Brute Fire Power Players Pack



Brute Fire Power Players Pack
Tank Shock
(The Renegade Foundries)
Brute Fire Power
Players Pack
Warhammer 40k
Army Composition
• Army’s are to be 1250pts, and may use up to two codex’s, and up to two CAD’s. This limit includes any
demons you summon. (For example Space Marines, and Guard that summon Daemons is a no go as that
is three codex’s)
• Players MUST use the same army list throughout the tournament.
• Codices or supplements that are released prior to May 5, 2016 will be allowed in this event. Apocalypse
War Zone supplements, Apocalypse Formations, Forge World army lists and material from the Horus
Heresy books WILL NOT be allowed in this event.
• Fortifications are allowed in this event and will use the updated rules presented in Stronghold Assault.
Massive Fortifications are NOT allowed. Each army may only contain a maximum of one (1)
Fortification regardless of how many might be available from various Detachments.
• Lords of War are allowed in this event. Each army may only contain a maximum of one (1) Lord of War
regardless of how many might be available from various Detachments, which must be bought from the
army's points total as normal, and may not make up more than 33% of the army's total points cost.
• A printed army list is required for the judges and each of your opponents (minimum of 4 copies required).
Each army list MUST contain the following details: Player Name, the name of each Detachment
(Combined Arms Detachment, Nemesis Strike Force, Wrecker Node, etc.), the units included in each
Detachment, the Faction of each Detachment, and which Detachment is considered your Primary
Detachment (may be any non-Allied Detachment and must contain your Warlord.) Army lists are to be
emailed to [email protected] prior to 1 June 2016.
• There is no painting requirement for this event.
• The Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Rules and all relevant Games Workshop Errata and FAQs will be used.
In the case of a conflict between a printed and digital versions, the most recent update or FAQ will take
• If illegal units or rules violations are found in a player's list, at a minimum, the models in violation will be
removed from all subsequent play.
• Tournament Judges' rulings are final and arguments or poor conduct by players will not be tolerated.
All players will play three 1.5 hour games.
In order to keep the tournament running on schedule, several warnings will be issued as time runs
out. Players should continue to start new game/player turns until the final five (5) minute warning.
After the five (5) minute warning has been announced, NO additional game turns shall be started –
there will be no exceptions! If the current game turn has not been completed when 2 hours expired,
the game will be afforded a grace period in order to finish out the current game turn. This grace
period will extend into the break periods and should be reconciled as quickly as possible. The judges
reserve the right to end any game that is taking too long to resolve.
All missions will use the Variable Game Length rule.
Scenarios will be selected 7th edition rule book.
Pairings for the first round game will be randomly determined. Subsequent games will be
seeded by Battle Points first and then randomly within those divisions.
Scoring Summery
Crushing Victory If you won your game by more than 7 victory points, or if your apponen was compley wiped out of
conceded the game award yourself 7 extra Victory Points.
Victory – If you won your game by 7 or fewer Victory Points and your opponent was not completely whipped our or
concede the game, award yourself 5 extra Victory Points
Draw – If your game was a draw, award yourself 3 extra Victory Points
Defeat – If you lost your game award yourself 2 extra Victory Points
Crushing Defeat – If you lost your game by more than 7 Victory Points, award yourself 1 extra Victory Point.
1st Place - $100 gift card
2nd Place - $50 gift card
3rd Place $25 gift card
Warhammer 40K Set Up Sheet
Army Lists: Both players exchange copies of their army lists.
Note Deployment Zone: Note which deployment map will be used in the current mission.
Define Terrain: Make sure both players understand and are in agreement on how each terrain
piece will be handled. This includes rules for movement, line of sight, cover saves, etc.
Place Objective Markers: Missions that use Objective Markers will contain details on how
many need to be placed and any special instructions for how to place them on the battlefield.
Unless specified otherwise, players roll-off to see who will place the first marker, then alternate
placing the remaining markers. Objective markers may not be placed within 6” of a battlefield
edge, 12” of another Objective Marker, or on Impassable Terrain.
Assign Deployment Zones: Players roll-off. The winner chooses their deployment zone.
Warlord Traits/Psychic Powers/Before the Game Begins Abilities: Players generate their
Warlord Trait, psychic powers, and any other abilities that need to be rolled for “before the
game begins”. A player may generate these abilities in any order they wish.
Night Fight: Roll to see if Night Fighting is in effect for this game.
Deploy Armies: Players roll-off. The winner chooses whether they will deploy first or second.
The player deploying first then deploys their army in their deployment zone, declaring which (if
any) of their units will be held in Reserve and how those Reserve units will be entering the
battlefield. The player deploying second then repeats this process for their army.
Deploy Infiltrators: Players with Infiltrators may deploy them. If both players have Infiltrators,
roll- off and the winner chooses which player will deploy a unit of infiltrators first, alternating
deployments after that.
10. Redeploy Scouts: Players with Scout units may make their Scout redeployments. If both
players have Scouts, roll-off and the winner chooses which player will redeploy a unit with
Scout first, alternating redeployments after that.
11. First Turn: The player that deployed first can choose to take the first or second turn. If they
decide to take the first turn, their opponent can attempt to Seize the Initiative.
Note: If your opponent has a unit with the Super-heavy or Gargantuan Creature special
rule in their army, and you do not, you may add +1 to your Seize the Initiative roll.