Fund raising letter - Johan



Fund raising letter - Johan
Introduction to The Earth Organization
The Earth Organization (TEO), a non-profit international initiative, was
founded in 2004 by internationally renowned conservationist and
environmentalist Lawrence Anthony. He is the owner of Thula Thula Game
Reserve, the oldest private wildlife reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The formation of
TEO was partly prompted by his rescue initiative of wildlife in Iraq during the Coalition invasion.
TEO is proud to be South Africa’s first major international conservation organization. Due to his
passion for nature and the environment, Johan Claassens has joined forces with Lawrence
Anthony and recently started the Gauteng Chapter of TEO.
What is TEO’s purpose?
To create a fundamental change in the operating basis of mankind's awareness of and
relationship to, his environment and the plant and animal kingdoms, by example and education, thereby reversing the downward spiral of the environment.
To bridge the gap between mankind, industry, commerce and the environment through
applicable environmentalism - workable tools, accurate data and a business and scientific
approach to the field of the environment.
To engender respect and understanding of the principles of bio-diversity which defines
mankind’s relationship with the environment and the plant and animal kingdoms.
To raise ethical standards within the conservation movement.
TEO’s strategic plan:
The first action to be taken is the dissemination of the truth regarding the fast
deteriorating state of the planet and its life forms and the reasons therefore. This
will be done through the media, and an ongoing series of public events
ý Through
the mediums of events and the media TEO raise awareness about the
interdependency of all life forms and life systems including mankind.
ý Grouping
individuals into organized Chapters, which forward this purpose, and by
so doing ensure the survival and preservation of Earth and the plant and animal
Through Head Office and an international network of Chapters, TEO take whatever
actions necessary to act as an effective international group, creating a healthy,
habitable planet, with all its life forms and life systems safe-guarded; and to defend
against and out-create individuals, organizations, countries and disciplines that are
involved in postulates and activities that impact adversely on any of these sectors.
TEO feels that conservation actions alone are not enough. Without a major shift in
man’s responsibility, person to person, for our planet, TEO cannot achieve it’s aims.
Since South Africa is a world leader in conservation, it is appropriate that a South
African organization is taking the reins and ensuring that our planet survives.
PO Box 1742 Juksei Park 2153
Tel: 073 474 6874 or 011 462 2308
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 0866 111 555
Johan Claassens - Brief CV:
Certified Game Ranger (Field Guide)
Certified Trail Guide
Certified Venomous Snake Wrangler (Specializing in Black Mamba)
Wildlife Writer (articles published in several overseas magazines)
Former Big 5 Game Lodge owner (Thornybush and Balule Area)
Qualified Pilot (Multi Engine and Single Engine)
Owner of one of the most successful and an award winning, Samsung
Telecommunications distributorships in South Africa.
Lawrence Anthony - Brief CV:
Conducted the internationally acclaimed rescue of the Baghdad Zoo, during the
onset of the coalition invasion of Iraq.
His conservation and environmental initiatives have appeared on CNN, BBC TV,
SKY NEWS and many other local and international TV and Radio stations.
Co-Author of the best selling book "Babylon's Ark" which tells the true story of the
war time rescue of the Baghdad Zoo. Launched in New York on March 6th 2007.
The story of the Zoo rescue is currently being developed into a major Hollywood
movie production under the title "Good Luck Mr. Anthony."
Lawrence is busy writing his second book entitled "The Herd" about his
extraordinary relationship with the wild Elephants on the Thula Thula Reserve.
He is the recipient of the following awards:
Global Nature Conservation award for ”Best Conservation Practice” presented at
the St Lucia Living Lakes conference in South Africa 1998.
United Nations Earth Society “Earth Trustee” award presented in New York in 2004.
“The Earth Day Medal”, previous winners of this award include Al Gore, and the
Greenpeace Organization.
The American Library Association has just awarded Babylon's Ark the prestigious,”
Booklist Editors Choice” in the category, “Adult books for young adults.” The
Booklist review describes Babylon's Ark as a “Truly remarkable story.”
PO Box 1742 Juksei Park 2153
Tel: 073 474 6874 or 011 462 2308
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 0866 111 555
The Earth Organization Advisory Board
As a South African I am proud to be part of an organization that, I believe, can truly fulfil the promise of a
flourishing planet for our children. Join today.
Dr. Ben Ngubane
ý South African Ambassador to Japan
ý South African Minister of Science and Technology Emeritus
ý Chairman of the Earth Organization International Advisory Board
There is no doubt that all our combined wisdom, expertise and passion are needed now as never before. Our collective wellbeing, in fact, is the final frontier. Increasing human consumption, species extinctions, climatic deterioration,
poverty and illness all demand to be met with courage and confidence. The informed principles and resourceful
activities of The Earth Organization should inspire people everywhere to work together. Acting in concert, we will
make a difference.
Dr. Ian Raper
ý President Southern Africa Association for the Advancement of Science (S2A3)
ý Chairman of The Earth Organization Scientific Advisory Board
The Earth Organization Celebrity Support
ý There is not one of us that are not aware that the environment around us is changing for the worst. Yet we leave
the task to others to do something about it. The Earth Organization is the first international organization that has
realistic goals that all of us can achieve right now to help preserve our environment. It is really becoming obvious
that the time has come for all of us to be involved. If every one of us did our part, we could turn around this
downward spiral.
Anne Archer Oscar Nominated Actress
ý The environmental issues that face Earth today are no longer the question of our times; they are the issue of
our future. I have joined the Earth Organization because they operate ethically and take on well researched
projects which they always carry through to completion. They are making a vital difference on Planet Earth and we
can all lend a hand in reversing this decline. We can and must create a change. Please do your part and join us in
this exciting evolution.
Kelly Preston Actress
ý Earth is in trouble! With polluted water and air, unprecedented numbers of animal and plant species going extinct,
none of us can just stand by and hope that someone else will solve it. Each one of us has to participate in the
solutions. I've talked to so many people who want to do something about it, but don't know what to do. Well, the first
step is to become a member of The Earth Organization and together, with their help, we can each take a step-by-step
approach to improving life for ourselves and future generations.
Michelle Stafford Emmy Award winning TV Actress
ý What The Earth Organization addresses is the most important issue of our time. Our one and only home,
Earth, has serious problems that affect us all. Species are going extinct all over the world, breaking vital links in the
chain of life. Can we break this downward spiral? Of course we can, but we have to acknowledge the problem and
collectively decide to do something about it. Rise up and play a bigger part. Trying to take at least my share of
responsibility I am happy to be a member of and supportive of The Earth Organization. Won't you join? For Earth's
Terry Jastrow 7 time Emmy Award winning Producer
ý So many people take Planet Earth for granted. More and more of the environment, including plants and
animals, are dying and being wasted. The Earth Organization is doing great things to change this condition. They
are helping to raise awareness of the current problems and they are finding real solutions that actually work. I know
I don't want to see Earth fall into a further decline and with the dedicated work and help of the Earth Organization, I
believe we can stop it.
Marisol Nichols US Prime Time TV and Film Actress
Imagine your life without animals, plants, coral reefs, fish etc.
EARTH needs your support - join us in our initiatives to make a difference in
this world and become a member of The Earth Organization!
nce mber n!
a di ng a m anizat
Ma ecom th Org
by b he Ear
of T
W h i te
Pr o j e ct
The Northern White Rhino Project
The goal of this project is to rehabilitate the Northern White Rhino from the brink of extinction. The Earth
Organization’s purpose with this project is to successfully track and relocate the last 7-10 wild Northern
White Rhino on Earth and move them to a protected breeding area within the Garamba Nature Reserve in
the Democratic Republic of the Congo or to an entirely new location, away from the threat of possible
poachers. This will prevent their extinction and enable them to breed and thereby increase their numbers,
whilst remaining in the wild.
Project Background
For 12 years, the wars in the Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been an ever
increasing threat to conservation. Since 2003, Garamba National Park has been facing a major poaching
crisis. The ongoing wars have destabilised the area completely. This has left the animals largely unprotected
and poachers have taken full advantage of this. The animals that were not killed as a result of conflict and
rouge soldiers were left exposed to poachers. Added to the existing strife is abject poverty and no or little
regard for human or animal life. These poachers have no concern for the survival of the Rhino species. They
are only motivated by money.
In early 2005, efforts were undertaken by an international conservation group to go into Garamba and airlift
out the remaining Rhino. Due to a PR blunder, (press articles released beforehand that portrayed the DRC
government as ineffective in the protection of the Rhino), the group was barred from entering the country
and the initiative failed. Since that time, it can only be assumed that the Rhino numbers have further
Although there are currently 9 Northern White Rhino in captivity (6 in the Czech Republic and 3 in San
Diego), only 3 are of breeding age and they are all related. In other words, the remaining wild White Rhino
are the only hope for the continued survival of the species.
The Earth Organization realized that fast action was needed. Lawrence Anthony set off to this very conflicted
area to speak to the people involved and come up with a hands-on solution. It was soon evident that the
support of the rebel groups was needed - as they had full access to the park. Although their effect on the
Rhino population is considered limited they also have the capability to chase poachers and in fact protect the
Rhino. In speaking to the rebels it was also revealed that the Rhino is their totem and the idea of protecting it
suited their belief system. Thus an interim solution was attained (see press release below). The solution not
only aided the peace process but also the survival of the Rhino.
This gave The Earth Organization some time in which to come up with an effective strategy to handle the
situation as they now had secured the safety of the Rhinos for an interim period. The Rhino's do not only
have to be kept safe, but they also need to be given an opportunity to reproduce.
Photo by
Christopher Laurenz
Press Release
by Dylan Anthony
In a groundbreaking move, The Earth Organization, a South Africa-based international
conservation group, with the support of BHP Billiton, has formally secured an agreement with the
Ugandan Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebels aimed at saving the estimated last four Northern
White Rhinos and other key endangered species in their area of operation.
Lawrence Anthony, founder of The Earth Organization, has been in negotiations with the LRA
leadership for two days to secure the safety of the endangered species. The rebels who are
currently occupying Garamba national park in north-eastern DR Congo have issued a formal
statement pledging to protect the only estimated four Rhinos of their sub-species remaining in the world.
PO Box 1742 Juksei Park 2153
Tel: 073 474 6874 or 011 462 2308
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 0866 111 555
ere memb tion!
ng rgani
th O
by b he Ear
of T
These are the most highly endangered large mammals on earth and if we lose them they will be the largest mammal since the
mammoth to go extinct, said Anthony who led the negotiations at the LRA base camp outside of the Sudanese provincial capital of
Juba. Desperate times call for desperate measures. News reports said that twelve Congolese rangers and eight United Nations
peacekeepers were killed by the rebels in the park, and the future of these only remaining rhino's lies in their hands at the moment,
added Anthony. For this reason the rangers have been limited in their ability to protect the Rhino from the poachers.
On August 18, Anthony travelled from Zululand, South Africa, to Juba, south Sudan and made contact with rebels. After two days of
negotiations with the LRA leadership, we are pleased to announce that the LRA leader Joseph Kony has issued a written assurance
that; the rebels would act as curators for all endangered species in the park including not only the Northern White Rhinos, but also
the Congo Giraffe of which it is estimated there were only 40 remaining and the Okapi, Anthony said. The LRA statement issued and
signed by the chairman of delegation to the Juba peace talks, on the authority of Kony states; We wish to assure the Game rangers
in Garamba Park that provided they properly identify themselves and not attack us, we undertake to fully co-operate with them."
TEO’s Proposal:
The Earth Organization (TEO) had to secure the support of the relevant government and conservation groups
connected to the project to unify their efforts and get the program completed. Hence, Lawrence Anthony attended
the September 2007 Workshop in Kinshasa (DRC) to debate Strategies for the Survival of the Northern White Rhino
hosted by the ICCN in affiliation with UNESCO, UICN and African Parks Conservation. Lawrence Anthony
presented his solution which was accepted in principle. This means that TEO now have some unity in getting this
problem solved and that the primary groups that have been working on the project can now move forward together.
They are now in the final phase of saving this rare species (the actual relocation and breeding).
The extinction of the Northern White Rhino cannot be allowed to happen. This will be the largest mammal to go
extinct since the time of the Mammoth. The Northern White Rhino Project is a chance for man to become intricately
involved in ensuring the survival of a major species of Earth. Mankind and the plant and animal kingdoms are utterly
inter-dependent, for their own survival - None Survive Alone. To allow the rampant destruction of Earth's life forms,
and the slaughter of an entire species, is unacceptable and must be halted.
TEO will use this opportunity to demonstrate what can be done if humans only put their mind to it. Mankind must
come to an understanding of his role in the chain of life on this planet, or in a few decades there will not be a planet left
to worry about.
TEO’s ability to get the desired product has been demonstrated through their projects in the Baghdad, Iraq, and the
Royal Zulu Biosphere in South Africa and, most recently, their ongoing project and consultancy in New Orleans,
Louisiana. They are committed to getting the job done, at all costs, and no matter how long it takes. They see a
project through to completion!
Through various media channels and the use of lines linked into Reuters, Associated Press and Agene FrancePresse, as well as established online press outlets, TEO will be targeting to reach an estimated half billion people
worldwide with news of this historic event.
Grasping the magnitude of this event, and the fact that this will be a major species saved from extinction, TEO are
intent on making this a major story worldwide.
Your support is most welcome and much needed. This is going to be an historic mission. TEO is going to do what no
other international group has been able to handle. In supporting TEO you are a part of an amazing initiative that will
make news around the world.
Be part of the adventure!
PO Box 1742 Juksei Park 2153
Tel: 073 474 6874 or 011 462 2308
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 0866 111 555