Read OWL ABOUT IT! Hoots from Heintz…..



Read OWL ABOUT IT! Hoots from Heintz…..
Read OWL ABOUT IT! Hoots from Heintz…..
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Language Arts
Kindergarten News
Mrs. Heintz
Week 29
March 21-25, 2016
This week, we read
about a rescue at sea
in Mayday, Mayday!
We learned about rescue swimmers, and pilots and flight mechanics. We learned
just a smidge about
the armed forces. We
also learned about the
greatest rescue of all,
more on that in the
bible section.
about /x/ at the end
of many words such as
fox, Max, box, Rex
and six. Did you read
that cute little story
called Fox can Fix it ?
Page turner! :)
Keep practicing popcorn words and look
for one more set coming soon!
Our letter of the week
was /x/. We learned
We matched numbers to
amounts this week. We had
the best time solving problems using patterns. We also
practiced recognizing the
numbers 11-30. We learned
about spheres.
The resurrection eggs
told the story of one of
the greatest rescues of
all time, when Jesus
Christ died on the cross
for everyone in the
world, everyone who was,
and who is, and who will
be. His love passes all
generations and all people. Because of His
death and His resurrection, we are all rescued
from our sins! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
Read OWL ABOUT IT! Hoots from Heintz…..
Social Studies &
Show and Tell
April 2, our theme for
show and tell will be
bikes, and packages,
and big cities.
I hope you are enjoying the photos of our
field trip to the Nature Center. We had a
great time. We learned that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup. It
takes 8 hours to boil the sap into syrup.
Sugar maples can only be tapped at the end
of winter/beginning of spring, when the days
are warm and the nights are cold. Thanks
parents and PTL for supporting trips like
Kindergarten News
Mrs. Heintz
Week 29
March 21-25, 2016
Important Dates
April 1 Popcorn Friday, Last
Chapel Offering for Rosa
Young Schools, Report
Cards go home
April 15, 22, 29 Chapel Offerings for LAMP
April 4-8 No School Spring
April 11 and 12 Parent
Teacher conferences
April 18-22 Iowa Testing
for upper grades
May 2-6 Fitness Weeek,
take the no screen challenge!
May 20 Volunteer Breakfast
May 21 Tuition Assistance
Chapel Offerings
Chapel offerings this month will go to an effort to establish schools in the south, as Rosa Young did in the last century. She was a pioneer for Lutheran churches in the
south. Last offering this Friday. During April, our collections will go to the LAMP mission trip to Lac Brochet.