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- American Medical Technologists
Volume 33 No.3
December 2011
The Official Publication of the Georgia State Society of American Medical Technologists
President’s Message
Medical Assisting week is October 17-21. W e wish all Medical Assistants a great
Medical Assisting week. Make a difference, one patient at a time.
The Magnolia Treasurers Educational meeting will be held in Montgomery, AL in
February 2012. See the events tab for the registration form. I would like to challenge all
GSSAMT members to contact their former classmates, instructors, and students to invite them
to meet you at the Magnolia meeting. W hat a great place and time to have a mini reunion as
well as earn your CEUs. I will start that challenge now:
A challenge is issued to all the graduates from Southern Crescent Technical College
(formerly Griffin Technical College and Flint River Technical College) to meet me in
Montgomery AL for the Magnolia Treasurers meeting and a mini reunion. It would
be great to see all the graduates again. I miss you all. Spread the word.
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In This Issue
Page 2
pMeet the GSSAMT Officers and
Board Members
pEditor’s Note
Pages 3
pSpeaker Spotlight: Dr. Denamur
pOfficer Article: Carletha Durham
pOfficer Article: Peggy Oiler
Page 4
pHPV Vaccine (Scientific)
pThe Flu Vaccine (Scientific)
Diana Kendrick, RMA (AMT), RN
GSSAMT President
Page 5
pHattie Gallon Tribute - Peggy Oiler
pMedicare & Deficit (Legislative)
District Councillor’s Message
W OW ! W hat a great National Convention! The National Convention was held in the
Southern District at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami, Florida. It was week filled with fun
and many continuing education opportunities. This year, the Councillor’s theme was
“Change,” and what a great way to start the week with the keynote address, “Shift to
Professional Paradise: Navigating the Twists and Turns of Healthcare Today.” Vicki Hess,
RN,MS,CSP, spoke about how healthcare employees should accept responsibility and change
their state of mind about working in healthcare. She presented tips for creating and
maintaining long-term behavior changes and to keeping positive connections with co-workers,
patients, and their family members. W e had great attendance this year: 229 MT/MLT, 110
RMA, 38 RPT, 4 RDA, 15 AHI, 83 CASMET, 79 Guests, 29 Speakers, 18 Exhibitors, 7
Office Staff, 6 CLMA/COLT,1 CLC , 16 Students and 149 1st timers with a total of 615.
There were 39 1st timers from the Southern District that were pre-registered and 4 students
from Alabama’s Virginia College. [continued on page 5]
Shannon H. Newman, BSMT (AMT)
Southern District Councillor
Peaches & Peanuts is the Official publication of the Georgia State Society of American Medical Technologist and
is published two times a year and mailed from Albany, Georgia to the required list of recipients.
Articles appear in this publication are the opinion of the author and do not reflect the opinion of the Georgia State
Society and/or the American Medical Technologists.
The Editor reserves the right to edit all articles when necessary.
Page 6
pHighlights from the GSSAMT 2011
Fall Meeting
Page 7-10
pRegistration: Magnolia Educational
Treasures Montgomery, AL
February 17-18, 2011
pClass Information
pHotel Information
Page 11
pAMT 2012 National Convention
San Antonio, TX
July 9 - 14, 2012
Meet Your GSSAMT Officers and Board Members
Diana Kendrick, RMA, RN
320 Shirley Rd
Barnesville, GA
Vice President
Peggy Oiler, MT
268 Pine Valley Circle
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
Hattie Gallon, MT
2296 Wilkins Cove
Decatur, GA 30035
Carletha Durham, MT
140 McDowell Ave
Brunswick, GA 31525
Proctoring Chair
Linda Domnanovits, RPT, COLT
1218 Cabots Lane
Auburn, GA 30011
Donna Simmons, MT
115 Harmon Rd
Reynolds, GA 31076
Editor/Website Administrator
Chevy Newham, MT
3812 Honeysuckle Dr
Valdosta, GA 31605
Board Member
Betty Geary, MT
310 S. Mission Ridge Dr
Rossville, GA 30741
Congratulations to Our Newly Elected Officers!
Secretary Elect
Josie Florencio, MT
1028 Meadowood Ln
Douglasville, GA 30135
Board Member Elect
Marvin Matthews, MT
5565 La Fleur Trail
Lithonia, GA 30038
Editor’s Note
Hello Everyone,
This newsletter discusses the fall meeting in Columbus, Georgia. I highly recommend you attend these
meetings. These are a great way to stay current and network with other healthcare professionals. It is also vital for
the health of our society to hear from its members to ensure that we are addressing your needs. I am inviting
everyone to attend the Magnolia Treasures Meeting, February 17-18, 2011 in Montgomery, Alabama.
I hope you enjoy this newsletter and ask that you send me any articles you may want to see in our future
newsletters. They can cover conventions, meetings, legislation, new developments in our fields, or even human
interest stories if it is related to our profession. E-mail these to me at [email protected]
Chevy Newham, MT(AMT)
Editor/Website Administrator
Speaker Spotlight
Medical Technology and
Beyond with Dr. William
Denamur, ASCP, DMD
Carletha Durham, MT (AMT)
Georgia State Society of AMT
Season’s greetings, my fellow
AMT members!
W e have been very fortunate to
have wonderful speakers at our events. If
you have not been to our meetings, you
are really missing out. In our Speaker
Spotlight segments, we showcase a brief
taste of the expertise our speakers bring to
our functions. Below is a word from Dr.
W illiam Denamur, ASCP, DMD.
First and foremost, I would like to
say I am grateful and honored GSSAMT
has decided to have me serve as Treasurer
for the next two years. I have been serving
as Treasurer for GSSAMT for the past
twenty-two years, and the trust given to me
makes me proud. I am also honored to sit
as a member on the Advisory Council for
the Legislature of the State of Georgia.
W ith the recent midterm election results, I
by Dr. William Denamur, ASCP, DMD
am looking forward to having a new
governor and am excited to see what the
A degree in Medical Technology
legislature delivers that is new and
opens many doors for additional careers in
the health field. In my Med Technology
Second, I would like to remind all
graduating class alone, I had classmates
members to keep their CEUs (Continuing
who went on to become Medical Doctors,
Education Units) records up-to-date. Also,
Dentist, Veterinarians and Laboratory
tax season is fast approaching, so remember
Directors including high ranking military
to keep all your receipts from the two state
lab officers.
meetings, receipts from the national
The med tech degree made these
convention, and your mileage records as
careers easier to obtain due to the
these are tax-deductible.
advanced education we received in areas
Next, be on the lookout for the
such as microbology, hematology,
upcoming GSSAMT Spring Meeting 2011.
chemistry, pathology
I encourage everybody,
and anatomy. I felt as
especially the students, to
though I could have
log onto www.gssamt.org
taught those courses in
as we will be posting
dental school. My ability
further information about
to graduate first in my
upcoming meetings.
dental school class is a
Attending state meetings
direct result of my med
is a great way for you to
tech training.
g e t to k n o w y o u r
Besides being a
GSSAMT officers, and
respected member of the
Dr. Denamur leading the class
when you meet them, you
health care team, a well
will see that GSSAM T and AMT is one
educated medical technologist should be a
huge family. I encourage those who are
primary source of knowledge in the
considering going into the field of Medical
decision making diagnosis and treatment
Technology to take your registry through
protocol of any physician. I found out
AMT. This is the only organization which
while working at the teaching hospital at
remains member-focused and memberthe Medical College of Georgia as a med
oriented— that is, all members have a say as
tech, I knew as much or more about any
to how AMT is organized. It is indeed a
lab result as any resident. Medical
very rewarding profession and a very
Technologist should take pride in their
resilient one too.
Amidst the recent
degree and use their knowledge to the
economic crisis, I am very grateful the
utmost possible.
laboratory field has been spared. The
I am proud to be a Dentist and
laboratory field in general was able to
equally proud to call myself a Medical
maintain their employees and, in fact,
Technologist B.S. ASCP.
needs more young people to enter the filed
Quotable Quotes
I think people should be
allowed to do anything they
want. We haven’t tried that for
a while. Maybe this time it’ll
-George Carlin
of Medical Technology as a lot of us are
entering the so-called “retiring age.”
Lastly, I would like for
everybody to remember that the real
meaning of the holiday season is sharing.
Sharing in the sense that you show
selflessness and genuine care, not only to
the people you love, but also to radiate
that same genuine care to your profession.
W hen you give without expecting
anything in return, you will be rewarded a
thousand-fold. W ith that, I hope to see
everybody at the Spring Meeting 2011.
Have safe and happy holidays, everyone!
Peggy Oiler, , M T (AM T)
Georgia State Society of AM T
Mark your calendar! September
28-29,2012 GSSAMT will celebrate our
60th anniversary at our fall meeting. The
meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn
North in Macon. Room rates are $89
single/double and $109 for suites. Each
room has a refrigerator and microwave as
well as a coffee maker. Each registered
guest will receive a complimentary
breakfast each day . Every afternoon there
is a manager's reception for guests. W e are
putting the program together and plan to
have it available by the February 2012
Magnolia Educational Treasures meeting
in Montgomery. AL W e have plans for a
great party and two days of education so
make your plans to attend.
President’s Message
[continued from page 1]
For those of you
that missed the Fall
Meeting, you missed a
fantastic meeting. Ms. Eleanor
Balauitan did an excellent job bringing in
a variety of speakers who were
knowledgeable, fascinating, and
entertaining. The Board and Business
Meeting saw some severe changes: Chevy
Newham was appointed to the office of
Editor. Our long time Editor, Donna
Simmons, will now act as Co-Editor.
Donna has served us for many, many years
as Editor and has done a great job. She
will continue to help Chevy on the
Peaches and Peanuts Newsletter. Last
Spring meeting, Hattie Gallon resigned
her position as long time Secretary,
effective as of the Fall Meeting. Josie
Florencio-Panaligan was elected to the
position. Hattie and Josie worked together
during the Fall Meeting as Hattie eased
Josie into the Secretary’s position. W hat a
great family of members, each working
with other members to move GSSAMT
forward. During the meeting, Hattie was
presented a plaque of appreciation for her
22 years of service as GSSAMT
Secretary. Hattie promises to continue to
serve GSSAMT members in other
Congratulations to Chevy
Newham who has done a great job with
the new GSSAMT website. Chevy will
also act as our local W eb Administrator.
Thank you to Board members M arvin
M atthews and Betty Geary for the great
door prizes at the Fall Meeting.
The GSSAMT Spring Meeting
will be held during the Magnolia
Treasurers meeting in Montgomery, AL. I
look forward to seeing all GSSAMT
members at the meeting. It is always so
nice to see everyone, and we will have a
really great time.
Quotable Quotes
The Constitution only gives
people the right to pursue
happiness. You have to catch it
-Benjamin Franklin
HPV Vaccine Controversy
by Chevy Newham
The HPV vaccine has caused a
lot of controversy lately. This topic was
covered by Kurtis Hiatt at US News and
W orld Report.
HPV is the most common
sexually transmitted disease. As such, the
federal Advisory Committee on
Immunization Practices is trying to decide
if boys and men should be vaccinated
against HPV.
HPV is generally viewed as a
health concern for women due to the
danger of cervical cancer. Men are
viewed basically as carriers for HPV.
They will either have no symptoms or may
have genital warts or penile or anal
cancer, but these conditions are rare.
Only about one percent of men afflicted
with HPV will develop genital warts. On
top of these statistics, the most effective
age to get vaccinated for males is between
the ages of eleven and eighteen. Not
many men of this age are concerned about
HPV. This leads parents with a hard
choice. Do they force their children to
have this vaccination?
Most vaccinations are for
diseases in which a person will come in
contact with against their will. No one
goes out looking for mumps. However,
the only way to contact HPV is to engage
is sexual intercourse. Most parents hope
that their children will abstain from sex.
As such, they would be more likely to not
see the need for this vaccine. On top of
this, the vaccine can cause some serious
conditions such as Guillain-Barré
Syndrome, which causes muscle
weakness, and blood clots in the heart,
lungs, and legs.
GOP Presidential candidate
Governor Rick Perry has found out how
unpopular mandating the HPV vaccine
can be, even when there is an opt out
provision for the vaccine. W hile some
claim that widespread vaccination is the
best way to control HPV, it should also be
mentioned that the use of condoms has an
80 to 90% effectiveness with the
prevention of this disease. Parents will
need to weigh the dangers against the
benefits and do what’s best for their
children, both boys and girls.
The Flu Vaccine
by Chevy Newham
It’s that time of year again. Cold
and flu season is in full swing, and we
should beware of the sniffles and worse!
Nearly twenty percent of all
Americans will catch the flu this year.
200,000 will have to go to the hospital
due to the flu, and thousands will actually
die, but it doesn’t have to be that way!
The flu vaccine is readily
available from different locations:
doctor’s offices, health clinics,
pharmacies, and retail stores. I saw
McDonald’s offering it as an extra in their
value meal! (Just kidding) However,
despite the readily availability of this
vaccine, only about 42% of Americans
receive it.
If you’re scared of needles, they
offer the shot in the super-tiny intradermal
shot which is 90% smaller than an regular
needle. If that’s too much for you, then
you can always get it as a nasal spray!
The CDC naturally recommends
that all Americans receive the flu shot.
This is a common disease, the vaccines
are safe, and they are very inexpensive.
It’s surely cheaper than missing a couple
of days of work, right?
Even if you do not get the shot
yourself, be sure that children and the
elderly receive their shots as the flu can be
particularly deadly for those in these age
Recognize these people?
Give up?
Turn the page
and discover their identities!
Ms. Hattie Gallon Receiving a Special Award for
Her Commitment to GSSAMT
Farewell, dear friend!
It’s a sad time for GSSAMT!
Longtime secretary, board member,
leader, and advocate, Hattie Gallon, has
retired from her official duties. Over the
years, Hattie has served AMT on every
level imaginable ( and some we couldn't)
from planning meetings ,representing
GSSAMT at the national convention,
serving on numerous committees (both
state, national, and the Magnolia meeting)
to bringing new members into the fold.
She has taught us how to party at national,
keep meetings on track, and have a good
time with our AMT family. I know I am
forgetting to mention many of the things
Hattie has done for AMT, GSSAMT, and
our members, but it's only because there
are too many to remember. Hattie has
received numerous state and national
awards for her dedication, each and every
one well-deserved. As Hattie transitions to
her retirement we wish her well and look
forward to seeing her smiling face at many
more meetings. God bless you Hattie for
all you have done for us!
-Peggy Oiler
Vice President
Georgia State Society of AMT
This was taken at the 1992 Atlanta
Convention. From left to right: Ron
Tomberlin, MT (GA); Frank Long,
MT (GA); Robin Brooks, MT (GA);
Peggy Oiler, MT (GA); Hattie Gallon,
MT (GA); Fran Simpson, MT (AL);
and Charles Baker, MT (SC)
District Councillor’s Message
[Continued from page 1]
Next year’s convention will be
held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San
Antonio, Texas, July 9-14, 2012. Room
rates are $119.00 plus 16.75% taxes (rate
valid from July 4 to July 17, 2012). Their
website is sanantonioregency.hyatt.com.
It is located in the heart of the River
W alk, surrounded by unique shops and
restaurants. It is across from the historic
Alamo and 8 miles from San Antonio
International Airport. There will be
complimentary fitness center access and
wireless services in guestrooms.
Magnolia Educational Treasures
will be held at Embassy Suites in
Montgomery, Alabama, February 17-18,
2012. Room rates are $119.00 single and
double, $129.00 triple, and $139.00 for
quad. They have a heated indoor pool
with fitness center. There will be a $5.00
parking fee per day.
The AMT office has undergone a
new computer software upgrade in July.
Their address is americanmedtech.org, so
please do not use AMT1.com.
The AMT cookbook is ready for
sale ($15.00). One hundred and sixty
copies were sold at the National
Convention. If you would like a copy,
please contact the AMT office.
National Medical Assistant’s
W eek will be October 17-21, 2011. Let’s
recognize medical assistants’ vital role
and contributions in healthcare. I hope all
RMAs have a great, fun-filled week.
All Southern states are
functioning very well, and all states are
experiencing an increase in state
membership and schools. Alabama,
Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, and
Tennessee participate in the Magnolia
Educational Treasures held in February,
2012. North Carolina and South Carolina
participate in the Carolina Clinical
Connection. It will be held in April, 2012
at the Blake Hotel in Charlotte, North
Carolina. I hope you have the opportunity
to attend one or both of these meetings.
Both offer great lectures, and you will
have a great time.
I would like to congratulate the
awardees in my district. It is a honor and
my pleasure to represent the great
Southern District. Keep up the good work,
and I plan to visit some of your states this
fall. I look forward to seeing you.
Legislative Alert: Medicare
and the Deficit
by Chevy Newham
The Super Committee failed to
come up with the budget savings they
were required to come up with. One of
the most contentious issues has been
Most projections of Medicare
and Social Security show these two
programs as eclipsing one hundred percent
of the federal budget.
Most any action which will be
taken against Medicare is going to hurt
our profession. However, we must realize
that things are going to change, and there
is not much we can do to prevent the
change from occurring other than
watching the country go bankrupt.
W e need to be proactive. Instead
of merely gainsaying every proposal that
comes, we should be concerned about
helping to find an innovative solution
which will help address the deficit
concerns and limit the amount of damage
to our profession.
As I said, nearly every suggestion
to fix Medicare is going to hurt our
profession by eliminating a source of
income. If we start adding constructive
input into the discussion, perhaps we can
affect the outcome of the debate. It is
important to note, any solution which can
be reached and implemented is going to be
better than if the entire program is allowed
to go bankrupt all together. Fortunately,
we have time as this is an election year,
and no one is going to touch the political
third rail during an election year.
Quotable Quotes
Fair speech may hide a foul
- J.R.R. Tolkien
Chevy Newham
GSSAMT Co-Editor
3812 Honeysuckle Drive
Valdosta, GA 31605
Georgia State Society

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