Mutual Understanding
Youth Aspirations
Promoting Cultural Unity and Harmony through Social Media
Youth in Action – Case studies of Youth Led Projects on Culture
Sarawak Identity
Tolerance vs. Understanding and Acceptance
Intermarriages – Its Role in Promoting Cultural Unity and Diversity
Guidelines for Abstract Submission
Please submit your abstract online at :
: not longer than 300 words
Deadline for abstracts submission
: 15th June 2012
You can expect to be notified via email once your abstract has been received for
consideration. If your abstract is accepted, you will be informed by email within
two weeks after the deadline (30th June 2012). Please maintain a functional email
address at all times.
Upon acceptance of your abstract, the full paper or presentation notes must be
submitted by 30th August 2012 for confirmation of participation.
Early submission is encouraged.
Important Note: Limited funding is available to support the speakers for the conference
(3 experts and
3 youth participants)
Day 0 November 27, 2012
• Welcoming Cocktail
Focus Group Discussion
Day 1 November 28, 2012
• Ice Breaking Session
• Official Opening Ceremony
• Presentation on Heritage & Modernity
– The Way Forward
• Presentation on Youth Identity & Voice
• Forum Discussion on Tolerance
vs. Understanding and Acceptance
• Theme Dinner
Public Performance
(song, theater, dance)
Cultural Appreciation
and Exchange Activities
Cultural Trips/Visits
Fun and Interactive
Learning Elements
(Roundtable setting)
Day 2 November 29, 2012
• Presentation on Youth and Social Entrepreneurship
• Presentation on Dialogue and Mutual Understanding
• Forum on Intermarriages
- Its Role in Promoting Cultural Unity and Diversity
• Presentation on Youth Aspirations
• Forum on Youth in Action – Case studies of Youth Led Projects on Culture
• Movie Night - Film Screenings & Dinner
Day 3 November 30, 2012
• Presentation on Unity in Cultural Diversity
• Presentation on Promoting Cultural Unity
and Harmony through Social Media
• Forum on Sarawak Identity
Lunch/Conference Ends
•Cultural Visits/City Tour
•Cultural Concert
The programme framework
is subject to change
at the discretion
of the organisers.)
Sarawak youths look forward to welcome you!!!
The International conference will be targeting about 350 youth. Participants are
expected to share their knowledge and experience on culture through music, dance,
song and daily life’s practices.
Participants include,
• Youth groups involved in work/programmes related to culture and unity
• Researchers undertaking research on social issues related to youth, culture and
• Policy makers on youth policies
• Members of cultural associations/groups/youth organisations
• Youth members interested in current issues involving youth, cultural and unity
• Young social entrepreneurs
• Active social media users/bloggers on topics related to culture, youth and unity
• Youth Ambassadors/Role Models/Youth Icons
• Young journalists
• To provide a platform for youth to share their thoughts and feelings on culture
and issues of unity and harmony among people of diverse cultural backgrounds;
• To enhance greater understanding and acceptance among the youth on unity
across cultural diversity; and
• To identify the role of youth in sustaining cultural unity and harmony in a
borderless world.
1. Share and generate ideas on starting youth activities/programmes related to
cultural appreciation and understanding after the conference.
2. Fostering network among the youth through the social media spectrum on
issues related to cultural appreciation, understanding and acceptance.
3. Learning and sharing success stories on intercultural harmony that
could lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of their
own cultures and other cultures.
4. Bridging the gap between the youth from different
backgrounds, cultures and countries in understanding the
diversity of cultural issues faced.
5. Building leaders of tomorrow who are open and sensitive
to cultural diversities & the need for harmony to build the
foundation for a thriving society.
Organisers’ Background
Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak
he Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak (YPS)
or the Sarawak Unity Foundation is
an organisation that was set up to
undertake, promote, advance or pursue any
Yayasan Perpaduan
programme, project or activity, that will
preserve, enhance and strengthen the unity, harmony and
peaceful co-existence of the various multi-racial or multiethnic communities in the State of Sarawak and within the
Federation of Malaysia.
For more information on YPS, visit
Sarawak Development Institute
arawak Development Institute (SDI)
is an autonomous non-profit research
institute entrusted to undertake inter-disciplinary
research on pertinent development issues related to the state
and nation for policy inputs to the government. The focus
areas of SDI are Public Policy, Development Studies and Socioeconomic Studies. SDI also organises international and local
conferences, seminars, workshops, dialogues and roundtables
on development issues in collaboration with local, national and
international organisations.
For more information on SDI, visit
Faradale Media-M Sdn Bhd
aradale Media-M Sdn Bhd (FMM)
publishing and event management company based in
Kuching. Established in 1993, FMM has earned a reputation
for quality and professional service, dependability and
reliability among its clients and associates. FMM is
experienced in executing strategic communications plans
and advocacy programmes for government projects
and businesses. Its range of services includes publishing,
communication campaigns, social marketing, public relations,
advertising, opinion polling and events management such as
exhibitions, conferences and product launch/promotion.
For more information on FMM, visit

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