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Leading with Soul - Reinvention Consulting
Leading with Soul The Conscious and Deliberate Practice of Masterful
Leadership for Women
Ubud Bali 10-14 March 2014 The Behind Closed Doors Bali Women’s Retreat 2014 is a journey of spirit and selfdiscovery. It offers a unique experience for leaders wanting to become more
balanced, resilient and authentic. Our five day transformational program based in one of the world’s most luxurious
resorts has been carefully planned to help you unlock your internal power, lead
mindfully with soul and effect meaningful personal and professional change. Relax,
unwind, rejuvenate and experience the peace and tranquility of Bali as you learn to
enrich your life and lead with greater purpose. •  Five day facilitated leadership program with Vanessa Vershaw, Managing Director Reinvention Organisation & Leadership Consulting and Donny Walford, Managing
Director - Behind Closed Doors
•  Accommodation for 5 days / 6 nights in a Deluxe Room at the luxury Alila Hotel,
Ubud (arriving Sunday, 9 March and departing Saturday, 15 March)
•  Full buffet breakfast daily, morning, lunch and afternoon tea, plus welcome and
farewell dinners
•  Airport transfers – VIP pick-up and express customs service
•  Exclusive use of the Alila Hotel Business Centre
This opportunity is limited to 20 participants, so reserve your place today! INCLUSIONS
Activities included as part of the program: •  Tai Chi, Yoga and Water Aerobics
Balinese Dancing
Balinese Rituals - participants will take part in the traditional daily ritual of the
Balinese Offering and learn how to make them. The Balinese also explain the
history and importance of Hindu religious ceremonies
60 minute Balinese Therapeutic Massage
Global Leadership Mindset Assessment
Pranic Healing with Ketut Sudata Yasa CEO, Wellbeing Group & Director, Cahaya
Cinta Kasih Foundation (Light, Love & Peace)
Special Welcome Pack
Receive a 25% discount on any additional Alila Spa treatments/therapies
We have selected one of the most luxurious award-winning resorts in the world. Alila
Ubud is an enchanting hillside retreat overlooking the Ayung River, yet located only
minutes away from the excitement of Ubud, Bali's artistic cultural centre.
Blending contemporary design and traditional Balinese architecture, the secluded
courtyards, spacious terraces and private gardens create an intimate feeling like none
other. Designed by Kerry Hill Architects, its infinity-edge pool has been ranked as one of
the 50 most beautiful pools in the world by Travel and Leisure.
VIP airport pick up, an express custom service and baggage collection is included.
Also includes daily yoga, tai chi and/or water aerobics. A full fitness facility is also
Childcare/carers can be arranged for children at very low rates per day or night.
Book before 1 December, 2013 to receive early bird pricing!
Accommodation for 5 days / 6 nights in a Deluxe Room at the luxury Alila Hotel, Ubud. BCD Friends and Family Offer
Reserve your place and a friend or family member, plus 1 child can stay in the same room
for no additional cost – offer includes breakfasts.
Book additional Superior Rooms for friends and family at our reduced room rate or treat
yourself and arrange an extra night or two at the BCD room rate! All guests receive VIP
airport transfers and express customs service.
Note – Flights not included.
Donny Walford
Managing Director
Behind Closed Doors
The founder of DW Bottom Line Pty Ltd
(Bottomline) Transition Strategists™ and DW
Behind Closed Doors Pty Ltd, Donny Walford
has an enviable record of success working
with boards and senior management across
industry, government and the not-for-profit
With an extensive background in banking,
finance, business services, marketing and
human resources, Donny works at the Board
and Executive level of management to drive
major strategic change. Donny’s unique approach is hard to emulate
as it is based on her qualities of fearlessness,
insight, dynamism and intelligence coupled
with her experience across diverse industry
sectors. These qualities enable her to traverse
sensitive ground, helping Boards, executive
teams and individuals transition from where
they are today to where they need to be in the
future. Vanessa Vershaw
Managing Director
Reinvention Organisation &
Leadership Consulting
Vanessa Vershaw is an executive level
organisational psychologist with over 12 years
of broad international consulting
experience. Vanessa brings innovative, global
solutions to both public and private sector
clients across industry sectors.
As an executive level practitioner, Vanessa has
successfully managed both leadership and
organisational development initiatives with
executives, teams and companies around the
globe in such areas as culture change, executive development and coaching, high
performance team development, talent
management and strategic planning and
facilitation. She is a highly regarded executive
coach and is known for her commercial
acumen, talent for innovation and reputation
for getting results. GUEST SPEAKERS
Jero Asri Kerthyasa
Royal Princess of Ubud
Rebecca Hamer
Management Consultant
Rebecca Hamer is passionate about
fostering a holistic approach to personal
development and health, along with
team-building and events management,
in both multi-cultural and international
environments. Jane Gillespie now goes by her adopted
name, Asri, meaning "perfect". She
married into the Balinese royal family in
1978 after meeting and falling in love
with the local children's theatre director,
who just turned out to be a prince.
An experienced sports coordinator and
coach, Rebecca has 19 years of
coaching and coordinating sport
development programs across several
disciplines (swimming, water polo,
netball, cricket, volleyball, AFL and
soccer). She has proven herself to be a
strong team and program coordinator,
building teams and operating
infrastructures, along with implementing
programs from the ground up.
The 23-year-old kindergarten teacher
from Sydney with a degree in child
psychology became a princess and
moved into a palace with no running
water, electricity or phone, while facing
intense scrutiny of both her and her new
Rebecca has 14 years experience in
Early Childhood right through to adult
education, demonstrating solid planning,
organizational and effective
communication skills which have
spanned wide and diverse audiences.
Rebecca has also authored articles and
media releases on cross-cultural topics
and presented internationally at
conferences in Indonesia, Moscow, USA
and Tunisia on sports development,
nutrition, health and safety based topics.
She is also currently in the process of
developing an entrepreneurial
manufacturing enterprise that will be
launched in Australia.
Ketut Sudata Yasa
CEO, Wellbeing Group &
Director, Cahaya Cinta Foundation (Light, Love & Peace)
Asri’s husband, Prince Tjokorda Raka,
who is now the head of the royal family,
was expected to marry within the
Balinese royal circle. However, their love
persisted and so too did the authorities.
Asri's Australian passport was taken
from her and she had to be cleared by
Interpol before the couple could wed.
Bali is now a republic state, but Asri and
the royal family are seen as custodians
of the Hindu faith and are curators of
Balinese customs and traditions. Asri
and her husband sacrificed the royal
lifestyle to raise and educated their three
children in Australia, where Prince
Tjokorda Raka was forced to undertake
jobs as a gardener and a waiter to pay
the bills.
The family returned to Bali more than a
decade ago once their children became
adults and Asri became a successful
business woman in her own right. She is
now the owner and manager of BIKU; a
highly successful business in the heart of
trendy Seminyak/Petitinget. Ketut Sudata Yasa is a highly
accomplished entrepreneur and learned
teacher with a tremendous 22 years of
global experience culminating in him
being a visionary in the fields of Spiritual
Healing, Yoga, Stress Management,
Work-Life balance, Corporate Wellbeing
and Meditation.
He has achieved an international level of
knowledge prior to his education in
Australia. Using this knowledge, he has
taught internationally in Australia, Europe
and Asia, sharing his unique skills with
many well-known private enterprises,
government instrumentalities, medical
professionals and religious organisations
throughout the world.
During his career he always kept his
commitment in providing clients with the
benefit of his expansive knowledge, and
has handpicked and personally trained
his staff to maintain the professional
services with world class standards that
have been well known for many years.
Catherine Eddy
Managing Director
Neilsen Company
Louise Scardifield
Senior Consultant
[email protected]
Hong Kong & Singapore
Louise is a graduate of the University of
Westminster and began a career in Law
immediately after graduating - working
first in criminal law and then in the
entertainment industry. Much of her early
career was in the entertainment sector
and she has had the opportunity to work
at an executive level on a variety of high
profile television projects. She was also
a Director of a record label, the only
woman on the Board.
She left the world of television to study
Japanese in Tokyo, getting a taste for
Asia. When returning to the UK, Louise
set up a successful media recruitment
company, Ingleby Associates. She sold
this company after four years of
profitable trading when relocating to
Australia where she joined Hudson. This
move into talent solutions has fuelled her
entrepreneurial spirit and when she
relocated once again to Singapore, she
became immersed in the world of
finance and investments.
Louise has always been a fierce
advocate for equality, be it racial or
gender and continues to be a mentor
and coach to many young women in the
David Steel
Federal Commissioner
Fair Work Commission
Catherine is a marketing and
management professional with more
than seven years working and
specialising in Indonesia following a
successful 15 year academic and
business career in Australia.
An experienced Board Director, Federal
Commissioner Industrial Relations and
Executive, David has a varied and
diverse background including executive
roles in the building, airline and
automotive industry sectors.
A commercial leader with an ability to
attract high calibre talent and in return
gain exceptional performance from her
management team, she has applied
sound leadership principles to grow
successful businesses fast.
As the Federal Commissioner for the Fair
Work Commission, David works on all
forms of industrial disputes, regulates
and approves industrial agreements,
arbitrates on unfair dismissal
applications and work place bullying
applications and other miscellaneous
jurisdictional matters.
Now specialising in developing markets,
Catherine is an energetic business
woman and a straight shooter with a
strong ability to execute and make the
right decisions. She seeks to leverage
leadership abilities, business vision and
broad cross-functional experience to
grow in commercial roles.
Catherine has grown top and bottom
line growth in impressive proportions
through aggressive growth and cost
leadership. With experience in FMCG, Finance and
Telecoms, she ‘gets’ the Asian
consumer in developing markets.
Day 1
Conscious Leadership – Becoming a Mindful Leader
Presented by: Vanessa Vershaw, Managing Director, Reinvention Organisation &
Leadership Consulting
Resilience and mindfulness are the new currencies for sustained high performance
and satisfaction in both work and life. They are the most important psychological
attributes in achieving performance excellence and life satisfaction. Day 1 of our program will take you on a journey of self-discovery toward becoming
more mindful and authentic leaders. Mindful leadership means leading with
presence, connection and power. It means getting back in touch with the joy of
working with people and teams in a meaningful way towards a higher self of purpose
in an authentic way.
A key part of the day will be spent putting mindfulness into practice so that
enhanced knowledge can be put immediately into practice at work and life. As part
of this, a guru in the field of mindfulness and psychological wellness, Ketut Sudata
Yasa will join us and take the group through guided mindfulness practices,
developing rituals and energy healing.
Yoga, Tai Chi and Balinese Rituals will also be essential elements as part of our daily
program experience to reinforce key learnings.
Welcome Dinner: Indus Café Ibud
Day 2
RAW Power - Build Your Resilience & Agility Muscle
Presented by: Vanessa Vershaw, Managing Director, Reinvention Organisation &
Leadership Consulting and Rebecca Hamer, Guest speaker, Educator and Sports
Management Executive Drawing from the fields of positive and performance psychology, Day 2 of our program
will introduce participants to resilience, agility and energy management. Participants will
be introduced to the key components of resilience, and will leave with a new
understanding of what it takes to be both a mindful leader and an agile performer at
An integral part of the program is to assist our participants to develop strategies on how
not to simply ‘survive’, but to thrive in an ever demanding work environment. This
multidimensional, holistic approach to building resilience, agility and mindful leadership
will fundamentally alter perceptions about what it really takes to become an elite
business athlete and mindful leader.
Our program will link mindfulness to resilience to enable our participants to build their
resilience, become more agile and lead mindfully – not with a ‘full mind’ but clear and
focused on what really matters to them as leaders.
We will draw from key elements of the peak performance pyramid so that participants
will achieve the following outcomes:
•  Learn about resilience and how to build sustainable resilience muscle in the face of
adversity, challenge and change – Physical/Mental
•  Learn how to become more agile and how to thrive in challenging work contexts –
•  Discover how to better manage energy to sustain high performance - Mental/Physical
•  Understand mindful leadership and how to achieve greater satisfaction and flow in
your work and personal lives – Emotional/Mental/Spiritual
Rebecca will work with us to provide practical information on nutrition, exercise and
energy management to assist enhancement of key resilience and agility principles to
sustain high performance. Rebecca will also run a water aerobics session as part of the
program on Day 2.
Day 3 Morning Session
Mastering the Boardroom – Advanced Navigation Skills from the Glass Cliff
Presented by: Donny Walford, Managing Director, Behind Closed Doors
In business, there’s abundant evidence to show that inclusion of women in senior
positions is linked to better results. Research company Catalyst found that the
companies with more women Board directors earned a 26% higher return on
invested capital than the companies with the least women. Likewise, McKinsey &
Company found that international companies with more women on their corporate
boards far outperformed the average company in return on equity and other
measures. Operating profit was 56% higher.
This isn’t just about boardrooms though; it’s about women in Executive teams and in
leadership roles in governments.
The best problem solving doesn’t come from a group of the best individual problem
solvers, but from a diverse team whose members complement each other. That’s an
argument for leadership that is varied in every way — in gender, race, economic
background and ideology. Day 3 will focus on what you can do to ready yourself for "serious" Board
participation and understanding Board behaviour and dynamics.
Getting the right business and Board qualifications, building a career over time,
achieving c-level management experience and cultivating a network are all part of
the equation, and the planning process starts early.
Day 3 Afternoon Session
Jeopardy for Business in Workplace Relations
Presented by: David Steel, Commissioner, Fair Work Commission
Australian workplace laws have recently changed when it comes to bullying. The
risk profile for business has altered and it has the potential to affect your bottom line,
influence your key employees and risk your intellectual property.
David will outline essential knowledge for Executives and Directors on the hazards
and pitfalls of social media and cyber bullying.
Social Media Session
In the past decade social media has evolved from a soft social networking tool to
becoming a key driver in performing important business functions, but what are the
risks and benefits for organisations?
We will discuss how organisations can successfully integrate social and digital media
into their operations, overcome barriers to inclusion, improve service delivery and
identify new opportunities.
This session will cover how businesses should be managing their social media
controls, including incorporating procedural and technical controls and risk
Day 4 Morning Session
The World is not Flat – Building Global Leadership Skills for Competitive Advantage
Presented by: Vanessa Vershaw, Managing Director, Reinvention Organisation &
Leadership Consulting
In a recent survey of senior executives in 100 global corporations, conducted by
Worldwide ERC, 95% of the respondents reported that national cultures of the
places they do business in play an important or very important role in the success of
their business mission. So much for the level playing field of the “flat world.” The
integration of multiple geographies, cultures, nationalities, ages and styles in
enterprises around the world is having an enormous impact on business
relationships. Leaders today need a new, specialised set of skills if they are to be
successful. The key to competitive advantage is the ability of our leaders to succeed
in a global marketplace.
Day 4 will focus on building your global leadership mindset. Leaders who have a high
level of Global Mindset are more likely to succeed in working with people from other
cultures. Having Global Mindset requires:
Intellectual capital: Global business savvy, cognitive complexity, cosmopolitan
outlook Psychological capital: Passion for diversity, quest for adventure, self-assurance Social capital: Intercultural empathy, interpersonal impact, diplomacy
We will provide you with an assessment of your current Global Leadership Mindset
(GMI) and provide opportunities for development and skills enhancement.
Day 4
Afternoon Session
Business in Asia
Presented by: Princess Asri
Presented by: Catherine Eddy
Princess Asri and Catherine Eddy will share their stories about the secret to their
success of doing business in Asia. Jero Asri Kerthyasa is a women with a life story that reads like a fairy tale. Born to a
middle class family and raised in Australia, Jero Asri (formerly named Jane Gillespie)
met her future husband, Prince Tjorkorda Raka Kerthyasa of the Sukawati royal
family of Ubud, on a vacation to Bali. A year later the couple were married and Jero
Asri became the first foreign born princess to become a member of the Sukawati
royal family.
She is now the owner and manager of BIKU; a highly successful business in the
heart of trendy Seminyak/Petitinget. THE PROGRAM
Day 5
Morning Session
Managing Change Through Creativity
Presented by: Vanessa Vershaw, Managing Director, Reinvention Organisation &
Leadership Consulting
Driven by the globalisation of competition and the increased pace of change,
organisations are questioning whether they are sufficiently agile and innovative to
meet the needs of a changing environment. It is clear that faster and smarter
technology is not enough. The creativity of human beings must be enhanced as well. Our last day will focus on assisting participants unleash their own creativity as
leaders and provide them with techniques to improve and create the climates for
creativity and innovation in their own teams and organisations.
Afternoon Session
Financial Independence – From Yawn to Yahoo! Presented by: Louise Scardifield
From working in the glamorous world of TV jet setting around the globe, to working
at a women’s maximum security prison whilst at university, variety has been the
spice of life for Louise Scardifield. Currently based in Singapore, she has had successful careers in TV, Law and Talent
Solutions spanning four continents and a number of years. Financially independent, she has strategically grown her financial portfolio and takes
a strong interest in sharing her success with other women. From a laywoman’s
perspective, Louise believes that if she can do it, anyone can. She truly believes that
financial freedom is the key to women’s emancipation and would like to share her
tips for success with you.
Farewell Dinner: Casa Luna Ubud BOOKING FORM
NAME ______________________________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________ POSTCODE _______________
EMAIL ______________________________________________________________________________ MOBILE
_____________________________ WORK TELEPHONE _____________________________
DATE OF BIRTH______________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY
______________________________________________________________________________ POSITION
SPECIFIC DIETARY REQUIREMENTS ____________________________________________________________ PAYMENT OPTIONS ☐ Direct Debit
☐ Cheque
☐ Paypal (a 3% surcharge applies)
We require a 50% deposit within 7 days of making your booking (or full payment if booking within 30 days of departure).
☐ BCD MEMBER $7,950
☐ NON MEMBER $8,400 (Booking must be made prior to 1 December 2013) STANDARD BOOKING ☐ BCD MEMBER $8,400
☐ NON MEMBER $8,600
☐ An additional guest/s will stay in my room GUEST/S NAMES ____________________________________ ______________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH ____________________________________ ______________________________________ ☐ Please arrange additional room/s for my guest/s
Number of additional rooms __________________ Number of additional guests _______________________
Please complete this form, scan and return it to us via email to: [email protected]
Prices quoted are per person in Australian Dollars. Early bird pricing is available for bookings made prior to
1 December 2013. Pricing includes Deluxe Room accommodation for 5 days/6 nights at the Alila Hotel,
Ubud, (arriving Sunday, 9 March and departing Saturday, 15 March).
The price does not include flights, departure tax, travel insurance, airport taxes, personal expenses (eg,
room service, laundry charges, health and beauty spa treatments, telephone calls etc.) and dinner (other
than the welcome and farewell dinners). To make a booking, you must complete the attached booking form, scan and email it to Behind Closed
Doors. Behind Closed Doors will confirm receipt of your booking via email.
BCD member booking and Early Bird Bookings – We require full payment within 7 days of making your
booking. Standard booking – We require a 50% deposit within 7 days of making your booking (or full payment if
booking within 30 days of departure). Balance is to be paid in full by 31 January 2014.
After this time, if payment has not been paid then your booking will automatically be cancelled. A 3%
surcharge applies for all payments made via Paypal.
Additional Guests
If you would like an additional guest to stay in your room or would like to make Superior Room bookings for
other guests, you must advise us at the time of booking. An additional guest may stay in a booked room at
no additional charge (rooms can accommodate 2 adults + 1 child). Additional guests requiring room
bookings will be able to take advantage of the special BCD booking rate of $170 per night for a Superior
Special dietary requirements
Guests must notify us of any dietary requirements and every endeavour will be made to accommodate
Important Information
Travel Insurance - We strongly recommend all guests obtain the appropriate personal travel insurance at the
time of paying a deposit. Health - You must ensure you are medically and physically fit for travel. We also strongly recommend you
seek an appointment with a doctor trained in travel health to receive the appropriate vaccinations,
medications and travel health advice prior to departure.
Travel Documents - It is your sole responsibility to identify and obtain all required travel documents.
Cancellations received in writing by Behind Closed Doors on or before 1 December 2013 will receive 50% of
payment refunded.
Exclusive use of Business Centre
Guests will have full and exclusive access to the Alila Hotel Business Centre.

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