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DOLL SHOW - The Dollery
The Dollery at the Merry Christmas Shoppe
785 Bedford Street (Rt. 18) . Whitman, MA 02382 . (781) 447-6677 . (800) 447-DOLL (Outside MA) .
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All Listed Artists Attending Unless Otherwise Specified
Schedule of Events
Friday, October 10th - 7:00pm-10:00pm
Preferred Customer Preview Party
By Invitation Only - Phone Lines Not Open Until 8:00pm
Saturday, October 11th
Doll Show With Artists Attending 10:00am-3:00pm
Dolls Only Show 3:00pm-6:00pm
Sunday & Monday, October 12th and 13th
Dolls Only Show 12:00pm-5:00pm
On-Line Doll Show Beg. Fri. Oct. 10th 6:00pm. Phone Lines
Open for Orders 8:00pm - Live Artist Video for Weekend!
JOAN BLACKWOOD Engaging & Expressive Children!
Joan will be in attendance on Friday night. Trunk Show for the weekend.
Joan is a very well known artist who has been sculpting for ten years. She continues to
amaze us as she just keeps getting better! Joan is the twin sister of another master doll
maker Jane Bradbury and the two have attended our Dollery shows for six consecutive
years. Joan’s work is difficult to find as it sells very quickly and she only creates
between ten to fifteen pieces a year. This is a once a year opportunity to select from a
handful of wonderful one-of-a-kinds made especially for this years show. We are pleased
to have these three and possibly a couple more!
“I loved this doll
so much Joan let me
name her and I did –
after my new baby!”
“Girl With Hat”
Fimo - Br Gl Eyes
Br Mohair
Movable Head
21” - $1,500.00
“R is for
Fimo - Bl Gl Eyes
Rd Mohair
Movable Head
15” - $1,550.00
Kim Malone
“Ashley Lynne - Hold Tight!”
One-of-a-Kind - Fimo - Bl Gl Eyes
Rd Hu Hair (Baby Rooted Mohair)
Movable Head - 18”
(21” Lg Doll Standing)
Call on limited edition resin "Dream on
Babies" (not shown) just $250.00 each!
She sits on her wooden
block that will be decorated.
She will be wearing
an off white pinafore
(not shown).
Not appearing but well represented.
We are honored to have Hanna
participate in this years show.
Originally from Weiden Germany,
she attended the University of Munich
where she studied art. She began doll
making attempts in 1977 and her first
public doll making appearance was
in 1985. She currently resides in
Nuremberg Germany and creates only
between six to eight one-of-a-kind
dolls a year ranging in price from
$3,700.00 to $4,300.00. Her work is
in high demand as she only participates in a few shows worldwide a year.
Hanna describes her dolls as “beautiful, harmonic figures which send a
message of gentleness and peace in
this chaotic world.”
Joan’s fimo
dolls are unusual as
many have movable
heads and are
posable to a certain
extent allowing for
greater creativity
when displaying
One-of-a-Kind Classic Masterpieces!
One-of-a-Kind - 17”
High-Fired Clay with Wax
Br Glass Eyes, Br Mohair
Wig Partly Hand-Knotted
Body Stuffed w/Skeleton
Show Priced:
This classic beauty is
dressed in a one-of-akind silk-chiffon dress
with silk blossoms and
pearl embroidery. She
wears silk underwear.
Hanna is a perfectionist. She begins with a sketch of the doll and then a wire armature in the proper proportions and intended position is created. Small bits of clay are
attached to define bones and muscles. As the clay hardens finer surface details of the head, breast plate and limbs find definition. Body parts are cut from the armature
and a plaster cast of each piece is made. Detail work is done on fluid clay that has been applied to the casts and dried. After the first firing the surface is smoothed with
sandpaper and features such as nails and detail lines are completed. The second firing occurs and the pieces are dipped into a mixture of hot wax. Face painting occurs
next and the pieces are waxed again. Some dolls bodies are made of linen that is stuffed and made flexible with a plastic armature. Many bodies are made entirely of clay.
She says that most of the clothing on her dolls has been inspired by 20th Century fashion techniques of Madame Vionnet of Paris. She does not dress her dolls in current
fashions. Hanna designs and sews all her own clothing on her dolls. She also creates many objects to include with the dolls that are abstract and open to interpretation.
Unveils One-of-a-Kind Work of Art!
If you are interested in a Brahms piece be sure to be added to our mailing
list for her specific work as pieces sell very quickly. We normally request
that she sculpt a lady doll for our show but we leave the creativity up to her.
We will not have the photo of the piece most likely until the actual show
October 10th. If you can’t personally attend visit our on-line show.
Not appearing
but well
Once again we are honored to have Anna participate in our
21st show. She was one of the first artists we represented
about twenty years ago. We have no doubt that she will be
known in hundreds of years as among the best artists in this
century. Her work is featured in many museums around the
world including the Mussee des Arts Decoratifs in the Paris
Louvre. Anna did not even show in the Artists United New
York One-of-a-Kind show this year but we will be getting
one of her amazing pieces. This is a once a year opportunity!
We hand picked this
rare masterpiece!
Designed especially
for the show to highlight
Susan’s new jewelry
line, this is a true one in
a million art piece. The
jewelry box includes a
large lady fairy with
painted metallic wings,
one size 3 fairy with
Cicada wings seated on
the middle drawer, and
two size 2 fairies with
Cicada wings delicately
positioned - one on a
drawer and the other in
a crystal candy dish.
There is also one child
fairy positioned on the
drawer. The piece is
draped in strands of
beautiful semi-precious
beads – amethyst,
peridot, citrine,
aquamarine, jade,
garnet, topaz, opals,
tourmaline & 24K gold
vermil beads. Fairy
faces (part of the new
jewelry line) in 24K gold
on sterling are included
in the glass dish.
Crystal salt fillers
overflow with white
pearls, semi-precious
stones and beads. The
beautiful fairies are all
dressed in matching
metallic gold painted
lace in light greens
and pinks.
Fairies Accentuate New Jewelry Line!
Susan will be in attendance for the entire show.
Sixteen years of shows with Susan and she never ceases to amaze us with
her magic! As always this is a rare opportunity to see a huge selection of
Susan’s work and meet the artist herself. Susan’s work never lasts and it is
hard to get pieces even for the catalogue. This year she has a new jewelry
line starting as low as $24.50 for a beautiful pair of beaded earrings up to
$300.00 for the most elaborate pieces. We will have a huge selection at
the show. Don’t miss the fabulous jewelry fairy boxes with beads of semi
precious stones and 24 karat gold vermil beads. A fabulous selection of
mermaids, teacup fairies, birdcages and more surprise one-of-a-kind
themed pieces will be available!
“Antique Tiffany-Style Glass Fairies”
O/K Dressed Fairies - Mother & Child Theme (shown)
This sample is sold.
Price Range: $1,200.00 - $1,300.00
fairies can be
added to this
piece by
Other dish fairies
will be available in a
variety of irridescent
peachy gold & rose
color tiffany style
antique glass at
show. Individual
ladies on tiffany
style glass will
range in price from
$950.00 and up.
Babies may also be
available in a price
range of $480.00
and up.
“Jewelry & Bead Box Fairy Showcase Piece”
O/K Dressed Fairies - Jewelry Box Theme
Porc. - 21”H x 17”W x 18”D - Includes 5 Fairies,
Beads, Jewelry & Jewelry Box - $5,400.00
Smaller jewelry and bead boxes will be available at this years
show as well ranging in price $900.00 and up. Special orders
can also be accepted in some cases. Call early to reserve!
Don’t miss
Stephanie’s work
while it is still so
Interactive Engaging Expressions!
Not appearing but well represented. Trunk Show of O/K’s!
Stephanie, an optometrist by profession, only participates
in a few shows a year. She is no longer sculpting for the
Richard Simons Goebel line and is focusing only on her
one-of-a-kind work. We are thrilled to have four of
only about fifteen dolls she creates a year for the
catalogue. Other dolls will be available
at the show as well. These are the best
we have seen from her!
“Mother &
22” & 18”
$1,800.00 Set
Show Priced:
“Laughing Asian Girls” - 12” Seated
$1,800.00 Set Show Priced: $1,600.00
These beauties are dressed in silk kimono style
tops w/black silk pants holding paper parasols.
“Annette” (L)
16” - $800.00 Old Fashioned Cutie!
“Little Red Riding Hood” (R)
20” - $800.00
is just
Little Red stands on a wooden base holding
her basket of goodies.
Mother &
daughter are
dressed in
cream silks.
Silk cushion
Stephanie loves to tell stories thru the interaction of pairs of dolls.
All dolls are one-of-a-kinds in cernit with cloth bodies and have
hand painted eyes & mohair wigs. Dolls come with wood stands.
HELOISE Small Limited Edition Asian Doll!
Not appearing but well represented.
Heloise introduced just four new dolls this year all in editions
under 60. Jade was our personal Dollery favorite! We were
thrilled to see her do this rare Asian doll. Heloise’s dolls are
on display in many Swiss and French museums. Her first
original doll was sculpted in 1976 in fabric. In 1982 she
discovered resin and has worked with it ever since as she
feels it best captures the translucent complexion of a child.
Show Special!
Purchase a Heloise doll and SAVE 30% on any Heloise chair or stool!
“Jade #2”
O/K Embroidered Kimono
in Chinese Style
Available as shown in gold
and blue or in red and blue
Each doll is Ltd. 60 Sculpt - Resin
with Cloth Body & Arm. in Arms - Knees
Sculpted in Bent Position - Br Painted
Eyes - Blk Mohair - 17 1 2 ” Seated
Full line of Heloise dolls available including all versions of Collette
and Amelie new for 2003. Call on La Petite Mariee & older dolls.
“Jade #1”
Vintage Embroidered
Silk Dress with Taffeta
We have just one of each style left in this
sold out edition. You can choose the
hair style - pony tail as shown or to the side.
SUSAN KREY “Krey Classics” In Wax Over Porcelain!
For the twelve years we have carried
Susan’s work it has continued to be
innovative and exciting! At our 20th show
she stunned collectors with her new “Krey
Classics” line of one-of-a-kind themed
dolls. The three sold quickly leaving
collectors hungry for more work. This year
we were first in line in New York and hand
picked “Violet” for our show. She is
gorgeous. Susan also created four adorable
small limited editions below. She will be
bringing more “Krey Classics” in one-ofa-kind themed outfits for this years show.
Be first in line!
Susan will be attendance for the entire show.
All dolls shown
are wax over
porcelain. They have
hand blown crystal
paperweight glass
eyes, Human Hair or
Mohair and are draped
in antique laces &
fine fabrics.
Mindy was Nominated
for Dolls Magazine
Award of Excellence!
O/K Theme - 1/1C
Vi Eyes - Rd Human Hair
28” - $4,000.00
Black Sheep”
Ltd. 15 - Gr Eyes
Stw Bl Human Hair
25” - $2,495.00
This adorable little
boy is wearing a
light blue & green
linen short set that
shows how sweet
his knees are.
Hand embroidery
details the front of
the shirt along with
buttons and pleats.
His cream knit
socks are worn
under black leather
shoes. He stands
“Lucy Locket”
Ltd. 15 - Br Eyes - Br Human next to a black
sheep and holds
Hair - 25” - $2,495.00
onto his favorite
brown teddy bear.
Show Priced: $3,495.00
Ltd. 15 - Br Eyes
Bl Human Hair
25” - $2,495.00
Dressed in a pink, yellow and green floral print spring
dress she comes with mohair bunny and carrot.
Susan is a world renowned doll artist
born & raised in London and currently
residing in Washington state. In 1981
she began creating beautiful small
limited edition dolls and became an
overnight success famous for her
“Krey Babies” in porcelain and wax
over porcelain. Susan joined our
Dollery team in 1992. Her dolls have
won numerous awards and will be
among tomorrow’s antiques.
Dressed in a floral
print dress, she comes
complete w/bear & toy.
What is a Krey Classic According to Susan?“Dressed in Classic clothes with a history—Edwardian, Victorian, to yesterday—these individual portraits are painted using my
classic face sculpts from the past twenty years. Fabrics, laces, and accessories with the beloved patina of time blend together to create a one-of-a-kind look. Each doll, an individual
with her own pedigree—A history of her costume and accessories. The fabric of our ancestors can truly live again…from their hearts, through my hands, to yours— in a Krey Classic.”
Each piece
is a hand
sculpted oneof-a-kind piece.
No two are
exactly alike as
there are no
molds. Their
dolls are very
“Mad Tea Party Clock”
13” (If Alice were standing)
Alice, the Mad
Hatter, and the
March Hare are
all removable.
They each have
poseable arms
and legs.
Working clock
Hand-Sculpted O/K Wax Over Porcelains!
Lucia will be in attendance for the entire show.
Friedericy has been a family collaboration in doll making since
1987. The highly sought after unique works of art always sell out
immediately at wholesale shows. She does only a few retail shows
so this is a rare opportunity to choose from a beautiful selection
normally only available to dealers first. This year we are excited
about these adorable storybook characters! We can’t wait to see
the other surprises she will bring!
Originally Judith and her brother John created the dolls. Upon his death in
1990 their mother Judith took over sculpting the dolls heads, hands and feet
in porcelain clay. Lucia, her daughter, paints and applies wax to the pieces.
She also costumes the bodies. Freidericy pieces (little girls, storybook
characters, chess sets and more) range in price for individual themes from
about $900.00 to $10,000.00 for amazing multiple piece themes.
MAGGIE IACONO Unique Ball Jointing - Posability In Felt!
Not appearing but well represented.
Show Special!
of 70!
“Mother’s Day”
18 1 2 ” & 111 2 ” - $1,500.00 Set
SAVE 15% on 2003 in stock Iacono
dolls and SAVE 20% on 2002 &
prior in stock dolls during the show!
Maggie currently has the
only collectible, pressed
wool felt doll on the market
that is completely posable
using her own unique ball
jointing system. The head
is completely moveable and
each finger is even wired
which allows her dolls to
suggest a feeling or hold an
accessory. Each doll with
the slightest turn or tilt can
create an expressive mood
to interact with other dolls
and it’s owner the collector!
“Carly” & “Lane” (L-R)
16 1 2 ” - $850.00 ea.
Maggie is a member of NIADA. Her work is featured in museums throughout the world including the Louvre-Paris!
“Melissa” & “Zoe” (L-R) - 161 2 ” - $850.00 ea.
Felt - Human Hair or Mohair - Ball Jointed
w/Posable Wire Hands - All Wool Felt Outfits
Magical Fantasy & Storybook Marvels!
Linda will be in attendance for the entire show.
“Fairy Feast”
O/K - Super Sculpey/Cernit & Sculpted
Base of Magic Sculpt Epoxy
Gr Painted Eyes - Au & Ash Mohair
Approx. 16”H x 12”W x 8”D
The smaller child holds
a nutshell dish and is
dressed in velvet and
silk rose petals with a
ruffled silk ribbon around
her waist. Both have
beaded blue-green wings
and are in a green and
gold base. Sculptured
green leaves and vines
with gold embossing
from magic sculpt
complete the fantasy.
These two little fairy
children are sitting in a
secret grove of sunlight.
The older child wears an
antique flower wreath in
her hair and an antique
velvet leaf bodice in
shades of pink and green
with a waist bodice of
green velvet. Her sleeves
are made from tiny velvet
and cream petals with
tendrils of pale pink
beads. Pale silk ribbon,
antique beige velvet
flowers and a wisp of
antique green netting
complete her magic!
Linda, a world
renowned artist, has
had over 50 magazine
articles and five books
written about her.
“Whispers of Wonderland”
O/K - Super Sculpey/Cernit
Bl Hand Painted Eyes - Bl Mohair
16”H x 10”W x 10”D - Characters:
5”H to 8”H - $1,498.00
Exclusive on Alice!
Linda gave The Dollery and Exclusive on her
Alice in Wonderland dolls in 2002. Similar pieces
may be special ordered in price ranges from
$1,298.00 and up in different sizes and themes.
“The Perfect Pearls”
O/K - Super Sculpey/Cernit
Magic Sculpt Tail - Gr Painted Eyes
Au Mohair - 14” - $1,298.00
Linda is one of the most
creative and imaginative
artists we carry. She feels
that her pieces keep getting
more involved as she sees
more possibilities in the
strength of the epoxy sculpt
she is now using. She wants
her pieces to evolve even
more into storytelling
as an art.
Alice is dressed in a light blue antique cotton dress with
antique lace and a ribboned apron. She is partially reclining
and relaxing on a chabby chic arm chair covered with pale
pink roses with her book of Wonderland. She comes
complete with three of the characters from the story which
are hand painted - Humpty, the White Rabbit and the Mad
Hatter along with a 1945 book with page sketches.
“Alice In Wonderland &
The Queen of Hearts”
O/K - Super Sculpey/Cernit
Magic Sculpt Characters
Bl Painted Eyes - Bl Mohair
27"H x 24”W x 14"D
Show Priced: $2,700.00
Unlike any previous pieces,
each piece on Alice & the
Queen can be removed and
put back in like a puzzle.
Special Orders
Sitting on her conch shell this beauty is dressed in pearls and
antique silk with wisps of green netting. Her bodice is hand painted
silk draped into form and embellished with shells and glitter.
Each “Show Case” piece takes much longer to produce due to the attention to detail involved. Don’t miss “Glinda the Good Witch
in the Land of Oz” & “Clara and the Nutcracker” among others not featured here being created especially for this year’s show.
We may be able to request
a special order of a piece
similar to one Linda has
done in the past. Rest
assured though all pieces
are true one-of-a-kinds and
no two will ever be the same
since no molds are used.
Amazing Australian
Aboriginal Children!
Not appearing but well represented.
Pauline began to sculpt in the mid 1980’s
and has become recognized for her talent
internationally. Over the past six years we
have seen Pauline awarded with numerous
awards for her work in the United States
including Idex and Doty awards! Pauline
works with her partner Bob from their
studio home in Inverloch on the south east
coast of Victoria, Australia. Pauline has
gained a reputation for her work portraying Australian Aboriginal children which
have become her trademark.
Ltd. 20 - 29”
Simone is adorable wearing her
leather shoes with hand knitted
socks made of New Zealand wool.
“Maya” (L)
Ltd. 20 - 26”
Show Priced:
Special show
prices shown
only apply to in
stock dolls:
Maya, Tina &
Jody (2002 or
prior dolls) thru
10/12/03. Final
sale. Layaway
is available
with deposit.
All the dolls featured are
porcelain with cloth bodies
except for Maya which has
porcelain from the toes to the
waist with a cloth body to her
shoulder plate. Each doll is
dressed in beautiful colorful
“Jodie” (L) cotton dresses that feature
Ltd. 20 - 33” extensive smocking and
embroidery. All dolls have
Show Priced: either human hair or mohair
wigs and glass eyes made by
a real optician. The dolls are
painted more than once to
create a beautiful unique
skin tone.
Ltd. 20 - 33”
Rachael is the big
sister of Pauline’s
collection this year.
She is reading a
children’s book and
wears a genuine
pair of spectacles.
Her socks are made
of New Zealand
“Tina” (R)
Ltd. 20 - 26”
Show Priced:
Dolls have beautiful mesh cotton and lace petticoats and cotton and lace britches. Each doll comes with a special hand-crafted soft toy.
Jane will be in attendance on Friday night. Trunk Show for the weekend.
JANE BRADBURY Hard To Find One-of-aKinds & Reasonable Artist Proof Resins!
Artist Proofs – Jane sculpts some dolls for Blackhall Associates which are then produced
in resin and sold on HSN. These dolls are the pre-production artist proofs which have been
completely re-wigged, hand-painted and hand dressed by Jane. Therefore, each is a one-ofa-kind themed doll done completely by Jane except for the pouring of the resin and the eye
placement. This is a rare opportunity to purchase Jane's work at affordable prices!
Each doll wears silk taffeta and
comes with the props as shown.
Pre-Production Resin Artist Proofs
Resin w/Cloth Bodies - Pl Eyes - Syn Wigs - 22” to 30” Seated
We are honored to
have Jane attend
this year again as
she only participates
in a few shows a
year. In addition to
this beautiful oneof-a-kind girl we
will have other
surprise one-of-akinds and a small
collection of very
affordable artist
proof resins. This
is a rare opportunity
for the seasoned
and new collector
to purchase a piece Chair Included!
of her work.
“Girl In Ice Blue Silk”
One-of-a-Kind - Fimo with Cloth Body
Legs Sculpted to Mid-Thigh
Lilac Glass Eyes - Bl Human Hair Wig
25” Seated (29” if could stand)
$2,000.00 Show Priced: $1,800.00
“Cheryl” - 19" - $400.00
Show Priced: $350.00
“Madison” - 23" - $450.00
Show Priced: $399.99
“Debra” - 23" - $450.00
Show Priced: $399.99
Dressed in turquoise
silk taffeta
Dressed in deep pink
silk taffeta
Dressed in pale pink with
green coat trimmed in violets
Jane has over 29
years of experience in
the art world and 12
years working in fimo
and polymer clay on
one-of-a-kind pieces.
She is well known and
needs no introduction
to the serious collector.
HURRY! They won’t last!
Others may be available at the show.
KAREN ALDERSON Romantic Australian Beauties!
Not appearing but well represented. Trunk Show of 5” to 8” inch One-of-a-Kinds in Fimo.
Karen only created four small limited edition porcelains this year. "London" and "Ireland" were our favorites! The full
porcelain line is available. The 5" inch lady below is an example of one of the fimo one-of-a-kinds she is sending to
this year's show. Karen's 5" to 8" inch fimos are completely done by her. They have hand-painted eyes, Mohair and
are adorned with vintage and antique laces. Don't miss her mass production resins as well!
porcelain dolls
are porcelain
to waist, have
porcelain half
arms & legs
and armature
“Amethyst” (B)
6∫3 4”
“Cameo” (BR)
“Lucie” (BFR)
Est. 6”
Ltd. 100 ea.
$79.95 each!
“5” Lady”
5.5” w/chaise
Will have
cushion on
lounge chair
Ltd. 10
Porc. w/Arm.
Jointed Head
Olive Gl Eyes
Stw Bl Mohair
Pale Pink Thai Silk
w/Ecru Net Overlay &
Ecru Nottingham
Lace Trim
Hand Made Pearl
Necklace & Fan
36” Standing
Ltd. 10
Porc. w/Arm.
Jointed Head
Bl Gl Eyes
Dk Br Mohair
Dusty Blue Thai
Silk w/Black Net
Overlay & Bl
Nottingham Lace
Trim - Hand
Made Blk Bead
36” Standing
For 14 years Karen has sculpted and painted and her mother
Jeanette has created the exquisite costuming for her dolls.
Realistic African American &
Ethnic Toddlers!
Zapf Vinyls
Last Chance!
“Gabriella” & “Rachel” (L-R)
Ltd. 650 ea. - Vinyl - 29” - $499.99
Show Priced: $399.99 ea.
Elissa will be in attendance for the entire show.
This gifted Pennsylvania based artist has specialized in one-of-a-kind fimo dolls and small limited
edition resins for many years. Elissa, a professor
of art, went back to teaching last fall and so she is
doing less and less work as the demand for her
work becomes greater and greater! Not many
artists can compete with the realistic looking
African American and Asian dolls she creates. We
are thrilled Elissa will make a personal appearance
once again this year to our show as it is just one of
only two one-of-a-kind shows she will attend all
year. Elissa promises to have some surprises! She
may even do a full body sculpt! We hope to have
a small limited edition resin African American
exclusive soon as well as other one-of-a-kinds!
Human hair or Mohair, glass paperweight eyes, antique laces and hand-made
leather shoes adorn the dolls. Many of the accessories are hand-made.
O/K African American Girl
Cernit/Fimo w/Soft Cloth Body
Br Gl Eyes - Br Mohair Wig
28” - $3,300.00
Show Priced: $3,000.00
Elissa also came out with great sculpts
for Zapf this year to produce in vinyl;
however, their artist vinyl division may
be closing so this may be your last
chance to get her work at these prices!
Ltd. 650 - V - 29”
Show Priced:
Superb this
year! Dollery
Children of the World
BETS VAN BOXEL Holland Artist
Travels To Laos, Thailand & Cambodia!
Each masterpiece is
a small limited edition
between 5 to 10 world
wide. Bets sculpts,
hand paints and adorns
each doll with antique
fabrics and creative
Not appearing but well represented.
Kim Malone
“Daisy” From Laos
Ltd. 5 - 99% Full Body Porc. - Br Gl Eyes
Blk Mohair - 14” Seated (Approx. 21” if could
stand) Dollery Price: $3,000.00
“Time for Play”
One-of-a-Kind - Cernit - Gl Eyes - Mohair - 311 2 ”
Look at the
motion in
this piece!
AUDREY SWARZ Fantastic Santas & So Much More!
A perfectionist, everything
on her dolls is hand-made
by Audrey. The heads of her
dolls are molded onto an
aluminum-foil base, heavy
clay is built out. Facial details
including wrinkles & textures
are added & finally glass
eyes. Bodies are cloth over
wire armature. Hand-made
leather boots, and unique
embellishments including
hand knit sweaters by the
artist herself adorn the dolls.
Wigs, beards and eyebrows
are made from angora mohair
that she arranges herself.
Audrey will be in attendance for the entire show.
Look at
this tree!
Audrey is no newcomer to the doll world as
she has been making dolls for over ten years.
She has shown in New York only a few years
but is quickly becoming nationally recognized for the hand crafted artistry and old
world tradition her dolls permeate. She came
to our show last year and seasoned collectors
were pointing out her work amazed with the
uniqueness and detail in each piece. You
need to see it in person to thoroughly have
an appreciation for her work. Audrey creates
everything from Santas to lady dolls. This
charming artist radiates enthusiasm and you
can see how she translates that energy into
the magical sparkle in her dolls eyes that
seem to bring them to life.
One-of-a-Kind - Polymer Clay
Gl Eyes - Mohair - 20“
Classic Beauty!
18 Years of Classic Stately
Ladies & Mannerly Children!
Ltd. 20 - Gl Eyes
Hu Hair - 29” - $2,490.00
Not appearing but well represented.
This artistic couple from England has
created only five limited edition dolls
(of 20 or under) this year. John is the
sculptor and mold maker. Angela sketches
the original designs for each doll, hand
paints the faces and designs and sews
all the original patterns for the elaborate
historically correct costumes from the
Edwardian and Victorian eras. The dolls
radiate old world grace and elegance and
have a classic beauty that will stand the
test of time with their sweet but subtle
commanding presence. The painstaking
detail put into each doll is amazing and
the fluid nature of their unique patented
composition bodies is second to none in
the marketplace.
From India
The “Children of the
Li Phie
World” collection was
From China
inspired by children on
Bet’s recent trip thru
these fascinating countries. These are the best
we have ever seen from
this gifted artist.
We have wanted to carry
her amazing work for
some time. Her pieces
“Li Phie” & “ Sing” (L-R)
always sell out quickly at wholesale shows but Ltd. 10 ea. - Porc. with Soft Posable Bodies
this year we got a jump on her new mid-year
with Pellets - Br Gl Eyes - Blk Human Hair
14” - Dollery Price: $1,500.00 ea.
August introductions and picked our favorites!
“Daisy brought
tears to my eyes.
She is truly one of
the most realistic dolls
I have ever seen. The
positioning is fantastic.”
“Santa & Freckles The Elf”
Basket Babies
All dolls are porcelain
with articulated
composition patented
bodies. Each doll
comes with an
integrated stand.
The full line by Barker
is available. See our
website for photos and
details. Another Dollery
favorite not featured
here was “Sophie”!
Marianne, Sarah &
Elizabeth also new for
2003 are available by
special order.
Call, email or visit
Lottie is dressed in a
circa 1905 sleigh outfit.
She has a fully lined
double breasted
princess line coat in
rust velvet. The collar
and cuffs are in faux
fox fur. Ball button
fastening in shot silk
with double pom poms
in matching fur. Dress
is in shot silk and has
a deeply frilled hemline. Plastron bodice
front draws up with silk
ribbon gathering into a
neckline frill. The little
french hat in ruched
shot silk matches
dress and ball buttons.
Side fastening black
leather boots have loop
tugs at the back and
turned up toes.
DIANE KEELER Mysterious & Alluring One-of-a-Kinds!
Diane’s dolls have been
featured in Contemporary
Doll Collector magazine,
Dolls the Collector and Doll
Reader as well as in
numerous other publications.
One-of-a-Kind - Polymer Clay
Bl Painted Eyes - Br Mohair
Red Silk Dress with Hand Sewn
Beads on Bodice & Sleeve Bands
Roses are Poly. Clay
Seated on a Pedestal Painted
Bronze and Highlighted with Gold
15” - $2,300.00
Diane will be in attendance for the entire show.
It is a privledge to have Diane attend this years show from
Luck, Wisconsin. She has been sculpting dolls since the mid
80’s. Since early childhood Diane searched for an art form
which would “fill her soul”. She discovered polymer clay in
1986 which has become her medium of choice. Her dolls are
amazingly smooth in their appearance. Diane is a member of
NIADA and ODACA and travels nationally and internationally
to teach. Her attention to detail is amazing as she sculpts, wigs
and costumes each beautiful doll herself. Diane is currently
making about 15 to 20 one-of-a-kind dolls a year. Be sure to
attend the show to see what other surprises she may bring!
Br Hand Blown
Gl Eyes - Bl Mohair
20” on Riser - $2,600.00
Full Body One-of-a-Kind
Sculpting With Posability!
Camille is dressed
in antique lace.
Sarah will be in attendance for the entire show.
We are thrilled to welcome back Sarah to
The Dollery for her second consecutive
visit! This year Sarah has increased the
scale and size of her dolls from 15” to 17”
inches to 20” to 22” inches. Sarah also
made the arms movable, giving her dolls
more flexibility in posing.
Sarah creates her dolls in her
Minnesota country studio. Her
dolls are exceptionally realistic.
She bases the doll’s features on
her own 13 children and 9 grandchildren! Through skills in
sculpture, drawing and the ability
to see and capture form and
dimension she is able to make
her dolls come alive. We were
pleased to purchase two of just
four dolls Sarah has sculpted to
date this year.
“Children have
always been
with me. Their
beauty and
innocence speak
to me often,
and I enjoy
creating their
likeness with
my hands.”
- Sarah Niemela
Lea is dressed in an antique lace dress. She
was featured in the Artists United 2003 Painting.
Bl Hand Blown
Gl Eyes - Bl Mohair
20” on Riser
Sarah is currently
only sculpting
about 10 dolls a
year! Don't miss
these & others
at the show!
Sarah shapes polymer clay (a combination of super sculpey & cernit) to capture the essence of children’s many personalities. She usually sculpts the shoulder plate to just below the chest area. Teeth
when used are individually formed and baked before inserted in the mouth. Sarah works with the finest silk, woven cottons and vintage handkerchiefs to complete the costuming of each doll. German
hand blown glass eyes adorn her dolls. Most accessories are custom made by her. From the tops of the doll’s heads to the tips of their toes, every detail is important to Sarah and it shows.
Affordable Life-Like Babies!
Possible Opportunity To
Purchase Full Body Sculpts!
Not appearing but well represented.
This year’s 2003 resin preemie sized babies
measure about 16” inches. They are slightly
larger then last years. They have painted eyes,
mohair wigs and come dressed in a diaper and
a onesie. A hat, bow or head band is included
with each and they are completed with a fleece
blanket and a stuffed toy.
Ask about the new
For about fourteen years
Caucasian limited
Lorna has been creating
edition resins coming
beautiful dolls and for about
out this fall while
eleven of those years she
at the show!
worked primarily on African
American children in the
15”- 24” inch size. Three
years ago she began making
one-of-a-kind and small
limited edition resin babies
and they have just taken off
in popularity.
May be appearing - Call week of show.
New 16” Resins
Ltd. 35 ea.
with Weighted
Posable Bodies
Br Painted Eyes
Br Mohair
16” - $895.00 ea.
Lorna’s O/K Babies in super sculpey & fimo ($2,000.00 - $2,400.00) sell out quickly. Inquire if interested.
Diane will be in attendance for the entire show.
Dressed in a woven
plaid coat trimmed in
mink with a matching
hat; he has green
trousers and carries
a bag of toys over his
“Christmas Travels”
O/K - Polymer Clay Hand-Sculpted Face & Resin
Hands - Gl Eyes - Mohair Beard - 21” - $650.00
Last year Marilyn’s beautiful Athena Angel
literally flew off the table during our show
preferred customer cocktail party! The stunning
angel sold for $10,000.00. Similar pieces at the
February New York Artists United show sold
for $13,000.00. This gifted artist who specializes in synthetic clay full body sculpts just
keeps getting better. She first debuted her
original work at our Dollery 12th annual show
and has subsequently become an extremely
sought after artist. Marilyn creates only about
five dolls a year now. Due to her fathers illness
Marilyn let us know August 4th that she was
unable to complete the special piece she is
creating for our Dollery show in time for the
catalogue. She is however making every attempt
to finish it for the show and hopes to attend.
We will just have to wait and see!
One-of-a-Kinds &
Artist Editions
Diane has been making dolls since 1996
and is a member of the AADA. She did
not make her debut into the national
market until the 2003 February NY Toy
Fair. Prior to this she had been doing
very well featured in the national magazines and doing local shows. We have
been looking for a great new Santa artist
whose work is still reasonably priced and
we were thrilled to find Diane. She got
a great response and sold out of almost
everything she had in NY. Diane sculpts
one-of-a-kinds and small individually
hand sculpted “Artist Editions” which
range in price from $350.00-$750.00.
Diane doesn’t use molds on her dolls
faces which is unusual for edition dolls.
The dolls are very well made and
extremely reasonable. Be sure to see
her full line of over 13 Artist Editions
and more one-of-a-kinds at the show!
Made of
Polymer Clay
Faces &
Resin Hands,
Glass Eyes,
Mohair Beard
“Trunk Santa”
“St. Nick”
One-of-a-Kind - 24” Standing
21” Seated - $750.00
Ltd. 12 AE - 18”
Santa sits in a trunk filled with toys
holding a bear. His coat and hat are a
red textured fabric and he has red
velvet trousers. Under his coat he
has a gold silk shirt with lace cuffs.
His coat, boots and hat are trimmed in
deep brown sable fur.
St. Nick wears a red
tapestry coat trimmed
with brown mink fur.
Sack filled with toys,
teddy bear and stick
horse included.
“Artist Editions” are small limited editions between 12 to 24 dolls. Each doll is created by hand and each face is still individually sculpted (molds are not used) but the dolls have similar
costumes and themes to those in the edition and their hands are cast in resin from original sculpted hands. Her one-of-a-kinds have o/k costuming, hand sculpted faces and hands in cast
resin or polymer clay. Each doll begins with a wire armature. A canvas body is created and then an extra “body skin” of fabric is used to add shape and character to doll. Glass eyes, fine
fabrics and real fur and leather (recycled from vintage coats) are used on all the dolls. Beards and wigs are created with Mohair and other natural fibers. Most dolls come complete with
walnut wood base. Robed Santas do not have legs.
A Rare Appearance From Germany!
Exquisite One-of-a-Kinds!
Sylvia will be in attendance for the entire show.
Don’t miss this extremely rare opportunity to meet this charming
artist from Germany. Sylvia, well known for her work in Limoge
porcelain dolls, began making dolls in 1988. She has won numerous
awards in Europe including the “Rolf Ericson’s Award” for outstanding sculpture and the 1995 “Eurodoll” in three different
categories including best doll of Europe. In addition to New York,
we are the only other show Sylvia will attend in the U.S. this year.
She will bring three one-of-a-kind beauties with her. One is featured
here. She will also bring a romantic girl with hand painted flowers
on the porcelain and a period piece dressed in a historical costume.
The jacket, blouse, belt, head
piece and shoes are made
from original hand woven
wool fabric from Tibet. There
are real fur trimmings and
trousers made of suede. The
doll comes complete riding on
donkey (real fur).
No one does what Philip does! These dolls are very unique
to the doll market place. Each vinyl doll is hand painted by
Philip for a fraction of the price that they were when he
sculpted for Goetz. All the dolls come directly from
Valencia Spain. Philip is hand picking the materials and on
the dolls that are “lost” he is actually ripping and dying the
material to look old in order to give each doll it’s very own
character. These dolls are all limited to ninety-five or under
worldwide (of their theme) and are sold out to dealers
nationally! New dolls are being allocated to dealers. Order
early on mid-years!
Sorry – Precious
Found, Lost & Ethnic,
Ulia Lost & Found &
Xima Ethnic are all
sold out. We carried
the full line. Order
early on mid-years!
The Precious, Ulia &
Xima Sculpts are all
limited to 300 world
wide and are being
done in different hair,
clothing and styles in
editions between 6095. The Noa & Lua
sculpts are all limited
to 400.
Other 2003 Dolls
“Noa” and “Lua” (L-R)
Ltd. 75 ea. - V - Gl Eyes
Painted Hair & Kanekalon Wig
24 1 2” - $730.00 ea.
Show Special!
“Xima Lost”
Buy the set of
North African
Noa & Lua and
Ltd. 95 - V - Gl Eyes
Save 10% on each
Kanekalon Wig
during the show!
30” - $920.00
Reasonable One-of-a-Kinds!
Flo will be in attendance for the entire show.
Cernit - Bl Glass Eyes
Bl Mohair Wig
16 1 2 ” - $450.00
We thought Kimberly
was the best we have
seen from her yet! She
comes complete with
her bunny. Others will
be available at show.
Originally from NY
State and currently
living in Massachusetts,
Flo, a member of the
American Academy of
Doll Artists is relatively
new to the public doll
world although she has
been making dolls since
1995. Flo has a degree
in fine arts and training
in sculpture and painting. One of her dolls
was nominated this year
for a Dolls Magazine
award of excellence.
Her work is still very
affordable. Flo works
meticulously on every
detail of her one-of-akind dolls. They are a
great buy!
Tibetian Child
One-of-a-Kind - Porcelain with Leather Body
Br Mouth Blown Glass Eyes - Black European
Human Hair Wig & Lashes - 21” - $3,800.00
Sylvia creates every square inch of her
dolls from the sculpting & painting to the
elaborate costumes and accessories.
All dolls shown are vinyl, have
mouth blown glass eyes and
are hand-painted by Philip. All
dolls come with stand. Sitting
versions have armature in legs
and arms. Standing versions
have armature in arms only.
Not appearing but well represented.
Brand New
Mid-Year Introductions!
Pricing fluctuates with Heath
dolls as the dollar is currently
weak against the Euro. When
we confirm your special order
the price is confirmed no
matter what we pay.
Ltd. 40 ea.
Vinyl - Gl Eyes
30” - $1,010.00
Show Priced:
“Precious Boy”
Mohair Wig
“Ulia Ethnic”
Far East
Kanekalon Wig
Philip sculpts each child after real children he has met in his
travels. He creates the “lost”, “found” and “ethnic” version of
each child. They are each unique and special.
“Xima Ethnic II”
North African
Mohair Wig
More of a fantasy
interpretation for Heath!
Fantasy Fairies!
Anne will be in attendance on Friday night. Trunk Show for the weekend.
Last year Anne surprised us with a
visit to our Dollery show to represent
her work! Welcome back! This well
known New Hampshire based artist
has ten years of experience in sculpting and is a member of the AADA.
Anne creates life-size babies, portrait
dolls, young children, favorite storybook characters and fairies in primarily fimo and cernit polymer clays. Her
work is in high demand as she works
with very few shops. Anne created
only a few dolls this past year due to
the demands of her family of nine! She
will bring a collection of one-of-akinds including story book characters
and young children to the show.
“Fairy Princess”
One-of-a-Kind - 99% Full Body Cernit
Gr Painted Eyes - Deep Red Mohair
15” to 18” on Pedestool - $1,200.00
She is dressed in a green & robin blue silk dress
with antique lace. She has a crown of flowers
and holds a 1" inch crystal Swarovski moon!
for 2003
Not appearing but well represented.
Trunk Show of One-of-a-Kind work.
This Tennessee artist
has been making dolls
for eleven years. She
attended last years
show for the first time
and sold out of everything! She can’t work
fast enough for excited
collectors. This year
Emily came out with
only two allocated
edition dolls “Breanna”
and “Joy Sue” featured
here. She is currently
only making about ten
“Joy Sue”
one-of-a-kind dolls
Ltd. 20 - Porc. w/Cloth & Arm.
a year!
Dk Br Gl Eyes - Bl Human Hair
Ltd. 20 - Porc. w/Cloth & Arm.
Hazel Gl Eyes - Au Human Hair
27” - $2,000.00
Breanna wears a cream smock timeless
dress with imported lace, crocheted
socks & brown lace up leather boots.
She is completed with her antique quilt
& rag doll.
O/K Dressed
Ltd. 20 Sculpt
Porc. w/Cloth & Arm.
Dk Br Gl Eyes
Strw Bl Human Hair
29” If Standing
(seated position only)
by The
Janet wears a celadon
green jumper and belt
with oversized buttons
on it. Black edging of
imported lace & eyelet.
The ecru cotton blouse
also has imported lace
on it. Janet comes with
her one-of-a-kind rag
doll, little miniature rag
doll, antique quilt &
Pennsylvania Dutch
trunk. Emily hasn’t done
20 of her and she said
she probably never will
but the maximum on the
sculpt is 20.
22” - $1,295.00
"Breanna" was
nominated for
2003 Doty &
Dolls Awards of
New Mid-Year Releases!
“Aschenputtel” & “Cinderella” (L-R)
Ltd. 577 ea. - Gl Eyes - Human Hair - 35” - $733.00 ea.
Joy Sue wears a gold, brown & black plaid Mary Jane dress
with a white pinafore overdress, stockings (plain not striped as
shown), two tone leather boots & extra pair of black Mary Jane
shoes (not shown). She comes complete with her porcelain
bunny, hand made cloth bunny, mohair bunny and doll carriage.
All dolls are allocated to dealers
and completely sold out nationally.
One of each left!
14 Years &
Hot as Ever!
2003 Club Dolls!
“Lucy”, “Kati” & “Lenny” (L-R)
Ltd. 713 ea. - 27.6” - Gl Eyes - Mohair
$813.00 Plus Club Fee of $95.00
Not appearing but
well represented.
We didn’t think she could
out do last year but she
did! All her dolls are
limited once again this
year between 277 and 713
pieces. Ninety-five percent
of the line is sold out to
dealers. We carried the
entire line again this year.
Dolls shown are most likely
sold out but please feel free
to call or email us. Don’t
miss the new mid-year
releases of Cinderella and
Aschenputtel sure to sell
out early!
We pay your Club Fee of $95.00
when you order the large club doll thru us!
Club dolls are limited to just 713 again this year. They are not year
editions. All three are sold out nationally and we have limited availability.
Small Club Dolls!
We pay your club fee of $95.00 and you receive
one of these adorable small club dolls Free
when you order any of the larger club dolls
Lucy, Kati or Lenny! You will receive the club
newsletters for the year April 2003 thru April
2004 directly from Himstedt and your choice
of which small club doll you want directly from
them. You may also purchase individual small
club dolls for $107.00 each.
2003 Releases Not Shown
Looking for dolls not listed here? They are most likely already sold out. We pre-sell out most Himstedt dolls in March. Feel free to still call or email for availability as some
times dolls free up. Himstedt dolls are extremely limited since 2002 and sell out quickly. We recommend pre-ordering the Mid-Year Releases and regular line as early as possible. Just 25% down confirms your order.
All Dolls
Are Vinyl
Ltd. 377 - Gl Eyes
Mohair - 30.4”
Ltd. 377 - Gl Eyes
Hu Hr - 30” - $584.00
Ltd. 277 - Gl Eyes
Ltd. 377 - Pl Eyes
Mhr/Hu Hr - 29.6” - $378.00 Hu Hair - 32.4” - $651.00
Call Us
Ltd. 277 - Gl Eyes
Mohair - 34.4”
2002 and Prior Dolls Just a few dolls are available from previous years in very limited numbers. Klarchen & Max last years 15th Anniversary dolls, Miri, Siri, Trudi, & Little Prince were available as of
August 2003. Call or email on availability of others. Sometimes we have orders free up and you can get lucky! Special Promotion on Klarchen & Max if purchased by set. Extended layaway available in some cases.
Br Gl Eyes - Rd Mohair
18” Standing - 10 1 2 ”
Seated - $1,250.00
This Rising Star
Has Risen!
“Ruby” & “Ruthie”
Br Gl Eyes - Br Hu Hair
17” Standing - 15 1 2 ”
Seated - $2,400.00
Beatrice is in a vintage
dress and comes with
her teddy bear.
We told you Julie would be
a star! Julie has been sculpting for over 23 years. Her
work has taken off in
popularity just 6 years since
she made her first public
appearance. Fischer dolls
are in high demand. Her
dolls have a wide variety of
different expressions and are
still very reasonably priced.
Last year Julie attended the
show and we hope to have
her again next year.
Bl Eyes
Rd Hu Hair
14” Seated
18” Standing
Dressed in a vintage
antique dress holding a
cage with a sculpted fairy
on the swing, she stands
on a painted clock. (The
doll is removable from the
clock easily.)
“Birthday Bear”
Br Gl Eyes
Strw Bl Hu Hair
17” Seated - $1,150.00
Dressed in a blue
calico dress with
white apron, she
comes complete
with her sculpted
doll and wicker
rocking chair.
“Enchanted Fairy”
Gr Gl Eyes - Rd Hu Hair
281 2 ” Standing - $1,295.00 (with clock)
Doll comes complete with
her wooden rocking chair,
teddy bear and birthday
hat! Adorable!
All dolls shown are O/K made of cernit & sculpey with cloth bodies & armature in arms & legs. All have hand blown glass eyes.
Extremely Rare Opportunity To Purchase Her One-of-a-Kinds!
May be appearing. Call week of show. Attended last year. Will be well represented.
Jamie hopes
to personally
attend again
this year! Be first
in line as her
highly sought
after dolls go
Not appearing but
well represented.
Trunk Show of
These adorable twins are dressed in vintage dresses and
come complete with wooden bench, sister book and doll.
“I’ll make something special for the show”, Jamie promised ... We can’t wait to
see! Last year at our 20th show she stunned everyone with the first double piece
in her royal series. The mother and child sold for $9,000.00. In New York, just
five months later at the Artists United show, anxious retailers scrambled to
purchase her second in this same series which sold for $13,000.00! Her work is
appreciating quickly but for a long time it was under priced. Jamie will create
something fairly priced for our 21st annual show. It will be featured on our online show as well.
Beatrix Potter Series
Previous Introductions in series included:
Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Jemima,
Jemima’s Ducklings, Flopsy Bunny set,
Garden Wheelbarrow, The Mouse
Tailor, Tom Kitten, Peter Rabbit Centennial
Ed., Squirrel Nutkin & Johnny Town Mouse.
Not appearing but
well represented.
Jamie’s dolls are all cernit with cloth & wire
armature that is inserted down into the limbs
to allow posability. Dolls range in size from
as small as 12” inches to 36” inches with most
being in the 20” to 36” inch range. Human hair,
Mohair or a combination of both and hand blown
glass eyes adorn all her dolls. She works on
every detail including the clothing and the
elaborate backdrops. Jamie’s one-of-a-kind
individual dolls sell in the $5,300.00 - $8,000.00
price range now.
Master of Felt Doll Making for 26 Years!
This year John has something for everyone and
every budget! Take a peek at his new more affordable dolls like the 8” Beatrix Potter rabbit, individual Flopsy bunnies, Tag bears and Bitty bears as
low as $95.00! We haven’t seen these prices ever!
Santa Claus”
Ltd. 500 - 14”
All dolls are felt, fully jointed and posable!
Alice In
Affordable Mohair Plush Bears
Tag Bears
”Tinker” (White)
“Toodles” (Brown)
“Loo” (Blonde)
Ltd. 750 - 17”
“Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail”
Ltd. 500 ea. - 8” - $985.00 (Set of 3)
“Flopsy Bunnies”
Ltd. 250 - 5 1 2 ” - $285.00
Club Year
Matched number
sets will be available
for the first 250 in the
edition by request.
Ltd. 500 ea. - 9”
$295.00 ea.
Matched numbers
subject to availability.
Bitty Bears
Fawn, Black & Brown
Ltd. 350 ea. - 4”
$95.00 ea.
Purchase all 3 & get
matched numbers!
Baby Bear
”Joey Koala Bear”
Ltd. 500 - Approx. 10”
Collectors Club Doll
“Mrs. Rabbit” “8” Peter Rabbit”
Ltd. 1,000 - 8”
Ltd. 500 - 15”
“Timmy Willie”
Ltd. Club Year 03/04
3” - $365.00
We pay Club Fee of $45.00
when you order the Club Doll
thru us!
“Kewpie Boutonniere”
Ltd. 1,000 - 2”
$155.00 ea.
“White Rabbit”
Ltd. 500 - 12”
Many Previous Intro.
of Kewpies In Stock
Call on availability!
First Appearance At The Dollery!
Adorable & Affordable One-of-a-Kinds!
Debra will be in attendance for the entire show.
Debra Lynn began sculpting in clay in 1999. Debra creates from her imagination
and specializes in pouty pensive toddlers and children who are realistic looking and
have character. She designs and hand dyes most of her fabrics. We hand picked this
adorable little girl and will have a few others for the show!
Debra is a recent member of the prestigious group of artists in “Artists United”. She participates in
their NY show and only a few others a year. She is quickly growing in popularity and makes only
about 20 dolls a year. Don’t miss these while they are still so reasonably priced!
O/K - Cernit/Sculpey
Cloth with Posable Wire
Armature Sculpted Arms &
Legs Under Knee
Grey German Crystal Gl Eyes
Bl High Quality Synthetic Hair
20” - $1100.00
Show Priced: $995.00
Hand made and hand
dyed purple dress
and bloomers.
Complete with bear.
Hand-Painted Porcelains Under $300.00 and . . .
Not appearing but well represented.
“Little Ones”
“Marie” (L)
Ltd. 100 - 9” - $295.00
Plus Trunk - $29.99
2003 Dolls
Award of
(Sold with trunk only - Save 10%
on Set during show!)
Not appearing but well represented. Trunk Show
of 2004 Prototypes and One-of-a-Kind work.
“Elisa” (C)
Ltd. 50 - 11” - $550.00
This charming doll artist is originally from South Africa. In
1996 Berdine brought her doll making talents to the US and
has been honored with numerous awards since. She no longer
does any sculpting of mass produced work for Boyds or
Waltershauser (no longer in business) which were producing
her work in porcelain and vinyl. Berdine is focusing on
creating five to ten small limited editions (under 20 pieces)
a year along with her one-of-a-kinds.
“Bella” (R)
Ltd. 100 - 9” - $295.00
Always wanted a
Plusczok porcelain?
Now is your chance to pick up an adorable
hand-painted porcelain for just $295.00
to $550.00! We feel these “Little Ones”
(between 9”-11” inches) are one of the
best values of the year. They are completely
hand-painted by Heidi! Her porcelain work
has never been under $1,340.00 in recent
years! Hurry - most are sold out nationally
and we have just a few left!
“Little Ones”
Ltd. 100 - 9”
Full line available!
These are just some
of our favorites!
Save 20% off suggested retail on any
2002 or prior in stock Plusczok doll
during the show!
Show Special
Save 30% off sugg. retail of
2002 vinyl in stock dolls Katinka
and Hestia! Save 20% off sugg.
retail of in stock 2002 & prior
in stock porcelains!
Show Special!
Save 10%
off suggested
retail on any
in stock 2003
Plusczok vinyl
dolls during
the show!
. . . Award
The "Little Ones" are all
porcelain and a great value!
“Samira” Ltd. 75 - 21 1 2 ” - $450.00 (L)
“Beatrix” Ltd. 95 - 25 1 2 ” $445.00 (C)
“Sylvia” Ltd. 95 - 22 1 4 ” - $445.00 (R)
“Annamie On Safari”
Ltd. 20 - Porc. w/Arm. Cloth Body
24” - $1,950.00
2003 Dolls
Award of
Annamie comes complete with her wooden hand crafted African giraffe. She was
our Dollery favorite this year! Her raw silk outfit is gold and sage green, with a hand
crocheted tee in ivory underneath. Her ivory colored socks are hand embroidered
and she wears brown leather hiking boots.
for a 2003
Doty Award!
“Luisa & Rosie”
Ltd. 120
22ø 1 4 ” - $480.00 Set
“Janina” (L)
Ltd. 75 - 25 1 2 ”
“Julia” (R)
Ltd. 95 - 211 2 ”
Ltd. 20 - Porc. w/Arm. Cloth Body
24” - $1,740.00
Trudene comes complete with her wooden
lamb. She is dressed in mauve raw silk with
pink hand crocheted sweater underneath.
She wears leather shoes and an African
You need to see the dolls in person to see all the hand work done by Berdine and her
family. Her mother hand crochets the beautiful sweaters. Many of the accessories on
her dolls are hand crafted African art from local artists in South Africa. Many of the
dolls even have passports done on beautiful South African parchment paper.
Ltd. 10 - Porc.
with Cloth Body
and Wire Armature
Bl Glass Eyes
Rd Human Hair
30" (Standing)
Not Designed to Sit
A Rare Debut of Stunning New Porcelain Child!
Tom & Andre’ may be appearing.
Call week of show. Will be well represented
with Trunk Show of brand new work.
We are honored to represent these two talented
Canadian artists who have chosen The Dollery
to unveil the majoirity of their new work for
the last seven years. This year they will debut
their only new sculpt in about two years at our
show! We have always done very well with
their lady dolls but their child dolls sell even
faster! Madelaine is exquisite. What a gorgeous doll! In addition to this Tom and Andre’
are working on other surprises for our big
show! Don’t miss this rare opportunity!
Tom began working in wax in the 1980’s
and formed a partnership with Andre’ in
1995. The team normally create only
about two small limited edition porcelains
a year and a couple of one-of-a-kinds in
wax. They work with just a few dealers
worldwide. Due to Tom’s mother’s illness
they were unable to complete any new
work or attend shows including Artists
United’s NY show since 2001. We have
only received one child doll Laura and
one lady costumed by Susan Snodgrass
since 2001. We are thrilled to see this
new sculpt from them! They are working
really hard to get back in the main doll
stream and hope to personally attend the
show with more surprises. They will send
more work even if they can not personally
attend. Welcome back Tom & Andre’!
Madelaine is
stunning in her
victorian style
silk dress
trimmed in
antique lace.
A Unique Sense of Style!
Our admiration for Gerda’s work goes back many years. This artist from the Netherlands was one of the first Dutch artists
to develop clientel in the US. Gerda was a fashion designer and began doll making thirteen years ago. She was introduced
to America in May of 1990 when a major doll magazine ran an article on her. Gerda fills a unique niche in the doll market
with her small and detailed art creations. Her sense of style and design is evident in her work and although her work
continues to evolve there is always a thread of what is truly recognizable as GSR art dolls. Gerda’s eye for detail from the
color combinations and costuming to the hand painted eyes all reflect her endless creativity and own unique personality.
Gerda works in porcelain and generally creates dolls between 4” to 12” inches. We have a love for her oriental dolls.
Gerda’s 11” and 12” inch porcelains range in price from $3,295.00 to $3,500.00. We hope to have one special one for the
show as well as a unique collection of 4” inch one-of-a-kind oriental porcelains reasonably priced around $850.00.
Not appearing but
well represented.
Trunk Show of
Not attending but well represented.
Helen has continued to hand paint her Signature
line completely herself in editions under 100 while
also expanding into larger scale production of Lady
Kish Whimsies at very affordable pricing. Her dolls
range in size from just 5” inches to 16” inches this
year and in price from $60.00 to $599.00 offering
something for every collector!
Low Signature Editions & New Lady Kish Whimsies!
All dolls shown here are vinyl. Call on porcelains!
Signature Edition
The Signature Edition dolls are all low editions under
150 worldwide that are hand-painted by Helen herself!
Queen of the May Collection
Americana Collection
“Belinda” (C)
is a New Sculpt for 2003!
“Little Deer”
Ltd. 100 - 12”
“Jackson” & “Mariah” (L-R)
Ltd. 75 ea. - 16” - $399.00 ea.
Ltd. 75 - 12” - $345.00
Prior Year Editions
Most have been retired by
Kish and are in high
demand. Contact us for
what we have in our
limited inventory including
two Julia Grace
Exclusives from 2002.
In The Future
recently introduced
a 7 1 2” doll which sold out
direct to collectors at a
July show for $65.00. A
new line of 71 2” dolls will
be introduced early 2004.
Be sure to get on our wait
list for information on it
at our show!
Ltd. 75 - 16”
She is the only new
sculpt for 2003 shared
with only the Belinda
doll. The costuming is
completely authentic.
Little Deer is sold out
nationally to dealers. We
originally sold out of our
allocation but were lucky
to get a few more for the
show. Call early!
Lady Kish
“Belle”, “Belinda” & “Bethany”
Ltd. 75 ea. - 12” - $345.00 ea.
Show Special!
Purchase $1,000.00 or more Kish dolls during the show at regular suggested
retail prices and SAVE 10% on your entire order plus get a FREE Kishlet!
Bitty Bethany Collection
The Kishlets Collection
New for 2003!
Lady Kish Whimsies (Bitty
Bethany & the Kishlets) are
mass production dolls limited
to 500 which are very
reasonably priced.
Show Special!
Purchase the set of 3 Bitty
Bethany dolls and SAVE
10% off all three during
the show!
Ltd. 500 ea. - 11” - $98.00 ea.
“Lily” (Br Hr), “Bebe” (Bl Hr) & “Evie” (Rd Hr)
Ltd. 500 ea. - 5” - $60.00 ea.
Available In Blonde, Brunette or Red Head
Bitty clothing packages also avail. for $30.00 ea.
These Kishlets are adorable additions to any
Kish doll or just by themselves!
Brand New
Ltd. 100 - Vinyl - 26”
For every Turner doll
you purchase during
the show you will
receive a free raffle
ticket to win a Turner
doll of Virginia’s
choice! Drawing will
be held at 3pm EST
October 11th. Winners
do not need to be
present to win & will
be notified by phone
by October 13th.
18 Years With The Dollery!
“Cherry Anne” (L)
Ltd. 300 - 26” - $300.00
“Carly” (R)
Ltd. 200 - 24” - $260.00
“India &
Tinkerbelle” (BL)
Ltd. 150 - 31” - $450.00
Affordable American Made Porcelains!
Virginia will be in attendance for the entire show.
American made porcelain is virtually obsolete. Don’t
miss these adorable new angels along with Molly &
Amy! We may have a special exclusive porcelain for
the show as well and other mid-year surprises!
(India avail. Cauc. or
Af. Amer. as shown)
“Edie” (BC)
Ltd. 200 - 26” - $280.00
“Mallory” (BR)
Ltd. 150 - 26” - $320.00
All American
Made Porcelains
in Editions
of 100!
“Molly” & “Amy”
Ltd. 100 Sculpt
Ltd. 40 Theme
20” - $550.00 ea.
“Little Angels” (R)
Ltd. 100 Sculpt
10” - $250.00 ea.
Avail. in Red, Blonde, or
Brown Hair & Blue or
Brown Eyes!
Show Special!
Save 20% off sugg.
retail marked on all
non-show special
in stock Turner
All dolls have glass eyes
and most have mohair wigs. dolls during show.
We thought this year's line was the best we have ever seen from her! She has moved from Rhode Island to Tennessee but
will still be attending the show. These dolls were a handful of our personal favorites! Others will be available at the show!
Dress & romper are
pink floral. Hand
embroidered jacket
on Holly and white
smocked pinafore
with coordinating
flowers on
Rose will be in attendance for the entire show.
“Hannah &
Deluxe Trunk
Ltd. 95 - Trunk:
4 2” H x 7” W
White gown with
bonnet & embroidery
Dolls shown are
resin with cloth
bodies & wire
armature! The
attention to detail
is wonderful!
Six inch dolls
“Hannah” (L)
“Kendra w/Mini Doll”
come with a
Ltd. 95 Sculpt, Ltd. 20 Outfit - 41 2 ”
Ltd. 50 - 41 2 ” Seated
painted wooden
“Holly w/Bunny” (R)
block as
Pink dress with bonnet
Ltd. 50 Sculpt, Ltd. 19 Outfit 6”
their seat.
and doll included.
Ltd. 50 Sculpt, Ltd. 7 Outfit “Tina w/Birthday Hat”
Ltd.50 Sculpt, Ltd. 17 Outfit
“Hannah” - Ltd. 95
41 2 ” Seated - $410.00
12” & 41 2 ” - $710.00 Set
Peach dress, lace pinafore
and upholstered chair
White pinafore dress
and print romper
$610.00 Set (Sold only as set)
Artists Not Appearing But Well Represented
Hundreds of other artists represented. Surprise Doll Sale! Ask for our list. Call for details, availability & information on all dolls below.
Show Special!
Save 20% off
on any 2002 or
prior in stock
doll during
the show!
DOLLS by Merry Meeting
Ltd. 100 - 311 2 ”
“Elly May”
Ltd. 100 - 291 2 ”
Ltd. 250 - 211 2 ”
Ltd. 18 - 29 1 2”
Special Mothers
Day Introduction
“Camilla” &
Goetz Vinyls
Ltd. 750 - V - 25” - $599.00
Show Priced: $499.00
Ltd. 20 ea.
Porc. - 17”
$1,260.00 ea.
“Rose” & “Cathy” (L-R)
Resin - $400.00 ea.
Limited - Call on edition size and height.
First two dolls include special original
miniature baby hand-made by Sybille for free!
These dolls are wonderful!
“Anna Grace” & “Sarah” (L-R)
Ltd. 500 ea. - V - 21” - $198.00 ea.
“Blue Velvet Baby” 21” & “Happy Baby” 22” (L-R)
O/K’s - Prosculpt & Cernit/Stuffed Cloth Body - $1,200.00 Show Priced: $995.00 ea.
Save 10%
off if you
the set of
Amerigo &
during the
Also available Christening Baby (not shown here). Others may be at the show!
Special Announcements
The Dollery Represents the Following Artists & More! Directions
Adora Doll Company
Catherine Anderson
Karen Alderson
Angela & John Barker
Pauline Bjoness-Jacobsen
Joan Blackwood
Stephanie Blythe
Marilyn Bolden
Carol Bowling
Amy Van Boxel
Bets Van Boxel
Jane Bradbury
Anna Abigail Brahms
Cabbage Patch Dolls
Beth Cameron
Stephanie Cauley
Gillie Charlson
Diane Christensen
Bonnie Chyle
Steve & Angela Clark
Rose Coddaire
Corolle Dolls
Berdine Creedy
Edna Dali
Peggy Dey
Eileen Devito
Dear Little Dolly
Pat & Glen East
Effanbee Dolls
Pamela & Eric Erff
Julie Fischer
Tom Francirek
Emily Garthright
Ginny Dolls
Elissa Glassgold
Goebel “Masters Collection”
Joke Grobben
Hanna Goetz
Hildegard Gunzel
Pam Hamel
Flo Hanover
Sonja Hartmann
Phillip Heath
Anne Hieronymus
Annette Himstedt
Bettina F. Hirsch
Maggie Iacono
Diane Keeler
Jacqueline Kent
Linda Kertzman
Helen Kish
Jutta Kisling
Susan Krey
Kathe Kruse
Michael Langton
Elisabeth Lindner
Wendy Lawton
Nadine Leepinlausky
Ute Kase Lepp
Debra Lynn
Madame Alexander
Magic Attic
Rebecca Major
Michelle Malpica
Linda Mason
Merry Meeting
Jan McLean
Gwen McNeil
Lee Middleton
Pauline Middleton
Lorna Miller Sands
Monica Montoya
Jaunita Montoya
Pat Moulton
Madeline Neil-St.Clair
Sarah Niemela
Maryanne Oldenburg
Andre Oliveira
Phyllis Parkins
Amelia Pastor
Beatrice Perini
Heidi Plusczok
Gabe Rademann
Peggy Ann Ridley
Gerda SchaarmanRijsdijk
Sybille Sauer
Reva Schick
Vera Scholz
Audrey Swarz
Jeanne Singer
Sissel B. Skille
Susan Snodgrass
Wiltrud Stein
Marilyn Stivers
Lulu Tatum
Carla Thompson
Ann Timmerman
Robert Tonner
Ruth Treffeisen
Diane Troutman
Virginia Turner
Barbara Vogel
Annie Wahl
Susan Wakeen
Vickie Walker
Sylvia Weser
Nicole West
Jamie Williamson
Peter Wolfe
R. John Wright
Zapf Dolls
Pre-Order Any Doll In Catalogue Prior To The Show! Yes, you may
pre-order any doll in this catalogue prior to the show. There has been some confusion on
this in the past. A non-refundable reservation deposit and/or sometimes balance in full
may be due depending on the doll of your choice. One-of-a-kind show dolls are final
sales. This is a sampling of what we will have at the show. We will have many other
surprise dolls from attending artists at the “live” and on the “on-line show” which will be
available to order only after the show begins. Questions? Call 781-447-6677 (In MA) or
800-447-DOLL (Outside MA in the Continental USA).
Visit For Our 6th Annual On-Line Show Beginning Friday Oct. 10th Through October 11th, 12th & 13th! A preview
of pieces will begin to be posted on the site beginning Friday Oct. 10th at 6 pm. We will
accept phone orders on a first come first serve basis beginning at 8 pm Friday Oct. 10th.
You may also send email orders but we can not guarantee we will be able to process your
orders as it is extremely busy so it is best to call it in. We plan to have live full motion
artist video up of the artists by Sunday the 12th at 12 pm. We may have video clips up
sooner. We may also post surprise additions to our on-line show on Saturday Oct. 11th so
be sure to stay tuned in all weekend! Preferred customers – It is still always best to come
to the show if you are able on Friday night as pieces will be sold on a first come, first
serve basis between 7-10 pm and we can not guarantee we will have all the pieces on-line
for that evening. You are also guaranteed if you are in attendance first choice between 7-8
pm prior to the phone lines opening. Call regarding our interactive CD Rom highlighting
the show with high resolution color photographs and live artist video!
THE DOLLERY at The Merry Christmas Shoppe is conveniently
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and then continue as above.
Lodging We will be happy to assist you with your lodging requirements. For
further information, call 781-447-6677 Ext. 15 to request a lodging list or visit for a full listing of hotels from Boston to Cape Cod.
Ordering Procedures
Phone Orders Call 800-447-DOLL (Only available Outside Ma in Continental
USA) or 781-447-6677 (In Ma). Dial Ext. 15 for “THE DOLLERY” or Ext. 0 for
the main sales floor at any time during your call. All orders will be shipped as soon
as possible. Should there be any unusual delays, you will receive notification.
Phone Inquiries Call 781-447-6677. Dial Ext. 15 for “THE DOLLERY” or Ext. 0
for the main Sales floor any time during your call. Our staff will gladly assist you.
Layaway Procedure Merchandise in excess of $100.00 may be placed on
Layaway for a period of up to 90 days. A deposit of 25% may be placed on MC,
VISA, DISCOVER, or AMERICAN EXPRESS and an additional 25% will be
charged to the usable Credit Card every 30 days until paid in full. LAYAWAYS
7 DAYS OF INITIAL DEPOSIT. In the event that a Layaway is cancelled within 7
days of initial deposit, a $10.00 administrative fee will be charged and the deposit
will be refunded. We want your business! In some cases we will extend layaway.
Ask a sales representative what we can do for you!
Special Orders Merchandise in excess of $100.00 requires a “Reservation”
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100%. Upon notification of merchandise availability - the total balance is due with
cancelled for refund, exchange or credit after 3 days of initial deposit. If the item is
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email in your vote for favorite artist, doll and a number of other categories from this year’s
21st show. We will also take votes at the store show which will be combined with these. We
will announce THE DOLLERY 21st annual winners at our artist banquet Saturday night.
We will draw one lucky participants name on Sunday Oct. 12th who will WIN A FREE
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Celebrate 21 Years With The Dollery During Show & Year Round!
The show history section of our on-line show will once again feature video clips and photos
of attending artists thru the last 21 years of shows. There is also a time-line of attending
artists listed. Don't miss your favorite artists when they first started out! Our 2002 photos
and video have been added to this years 2003 on-line show. Visit our site year round! We
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Show Disclaimer THE DOLLERY and the Merry Christmas Shoppe reserve the
right to change any published price that may be incorrectly printed in this newsletter at
any time. Artists listed have verbally agreed to attend this show on Fri. Oct. 10th 7pm 10pm (open to Preferred Customers by invitation only). Public Show: Sat. Oct. 11th 10am3pm barring any emergencies; however, we are subject to artists changes. Each artist is
listed as to when they are planning to attend. Call the day of the show to confirm attendance. Artists previously advertised in ads which are not attending or participating are:
Rebecca Major - we may receive a piece but doesn’t plan to attend due to her busy schedule. Ruth Treffeisen and the representative for Heidi Plusczok will not be attending. We
will show the full Plusczok line and possibly a trunk show from Treffeisen. Bonnie Chyle
we will have some work avail. but may or may not have new 2003 dolls. We apologize for
these changes which were not brought to our attention until mid August 2003. Sat. Oct.
11th 3pm-6pm, Sun. Oct. 12th 12pm-5pm & Mon. Oct. 13th 12pm-5pm are Dolls
Only Show dates this year. We will also continue the on-line show these days.
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on your “current” status. All rights reserved by the The Merry Christmas Shoppe.
“Satine” & “Elise” (L-R)
If you are
in Jan’s original
small limited
editions (not
shown) please
call or e-mail us!
JAN McLEAN Her Best Line In Years!
Ltd. 500 ea. - Porc.
26” - $379.00 ea.
Not appearing but well represented.
We felt this year’s line was just spectacular! The porcelains are back this year
and their edition sizes are under 500 (other then the Lollipops and the 15”
inch dolls). These editions are significantly lower then previous
years! Don’t miss Belle I and Belle II along with the new French
Floozies Elise and Satine our Dollery favorites!
Smaller Edition
“Belle II” & “Belle I”
Ltd. 494 ea. - Porc.
32” - $595.00 ea.
both 2003
Lollipops and
SAVE 10%
on both
during the
“Felicity” (R)
Ltd. 494 - Porc.
16” Seated - $425.00
Ltd. 1,500 ea. - Porc.
15” - $125.00 ea.
“Nellie II” &
“Lilly II”
Ltd. 3,000 ea.
Porc. - 26”
$225.00 ea.
The vinyl
editions are
really low all under
Last year we were honored to have this
international success attend our doll show
all the way from New Zealand! She really
needs no introduction to most avid doll
collectors as her widely sought after dolls
have been receiving international awards
since 1991. Her small limited edition
original work continues to attract the most
discerning doll collectors worldwide.
“Milly”, “Molly” &
“Mandy” (L-R)
“Ally from
Auckland” &
“Neena from
New York”
Call on
Lollipops 1-6
(not shown)
All New 32”
Ltd. 500 ea.
V - 14” Seated
(27” if could stand)
$350.00 ea.
to 500
Hip New Vinyls!
“Nessie” &
Ltd. 494 ea. - V
33” - $425.00 ea.
“Nancy” (C)
A few years ago Jan decided
to make her dolls more
accessible and affordable. She
began to design and mold her
yearly collection of prototypes
in her studio and then had them
produced in larger numbers.
Collectors can be assured that Jan’s
reputation for superb quality and
design has been maintained.
Ltd. 494 - V
16” Seated
(31” if could stand)
Ltd. 494 - V
28” - $375.00
Ltd. 494 - V
28” - $299.00
“Lizzie” & “Maggie” (L-R)
Ltd. 494 ea. - V - $375.00 ea.
In vinyl,
Maggie &
Maura are
this year!
for Fine
Fine Collectible
Collectible Dolls
The Dollery at the Merry Christmas Shoppe
785 Bedford Street (Rt. 18) . Whitman, MA 02382
(781) 447-6677 . (800) 447-DOLL (Outside MA) .
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