SAD PASSING - Cook`s Memorial Presbyterian Church



SAD PASSING - Cook`s Memorial Presbyterian Church
Vol. 16
No. 15
Dear Friends,
The dog days of summer are upon us. Some of our
young people will be off to college soon. Some
youth are finishing up summer jobs and heading off
with the family for one more vacation. Some of us
have had vacation time and return to work. Some
of us have been to various camps and/or
conferences and need some time to reflect and rest.
Here is a piece for us to read and enjoy. It’s not
meant for any serious thought.
The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast
infection and trauma complications from repeated
pokes in the belly. He was 71. Doughboy was
buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of
celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including
Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California
Raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies and
Captain Crunch. The gravesite was piled high with
Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly
described Doughboy as a man who never knew how
much he was kneaded. Born and bread in
Minnesota, Doughboy rose quickly in show
business, but his later life was filled with turnovers.
He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting
much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite
being a little flaky at times, he still was a crusty old
man and was considered a positive roll model for
Doughboy is survived by his wife, Playdough, and
three children: John Dough, Jane Dough and Dosey
Dough, plus they had one in the oven. He is also
survived by his elderly father, Pop Tart. The
funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes.
If this made you smile, please rise to the occasion
and take time to pass it on and, share that smile with
someone else that may be having a crumby day and
kneads a lift.
Peace in Christ,
Be sure to join us each Sunday at 9am for
Sunday School – we have classes for ALL
ages! Rally Day, the first Sunday in the new
Sunday School year, will be on Sunday,
September 11th and everyone is invited to join
us at 9:00am in Fellowship Hall for breakfast
and to meet our Sunday School teachers and
to find out information about all the different
classes. PARENTS – if you have a 3rd grader
for the 2016-17 school year, please send their
name to the church office ([email protected]
or 704/399-7735) as soon as possible so that we
have a Bible to give to them on Rally Day.
It’s that time of the year
again – if you have a
college bound student,
please send us their college address as soon as
you know what it is. We want to be sure to
mail them a church newsletter and our
Presbyterian Women send them cards/gifts
throughout the year. Please send this info to
the church office ([email protected]).
We are looking for more
than a few good Cook’s
people, non-singers &
singers alike, to help fill the choir loft during
our worship service during August. This is a
great way to express appreciation to the choir
for all they do the rest of the year. Come and
sit in one of our regular choir members' spots
while they are on vacation. Questions? Ask
any choir member or email Charles Mathews at
[email protected] Please note:
will RESUME on Wednesday, August 17th.
EVERYONE is invited to join us on the 2nd
Thursday of every month (TOMORROW, August 11)
in FH for the COMMUNITY DINNER. Dinner is
served from 5:30-7pm and this month’s menu will be
sloppy joes, slaw, chips and dessert. Please bring
your friends & neighbors with you to enjoy a
delicious {and free} dinner and great fellowship!
**Operation Christmas Child 2016 100+
Shoebox ‘Challenge Items’ for this month
are: soap & wash cloths. There is a box in the
Ed Bldg entranceway for your contributions.
Contact Beth Noles if you have any questions.
My name is Denise Leiner and I am looking for
Old Testament Readers for the year. I can be
reached by phone/text 704-756-4294 or email
[email protected] I have slots open as
early as October and throughout the remainder of
the year… Step right up and don’t be shy. You are
a very valued part of our service.
AUGUST’S non-perishable food item that we are
collecting for LOAVES & FISHES is PEANUT
BUTTER & JELLY (no glass containers please).
Collection boxes are in the Ed Bldg lobby & FH.
GLASSES. Please bring your old glasses and place
them in the basket in the Narthex.
Please remember to save your Campbell Soup
labels for Barium Springs Home for Children…
you can put them in the ‘Soup Can’ in the Ed Bldg.
Lily Pad Haven’s August collection is BODY
SPRAY & BODY LOTION. A collection basket is
in the Narthex.
Thank you so much for all the items donated to our
guests! Recently items such as lotions, baking
sheets, laundry detergent, hangers, and packs of
paper towels have been placed in the basket in the
Narthex. All these items are so perfect for our
guests and our homes! There is truly not much we
can’t use and we have been working to fill our
fourth home to get it ready for new guests. The
support of Cook’s has continued to be amazing!
Thank you for all you do! - Lily Pad Haven Board,
Staff and Guests
Kajiado Children's Home: Thank you for
your continued support of Kajiado Children’s
Home. It is a privilege to represent Cook’s Church
in this important mission. To date, we have found
sponsors for all but FOUR of the children living at
the home. For those interested in learning more
about our KCH, please see Gaye List (704-909-9910)
or Pede Self (704-516-1753).
Thanks again for your love, prayers and support as
we follow our mission to love God, love ourselves,
love our neighbors and go tell others about Jesus!
ALL MEN are invited to
join Cook’s Men of the Church
on Sunday, August 14th
(week was changed for this
month only) at 7:30am for
their monthly breakfast
meeting – contact Mike
Stanford if you have any questions (704-5644145).
MEN’S SUNDAY is this coming Sunday,
August 14th – all Men that have one,
please wear your Men of the Church
t-shirt to worship!
LADIES - mark your calendars
for August 16th for a fun evening.
We will meet at the Food Court at Northlake
Mall to share dinner together and they walk
over to the movies. Details will follow. Invite
other female friends and their daughters to join
us on this night. The bus will transport from
church parking lot for those who prefer not to
drive. For more information please call Sheila
Also, please come and join our Presbyterian
Women on September 13 for a joint kick off
dinner at Hickory Tavern at 6:00 pm. The
price for dinner will be $18.95 plus tax and
18% gratuity. This includes grilled salmon,
smothered chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes
and desert of brownies and cookies. It also
covers tea or coffee. This year we will have
2 Circles, one in the morning at 10:00am
and the Night Circle at 7:00pm on the
second Tuesday of every month. The
Morning Circle will be studying “Let it Go”
from a book by Karen Ehman. The Night Circle
will be studying the parables. Come join us for
fellowship, Bible study and to help plan and
carry out the mission of the church. If you can
attend our kick off dinner, please notify
Johnnie Quinn so we can obtain a head count
for planning purposes. Each year WOC pick a
project to help with for the year. So come
prepared to discuss/suggest a project for WOC
this year. Suggested projects have been: Paw
Creek School, Charlotte Healthcare & Rehab on
Toddville Road, Doves Nest (Rebound for
women), Women’s Shelter for Domestic
Violence and Soldiers. Also we will need all to
come with suggestions for fund raisers for the
year to fund our project. I look forward to
seeing you at our first joint dinner meeting.
Farmer’s Market / Yard Sale
How blessed I am to be surrounded by such a
loving, caring church family. Thank you to
everyone who brought food, sent a card, called on
the phone, attended Leon's service and especially
said prayers for us. Special thanks to T.J. for all
the visits, prayers and words of comfort, to Charles
for the beautiful music, and to everyone who came
to help us celebrate Leon's life. You all helped
ease the pain of our loss for me and my family.
- Elizabeth, Matt and Mark Bolick
---------------------------------------------------Cook’s Men of the Church are
inviting ALL
MEN in our
church and community to
participate in a discussion group on how the
Bible led our past leaders throughout U.S.
history (following the teachings of David Barton)... to
be held on the 2nd Thursday of every month @
7pm (August 10th) in Rm #113 (immediately
following the Community Meal).
----------------------------------------------------This is Cook’s Memorial Presbyterian
Church’s new QR code. There is an
“app” you can put on your phone that
lets you scan the QR code and donate
to the church with your credit card. You can
download the “app” from our website
-------------------------------------------------News from
Cook’s Summer
Camp 2016 was a
huge success once
again this year!
The campers
enjoyed “Jammies for JESUS”, PJ Day,
“Camping with Critter’s, Wacky Watermelon
Wednesday, our Annual 4th of July Parade,
Splash Day and Pirate Week, just to name a
few! Thank you to everyone that participated!
We are gearing up for our 2016-17 school year
which is right around the corner. Open House
will be on Thursday, September 1, 2016, 10:30 –
12 noon and is a drop-in for parents and
students enrolled to come by, check out their
classrooms and meet their teachers! Our first
official day will be Tuesday, September 6th! We
are currently full in every classroom except
for one toddler space that remains open. If
you know of someone that may be interested,
please have them contact the Playschool
office at 704/394-4422.
HollyHunter Baptist Church has begun hosting a
Farmer’s Market and Yard Sale on Saturdays, 7am
to 12pm and will run through the fall. Anyone
interested in participating may register with the
office at 704-399-3316 or
[email protected] Two parking spaces
and a table are $10. Extra space is available. We
do ask for a donation from your proceeds to go to
the church. All proceeds will go towards the Youth
Ministry, Street Missions, and VBS.
**Seeking volunteers to sit with first graders at
Mountain Island Elementary School for one
hour per week, and listen to them read. It’s
shocking to see how much these kids need help
learning simple words. Over a few short weeks, you
will witness not only how much this is needed, but see
what kind of positive impact this can have on a child
needing a little extra attention. The teachers are
wonderful, but some kids need more personal time
than they can provide in a classroom setting. There is
a terrible shortage of volunteers, so we are helping to
put together a team of people who will help in some
way. Commit to one hour per week, or if you can’t
commit to every week, or even the whole year, no
problem! Any time at all is better than no time at all.
We can work in any time during the school day that
you have available. A small amount of your time can
collectively have an incredible impact on their entire
school career for these kids. Please register as a
volunteer @ and contact
Gaye List (704-909-9910) so we can add you to the
list and put you in touch with the volunteer
coordinator. Please indicate what day/time you would
be available. SCHOOL STARTS AUGUST 29! If
you need more time to plan, no problem. Just let us
know you are interested and we will follow up with
you - the school year will be here before you know
it!! Make a difference in the life of one of the kids Such a small investment of our time can make a big
difference to their success. Thanks very much.
Dear Pastor Thompson, The
congregation of Cook’s Memorial
are our champions for children
going through a homeless crisis.
Thanks to you! - Susan Hansell @ A Child’s Place
PLEASE NOTE: there is a scam going around
where mostly elderly people are being called and
are told that the person on the line is their grandson,
granddaughter, nephew, niece, etc. and that they
have been put in jail wrongly and desperately need
money transferred to them to bail them out. THIS
IS A SCAM! But unfortunately some people have
believed them and actually sent money. Please be
aware this is happening and if you get a call like
this, be sure to check it out with family members
thoroughly BEFORE wiring any money.
----------------------------------------------------NURSE ON CALL
All those in the congregation who have medical
needs should call Vera Smith (704/392-7904) about
services which could be available as an outreach of
Cook’s Church.
Please remember in your prayers
the following people:
family of Leon Bolick
Murray Nixon
Peter Mitchell & family (death of brother)
Hazel Dunn
Bill Brady (Stanley Total Living Care)
Nancy Thompson
Jack & Jeannie McClure
Jim Smith
Lois Cox (Olde Knox Commons)
Betty Hunt
Ronnie Ransbottom
Carolyn Young
Debbie White
Jill Griffin
Friends & Relatives
Jimmy Messick
Willi Messick (Bryan Ctr/Gast)
Penny Griffin
Mike Stanford’s mother
Johnny & Gary Schuler
Brent Reynolds
Marcia Larson
Michelle Nuckles & family
Brower Voogt & family
James Harden
Bill Fortenberry
Vicki Tucker
Charlotte Muse
Charlotte Howell
Connie Luckey’s sister
Ann Rogers
Grace & Charles Biagini
Randy Bragg
Gloria Bammel
Butch/Richard/Rich Meyer
Michele Angers
Johnny & Joyce Laughridge
Alan McKay
Myra Bell’s husband
Morgan Young
Mike Huffman
Debbie Pinon
Warren family
Paul Craig
Ruby Spratt
Buddy & Jean Coppala
Stacey Aldridie
Sharon Benfield
Bob Kolk
Sue & Tom Kolk
Danny Vanover & family
Estes family
Paul & Juan Partridge
Ken & Jackie Paul
Kim Fiore
Topcrek/Veal family
Hines/Ellimon family
Jill Collins
Kenley McClure
Tracy Lynn
Johnna Lynn
Ashlee Baumgartner
S. Bhagia
Lawrence & Doris Childs
Dorty family
Makarewicz family
Grimms family
Rhom family
Seth Allen family
First Baptist of Mt. Holly congregation
During these next 2 weeks,
August 14-27, please make a
special effort to recognize
Dot Lowery and Loretta Todd
with a visit or a card. They
would love to hear from you.
Dot Lowery, 55 Myrtle St, Apt 14, Belmont, 28012
Loretta Todd, 6339 Plank Rd, Charlotte, 28216
The following is a complete list of our
Homebound Members: Billy & Lois Cox, Dot
Lowery, Sandy Smith, Helen Funderburk, Betty
Hunt, Phoebe Dunn, Maxine Dunn, Loretta Todd,
Loretta Hinson, Melva Thompson, Nancy Stanley,
Annie Luckey & Doris Lineberger…please pray for
them all daily.
----------------------------------------------------August 14: Melissa Jones, Katie
August 21: Dolores Freeman, Mary
August 28: Sandy Birmingham, Beth
{If you cannot keep nursery on your assigned day please
find a substitute by ‘swapping dates’ with someone on
list or call Diane at 704/398-8388.}
Greeter Schedule: Aug. 14-Covenant SS Class;
Aug 21-Presbyterian Women; Aug. 28-Men of the
Usher Schedule: August-Scott Jones, Cameron
Jones, Dave & Gaye List
Sound Tech Schedule: August-George Wilz
Weekend Opener/Lockup: August-Alex
safety for all police
students/teachers/staff preparing for returning to school
Fallen Police & Police shooting victims’ families
WVA flood/Orlando, FL shooting/fire/terrorist attack victims
(Please note: we leave names on prayer list for 4 weeks
unless otherwise notified/updated.)
Please remember in your prayers the
following soldiers (and all veterans
and their families) that are in some
way associated with Cook’s Church: Austin & Sarah
McCrary, Cecilia (Parker) Loren, Anne Ledford,
Ronald J. Ransbottom, Shane Bennett, Michael
Helms, Andrew Simmerson, T.J. Sudderth, John
Makahilli Jr., Jake Gibson, John Gibson, Eddy Self
We all pray for our fellow
church members & friends
frequently but sometimes
they need some additional
prayers in their time of need. If you
would be willing to do so through our
PRAYER CHAIN, please contact the church
office at 704-399-7735/[email protected]
--------------------------------------------------7/17/16: 118
7/24/16: 140
7/31/16: 118
8/07/16: 105
2016 Offerings:
Budget YTD needed: $263,398.72
YTD General Fund offerings rec’d: $218,476.39
We wish a Happy Birthday to
the following:
August 14 - Corky McClure
August 16 - Silas Noles
August 17 - Olivene Lathan
August 21 - Thomas Kerr
August 22 - Tommy McClure
August 23 - William Harper, Dianne McClure
August 24 - David Chaney
August 25 - (Sharon Gilmore), Bonnie Pace, Chris
August 27 - Jennifer Chaney
--------------------------------------------------FROM THE PROPERTY MINISTRY
During the summer months when we don’t have as
many meetings scheduled here at the church, our
alarms will be set at 7:30pm (except for Tuesday
and Wednesday pm) instead of the usual 9pm. If
you plan to have a meeting at the church during the
week and will be here after 7:30pm and it is not on
our church calendar, then you need to contact
Cheryl in the church office to let her know. We
will resume our normal alarm schedule in late
August. Thank you all so much for your
consideration in these matters.
Sunday, August 14
~ 7:30am – Men’s Breakfast meeting/FH
9:00am - Sunday School classes for all ages
10:00am– Worship/Men’s Sunday/sanc
11:00am – Fellowship on the Lawn/front steps
~ 11:00am – DEACONS meeting/left wing of sanc
~ 11:15am – FINANCE Ministry mtg/office
Monday, August 15
Tuesday, August 16
~ PW Dinner/Movie Night/bus…see Sheila for
more details
6:00pm – Aerobics/FH
7:00pm – Boy Scouts/RH
Wednesday, August 17
8:30am-2:30pm – Quilting Bees/RH
~ 7:00pm – Adult Choir Rehearsal resumes
Thursday, August 18
Friday, August 19
Saturday, August 20
Sunday, August 21
9:00am - Sunday School for all ages!
10:00am – Worship Service/sanc
11:00am – Fellowship on the Lawn/front steps
Monday, August 22 – DEADLINE for newsletter
~ 5:30pm – Knights Baseball game/bus
6:30pm – Cub Scouts Open House/Round Up/RH
Tuesday, August 23
6:00pm – Aerobics/FH
7:00pm – Boy Scouts/RH
Wednesday, August 24
8:30am-2:30pm – Quilting Bees/RH
7:00pm – Adult Choir Rehearsal
Thursday, August 25
Friday, August 26
Saturday, August 27
10:00am – Cub Scouts Bike Rodeo/RH
6:00pm – Boy Scouts Court of Honor/FH
TANG (our over 50+ group) is gearing up for
the fall and Barbara, Pede and I have met and are
ready to tell you about our plans. We will go to the
Carolina Raptor Center, Biltmore House and have a
New Year’s Eve Party! Here are the details:
* Saturday September 24 - Carolina Raptor Center
and Lancaster BBQ - Dave List is a volunteer for
CRC and has set up an informative and exciting
afternoon for us. We will meet at Cook's at 2:00.
We are to be at CRC by 2:30. After our time there,
we will stop for an early BBQ dinner. The tickets
for the center are $8. The deadline to sign up and
give me your money is August 28th (Homecoming).
* We will take TANG on the road the weekend of
November 12-13. Our plan is to leave Charlotte
Saturday morning to have a late lunch at Sierra
Nevada Brewing Co. in Asheville (Parker Pace is a
chef there), check in at Baymont Inn, and be at
Biltmore in plenty of time for our 6:15 (2 hour)
candlelight walking tour. Dinner is on your own
afterwards. The hotel is $156 total ($138 is the
room rate for our group, add $8.50 for more than 2
people in the room) for Saturday night. You can
request for a room with 2 Queen beds or a King
bed. Plan to call them directly by 10/12 to reserve
your room at our group rate. Our group name is
TANG and the number to call is 828-274-2022.
The tickets to Biltmore are $75 each and includes
the audio tour. Our reservation is for 20 people so
do not be slow to sign up. We will try to add more
people to our tour if needed. I will need your $75
for the pre-paid tickets by 8/28. Make your check
out to Cook's and put TANG/Biltmore in the memo.
Baymont Inn will have a breakfast for us Sunday
morning. If you have time on Sunday, plan to use
your Candlelight Ticket to tour Biltmore Estates.
* New Year's Eve Party at the Pace's home on 12/31
- Bonnie & Lyle have invited us to their home to
ring in the new year. I will have time and details of
what to bring later in the year.
So check your calendars and get your checks to
me, Barbara, Pede, or the church office by 8/28 for
CRC ($8) and Biltmore ($75). As always, anyone
50+ years young are invited to join us!
------------------------------------------------Cook’s Communicator
is a bi-weekly newsletter published by:
Cook’s Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
3413 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road, Charlotte, NC 28216
“Cook’s mission is to love God, love yourself, love your
neighbor and go tell others about Jesus.”
“We, the members of Cook’s Memorial Presbyterian
Church, are a community on a journey of faith dedicated to
spiritual growth and Christ’s teachings. We are committed
to be a community of God, open to all people. We pledge to
be witnesses for God and to be caring Disciples of Christ.”
Rev. T. J. Thompson
Coordinator of Youth & Children Ministries:
Graham Hughes
Music Director & Organist:
Rev. Charles Mathews
Office Manager:
Cheryl Cole
Susan Mundell
Playschool Directors:
Kelly Carter/Bobbie Penninger
Ginger Thompson
Financial Secretary:
Audrey Brady
RULING ELDERS: Class of 2016: Christine Bogojevich
(Fellowship), Scott Jones (Finance), Jim Leiner (Cong Care), Dale
Luckey (Properties), Dinah Riggs (Fellowship); Class of 2017: Bonnie
Pace (Finance), David Myers (Education); Richard White (Nominating),
Pede Self (Missions), Gordon Stanley (Properties); Class of 2018:
Gaye List (Clerk), Mike Stanford (Personnel), Ginger Thompson
(Worship), Rick Wilz (Worship)
DEACONS: Class of 2017: Laura Griggs (New Members), Debbie
Myers (Homebound), Murray Nixon (Special Needs), Lyle Pace (Special
Needs), Jack Parker (Homebound); Class of 2018: Jennifer Chaney
(New Members), Dan Griggs (New Members), Connie Luckey (Special
Needs), Steve Self (Homebound); Class of 2019: Steve Gilmore (New
Members), Cameron Jones (New Mbrs), Dave List (Moderator), Bonnie
Spurlock (Homebound), Deana Stanford (Special Needs)
Sunday Schedule: Sunday School for ALL ages at 9:00am;
Worship Service at10:00am; Fellowship on the Lawn
(Cookies & Drinks for everyone) immediately after worship.
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm; (704) 399-7735;
fax #: (704) 399-0823; E-Mail: [email protected];
Website: /
Now you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!
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Sermons/newsletters are available on our website!
Cook’s Memorial Presbyterian Church
3413 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 28216
Good News Inside!
God, we thank You for:
Written articles to be in Church Office by
Monday, August 22nd at 4pm for next newsletter!
If you signed up to go to the Knights
Baseball Game on Monday night, August
22nd, and haven’t paid your money yet for the
cost of the ticket ($17 ea), please be sure to
pay Sheila the night of the game. If you
would like to ride the bus, please let Sheila
know by either text or phone call at 704-2996147.
**We are collecting school supplies
for needy students! They need pencils,
notebook paper, erasers, colored pencils,
crayons, scissors, pencil sharpeners. We
will be collecting these items through the
month of August and then distribute your
donations among Paw Creek Elementary
School and A Child's Place. If you have any
questions, contact Pede Self at 704/5161753.
Our annual Homecoming Lunch on
the Lawn is fast approaching. Please
join in the fun, the food and
fellowship on Sunday, August 28th
right after church. This year we are
lucky to share the singing talent of
Sound Counsel Quartet. They are a
barbershop quartet who sing a variety
of types of music. Spread the word
about this fantastic event to friends,
neighbors and all church members!