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Professional video, audio, music and journalism
tools to get your students industry ready!
Professional products as used by the professionals
teach the certified Avid curriculum so their students
can gain real world experience. This curriculum forms
the academic tier of the Avid Learning Partner Program
(ALP) and covers the teaching of products ranging
from video editing and broadcast news production, to
music composition and sound design. The curriculum
is by necessity scalable, delivered by partners across
a mixture of schools, colleges and universities.
Learn a
workflow from
day one
Giving students experience with professionallevel workflows while they’re still at college
or university is a great way to help them get a
foothold in the creative industries when they
graduate. From upping their chances of landing
placements and apprenticeships (see opposite)
to helping them impress employers and gain
permanent work, the importance of knowing
how to use industry-standard tools can’t be
That’s why we’re big fans of Avid setups for
education. As well as getting your students
used to working with hardware and software
they’d find in professional environments,
Avid’s systems make it easier for your staff and
technical team to offer a complete professional
workflow. Everything from ingesting footage to
organising how files are stored can be brought
under the Avid umbrella, helping your students
see how an end-to-end creative pipeline works,
and reducing the chances of you needing to call
tech support by bringing all your media work
onto a single, stable platform.
Students ready to get started?
We’re helping our partners at Clear Cut postproduction run an apprenticeship scheme
that gives ambitious students the chance to get
some industry experience. Get in touch to find
out more!
For more on your options, read on or get
in touch. You can find us on 03332 409 241
or at [email protected]
The programme provides curriculum, training, tools
and professional certification, enabling students to
take their careers to the next level. Avid also provides
instructor training that brings educators up to speed
and also runs ongoing certification classes to coincide
with major product releases.
Want to know more? Get in touch with
our Avid team on 03332 409 241 or
email [email protected]
New academic bundles with
Media Composer, Pro Tools & Sibelius
Individual product prices can be found on the
following pages
• Student and Institution Triple pack - Media Composer®
Academic, Pro Tools Academic & Sibelius £432.50 (+VAT)
• Student and Institution Two-Pack - Media Composer
Academic, Pro Tools Academic £307.50 (+VAT)
Please note that pricing is subject to change based on
new version releases.
The benefits of learning Avid
A byword for quality media creation and production,
Avid solutions are used by audio, music and video
professionals around the world. For students who
want to create music, audio, or video or pursue
a career in broadcast media, music, or audio
production, knowing Avid is essential. Teaching Avid
solutions in schools gives students the advantage
of learning industry standard technologies, so they
are better prepared for the future. Providers of
professional film and music courses will also look
more positively on undergraduate applicants who
have experience with Avid tools. It is also important
to educators, because their primary motivation is the
success of their students. Accordingly they choose to
Why choose Jigsaw24?
As an Avid Elite Partner for audio, video and storage,
we’ve provided unified One Avid solutions for some
of UK’s leading broadcasters, creative companies and
universities, and have qualified engineers in-house
- all of which means we’re the ones you want to call
when you get started with Avid.
We’ll work with you to design custom setups to
suit your video or audio suite, test them here at
Jigsaw24 HQ and then install them at a time that’s
convenient to you. We’ll provide handover training
for your teaching staff and technical team, so they
can get to work with complete confidence, and can
provide bespoke support contracts that include 4 or
8-hour break/fix times, a dedicated point of contact
and even hardware loans in case something goes
down. (If you don’t fancy that, we also provide free
support over phone, email and Twitter.)
Get in touch
Call: 03332 409 241
Email: [email protected]
Tweet: @Jigsaw24Video
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Video Editing
Why Media Composer?
• Get all tools you need to tell great stories - work
faster and with more media without the wait
• Create the look you want - in SD, HD, 2D and 3D
• Get the most comprehensive audio toolset
of any NLE
• Work the way you want - tape or tapeless, with
Avid or third-party interfaces, on the fly or with
full frame precision
What is Media Composer?
Avid Media Composer is the industry standard
software for non-linear film or broadcast video
editing. It can handle tapeless or tape-based
media, editing realtime HD or SD in practically
any format, with maximum picture quality. As a
64-bit application, Avid Media Composer can take
advantage of the huge memory and fast processors
in modern Mac and Windows workstations,
matching the performance and speed required to
handle complex editing. The latest version of Media
Composer uses Avid AMA technology to instantly
access, screen, and edit complex acquisition
formats such as AVCHD clips, ARRI ALEXA MXF
and RED EPIC footage, while providing maximum
compatibility with codecs such as ProRes or
Avid’s advanced DNxHD technology. Audio is well
• Use AMA to access and edit file-based media
without transcoding, then deliver it in the
original format
• Stay up-to-date - students receive four years
of free upgrades
Why Jigsaw24?
• Using FCP? We can assist with the move and
advise on any chages you’ll need to make
Avid Media Composer linked
in with Avid Symphony® and Avid
ISIS® creates the most powerful live
broadcast editing package we know
without which we simply couldn’t
deliver Big Brother.
Mike Saunders Managing Director, DDF Post
supported, with 64 voice audio playback and the
ability to create 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixes directly
within Media Composer, or import from Pro Tools®.
Media Composer offers an advanced stereoscopic
workflow and is able to fully exploit the power of
metadata and the versatility of file-based pipelines.
Visit for
more information
Benefits of learning Media Composer
Academic Media Composer courses are designed to
turn students into highly skilled professional-level users.
Those new to editing begin with the foundation course,
MC101. Here students will learn the complete editing
workflow - from ingest to final output of a finished
master - including effects and titles. Along the way, they
will receive expert tips for cutting dialogue, managing
the project, and more.
All this is designed to give students the skills
they’ll need to work effectively in the industry.
Working hands-on with Avid Media Composer
and associated products such as Avid Interplay®,
Avid DS and Pro Tools HD allows students to
understand production workflows and demands.
Avid offers even more advanced classes
designed to help unlock student creativity and
raise their marketability. The curriculum will
fine tune skills in film, documentary, multicamera and script-based editing. There is the
opportunity to learn cutting-edge techniques for
creating animated titles, advanced effects, colour
correction or specialised workflows.
By learning Media Composer, students
become proficient on the same tools they’ll
use as professional editors. Whether they want
to work on feature films, TV shows, commercials,
documentaries, or other video, knowing Media
Composer can open doors to better career
Want to know more? Get in touch with
our Avid team on 03332 409 241 or
email [email protected]
Call: 03332 409 241
• We can develop Media Composer setups for
standalone or shared environments
• With experts in production, post and audio, we can
get students of all disciplines working together - we
understand how important it is to integrate your
software with your production equipment and
handle data securely and efficiently
• We provide Apple, HP, AJA, Blackmagic Design and
Matrox solutions designed to support your needs
and budget
• We’ve got great links to industry - our partners at
Clear Cut are even running their own placements
for ambitious students!
• Dedicated tech support via phone or email support
from Avid Certified Support Representatives (ACSRs)
Teachers can now pick up Media Composer 6.5 for
£182.50 ex VAT a seat (students also get four years’
free upgrades). Schools, colleges and universities
can also get volume discounts if they buy for a
whole classroom.
To find out more about Media Composer,
get in touch on 03332 409 241 or email
[email protected]
Email: [email protected]
News editing & distribution
Why NewsCutter and iNews?
• Gain experience of story-centric workflow tools
iNEWS and
• Understand the dynamic nature of news content
creation and distribution
• Use cutting edge IP and mobile technology to
create, browse and edit stories
• Learn how to use collaborative tools, share content
and work with colleagues or fellow students on
stories within a station environment or network
What is iNEWS?
Avid created iNEWS® as a Newsroom Computer
System (NRCS) for broadcasters, their journalists
and news teams. Working together with
infrastructure such as Avid Interplay, the iNEWS
server lets users create and deliver breaking
news, unify entire newsroom operations, and
engage audiences across a broad spectrum of
TV, web, mobile and social media channels.
iNEWS supports all standard wire formats such as
ANPA, IPTC, and News ML and allows the consolidated
ingest of wires and other sources via serial feed,
telnet, email, or by monitoring directories. The
iNEWS interface provides a multipurpose front end.
Here users can preview videos associated with Avid
Interplay sequences directly within iNEWS, perform
forward searches across multiple iNEWS systems, and
communicate with the rest of the news team.
Journalists can create, browse, and edit stories
while directly connected to the iNEWS system at
the station, but can also work remotely, accessing
news content and rundowns via a real-time Interplay
Central browser-based interface or using the mobile
workflow of Interplay Central native iPad, iPhone and
BlackBerry apps.
Visit for more
• Learn and practise field editing with
NewsCutter software
• Interact quickly with social media sites to create
additional sources and destinations for news
• Take advantage of Interplay Sphere to gain access
to global editing workflows and assets
When thinking about our
Newsroom solutions for MediaCityUK,
we had to strike the balance between
a system that is widely used in industry
and a system that is flexible and easily
grasped by students. After much
research we chose Avid iNEWS and
NewsCutter. The integrated Newsroom
solution gives our students a hands on
‘real life’ experience, leaving them well
equipped to begin their careers in a
broadcast newsroom.
Neil Salmon, Demonstrator, Quays TV News,
Salford University,
The benefits of learning Avid iNEWS
Nerve centre for news
Unlike the other education solutions covered in this
guide, Avid iNEWS isn’t a standalone product. Rather
the server software provides the heart of an entire
collaborative workflow solution for news content
creation and distribution in a broadcast environment each component further develops student skillsets.
One such tool is Avid NewsCutter, a news-orientated
version of Media Composer. This provides direct
editorial control over media, cutting broadcast quality
pictures and audio that are ready for transmission.
The system also plays host to an audio, video, and
script-editing tool for journalists, iNEWS Instinct®. This
is a visual storytelling tool that increases speed,
control, and creativity of the development of
voiceovers/VOSOTs and accelerates newscast
production using a script-based format. At
the end of the chain is the iNEWS Command
automation-assist system. This provides
experience of playout of video and CG events,
triggering their broadcast based on the order and
timing of the events in the newscast rundown.
Real-world learning
Colleges and universities are typically using Avid
iNEWS to anchor end-to-end Avid workflows.
Having an advanced newsroom onsite also
allows students to interact with and use news
feeds from professional news organisations such
as the BBC and Reuters or provide news services
for their communities. Such collaboration and
real-world experience can only serve to further
the skills and employability of students on
iNEWS-based courses.
• Use iNEWS Instinct to add to the story quickly and
easily from your desktop
• Gain experience of using cutting edge industry
newsroom systems used by the most advanced
broadcast journalists and editors
Why Jigsaw24?
• With clients including Sky, the BBC, the Guardian
and News International, we can help you mirror
professional news workflows
• We understand the technologies employed in
the electronic news gathering industry, and can
support live streaming and FTP uplinks
Teachers can now pick up NewsCutter for £182.50
ex VAT a seat (students also get four years’ free
upgrades). You can also get iNEWS NRCS Server
Software for Linux for a discounted £2880 ex VAT.
To find out more about NewsCutter, get in
touch on 03332 409 241 or email
[email protected]
Want to know more? Get in touch with
our Avid team on 03332 409 241 or
email [email protected]
Call: 03332 409 241
Email: [email protected]
Audio recording, editing and mixing
Why Pro Tools?
• Create sound like a pro - on a student budget
Pro Tools
• Create great-sounding mixes with powerful
• Stay fresh - students receive four years of free
What is Pro Tools?
Used in the largest recording facilities as well as the
smallest bedroom studios, Pro Tools is probably the
most popular sound creation and production system
in the world.
• Achieve the highest sound quality possible
Pro Tools 10 is the latest generation of the software,
optimised for Windows 7 and Mac OS X, and enables
you to record, edit, and mix in higher resolution with
32-bit floating point file format support. Version 10
can mix multiple audio file formats and bit depths
within the same session, without converting files and
without any file duplication to cause project bloat.
• Work the way you want - with an interface,
or without
• Unleash your creativity - without bottlenecks
• Have every instrument imaginable at
your fingertips
• Create perfect performances, seamlessly
• Cut sound to picture intuitively and with ease
• Get the sound you want with 75+ plug-ins and
The latest version introduces several new tools
and timesaving workflows, such as Clip Gain, which
separates pre-mix levels from Pro Tools software’s
mixing automation, significantly speeding up and
improving the workflow between sound editors
and mixers.
In addition, disk handling improvements and
real-time fades offer better performance, even on
network attached or slow local drives.
You can pair Pro Tools with an Avid or third-party
audio interface to record and monitor performances
in the classroom. Or create on the go using just the
software and a laptop.
Visit for more
Why Jigsaw24?
• We’re specialists in image creation and
deployment for Pro Tools in media suites
For me Pro Tools has the most
flexible Automation; the use of VCAs and Trims make it the quickest system
to mix on. I’m also impressed with
the new Clip Gain, which makes the
process of tracklay and dub quicker.
Ben Hooper, Head of Audio. Prime Focus
The benefits of learning Pro Tools
Avid offers a comprehensive academic curriculum to
help students get the most out of Pro Tools. A range of
courses build students into proficient operators of Avid
audio production systems. The curriculum starts with
Pro Tools 101 for complete beginners, which provides
everything that’s needed to complete a Pro Tools
audio project - from initial set up to final mixdown. The
course focuses on Pro Tools 10 and includes
all the new functions and enhancements.
• Our team can provide training, system
maintenance, support and upgrades
Pro Tools 101 aims to supply students with
the basic skills required for recording live
instruments, MIDI sequencing of software
synthesisers, audio editing or region looping.
• We’ll help you design and install complete
recording studios, from mics and monitors to
acoustic treatments, cabling and furniture!
Continuing the Avid curriculum, students will
learn to create and mix voiceovers, ADR, Foley,
sound design, music, and other audio for
video using sample-accurate tools. Whether
recording live takes or MIDI tracks, students will
be able to punch record their way to perfection,
quantise notes, and fix pitches seamlessly.
By learning Pro Tools, students will be better
prepared for the real world by learning to
compose, record, edit, and mix using the same
tools as the audio industry worldwide.
• We can implement the latest technologies,
such as Thunderbolt for Pro Tools HDX on
desktops and laptops
Teachers can now pick up Pro Tools 10 for
£182.50 ex VAT a seat (students also get four
years’ free upgrades). Schools, colleges and
universities can also get a significant discount
by choosing Pro Tools Academic.
To find out more about Pro Tools, get
in touch on 03332 409 241 or email
[email protected]
Want to know more? Get in touch with
our Avid team on 03332 409 241 or
email [email protected]
Call: 03332 409 241
Email: [email protected]
Music Composition
Why Sibelius?
• Go from start to finish more rapidly with the new
task-orientated interface and enhanced layout tools
• Hear your score as you imagined, with
instrumentation in the included 38GB
professional sound library
What is Sibelius?
• Easily share your compositions with Sibelius, Pro Tools
and other DAW users through MusicXML software
Sibelius® is the complete Avid solution for writing,
playing, printing and publishing music notation. It is
the world’s first 64-bit notation software, enabling
you to unlock the full power of a modern 64-bit
system, load much larger and more realistic sound
libraries and work more quickly, with more virtual
instruments and effects, than previously.
• Get full 64-bit power to keep pace with your creativity
and load bigger and more realistic sound libraries
• Make use of ready-made, customisable teaching
materials such as Worksheet Creator
• Take control of your classroom with streamlined tools
• Get special academic pricing, plus up to four years
of free upgrades
A new 38GB sound library gives students the
opportunity to hear what their compositions would
sound like being played by a world-class symphony.
The new Sibelius 7 user interface provides taskfocused tabs that lead students through the process
of creating a score from start to finish. Every feature
has both an icon and a text description with full
contextual help available.
In addition, version 7 now offers MusicXML export
using a built-in export engine that delivers superior
results to existing third-party plug-ins, at no extra
cost. Students and teachers can also take their Sibelius
scores on the go with the new Avid Scorch® which
transforms your iPad into an interactive music stand
and score library.
Visit for more
The benefits of learning Avid Sibelius
With its sophisticated notation and publishing
capabilities a significant proportion of top composers,
arrangers, and music publishers choose Sibelius. It
follows then that knowledge of this software is a
must for any student seeking to enhance their career
opportunities in music.
Learning begins with an introduction to the Sibelius
7 interface and basic editing operations. Taskbased development follows - learning skills such as
setting up a score and entering notes, importing
• Use the same sophisticated notation and publishing
capabilities used by top composers, arrangers and
music publishers
• Review your Sibelius scores on the go with the new
Avid Scorch® app for iPad
I’ve relied upon Sibelius as my
primary notation weapon since version
1 in 1998. Nothing else I’ve seen in my
lives as a musician, composer, arranger,
orchestrator, copyist or lecturer offers
the same power or flexibility.
David Tobin, Composer, songwriter, producer,
features a non-technical control panel interface
to assign licences, replace computers, upgrade
to newer versions of Sibelius, and track licences.
The Worksheet Creator meanwhile offers a
comprehensive range of ready-made teaching
materials - over 1,700 worksheets, projects,
exercises, songs and other resources.
Want to know more? Get in touch with
our Avid team on 03332 409 241 or
email [email protected]
Why Jigsaw24?
• We can manage your licensing, upgrades and
consolidation, and ensure your licensing servers
are working correctly and efficiently
• We work closely with Avid and third party
suppliers to design and support end-to-end
solutions to suit your budget, however you and
your students prefer to work
• As leading experts in iPad deployment, we’re
perfectly placed to help you link Sibelius to Scorch
Teachers can now pick up academic licences for
Sibelius 7 for £182.50 ex VAT a seat (students also
get four years’ free upgrades). Schools, colleges
and universities can also get a significant discount
by choosing Pro Tools Academic.
MIDI, MusicXML, lyrics, and more, creating and using
worksheets and scoring video. Sibelius 7 ships with
many features designed to aid teachers and lecturers.
To find out more about Sibelius, get in
touch on 03332 409 241 or email
[email protected]
Classroom Control enables scores to be sent instantly
to every classroom computer, as well as gathering
scores at the end of class. With Versions, students
can comment on their score as well as review their
progress on a composition. Sibelius Licence Server
Call: 03332 409 241
Email: [email protected]
Professionally simple storage
Avid’s ISIS® storage is a powerful, scalable shared storage
solution that allows your students to collaborate on centrally
stored projects, and share projects just like they will when
they’re pros - all on your existing Cat5 infrastructure. Simple.
Learn more about shared storage for your students. Get in touch with the
Jigsaw24 team on 03332 409 241 or email [email protected]om