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2010 - 2011
See page 7 for this fun greeting card by W. DeWitt
© 2009
Greetings from Sylvia Woods . . .
How does that old saying go? “The only thing constant in life is change,”
or, in my case, returning full circle. When I started my harp business over 30
years ago, I was selling harps out of my tiny house in Glendale. After I wrote
my Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp book, I created a mail order catalog
and began shipping products out of my spare bedroom. I eventually moved to
a larger house, and ran the mail order business out of a guest house in the back,
selling harps in my living room. This was the way my business ran for over 15
years. In 1992 we opened our Glendale retail store, and once again, my house
was just a house! Two years ago, we moved the store to a smaller location in La Crescenta. And
now, at the end of July, 2010, we moved again. My business has now gone full circle, and I'm
returning to my roots. Once again, I'm running my harp business from my home. My living room
and dining room are now the harp showroom, and the mail order business is in my guest house.
WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: 99% of our customers did not even notice the change.
We continue to take your orders through our website and over the phone, and provide you with
our stellar customer service. You can contact us by phone or email with any questions you may
have. You can still make an appointment to come and see and try out the harps. You'll just be coming to my house, instead of a storefront. And you'll get personal one-on-one service directly from
me! I'll be happy to help you pick out the best harp for you. (See page 3 for more information.)
Having a retail storefront for almost 20 years has been an amazing experience. I cherish the
friendships I have made with customers who have been regular visitors to my store. I hope that
all of you will help me embrace this change, and allow me to continue to fulfill all of your harp
wants and needs. The economy has effected us all in different ways. With a vast majority of our
orders coming through the Internet, these changes will allow me to continue to service the worldwide harp community for many years to come. Change is never easy for any of us. But I hope I'll
continue to have your business and your support as I return to my roots to give you the best harp
customer service on the planet!
And now, on to other fun subjects! We’ve been getting great feedback from customers who
have taken advantage of our “Harp Essentials” program when they purchased their new harps
from us. See page 20 or go to for details on this wonderful
opportunity to save 20% on items such as benches, electronic tuners, extra strings, music stands
and more, with your next harp purchase!
Our e-mail newsletter includes money-saving coupons for use on our website, along with news
and product information. You can sign up to receive this fun monthly e-mail newsletter through
the subscribe box in the right-hand column of our website.
Don’t know what to buy for that special harpist? How about a handy Harp Center E-Gift
Certificate! You can purchase and redeem them on our website. We’ll e-mail the certificate number to the recipient along with a personal note from you! Then they can use your generous gift to
purchase anything on our website. See for more information.
As always, when you order from the Sylvia Woods Harp Center, we make every effort to get
your order out to you as quickly and accurately as possible. On business days, most orders are
shipped within 24 hours. Our products come with a money-back guarantee (see page 110 for
more information).
The easiest way to order is through our website. Because many prices and
products change during the year, some of the items in this annual catalog may be out of date
before our next catalog. Our website always has the most current prices, products, and shipping
information, and shows you our most recent product additions.
Winston Churchill once said, “to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” We
may have changed our location, but we’re still here to serve all your harp needs, and plan to continue for a very long time! You can still place your order by phone or on our web site. You can
still make an appointment with me to come to see our harps. And . . . you'll still get our amazing,
personalized Sylvia Woods Harp Center service that you love!
Sylvia Woods
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Sylvia Woods Harp Center
Harp Showroom
Open by appointment in
La Crescenta, California.
Call to make an appointment
with Sylvia Woods
and to get directions.
(818) 956-1363
The Sylvia Woods Harp Center Harp Showroom is now located in Sylvia’s home in
La Crescenta, California, just north of downtown Los Angeles. (See page 2 for more
information.) Please call to make an appointment with Sylvia Woods to see, hear,
and try out the harps. She’ll be happy to personally assist you and help you pick out
the perfect harp for you. We’ll give you our address and directions when we make
your appointment. We have a selection of harps by Dusty Strings, the Harpsicle
Harp Company, and the Triplett Christina harp. You can also order these harps from
Sylvia over the phone.
All of our other stellar products such as strings, books, CDs, accessories, and gift
items can be ordered through our website or by phone at (800)
272-4277 or (818) 956-1363.
FREE “I’ve Always Wanted To Play The Harp” Workshops
On selected Saturday mornings Sylvia presents FREE workshops for people who have “Always
Wanted to Play the Harp.” Come find out how harps work, and learn to play a simple tune. Go
to for more information, and call us to make a reservation.
Table of Contents
Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 - 5
Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 - 8
CDs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 - 19
Harps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 - 28
Harps by Dusty Strings . . . . . . . .22 - 26
Triplett Christina Harp . . . . . . . . . . . .27
Harpsicle Harps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28
Harp Strings & Tuning Keys . . . . . . . 29
Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 - 33
History and Non-Music Books . . 34 - 35
Order Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Music Books . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 - 77
Books by Sylvia Woods . . . . . . .48 - 56
Pedal Harp Music Books . . . . . 73 - 77
Our Guarantee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78
How to Order . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79
We offer many of our books and sheet music as PDF (E-book)
downloads through our website. Save time and money by taking
advantage of this innovative and efficient way to order music.
How does this work? Once you place your order on our website,
you’ll receive an e-mail from us with a link to your downloads.
Just click on the link and print the music on your printer attached
to your computer. It is quick and easy! You’ll get your music
immediately, and there are no shipping charges!
Visit w w w. h a r p c e n t e r. c o m / P D F to see what music is currently available for
download. We’ll be adding more music in the coming months, so check back often!
See color photos of products & order from our website at
Harp Jewelry
Sterling Irish
Charm and
Our delicate sterling
silver harp jewelry will
bring out your “inner Celt.” The 3/4" tall harps
have the same design on both the front and the
back, and hang gracefully from the shepherd'scrook earrings. The charm has a jump ring,
ready to hang on your favorite chain. (Chain
not included.) Save $2 when you buy the set.
Sterling Silver Brian
Boru Jewelry
This exquisite sterling silver
Celtic jewelry from Ireland is
inspired by the historic Brian
Boru harp.
The harp on the necklace is about 5/8" tall, on
a lightweight 18" chain (included).
#8488J Brian Boru Necklace $27.95
The Brian Boru harp stud earrings
for pierced ears are a bit larger
than the ones we sold previously,
but they are still less than ½" tall.
#8411C Silver Irish Harp Charm $12.95
#8412E Silver Irish Harp Earrings $17.95
#8410S Silver Irish Harp Charm and
Earring Set $28.90
Silver Necklace by Luzma
This stunning sterling silver necklace was
designed by Luzma Ortiz, the wife of harpist
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz. It has a
unique design: the chain slides
through a channel behind the
neck of the harp, so it looks it
is floating. The sides and top of
the harp are decorated with a
mosaic motif. The 1" tall harp
weighs 1/2 oz., and comes on
an 18" sterling silver chain.
#8418N Luzma 18" Necklace $48.95
#8487J Tiny Silver Brian
Boru Stud Earrings $17.95
Save $2 when you purchase the necklace and
stud earrings together as a set.
#8482S Necklace & Stud Set $43.90
Sterling Pedal Harp Jewelry with
Black Swarovski Crystal
Our elegant, 3-dimensional, sterling silver pedal harp hangs
gracefully below a faceted black
Swarovski crystal bead. The 1"
tall harp has fine detail on both
front and back. The earrings are
shepherd’s-crook. The necklace
includes an 18"
sterling chain.
Cloisonne Earrings
The bronze and black
harps on these shepherd’s-cook earrings for
pierced ears are 11/4" tall.
#8457E Cloisonne
Earrings $9.95
#8432N Sterling Pedal
Harp Necklace $25.95
#8431E Sterling Pedal
Harp Earrings $17.95
#8430S Sterling Pedal
Harp Necklace and
Earring Set $39.95
Pedal Harp Jewelry
Add sparkle to your wardrobe at an
affordable price with this fun goldtone or silver-tone jewelry. The
pedal harps on the earrings (for
pierced ears) are 3/4" tall and each
include 5 tiny rhinestones. The necklace harp is 1" tall
with 12 rhinestones, on a 16" chain. The set saves $2.
#8492J Gold-Tone Earrings $6.95
#8496J Gold-Tone Necklace $8.95
#8496S Gold-Tone Necklace and Earrings Set $13.90
#8491J Silver-Tone Earrings $6.95
#8497J Silver-Tone Necklace $8.95
#8497S Silver-Tone Necklace and Earrings Set $13.90
Gold- and
This glittering
1½" gold-tone
and silver-tone
pedal harp pin
will add sparkle
to any outfit. It
goes well with the gold-tone
or silver-tone earrings and
necklaces shown on left.
#8492P Gold-Tone Harp
Pin $13.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
#8493J O’Carolan’s Cross $33.95
Harp Pencils
8 Pedal Harp Pencils. These colorful
#2 black lead pencils each have 5
pedal harps printed on them with
black ink. We'll choose from a variety
of bright colors for your set of 8.
#8888P 8 Pedal Harp Pencils
Harp Gifts
Sterling Silver Cross
Outside the tiny town of Keadue,
Ireland, is a monument to the
beloved harp player Turlough
O’Carolan (1670 - 1738). This
stunning sterling silver cross is a
replica of the stone cross which
graces the monument. It is 13/4" high, weighs
about 1/2 ounce, and can be worn as a necklace (chain not included).
Harp Socks
Make a fashion statement
with our fun Sylvia Woods
Harp Center socks! These
heavyweight denim-blue
socks feature flying angels with
harps. Made in the USA of 75% hibulk acrylic & 25% stretch nylon, our
crew socks fit women with shoe sizes
6-10. The high-bulk ring-spun acrylic
yarn has characteristics of both wool
and cotton to help your feet breathe
and wick away perspiration, preventing athlete’s foot and blisters.
Machine wash / tumble dry. Have
happy, harpy toes with our cozy,
thick denim-blue socks!
#8618S Angel Socks $6.95
8 Mood Pencils. Flash back to the
70's with our fun "mood" pencils. The
temperature sensitive coating lightens
in hue where your fingers touch the
pencil. They come in a variety of 5
happy neon colors with #2 black lead
& a black eraser. These pencils (not
shown here) are a Harp Center exclusive, and feature the lever harps from
our logo. We'll put together a variety of
colors for your set of 8 pencils.
Cookie Cutter
Sweeten your next recital or party
with harp-shaped cookies. Use
your favorite sugar cookie
recipe and add icing strings
and decorations! This heavyduty copper cookie cutter is 1"
deep and makes 6" tall cookies.
#8443C Cookie Cutter $16.95
#8000P Set of 8 Mood Pencils $3.95
Rubber Harp Magnet
This flexible black rubber magnet, in the shape of a pedal harp, is 3" tall. The design is
raised, and painted a silver-gray. Let it brighten your fridge, and remind you to practice!
These magnets are great gifts for students, so you get a discount when you buy 6!
#8107M Harp Magnet $1.25
#8106M 6 Harp Magnets $6.90
Angel of Harmony
Shopping Bags
Add a heavenly touch to your home
decor with our fine porcelain Angel
of Harmony ornament and figurine.
These lovely angels are elegantly
dressed in pristine white, with
accents of sparkling silver. The
harps have a hint of a tan/peach
hue. The 4" tall ornament stands
on its own, and has a
silver ribbon for hanging. The stately 12"
tall figurine is now on
sale at $3 off, while
supplies last.
Our shopping bags are teal in color, but they
are environmentally “green!” They are made
from durable non-woven polypropylene
which is strong, lightweight, non-allergenic,
& water repellent. Each bag has 2 handles
and is 12.5" high, 12" wide, and a roomy 8"
deep: large enough to hold the equivalent of
3 plastic grocery bags. It folds flat, and has
a removable stabilizing
base. Our attractive logo
is silkscreened in black
ink on one side. You can
use this bright teal bag
for groceries, harp books
and supplies, or anything
you need to carry.
#8537O Angel
Ornament $5.95
#8538F Angel
Figurine $24.95 $21.95
#tbag Shopping Bag
See color photos of our products on our website at
Harp Gifts
Harp with Crystals
This lovely 24K gold-plated
harp has 6 sparkling Austrian
crystals of varying sizes on
each side, plus a small crystal
on the top. It stands on its
own, or you can hang it as an
ornament. 41/4" tall.
#8364H Harp with Crystals $14.95
Irish Tea Towel
This lovely dark green
and white tea towel is
woven in No. Ireland of
57% linen / 43% cotton
jacquard. The squares
show Celtic crosses,
harps, and other Irish
designs. Its ample 20"
x 30" size is perfect for
drying dishes, accompanying your tea service, or as a wall hanging.
Carry your music in
style with our spacious 16" x 12" x 4"
The front flap with double clasp closures has
an ample zippered pocket, and opens to reveal
a handy organizer to hold your cell phone, pencils, credit cards, and other items. The roomy
inside zippered section and large inner pocket
are big enough for lots of music and notebooks.
Constructed of durable Denier Polyester, it has
a comfortable non-slip adjustable shoulder
strap with detachable cell phone pocket, and a
durable leather handle. Artwork from Sylvia’s
Harp of Brandiswhiere has been silkscreened
in teal ink on the front. The suggested retail
price is $29.95, but our price is only $23.95.
#8361T Music Briefcase $23.95
Porcelain Ornament
#8642T Irish Tea Towel $9.95
Our delicate 31/2" porcelain harp
or nament is adorned with
gold-painted strings, sprigs of
holly, and a golden cord for
Crystal Nail Manicure Files
Our exclusive crystal glass nail files have a teal
blue harp painted on the handle, and are marvelous for harpists (or for anyone!). The small
31/2" file is perfect for tucking in a purse, gig bag,
or harp case. The medium 51/2" file is ideal for
home manicures. These sturdy manicure files
are guaranteed never to wear out or wear
down, and can be used on natural and artificial
nails. The ultra smooth surface reduces
chipping, peeling and splitting, and won’t
harm delicate skin. Sanitize your file by
simply rinsing it under a faucet. Although
they are not guaranteed against breakage, they are tempered, hardened and
100% stronger than normal glass. Each
file comes in a protective plastic sheath
and makes a great gift!
#8131F Small Nail File $7.95
#8132F Medium Nail File $9.95
#8130S Set of 2 Nail Files $15.95
(1 Small and 1 Medium)
#8469O Porcelain
Ornament $7.95
Tempo Tape
Tempo Tape is removable,
transparent "highlighter
tape." Use it to highlight
lever or pedal changes,
dynamics, fingerings, or anything else in your
music. Once you no longer need the reminder,
the tape removes easily, and leaves no residue
on your music. You can even write on the tape.
Our 3-pack includes yellow, pink, and green -all chosen for their superior transparency. Each
dispenser holds over 8 yards of about 1/2" wide
tape. Tempo Tape has many uses: is also great
for marking knitting and cross-stitch patterns.
#8546T Tempo Tape 3-Pack $6.95
Bookmarks or Ornaments
Key Ring
These flat, lightweight, exquisitely detailed
metal bookmarks or ornaments are plated
with 24K gold & include a short ribbon.
This handy brass
key ring has a
twist clasp so you
can easily add or
remove the keys.
The pedal harp is
21/4" tall.
 This fancy lady plays a harmonic
on her golden harp! About 23/4" tall.
#8472K Golden Lady Bookmark
The pedal harp is about 3" tall.
#8473K Golden Harp Bookmark $5.95
#8459K Brass
Key Ring $6.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Greeting Cards
Our greeting cards are blank inside for your message.
See color images at
King David plays a harp on
this multi-colored stained
glass church window. This
card is suitable
for Christmas or any occasion.
Four 5"x 7" cards with envelopes.
#8194G 4 King David Cards $10.95
The front of this midnight
blue card says “Seasons
Greetings” and features
artist Karyn Lewis’ red-clad
angel with harp. Four 5"x 7"
cards with envelopes.
#8195G 4 Angel
Cards $10.95
The angel in this vintage image is dressed in
green, on a light blue background. This lovely
card is suitable for
Christmas or any
occasion. Four 5"x 7"
cards with envelopes.
#8193G 4 Green
These black and white
cards feature Suzanne
Guldimann’s artwork from
her Cold December Winds
book (see page 58). They
are perfect for Christmas or
other times. Ten 5" x 7"
cards with envelopes.
#8261G 10 Cold
December Winds Cards
Suzanne Guldimann’s fullcolor cards depict a winter
forest scene. The harpist
wears a garland of green
leaves, and her dress
blends into the snowy
clearing. For Christmas or
other times. Six 5" x 7"
cards with envelopes.
#8264G 6 Winter Harp
Song Cards $11.95
See all of our cards in color at
We never knew that
giraffes could play the
harp, but this one has great
technique! This whimsical
artwork by W. DeWitt is shown on our cover.
The card is in shades of brown,
orange, and black. Four 5"x 7" cards
with envelopes.
#8191G 4 Giraffe Cards $9.95
The famous “Lady with a
Harp” portrait of Eliza
Ridgely, a Baltimore heiress,
was painted by Thomas
Sully in 1818, and hangs in
the National Gallery of Art.
Four 5"x 7" cards
with envelopes.
#8192G 4
Portrait Cards
These beautiful cards
show the color artwork by
Steve Duglas from the
cover of Sylvia’s Harp of
Brandiswhiere (see pages
16 and 51). Ten 5" x 7"
cards with envelopes.
#8253G 10
Brandiswhiere Cards
Raphael Kirchner
We offer 2 cards with art by
Raphael Kirchner, circa 1900,
reproduced by Pleiades Press.
The harp and the harpist's
attire accents are gold, and the
rest of this postcard is in
shades of brown and ivory.
The back of the card is for your
message and the mailing address. Ten 3½" x
5½" postcards. (No envelopes)
#8246G 10 Golden Postcards $7.95
This unique greeting card
features a harp-playing angel
on the front, and an angel
with a flute on the back. The
background is washed in
golds and browns, the redheaded angels are dressed
in blue and green, with gold
accents. Six 5" x 7" cards with envelopes.
#8252G 6 Kirchner Angel Cards $10.95
See color photos of products & order from our website at
Music Notation and Lesson Supplies
Music Manuscript Paper
Our deluxe tear-off pad of music manuscript
paper has a firm cardboard backing for easy
writing, and is punched to fit ring binders. There
are 32 sheets (64 pages) printed on both sides;
12 staves per page; 8½" x 11".
#8124P Music Manuscript Paper $3.95
Music Lesson Books
These 24 page “blank” books are very useful
for music teachers and students. The left-hand
pages are lined for writing lesson instructions
(repertoire, practice times, etc.), and the righthand pages have 8 music staff lines for notating exercises, musical passages, etc. These
books are 7½" x 8½" with the Sylvia Woods
Harp Center Logo on the cover.
#7011B Music Lesson Book $1.50
#7010B 10 Lesson Books $10.95
Moleskine Pocket
Music Notebook
Notate your musical inspirations in this sturdy
pocket-sized (3½" x 5½") Moleskine notebook.
It includes 192 pages (96 leaves) of acid-free
double-sided music manuscript paper with 8
staves per page. The black cardboard bound
cover with rounded corners has an elastic closure to protect the thread-bound pages. Other
special features include an expandable inner
pocket and a bound-in ribbon placeholder. Join
creative luminaries such as Hemingway, Van
Gogh, and Picasso, who have made
Moleskine notebooks legendary.
Never be without a place to jot down
your musical thoughts again!
#8635B Moleskine Pocket
Music Notebook $11.95
Learning to Read Music
Music Theory Software
This interactive computer software is
a fun and exciting new approach to
learning the basics of music reading &
music theory. It introduces concepts
through concise lessons, with short exercises, ear
training activities, and reviews. The lessons use
various games which are easy for children to follow, yet mature enough for adults to enjoy. Each
part ends with an ear training section and a review.
It also includes an interactive glossary of musical
terms. With its animated examples & narration,
this software adds extra fun to the process of
learning music. Subjects include: staff notes and
pitches, treble and bass clefs, time and key signatures, tempo marks, articulation, scales, circle of
fifths, triads, intervals, inversions, major and minor
chords, figured bass, modes, arpeggiated accompaniments, passing and neighboring tones, blues
scale, harmonizing and composing a melody, and
basic forms of music. Works with Windows or Mac.
Software cannot be returned if opened.
Our large, 3" x 6" deluxe flash
cards show both the treble and
bass clef on the same card.
These 120 flash cards will help
you learn and review basic
musical symbols, all the notes
from 2 octaves below middle C
through 2 octaves above, and rhythm patterns in
4/4 and 3/4 time.
Learn to read music the fun way! The
award winning "Crazy 8ths" musical card
game lets you play popular card games
by reading notes rather than numbers.
Whether you're learning to read music,
reviewing, or simply having fun, "Crazy
8ths" works well for everyone. Included is
a deck of 56 musical cards and an illustrated 28-page booklet of rules for 10 different games (including 2 games of solitaire) in an attractive outer box. The
youngest beginners can master Go Fish
and Old Maid, while more advanced students love the fast and furious fun of
Crazy 8ths, Spoons and I Doubt It. With
the included “cheat sheet” card, any parent or grandparent can give their young
musician encouragement and support by
playing with them. Using "Crazy 8ths" at
home or in the studio or classroom has
proven to be more effective than traditional flash cards by making learning FUN!
#8108F Deluxe Flash Cards $4.95
#8125G Crazy 8ths Cards $9.95
#8343S Music Theory - CD Rom $59.95
Music Flash Cards
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Lullabies and CDs for Kids of All Ages
This recording of popular
music by harpist Ellie
Choate is perfect for any
relaxing time, and for adults as well as children.
It includes Disney themes, Lennon and
McCartney selections, traditional tunes, and
Satie’s Gymnopedie. See page 13 for another
CD of popular music by Ellie.
#2519D Tender Shepherd CD $15.95
#3218D Play For Baby CD $15.95
Play For Baby
Tender Shepherd
Tender Shepherd is subtitled “Lullabies and
airs for all the ages performed on Celtic harp.”
Kim Robertson plays melodies for quiet times,
bringing her special touch to favorites old and
new from around the world. Besides harp,
some of the tracks include violin, viola, cello,
vibraphone, and mandolin. See page 63 for the
book containing most of these songs.
Life Is but a Dream: Sweet Harp Lullabies for the Wee Ones
All of the classic, familiar melodies on this calming CD by Lisa Lynne are played simply on the
harp, creating a gentle, soothing atmosphere. Some tracks include glockenspiel and other soft
instruments. Includes Rock-a-bye Baby; Brahms’ Lullaby; This Old Man; Hush, Little Baby; Over
the Rainbow; Ode to Joy; You Are My Sunshine; Kumbaya; Edelweiss; All
Through the Night; Aura Lee; Ash Grove; Wonderful World; and more.
#2662D Life Is but a Dream CD $14.95
Baby Shower Gift Pack: Save 10% on this perfect gift for a new baby. Our gift pack includes
the 3 lullaby recordings listed above: Tender Shepherd, Play for Baby, and Life Is but a Dream.
#2923D Baby Shower CD Gift Pack - 3 CDs $41.95
Soothing Recordings by Lisa Lynne
Relaxing Music
Lisa Lynne
Hopes and Dreams: As the creator of a very special music
program developed at the City of Hope Cancer Center in
Duarte, California, Lisa teaches patients and staff to play
the harp, and also plays in the wards. Her inspiration for
this dreamy, ethereal recording came out of her many
close and memorable encounters with patients. The
instrumentation includes Celtic harp, dulcimer, world
flutes, acoustic guitar, cello, and magical bells and
chimes. This CD is ideal for the mellow times of your life.
#2667D Hopes and Dreams CD $14.95
Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne
Two Worlds One is a collaboration of two talented harpplaying multi-instrumentalists: Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa
Lynne. They combine a unique blend of traditional folk,
world, and original music styles with Celtic harps, viola,
mandolins, bouzouki and nyckelharpa (a rare traditional
Includes Aran Boat Song, Gone
Away, The Selkie, Morning Star,
Circle of Joy, Spirit Dance, Walk
with Me, Lauda, Reverie, Mary
Magdalena, Waltz for Kuisma,
and Luna de Amor. See pages
11 & 14 for more CDs by Aryeh.
#2689D Two Worlds One
CD $14.95
Lisa Lynne with
George Tortorelli’s Flutes
Lisa Lynne’s harp is beautifully
enhanced by George Tortorelli’s
bamboo flutes, recorders, and
other woodwinds on these soothing, relaxing, and romantic CDs.
Love and Peace is a poignant,
mysterious interplay between two
of the world’s most ancient and
heartwarming instruments; featuring original music by Lisa Lynne on
Celtic harp and George Tortorelli
on bamboo flute. 72 minutes of
peaceful music.
#2676D Love and Peace CD
Light in the Wood. In addition to
Celtic harp, Lisa Lynne also plays
mandolin, dulcimer and other
instruments on this peaceful CD.
George plays bamboo flutes,
recorders, and Irish whistles. This
meditative CD is a perfect way to
unwind at the end of your day.
Includes Wild Mountain Thyme,
Reach for the Sun, and more.
#2664D Light in the Wood CD
See the list of pieces in each recording on our website at
Meditation & Relaxation Recordings
Paul Baker
These unique recordings for meditation and relaxation by Paul Baker
contain harp improvisations played on a Dusty Strings FH36B lever
harp. They were recorded in a large, live acoustic space without any
added electronic effects or reverb, presenting a wonderful, true, “real harp” sound. Each recording
presents 8 to 10 improvisations in keys correlating with the frequencies of color and the energetic
centers of the body. The improvisations are designed to ground your body, open and tune your
mind, balance your emotions and soothe your spirit. Each track is also provided with a suggested
meditation. These CDs can be used as a tool for study, meditation, relaxation, or just pure musical
Paul’s CDs are available as mp3 audio downloads at
In The Tranquil Harp, the pure, harmonically rich
harp sounds played at a slow regular pulse (about
60 beats per minute) encourage alpha wave activity
in the brain, resulting in greater relaxation, clarity,
focus and concentration. The improvisations are
named for gem stones and crystals.
Four of the tracks on The Quiet Path combine the resonance of the Celtic harp with
the deep beauty and sonority of the cello.
These tracks focus on the energy of the
heart and weave together with the solo
harp improvisations to relax & rejuvenate.
#3212D Tranquil Harp CD $15.95
#3211D Quiet Path CD $15.95
The Ladder of the Soul. The pure, ancient sound of
the harp, sometimes called “the ladder between
earth and heaven,” is ideal for relaxation, meditation
and integration.
Buy all three of Paul’s relaxing CDs
together and save $5.
#3201S Paul Baker 3 CD Set $42.85
#3213D Ladder of the Soul CD $15.95
Many of the harp CDs that we sell on other pages of this catalog are also
soothing and perfect for meditation and reflection.
Classical, Celtic, and world music can be very relaxing when played on the harp.
See page 18 for Christian CDs for meditation and contemplation.
Harp and Native American Flute
The Healer’s Way
Sue Hoadley is known for her unique improvisational healing music where she weaves the
haunting, velvet sounds of the Native American
flute with the resonant, ethereal tones of the
harp. A Certified Music Practitioner with a fulltime practice ministering to patients in hospitals
and hospices, Sue’s music is “contemplative,
soothing, and restful . . . perfect to counteract
stress or insomnia.”
Stella Benson, a Certified Music
Practitioner & Certified Harp Practitioner,
has played healing music for hundreds of
patients. In keeping with the healing music
tenet “less is more,” these simple harp
arrangements of Medieval, Celtic, and
newly composed melodies create a serene
and therapeutic experience to restore
physical and mental harmony. See pg. 37
for Stella’s books of these arrangements.
Openings is 76 minutes of
introspective, original music.
Sue plays harp and 6 flutes
ranging from the mellow low
bass to the bird song quality
of the higher flutes.
#2612D Openings CD
Vol. 1: Soothing music for those in pain.
Non-metered, natural tones of the harp
ebb and flow to bring about peace within.
#2621D Healer’s Way #1 CD $15.95
Stillpoint, with more emphasis on harp, contains
Sue's lovely improvisations on melodies by Kim
Robertson, Deborah Henson-Conant, Fauré, and
Vol. 2: Calming music for anxiety.
Methodically and deliberately created to
reduce anxiety by using a scientifically
proven method of entrainment, this CD
begins with a moderate beat, then slowly
transcends into an arrhythmic breath-like
#2613D Stillpoint CD $15.95
#2622D Healer’s Way #2 CD $15.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
This solo harp collection
of Sunita’s favorite Irish
and Scottish melodies is
designed to "calm the
body and uplift the spirit."
It was inspired by her
work as a therapeutic
harpist in hospitals in Israel. Women of Ireland,
Bridget Cruise, She Moved through the Fair,
Wild Mountain Thyme, Salley Gardens, Water
is Wide, Skye Boat Song, and more.
Relaxing Music
by Yolanda Kondonassis
Concert harpist Yolanda Kondonassis performs
music specially selected to evoke a continuous
mood of serenity in this concept CD created to
enhance and assist the therapeutic arts of massage, meditation and healing. This serene solo
harp CD features music by Debussy, Respighi,
Satie, Mendelssohn, Chopin, and Sibelius.
See page 12 for more of Yolanda’s fine CDs of
classical music.
#3661D Quietude CD $10.95
#2697D Sea & Sky CD $14.95
Music from the Psalms
by Sunita Staneslow
Psalms of David is a tapestry of Jewish
melodies based on 11 of the Psalms. Designed
for healing and meditation, this CD is 45 minutes of gentle solo harp, including the beautiful
melody Mizmor David for Psalm 23.
Contemporary improvisations are woven
between traditional Jewish melodies. There is
also one original composition by Sunita based
on Psalm 122:6-7, Pray for the Peace of
Jerusalem. Five of the melodies have been
transcribed for folk harp in
Sunita’s companion book,
Psalms of David (see page
59). Includes Keli Ata, Kol
Rihan, Hosheya, and more.
#2695D Psalms of David
CD $14.95
Healing Music CDs
by Christina Tourin
These CDs of “music for contemplation and
healing” feature compositions by therapy
harpist Christina Tourin. These pieces can be
found in her Healing Music books (see page
36). Most of the tracks are solo harp, but some
include keyboard, cello, flute, guitar, or vocalizations. These CDs are perfect for relaxation
and meditation. Save $2 when you purchase
each book and CD as a set.
Illuminations features 22 of Christina’s lovely
original compositions.
Serenity by Aryeh Frankfurter
Aryeh’s meditative solo harp CD includes Celtic
and Scandinavian melodies that are perfect for
reflection and quiet times. Includes Women of
Ireland, Mabel Kelly, Sheep beneath the Snow,
Sweden Song, The Water Lily, Music of Spey,
The Stone Age Waltz, Mull of the Mountains, A
Little Child, and
more. More CDs
by Aryeh are on
pages 9 and 14.
Serenity CD
#2628D Illuminations CD $14.95
#7628S Illuminations Book & CD $47.90
Iona Inspirations. Christina was inspired to
write these 15 original compositions while on a
week-long silent retreat on the small island of
Iona, off the coast of Scotland.
Inspirations CD
Inspirations Book
& CD $47.90
You can listen to sample tracks from most of our CDs on our website.
You’ll also find complete listings of pieces included on each CD.
For more relaxing music go to
You’ll find harp therapy books at
See the list of pieces in each recording on our website at
Sea & Sky by
Sunita Staneslow
Classical Harp CDs & DVDs
Marcel Grandjany
Marcel Grandjany (18911975) was one of the
most influential harpists,
teachers, and composers
of the 20th century. See
page 77 for a DVD of him
This important CD of Grandjany playing his
repertoire was compiled and re-issued by the
American Harp Society. The selections are solo
harp, with the exception of Ravel’s Introduction
and Allegro, and Debussy’s Danses sacree et
profane. Includes Sonata for Harp (Hindemith),
Sonata in A Minor (Soler), El Viejo Castillo Moro
(Chavarri), Sacro-Monte (Turina), Spanish
Dance No. 1 (de Falla), Barcarolle (RogerDucasse), and Grandjany’s compositions
Fantasie on a Theme of Haydn, The Children’s
Hour, and Rhapsodie pour la Harpe.
Bernard Andrès
Played by
Isabelle Perrin
Bernard Andrès, a contemporary French composer for
the harp, is well known for his wide range of
compositional styles. This fine solo harp CD by
Isabelle Perrin showcases this diversity, and is
an excellent addition to any harp collection.
See page 46 for books by Mr. Andrès.
#3063D Andrès by Perrin CD $19.95
To see and hear more classical CDs, go
Yolanda’s CDs are
some of our best-sellers. See page 11 and
our web site for other
CDs, and pages 73
and 75 for her pedal
harp books.
#3241D Grandjany CD $17.95
From the Bach Notebook
With this stellar 2-CD set, Victoria Drake has
created a new incarnation of the Bach cello
suites. Transitioning from the cello to the harp
was a feat of technical and artistic virtuosity.
Victoria's transcriptions are beautiful on the
harp, and she has kept the integrity of Bach's
original compositions. Her fine, intricate harp
playing makes this relaxing CD set a treasure.
#3064D Bach Notebook CD $20.95
Susann McDonald
Susann McDonald is a
renowned harpist, teacher,
composer, and arranger.
Caprice includes music by
Fauré, Tournier, Salzedo,
Hasselmans, Godefroid, Pierné, Renié, & Liszt.
A New Baroque contains favorites such as
Bach’s preludes and Jesu, Joy of Man’s
Desiring. Her transcription for two harps of
Pachelbel’s Canon beautifully presents the
melodic interplay of the parts. Other tracks on
this solo harp CD are by Handel and Scarlatti.
#3658D New Baroque CD $10.95
Debussy’s Harp highlights the ethereal sound
of Yolanda’s harp. Perfectly suited to the luminous musical world of Claude Debussy, this CD
has 10 solo tracks, as well as Danses sacree et
profane for harp and strings.
#3653D Debussy’s Harp CD $17.95
#3582D Caprice CD $17.50
Harp Dreams PBS DVD
"Harp Dreams," which aired as a PBS television special, follows several harpists from Russia,
France, Switzerland, Japan and the U.S.A. as they hone their skills and compete for the grand
prize in the 2007 USA International Harp Competition. This DVD is an entertaining, poignant,
and beautifully musical glimpse into what it takes to become a world-class musician. Narrated by
Blythe Danner, it tells the story of 31 of the best young harpists in the world who gathered for 15
days in Indiana to compete. At stake are thousands of dollars in prize money; a one-of-a-kind,
hand-made, Lyon & Healy concert harp; premieres in New York and London; and a lucrative
recording contract. Ultimately, careers are made at this competition. "Harp Dreams" is part performance and part slice-of-life, and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Susanne Schwibs enjoyed
unprecedented access: a birthday party in Moscow; a date in Zurich; a private lesson in Paris;
even a dress shopping trip in Cleveland. Special features on this DVD include behind-the-scenes
footage of construction of the prize harp, and an inside look at choosing a harp, bringing a harp
in for repair, and more. Approximately 90 minutes long.
#2827W Harp Dreams DVD $24.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Park Stickney
nonconformist” Park Stickney
has quite a sense of
humor . . . and it shines
through in these jazz
gems. See page 76 for
Park’s Dirty Laundry Rag
music for pedal harp.
On Overdressed Late Guy, Park is backed up
by guitar and bass, and 4 selections include
vocals. Park’s unique arrangements often feature his pedal harp as a percussion instrument,
as well as his wonderful jazz harmonies.
Selections range from the Tom Waits song
Jonesburg Illinois and the theme from the TV
series The Odd Couple, to popular jazz standards such as Work Song, Georgia On My
Mind, Autumn Leaves, Take Five, So What,
Caravan and more.
#3682D Overdressed CD $14.95
Still, Life with Jazz Harp shows why Park is the
“king of the pedal slide.” His Pink Panther and
Take Five are masterpieces of harp jazz. Four
tracks have bass and/or drums; the rest are
solo electric harp. There are 2 compositions by
Park, plus music by Ellington, Hammerstein,
and more. This jazz CD ends with an innovative
rendition of Holst’s Jupiter from The Planets.
#3687D Still, Life CD $14.95
Park Stickney and Rüdiger
Two amazing and eclectic harpists join forces
on this fascinating, upbeat CD. Park Stickney is
known for his innovative jazz stylings on pedal
harp, and Rüdiger Oppermann is a gifted composer and performer on lever harp. Their two
musical styles blend wonderfully in this outstanding CD, which includes 6 of Rüdiger's
compositions and one piece they wrote together. It also includes In a Sentimental Mood by
Duke Ellington, Message in a Bottle by Sting,
and So What by Miles Davis.
#3684D Harp Summit CD $14.95
Ellie Choate: Just Two Hands
This solo pop harp CD by Ellie Choate is perfect for relaxing or romantic times. It includes
Stairway to Heaven, Somewhere Out There /
Over the Rainbow, Moonglow, Bluesette, Your
Song, Fields of Gold, Until, Again, Balladina,
Don’t Sleep in the Subway, Norwegian Wood, It
Had to be You, and more. See page 9 for
another popular CD by Ellie.
#3216D Just 2 Hands CD $15.95
Jan Jennings:
Drifting and
Jennings’ solo pedal harp
CD is perfectly described
in its title: Drifting and
Dreaming. The mellow
arrangements of ballads
and love songs on this recording will leave you
on “Cloud Nine.” From Jerome Kern and
Hoagy Carmichael, to Stephen Sondheim and
Billy Joel, you're sure to find favorites from
"your age" of music. See page 17 for Jan’s
Christmas CD.
#3251D Drifting and Dreaming CD $14.95
Deborah is one of the best
jazz fusion harpists. See
our web site for more CDs.
See page 67 and our web
site for her sheet music
and PDF downloads.
’Round the Corner includes Summertime,
Take Five, a Wizard of Oz medley, and more.
Deborah’s harp is backed up by bass & drums.
#3222D ’Round the Corner CD $14.95
Deborah Henson-Conant Live
Concert DVD
In her entertaining DVD, Invention & Alchemy,
Deborah Henson-Conant leads you on a tour
through her madcap imagination, telling the
tallest of truthful tales. With her solid-body
electric lever harp strapped on, and her electric pedal harp, Deborah wails to the blues,
sways to a sweet song, and jives to flamenco.
This live concert DVD is a highly professional,
exquisitely lighted, filmed, and edited masterpiece. Deborah is “backed-up” by the entire
Grand Rapids Symphony, who, at one point,
are all dressed in white lab coats. You gotta
see it! This incredibly
entertaining and wild
DVD is a great way to
introduce the harp to
your friends. We guarantee that they’ll say "I
never knew the harp
could do that!"
#3223W Invention
and Alchemy DVD
See the list of pieces in each recording on our website at
Pop and Jazz CDs & DVDs
Celtic Music CDs
Kim Robertson
Kim Robertson is one of the
most popular Celtic harpists.
Her albums of Celtic original
music are always relaxing
and enjoyable. See our web
site and pages 9 and 17 for
more CDs, and 57 and 63 for
her books and DVD.
Highland, Heart, a solo harp recording, features
Irish and Scottish airs & songs. Kim also includes
Gustav Holst’s Music of Jupiter from The Planets.
Aryeh Frankfurter
Harper’s Brew CD is an
enchanting collection of
traditional Celtic tunes
from Wales, Scotland,
Ireland, & Nova Scotia.
Although Aryeh originally
envisioned this as a solo Celtic harp CD, a
few of his other instruments “snuck in” on
some tracks when he wasn’t looking! See
page 64 for the book of this CD.
#2698D Harper’s Brew CD $14.95
#2515D Highland Heart CD $15.95
Water Spirit includes Irish tunes, music from the
12th and 13th Centuries, and Kim's original compositions, all on solo harp. Roving Galway Boy,
Alfonso XII El Sabio, Pachelbel’s Canon, Lagan
Love, Parting Glass, Pavane, and more.
#2516D Water Spirit CD $15.95
Shady Grove features rich instrumental renditions of American folk songs, Stephen Foster
tunes, and English and Irish ballads that migrated
to the Southern Appalachians. Includes Barbara
Allen, Shenandoah, Thanksgiving Hymn, Do You
Love an Apple, Black is the Color of
My True Love’s Hair, and many more.
#2513D Shady Grove CD $15.95
Draíocht: Harp and Flute
“Draíocht” is Irish for “magical, spellbinding, fascinating.” One of the finest Celtic music duos out
of Ireland, this harp and flute twosome is certain
to enchant you. Michael Rooney on harp and
June McCormack on flute play with a beauty
and passion that will transport you right to the
Emerald Isle. Michael’s compositions on this CD
are Land’s End, Mairéad Gheal, Tír Rafartaigh,
Planxty Fitzgerald, Boíthrín Doire, and Glór na
nAingeal. The remaining tunes are traditional:
Bee’s Wing, Old Maids of Galway, and more. See
page 65 for Michael’s book of his lovely and
melodic compositions.
#2917D Land’s End CD $16.95
Who Was Turlough O’Carolan?
O’Carolan (sometimes called Carolan) was one
of the best-known of the Irish harpers. He lived
from 1670-1738. After being blinded by smallpox in his teens, he learned to play the harp.
For the rest of his years he traveled throughout
Ireland as an itinerant musician. His known
compositions, numbering over 200, are popular
with harp players and other Irish musicians.
You’ll find his name throughout this catalog in
both the CD and book sections.
Harper’s Dream
Deborah Friou’s solo harp
arrangements breathe new
life into traditional Celtic
Ireland, and the Isle of Man.
This CD also includes
Deborah’s original composition Harper’s Dream, which she heard in a
dream. Includes Glenlivet, Neil Gow’s
Lament, The Blackbird, The Fern Song,
Planxty Drew, Morrison’s Jig, and more.
See pages 17 and 19 for more of her CDs.
#2002D Harper’s Dream CD $14.95
The Silver String CD and DVD
This fine CD features Alison Kinnaird on
gut and wire-strung harps and cello. She is
one of the most influential Scottish harpists,
and is a master of both types of harps. On
some of the 13 tracks of this traditional
Scottish music CD Alison is also joined by
Ann Heyman on wire-strung harp, as well as
other musicians on a variety of traditional
instruments. This package also includes a
fascinating DVD featuring 3 short films relating to Alison`s music and the other side of
her artistic endeavor as a glass artist.
#2267D Silver String CD/DVD $17.95
Adagio Trio
This meditative CD of
Irish, Scottish, & Welsh
music features Linda
Grieser on harp, and
Kathryn and Michael
Daniels on flute and
cello. Includes Danny
Boy, Gentle Maiden, Morrison’s Jig, All
Through the Night, The King of Love My
Shepherd Is, Carrickfergus, Loch Tay Boat
Song, Chanter, and more. See page 18 for
more Adagio Trio CDs.
#3024D Celtic Heart CD $15.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
This gem of a CD features
both gut- and wire-strung
harps, and there are also
several tracks on which
William accompanies himself with whistle. This
is a warm and mellow recording of some of the
loveliest traditional Scottish tunes. See page
64 for the book of these tunes.
Jo Morrison
Celtic harpers of old
played the 3 musics: the
music of mirth, sorrow,
and sleep. Jo Morrison
presents selections of
each on this CD of Celtic
and original music. Other
instruments on this fine CD include hammered
dulcimer, clarinet, flute, viola, fiddle, bagpipe,
cello, and shuttle pipe. The harp arrangements
for many of these pieces are in Jo’s The 3
Musics of the Celtic Harp book on page 64.
#2261D The Three Musics CD $14.95
#2646D Ancient Harp of Scotland CD
Wire-Strung Harp CDs
This special CD includes a mix of William's
inspired compositions along with traditional
Scottish tunes. His clean, crisp playing on gutstrung and wire-strung harps make this recording a true delight. This CD is mostly solo harp,
but William also embellishes some of the tracks
with bouzouki and whistle.
Wire-strung harps, also called Gaelic
harps, are the more ancient type of
Celtic harp. They are played with the
fingernails, and their long sustain and
bell-like ring make them truly unique.
#2648D The New Harp CD $16.95
Gráinne Hambly
All-Ireland Harp Champion Gráinne Hambly
was the Principal Harper of the Belfast Harp
Orchestra. These solo harp CDs truly show off
her talents as a virtuoso player of jigs, reels,
waltzes, hornpipes, and slow airs. Her clean,
crisp playing is a joy to hear, and you won’t
believe how fast her fingers
can move! See page 64 for
her books of these CDs.
#2259D Between the
Showers CD $14.95
#2260D Golden Lights
and Green Shadows
CD $14.95
#2258D The Thorn Tree
CD $14.95
Music from Ireland & Scotland
by Gráinne Hambly
& William Jackson
Two of our favorite harp players, Grainne
Hambly from Ireland and William Jackson from
Scotland, have joined together on this delightful CD of Celtic music. Their playing styles
blend perfectly in this,
their first collaborative
recording. The selections include airs, reels,
jigs, slip jigs, slides,
gavottes, and laments.
#2257D Ireland and
Scotland CD $16.95
Patrick Ball
Music on the Wind is an 80minute compilation CD of
Patrick’s favorite tracks from
his 1983 to 2003 CDs. The
Butterfly, Morrison's Jig, La
valse pour les petites jeunes
filles, Castle Kelly, Black is
the Color of My True Love’s
Hair, ten tunes by O’Carolan, and more.
#2118D Music on the Wind CD $16.95
Ann Heymann
Cruit go nÓr (Harp of Gold) places Ann’s
wire-strung harp squarely within its original
context: the music of its golden age, where its
nobility shines as brightly as its gold strings.
Yes, her harp is literally strung with strings
made of 18 carat gold! The sonorous tone of
Ann’s harp is enhanced by
lute, flute, vielle, viola de
gamba, percussion, and
Gaelic vocals on some
tracks. The CD selections
represent a millennium of
musical traditions within
which the Gaelic harp
flourished. See page 65
for a book by Ann.
#2266D Harp of Gold
CD $16.95
You can listen to sample tracks from
most of our CDs on our website.
For more Celtic music, visit us at
See the list of pieces in each recording on our website at
William Jackson
Composer, harpist and
William Jackson has been
at the forefront of Scottish
music for many years.
Music by Sylvia Woods
The Harp Of Brandiswhiere
The Harp of Brandiswhiere is Sylvia Woods’ highly
acclaimed Suite for Celtic Harp. Her beautiful compositions musically present the story of a legendary
magical harper, Brandiswhiere. Sylvia plays nylonstrung and wire-strung Celtic harps, and is accompanied by acoustic instruments such as trumpets,
flutes, cimbalom, celeste, percussion, and bass.
The music is all instrumental, with no singing or
speaking, allowing the instruments to weave a fine,
intricate aural tapestry
illustrating the legend.
See page 51 for information on The Harp of
Brandiswhiere book &
2 harp and flute duets.
The cassette tape is
on sale at only $6.95.
#1213C Harp of
Tape SALE $6.95
#1213D Harp of
CD $15.95
Sylvia’s CDs are available as mp3 audio
downloads at
Own a bit of
Sylvia Woods' history! Experience her
performance from the Los Angeles TV
series Soundboard: The Art of the
Plucked String. Most of the episodes featured the guitar, but on October 24, 1983,
Sylvia was the guest artist with two of her
harps: a Celtic harp, and a triple-strung
harp. This 30-minute DVD is an historic
glimpse of the past. Sylvia begins by playing a traditional tune and an original composition on the triple-strung harp. She
then tells sections of her Harp of
Brandiswhiere story and performs 5
selections from the suite. The final segment includes a medley of 2 tunes by
O'Carolan. Throughout the show, Sylvia
is interviewed by the host, guitarist John
Schneider, who asks her about the different types of harps, and her performance
#2829W Soundboard DVD $19.95
Christmas CDs by Sylvia Woods
3 Harps For Christmas
Recorded by world-renowned harpist Sylvia Woods, these
lovely Christmas carols are performed on a nylon-strung
Celtic harp, a wire-strung harp, and a triple-strung harp.
Each carol is performed by Sylvia on 1, 2, or 3 harps, with no
other accompaniment. See page 51 and 56 for the written
sheet music of some of these pieces. See our website if
you would like to order these recordings on cassette.
Volume 1 contains 28 traditional carols. Some are well-loved favorites: Away in a Manger, Silent
Night, What Child is This?, Lo How A Rose, Angels We Have Heard on High, and more. Others are
lesser known, such as the two Russian carols Angelical Hymn and Twelfth Night Song.
#1225D 3 Harps For Christmas Volume 1 CD $15.95
Volume 2 contains 25 traditional and modern carols. Some of the favorite traditional carols are O
Holy Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and more. Also included are 6 popular contemporary
Christmas songs such as: Let It Snow / Caroling, Caroling / Silver Bells; The Little Drummer Boy /
Do You Hear What I Hear; and Sylvia’s composition, Winter Bells. See page 56 for the sheet music
of Sylvia’s medley of Arabian Dance from The Nutcracker and We Three Kings of Orient Are.
#1226D 3 Harps For Christmas Volume 2 CD $15.95
Sylvia Woods Christmas Set -
Save $2 on both Three Harps For Christmas CDs.
#1220D 3 Harps For Christmas Set - 2 CDs (Vol 1 and 2) $29.90
Sylvia Woods Gift Pack
- Buy all 3 of Sylvia Woods’ CDs together and save 10%.
Includes Three Harps for Christmas Volumes 1 and 2 and The Harp of Brandiswhiere.
#2932D Woods Gift Pack - 3 CDs $42.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
More Christmas CDs
#3252D Jennings Holiday CD $14.95
Sunita Staneslow
Sunita’s collection of unusual
carols from Sweden, Denmark,
Germany, and many other
countries around the world,
includes From Heaven Above to
Earth I Come, O How Joyfully,
While By My Sheep, In the
Bleak Mid-Winter, and more.
See pg. 57 for the music book.
#2693D Christmas Eve CD $11.95
Cynthia Cathcart
On Joy to the World, Cynthia
performs beloved carols on a
wire-strung Gaelic harp, and
medieval Scottish gut-strung
harp. Playing her own arrangements with a gentle mastery,
the metal strings glitter against the quiet
beauty of the gut. Includes Friendly
Beasts, Balloo Lammy, Tomorrow Shall Be
My Dancing Day, O Holy Night, and more.
#2275D Cathcart Joy CD $15.95
Pastorales de Noël
This unique recording by
Rita Costanzi offers
Christmas music written
by many of the bestknown composers for the
harp including Tournier,
Grandjany, Salzedo, and
others. On some selections Rita is joined
by violin, flute, and bassoon.
#3254D Pastorales CD $15.95
Listen to sample tracks and find
more Christmas harp CDs at
You can find Christmas
music books at
Kim Robertson
Kim Robertson is
one of our most popular Celtic harpists.
See pages 9 and 14
for her other CDs,
and page 57 for her Christmas books of this music.
Christmas Lullaby: On this poignant CD, Kim lends
her gift of lush arrangement to a wealth of seasonal pieces. This solo harp collection includes
medieval, Basque, Scottish, German, English,
Czech, and Polish carols, shape note and chant.
#2529D Christmas Lullaby CD $15.95
Celtic Christmas Volume 1 includes traditional carols and early music on harp with flute and bells.
#2525D Celtic Christmas #1 - CD $15.95
On Vol. 2, a CD of Christmas music from around
the world, Kim is joined by Virginia Kron on cello.
#2527D Celtic Christmas #2 - CD $15.95
Deborah Friou and Julia Lane
Yuletide Treasure is a musical journey through the
British Isles. Arranged and
played with joy by Deborah
Friou and Julia Lane on 2
harps, it contains solo and
duet arrangements of familiar
favorites as well as some
lesser-known pieces. See
page 58 for the music book.
#2003D Yuletide Treasure CD $14.95
Christmas Picante CD by Dulce VAS
Christmas in Arizona isn't about snow and cold, it's
about 75 degree temperatures and sunny skies.
And nothing speaks of Christmas in the American
Southwest better than this "hot and spicy" CD. The
duo "Dulce VAS" includes VeeRonna Ragone on
pedal harp and Sherry Finzer on flute, along with
additional backup of Latin-style percussion and
bass. This CD is an upbeat, Latin-influenced mix of
Christmas songs from years past. These creative
and fresh arrangements will add some Latin spice
to your holidays! Includes Feliz Navidad, Carol of
the Bells, Rudolph the
Red-Nosed Reindeer,
My Favorite Things, O
Holy Night, He is Born,
Jingle Bells,
Silent Night,
and more.
#2625D Christmas Picante CD $14.95
Christmas music books are on
pages 56 - 58 of this catalog
See the list of pieces in each recording on our website at
Jan Jennings
Harp for the Holidays is a
blend of many of your
favorite traditional carols
with more modern songs
such as Christmas Time Is Here (from A
Charlie Brown Christmas), Jingle Bell
Rock, The Christmas Song (“Chestnuts
Roasting . . . ”) and White Christmas. See
page 13 for Jan’s pop CD.
Christian Recordings
Adagio Trio
The Adagio Trio is Linda
Grieser on harp, and
Kathryn and Michael
Daniels on flute and cello.
They specialize in meditative music drawn from
classical, folk, & religious
repertoire. See page 14
for their Celtic music CD.
Cynthia Lynn
This peaceful solo
harp CD by Cynthia
includes many favorite
hymns such as In the
Garden, Abide with
Me, Amazing Grace,
Rock of Ages, Jesus
Loves Me, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Sweet
Hour of Prayer, Be Thou My Vision, Doxology,
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, and more.
Two pieces also have vocal “ahs.” It is perfect
background music for prayer and meditation,
as well as everyday listening enjoyment.
#2684D Blessed Spirit CD $15.95
Janet Harbison’s Prayer
Janet Harbison’s solo Irish harp CD of sacred
and original pieces is intended
to provide calming music for
relaxation, and prayfulness for
the sick and those needing
comfort. Janet has worked for
many years in hospices and
hospitals in Northern Ireland.
This CD is a perfect accompaniment to contemplation and
prayer. Includes Abide with Me,
Be Still My Soul, The Deer’s
Cry, Nearer My God, O Son of
Man, Prayer, Hymn to St.
Francis, and more.
#2633D Prayer CD $16.95
Stillpoint’s 70 minutes of music includes
Gymnopedie No. 1, First Arabesque, Canon in
D, Largo, The Swan, Ashokan Farewell, Simple
Gifts, The Water is Wide, Ash Grove, The Lord
is My Shepherd, Blest Are They, We Have
Been Told, Erev Shel Shoshanim, and more.
#3029D Stillpoint CD $15.95
Evensong is a celebration of the Trio’s first 20
years of playing together. Includes Dona Nobis
Pacem, Panis Angelicus, Brian Boru’s March,
Amazing Grace, Ana Dodi, The Nightingale by
Deborah Henson-Conant, and more.
#3027D Evensong CD $15.95
Greg Buchanan
The well-known hymns on
this mellow, contemplative
solo harp CD by popular
Christian harpist Greg
Buchanan include Nearer
My God to Thee, In the
Garden, Sweet Hour of Prayer, Were You
There?, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Just
As I Am, The Old Rugged Cross, and more.
#3192D Peaceful Meditation CD $14.95
More CDs from Around the World
Jewish Music by Sunita Staneslow
Sunita’s City of Gold: A Musical
Portrait of Jerusalem is a CD of
traditional & contemporary music
recorded to honor Jerusalem’s
3,000th anniversary. The timeless grandeur of this legendary
city is illuminated by Sunita’s
pedal harp performance. There
are some duets with violinist
Tracy Silverman, and other selections feature
full orchestration. This historic CD includes
many Jewish selections, as well as the theme
from the movie Shindler’s List. See page 59 for
the book of music from this CD.
#2690D City of Gold CD $11.95
Swedish Music
by Erik
Himlens polska (Heaven’s
polska) is the first solo CD of exclusively
Swedish traditional music played on the Celtic
harp! With his fresh and unique take on Nordic
music, Erik Ask-Upmark‘s playing style is
uniquely Nordic and his interpretations of the
rhythmically challenging Swedish folk music on
the harp captivates the listener. This CD is a
wonderful flow of ear-caressing musical
sounds performed with great skill on solo Celtic
harp. See page 66 for the book of this CD.
#2319D Himlens Polska CD $15.95
To see & hear more music from various countries, visit
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Harp and Voice CDs and DVDs
Loreena McKennitt is an excellent Canadian singer-songwriter who accompanies
herself on Celtic harp, and often adds other instruments to her inspired CDs.
Please go to to listen to tracks of her CDs. You can also
purchase printable PDF sheet music downloads of Loreena’s songs at
A Moveable Music Feast DVD
A Moveable Musical Feast DVD is a unique hour-long souvenir of Loreena McKennitt’s 2007 An
Ancient Muse tour, including 25 minutes of previously unreleased musical performances. It offers
a rare backstage look at one of contemporary music’s most interesting live performers. Through
candid interviews with Loreena, her band, crew, fans and professional colleagues from the
Canadian music industry, we gain insight into her career, work ethic and the artistry which have
been the foundation of her remarkable musical journey. Loreena & her fellow travellers entertain
us with stories of how her show “goes up,” discuss the joys and challenges of their nomadic life on
the road, and share their thoughts on the creative relationships they have with each other, the
music and the audience.
#7339W A Moveable Feast DVD $17.95
Renaissance Music CDs
Deborah Friou
Renaissance Muse is a collection of ballads
and courtly dance music of the 16th and early
17th centuries. Drawn from the lute repertoire
of England, Italy, and Scotland, and the French
dances of Praetorius and Gervaise, this solo
harp recording by Deborah Friou transports the
listener to another time. Includes Saltarello,
Greensleeves, White Flowers,
Spyenelit Reforme, Robin, My
Lady Carey’s Dompe, All In a
Garden Green, La Rosette,
Lady Ann Gordon’s Lilt, Three
Ravens, and many more. See
page 62 for Deborah’s book of
music from this recording, and
pages 14 & 17 for more CDs.
Nancy Hurrell performs on Renaissance harp
as a solo performer and also as a member of
an early music group, giving concerts throughout the US and Canada. Nancy is a consultant
for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, assisting
with the historical harp collection. She is also
the director of the Historical Harp Society’s
Harp Survey Project, cataloguing early harps.
She brings all of this knowledge together on
this fine CD of Renaissance harps. She is
joined by Douglas Freundlich on lute on 3
tracks; the rest are solo harp. The music
includes several Cantigas de Santa Maria from
the Middle Ages, as well as lute and dance
pieces from the Renaissance. The harp
arrangements for 11 of the selections on this
CD can be found in Nancy’s book, Historical
Harp Collection, Vol. 1 (see page 61).
#2001D Renaissance
Muse CD $14.95
#2179D Balletto CD $15.95
South American CDs by Alfredo Ortiz
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz is one of the leading performers on the Paraguayan
harp. These CDs feature his compositions and music from various South
American countries. See page 67 and 70 for Alfredo’s books, and our web site
for more CDs.
Throughout Latin America the beautiful tradiSouth American Harp Volume 1 includes El
tion of “serenata” celebrates love by bringing
Pajaro Campana (The Bell Bird), Tupinamba,
music late at night to the window of a loved
Atardecer, A Una Rosa, Fulgida Luna and
one. On this romantic Paraguayan harp CD,
more. Volume 2 includes Merengue rojo, 18
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz performs 5 of his original
de Octubre, Joropo Azul, Habanera, Llano,
compositions and 10 favorite love songs from
Colorado, Danza de Luzma, Huri, and more.
Latin America such as Moliendo Cafe (Grinding
#2385D South American #1 CD $14.95
Coffee), Besame Mucho, and Nosotros.
#2386D South American #2 CD $14.95
#2383D Serenata CD $14.95
See the list of pieces in each recording on our website at
Loreena McKennitt
Sylvia Woods Harp Center "Harp Essentials"
20% Discount Program
Purchase any harp from the Sylvia Woods Harp Center and receive a 20% discount on any (or
all) of the following "Harp Essentials." This can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings, just
when you need it most: when you're buying a harp! Offer is valid from the time you purchase
your harp until 30 days after you receive it. Contact us to order your harp and get your discount!
• Extra strings (page 29)
• Benches & chairs (page 33)
• Electronic tuners (page 30)
• Clip tuning pick-ups (pg. 30)
• Music stands (page 32)
Extra tuning keys (page 29)
Metronomes (page 30)
Space Blanket (page 33)
Rubber rings (page 31)
Kart-A-Bag (page 31)
• Any publications by Sylvia
Woods: including books,
sheet music, Quick Charts,
CDs, and DVDs by Sylvia.
Harps are probably the most ancient stringed
instruments. Their beautiful sound and graceful
aesthetic form have magically enticed man for
centuries. And even today, that fascination lives on. Harps in Ireland and Scotland, in the form that
we now know them, were first evident in the 9th century AD. These early harps were strung with
metal strings, and the sound box was usually carved from a single log. They were a focal point of
Celtic music, reaching their greatest use between 1000 and 1750 AD. A bit later, these small harps
were strung with gut and played in the royal courts of Europe. Gradually, they evolved into the
pedal harp used today in orchestras. Celtic, lever, or folk harps have recently made a resurgence
in the music world. A wide variety of music is played on these instruments, including classical, folk,
medieval, Renaissance, popular, Celtic, and original music.
Harps are tuned diatonically: a “do re mi” scale like the piano’s white keys. The strings are colorcoded to help you find your way. C’s are red, and F’s are blue or black.
Basic Harp Information
Lever harps (also called Celtic harps, folk harps, or Irish harps) usually have sharping levers
on each string which can be used to raise the pitch of the string one-half step, making a sharp.
(See pg 21 for more info on levers.) All of the harps in our catalog are lever harps with nylon strings.
Pedal harps are the harps that you see in an orchestra. They are made out of maple wood,
with beautiful veneers or wood finishes added, and some also have gold leaf applied. They have
between 40 and 47 strings. The largest of these harps have over 6 octaves of strings, and weigh
about 85 to 90 pounds. There are 7 pedals on every pedal harp, which are moved by the harpist’s
feet; one pedal for each of the 7 notes in the scale. Three of the pedals are controlled by the left
foot, and four by the right. The pedals move discs on the neck of the harp which shorten or lengthen the sounding length of the strings, providing sharps, naturals, and flats. Each pedal has 3 positions which are held in place by notches in the base of the harp and by springs. For example, the
pedal on the far right of the harp is the “A” pedal. When this pedal is in the highest of its three
notches, all the “A” strings on the harp will sound as “A-flat.” When the harpist moves this pedal
into its middle notch, the discs on each of the “A” strings engage, shortening the sounding length
of all of the “A” strings, giving them the pitch of “A-natural.” When this pedal is in the lowest notch,
the string lengths are again shortened by the discs, and all of the “A” strings will be “A-sharp.” By
using the pedals, the accomplished harpist can play very chromatic music.
PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer selling pedal harps. You can order Lyon & Healy harps directly from, or call Heidi at (818) 495-4652.
Many people tune their lever harps to the key of C, and then use their sharping levers to play
in sharp keys. Another common method is to tune to flat keys. To do this, when you tune your
harp, tune down the strings you want flat by one-half-step. For example, tune all of your B
strings to B-flat (on an electronic tuner, this will register as A-sharp). Then, when you use a
sharping lever on any of these strings, the lever will raise the pitch to a natural. If you have
sharping levers on each string, and your tune to 3 flats (B-flat, E-flat and A-flat), you can
play in any key from 3 flats up to 4 sharps. For more information, watch Sylvia Woods’ video
#2C: “Tuning Your Lever Harp to C or Flat Keys” at
Type the word Aedan into the search box on our web site for Aedan MacDonnell’s
Levers at a Glance chart, showing which keys you can play in various harp tunings.
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Sharping Levers.
The purpose of a sharping lever is to shorten the sounding length of a string
on a lever harp, raising the pitch one half step, allowing you to play in different keys without re-tuning.
 Loveland levers, installed on the Dusty Strings harps, have been the industry
 Camac levers, installed on the Triplett Christina harp, are nickel-plated solid metal
and have a smooth, quiet action. Tone quality is virtually unaltered with the lever engaged,
and the sharping action maintains string alignment. C and F lever handles are clearly designated with red and blue bands, making them extremely easy to see. 
 Robinson levers are made of brass. The lever handle is flat with a rounded head.
Even though they are not as comfortable to use as the other levers, their low cost makes
them a good addition to harps like Sharpsicles to help keep down the price of the harp.
Harp Ordering Info
The Sylvia Woods Harp Center is located in La
Crescenta, California, just north of Los Angeles.
(See page 3 for information on our showroom.)
Here at the Sylvia Woods Harp Center we help
people of all ages fulfill their dreams of owning and
playing one of these magical instruments. You,
too, can learn to play the harp! No previous
musical experience is necessary. Even as a beginner, the harp sounds pleasing; just running your
fingers over the strings creates lovely tones. With
the help of Sylvia Woods’ book Teach Yourself To
Play The Folk Harp (see page 48), you can soon
be playing beautiful music on your new harp.
Harp Teachers are available in many areas of
the US and Canada. Call or e-mail for a referral.
Strings. All harps come fully strung and also
include a tuning key. It is wise to order an extra set
of strings when buying a harp, so that you will
have a replacement when a string breaks. You can
also purchase strings individually. Strings are not
available at music stores; you must order them
from the Sylvia Woods Harp Center or the harp
maker. Using incorrect strings will void any warranty. Broken strings are a common occurrence,
and are not included in the warranty. Strings are
not returnable. See page 29 for more information
on how to order strings. See our website for stringing lists for a variety of harps. You can easily order
strings directly from our web site.
Harp Availability. We usually have a variety of
harps in stock, available for immediate delivery.
Call us for current availability and time estimates.
Ordering A Harp. Please call us and a harp
specialist will help you order the harp that is right
for you!
Woods. Dusty Strings and Triplett harps are
available in a variety of hardwoods. See the following harp pages for each maker’s options. See
our website for color photos and more detailed
descriptions of the woods. Walnut is a rich brown
with a generally vivid grain. Cherry is light gold to
reddish in color with an even grain. Maple is cream
colored, even in grain. Bubinga is an African hardwood with a beautiful reddish-rosy-brown color.
Sapele is reddish-brown with a lustrous, wavy
grain that resembles mahogany. Walnut, cherry
and sapele are the lightest in weight; bubinga is
the heaviest.
Weights and sizes are approximate. Sound-board
measurements indicate the maximum width.
Packaging and Shipping. Harp prices do
not include shipping. Shipping prices listed here
are approximate and are only for the 48 contiguous United States. Shipping prices are subject to
change without notice. No harps will be shipped
until full payment is received. Sales within
California are subject to sales tax.
Financing. We offer financing for our harps.
See Sylvia’s videos on the parts of the
harp, how to tune your harp, replace
harp strings and much, much more at
The current interest rate is 11.99% to 12.99%.
Rates subject to change without notice. Call us, or
go to for more
Returns. If you decide to return a harp purchased from us, you must return it within 30
days. Please call us before returning any harp.
Harps must be returned in perfect condition. Other
restrictions apply: see page 78.
See color photos of our harps on our website at
standard for over two decades. Made of durable Delrin, the long handles move
smoothly, & have a short throw which facilitates rapid lever changes. Tone quality is
virtually unaltered with the lever engaged, and the sharping action maintains string
alignment. Red and blue dots on the C and F levers make them easy to find. For added
visibility, try our Rubber Rings on page 31.
Harps by Dusty Strings Harps
Dusty Strings has been designing and building musical instruments since 1978. They have a
strong nationwide following based on high-quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and conscientious
customer service. Their standards of finish and detailing delight even the most discriminating of
woodworkers. Dusty Strings has 3 sizes of harps: 26, 34, and 36 strings. Visit to listen to a variety of Dusty Strings models. You’ll also
see color photos and more complete information about all of their harps.
Woods and Finish: Dusty Strings harps are made of carefully selected hardwoods. (See page 21
for wood descriptions.) The Allegro, Ravenna, and Crescendo models have soundboards made of
top-grade laminated birch. All other models have soundboards of solid Honduras mahogany and
spruce overlaid with hardwood veneers of maple, cherry, or koa, bordered with a decorative purfling and edge-binding. For long-lasting beauty and protection, each harp is finished with multiple
applications of clear lacquer.
Tone and Tension: Dusty Strings harps have a bright, clear tone with ample volume for both solo
and ensemble work. They respond well to all playing styles. The string tension is moderate and
even throughout the range facilitating intricate ornamentation as well as the most precise and
demanding expressive techniques.
Levers: Dusty Strings harps come standard with Loveland levers. Please contact us if you’d like
information on special-ordering a harp with Camac levers at an additional cost.
Cases: An excellent soft-shell case made of water-proofed cordura and foam, with zipper closure,
a large, zippered accessory pocket, carrying handles, & a detachable shoulder strap, is available
for all harps. The case is an additional charge for the Allegro, Ravenna, and Crescendo models.
Warranty: The Ravennas carry a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
All other Dusty Strings harps carry a 5 year warranty.
Amplification: Dusty Strings offers an internally mounted pick-up system. See our website for
more information. For 26-string harps the pick-up is $275 (you can install it yourself if you're very
"handy"), or $375 installed. The pick-up for 32-, 34- or 36-string harps is $295, or $395 installed.
Special Options: Dusty Strings offers several decorative options on their harps: abalone inlay
($200-$1,000), and koa soundboard veneer and trim on maple harps ($225-$275). See our website for exact prices and beautiful color photographs.
Prices: Dusty Strings prices are valid through 12/31/10.
Ravenna 26
laminated birch
Sides, back, neck Loveland levers Pg.
laminated birch
solid sapele
C & F or full
solid hardwood
Ravenna 34
laminated birch
birch and ash
C, F & B or full
Crescendo 34
laminated birch
solid sapele
C, F & B or full
solid hardwood
solid hardwood
solid hardwood
birch and ash
none, C & F, or full 26
Soft Cases for Dusty Strings 26-String Harps
There are two form-fitting, soft-shell cases that fit the FH26, Allegro, and Ravenna 26 harps. The
black Economy Case has foam padding with a cordura exterior, zipper closing, shoulder strap,
and an exterior pocket for music and other accessories. The burgundy red Deluxe Case has
more substantial foam, a plush interior, and 2 exterior accessory pockets, one of which has slots
for 4 legs. Both cases include D-rings to attach optional backpack straps, which allow the harp to
balance comfortably on your back, even when riding a bicycle. See photos on our web site.
#dec26 Economy Case for Dusty Strings 26-string harps $95.00
#ddc26 Deluxe Case for Dusty Strings 26-string harps $160.00
#dback Backpack Straps for Economy or Deluxe Cases $28.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Dus ty Str i n g s H a r p s : 3 6 - St rin g Mod els
The 36-string harps by Dusty Strings have the ideal range for a full-size lever harp: 5 full octaves,
starting and ending on C. These exquisite harps are truly the “top of the line.” They surround the
player with a round, full-bodied, and well articulated sound, and their generous depth, power, and
responsiveness make playing seem effortless. Beautiful pieces of fine woodworking, these harps
are satisfying investments for any harp enthusiast. The FH36S model has an arched stave-back,
and the FH36H has the innovative, faceted hybrid-stave-back.
Nylon-strung harp with 36 strings. 5 octaves. C to C.
(2 octaves below, up to 3 octaves above middle C).
Height: 54" Soundboard width: 14"
Weight: 26 lbs. in walnut or sapele, 27 in maple, 28 in koa, 30 in bubinga.
Sapele, walnut, maple, bubinga, or koa.
See our website for decorative abalone and other inlay options.
 Flip-up Loveland levers on all strings.
 Custom tuning key included.
 Soft-shell case included.
Extra set of strings $141
Estimated shipping costs $250 to $310. Call us for a shipping quote.
Dusty Strings FH36S
Dusty Strings FH36H
sapele $5,595
walnut or maple $5,795
bubinga $6,095
koa $6,695
sapele $4,895
walnut or maple $5,095
bubinga $5,395
koa $5,995
See color photos of our harps on our website at
Dus ty St r i n g s H a r p s : F H 34 an d F H26
Dusty Strings FH34 Harp
Dusty Strings FH26 Harp
The FH34, Dusty Strings' compact 4¾ octave, all
solid-wood harp delivers brightness, depth & clarity,
and has a great playing range. This harp will satisfy
both the professional & beginner with its resonance
and power, and will please the most discerning eye
with a tasteful display of fine woodworking. This harp
is the same overall size as its well-loved 32-string
predecessor, but now goes down to the low C in the
bass. For playing comfort, Dusty Strings added
facets on the upper corners of the back. This
“hybrid-stave” design provides the ergonomic benefits of their popular 36-string stave back harp at a
portion of the cost. To keep the carrying size down,
the FH34 includes an innovative stand that has
removable feet and nestles into the base of the harp,
attaching in seconds with the twist of a knob and
without needing to turn the harp upside down.
This 26-string, 3½ octave harp has a
sweet and surprisingly strong voice, with
the added resonance that comes from all
solid-wood construction. Complete with
carrying case and full sharping levers,
the FH26 can serve as a full-voiced
beginner’s harp or a high-quality,
portable harp for the established player.
A child can set the FH26 on the floor and
play comfortably while seated in a small
chair. An adult seated in a standard
height chair will want to use a small stool
or the optional leg set to raise the harp to
a comfortable playing position.
Nylon-strung harp with 34 strings.
4¾ octaves. C up to A.
(2 octaves below middle C,
up to 2 octaves + 5 notes above middle C).
Height: 48½" without feet, 53" including feet
Soundboard width: 13½"
Weight: from 22 to 28 pounds
Sapele, walnut, maple, bubinga, or koa.
 Loveland sharping levers on all strings.
 Custom tuning key included.
 Soft-shell case included.
Extra set of
strings $155
walnut or
maple $4,595
26 nylon strings. 31/2 octaves. C up to G.
(1 octave below middle C,
up to 21/2 octaves above middle C).
Height: 391/2" Height with legs: 51"
Soundboard width: 10"
Weight: from 13 to 17 pounds
Sapele, walnut, maple, or bubinga.
Shown with optional detachable legs.
 Full set of Loveland sharping levers
 Standard tuning key included.
 Deluxe case included.
Extra set of strings $65
Detachable legs $160-$200
walnut or
Shipping $180
Shipping $75
See our
website for
abalone inlaid
Celtic artwork.
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
D us ty Str i ng s : C re s c e n d o a n d Allegro Mod els
Dusty Strings Crescendo 34 Harp
Dusty Strings Allegro 26 Harp
Nylon-strung harp with 34 strings.
4¾ octaves. C up to A.
(2 octaves below middle C,
up to 2 octaves + 5 notes above middle C).
Height: 53" including stand, 48½" without stand
Soundboard width: 13½"
Weight with legs: 22½ pounds
26 nylon strings. 31/2 octaves. C up to G.
(1 octave below middle C,
up to 21/2 octaves above middle C).
Height: 391/2" Height with legs: 51"
Soundboard width: 10"
Weight with legs: 14 pounds
 Loveland sharping levers on C, F & B strings,
or full set of sharping levers.
 Standard tuning key included.
 Detachable stand with 4 feet included.
 Loveland sharping levers on C & F
strings, or full sharping levers
 Standard tuning key included.
 Four detachable legs included.
Extra set of strings $155
Soft-shell case $225
Extra set of strings $65
Economy soft-shell case $95
Deluxe soft-shell case $160 (see pg 32)
$2,695 with sharping levers on C, F & B strings
(additional levers $20 each
if installed when ordered)
$1,195 with levers on C & F strings
(additional levers $20 each if
installed when ordered)
$2,995 with full set of sharping levers
$1,465 with full set of levers
Shipping $180
Shipping $75
See color photos of our harps on our website at
The Allegro 26 and Crescendo 34 have laminated Finland birch soundboards, with backs, sides,
necks, and pillars of solid sapele, which is very similar to mahogany. The addition of solid sides
and back gives these harps more resonance and clarity when compared to the all-laminated
soundbox of the Ravenna series. The Allegro has a square back, and the Crescendo 34 has a
faceted hybrid-stave back. (See page 23 for a photo of a hybrid-stave back.)
D us ty Str i n g s : R a v e n n a M o dels
There are two Ravenna models by Dusty Strings: a 26-string with 1 octave
below middle C (shown on right), and a 34-string with 2 octaves below middle C (shown below). The Ravenna harps are perfect for the discriminating
and budget-minded beginner, traveler, teacher, or student. They fill many
needs with their affordability, reliability, portability, and most importantly
their rich and satisfying sound. The stave-back soundbox and the unique
drop-down playing leg make for great playing comfort and versatility. These
harps are crafted with a solid ash neck and pillar, laminated birch soundbox with ash-grained vinyl veneer, and a laminated birch soundboard.
Dusty Strings’ characteristic bright, full sound, tuning stability, even tension
across the strings, and meticulous craftsmanship make the Ravenna harps
a great value. Full sets of Loveland sharping levers are optional on the
Ravennas. All the lever holes are pre-drilled, making it easy to add levers
at a later date. Ravenna harps have a 2-year warranty.
An extremely innovative and useful feature of these remarkable harps is
the built-in leg, which drops smoothly into place for convenient and adjustable playing support. The harp can be quickly and easily adjusted to
your correct playing height, without the hassle of additional legs or stools. The leg
easily slides out of the way, back inside the harp, when not in use. The optional long
leg for the Ravenna 26 offers an additional 12" of height to allow comfortable and
stable stand-up playing for teaching, performing, or bedside work. You can order the
long leg at any time and install it yourself ($65), or
order your harp to come with the long leg installed
($30). The Ravenna 34 can be played standing up Soft-shell Cases:
using the standard leg. (See photo below.)
$225 for 34-string harp. See
Standard tuning key included.
pg. 22 for 26-string choices.
Standard drop-down leg included.
Additional levers:
$20 each if installed when
Ravenna 34
Ravenna 26
Nylon-strung harp with 34
Optional long leg for 26:
26 nylon strings. 31/2 octaves.
strings. 4-3/4 octaves.
C up to G.
$30 when ordered with harp,
(1 octave below, up to 21/2
C up to A. (2 octaves below, to
$65 separately
octaves above, middle C).
2 /4 octaves above middle C)
Stand: $99 (see below)
Height without leg: 39"
Height without leg: 49"
Maximum height with
Maximum height with leg: 70"
standard leg: 54"
Soundboard width: 14"
Ravennas come in colors!
Maximum height with
Weight: 19 pounds
The basic model comes with
optional long leg: 66"
a black back and base, and
Extra set of strings $155
Soundboard width: 111/2"
a natural soundboard, neck
Weight: 14 pounds.
and pillar. Other colors are
$1,595 for harp with Loveland
an additional cost.
levers on C, F and B strings
Extra set of strings $65
Optional Black - $50: the
entire harp is black, except
$1,895 for
$695 for harp with no
for the natural soundboard.
harp with
Optional Colors - $160:
full set of
Ravennas are also available
$845 for harp with Loveland
in burgundy or green. The
levers on C and F strings
soundboard is natural, and
the base and the capital (the
$1,095 for harp with full set
part at the top of the sound$180
of Loveland levers
box) are black. The back,
neck, and pillar are green or
burgundy. See our website
Shipping $75
for the colors.
A stand is great for people who want a stable base for their Ravenna. The black stand
easily attaches directly to the bottom of the existing base of the harp with one large
knob. The 4 legs quickly screw into the stand. Your choice of 5", 8" or 12" legs. $99
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Our brightly colored Harpsicle™, Sharpsicle™,
Flatsicle™ and Fullsicle™ harps are affordable and
lots of FUN! Made in the USA, these simple harps are
well designed, sturdily built, have a great sound for a
small harp, and their light tension makes them easy to play.
‘Sicles are great for beginners, kids, harp therapy practitioners, or just for taking to the beach or the park. They are made of
laminated Baltic birch and solid maple. The “zither-type” threaded
tuning pins tune smoothly. All ‘Sicles come with two buttons for
attaching the included shoulder strap which helps stabilize the harp when you are
sitting down. Or, you can even play standing up! ‘Sicles will fit in the overhead bins
of many airplanes. (Check with your airline.) ‘Sicles have a 1-year warranty. These
happy little harps come in a variety of bright colors including purple, blue, red, pink,
black, white, green, and natural wood. (Colors and shades subject to change.)
Any ‘Sicle can also be personalized with our exclusive hand-decorated artwork, turning a ‘Sicle into
an “ArtSicle!” See our website at for photos and more information.
There are four ‘Sicle types,
depending on the number of
sharping levers on the harp.
Sharpsicles™ have sharp-
Harpsicles™ do not include
any sharping levers, and they
cannot be added at a later
Flatsicles™ have sharping
ing levers on the C and F
levers on the C, F, & B strings.
Fullsicles™ have sharping
levers on all of the strings.
All other ‘Sicles have bridge
pins on all the strings, which
makes the tension slightly
higher than on the Harpsicle.
They have Robinson sharping
levers on some or all strings.
26 nylon strings. 3½ octaves.
C (1 octave below middle C)
up to G.
Height: 33" Width: 5½"
Weight: 4½ to 5½ pounds
Tuning key
Shoulder strap
$30 coupon towards your
next harp purchase
(restrictions apply)
Harpsicle™ - $369.00
Sharpsicle™ - $520.00
Flatsicle™ - $559.00
Fullsicle™ - $759.00
‘Sicle Accessories
Stand: Want to display your ‘Sicle? This nifty
wooden stand fits these harps perfectly. The
harp fits nicely in the stand with or without the shoulder
strap attached. The felt padding where the harp sits helps to protect the harp’s finish. Each stand is unique due to the grain of natural wood. Not available in colors.
#hs-st Sicle Stand $40.00
Wall Hook: These new hooks are a great way to safely display
your 'Sicle and get it up off the floor! You'll drill 2 holes in your wall
and attach the black metal plate with the included screws and
anchors. The hook is covered with a brown and black rubberized
tubing to protect your harp. Then hang your 'Sicle by the upper
hole in the back. We're also including a 3" long rubber bumper
that you can attach to the wall with the adhesive
strip to protect the bottom of the harp
from rubbing against the wall.
Partial extra set of strings $36
Shipping $45 within the
continental U.S.
Padded Bags:
We have 2 padded bags for
‘Sicles. They are both made
of black nylon, include an
adjustable shoulder strap,
an outside zippered pocket,
& a pocket for the stick.
Our first bag is made in the
USA with a protective white
synthetic shearling lining. It
includes durable plastic Drings for backpack straps
(sold separately).
#hs-bag Harpsicle Bag
#dback Backpack
Straps $28.95
rests across your knees to help stabilize the harp on your lap. It
also works with the Triplett Zephyr and many other lap harps.
This bag has Harpsicle
Harps embroidered in colored thread on the pocket.
The harp easily slides into
the bag from the top, then
zips in securely. This bag is
not always available.
#stick - ‘Sicle Stick
#hs-b Harpsicle Bag
#hook Sicle Hook and Bumper $15.95
Stick: This stick attaches to the holes in the back of a ‘Sicle and
See color photos of our harps on our website at
‘Sicle Harps by Harpsicle ™ Harps
Christina Therapy Harp by Triplett Harps
Triplett Harps has been designing & building high-quality instruments
since 1980. Their harps are designed with consideration for tonal
excellence, graceful lines, and fine workmanship.
The Christina Harp was designed as a therapy harp, and this little
gem is also a great small harp for the beginner to advanced harpist.
It has a light string tension with 25 strings ranging from C below middle C up to F. The strategically placed quick release strap buttons
enable the harp to be easily supported while playing, whether you are
sitting or standing.
Each string eyelet is decorated with a
wood burned Celtic knot design, and
the neck has a beautiful Celtic cross
inlay. Engraved roses are optional at
$100. (See photo below.)
The Christina has a laminate Baltic
birch soundboard, and is available in
several woods. Cherry and walnut are
the lightest in weight. Maple is heavier,
and bubinga will be the heaviest, making the harp weigh about 9 pounds with full levers. The Christina
harp comes with a 7-year warranty on materials and workmanship.
The foldable, easy-to-use case has a heavy cordura exterior with a dense, synthetic fleece interior. The tuning pin area is protected with naugahyde lining and the zipper has an inside flap. There
are 3 sets of handles and a zippered pocket. Backpack straps may be added when ordered for $25.
The harp comes in cherry, walnut, maple or bubinga, and
includes a full set of Camac levers, case, lap bar, and strap.
25 nylon strings. 31/2 octaves. C up to F.
(1 octave below middle C).
Height: 34" Weight: 7 - 9 pounds
 Knotwork tuning key included.
 Triplett soft case included.
 Shoulder strap included.
 Lap bar included.
Extra set of strings $75
Backpack straps for case $25
A matching lap bar, included
with the purchase of a
Christina Harp (and compatible
with some other lap harps),
mounts easily for added comfort
while playing. Its rounded edges
and contoured shape make this
the most comfortable lap bar
we’ve found! Available in walnut,
bubinga, cherry, or maple.
#TLAP Lap Bar $50.00
$1,370 with C & F Camac levers
$1,695 with full Camac levers
Optional engraved roses
on soundboard $100
Call us for a shipping quote.
With Triplett’s display stand you can show off your Christina harp in its upright
position, rather than laying it on its back. The stand comes apart to fit easily
into the side pocket of the harp case, and re-assembles in a snap. It is available in the same woods as the harp, with Triplett's insignia engraved on the
#chr-stand Christina Stand $85.00
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Harp Strings
Please order strings carefully: they may NOT be RETURNED or
EXCHANGED. String lists are available at
If you are not absolutely certain which strings are right, please call or see our web site.
Strings for Pedal Harps and Lever Harps by Lyon & Healy and Salvi
We sell strings by Bow Brand: Nylon, Pedal Gut, *Burgundy Pedal Gut, Lever (Folk) Nylon, Lever
(Folk) Gut, Tarnish Resistant Pedal Wires (with black Fs & red Cs), & various types of lever wires.
*The economical Burgundy strings are manufactured by Bow Brand. They may have slight visual imperfections,
such as variations in color, which will not affect performance in any way.
Strings for Other Lever Harps
Monofilament nylon strings are $2.25 each. Specify
gauge and color (e.g. .028 clear, or .036 blue).
Wound strings: specify maker, model, string name and
number counting from the shortest string (eg. F #31).
IMPORTANT NOTE: Some Lyon & Healy and Salvi lever harps use “pedal harp strings,” and some
use “lever harp strings.” Be sure to order the correct strings for your harp.
to see Sylvia’s videos on how to
tie string knots, replace strings,
tune your harp, and more!
String ordering made easy! Order your strings at
You’ll find stringing lists for many harps. Just click on the strings you want to order!
Tuning Keys (Wrenches)
It is a good idea to have a spare tuning
key (wrench) for your harp. Keys are
for different size tuning pins, so order
Tuning Keys (Wrenches) for
Lyon & Healy and Salvi Harps
These tuning keys for Lyon & Healy and
Salvi harps are covered with rubber,
which guards against possible damage to
the harp if they should fall when tuning.
#9119K Standard Black
Rubber Key $15.95
The ergonomic model gives
increased leverage and
support to your wrist and
arm. It comes in black or
fun colors: lavender, pink,
or blue. Specify color.
#9122K Ergonomic BLACK Rubber
Key $17.50
#9124K Colored Rubber Ergonomic
Key $29.50
Tuning Keys for Other Harps
The key for Harpsicles and other harps with zither
pins has a plastic handle and a metal shank.
#9113K Harpsicle Key $10.95
This Dusty Strings’ key has a
wooden handle and a metal
shank, and comes in 2 sizes. The
Standard key fits all Dusty Strings Harps. The zither
pin key fits Harpsicles & other harps with zither pins.
#9117K Dusty Strings Standard Key $18.95
#9115K Dusty Strings Zither Key $18.95
Dusty Strings’ custom hand
crafted tuning key/wrench is
very comfortable to use.
#9042K Maple Custom Key $41.95
#9041K Bubinga Custom Key $41.95
Wood-burned Celtic knot-work decorates this
comfortable wooden key for Triplett Harps.
#9114M Triplett Knotwork Key $38.95**
**If your Triplett harp was made in
1995 or before, please call us to
order a larger key.
Adjustable Universal Tuning Wrench - Fits ANY Harp
Are you not sure which tuning wrench will fit your harp? Do you have several
harps, and tired of needing multiple keys? Our amazing Dusty Strings
Universal Harp Tuning Wrench is the answer! It is fully adjustable to accommodate the entire range of tuning pin sizes used on pedal and lever harps.
#9045K Universal Tuning Wrench $48.95
See color photos of our harps on our website at
Strings for these harps are ordered by octaves. The 1st octave is the highest. Octaves run from
an E string down to an F string. Middle C is in the 4th octave. (Some harps have a “Zero” octave
of 2 notes above the 1st octave.)
Tuners, Metronomes, Pick-Ups and Accessories
With these chromatic tuners, you can accurately tune your harp or other instrument. With all of our
tuners, you can use the built-in microphone, or plug in a Tuning Pick-Up (see below) for a clearer
reading. See Sylvia’s videos on how to tune and use a tuner at
BOSS TU-12EX Tuner with Accu-Pitch
The TU-12EX will help you quickly and accurately tune any harp. It includes Accu-Pitch: the tuner
beeps when the pitch is within 3 cents of the correct pitch. It will also play pitches if you want to
tune by ear. It is about 6" x 2" x 1", weighs 5 oz, comes with a soft case, runs on 2 AAA batteries
(included) or with the optional AC adapter, and has has a battery-saving Auto-Off feature.
Pedal harpists: Pedal harps should be tuned with the pedals in the flat position. This can be confusing, but with the TU-12EX, it’s easy! Set the tuner to "1 flat," put your pedals in the highest notch,
and your C string will now register as "C" on the tuner,
but it will actually be tuned to a C-flat. Of course, you can
use this tuner in the "normal" way, as well.
#8293E BOSS TU-12EX Tuner $109.95
#8288E BOSS Outlet Adapter $21.95
#8293S TU-12EX Tuner & Adapter Set $121.90
Korg CA-1 Tuner
Korg TM-40 Tuner and Metronome
This Korg tuner is very economical,
and works great! The easy-to-read
LED screen has a meter and shows
the letter name of the note. It will also
play pitches if you’d like to tune by
ear. Its slim size is only about 3" x 5"
x 1" and weighs 5 oz. It turns itself off
after 20 minutes: a great battery
saver! Two AAA batteries included.
The versatile TM-40 combines an electronic tuner and a
metronome into a thin, compact, easy-to-use unit,
weighing only 4 oz. and measuring about 41/2" x 3". The
tuner has a large LCD screen with a needle and LED
lights. It will also produce a tuning pitch. The metronome
contains 13 types of rhythms with 0-7 beats/measure,
and the tempo is easy to adjust. "Tap Tempo" lets you
detect and set the desired tempo easily. A small pull-out
stand is attached. The volume is adjustable, and the
TM-40 will turn itself off after
20 minutes of non-use. 2
AAA batteries included.
#8278M Korg Tuner and
Metronome $34.95
Tuning Pick-Up
Any electronic tuner will work better with a pick-up that clips directly onto
your harp. Your harp then is isolated from nearby sound, allowing easy
tuning, even during orchestral warm-ups! Our Korg pick-up will plug into
any electronic tuner. It opens wide enough to clip to the sound hole in the back of any harp. The
65" cord gives you ample room to position your tuner. (This clip will not work to amplify a harp.)
#8285P Korg Tuner Pick-Up $14.95
Fishman Pick-Up and Pre-Amps
Pick-up: The Fishman harp transducer is a "stick-on" pick-up that preserves the
natural, acoustic, tonal character of the harp. The pick-up (shown at the top of the
photo) and the cable connection jack (shown at the bottom) mount easily on the
inside of the soundbox with double-sided tape (included), for semi-permanent installation. You will
need to purchase an instrument cable (see pg. 31) to connect the pick-up to your amp or pre-amp.
Pre-Amps: Using a pre-amp along with your pick-up will usually make your harp
sound better, and give you volume and tone control at your fingertips. Our preamp, designed for acoustic instruments is perfect for most harp players. It is powered by a 9 volt battery, or use the adapter that we sell with the BOSS tuner
(above). You will need 2 instrument cables (pg. 31) to connect the pre-amp to your
pick-up and amp. Save $30 with the set.
See page 34 for Deborah
#8336P Fishman Pick-Up $99.95
#832GA Fishman G-II Pre-amp $99.95
amplification book
#832GS Pick-up and G-II Pre-amp Set $169.90
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Mono Instrument Cables
These high-quality cables are what you’ll need to
connect your pick-up, mic, or pre-amp to your amp or sound system. They have a 1/4" 4-karat goldplated male plug on each end, and a lifetime guarantee! The 5’ cable works well when your amp
is directly in front of your harp; the 15’ allows you to move further away. Buy both and save $5.
#8328C 5’ Cable $25.95
#8329C 15’ Cable $31.95
#8330S Set of 2 Cables (5’ and 15’) $49.90
Color Rings for Tuning Pins or Levers
Custom made in red & blue (or black), like the C & F strings, these small rubber
rings are designed to slip onto your harp's tuning pins or Loveland lever handles.
When used on the tuning pins (shown on left), they give you a color cue on that side of
the harp to assist you when tuning. If you ever have trouble figuring out “which pin is
which” when tuning, you’ll LOVE these rings!
When used on the sharping levers (shown on right) they provide a quick visual reference, which can be a life-saver in low light situations or when quick lever flips are
needed. These rings position well on Loveland levers. They also fit on Robinson and
Truitt levers, but they slide up and down the shaft as you raise and lower those levers.
Each pack has 14 rings. Most lever harpists like the red & blue set. Pedal harpists
tend to prefer the red and black rings for their tuning pins. Those who want a more
subtle, but effective, tactile cue, like the all-black set. Many customers have bought
2 sets for each of their harps: one for their levers, and another for their tuning pins.
#8308R 7 Red and 7 Blue Rings $6.95
#8307R 7 Red and 7 Black Rings $6.95
#8309R 14 Black Rings $6.95
Accidental Rings. Do you have trouble seeing (or remembering!) the sharping levers you need
to engage in the middle of a piece? If so, you'll love our white and yellow Accidental
Rings. Take the anxiety out of flipping levers on the fly. Just slip these bright rings on
the appropriate lever handles before you begin to play a piece to give you a visual
reminder of which ones you'll need to change. Because they are slightly larger in
diameter than our other rings, you can easily install and remove them between pieces.
You can even put them on a lever that already has a red, blue, or black ring! (Shown
on left.) Designed for use on Loveland levers, they will also work on Truitt and
Robinson levers, although the rings tend to slide up and down the shaft as you raise
and lower these levers. Each pack comes with 10 rings: 5 white and 5 bright yellow.
#8306R White and Yellow Accidental Rings $6.95
Kart-a-Bag Folk Harp Cart
This collapsible dolly is perfect for hauling your folk harp
around. We would not suggest this for your pedal harp (or
for very large, heavy lever harps such as the Prelude or
Troubadour), but this compact dolly will make maneuvering
your folk harp through the most congested of areas a lot
easier. Weighing only 16 pounds, the Kart-a-Bag is a lightweight and easy-to-use dolly which can carry up to a 300pound load. 48" in height with an almost 16" x 13" base, the Karta-Bag comes with two attached bungee cords to help secure your
harp. It is constructed of heavy duty aluminum rods and double thick
chrome plated steel wire, hand welded for extraordinary strength. Solidly built, the
Kart-a-Bag’s telescoping handles can easily and quickly fold the dolly down to 16"
x 21" x 8". An added great feature of this wonderful cart is the rear platform. With
two 3" swivel casters, the back platform may be folded down into a locked position
to function as a 4-wheel dolly for added stability, as shown at right with a Dusty Strings FH36 Harp.
(Harp and case not included.) Our carts are custom-fitted with an extended handle
with two rubber bike-type grips for comfort & easy maneuverability. Made in the
USA with a 10-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. We cannot gift
wrap this cart. Sylvia Woods LOVES her Kart, and can’t imagine taking her Dusty
Strings harp out without it! Never leave your harp unattended on ANY harp cart!
#8386C Kart-a-Bag Cart $244.95
See color photos of products & order from our website at
Music Stands and Lights
Folding Wooden Music Stand
This amazing, handcrafted, folding wooden Anderson Music Stand combines ease of use, functionality, portability, and beauty to create a stand
that will astound you. Some of the features that set this stand apart are an
extra deep shelf to accommodate heavy books or folders, snap-in desk angle
adjustment, and telescoping paper clips to grip manuscripts up to 36" wide. It
adjusts with the music tray as low as 20", up to 52". Weighing less than 5 pounds,
it is heavy enough to be stable yet light enough to be portable. It comes with a
durable, black padded carrying case (5" x 5" x 20") with a shoulder strap. It is available in solid cherry, maple or walnut wood with a clear finish, and also walnut with
an ebony (black) finish. The stand has a lifetime warranty. Please allow up to two
weeks for delivery.
Maple Anderson Music Stand $295.00
Cherry Anderson Music Stand $295.00
Walnut Anderson Music Stand $295.00
Ebony Anderson Music Stand $295.00
If you take your stand to gigs, we recommend you personalize
your stand with a 1" X 3" brass plate engraved with your name or personal message (25 characters or less). Be sure to specify personalization.
#8240P Engraved Plate for Anderson Stand $27.00
Folding Plastic Music Stand
This ingenious folding music stand is made of durable highimpact black plastic and high-strength tubular steel. The tray
slides off, and the plastic desk folds down for convenient
travel and storage in its black zippered canvas carrying bag. It
adjusts with the music tray as low as 19", up to 44". It weighs less
than 5 pounds, collapses down to 24½", has a locking telescoping
post, a leg lock, desk tilt lock, and rubber-capped feet. Two “page
holders” are attached to the tray, to help hold your music open
and keep it safely on the stand. This is our favorite stand! See
our website for a video on how easy it is to use this stand.
#8241S Plastic Folding Music Stand $38.95
The adjusting heights listed for our music stands are the distance from the
bottom of the desk shelf (where the music sits) to the floor.
Rechargeable Music Stand Lotus Light
This stand light is powerful, cord-free, rechargeable, and
now brighter than ever! Lotus Light uses the latest
advances in technology to produce a flood of pure white
light that is easy on your eyes. The light is produced by
17 state-of-the-art LEDs (light emitting diodes) that don't
get hot, and with a service life rating of over 100,000
hours, will never need replacing. It produces light stronger
than a 40 watt electric bulb for 7 hours without dimming,
and will illuminate 2 full pages of music. You can clip the
light to any music stand up to ¾" thick, and a slim 9” flexible arm allows you to direct the light beam exactly where
you want it. The built-in lithium battery can be recharged
at any time in less than 1 hour. A "universal switching" AC
power supply is included so you
can use and recharge your light
anywhere in the world. The light,
including battery, weighs less than
8 ounces. Travel pouch included.
#7274L Lotus Light $99.95
If you’d like a
light you can
plug into a wall outlet at your studio
or gig, the Universal Klip-Lite is
great for you. It can clip onto all
types of music stands and adjusts
to any angle for perfect lighting on
your music. It is finished in black
textured non-glossy enamel, and
made from heavy gauge metal that
withstands hard use for years to
come. Comes with an on-off toggle,
a full 8-foot cord, and can use 15 to
40 watt tubular high intensity bulbs
(not included).
#7279L Metal Klip-Lite $21.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Benches, Chairs and Accessories
E-Z Adjust Folding Bench
Our “E-Z Adjust” bench can be quickly adjusted at any time from 17" to 23"
high. No tools are needed. Its black metal “scissor” legs with rubber tips will
fold flat for easy transport. The 10" x 21" seat has padding for comfort, and
weighs 11 pounds.
#8215S E-Z Adjust Bench $78.95
This just may be the greatest
musician’s chair ever! A cellist
designed this innovative chair
especially for musicians. The
lightly padded seat can be set
flat, or at a slight forward angle.
The padded back gives you
enough support to help you sit
correctly, making it comfortable
for those long gigs or practice sessions. And on top
of all that, this sturdy chair also folds up neatly, for
convenient transport and storage! (See photo
below.) Buttons on the legs adjust the leg height in
1" increments, allowing you to adjust the chair to suit
you comfortably. The seat front adjusts from 15" to
20" high, so it will fit both children and adults. This
well-designed, comfortable, sturdy, easy-to-use,
adjustable folding chair will be a great addition to
your music room
or studio.
Musician’s Chair $180.95
padded stool is
great for kids, or
anyone who wants
to sit at a lower
height while playing their harp. Designed
by the makers of the Adjustrite Musician’s
Chair (see left), the top of this stool is 14"
square with about 2" of padding. Buttons
on the legs allow you to easily adjust the
leg height in 1" increments to make the
stool 12", 13" or 14" tall. This comfortable, sturdy stool does not fold flat, but its
small size and relatively light weight of
6.35 pounds still makes it easy to transport. You can also place your small harp
on this stool to raise it to a more comfortable playing position while you are sitting
on another bench or chair. However, due
to the padding, you should never leave
your harp unattended on the stool. Minor
assembly required.
#8208S Adjustrite Stool $59.95
All-Weather Space Blanket for Your Harp
The “All Weather Space Blanket” is silver reflective on one side, and blue on the other side. When
wrapped around a person with the silver side of the blanket “in,” it will reflect and retain over 80%
of radiated body heat to keep a person warm and protected, even in sub-zero temperatures.
However, our main use for this amazing blanket is to keep heat OUT and away from our harps: use
the blanket with the silver side “OUT” to reflect the sunlight away from the harp.
This lightweight, durable, waterproof, soil resistant, and windproof four-ply laminated blanket weighs just 10 ounces. It is 56" x 84" when opened and has full
edge binding and grommeted corners. It can also be used as a ground
cover to protect your harp from dirt and dampness. PLEASE NOTE: The
space blanket will help protect your harp from the direct sunlight coming
through the windows. However, it will NOT keep your harp
cool in a hot parked car.
#8387B Space Blanket $12.50
Don’t even THINK of ever leaving your harp in a parked car.
Picks for Glissandos
No, you don’t normally use a pick when you are playing the harp! But if you are
playing lots of glisses in an orchestra, a pick can save your fingers, and add volume
to your glisses. Some harpists like strumming with the pointed end, while others use
the wider flat end or corner. We now offer 2 types. Our hard white felt picks come 6
to a package, and our gray “Wedgie Rubber Picks” come in packs of 3. Be nice to
your fingers when playing repeated glisses: use our handy picks!
#8312P 6 Felt Picks $7.95
#8313P 3 Rubber Picks $1.95
See color photos of products & order from our website at
Adjustrite Musician’s
Chair with Back
Reference Books for Harpists and Other Musicians
The Harper’s
Trouble Shooting
Your Lever Harp
by David Kolacny
The subtitle of this
book is “What To Do
When The Repairman
is 1,000 Miles Away.”
In his humorous and easy-to-understand style,
David Kolacny has given us a comprehensive
manual “intended to help harp owners evaluate
and correct minor problems with their instruments, and understand major problems which
may need professional repair.” It includes such
baffling subjects as strings (types, slipping,
breaking), buzzes, harp parts (wood, necks,
soundboards, joints, and bracing), and pins
(bridge and tuning). There is a huge section on
various types of commonly found sharping
levers (Loveland, Triplett, Performance, Lyon &
Healy, Truitt, Robinson, and Salvi) and how to
adjust them. 24 pages. Every lever harp player should own this book!
#7646B Trouble Shooting Book $11.95
This book is an invaluable
resource for harp players at all
levels of skill. Laurie Riley
shares a wealth of insightful
knowledge she gained from
her extensive performing and
teaching career, combined with her thorough
research into harp-related injury and discomfort. In addition to practical advice, much of the
material deals with what goes on inside a player, since a large part of playing music involves
feelings, experiences, and attitudes. She offers
her suggestions on such subjects as buying a
harp, caring for and tuning your harp, practicing effectively, the teacher/student relationship,
playing by ear, various harp playing styles, conquering stage fright, using a sound system,
traveling with your harp, presenting yourself,
preventing and correcting chronic harp-related
injury and, and more. 127 pages, paperbound.
#7641B Harper’s Handbook $9.95
Gurl’s* Guide to Amplification:
NEW 2nd Edition
Deborah Henson-Conant’s
2nd edition is subtitled: A Fun
How-To Guide to Amplification
for Beginners with a special
focus on amplifying harps. The
Gurl's* Guide explains it all in
plain language, with lots of
Deborah's drawings (and
humor!) to show you how a simple sound system
fits together, including the basic concepts behind
how it all works. She tells you how to put together
your own system, how to communicate with sound
engineers, and much more! This 2nd edition has
lots of new features, including a reference section
with Deborah's own checklists, tech riders and
stage diagrams. This is a great book for anyone –
both those just starting to amplify, and performers
who already work with sound systems.
106 pages, spiral-bound. As Deborah
says, “Now go forth and amplify!”
#7286B Gurls Guide, 2nd Edition $24.50
*WHAT IS A "GURL"? The "Gurl" is that part of
your brain that sticks fingers in its
ears and sings "La-la-la-la!" whenever things get too technical. It's
the part of us - everyone, regardless of gender or age - that says:
"OK, I see how you get from Point
A to Point B. But ... how do you get
to Point A??" The "Gurl's Guide..."
is a travel guide to Point A.
Musician’s Guide to Brides
Professional harpist Anne Roos draws
upon her years of experience working with
wedding planners and brides to guide the
reader every step of the way to becoming
a successful wedding musician. Readers
get insider advice from wedding planning
professionals, suggested repertoire, comprehensive worksheets, and checklists
that provide all they need to know to plan
their business performances. This is a
must-have book for musicians and bands
who want to keep their calendars full with
high-paying weddings and receptions.
Chapters include: What it takes to play at
Equipment needed; Writing a performance
agreement; Creating promotional materials; Advertising and internet ideas;
Marketing your music by exhibiting at
bridal fairs; Closing a sale when your customer is the bride; Working with the mother of the bride, the wedding coordinator,
and booking agents;
Bridal relations —
avoiding problems;
What to do when the
happens; Working with
"Bridezillas." 324
pages, paperbound.
#7630B Guide to
Brides Book
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Teachers Guide to Music,
Media, and Copyright Law
Power Performance
by Dr. Carrol McLaughlin
This book includes a wealth of useful
information for classroom teachers,
music teachers & musicians of all kinds.
Includes: Understanding Copyright, A
Brief (but Interesting) History of
Copyright Law, Copyright and the
Information Age, Fair Use, Copyright
How-to Guide, and more. It explains in
plain English what you can legally use
without permission, how to obtain and
license what you need permission to
use, how to check the copyright status
of any media item, and much, much
more. 256 pages, paperbound.
Whether addressing a business meeting, introducing
a friend at a dinner party, or performing at Carnegie
Hall, we all are subject to the same fears. But now
there is an answer. Through the amazing but simple
techniques of “Power Performance,” you can literally
change the way your brain functions. Imagine being
able to remember something at exactly the moment
you need it! See yourself confidently standing in front
of an audience perfectly at ease! Utilizing elements of
Neuro Linguistic Programming and insights harpist Dr.
Carrol McLaughlin has learned on concert stages
around the world, this dynamic information will allow
you to change how you think – and that will change
your life! 182 pages, paperbound.
#7645B Teachers Copyright Book
#7625B Power Performance Book $19.95
Harp History & Children’s Books
Revising her classic
1989 book Harps and
Harpists, Roslyn Rensch
expands her authoritative history of this timeless instrument. This
book is a veritable encyclopedia of 6,000 years of lavishly illustrated
harp history. Written by a musician who is also
an art historian, this book surveys the progress
of the harp from antiquity to the present day.
This new edition (2007), with 137 black-andwhite images and 24 color plates, includes two
new chapters; an extensive bibliography and
index; personal anecdotes of the author's harp
studies under Alberto Salvi; an appendix on the
Roslyn Rensch Papers & Harp Collection; and
an hour-long CD of harp music performed by a
variety of well-known harpists.This is THE harp
history book. 364 pages, hardback, and CD.
The subtitle of this book by
Gráinne Yeats is “The
Belfast Harpers’ Festival,
1792, and the Saving of
Ireland’s Harp Music by
Edward Bunting.” It traces
the ancient tradition of harping in Ireland, and sets out
the reasons for its gradual
decline until the Belfast Festival of 1792. There
is a detailed account of the Festival and the
work of Edward Bunting who wrote down the
harp music for the first time, thus saving it for
posterity. There are chapters on the harpercomposers, including Turlough O’Carolan.
Biographical details are
given for each of the
harpers who played at
Belfast. 71 pages, paperbound.
#7639B Harps and Harpists Book $49.95
#7644B Harp of
Ireland Book $17.95
Harp Mouse Books by Diane E. Dunn
These storybooks by harpist Diane E. Dunn are a fun way for “kids of all ages”
to learn more about harps. They are each 24 pages, soft cover, with full-color
illustrations by Donna Pellegata.
Harp Mouse Adventures - Book 2
The Harp Mouse Chooses Her Home:
The Adventure Begins
The harp mouse stowed away
inside the harp when it left the
Follow the mouse as she scampers into a
harpmaker's workshop, and now she lives in a cozy
cozy cabin and discovers a harpmaker's
warm home. When she sees the harp leaving to be
workshop. When she hears the beautiful
played for special occasions, she scampers into the
music of the folk harp, she wants to go
harp and goes along for the ride. Find out where her
with the harp wherever it travels. Join the
adventures will take her!
harp mouse as she begins her adventure!
#7672B Harp Mouse Chooses Her
Home Book $6.95
#7675B Harp Mouse Adventures #2
Book $6.95
See color photos of products & order from our website at
The Harp Of Ireland
Harps and
Harp Therapy Books & DVDs
Harp Therapy
Books by
Christina Tourin
Christina is the founder
of the International Harp
Therapy Program, and is
a leader in this field.
Harp Therapy: Cradle of Sound
Healing Music for Harp Books
These books of Christina Tourin’s lovely
and meditative original compositions are
perfect for hospital and hospice settings, as
well as for relaxation. Cristina provides
several versions of each piece: one for
beginning harp players and harps with one
octave below middle C, and intermediate to
advanced versions which are arranged as
played by Christina on her CDs. The keys
range from 3 flats to 3 sharps, and there
are no fingerings. See page 11 for more
information on the CDs. Save $2 when you
purchase each book and CD together.
Illuminations (Vol. 1) includes 25 pieces.
Christina also gives helpful information on
modes, tempo, tone, and working with
patients.140 pages, spiral-bound.
#7628B Illuminations Book $34.95
#7628S Illuminations Book &
CD Set $47.90
Iona Inspirations (Vol. 2). Christina was
inspired to write these 15 compositions
while on a week-long silent retreat on the
small island of Iona, off the coast of
Scotland. Some additional arrangements
include parts for flute, cello, guitar or keyboard. Christina's introduction on Iona’s
Celtic history, photos of the island, and her
inspirations behind the music all add to this
book’s charm. 160 pages, spiral bound.
Book $34.95
Book & CD Set
This comprehensive textbook by Christina Tourin
covers over 100 topics, such as: national certification requirements, music and healing, musical
development, hospice and the dying process, the
grieving process, medical curriculum, harp therapy
research, harp acoustics, therapy harps, promoting harp therapy and programs, jobs, historical references, resources, and much more. The included
CD, Heaven's Seven, offers music in each of the
seven tonal centers with music in the reflective and
outreaching modes. This is a limited, first-edition
book for Practitioners & others interested in getting
the full 586-page version. The upcoming second
edition, for the general public, will be condensed.
#7623B Cradle of Sound Book $94.95
Therapeutic Harp
Set of 3 DVDs
This informative 3-DVD set is excellent for anyone
interested in the harp and its uses in healing and
Disc 1: Ancient Legacy (37:15)
Discover the history of the healing energy of harp
music and how it has affected individuals and civilizations from the stone age to the 21st century.
Understand the power of the plucked string and
learn about its ancient mythical connections to
modern consciousness and beliefs.
Disc 2: Sound Science (70:42)
Learn about cutting edge theories about the
effects of harp music on disease, mood and
behavior. See how scientists are now able to
measure many of these beneficial effects, integrating ongoing research in quantum physics, cymatics, psychology and medicine.
Disc 3: Clinical Applications (55:10)
Observe how professionals
use harp music now for both
research and therapy in clinics, hospitals, schools and
hospices around the world.
Learn about how to become
a harp therapist, connecting
with leaders in the field who
can provide expert training.
#7669W Therapeutic
Harp 3 DVD Set $79.95
You’ll find more harp therapy books at
and relaxing CDs at
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
The Healing Musician
The Gift of Healing Modes
Built from the natural physics of sound,
healing modes are simple to understand
and powerful when played. Stella
Benson’s book “leads toward the ability to audibly
recognize the modes without looking at the score,
recognizing them by feeling, imagery, or experience
from that individual musician's life. For, when the
musician can hear a mode and know which mode is
sounding . . . then is when he/she has mastered the
modes.” The music in this unique book consists of
11 pieces, including Renaissance, Medieval, and
Celtic selections. Stella has made 7 arrangements
of each piece, one in each of the seven modes, for
a total of 77 modal music scores. So, for example,
Scarborough Fair is presented seven times. Since
this book is written for any musician, not just harp
players, the pieces do not include fingerings. An
additional section in the back of the book expands
on the harmonic accompaniment to keep the modal
character strong using only perfect intervals. 162
pages, spiral-bound.
These books of music by
Stella Benson present the
printed music from her The
Healer’s Way CDs (see page
10). In keeping with the healing music tenet “less is more,”
these easy arrangements are
accessible to all levels of
harpists or other musicians. Each piece is
musically analyzed to indicate the therapeutic possibilities. In the keys of 1 flat to
1 sharp, no fingerings.
Vol 1: Soothing music for those in pain
explains different types of healing music,
how music may affect the listener, and
how the healing musician can be guided
when observing the different types of pain,
including physical, emotional and spiritual.
11 pieces of music, 90 pages.
#7621B Healer’s Way #1 Book
Vol 2: Calming music for anxiety
includes a briefing on anxiety disorders,
how to measure anxiety, and how to prepare to play calming music. 13 pieces of
music, 114 pages.
#7622B Healer’s Way #2 Book
#7661B Healing Modes Book $34.95
The Mythic Harp
by Sarajane Williams
This book is filled with myths,
stories, pictures, and music that
describe the timeless magic
and allure of this ancient and
noble instrument. The sacred
symbolism of the harp as a
mystic ladder that unites this
world and the next is described
in a delightful, thematic narrative. Harpists, musicians and non-musicians,
clergy, spiritual seekers, medical professionals,
psychologists, music therapists, philosophers,
historians, and anyone who is enchanted by
the harp will find this book fascinating. 90
pages, hardbound.
#7650B Mythic Harp Book $22.95
Grace Notes: Reflections on the
Harp and Healing
Grace Notes chronicles Tami Briggs' profound, spiritual experiences playing the harp
at hospital and hospice bedsides. Her heartfelt anecdotal stories illustrate many dramatic
accounts of using harp music as complementary care. This inspirational journey poignantly tells of the harp's healing properties. Tami
offers creative ideas on how the harp and
therapeutic music can change the medical
environment. 100 pages plus companion CD.
(NOTE: There is no
printed music in this
#7624B Grace
Notes Book
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
#7632B Healing Musician Book & CD $29.95
The Healer’s Way
Companion Books
Stella Benson, a Certified Music
Practitioner and Certified Harp
Practitioner, has played healing music
for hundreds of patients in clinical and
private sessions. This comprehensive
guide is for anyone who wants to play
live music to the ailing at their bedside.
It tells how rhythm, harmony, and
melody affect the body in 5 basic ways,
both physiological and psychological, and how
music can address those suffering from pain and
anxiety. Expectations and behavior in the sickroom
are highlighted, as well as simple communication
skills in assessing patient needs. Simple modal
music theory is illustrated for improvisation & exercises. 9 musical examples & CD included. 220 pgs.
Music Theory Books
Cool Chords and
Groovy Rhythms
This book for lever harp by
Verlene Schermer covers
“cool chords” such as 7's,
9's, 11's, sus4's and 13's that can add a modern jazzy sound to any melody. The “groovy”
rhythms presented vary from syncopated
rhythms to "swing eighths" to a rockin' "four
on the floor." Exercises, examples, and
assignments are given for each element presented. You’ll learn the tools for making modern-sounding arrangements using popular
songs, traditional tunes, or your own compositions! 80 pages. See pages 57, 59 and 66
for books of Verlene’s “cool” arrangements.
#7242B Cool Chords Book $19.95
Learn How to Play the Blues on
Your Harp Book and CD
This workbook by I. Mac Perry
teaches you, step-by-step, what
you need to know to play the
blues on your lever or pedal harp! Mac's
friendly and informative writing style makes
everything easy to understand, and his illustrations add to the fun. This book is chock full
of wonderful information about the history of
the blues in general, as well as how harpists
have adapted the blues to the harp. You'll
learn about blues scales, tunings, rhythms,
syncopations, licks, riffs, lever and pedal settings, and how to improvise. There are 5 of
Mac's original compositions for you to practice your newly-acquired blues skills. You'll
play along with the companion CD that is
included in the back of the book. The extensive 16-page glossary in the last chapter
explains a variety of blues terms and concepts in great detail. This comprehensive
book is 108 pages, spiral-bound, and
includes a play-along CD. So, buy this book,
follow his program,
and then go out
there and play the
blues on your harp!
#7359B Learn
to Play Blues
Book $29.95
Music Theory and
Arranging Techniques
For Folk Harps
by Sylvia Woods
This book by Sylvia Woods
teaches harpers at any level
the music theory and techniques they need to
make their own arrangements. Subjects covered
include chords, keys, inversions, transposing,
accompaniment patterns, and much more. The
book gives lots of examples and includes over
90 pieces on which students can practice their
newly gained skills as they progress through the
book. Most pieces are in the key of C, with a few
at the end in sharp keys. This is the sequel to
Sylvia’s Teach Yourself to Play The Folk Harp
book (on page 48). 112 pages, spiral-bound.
#5934B Music Theory Book $19.95
3’s a Chord
Ray Pool’s 3’s a Chord, subtitled
Harmony for Every Harpist, covers the fundamentals of harmony
and the structure of scales for
both lever and pedal harps. It
includes triads, inversions, the IIV-V progression in scale-wise
movement, chromatic scales, and the Circle of
Fifths. All examples are
fully notated in eight keys.
55 pages, comb-bound.
#7248B 3’s a Chord
Book $12.95
Quick Reference
Chord and Scale Chart
This handy, easy-to-read chord and scale chart
by Sylvia Woods has everything you need for
quick reference on one laminated, 2-sided, 3hole punched, 8½" x 11" sheet. It includes the
chord construction for every Major, Minor,
Augmented, Diminished, Suspended, 6th, Minor
6th, Dominant 7th, Major 7th, Minor 7th, 9th, and
Major 9th chord. It also includes intervals, inversions, parts of a chord, chord intervals, scales,
modes and key signatures. Concise and complete, no musician should be without one!
#5765C Chord and Scale Chart $4.95
See page 67 for
Deborah Henson-Conant’s book
Introduction to Improvisation.
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Exercises and Etudes
Harp Exercises For Agility and
Speed by Deborah Friou
This book of harp exercises was designed by
Deborah Friou to help harp players develop
and maintain strength, suppleness & agility
in the fingers and hands. It is intended for
use by players of all levels, and on any type
of harp. A few pieces of music have been
included where additional practice of the
skills involved is helpful. The pieces, etudes,
and exercises are in the key of C. 93 pages,
Salzedo’s Conditioning Exercises
Carlos Salzedo’s 10 Conditioning Exercises
have been a part of many harp players’ daily
routines since 1955. They are a perfect way to
warm up your fingers and limber up your muscles at the start of your practice session. The
exercises were designed to be
played without intermission one
after the other. The playing time
for each hand, depending on
the tempo, is from about 8 to 12
minutes. All of the exercises are
in the key of C. 12 pages.
#7934B Conditioning
Exercises Book $5.95
#6416B Friou Exercises Book $19.95
Like any trained athlete, harpists need to spend
time stretching and warming up their muscles
before practicing or performing. Marcia
Dickstein’s carefully planned regimen for daily
warm-ups includes scales, 3 note and 4 note
patterns, rolled chords and inversions, arpeggios, 2 against 3 rhythms and more. All the
warm-ups are in the key of C and can be
played on either lever or pedal harps. An added
bonus is the inclusion of the pedal harp cadenzas from Tchaikovsky's “Waltz of the Flowers”
and “Swan Lake.” These work best on pedal
harp, but lever harp players can play most parts
of them with a few alterations. Lever harp players should ignore the 6 flats in the “Swan Lake”
key signature, and pretend that the key has 1
sharp (F#). The one C-natural accidental will
then be a C-sharp. 43 pages, paperbound.
#7043B Warm-Ups Book $17.50
Lever Drill
Do you avoid playing pieces that include lever
changes? Then this book is for you! Denise
Grupp-Verbon has compiled this handy book
to help you practice changing your sharping
levers while you’re playing. It includes four 1page drills for harps tuned to C, and four for
harps tuned to E-flat. In each drill you’ll make
about a dozen lever changes. She also shows
you how to vary the drills 11 different ways to
add more challenges to your drill practice. This
book also includes a handy section listing the
various ways that sharping lever changes are
commonly notated in music. 13 pages.
#7036B Lever Drill Book $8.50
Technical Studies for Harp
Alfred Holy (1866-1948), an
internationally-known harpist
and composer, was principal
harpist of orchestras in
Prague, Vienna, and Boston.
These extensive books contain a total of 691 exercises
which allow aspiring harp
students to develop their
technique gradually from the
beginning to high virtuosity. Many exercises are
made from difficult passages found in the harp
literature, and most are in the key of C. Each
book is 60 pages, paperbound.
#7351B Technical Book #1 - $16.50
#7352B Technical Book #2 - $19.95
Kastner’s Easy Studies
Kathy Bundock Moore has edited these 25
Easy Studies written by Alfred Kastner in
1899. These exercises are more interesting
harmonically, rhythmically, & melodically than
most traditional exercises. Includes arpeggios,
scales, octaves, chords, oscillation, and more.
All pieces are in C or sharp keys, with no lever
changes. For advanced beginners through
advanced. 48 pages, comb-bound.
#7355B Easy Studies $11.95
Grossi Metodo per Arpa
This 154-page method book is thorough and
easy to follow, but beware: all of the text is in
Italian! It includes helpful pictures and diagrams throughout, which demonstrate hand
position and playing methods. The book focuses on hand and finger technique, and sound
production. Most exercises are in the key of C,
and could be played on a lever harp. This book
also includes 65 Easy and Progressive Little
Studies by Pozzoli which incorporate the
book’s techniques.
#6718B Grossi Book $24.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
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Harp Music Books for Kids and Beginners
Colorful Adventures on the Harp
This innovative book is for young harp players
with no previous music experience. Bonnie
Mohr has printed the book with colored notes:
the F notes are blue, and the Cs are red. Some
of the pieces are well-known favorites such as
Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Amazing Grace.
Bonnie has also composed tunes & exercises
to reinforce the lessons. The book includes
both the treble and bass clefs, some basic
chords, and even the Alberti Bass pattern.
Near the end of the book, the students are
weaned away from the colored notes to prepare them for “regular” harp books. 70 pages,
comb-bound with a plastic cover protector.
#7259B Colorful Adventures $24.95
Mohr Adventures on
the Harp, Volume 2
Bonnie Mohr’s 2nd book
starts where Colorful
Adventures left off, and includes Renaissance,
classical, and original music. The 28 pieces,
etudes, scales, and chord exercises progress
though the keys of C, G, D, and F and their relative minors, as well as a pentatonic section.
Some of the concepts and techniques include
major and minor scales, rolled chords, triplets,
arpeggios, and the chords associated with various keys. Some fingerings are included, as
well as chord symbols on many pieces. For
lever or pedal harp. 84 pages, spiral-bound.
#7329B Mohr Adventures
Book #2 $24.95
See page 57 for the Colorful Christmas book.
Ruth Inglefield’s Sonja Series
These 4 books all have similar names, so be
very careful when you order! The Songs for
Sonja books are for kids just starting the harp.
#1 has pieces for 1, 2, and 3 fingers. #2 introduces the 4th finger. The pieces in the Solos
for Sonja books are longer and a bit more
advanced, although still for beginners. They
feature arpeggios and scale passages. 3-note
chords are introduced at the end of Book 1.
Book 2 has 4-note chords. Each book is 8 to
12 pages, paperbound. Save $4 when you
buy all 4 books as a set.
#7246B SONGS for Sonja #1 $11.95
#7247B SONGS for Sonja #2 $11.95
#7321B SOLOS for Sonja #1 $11.95
#7322B SOLOS for Sonja #2 $11.95
#7320S Set of 4 Sonja
Books $43.80 - SAVE $4
Betty Paret Books
I Hear a Harp is a sweet, 1-page
piece of simple, 3-finger, first
inversion, “cross-hands” arpeggios. It sounds
“harpy” and is fun to play at your first recital.
#7027B I Hear a Harp $4.95
Intended not as a method book, but as a compilation of carefully graded pieces for use with
a teacher, the First Harp Book contains 51
short European folk songs, classical pieces,
and original tunes for lever harp. Playing techniques, time signatures, keys, exercises, and
lever changes are introduced in a logical progression. Most pieces are in the keys of 1 flat
to 3 sharps. Fingerings, dynamics, and lever
changes are included. 37 pages.
#7026B Paret 1st Harp Book $7.95
Dragons and Dinosaurs
All kids love dragons and
dinosaurs. And we love the
concept of this book! Reba
Lunsford's very easy pieces for
beginning harp players are printed
on the left-hand pages. A more advanced
accompaniment is printed on the right-hand
page, which can be played as a duet by the
teacher during the lesson, or by the student’s
sibling, parent, or friend. The songs are very
short, usually 2 or 3 lines, and have fun lyrics.
The pieces are in the key of C. Two have preset levers, but there are no lever changes in the
music. 22 pages. Cathryn Parker
plays the songs & accompaniments
on the optional CD.
#7326B Dragons/Dinosaurs Book $9.95
#7326D Dragons/Dinosaurs CD $4.95
#7326S Dragons/Dinosaurs Book & CD
Set $14.40
Books “For Young Harpists”
These harp books by Bonnie Goodrich are for
young children with little or no musical training.
The progressive, imaginative, character pieces
encourage a secure development of note and
rhythm skills, as well as an understanding of
structure and phrasing. Kids will also love some
of the titles, such as Dancing Dinosaurs,
Sneezing Rabbits, and Broccoli. Pieces range
from 1 flat to 1 sharp with no lever changes
within the pieces. Fingerings and placing
brackets indicated. Small Tunes for Young
Harpists is 33 pages with 55 pieces. A Bouquet
for Young Harpists, which is a little more
advanced, is 15 pages with 17 pieces.
#7256B Small Tunes Book $10.95
#7257B Bouquet Book $6.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Harp Olympics Books
These comprehensive books by master teachers Susann McDonald and Linda
Wood Rollo provide everything needed for a young beginning harp student. Each
volume is divided into “Work-Outs” (or exercises) for technique, “Games and
Drills” which are similar to note spellers and rhythm workbooks for note reading
and musicianship, and “Solo Rounds” which are easy progressive pieces. Each
weekly lesson should include pages from each section, as well as work on memorization and improvisation. “Marathons” at the end of each book serve as a
review of all the material covered, and include a certificate of completion. The
exercises and drills are presented in ways that are fun to play, and the whimsical
illustrations of bears throughout keep you smiling as you learn. The Preliminary Book is designed
for the beginning harpist who does not read music. A child who has played the piano for one or two
years, for example, should proceed directly to Stage 1. The books up through Stage 3 can be used
with either a lever or a pedal harp. There are only a few pieces in Stage 2 and 3 that require pedals, and these can be skipped or modified for students with lever harps. Stage 4 is only for pedal
harp. These books cover many subjects often overlooked in other beginning books, such as parts
of the harp, replacing strings, signs and symbols, and how to deal with problems such as blisters.
Each volume is about 80 to 100 pages, spiral-bound. We highly recommend these comprehensive
books for any child learning the harp.
Preliminary (Purple) Book $29.95
Stage 1 (Yellow) Book $29.95
Stage 2 (Blue) Book $29.95
Stage 3 (Green) Book $29.95
#7074S Harp Olympics
- Set of 4 Books Preliminary through
Stage 3 - $114.80
#7075B Harp Olympics - Stage 4 (Red) Book $29.95
Of Rhymes and Seasons by Marlene Shepard Ledet
This beginning book for kids features large, easy-to-read notes, with placing brackets and fingerings. Most of the pieces have lyrics, making them easier to learn. There are 5 traditional Christmas
songs. The remaining pieces were written by Marlene to teach particular techniques. Many songs
are about holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. 32 pages.
Kathryn Cater
These first 4 delightful books by Kathryn Cater feature original pieces about
animals. The variety of styles and techniques included makes them perfect
for beginning harp players -- and they are FUN! Each book is 15 to 20 pages.
No fingerings. Although written for kids, adults LOVE these books, too!
See pages 60 and 66 for more advanced books by Kathryn.
Harping Cats and Dogs includes a walking
bass, glisses, syncopations, running 8th
notes, and fun lever settings.
Forever in Love with Horses
is a fun way to learn triplets,
inversions, and arpeggios!
#7214B Harping Cats and Dogs $9.95
#7212B In Love with
Horses Book $9.95
The techniques used in
Singing Wings include
parallel 6ths, left hand
damping, double triads,
swing rhythm, scales,
harmonics, and more.
#7213B Singing
Wings Book $9.95
Soaring Strings has songs about birds, and
features glisses, arpeggios, cross-unders,
and crossing hands.
#7210B Soaring Strings Book $9.95
The pieces in My Gallery were inspired by paintings. Lever or pedal changes between the
pieces have been kept to a minimum, so that the
whole book can be played through, much as you
would walk from painting to painting in a gallery.
There are no lever/pedal changes within any of
these pieces. All but one of the pieces are presented in 2 versions: one for harps tuned to C,
and one for harps tuned to 3 flats. This is the
most advanced of Kathryn’s books, but is still
suitable for advanced beginners. 36 pages, spiral-bound.
#7211B My Gallery Book $13.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
#7028B Rhymes and Seasons Book $9.95
Beginning and Easy Books
Midnight Fairies
Gelsey Hughes composed these 26 short, relatively easy pieces at the
age of 11. Kids and adults
will enjoy playing these imaginative pieces.
Many feature three finger patterns and arpeggios. Fingerings are included the first time each
passage or pattern appears. She has also
added some fun effects such as tapping on the
soundboard, and sliding the tuning key up the
string. Most of the pieces are in the key of C or
sharp keys; one piece has B-flats. Two of the
songs have lyrics. 32 pages, paperbound.
#7243B Midnight Fairies Book $12.95
Fun From The First
These two volumes of Fun From The First by
Samuel Milligan include exercises and pieces
for beginning harp players of all ages. The
pieces range from 1 flat through 2 sharps, with
fingerings. Volume 1 includes information on
hand position, tuning, re-stringing your harp,
and harp care. The pieces are very easy and
many feature 2-note chords. Volume 2 introduces more complex patterns and 3-note
chords. Each volume is 24 pages, paperbound.
#7040B Fun from the First #1 - $7.50
#7041B Fun from the First #2 - $7.50
Harpy Halloween
This fun book by Julie
Gaisford Keyes has
thirteen "Spooktacular
Songs" that teach
many of the "cool" special effects you can do
on the harp: putting paper in the strings, tuning
key slide, vibrato on the strings, "hooting" in the
back of your harp like an owl, and dozens
more! Each effect is explained in detail, and
there is also a chart in the appendix with over
30 symbols. An added bonus is a bag of tools
in the back of the book to be used to make the
special effects: a screwdriver, a cloth, paper,
and 5 plastic spirals. Each song has a
Halloween theme with funny lyrics and illustrations, and is arranged for beginning harpists.
But don't think this book is just for October . . .
or just for kids! It is a fun way to introduce harp
effects to players at all levels who are “young at
heart.” The pieces can be played on a pedal
harp or on a lever harp with a full set of sharping levers. Most of the pieces are in flat keys
or in special tunings. Spice up your next recital
with some "Spooktacular Songs!" 33 pages,
spiral-bound. A companion CD is included.
#7244B Harpy Halloween Book & CD
Medieval to Modern
Suzuki Music Books
Medieval to Modern includes compositions
from the 12th century to the present for
advanced beginners to intermediate harpists
arranged by Samuel Milligan. In keys from 2
flats through 2 sharps with most fingerings.
Some pieces require lever changes. Volume 1
includes 17 pieces by Rimsky-Korsakov, Bach,
Handel, Rousseau, Schumann, Couperin,
Haydn and others. Volume 2 includes several
Welsh airs, Greensleeves, Mexican folk songs,
and pieces by Bizet, Gounod, Pratt and
Bochsa. Paperbound, 27 pages each volume.
These books, designed for use with the Suzuki
harp method, are great for anyone, no matter
what method you’re learning. They are 24 to 32
pages, paperbound, and include fingerings.
Companion CDs are available.
#7038B Medieval to Modern #1 - $7.50
#7039B Medieval to Modern #2 - $7.50
Danses pour la Dauphine
(including The Little Fountain)
This 1966 book by Rosalie and
Samuel Pratt is best-known for the
popular recital piece of descending arpeggios, The Little Fountain.
There are also many original and folk tunes for
beginners in this treasured collection. Most
pieces have 1 flat, others are in the key of C or
1 sharp. No fingerings. 36 pgs.
#7042B Dauphine Book $11.95
Volume 1 begins with Twinkle, Twinkle Little
Star Variations and includes simple folk songs,
children’s pieces, and Christmas carols. Many
are written only in the treble clef. All but two are
in the key of C with no levers needed.
#7254B Suzuki Book Volume #1 - $7.95
#7254D Suzuki CD #1 - $15.95
Volume 2 is for advanced beginners or intermediate harp players, including pieces by
Beethoven, Salzedo, Schumann, Bach, Haydn,
Mozart, and others. Keys vary from 1 flat to 2
sharps, with some lever or pedal changes.
#7255B Suzuki Book Volume #2 - $6.95
#7255D Suzuki CD #2 - $15.95
Volume 3, for intermediate harp players,
includes music by Dussek, Clementi, Salzedo,
Mozart, and more. Keys vary from 1 flat to 2
sharps, with some lever or pedal changes.
#7223B Suzuki Book Volume #3 - $6.95
#7223D Suzuki CD #3 - $15.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Easy Harp Books by the Masters
Marcel Grandjany
Marcel Grandjany (1891-1975) was one of
the most influential 20th-century harpists,
teachers, and composers. His compositions and arrangements should be included
in every harpist’s repertoire. These pieces
are great for beginning students to learn
correct techniques.
For beginners, First-Grade Pieces for
Harp starts with one finger of each hand,
and only the treble clef. The 17 pieces, composed by Grandjany or Jane Weidensaul,
progress up through all four fingers, 2-note
chords, and both clefs. Fingerings included.
Keys are C, 1 flat, or 1 sharp. 16 pages.
#7911B First Grade $9.95
Trois Petites Pieces (3 Little Pieces).
These lovely, lyrical pieces (Reverie,
Nocturne and Barcarolle) are for beginning
to intermediate harp players. Barcarolle is in
7 flats, but lever harp players can play it in
the key of C. The other pieces are in the key
of C with no lever changes. 7 pages.
#7916B Grandjany 3 Little Pieces
Short Pieces from the Masters includes 3
pieces for advanced beginners arranged by
Grandjany. Schubert’s Lullaby is in 3 flats,
Gluck’s Dance from Alceste has 1 flat, and
Passler’s Rondo is in the key of C. No lever
changes. Fingerings included. 6 pages.
#7912B Short Masters $5.95
Grandjany’s Pastorale is a wonderful recital
piece for advanced beginner and
intermediate harp players. The
rhythmic changes from 5/8
to 3/8 to 6/8 to 4/8 make
it interesting to play
and a delight to hear.
In 3 flats, with no lever
changes. 2 pages.
#7915B Pastorale
Petite berceuse
Alphonse Hasselmans (18451912) is considered by many to
be the granddad of harp playing, as he was among the first
handful of harpists to teach at
the Paris Conservatory.
This “recital” piece for beginning to intermediate
harp players, is a beautiful way to practice intervals of a 6th. In the key of C with some fingerings,
and no lever changes, it is an important part of any
beginning harpist's repertoire. 2 pages.
#7920B Petite Berceuse Music $9.50
Grand’mère raconte une histoire
(Grandmother Tells a Story)
Henriette Renié (1875-1956) was a virtuoso harp
performer and instructor. She was among the few
female harp composers of her day. She studied
with Hasselmans at the Paris Conservatory and
had many pupils of her own who are widely known,
including Marcel Grandjany.
This lyrical 2-page piece by Henriette Renié flows
gracefully in the hands. It features short descending arpeggios, ascending scales, 2- and 3-note
chords, and harmonics. In 3 flats, with a few fingerings, and no lever changes.
#7944B Grand’Mère Music $8.95
Mildred Dilling
These two timeless books by renowned harpist
Mildred Dilling have been standard repertoire for
the beginning harp player
for almost 75 years. Some
pieces require a pedal
harp, but there are plenty
of wonderful selections for
the lever harp player.
Old Tunes for New Harpists begins with very
simple tunes, progressing to advanced-beginner
level. The 92 folk songs from around the world
range from 3 flats to 3 sharps, and almost all can
be played on lever harp. Some fingerings. 48
#7145B Old Tunes Book $12.95
30 Little Classics. This treasured compilation of
well-known Baroque and Classical pieces brings
back many memories for harpists whose first harp
days were spent with this book, and it continues to
remain popular for students. Many of the pieces
are easily played on or adaptable to the lever harp.
It includes music by Beethoven, Couperin, Chopin,
Mozart, Handel, Haydn, Bach, and more.
Fingering and pedal markings included. 39 pages.
#7044B 30 Little Classics Book $9.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
The books on this page were written
by well-known, influential harpists
who helped mold and create the
classical harp repertoire of today.
Although they mainly wrote for pedal
harp, these are pieces they wrote for
beginners on any type of harp.
Beginning & Advanced Beginner Books
Nancy Gustavson
Nancy’s compositions are excellent
for beginning and advanced beginners. The
pieces are in C or sharp keys, and many concentrate on a particular pattern or technique.
Fingerings included. Each book is 12 pages.
The Magic Road is the easiest of the 3 books.
It includes 5 of Nancy’s compositions: A
Magyar Lament, The Jade Temple, Minuet,
Mexican Wedding Song, and A Moorish
Garden, as well as the Japanese Sakura.
#7222B Magic Road $4.95
Several of the pieces in Pacific Sketches feature arpeggios and crossing hands. It includes
Path to the Sea, Rippling Water, Trav’ling On,
Frolic, and Autumn Mood.
Bernard Andrès
Bernard Andrès is one of the most popular
composers of harp music today. These books
are great for recitals for both lever and pedal
harp students. No fingerings. You can hear
many of these pieces on the Pieces Faciles
CDs on page 77.
Ribambelle includes 10 easy pieces for beginners. Four are in flat keys.
#7465B Ribambelle Book $18.95
Aquatintes includes 6 short pieces for
advanced beginners. Two are in flat keys. A
few pieces require easy lever changes.
#7464B Aquatintes Book $14.95
#7221B Pacific Sketches $4.95
La Gimblette is a theme an 12 variations in the
key of C for advanced beginners.
Songs Without Words. Lever players with
their harp tuned in C will need to tune one A
string to A flat to play The Blue Rock. The other
pieces are Cradle Song, Love Song, and
Riding on the Wind.
#7466B La Gimblette Book $14.95
#7220B Songs Without Words $4.95
“Pop'n Easy” Popular Classics
Eleanor Fell has arranged these “popular classics” for beginning to intermediate harpists.
She includes optional notes that can be left out
to make them easier to play. The pieces are in
the key of C or sharp keys, and some require
lever or pedal changes. This book includes La
Donna e Mobile by Verdi, Melody by Mozart,
Brahms’ Lullaby, Paderewski’s Minuet in G,
Ode to Joy by Beethoven, Skaters Waltz by
Waldenteufel, Valse brillante by Chopin, and
Strauss waltzes. 24 pages, with no fingerings.
See page 57 for the Pop‘n Easy Nutcracker.
#7052B Pop'n Easy Classics Book $11.95
You’ll find more easy harp books at
Automates includes 12 pieces in the form of
ancient dances, but in a modern style. For
intermediate to advanced players, they are
great for recitals and gigs. Keys range from 3
flats to 2 sharps. 25 pages.
#7463B Automates Book $17.95
A Martine, in 3 flats, is one of Bernard’s bestloved pieces. Normally played on pedal harp, it
works great on lever as well, as there are no
lever changes. For advanced beginners, the
techniques include xylophonic sounds, playing
with nails, and playing near the soundboard.
#7462B A Martine Sheet $13.95
Epices. These fun, exotic pieces, named for
spices, have interesting rhythms, changing
tempos, and a variety of harp effects. Hear
them on Isabelle Perrin’s CD on page 12. Save
$2 on the set.
#7498B Epices #1 Book $25.95
#7499B Epices #2 Book $22.95
#7498S Epices Set of 2 Books $46.90
Just as the French stew called ratatouille contains a variety of vegetables, these inventive compositions by Clemens Krijger include an
assortment of styles and flavors. The 15 pieces, for advanced beginner
to intermediate harp players, are organized into 3 culinary courses:
appetizers (light), main courses (heavy) and desserts (medium). No
matter how you select your "menu," you won't gain any weight . . . but
you will feel satisfied! Each 1-page piece includes an explanation, written in both English and Dutch, and a large, creative full-color illustration.
Keys range from 2 flats through 4 sharps, with lever changes within
most of the pieces, and some fingerings.
A practice CD is included. 38 pages, paperbound.
#7217B Ratatouille Book and CD $29.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Progressive Solos for the Harp
Meg Robinson
This book of 22 newly composed solos by
Jeannie Kern Chenette progresses easily
from one piece to the next, moving the student
from beginning to intermediate levels. The
pieces are varied, interesting and musically
satisfying. Many essential harp techniques are
introduced, such as 2-4 finger techniques, glissandos, thumb slides, and
lever or pedal changes. This
book is extremely well thought
out. The pieces can be played
on lever harps with at least 22
strings (C to C) or pedal harps.
Fingerings, brackets, & dynamics are indicated. A variety of
time signatures are presented,
and the keys range from 3 flats
to 1 sharp. 27 pages.
Meg Robinson’s compositions
are some of our best-sellers.
Players and teachers love the
musicality of the pieces.
Celtic Tunes Volumes 1 and 2
These 2 delightful books of Celtic tunes by
Jeannie Kern Chenette are for advanced
beginner to intermediate harp players. They
tend to be easier than most of the other Celtic
music books we sell. Often the melody is split
between the two hands, making the playing of
fast tunes easier. The pieces are from the Gow
collection or by O’Carolan, and can be played
on a 22-string harp. Fingerings, brackets, ornaments and variations are included. Volume 2
has some tunes in flat keys.
#7551B Chenette Celtic Book #1 - $11.95
#7552B Chenette Celtic Book #2 - $11.95
Meditative Music by
RoJean Loucks
These wonderful compositions by
RoJean Loucks, a Certified Music
Practitioner, are great for any
occasion. Each has its own distinctive style, from playful to serene. She makes
the music more personal by including short
descriptions about her inspiration for each
piece. For advanced beginner to intermediate
players. There are no fingerings, and no lever
changes within the pieces. Comb-bound. See
page 60 for RoJean’s book for weddings and
In Reflections, one piece uses a G#, the other
9 are in the key of C. 28 pages.
#7281B Reflections Book $11.95
Soul Dance has 10 pieces in C or 1 to 2
sharps. 22 pages.
#7239B Falling Snow Sheet Music $4.95
Fate. The melody floats in an ethereal manner
in this beautiful composition by Meg. 4 pages,
in the key of C minor (3 flats), with a few fingerings at the beginning.
#7228B Fate Sheet Music $5.50
Plums is a selection of 8 easy, beautiful solos.
The notes are large and easy to read, with fingerings and brackets. Each piece is 3 to 5
pages, designed for adult beginners. Advanced
players will enjoy sight-reading these as background music. Keys range from 3 flats to 1
sharp. 36 pages, spiral-bound.
#7236B Plums Book $15.95
Irish Coffee. This relaxed 6/8 tune, with the
feel of a slow jig, has a definite Irish flair.
Advanced beginner to intermediate harp players will enjoy playing this happy piece! 5 pages
in the key of G with a few fingerings.
#7227B Irish Coffee Sheet Music $5.50
Twilight is a sweet, relaxing 5-page harp solo
with an airy light feel. Although technically not
difficult, there is a fair amount of syncopation
throughout in both hands. It is in the key of F (1
flat), with no accidentals.
#7229B Twilight Sheet Music $5.95
Harp for Today by
Susann McDonald and Linda Wood Rollo
Written by two extraordinary teachers, this
comprehensive method can be used with either
pedal or lever harp. It includes fundamentals of
harp technique, progressive exercises and
helpful supplementary advice. Each technique
is explained succinctly and simply, with accompanying color photos and suggestions to aid in
correct execution. 182 pages, spiral-bound.
#7081B Harp for Today Book $49.95
See page 20 for helpful information on how
to tune your lever harp to play in flat keys.
#7282B Soul Dance Book $11.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
#7554B Chenette
Progressive Solos Book
Falling Snow is an elegant,
“harpy-sounding” recital or
“party piece” with flowing arpeggios using 3 fingers in each hand. It is a great study in triplets
for beginners. In the key of G with no lever
changes, it can be played on a harp with just 1
octave below middle C. 3 pages.
Harp Music Books by Sylvia Woods
Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp
Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp is the most popular beginning book for people of all ages who want to
learn to play the harp. This book teaches the student
step by step how to play the harp. Each of the 12 lessons
includes instructions, exercises, and folk and classical
pieces using the new skills and techniques taught in the
lesson. It is an excellent book for any new harp student,
regardless of previous musical training. 44 pieces all in
the key of C, with no sharping levers required. Fingering
and placing brackets included. 80 pages, spiral-bound.
See below for the book of lyrics.
#5111B Teach Yourself Book $15.95
Companion Cassette and CD
Sylvia plays the pieces in the Teach Yourself book on this
cassette or CD. It is a great way to hear how the music is
“supposed to sound.”
#5111C Teach Yourself Cassette $3.00 SALE
#5111D Teach Yourself CD $8.95
Video and DVD
In this informative companion to Teach Yourself To Play
The Folk Harp, Sylvia Woods gives helpful hints and
instruction as she plays the pieces in the book. This is
an excellent way to see “how it should be done,” and
receive helpful advice from Sylvia. It is 1 hour and 40
minutes long, and follows the book, lesson by lesson.
This wonderful teaching tool is available on video and
also on DVD format which can be viewed on a DVD
player in your computer or TV. Both formats contain the
same video footage. However, the DVD is easier to
use, as you can easily click and go to a specific tune or
lesson. The video format is now on SALE at 50% off
while supplies last.
#5111V Teach Yourself Video $54.95 $27.45
#5111W Teach Yourself DVD $54.95
The Teach Yourself video is also available in PAL format, used in many countries outside the USA.
Teach Yourself Sets at
Save from $2 to $6 on these
sets. Save even more on the
video sets, which are now at a
special sale price!
#5110S Teach Yourself
Book and Cassette $16.95
#5110A Teach Yourself
Book and CD $22.90
#5110T Teach Yourself
Book & Video $39.40
#5110E Teach Yourself
Book, Cassette & Video
#5111F Teach Yourself PAL Video $54.95 $27.45
#5110G Teach Yourself
Book, CD & Video $46.35
Lyrics From Three Books
This 16-page booklet includes the lyrics to most of the
songs in the Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp and
Hymns and Wedding Music books by Sylvia Woods. There
are also lyrics to 4 songs from the Irish Dance Tunes book.
If you’ve always wanted to “sing along,” here’s your chance!
#5118B Lyrics Booklet $2.95
This lyrics booklet is also available FREE as a
PDF download on our website.
#5110L Teach Yourself
Book and DVD $66.90
#5110M Teach Yourself
Book, Cassette & DVD
#5110Q Teach Yourself
Book, CD & DVD $73.85
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Classical, Church & Wedding Books by Sylvia Woods
Flower Duet arranged for Solo Harp
The Flower Duet is from the 1883 opera Lakmé by Léo Delibes. Normally sung by 2
women, Sylvia has arranged this lovely song for solo harp. Although you may not be
familiar with the title of this lyrical piece, you have probably heard it in commercials for
companies such as Ghirardelli Chocolate and British Airways. The sheet music
includes two 2-page versions, both in the key of A (3 sharps). They are basically the
same, except that one is for lever harps tuned to C, and the other requires a B-flat.
Fingerings are included, as well as lever and pedal changes. For intermediate players. You can
hear this sheet music by going to this product on our website, and then clicking the link.
#5522B Flower Duet Sheet $4.95
See our website for a downloadable PDF of this music
Hymns and Wedding Music For All Harps
arranged for beginning and advanced harpists
Here are Sylvia’s multi-level arrangements of 33 popular hymns, 3
wedding processionals and recessionals, and a special section of 7
Jewish pieces for joyous occasions. Each piece has 2 arrangements:
an easy version, and one that is more difficult. A duet version of
Schubert’s Ave Maria for harp & flute, violin or voice is also included.
96 pages spiral-bound. The lyrics for the hymns are in the “Lyrics
Booklet” listed on page 68. Includes Abide With Me, Faith of Our
Fathers, This is My Father’s World, Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me,
Nearer My God to Thee, Rock of Ages, We Gather Together, Bridal
March from Lohengrin (Here Comes the Bride), Trumpet Tune, Trumpet Voluntary, and many more.
#5921B Hymn & Wedding Book $19.95 #5920S Hymn & Wedding Book & Cassette
(Save $2) $20.95
#5921C Hymn & Wedding Cass. $3.00
#5920A Hymn & Wedding Book & CD $26.90
#5921D Hymn & Wedding CD $8.95
Pachelbel’s Canon
Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring
arranged for harp solo, duet, and harp & flute
arranged for solo, duet, and harp and flute
This book of Sylvia Woods’ arrangements of
the famous Canon by Johann Pachelbel
includes two sections: one in the original key of
D, and one in the key of G. Each section comes
complete with several versions: an intermediate solo; a more difficult solo; a harp duet; and
an arrangement for harp and flute, violin, or
other solo instrument. Fingerings are included.
For intermediate to advanced players. 40
pages, spiral-bound. The harp and flute version
can be heard on the Hymns and Wedding
Music companion cassette listed above.
Six of the arrangements from this book,
along with 3 of the arrangements from the
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring book can be
heard on Sylvia’s Companion CD listed
below. It includes one solo and both duet
versions in each key.
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring is one of Johann
Sebastian Bach’s best-loved works. Sylvia
Woods has created several arrangements of
this beautiful piece in one book: harp solo, harp
duet, harp and flute (or
other melody instrument)
including an optional vocal
part. For each ar rangement, she provides a
“score” as well as separate
parts. The harp arrangements are for intermediate
to advanced harp players. In the key of 3
sharps, with lever changes. Fingerings are
included. 32 pages, spiral-bound. Sylvia’s
Companion CD includes the folk harp solo, the
harp duet, and the harp and flute duet, along
with 6 of the arrangements from her
Pachelbel’s Canon book.
#5878B Pachelbel’s Canon Book $9.95
#5879D Pachelbel / Jesu CD $8.95
#5878A Pachelbel’s Canon Book and CD
$16.90 (Save $2)
#5879B Jesu Book $9.95
#5879D Pachelbel / Jesu CD $8.95
#5879A Jesu Book & CD $16.90
Special Set Price: #5879E Pachelbel’s Canon Book and Jesu, Joy of Man’s
Desiring Book and CD $25.85 (Save $3)
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
#5920T Hymns and Wedding Book and Pachelbel’s Canon Book (SAVE $2) $27.90
Irish Music Books by Sylvia Woods
40 O’Carolan Tunes For All Harps
arranged for beginning & advanced harpists
This multi-level book by Sylvia Woods contains
40 tunes by O’Carolan (1670-1738), the most
famous of the Irish harper/composers. These
tunes are perfect for weddings and other occasions. Each piece has two arrangements: an
easy version, and one that is more difficult. The
pieces are fingered and are in the key of C or
sharp keys, with chord symbols. 112 pages,
spiral-bound. Includes Carolan’s Concerto,
Bridget Cruise, Eleanor Plunkett, Fanny Power,
Lady Gethin, Carolan’s Welcome, Planxty
Sweeny, Blind Mary, O’Rourke’s Feast, Lady
Athenry, Lord Inchiquin, Morgan Magan,
Carolan’s Draught, Planxty Drew, and more.
#5844B O’Carolan Tunes Book $18.95
#5844C O’Carolan Cassette $3.00 SALE
#5844D O’Carolan CD $8.95
#5840S O’Carolan
Book & Cassette
(Save $2)
Book & CD
(Save $2)
Irish Dance
Tunes For All
50 Jigs, Reels,
and Airs
`This book contains 50 Irish jigs, hornpipes,
reels and airs arranged for the harp by Sylvia
Woods. This is an excellent book for intermediate and advanced harp players interested in
learning about Irish dance tunes, or for those
already involved in the Irish music scene. It can
be used by groups of musicians as well as harp
soloists. In sharp keys with fingerings and
chord symbols. 64 pg., spiral-bound. Includes
Carrickfergus, Blarney Pilgrim, Mason’s Apron,
Brian Boru’s March, Garryowen, Rocky Road
to Dublin, Little Beggarman, Merrily Kiss the
Quaker, Parting Glass, Boys of Blue Hill, Kid on
the Mountain, Morrison’s Jig, Rights of Man,
Off to California, King of the Fairies, Off She
Goes, Haste to the Wedding and more.
#5555B Irish Dance Tunes Book $11.95
#5555C Irish Dance Tunes Cass. $3.00
#5555D Irish Dance Tunes CD $8.95
#5550S Irish Dance Tunes Book and
Cassette (Save $2) $12.95
#5550A Irish Dance Tunes Book and
CD (Save $2) $18.90
50 Irish Melodies For All Harps
arranged for beginning and advanced harpists
Here are 50 of your favorite Irish songs (with lyrics) in multi-level arrangements
for harp by Sylvia Woods. Each piece has two arrangements: an easy version,
and one that is more difficult. As well as songs from Ireland, this book also
includes some Irish-American songs that have found their way into the Irish music
tradition, such as When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral, and My
Wild Irish Rose. This book will be invaluable on St. Patrick’s Day, but is fun all year
’round! The pieces are fingered and are in the key of C or sharp keys. Some require lever or pedal
changes within the piece. Lyrics and chord symbols are indicated. 112 pages, spiral-bound.
Includes Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms; Castle of Dromore; Cockles and
Mussels; Danny Boy; Foggy Dew; Gartan Mother’s Lullaby; Gentle Maiden; The Girl I Left Behind
Me; Kerry Dance; Killarney; Lark in the Morning; Mairi’s Wedding; My Lagan Love; Rose of Tralee;
She Moved through the Fair; ‘Tis the Last Rose of Summer; Wearin’ O’ The Green; and more.
#5498B Irish Melodies Book $19.95
#5498C Irish Melodies Cass. $3.00 SALE
#5498D Irish Melodies CD $8.95
#5490S Irish Melodies Book & Cassette
(Save $2) $20.95
#5490A Irish Melodies Book & CD
(Save $2) $26.90
Companion cassettes and companion CDs are available with many of Sylvia’s books.
Sylvia plays the pieces more slowly than usual, so you can play along while you’re learning. The
cassettes are at the special sale price of only $3.00 (instead of $7.95), while supplies last.
Many of Sylvia’s books are multi-level, with both easy and more advanced arrangements of
each song. The companion recordings that go with some of these books include both arrangements of the songs, but some include only the advanced arrangements.
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More Celtic Books by Sylvia Woods
52 Scottish Songs For All Harps
arranged for beginning & advanced harpists
This book includes 52 of your favorite Scottish songs (with lyrics) in multi-level arrangements for
harp. Over half are by Robert Burns. Each piece has two arrangements: an easy version, and one
that is more difficult. The pieces are fingered and in the key of C or sharp keys, and chord symbols
are indicated. A few require lever or pedal changes. Includes Annie Laurie, Auld Lang Syne, Comin’
Thro’ the Rye, Rowan Tree, Loch Lomond, Scotland the Brave, Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Ye Banks
and Braes, Skye Boat Song, Will Ye No Come Back Again?, and more. 112 pages, spiral-bound.
Scottish Songs Book $19.95
Scottish Songs Cassette $3.00
Scottish Songs CD $8.95
Scottish Songs Book & Cassette (Save $2) $20.95
Scottish Songs Book & CD (Save $2) $26.90
Original Music by Sylvia Woods
The Harp of Brandiswhiere
Gecko Tails
This book contains the written music of
Sylvia’s suite for Celtic harp: The Harp of
Brandiswhiere. It also includes the full story
of the legend, beautifully illustrated by
English artist Steve Duglas. The music can
be played on Celtic or pedal harp, or piano.
For advanced harp players. All 11 pieces
are in sharp keys with no lever changes
within any of the pieces. There are no fingerings. 60 pages. See page 16 for Sylvia’s
recording of this
This suite of five original, whimsical compositions
by Sylvia Woods was inspired by the cute little
geckos that live in most of the houses of Hawaii.
With their suction-cup toes, these symbols of good
luck climb the walls and dance across the ceiling.
Includes Sticky Toes, View from the Ceiling,
Dancing in the Waterfalls, Tropical Dreams, and
The Gecko Stroll. The pieces are for intermediate
harp players, and fingerings are included. There
are no lever changes in the middle of any of the
pieces. 32 pages. The enclosed CD includes the
entire 12-minute suite. This suite is now available
as PDF and mp3 downloads on our web site.
#5209S Gecko Tails Book and CD $12.95
Harp of
Book $14.95
Harp of Brandiswhiere
Selections for Harp and Flute
Sylvia has arranged two of The Harp of
Brandiswhiere pieces for harp and flute, in
arrangements similar to those on her
recording. Brandiswhiere's Triumphant
Return and In the Forest are both in 1
sharp, with no lever or pedal changes.
Fingerings included. Each booklet includes
an 8-page harp & flute score, and 2 pages
that may be copied for the flute player.
#5215B In the Forest - Harp & Flute
Booklet $6.95
#5214B Brandiswhiere's Triumphant
Return - Harp & Flute Booklet $6.95
Winter Bells
Winter Bells is an original solo harp composition by
Sylvia Woods. The sheet music is an exact transcription of the way Sylvia performed it on her
recording Three Harps For Christmas, Vol. 2 (see
page 16). It is for intermediate to advanced players, and is in the key of E minor (1 sharp). There is
one accidental that can be left out if necessary. 4
pages with fingerings. See page 56 to save $1 by
buying this as a set with 2 Christmas Medleys.
#5226B Winter Bells Sheet Music $4.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Books of Popular Music by Sylvia Woods
The Wizard of Oz
This delightful book of the
music from The Wizard of Oz
is designed for advanced
beginners and intermediate
harp players, and can be
played on either a lever or a
pedal harp. Some of the
pieces have accidentals, and
sharping lever and pedal
changes are indicated. The
lyrics are printed in the
music, so you can sing along
as you play! Fingerings are also included. Some of
the pieces have separate arrangements for pedal
and lever harps, and a few have both easy and
advanced versions. It includes Over the Rainbow,
Munchkinland, The Lullaby League, Ding-Dong the
Witch is Dead!, We’re Off to See The Wizard (Follow
the Yellow Brick Road), If I Only Had A Brain, The
Merry Old Land of Oz, If I Were King of the Forest,
and easy and advanced medleys of the pieces. 48
pages, spiral-bound.
#5802B Wizard of Oz Book $17.95
Andrew Lloyd
In this book, Sylvia
Woods has arranged
11 songs by Andrew
Lloyd Webber from
many of his most famous pop operas.
Five of the songs are from Phantom of
the Opera, as well as hits from Cats,
Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, and others. It also includes the beautiful Pie
Jesu from Requiem. For intermediate to
advanced folk harp players. Many songs
have sharping lever changes within the
pieces. They are in the keys of C or G,
with fingerings. 36 pages, spiral-bound.
Includes Angel of Music, Think of Me,
Music of the Night (excerpt), Phantom of
the Opera, All I Ask of You, Memory,
Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, I Don’t Know
How to Love Him, Starlight Express, Tell
Me on a Sunday, and Pie Jesu.
#5567B Webber Book $21.95
76 Disney Songs For The Harp
This fun book by Sylvia Woods spans 60 years of beloved Disney songs from movies, TV shows,
and theme parks. The songs are fingered, can be played on either pedal or lever harp, and have
both lever and pedal changes marked in the music. Some of the songs are very easy to play, while
others are more difficult. You’re sure to find a great number of songs at your playing level. The
lyrics are written between the staves of
each song, so you can merrily sing along.
172 pages with Disney illustrations, spiralbound.
Includes songs from Aladdin, Alice in
Wonderland, The Aristocats, Babes in
Toyland, Bambi, Beauty and the Beast,
Cinderella, Davy Crockett, DuckTales,
Dumbo, It’s a Small World, The Jungle
Book, Lady and the Tramp, The Little
Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Mickey Mouse
Club, Pete’s Dragon, Peter Pan,
Pinocchio, The Reluctant Dragon, The
Rescuers, Robin Hood, Snow White,
Song of the South, Tale Spin, Winnie the
Pooh, Zorro, and MORE!
#5876B 76 Disney Songs Book
Beauty And The Beast
The theme from Walt Disney’s animated movie Beauty and the Beast became one of the most popular songs of the 90’s. Sylvia Woods has created several arrangements of this beautiful piece in
one book: a simple harp solo; advanced harp solo; harp duet; and harp with flute or voice. To
accommodate harps as well as vocalists with various ranges, this book includes each of the
arrangements in the key of C and also the key of G. The advanced arrangements have two lever
or pedal changes. Fingerings and lyrics are included. 32 pages, paperbound.
#5877B Beauty and the Beast Book $9.95
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Lennon and McCartney For The Harp
46 of the most popular songs by John Lennon and Paul
McCartney have been arranged for the harp by Sylvia
Woods. All of these songs can be played on both lever
harp and pedal harp. For intermediate to advanced harp
players. When necessary, there are separate arrangements for lever harp players who tune their harps to 3
flats, as well as lever harps tuned to the key of C. A few
songs have separate pedal harp arrangements. Some of
the pieces are quite easy, while others have extensive
sharping lever or pedal changes. Lyrics and chord symbols are included. 144 pages, spiral-bound. Includes
Across the Universe, All My Loving, All Together Now, And I
Love Her, Because, Can't Buy Me Love, Eight Days a Week,
Eleanor Rigby, Fool On the Hill, For No One, Get Back, Girl,
Golden Slumbers, Good Night, Here There and Everywhere,
Hey Jude, I Should Have Known Better, I Will, If I Fell, I'll
Follow the Sun, I'm Happy Just to Dance With You, I'm
Looking Through You, In My Life, I've Just Seen a Face, Let
It Be, Little Child, Long and Winding Road, Michelle, Mother
Nature's Son, Norwegian Wood, Not a Second Time,
Nowhere Man, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Paperback Writer,
Penny Lane, Rain, She's Leaving Home, Thank You Girl,
This Boy, We Can Work It Out, With a Little Help from My
Friends, Yellow Submarine, Yes It Is, Yesterday, You Won't
See Me, and You've Got to Hide Your Love Away.
John Denver Love Songs
For The Harp
Sylvia has arranged 12 of John
Denver’s beautiful love songs for
advanced beginner and intermediate
harp players. His music is fun to play,
and sounds wonderful on the harp.
There is only one sharping lever
change in the entire book. Even if you
don’t think you’re a John Denver fan,
we’re sure you’ll love these lyrical
arrangements. Includes Annie's
Song, Dreamland Express, Fly Away,
Follow Me, For Baby (For Bobbie),
For You, Goodbye Again, I'm Sorry,
Leaving on a Jet Plane, My Sweet
Lady, Perhaps Love, and Sunshine
on My Shoulders. Songs are in the
key of C or 1 or 2
sharps. Lyrics and
chord symbols are
included. 48 pgs.,
#5875B Lennon and McCartney Book $26.95
This book by Sylvia
Woods includes 22
popular romantic songs for
weddings, parties, anniversaries, and
other special occasions. Advanced
beginners will be able to play the
pieces at the front of the book that
have no (or just a few) lever changes.
Other songs are more difficult with
more extensive lever changes. Lyrics,
fingerings, chords, and lever and
pedal changes are included in each
song. All of the pieces can be played
on pedal harps, and on lever harps
tuned to the key of C or up to 3 flats.
Includes: A Summer Place, And I Love
You So, Evergreen, From this Moment
On, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Lady,
Let it be Me, Moondance, My Love,
Never My Love, Raindrops Keep
Fallin’ on My Head, The Prayer, The
Rose, Somewhere in Time, Send in
the Clowns, Tammy, Through the
Eyes of Love, Time to Say Goodbye,
Wedding Song, Wind Beneath My
Wings, Tara's Theme: My Own True
Love, (from Gone With the Wind), and
Sunrise, Sunset. 80 pages, spiralbound.
#5822B Romantic Songs Book
Groovy Songs of the 60s
Feelin’ groovy? Sylvia Woods’ spiffy collection of 40
songs from the 1960s will inspire you to put on your
embroidered bell-bottoms and wear some flowers in
your hair. Some of the pieces can be played by beginning harp players, but most are at advanced beginner
to intermediate levels. Fingerings, lyrics and chord
symbols included. Pieces are in C or sharp keys, and
can be played on either lever or pedal harp. About half
of the songs do not have any lever changes within the
pieces. 96 pages, spiral-bound. Includes: 59th Street
Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy); Let's Get Together;
Happy Together; Can't Help Falling in Love; Venus in
Blue Jeans; Windy; I Love How You Love Me; A Groovy
Kind of Love; A Lover's Concerto; End of the World; I'll
Never Fall in Love Again; Do You Know the Way to San
Jose; San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers
in Your Hair); Both Sides Now; Since You've Asked;
(You and Me and) Rain on the Roof; Then You Can Tell
Me Goodbye; Puff the Magic Dragon; Mr. Bojangles;
Old Friends; Bookends; The House of the Rising Sun;
Mr. Tambourine Man; The Times They Are A-Changin';
Blowin' in the Wind; Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini; Pipeline; Surfer Girl;
In My Room; Fun, Fun, Fun; Don't Let the
Sun Catch You Crying; Ferry Cross the
Mersey; Downtown; As Tears Go
By; Jenifer Juniper; Nights in White
Satin; A Time for Us; The Addams
Family Theme; The Flintstones; and
Aquarius from Hair.
#5960B Groovy Songs of the
60s Book $28.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
22 Romantic
#5812B John
Denver Book
Popular Sheet Music by Sylvia Woods
Love Theme from Titanic:
My Heart Will Go On
Into the West from The Lord of the
Rings: The Return of the King
Sylvia Woods has created harp arrangements
of the popular love theme from the movie
Titanic, My Heart Will Go On. An easy arrangement and an intermediate arrangement are
BOTH included in the same piece of sheet
music. They are in the key of G (1 sharp) with
no lever or pedal changes. The lyrics are written between the staves, so you can sing along
while you play. Chord symbols are included in
the intermediate version. This song is a
“required song” if you play weddings! 6 pages.
Into the West, the Academy Award-winning
song from The Lord of the Rings movie, has
been arranged for harp by Sylvia Woods. An
easy arrangement and an intermediate
arrangement are BOTH included in the same
piece of sheet music. The lyrics are written
between the staves, so you can
sing along. In the key of C,
with no lever changes.
Chord symbols included. 6
pages of music of each
level: 12 pages total.
#5568B Titanic Sheet Music $6.95
#5533B Into the West
Sheet Music $7.95
House At Pooh Corner and Return
To Pooh Corner
Kenny Loggins' House At Pooh Corner was a
big hit for Loggins and Messina in the 1970’s.
In 1993 Kenny wrote an additional verse for his
son, and re-released it as Return to Pooh
Corner on his CD of kids' songs. Sylvia Woods
has arranged the music for this fanciful song so
that it can be played (and sung) in either version. The music is in the key of G
(1 sharp) with no lever
changes. Includes lyrics,
fingerings, and chord
symbols. For advanced
beginners or intermediate
players. 4 pages.
#5571B Pooh Sheet
Music $6.95
Harpers Are Not Bizarre
Sylvia has used this humorous song as an
encore at the end of her concerts ever since
she wrote it in 1982. The silly chorus “Harpers
are not bizarre. . . doot, doot, doot, doot” is
easy for audiences to learn and sing along. The
verses talk about harpies, Harpo, harpists,
harpers, and fun things you can do with your
harp (such as “cut up cheese!”) At the end of
the last verse, you'll shoot a rubber-tipped
arrow off of one of your harp strings! Watch a
concert video of Sylvia performing this piece on
this product’s page on our website.
#5866B Harpers Are Not Bizarre Sheet
Music $3.95
Did you know you can search
our website for a specific piece of
music and find all the books and CDs
that we sell containing that music?
Dead Poets Society
The haunting harp music in the popular movie
Dead Poets Society was performed by Sylvia
Woods on a metal-strung Celtic harp. The
soundtrack was composed by Academy Awardwinner Maurice Jarre. Sylvia arranged this
medley of several of the themes from the
soundtrack on this sheet music. For of all levels
of players on any type of harp. 4 pages.
#5569B Dead Poets Sheet Music $4.95
Disney-Pixar’s UP
PDF Download
PDF contains two 4page arrangements of
the theme from DisneyPixar’s animated movie
"UP." Both versions are
basically the same, except
that one is for harps with just
1 octave below middle C, and
the other is for larger lever or
pedal harps. This music is for advanced
beginners and more advanced players. It
is in the key of G (1 sharp) with some C#
lever or pedal changes throughout the
piece. Chord symbols and fingerings are
included. $5.95 from our website.
Please note: This music is
only available as a PDF
download on our website at
It is not available as printed
sheet music.
Please contact us by e-mail or phone if you
have any questions.
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
American Sheet Music by Sylvia Woods
Simple Gifts
Simple Gifts is a lovely
Shaker hymn. Sylvia’s
arrangement includes
several variations, and
is for advanced beginners and intermediate
harp players. In the key
of G with fingerings,
and no lever changes. 4 pages.
#5594B Simple Gifts Sheet Music $4.95
The Water Is
All The Pretty
Little Horses
All the Pretty Little
Horses is a lullaby
from Appalachia. The
music is in the key of
E minor (1 sharp), with no lever or pedal
changes. Fingerings, chord symbols and lyrics
are included. 3 pages of music for advanced
beginners or intermediate harp players.
#5596B All The Pretty Little Horses
Sheet Music $4.95
Wondrous Love
The Water Is Wide is
known in Scotland and
England as O Waly,
Waly. When the song
made its way to
America, it changed its
name and became a “traditional American”
tune. Sylvia’s arrangement includes several
variations, and is for advanced beginners and
intermediate harp players. 3 pages, with fingerings. In the key of C with no lever changes.
#5595B The Water Is Wide Sheet $4.95
Wondrous Love is a
modal hymn from the
shape note (also
called “Sacred Harp”)
singing popular in
churches of Colonial
New England.
Sylvia’s arrangement
includes three variations, and is for advanced
beginners and intermediate harp players. 3
pages, with fingerings and no lever changes in
a C tuning.
#5597B Wondrous Love Sheet $4.95
In this medley, Sylvia
has blended two beautiful American spirituals about going “home” to
heaven: Motherless Child (Sometimes I Feel
Like a Motherless Child) and Wayfaring
Stranger. The music is in the key of E minor (1
sharp), with no lever or pedal changes.
Fingerings, chord symbols and lyrics are
included. 5 pages of music for advanced beginners or intermediate harp players. The lowest
note in the music is the E, almost 2 octaves
below middle C. This medley is also available
arranged for harp & handbells. (See page 72.)
#5593B Spiritual Medley Sheet $4.95
America Medley: America and
America The Beautiful
Sylvia Woods’ medley of two patriotic songs is
perfect for school assemblies, meetings, festivals, churches, and national holidays. It combines 2 well-known favorites: America (“My
country 'tis of thee”) and America The Beautiful
(“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies”). It begins in
the key of D (2 sharps) and ends in the key of
G (1 sharp), with several sharping lever or
pedal changes. Lyrics,
fingerings, and chord
symbols are included. 4
pages, for advanced
beginner & intermediate
#5592B America
Medley Sheet $4.95
These pieces of sheet music are also available as printable PDF
downloads on our website. Save time and money by taking
advantage of this quick and easy new way to order music. You
get your music immediately, and there are no shipping charges to
pay! Visit w w w. h a r p c e n t e r. c o m / P D F for more information
and to see what music is currently available for download.
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Motherless Child
and Wayfaring
Christmas and Chanukah Books by Sylvia Woods
50 Christmas Carols For All Harps
for beginning and advanced harpists
Here are Sylvia Woods’ multi-level
arrangements of 50 of the bestknown traditional Christmas carols,
with their lyrics. Each piece has two
ar rangements: an easy version,
and one that is more difficult. All are
fingered and are in C or sharp keys.
96 pages, spiral-bound. The companion cassette or CD includes all
of these carols as well as the pieces in the
Chanukah Music book (described at right). Sylvia
plays the pieces more slowly than usual, so you can
play along while learning.
Chanukah Music For All Harps
This book contains multi-level arrangements by Sylvia of 11 popular songs for
Chanukah including Chanukah, O
Chanukah; Maoz Tsur; Hanerot Halalu; Mi
Yemalel; Sevivon; Ner Li; Yodim Atem; I
Have A Little Dreydl; Chanukah Blessing;
and the Israeli National Anthem, Hatikvah.
Even if you’re not Jewish, if you play for
parties during December you’ll find this
book very helpful. Includes fingerings and
lyrics. In the key of C or sharp keys; one
song has lever changes. 26 pages, spiralbound. See left for information on the
Companion Cassette or CD.
Christmas Carols Book $19.95
#5234B Chanukah Book $10.95
Christmas / Chanukah Cass $3.00
Christmas / Chanukah CD $8.95
Christmas Carols Book and Cassette (SAVE $2) $20.95
50 Christmas Carols Book and CD (SAVE $2) $26.90
Four Holiday Favorites:
Frosty the Snow Man, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
Silver Bells, Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
This festive book of 4 fun songs for the holidays includes two Sylvia
Woods’ arrangements of each piece: an easy version, and one that is
more difficult. Most of the lever changes are in the harder versions. In the
key of C or 1 sharp, with fingerings. The lyrics are printed in the music, so
you can sing along! 20 pages, paperbound.
#5229B Four Holiday Favorites Book $12.95
Christmas Sheet Music
Mary, Did You Know?
This sheet music includes two complete arrangements
of the popular contemporary Christian Christmas song,
Mary, Did You Know? Both 3-page versions are essentially the same, except that the advanced beginner
version has only 1 lever (or
pedal) change, while the intermediate one has more extensive
changes. Both are in the key of G,
with D# accidental(s). Fingerings,
chord symbols, and lyrics are
included in the music. Be sure to
add this lovely, meditative song to
your Christmas repertoire.
#5224B Mary Did You Know?
Sheet Music $6.95
In the Bleak Midwinter
Sylvia Woods’ arrangement of Gustav Holst’s and Christina
Rossetti’s hauntingly beautiful carol, In the Bleak Midwinter, is
for advanced beginner and intermediate players. 4 pages in
the key of G with fingerings.
#5228B Bleak Midwinter Sheet Music $4.95
2 Christmas Medleys
This sheet music contains two
separate medleys. They are
exact transcriptions of the way
Sylvia arranged and performed
them on her two 3 Harps For
Christmas recordings (see page
16). The first medley (from Vol.
2) combines Arabian Dance from
Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky
with We Three Kings of Orient
Are and requires a few lever
changes. The second medley
(from Vol. 1) is a combination of
2 traditional Russian carols:
Angelical Hymn and Twelfth
Night Song. Medleys are in the
key of C and are for intermediate
players. 6 pages with fingerings.
#5227B 2 Christmas
Medleys Sheet Music $4.95
Winter Bells (see page 51)
and 2 Christmas Medleys
Sheet Music SET
#5230S - $8.90
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More Christmas Music Books
This book from Bonnie
Mohr’s “colorful” series
(see pg. 42) contains 10
Christmas songs for beginners to advanced beginners. The easiest songs
have colored F & C notes. There are some
duets, & versions for small harps. 50 pages.
#7270B Colorful Christmas Book $19.95
Nutcracker Ballet Selections
This fun book of 6 pieces from The Nutcracker
Ballet is part of Eleanor Fell’s Pop‘n Easy
series for beginning to intermediate harpists.
She includes optional notes that can be left out
to make them easier to play. The pieces are in
the key of C or sharp keys, with some lever or
pedal changes. No fingerings. 16 pages.
#7051B Nutcracker Book $9.95
Christmas Eve
This book includes 16 advanced
beginner to intermediate solo harp
arrangements from the Christmas
Eve CD by Sunita Staneslow (see
page 17). In keys from 2 flats to 2
sharps. No fingerings. 56 pages.
#7659B Christmas Eve Book
The Christmas Harpist
This book of Christmas carols by Marilyn
Marzuki is thoughtfully arranged for both lever
and pedal harp players. It begins with simple
textures for beginners, and progresses through
more complex harmonies and modulations.
These arrangements have a more “classical”
feel than our other Christmas books for lever
harp, and include many techniques commonly
found in pedal harp music. Keys range from 2
flats to 2 sharps. Fingerings, brackets, and
lever and pedal markings are included.
#7019B Marzuki Christmas Book $11.95
Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)
Angi Bemiss' graceful arrangement
for intermediate players captures the
essence of this moving contemporary
Christian Christmas song by Amy Grant. Lyrics
and chord symbols are included. There are no
sharping lever changes, and no fingerings. The
unique sheet music layout gives you 2 versions
of the same piece. The "Key of C" version is on
one side, and the "E-flat" version (in 3 flats) is
on the back. Each version is 3 pages.
#7369B Breath of Heaven Sheet $4.95
I Wonder As I Wander
Carlos Salzedo’s poignant arrangement of the
Appalachian carol I Wonder As I Wander is
simple, but incredibly effective on the harp.This
arrangement is in 7 f lats, but can be played on
lever harps in the key of C. (Just totally ignore
the flats!) Fingerings included. This is a lovely
solo for throughout the holiday season.
#7017B I Wonder Sheet Music $7.95
Christmas Jewels
This excellent book by Robin Fickle
contains 25 traditional carols from around the
world, including some that have not previously
been arranged for the harp. Arrangements are
at an intermediate lever harp level. Lever and
pedal harp markings are provided and some
fingerings. The keys range from 2 flats to 2
sharps, with a majority of the pieces in the keys
of C or G. The appendix includes the lyrics for
the songs, along with a useful history of the
Christmas carol. 84 pages, spiral-bound. See
page 61 for three more books by Robin.
#7784B Christmas Jewels Book $19.95
Christmas Tunes with a Twist
Verlene now has 2 books of Christmas carols.
Each arrangements has a “twist” of jazzy
chords, jazzy rhythms or both. In the keys of C
through 2 sharps, most pieces can be played
on a lever harp with only F and C levers. There
are only a few lever changes within the pieces,
and O Christmas Tree in Vol. 1 has some fun
lever slides. Includes chord symbols. No fingerings. Each book is 26 pages, comb-bound.
See pages 59 and 66 for more “Twist” books.
#7273B Christmas w/ a Twist Book $9.95
#7294B More Christmas with a
Twist Book $9.95
Kim Robertson
Celtic Christmas. This wonderful book by Kim
Robertson contains 21 transcriptions from her
Celtic Christmas CDs (see page 17). All but
one of the pieces are in the key of C or sharp
keys. For intermediate to advanced players. No
fingerings. 64 pages.
#7525B Celtic Christmas Book $10.95
Christmas Lullaby includes the complete harp
arrangements from Kim's calm, peaceful and
reflective CD of the same name. (Page 17.)
The pieces range from 1 flat to 3
sharps, with only a few lever
changes. Chord symbols included. No fingerings. 46 pages.
#7513B Christmas Lullaby
Book $16.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Colorful Christmas
Holiday and Religious Music by Deborah Friou
Yuletide Treasure: Celtic and English Music for Winter Celebration
This book is a collection of carols and tunes for the winter season from the British Isles arranged
by Deborah Friou and Julia Lane. Included are arrangements from their Yuletide Treasure CD
(see page 17). All of the pieces have been arranged for harp solo. In addition, there are over a
dozen arrangements for harp duet, or harp and melody instrument. For intermediate to advanced
players. Most of the pieces are in C or sharp keys, with a few using one flat.
#6225B Yuletide Treasure Book $19.95
These sheet music selections by Deborah Friou are for intermediate harp players.
To Drive the Cold Winter Away. This
English carol, also known as The Praise of
Christmas, will be a melodic addition to
your winter repertoire. In C with fingerings,
no lever or pedal changes.
#6668B Drive the Cold Winter $4.95
Kum Ba Yah is a fun, rhythmic arrangement of this
popular Nigerian hymn. Key of G with fingerings.
#6661B Kum Ba Yah Sheet Music $4.95
Be Thou My Vision is a beautiful Irish hymn. It
includes fingerings, and no lever changes.
#6662B Be Thou My Vision Sheet $4.95
Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace) is a
tranquil traditional canon or round. This 8page sheet music includes Deborah’s
arrangements for solo harp and also for a
harp ensemble of 2 or 3 harps. Key of G.
Auld Lang Syne. Herald in the New Year with the
lesser-known original version of this melody interwoven with the more familiar one. In the key of C
with fingerings, no lever changes. 2 pages.
#6673B Dona Nobis Pacem $6.95
#6663B Auld Lang Syne Sheet $4.95
Books for Lap Harp by Suzanne Guldimann
Suzanne Guldimann has arranged and illustrated these wonderful books for lap harps, but they are
fun to play on any size harp. She has done extensive research in preparing
these books, which include the lyrics and explanatory notes on the songs.
The range of the music is 2½ octaves, from a C up to a G, and can be played
on most lap harps, whether their range is C to C, or G to G. For advanced
beginners to intermediate harp players. Chord symbols are included so that
more advanced players, and players with larger harps, can add additional
notes. Fingerings are included. Each book is at least 48 pages, paperbound.
See page 7 for Suzanne’s greeting cards.
Christmas Music
Cold December Winds
includes 25 carols dating
from the 14th through the
19th century. 56 pages.
#7561B Cold
December Winds
Book $18.95
Ballads and Other Music
Three Ravens and Other Ballads includes 34
ballads from the 16th to 19th centuries. 72 pages.
#7563B Three Ravens Book $19.95
Pastime With Good Company features 27
Elizabethan songs and dances. 55 pages.
#7564B Pastime with Good Company Book $18.95
Green Grows the Holly will
expand your holiday repertoire with these 25 medieval
and Renaissance carols.
Hearts of Oak includes 27 pieces of old England, from
Shakespeare's time to the reign of Queen Victoria.
#7562B Green Grows
the Holly Book $14.95
The King’s Delight. 21 songs from the earliest
known piece of western music to the medieval troubadours and dances of the Renaissance.
Amid the Winter’s Snow
includes 20 carols from the
Victorian era.
#7567B King’s Delight Book $18.95
#7569B Amid the
Winter’s Snow Book
#7565B Hearts of Oak Book $18.95
The Bard’s Harp: Songs from Shakespeare’s Plays. 23 pieces
of Elizabethan and Jacobean music that are believed to have originally accompanied the songs in Shakespeare's plays.
#7568B Bard’s Harp Book $16.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Christian Music Books
The Lord’s Prayer
Louise Trotter
for lever harp
7 Old Hymn Favorites
Plain and Fancy
Malotte’s beloved piece, The Lord’s
Prayer, transcribed for lever harp
(not pedal harp) by Dewey Owens, is a vital
part of any player’s church and wedding repertoire. In 3 f lats with some fingerings. Due to the
numerous lever changes, this is for intermediate to advanced lever harp players. 3 pages.
#7770B Owens Lord’s Prayer $7.95
Serenade for the Soul
Rhett Barnwell’s collection of 14 well-known
hymns and his own compositions will be
extremely useful for anyone playing in religious
settings. For intermediate players, the pieces
are in C and sharp keys, with some lever
changes. No fingerings. 35 pages. See page
60 for Rhett’s book of music by J. S. Bach.
#7095B Serenade for Soul Book $17.95
Louise Trotter uses harmonics, glissandos and
arpeggios to make her hymn arrangements
very “harpy” and interesting. For advanced
beginners or intermediate players, each hymn
is 2 to 3 pages in the key of C or 1 sharp. Lyrics
and some fingerings are included. 22 pages.
#7456B 7 Old Hymn Favorites $9.95
Contemporary Hymns #1 and #2
These 2 books by Louise Trotter include popular, contemporary hymns used in many churches and praise services today. Each volume, for
advanced beginners to intermediate harp players, includes lyrics and chord symbols. No fingerings. 14 pages each, comb-bound.
#7457B Contemporary Hymns #1 $14.95
#7460B Contemporary Hymns #2 $14.95
Traditional Hymnes with a Twist
#7279B Hymnes Twist Book $9.95
In This Very Room
This contemporary Christian piece by Ron and
Carol Harris is popular at weddings and as a
sacred choral anthem. Barbara Fackler’s
sheet music includes 3 arrangements for lever
harp at various levels. No fingerings.
#7948B In This Very Room (Lever) $8.95
Were You There?
This intermediate harp arrangement by Angi
Bemiss and Jan Pierce of the spiritual Were
You There? (When They Crucified My Lord)
sounds lovely on the harp. Lyrics are included.
No fingerings. The unique sheet music layout
gives you 2 versions of the same piece. The 2page "Key of C" version is on one
side, and the 2-page "E-flat" version
(in 3 flats) is on the back.
#7370B Were You There? Sheet $4.95
You’ll find more Christian music at
See pages 49, 58, 60, 69 and 72 for
more books of religious music.
Jewish Music Books
by Sunita Staneslow
Sunita Staneslow’s books are perfect for
Jewish weddings and other occasions. For
intermediate to advanced harp players, the
keys range from 2 flats to 2 sharps. There are
lever changes in some of the pieces. Chord
symbols. No fingerings.
Jewish Wedding Book #1
includes 4 processionals & 2
recessionals. 12 pages.
#7381B Jewish Wedding
Book #1 - $9.95
Jewish Wedding Book #2: More music for
weddings. 16 pages.
#7383B Jewish Wedding #2 - $9.95
City of Gold: A Musical Portrait of Jerusalem
includes the pieces from Sunita’s recording in
honor of Jerusalem. (See page 18.) 22 pages.
#7379B City of Gold Book $9.95
Psalms of David includes 5 Christian and 5
Jewish melodies set to the Psalms, arranged in
a gentle, improvisatory style. It is perfect for
harpists who play for ecumenical and healing
services. Two pieces have lever changes.
Some fingerings. 37 pages. See page 11 for a
CD of the Jewish pieces in this book.
#7376B Psalms of David Book $14.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
This is the 4th book in Verlene Schermer's
Tunes with a Twist series. (See pgs. 57 and
66.) The "twist" is the jazzy approach in the
arrangements of the hymns. Most of the hymns
can be played on a lever harp with only F and
C levers, but for 3 hymns, you will also need a
low B-flat. Each arrangement uses either jazzy
chords or jazzy rhythms or both. 25 pages.
Classical, Wedding, and Church Books
Great French
This unique book of 14
lever harp arrangements
by Sunita Staneslow
includes excerpts of some
of the most beautiful and
famous French works by Ravel and Debussy,
(including La fille aux cheveux de lin, and Clair
de lune), as well as works by Satie, Rameau,
and Purcell. There are also five folk tunes and
a medieval melody. The level of difficulty
ranges from advanced beginner to advanced
intermediate. The arrangements have fingering
and dynamics. The keys range from 1 flat to 2
sharps, but a full set of levers is needed for
several of the more advanced classical
excerpts. Eight of the pieces require no lever
changes. 32 pages, paperbound.
#7656B French Composers Book $9.95
Basically Bach
This is a fine collection of some of Johann
Sebastian Bach's most popular pieces,
arranged for lever harp by Rhett Barnwell.
The pieces range from advanced beginner
through advanced intermediate, and some
include both simplified and advanced versions.
Many of these pieces have never before been
arranged for the lever harp, and all can be easily adapted for pedal harp. There are a few fingerings and lots of lever changes in most of the
pieces. The keys range from C to 2 sharps.
Vocal parts are included. 40 pages. See page
59 for hymn book by Rhett.
#7096B Basically Bach Book $17.95
Promises by RoJean Loucks
This book by RoJean Loucks promises to be an
important collection if you play at weddings or
worship services. It features tasteful arrangements of both traditional and sacred selections
and 5 of RoJean’s original compositions. Most
of the pieces are in the key of C, and there are
no lever changes needed within any of the
pieces. There are no fingerings. It includes To a
Wild Rose; Children of the Heavenly Father; O
Perfect Love; Morning Has Broken; Simple
Gifts; Spagnoletta; Savior, Like a Shepherd
Lead Us; Calm as the
Night; Lauda; and a medley
of Be Thou My Vision and
The Water Is Wide. 30
pages, comb-bound. See
page 47 for more books by
#7280B Promises Book
Wedding Music for
the Lever Harp
The music in this
useful book and
companion CD was
arranged by Beth
Kollé and Laurie
Riley. The 23 pieces, chosen from classical,
Celtic, and Jewish repertoire, are grouped as
Preludes, Processionals, Meditations, and
Recessionals. The pieces are for intermediate
players, with chord symbols. No fingerings.
They are in C or sharp keys, with a few lever
changes in some. The book gives helpful hints
on how much to charge, contracts and a handy
checklist of what to bring when you play for
weddings. 104 pages with 40 pages of music,
#7451B Wedding Music for Lever Harp
Book and CD $24.95
Wedding Music
For The Advanced Lever Harp Player
This excellent collection of 21 well-known classical pieces arranged by Dewey Owens for
lever harp players is suitable for weddings and
other occasions. Selections include four pieces
by Handel, two by Corelli, Prelude in C by
Bach, Wedding March by Mendelssohn, the
Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin by Wagner,
Finlandia, O Perfect Love, Traumerei, Gavotte,
Caro Mio Ben, and more. The arrangements
have been specifically designed for lever (not
pedal) harps, and are in the key of C or sharp
keys, with full, rich chords. There are at least 2
sharping lever changes in each piece, & Bach’s
Prelude in C has the most, with 19 changes.
Some fingerings. 42 pages, paperbound.
#7771B Owens Wedding Book $14.95
Adagios by Kathryn Cater
This is a collection of lovely baroque and classical period pieces transcribed and arranged
for lever or pedal harp by Kathryn Cater. It is
appropriate for wedding preludes and processionals, as well as providing gentle background
music for any occasion. Keys from 2 flats
through 2 sharps. Accidentals have been kept
to a minimum. Music by Clementi, Corelli,
Vivaldi, and others. 22 pages, spiral-bound.
See pages 43 & 66 for more books by Kathryn.
#7057B Cater Adagios Book $11.95
See page 49 for Sylvia Woods’ book of
Hymns and Wedding Music,
page 62 for Deborah Friou’s Baroque
Music and Classical Music books.
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Classical Music for Lever Harp by Barbara Brundage
These wonderfully creative arrangements of well-known classical pieces are
strictly for lever harp (not for pedal). Fingerings not included. Eleven of
Barbara’s books and sheets are now available as PDF downloads on our
web site!
Classics on Request books are for intermediate to
advanced lever harp players, and have lever changes in
Clair de lune is one of Claude
each piece. They are arranged for harps tuned to flats.
Debussy’s most beloved pieces.
Players with their harps tuned to C can play all but 2 pieces
This version is in 2 sharps, but
in Vol. 1, but can only play 1 piece in Vol. 2. Each book is at
has some B-flat accidentals. With
least 22 pages. Vol. 1: Für Elise, La fille aux cheveux de lin,
numerous lever changes, it is for
Premiere Gymnopédie, and more. Vol. 2: Moonlight Sonata,
advanced lever harp players. 6
Spring, Ave Maria (Schubert), Barcarolle and more.
pages, paperbound.
#7065B Classics on Request #1 $15.50
#7061B Clair de lune $6.50
#7066B Classics on Request #2 $15.50
Wedding Wishes
This book by Robin Fickle is an excellent resource for wedding ceremonies and other occasions.
In addition to tastefully arranged classic wedding standards, it contains many new pieces not previously transcribed for harp: cheerful Renaissance melodies, love songs from Italian opera and
Early American wedding marches and trumpet tunes. It includes historical notes for each piece,
composer biographies and helpful suggestions for selecting pieces for the wedding ceremony.
Arrangements are for the intermediate to advanced level player. Lever and pedal harp markings
are provided and some fingerings are notated. Most pieces are in the key of G; a few pieces are
in C, D and F with a couple written in E-flat. 40 pieces, 110 pages, spiral bound. More books by
Robin are listed below, and her Christmas book is on page 57.
#7785B Wedding Wishes Book $19.95
Renaissance Music Books
Robin Fickle’s two delightful book collections of Renaissance tunes from England,
Germany, Italy, and France are perfect for garden weddings, Renaissance fairs, and
other festive times. Included are dance tunes from John Playford's English Dancing
Master as well as Elizabethan love songs from well known English composers such
as John Dowland, William Byrd, Thomas Morley, and King Henry VIII. Composers
from other countries include Michael Praetorius, Thoinot Arbeau, and more. The
arrangements range from advanced beginner to intermediate, and have fingerings.
Most pieces are in the keys of G or F. Pedal and lever changes are indicated for the
few pieces that change key. Short biographies of the composers are included. Each
book has 35 pieces, 82 pages, spiral bound. See our website for a full list of pieces.
#7786B Songes of the Merrie Cavalier $19.95
#7787B Songes of the Merrie Jester Book $19.95
Historical Harp Collection Volumes #1 & #2
Nancy Hurrell performs on Renaissance harp as a solo performer and also as a member of an
early music group. These Renaissance music books are for beginner to intermediate harpists, and
can be played on historical, lever, or pedal harps. The keys range from 1 flat to 1 sharp, and a few
lever changes are required. Nancy's excellent historical notes and performance suggestions make
these books great resources that can also be used for an interesting presentation of early music.
Volume 1 includes 14 solos and two 3-part ensembles of popular cantigas and Renaissance
dances. 77 pages. Many of these pieces can be heard on Nancy’s CD Balletto (see page 19).
#7479B Historical Harp Collection Book $17.95
Volume 2 includes 20 Renaissance songs and dances from England, Scotland, France, Italy,
Germany and Spain. Nancy has also included 2 arrangements for 3 harps. 77 pages.
#7412B Historical Harp Collection #2 Book $19.95
See pages 58 & 62 for Renaissance books by Deborah Friou and Suzanne Guldimann
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Renaissance Songes of the Merrie Cavalier and
Renaissance Songes of the Merrie Jester
Books by Deborah Friou
Renaissance Music For The Harp
This delightful collection
contains more than 20
popular dances and airs of
the Renaissance period,
arranged for the harp
by Deborah Friou.
Most are drawn from
the lute or keyboard
repertoire & include
music by well-known
composers of the time
such as Morely, Dowland, and Byrd. The pieces
vary in difficulty from easy intermediate to
advanced & include fingerings. In the key of C
or 1 sharp; a few have lever or pedal changes.
32 pages. A companion CD for this book is
available. Save $2 on the book and CD set.
#6229B Renaissance Book $11.95
#6229D Renaissance CD $8.95
#6220A Renaissance Book & CD $18.90
Early Music For The Harp
This collection of early music arranged by
Deborah Friou contains over 40 songs and
dances from the medieval period. It is a great
book for lovers of early music and for those
wishing to add variety to their repertoire. The
arrangements vary from easy intermediate to
advanced, with fingerings. In the key of C or 1
sharp. 80 pages spiral-bound.
#6333B Early Music Book $19.95
Baroque Music for the Harp
Deborah Friou’s book of Baroque music is a
collection of 56 pieces by the Baroque masters:
Bach, Corelli, Couperin, Daquin, Telemann,
Handel, Krieger, Mouret, Pachelbel, Scarlatti,
Purcell, Rameau, Vivaldi, and others. This is a
great book for weddings and other elegant
occasions. The music is fingered and has lever
and pedal changes indicated. For advancedbeginner to advanced players. It includes
favorites such as King William’s March, The
Hallelujah Chorus, Harmonious Blacksmith, Air
from Water Music, Largo from Winter, Sheep
May Safely Graze, Prince of Denmark’s March,
Les barricades mysterieuses, Soeur Monique,
Le tambourin, Impertinence, and The Cuckoo,
as well as minuets, gavottes, hornpipes, other
dances, and more! 96 pages spiral-bound.
#6436B Baroque Book $19.95
Classical Music for the Harp
This book by Deborah Friou is a collection of
over 40 waltzes, minuets, sonatas and other
music from the classical period, many of them
well-known works. Over half of the pieces have
no lever or pedal changes. Fingerings, lever
and pedal changes included. This is a great
book for weddings, receptions, and church. For
the advanced-beginner to advanced player.
Includes music by Schubert, Mozart, Brahms,
CPE Bach, Haydn, Strauss, Beethoven, Fauré,
and others. Clair de lune, Moonlight Sonata,
Humoreske, Für Elise, Ode to Joy, The Blue
Danube, St. Anthony Chorale, Musetta's Waltz,
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Polovtsian Dance, La
Paloma, and more. 96 pages, spiral-bound.
#6439B Friou Classical Book $19.95
Ballads and Court Dances
of the 16th and 17th Centuries
Sheet Music by Deborah Friou
This book contains 23 of the tunes from
Deborah Friou’s recording Renaissance Muse
(see page 19). These include court dances of
Praetorius and Gervaise, traditional English
ballads, as well as pieces from Scotland’s two
earliest lute manuscripts. Three of the tunes
are arranged for wire-strung harp and five of
the Praetorius dances are arranged for one or
two harps. For intermediate to advanced players, with fingerings indicated. Pieces are in C
or sharp keys. 48 pages, spiral-bound.
Danny Boy. In the key of G (1 sharp) with no
#6388B Ballads and Court Dances Book
Jay Ungar, featured in the soundtrack of the
PBS Series The Civil War. This
sheet music is in the key of D with
one sharping lever change. For
intermediate to advanced players.
#6330S 2 Book Set: Renaissance
Music and Early Music (SAVE $2)
#6331S 3 Book Set: Renaissance
Music, Early Music, and Ballads &
Court Dances (SAVE $3) $45.85
lever or pedal changes. It includes fingerings,
and is for intermediate harp players.
#6664B Friou Danny Boy Music $4.95
Scarborough Fair is for intermediate to
advanced harp players, in C tuning with fingerings, no lever or pedal changes.
#6665B Scarborough Fair Music $4.95
Ashokan Farewell is the haunting theme by
#6667B Ashokan Farewell
Music $5.95
See pages 39, 58, and 69
for more music arranged by Deborah.
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Kim Robertson Books & DVDs
These paperbound books contain selections from Kim
Robertson’s ever-popular CDs. (See pages 9, 14 and 17.)
Kim Robertson’s Celtic Harp Solos book is a
compilation of all of the music in 4 of her previous books: Wind Shadows; Water Spirit;
Moonrise; and Gratitude and Wild Iris. The 45
pieces are of easy intermediate to intermediate
level. Most of the arrangements are simplified
from her recordings, and are in the key of C or
sharp keys, with no fingerings. 86 pages.
Scottish Ballads and Airs includes a great
selection of 18 popular Scottish songs for
advanced beginner to intermediate players.
The lyrics are included on separate pages. Two
pieces are in 1 flat, the rest are in C or sharp
keys. Fingerings are not included. 64 pages.
#7526B Scottish Ballads Book $14.95
Tender Shepherd includes 13 pieces from
Kim’s lullaby recording (pg. 9). The publishing
rights for the song Tender Shepherd were
unavailable, so it is not included in this collection. The arrangements are for intermediate
players, in the key of C or sharp keys, with no
fingerings. 56 pages.
#7522B Tender Shepherd Book $14.95
Searching for Lambs features 13 selections
from Kim’s Searching for Lambs CD, arranged
by Kim for solo harp. It contains well-known
hymns and traditional Celtic melodies. Kim's
exotic composition Maya's Return features
innovative sound effects, which are thoroughly
explained in the book. The arrangements are
intermediate to advanced level, in keys of one
to three sharps, and there are lever changes in
only 2 of the pieces. 52 pages, spiral-bound.
#7529B Searching Lambs Book $15.95
Shady Grove features 14 selections
from Kim's Shady Grove CD (see
page 14). It includes renditions of
American folk songs, Stephen Foster tunes,
and English and Irish ballads that migrated to
the U.S. as well as hymns and dances from
Playford’s English Dancing Master. Most are in
the key of C, or 1 or 2 sharps. For intermediate
harp players, chord symbols are included. No
fingerings. 54 pages, spiral-bound.
#7533B Shady Grove Book $19.95
See page 57 for two Christmas
books by Kim Robertson: Celtic
Christmas and Christmas Lullaby.
Highland Heart includes 14 classic Scottish
and Irish airs heard on Kim’s Highland Heart
CD (see page 14). It includes many Celtic
favorites as well as the famous Jupiter theme
by Gustav Holst. (See below for the single
sheet music of this piece.) The pieces are written in keys from one flat to two sharps, are for
intermediate to advanced harp players, and
include chord symbols over the melody. No fingerings. 40 pages, comb-spiral-bound.
#7515B Highland Heart Book $14.95
Jupiter is from Gustav Holst’s well-known
suite, The Planets. It is also known as “I Vow to
Thee, My Country,” “Thaxted,” or “O God,
Beyond All Praising.” Kim’s lyrical arrangement
features octaves and 3-note chords in the right
hand. This is a complete transcription of Kim’s
recording of this piece, and more advanced
than the arrangement in
her Highland Heart book
(see above). In the key of
C, with no lever changes.
Chord symbols are included;
no fingerings. 3 pages. (See
page 71 for Kim’s ensemble
arrangement of this piece.)
#7517B Jupiter Sheet Music $4.95
Treasures of the Celtic Harp
Book and DVD
The Treasures of the Celtic Harp book
includes traditional tunes and some of Kim
Robertson’s compositions. The arrangements are for intermediate to advanced
players, and are in the key of C or sharp
keys, with no fingerings. 64 pages.
#7535B Treasures Book $16.95
On the 33-minute Treasures of the Celtic
Harp DVD, Kim plays many selections from
the book. She tells about some of the pieces
and the techniques she uses. This is a great
way to "see how she does it." This DVD
was previously available on VHS video.
#7536W Treasures DVD $24.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
#7521B Robertson Solos Book $17.95
Celtic Music Books
A Cape Breton Bouquet
This book by Brenda Bowen Cox features the
Celtic music of Cape Breton Island in Nova
Scotia, Canada. Although this music is Celtic, it
has its own flavor and style which will add
some extra spice to your current repertoire.
Brenda has made this music "harp friendly"
while still keeping true to the traditional Cape
Breton style. This book includes 2 pieces of
each of the 5 traditional Cape Breton forms: air,
march, strathspey, reel and jig. Since many of
the tunes should be played quickly, and some
are rhythmically challenging, it is for intermediate players. Chord symbols are included. No
fingerings. The pieces are in the key of C, or 1
to 3 sharps. Two pieces have lever changes
within the music. 24 pages, spiral-bound.
#7454B Cape Breton
Bouquet Book - $12.95
William Jackson’s Scottish Book
This book includes solo harp
arrangements of William’s
Ancient Harp of Scotland CD
(see pg 15). From 3 flats to 2
sharps, with no fingerings. The
music is for advanced beginners through intermediate
players. 48 pgs., spiral-bound.
#7295B Jackson Scottish
Book $14.95
The Three Musics of the Celtic Harp
These 35 harp arrangements by Jo Morrison
include pieces from the three types of music
required of ancient harpers: the music of mirth,
the music of sorrow, and the music of sleep.
Many of these tunes appear on Jo's The
Three Musics CD (see page 15). Parts
for other instruments are included for 12
tunes, and some have lyrics. Most are
in C or sharp keys. For advancedbeginner to intermediate players. No
fingerings. 78 pages, spiral-bound.
#7275B Three Musics Book $19.95
Manx Music Book
Manx tunes are from the Isle of Man, a small
ancient kingdom set in the middle of the Irish
Sea at the center of the British Isles. This book
by Manx harper Charles Guard includes 18
harp solos, 4 harp duets, and 3 songs for voice
and harp. In the key of C or in sharp keys,
arranged for intermediate harp players. No fingerings. 56 pages. This book is also
available as a PDF download on our
web site.
Gráinne Hambly:
Traditional Irish Music
These books of Irish tunes
have been arranged by
Gráinne for intermediate to
advanced harp players. Some tunes have two
arrangements: one with just the basic melody
in the right hand, and another with traditional
ornamentation added. There are some fingerings, and no lever changes. Four of the pieces
in the 2nd book are in flat keys; all the other
tunes are in C or sharp keys. Each book is 48
pages, spiral-bound. Many pieces in Vol. 1 are
from her Between the Showers CD, and many
in Vol. 2 are on her Golden Lights and Green
Shadows CD (see page 15).
#7269B Gráinne Hambly Book #1 $14.95
#7268B Gráinne Hambly Book #2 $14.95
Harper’s Brew by Aryeh Frankfurter
This book includes traditional Celtic tunes from
Aryeh’s Harper’s Brew CD (see page 14). The
music is from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The music, for intermediate players, is in the key of C or 1 to 2
sharps, with very few lever changes. Chord
symbols are included. No fingerings. There are
extensive explanations regarding how the
music should be played.
Includes Suzie McGuire,
The Selkie, The Sandpit,
Women of Ireland, The
Lea-Rig, and more. 60
pages, comb-bound.
#7298B Harper’s
Brew Book $18.95
The Celtic Harp Book and CD
This book with companion CD is a collection of
31 of the finest old airs and dance tunes from
Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, England,
Cornwall, and The Isle of Man. The arrangements, by Christine Martin and Siobhan
Breathnach, are for beginners or advanced
beginners, but are also satisfying for moreaccomplished players. In
keys from 1 flat to 2
sharps. Some fingerings.
The CD includes all of the
pieces. 38 pages.
#7548B Ossian Harp
Book and CD $14.95
See pages 50 and 51 for Sylvia Woods’
books of Celtic music.
#7251B Manx Book $19.95
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Máire ní Chathasaigh
Michael Rooney of Draíocht
Máire ni Chathasaigh is an
Ireland. She has evolved her
own style for traditional ornaments and is known for her performances of Irish dance music.
Harp Tunes is a collection of 23 dance tunes
composed in the traditional Irish idiom by
Michael. The tunes are lovely and melodic, and
include suggested ornamentation. In addition
to the harp solo, Michael has
also included a separate harp
accompaniment for each
piece, with the melody to be
played by a flute or other
instrument. Many of the tunes
are on his Draíocht CDs. (See
page 14.) 62 pages.
#7266B Irish Harper Book #1 - $19.95
The Irish Harper #2 includes
O’Carolan tunes for intermediate to advanced players.
and historical information are
included. Five pieces are in flat
keys; the rest are in C or sharp
keys. 44 pages spiral-bound.
#7267B Irish Harper Book #2 - $21.95
The Ancient
Music of Ireland
by Edward
This book is an
unabridged replication
of the book originally
published in 1840. Edward Bunting (17731843), the first systematic collector of Irish
folksongs, was commissioned to notate
performances at the 1792 Belfast gathering
of traditional harp players. Unfortunately,
he later transcribed them for piano, so the
original harp transcriptions were lost. The
book includes 151 Irish airs arranged for
piano and playable on harp. This collection
is enriched by an invaluable 100-page preface: “A Dissertation on the Irish Harp and
Harpers, Including an “Account of the Old
Melodies of Ireland” with sections on “The
Method of Playing, and Musical Vocabulary
of the Old Irish Harpers,” “Anecdotes of the
More Distinguished Harpers of the Last
Two Centuries,” and more. Hard to find
elsewhere, this is an indispensible book not
only for students or lovers of Irish music,
but also for those interested in general
music history. 240 pages, paperbound.
#7430B Ancient Music of Ireland
Book $16.95
#7219B Rooney Harp
Tunes Book $19.95
Small Harp Tutor by Alison Kinnaird
Alison’s book and CD set is great for anyone
interested in Scottish or Irish ornamentation.
The first section contains very simple tunes for
beginning harp players. Later, she introduces
ornamentation in the traditional style. The 40
tunes, from elementary to advanced, have fingerings and are in the key of C or
sharp keys. The CD is a great way to
hear how the music should sound.
90 pages, paperbound.
#7262A Small Harp Tutor Book
and CD $32.95
Wire-Strung Harp
Coupled Hands for Harpers
by Ann Heymann
This book by Ann Heymann details a different
approach to playing the harp. Ann’s new technique calls for the use of both hands to express the
melody, taking full advantage of the harper’s
access to the same octave by both hands. This
allows the treble hand time to deal with subtleties
of expression such as ornamentation and variation, which is particularly advantageous when playing fast tunes. Ann introduces her approach gradually & progressively. Although particularly
geared for wire-strung harps, this technique
can be used on any type of harp. Included are
over 80 tunes from the British Isles arranged for
playing levels from experienced
novice to advanced. There are
also exercises, practice tips, a
notation index, and background
and historical information. 148
pages, wire spiral-bound. See
page 15 for one of Ann’s CDs of
wire-strung harp music.
#7424B Coupled Hands Book
Go to for more books
for wire-strung (metal-strung) harps
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
The Irish Harper #1 includes 20 pieces for
intermediate to advanced lever harp players,
including O’Carolan tunes, slip jigs, hornpipes,
marches, polkas, slides, mazurkas, reels, and
2 songs for voice and harp. All pieces are in
sharp keys, with some fingerings. Máire gives
helpful information on playing the different
types and styles of Irish dance music. 28
pages, spiral-bound.
Traditional Tunes “With a Twist” Books
The "twist" is Verlene Schermer’s new jazzy approach to tunes. Each piece
begins simply, and then evolves into a more modern sound with jazzy
chords, jazzy rhythms, or both. The pieces are in the key of C or 1 - 2 sharps,
and include chord symbols. The Christmas and Hymnes “twist” books can be
found on pages 57 and 59, and her Cool Chords book is on page 38.
Traditional Tunes with a Twist includes: House of the
Rising Sun, Greensleeves Swing, Oh Susannah, The
Water is Wide, Mockingbird Song, Motherless Child,
Silent "Jazzy" Night, Morrison’s Jig, and more.
#7271B Tunes with a Twist Book $9.95
More Traditional Tunes with a Twist includes: All the
Pretty Little Horses, Amazing Grace, Scotch ‘n’ Soda Jig,
Shenandoah, The Parting Glass, Wayfaring Stranger,
Scarborough Fair , Maids of Mourne Shore, and more.
#7272B More Tunes w/ a Twist Book $9.95
Still More! Traditional Tunes with
a Twist: Black is the Color of my
True Love's Hair, Wild Mountain
Thyme, Scarborough Fair, Skye
Boat Song, Carrickfergus, The Cat
Came Back, Swallowtail Jig, Kelvin
Grove, Sliebh na mBan, and All
Night, All Day.
#7274B Still More! with a
Twist Book $9.95
Music from Scandinavia & Other Places
The Nordic Harp by Erik Ask-Upmark
Erik’s first book includes 15 tunes from Sweden
and 1 each from Finland and Norway, arranged
for intermediate to advanced harp players. Key
signatures range from one sharp to two flats,
with many in one flat, and some lever changes.
There are no fingerings. There are explanatory
notes at the beginning by Erik regarding how
the music is written and should be played. Also
included in the back of the book are lead sheet
arrangements of each song, which include the
melody line, chords and
information about each
song. 38 pages, combbound. Several songs in this
book are on Erik’s Himlens
Polska CD (see page 18).
#7419B Nordic Harp
Book $19.95
Northern Dances by Kathryn Cater
This is a lovely medley of four traditional
Swedish and Norwegian tunes freely interpreted for harp. The tunes were handed down in
Ms. Cater's family from musical relatives who
played with true gusto and Scandinavian flair.
Although Kathryn arranged this music "for
pedal harp only," we discovered that the only
lever or pedal changes are between the pieces
in the medley, not in the tunes themselves.
Lever harp players can still play each piece
individually, just not put together into a medley.
They sound great! The pieces are in the following keys: C, 2 flats with an F#, G, and D. The
music is for intermediate players and includes
chord symbols. No fingerings. 8 pages.
#7056B Northern Dances Book $6.95
Books by Beth Kollé
These unique books by Beth
Kollé are full of pieces you
won’t find anywhere else!
They are in C or sharp keys, with chord symbols, no fingerings, and only a few lever
changes throughout the books. Explanations of
the tunes are included. For advanced beginner
to intermediate harp players. Comb-bound.
The Northern Folk Harp. These 25 songs,
dances, and airs were collected by Beth Kollé.
The music, from Sweden, Norway, Ireland and
Scotland, is arranged for solo harp, but also
includes flute parts for 5 pieces, and duet harp
parts for 4 pieces. 116 pages.
#7450B Northern Harp Book $24.95
The Wandering Folk Harp includes 17 lever
harp arrangements from Scandinavia, Spain,
Italy, Wales, England, Scotland, and Ireland, as
well as compositions by Beth. Seven also have
harmony parts for flute or fiddle, and 2 are also
arranged for harp duets. 109 pages.
#7448B Wandering Harp Book $24.95
Music of Scandinavia
Aryeh Frankfurter has arranged
15 Scandinavian tunes for intermediate lever harp players.
There is an extensive preface
with photos of Scandinavia, and
Aryeh shares his experience with
learning and recording this
music. 56 pages, comb-spiralbound. See page 64 for another book by Aryeh.
#7297B Frankfurter Scandinavia Book
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
South American Music by Ortiz
Oriental Music
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz
Bright, Bright the Moon
Alfredo is an expert on Latin
American harps. See our web site
and page 19 for his CDs, and page
70 for his ensemble music books.
This extraordinary collection by
Melinda Johnson features 15
timeless songs from the ancient
Chinese folk tradition.
Romantic, soothing & absolutely perfect for the harp, these
arrangements reflect the mystery and allure of this ancient
realm. The clustered and open
intervals within these pieces
reflect the rich palette of sounds
that are hallmarks of this traditional musical style. The initial
melodic phrases are fingered,
and only 1 song requires lever
changes. In keys from 2 flats to
2 sharps. 30 pages. Whether
for the professional harpist, the
developing student or to
expand a personal repertoire,
this book is for all levels.
In Latin American Harps, History,
Music and Techniques, Alfredo
gives a history of these harps and
instruction on playing some of the distinctive harp techniques.
80 pages including history, photos, instruction, and lots of
music in the key of C or 1 sharp. Intermediate to advanced.
#7314B Latin American Book $19.95
From Harp to Harp with Love is a collection of Latin
American music for harp that includes rhythms from several
countries. These 13 pieces are easier than in Alfredo’s first
book, but the rhythms are still quite challenging for most harp
players. The music is in the key of C or 1 flat or sharp, with
some fingerings. 48 pages.
#7317B Harp To Harp Book $13.95
The Ortiz Companion CD contains music from Alfredo’s 2
books listed above, expanding on the instructions & examples.
#7319D Ortiz Companion CD $8.95
#7292B Bright the Moon
The Special Effects DVD is for any harpist who wants to learn
the special effects and techniques of the Paraguayan style. It
begins with basic effects familiar to most harp players (harmonics and glisses), then advances to the special Paraguayan
techniques such as trino, Tremolo, muffling techniques, special glisses and accompaniment patterns. This informative and
educational DVD is extremely useful in understanding the
techniques needed to play the music in Alfredo’s books.
#7318W Ortiz DVD #2 - $39.95
Music Books by Deborah Henson-Conant
Deborah Henson-Conant’s music is very
popular. See page 13 for CDs and DVDs,
and page 34 for her book on amplification.
Deborah’s music is now available as
PDF downloads on our web site!
Nataliana is a lyrical, romantic piece
with a Spanish flavor, for advanced
players. Two 8-page versions are
included: one for lever harps tuned
in E-flat, and one for pedal harp or lever
harps tuned in C. No lever changes.
The Nightingale is a beautiful lullaby composed by Deborah. It includes 3 solo harp
versions, as well as 4 versions for harp and
voice in the keys of G and C. Each version
is from 4 to 7 pages. For beginner to intermediate. 44 pages.
#7285B Nataliana Sheet Music $8.50
New Blues is a bluesy theme with 4 variations for intermediate to advanced players.
The music includes 2 versions: one in the
key of C, and one for harps tuned in flats. If
you’ve ever wanted to play the blues, try out
New Blues. 6 pages (3 pages in each key).
Introduction to Improvisation came
out of Deborah’s workshop at the
Sylvia Woods Harp Center. It includes:
how to vary melody, tempo, meter and
rhythm, harmony, form and sound quality;
what to do when you get stuck; and some vamps
to improvise on. It also includes a Vamps for
Improvisation CD of “background” music for 8
vamps, each between 4 and 6½ minutes long.
They will allow you to free yourself from playing
“the whole thing” so you can concentrate on improvising. 30-page book and CD.
#7284B New Blues Sheet Music $7.50
#7287B Improvisation Book and CD $24.95
#7283B Nightingale Book $12.50
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Pop Music Books & Sheets
Coldplay’s Hit: Clocks
From the 2002 album by the British
alternative-pop band Coldplay came this
catchy song Clocks. Intermediate harp
level arranged by Matt Mayberry for lever or pedal harp.
Key of G, with just 3 very easy lever changes. 4 pages.
Angel by
This popular theme from the film Once won the 2007
Academy Award for Best Original Song. Margot
Krimmel’s 3 page arrangement for intermediate players
is in the key of C, with no lever changes. Lyrics included.
This popular, gentle ballad by
Sarah McLachlan is playable on
either lever or pedal harp. Paul
Baker's sensitive arrangement
works for harpists at any level,
from beginners to advanced. In the
key of G (1 sharp) with no fingerings. There are no lever changes
within the piece. 4 pages.
#7218B Falling Slowly Sheet $7.95
#6921B Angel Sheet $6.95
#7964B Clocks Sheet Music $6.95
Falling Slowly from Once
Pop Sheet Music by Angi Bemiss
Angi Bemiss's unique sheet music layout gives you 2 versions of the same
piece. The 2-page "Key of C" version is on one side of the 11" x 17" sheet, and the 2-page "Key of
E-flat" version (in 3 flats) is on the back. You get BOTH versions! To make the pieces easier for
lever harpists, Angi has taken a few "liberties" with the melody and chords in some of the pieces,
so no lever changes are required. Most of the arrangements are playable by advanced beginners.
Chord symbols are included. No fingerings. If the song has lyrics, they are printed in the music.
See sheets by Angi of Christmas and religious music on pages 57 and 59.
Tender Shepherd is the lullaby/round from the
Broadway musical and TV special Peter Pan,
starring Mary Martin. Angi’s version captures
the song’s simplicity & the charm of the round.
The Feather Theme is heard throughout the
movie Forrest Gump. Angi's version has
repeated notes in the bass, with some 2-note
chords in the right hand.
#7368B Tender Shepherd Sheet $4.95
#7364B Feather Theme Sheet $4.95
Moon River, from Breakfast at Tiffany's has not
been easy to play on the lever harp, until now!
Angi took a few "liberties" with the chords, and
made it playable without any lever changes!
Marta Keen’s Homeward Bound has become
the anthem for many soldiers returning home.
Angi’s intermediate arrangement captures the
warmth and sincerity of this gorgeous piece.
#7366B Moon River Sheet $4.95
#7371B Homeward Bound Sheet $4.95
Angi’s version of The Rainbow Connection,
from The Muppet Movie features 2-note chords
and arpeggiated 3-note chord bass patterns.
Hymne by Vangelis is a lovely piece suitable for
any occasion or setting. Intermediate players.
#7365B Vangelis Hymne Sheet $4.95
#7367B Rainbow Connection $4.95
Unforgettable Theatre Treasures Book #1 by Angi Bemiss
This book of 20 favorites from Broadway musicals and movies was arranged by Angi Bemiss
and Balfour Knight. The music has been arranged to keep sharping lever changes to a minimum, while still retaining the feel of the melody and the essence of the chords. In other words,
Angi sometimes takes "liberties" with the melody and/or the chords to make the pieces more
playable on a lever harp. Over half of these pieces do not require any lever changes. Each
arrangement is 2 pages long. Lyrics and chord symbols are included, with no fingerings. Most
of the arrangements are for intermediate level harp players, but some can be played by
advanced beginners. There are 2 versions of this book, depending whether you tune your lever
harp to the key of C or E-flat. Each book also includes a second section that has the arrangements in their traditional keys. Includes Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (heard in Shrek), Cavatina
from The Deer Hunter, Somewhere Out There from An American Tail, Count Your Blessings
Instead of Sheep from White Christmas, May It Be from The Lord of the Rings, Unchained
Melody from Ghost, the themes from Somewhere In Time, Nicholas and Alexandra, Exodus,
Braveheart, Born Free, Chariots of Fire, Titanic, The Way We Were, and 6 more.
#7361BC Theatre Treasures Book #1 - KEY OF C - $39.95
#7361BE Theatre Treasures Book #1 - KEY OF E-Flat - $39.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Cinema Paradiso Love Theme
Rodgers & Hammerstein
Andrea Morricone’s beautiful, romantic and
mysterious sounding love theme from the
movie Cinema Paradiso has been arranged
for lever harp by Stanley Guy. It is 2 pages
long, in 2 flats, with some wonderfully
embellished jazz chords, and about a
dozen sharping lever changes. Stanley has
also included an easier 1-page
version which eliminates some
of the tricky lever changes.
Deborah Friou has arranged many well-loved
Rodgers & Hammerstein songs for harp. It
includes favorites from Oklahoma!, South Pacific,
The Sound of Music, The King and I, and more.
Arranged for intermediate to advanced harp players, in the key of C or sharp keys, with lever or
pedal changes in many pieces. Includes lyrics, fingerings, & chord notations. 48 pages spiral-bound.
#6543B Rodgers & Hammerstein $18.95
Walking in the Air
from The Snowman
#7342B Cinema Paradiso Sheet $5.95
Latin Groove
John Metras has arranged 2 Latin pieces
for lever harp. They are each 3 pages
long, and do not include fingerings. A Day
in the Life of a Fool (Manha de Carnival)
by Luiz Bonfa is in the key of C with both
sharp and flat lever changes. The
Peruvian folk song Suspiros del
Chanchamayo (By the Rio Chanchamayo)
is in the key of G with no lever changes.
Howard Blake composed this ethereal
song for the beloved animated film The
Snowman in 1982. Margot Krimmel has
arranged 3 harp solos (simplified, lever, and pedal)
and a duet in this book. The 2-page simplified solo
is for 26-string harps, and has no lever changes.
The solos for larger harps are 3 pages each with
extensive lever/pedal changes. In the key of E
minor, with chord symbols and no fingerings. A lead
sheet with lyrics is included. 19 pages spiral-bound.
#7341B Latin Groove Book $5.95
#7216B Walking In the Air Book $12.95
You’ll find Sylvia Woods’ books of pop music on pages 52 - 54.
Fake Books include the melody line,
lyrics and chord symbols, without accompaniment (as shown in the example above). You make
your own arrangements using the melody and the chords. If you’ve never tried this before, you’ll
find Sylvia Woods’ Music Theory and Arranging Techniques book and her Quick Reference Chord
and Scale Chart (on page 38) very helpful. Fake books are great for pedal harp. Advanced lever
harp players will find some pieces playable on their harps, although many pieces require complex
lever changes. See our website at for the books’ contents.
Anthology Harp Fake Book by Ray Pool
Wedding & Love Fake Book
Ray Pool created this extremely useful fake book especially for lever and pedal harp players. The 50 pieces are
perfect for use in hospitals and nursing homes. Fingerings
and chord inversions are included. The pieces are in C or
1 sharp, and only 4 require lever changes. Selections are
from the classical, folk, Celtic, Christian and Jewish repertoire, as well as songs for kids. 51 pages.
Imagine having over 500 love and
wedding songs in one book! This
fake book is not in the “Easy” series.
The music is in a variety of keys, and
the type is smaller than the “easy”
books. 480 pages.
#7830B Wedding and Love Fake
Book $34.95
#7802B Anthology Book $17.95
Easy Fake Books in the Key of C
These popular music fake books have large notation with simplified harmonies and melodies. The
melody, chords, and lyrics are provided, and you make your own arrangements. All of the songs
are in the key of C. There will be accidentals in many of the pieces, causing some to be more difficult, especially on lever harp. These books are a great way to learn how to use fake books.
Your First Fake Book is the easiest, with over
100 Broadway, rock, movie, and love songs.
Includes basic instruction on using a fake book.
#7821B Your First Fake Book $19.95
The Easy Fake Book has over 100 standards,
rock ‘n’ roll, Broadway, movie, and love songs.
#7822B The Easy Fake Book $19.95
Each of these “Easy” fake books include over
100 songs in the key of C.
#7817B Easy Broadway Fake Book $19.95
#7812B Easy Movies Fake Book $19.95
Easy Hymn Fake Book $19.95
Easy Gospel Book $19.95
Easy Worship Fake Book $19.95
Easy Christmas Fake Book $19.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Fake Books
Music Books for Harp Duets & Ensembles
The Pines Of Charlannes
This harp duet by Henriette Renié was published in 1940. It is for 2 harps, or harp and
piano, or harp ensemble. It is in the key
of C with no lever or pedal changes.
Featuring 2-handed arpeggios, it is
for advanced beginners or intermediate harp players, with some fingerings noted. 4 pages.
#7917B Pines Sheet Music
Wild Mountain Thyme
Janet Jackson Witman has arranged 13 traditional Irish and Scottish tunes for solo harp,
harp ensemble, or harp and voice. Includes
Butterfly, Pulling Bracken, Brian Boru, Planxty
Irwin, Blind Mary, Danny Boy, Loch Lomond,
Auld Lang Syne, and more. The pieces are in C
or sharp keys, with no lever changes. Lyrics
and fingerings included. 34 pgs, comb-bound.
#7453B Wild Mountain Thyme $18.50
A Christmas Canon
This intriguing and lovely medley intertwines
Canon in D by Pachelbel with The First Noel.
Arranged by Janet Jackson Witman for 2 (or
more) advanced beginner to intermediate players, it is in the key of D, with no lever changes.
Each part is 2 to 3 pages long, printed individually on heavy paper for durability. There are
two copies of each of the two parts included. It
features short 2-handed arpeggios, harmonics,
and 2-note and 3-note chords. Surprise your
holiday listeners with this unique duet arrangement of two loved tunes.
#7459B Christmas Canon Book $9.95
Margot Krimmel's fun arrangement
of this surf rock classic by Brian Carman and
Bob Spickard is for 2 to 4 (or more!) lever or
pedal harps. She includes explanations of the
effects used such as glisses, xylophonic
sounds, muted guitar sounds, drum rolls, and
even a "whammy bar." If you have 4 harps, the
parts are relatively easy and most can be
played by advanced beginners. If you only
have 2 harps, the parts are a bit more difficult,
at an intermediate level. The piece is in E minor
and there are a few easy lever changes. Chord
symbols are included. No fingerings. The
package includes an explanation sheet, a 4page score, separate sheets for parts 1 and 2,
and one sheet combining harps 3 and 4. So
wax down your surfboard, and head to
Pipeline. Surf's up, dude!
#7413B Pipeline Ensemble $12.95
Ensemble Books by
Nancy Hurrell
These books are very popular
with harp circles & ensembles.
Nancy's arrangements stem
from her belief that all parts can be interesting
and enjoyable to play, whatever the skill level.
In these multi-level arrangements, the simplest
part is fundamental to the piece, and just as
important as the more difficult parts. Each player will need to have their own book. About 100
pages each, spiral-bound.
A Circle of Harps includes traditional music
from Ireland, Scotland, and England arranged
for ensembles and solos. The 3-part ensemble
pieces include: Spinning Song, Be Thou My
Vision, Dargason, June Apple, and more. The
solos include Short-Coated Mary, The Skylark,
The Electric Jig, Loch Earn, and more.
#7495B Circle of Harps Book $19.95
The Ring of Harps features tunes from
Scotland and Ireland, and includes a duet, 3part and 4-part ensembles, and solos. The
styles range from ancient harmonies to traditional Carolan to jazzy reels. Includes: Aran
Boat Song, Miss Murphy, George Brabazon,
The High Reel, Cliffs of Moher, The Birken
Tree, Flowers of Edinburgh and more.
#7494B Ring of Harps Book $24.95
Alfredo Ortiz’ Flexible
Ensemble Books
Alfredo Ortiz has brought his
expertise in South American
music to the world of ensembles. These pieces in these 2
books can be played by 2, 3 or
more harps, or harp and 1 or more melody
instruments. Any harp part can be divided into
a simple accompaniment pattern or an easy
melody line for beginners. Each player will
need their own book. 80 pages.
Flexible Ensemble Collection #1 includes
Habanera Gris, Cumbia Deliciosa, Llano, and
Danza de Luzma.
#7308B Flexible Ensem. Book #1 $19.95
Flexible Christmas Collection #1 includes
Christmas songs from Venezuela, Colombia,
Mexico and the US, with a Latin flair. An added
bonus are Alfredo's explanations about the
songs, and how they are used in Christmas
festivities in the various countries.
#7309B Flexible Christmas
Book #1 $19.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Sylvia Woods’ multi-level books (pgs. 49-51 & 56) are used by many harp duets and
ensembles, with one part playing the A version, and the other part playing the B.
The eight pieces in Volume. 1 are:
Carolan’s Welcome, Hejaz, Simple
Gifts, Sumer is icumen in, Water
Kelpie, Alman, Ragtime Angel, and
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.
#7437B Harpers Hall Book #1
- $14.95
The Rehearsal CD is a great way to practice your
part from the Vol. 1 book. It was made from music
notation files using computer sounds. The 3 parts
were recorded with different instrument sounds,
and panned left, center, and right. Three versions of
each song are included, allowing you to play along
with the full arrangement or to hear only one part.
#7437D Harpers Hall Rehearsal CD #1 - $8.95
Volume 2’s eight pieces include: The Butterfly, The
Great Silkie, Lullaby for a Changeling, J'ai Vu le
Loup, Scarborough Fair, Drummond Castle / Sleep
Soond i' da Mornin', le Renard et la Belette / Harris
Dance , Jupiter, and a Swedish set.
#7443B Harpers Hall Book #2 - $14.95
I Vow to Thee or Jupiter for Ensemble
Kim Robertson has arranged ensemble harp parts
to be played with her popular solo arrangement of
Gustav Holst's "Jupiter" theme from "The Planets,"
also known as "I Vow to Thee." One harpist plays
the original solo sheet music (see page 63). The
"harp ensemble" version will be used by any additional players, and includes both a 2-page version
for intermediate players (requiring 2 octaves below
middle C), and a 1-page “easy” version (for harps
with 1 octave below middle C). This music is entitled "for 3-part harp ensemble," but it will work with
just 2 harps, as either version can be played with
the solo arrangement. In the key of C, with no lever
changes or fingerings. If you already have a copy of
Kim's solo version, buy the "Ensemble Parts." If you
do not already have the solo version, buy the Set.
#7516B I Vow to Thee Ensemble Parts $4.95
#7510S I Vow to Thee Ens. & Solo Set $8.90
For more ensemble music, see page 58 for
Deborah Friou’s Dona Nobis Pacem, and
page 69 for Margot Krimmel’s Walking in the
Air from The Snowman.
More the Merrier!
These fun arrangements by Kim
Robertson and Laura Zaerr are for 3 harp
ensembles, but work fine with only 2 harps.
Parts 1 and 2 are for advanced beginner to
intermediate lever players. Part 3, which is
optional, is for beginners. The 4 popular
Celtic tunes are Arran Boat Song, Butterfly
Jig, Buzzy Chanter and Pibroch of Black
Donald. To play Buzzy Chanter, harps 2
and 3 play the "buzz" effect by weaving a
piece of paper between the harp strings.
The pieces are in the key of C or sharp
keys. Each piece includes the full score,
and the 3 individual harp parts, spiralbound together in one book. Each harp
player will need their own book. The few
easy lever changes are clearly marked, but
there are no fingerings. 58 pages.
#7539B More the Merrier! $19.95
Scottish Suite
Laura Zaerr has combined two
Scottish tunes into this wonderful suite for 3
harps. Music of Spey is a fiddle tune by
James Scott skinner (1843 - 1927), and
Willafjord is a reel from the Shetland
Islands. The only lever changes are the G
naturals to modulate between songs from
the key of A (3 sharps) to D (2 sharps), and
you're given plenty of time to make these
changes. Fingerings are not included. The
Harp 1 and 2 parts are intermediate level,
and Harp 3 is very easy. The three parts
interweave into a beautiful, intricate whole.
Although this suite sounds the best with all
3 harp parts, it could also be adapted for 2
harps, without the Harp 3 part. The three
harp parts and the full score are all spiralbound together in one 40-page book. Each
player will need their own book.
#7543B Scottish Suite $11.95
Three Folksong Duets
These lovely, short harp duets arranged by
Mary Muckle are for beginning and
advanced beginning harp players. But the
arrangements are so nice and interesting,
more advanced players will love them, too.
Each arrangement is either 1 or 2 pages
long. Includes Fairy Lullaby, All the Pretty
Little Horses, and She’s Like the Swallow.
The package includes the scores, and individual sheets for Harp #1 and Harp #2. So
one package will work for two harp players.
There are no fingerings.
#7493B Three Folksong
Duets $7.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Harpers Hall Ensemble Books
These pieces were arranged by members of the
Harpers Hall Ensemble, a harp society chapter who
perform regularly in the San Francisco area. Harp 1
is easy, and can be played on a 26-string harp with
only F & C levers. Harp 2 is intermediate and Harp
3 is more advanced. The 45- to 51-page books are
comb-bound. Each harp player will
need to buy their own copy.
Books for Harp and Other Instruments
“With A Friend” Books
These books by Patricia Jaeger are a real treat for advanced beginners or intermediate harp players and their musician “friends.” The harp plays the accompaniment,
and there are parts for 2 melody instruments, as well as viola and cello. All you need are
a harp and melody instrument (flute, violin, recorder, etc.), but additional instruments
add to the fun! Each volume has a spiral-bound harp book with 4 booklets for the other instruments.
Twenty Carols with a Friend is a wonderful
collection of traditional Christmas carols in the
keys of 3 flats through 3 sharps, with some fingerings and lever changes. Includes Jingle
Bells, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, Away in
a Manger, O Tannenbaum, and more.
Folk Harp with a Friend is a collection of 12
Irish tunes in the keys of 3 flats through 2
sharps. There are some fingerings. No lever
changes. Includes Londonderry Air, My Lagan
Love, The Wearing of the Green, The Harp
That Once Thru Tara’s Halls, and more.
#7433B Carols w/ a Friend Book $17.95
#7435B Folk Harp w/ a Friend $12.95
Jewish Music
for Harp & Flute
Sunita Staneslow has arranged
10 popular Jewish standards for
flute (or violin) and lever harp.
For advanced beginners and
intermediate players, the pieces
range from 2 flats to 1 sharp
with chord symbols. No fingerings. 30 pages with a booklet for
the flute player. Hava Nagila,
Ofyn Pripetshok, Sher, Yiddishe
Mame, Tum Balalaika, Lo Yisa
Goy, Uva’u Ha’ovdim, Y’did
Nefesh, Rad Halaila, and Bridal
March. See page 59 for more of
Sunita’s Jewish music books.
#7421B Jewish Flute and
Harp Book $14.95
Harp and Flute Music by the Brocks
Ernie and Becky Brock have arranged this music for flute and
intermediate to advanced lever (or pedal) harp players. Each
book is 28-34 pages, with an additional booklet for the flute.
Please see our website for the contents of each book.
Wedding Music for Flute & Harp. 10 flute and harp duets of
classical music for weddings.
#7469B Flute & Harp Wedding Book $16.95
Occasional Music for Flute & Harp. 10 pieces for weddings,
church services and other dignified occasions.
#7468B Occasional Flute & Harp Book $16.95
Christmas Music for Flute & Harp.
#7475B Christmas Flute/Harp #1 $16.95
#7476B Christmas Flute/Harp #2 $16.95
#7477B Christmas Flute/Harp 2 Book Set $31.90
For more harp and flute, or harp duet music, see: Beauty and the Beast (pg 52),
Michael Rooney’s Harp Tunes (pg 65), Yuletide Treasure (pg 58),
The Three Musics (pg 64), Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring and Pachelbel’s Canon (pg 49),
and The Harp of Brandiswhiere selections (pg 51).
Harp & Handbells Music by Sylvia Woods
As a member of her church handbell choir, Sylvia Woods began arranging music
for lever (or pedal) harp and handbells. These wonderful arrangements beautifully showcase the harp with bells. As with all handbell music, you will need to
buy copies for each handbell choir member, the director, and the harpist.
Spiritual Medley:
Russian Carols Medley:
Motherless Child & Wayfaring Stranger
Angelical Hymn & 12th Night Song
For 3-4 octave handbells and harp. This is
based on Sylvia Woods’ haunting harp solo (see
page 55). In this arrangement, the harp plays the
bass clef part of the solo version, and the handbells play the melody in octaves. The harp needs
to have the low E, 2 octaves below middle C. For
advanced beginner to intermediate harpists, and
level 2 bell choir. Key of E minor. 10 pages.
For 4 octave handbells and harp, with
optional 2 octaves of handchimes. This is
based on Sylvia Woods’ festive solo harp
arrangement from 2 Christmas Medleys (see
page 56). The harp needs to have a range that
includes the G that is 10 strings below middle
C. For intermediate harp players, and level 3
bell choir. 7 pages, in the key of G.
#5601B Spiritual Medley Handbell $3.50
#5602B Russian Carols Handbell $3.50
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
PEDAL Harp Method and Etude Books
This music is playable ONLY on a pedal harp.
See page 39 for exercise and etude books for both pedal & lever harps.
Kondonassis On Playing the Harp
Method for the Harp
This book is subtitled "Fundamental exercises
with illustrations and technical explanations."
The first 44 pages are a written introduction (in
both English and French) with short exercises
on proper hand position, playing technique,
and practice suggestions with guides to tuning
and stringing. The following 15 preludes for
beginning pedal harpists each focus on a certain aspect of harp technique. The preludes
include: Fanfare, Cortege, La desirade, and the
well-known Chanson dans la nuit. 71 pages.
#6722B Salzedo Method Book $18.95
#6766B On Playing the Harp Book $26.95
30 progressive etudes, or Studies of Moderate
Difficulty, by the Italian composer and pianist
Ettore Pozzoli (1873-1957). Pedal markings
and fingerings included. 70 pages.
#6716B Pozzoli Etude Book $12.95
Naderman 7 sonates progressives
These seven preludes and etudes, written by
François Joseph Naderman in late Classic
style, have been revised by Hasselmans. The
multi-movement sonatas have fingerings and
pedal markings. This progressive approach is
great for students, but these works are also
lovely recital pieces. 51 pages.
#6739B Naderman 7 Sonates $13.95
Pedal Drill Book
This useful book, compiled and arranged by
Denise Grupp-Verbon, is a great way to practice pedal changes. It features a chord progressions for your pedals, with a series of 40
patterns to train your feet & your fingers to work
together effortlessly! 6 pages of exercises.
#7037B Pedal Drill Book $5.95
Quick Reference Gliss Chart
French harpist Robert
Nicholas Charles Bochsa
studied with Naderman,
was appointed the harpist
to the courts of Napoleon
Bonaparte and Louis XVIII,
and toured the world as a
concert artist. His writings
for the harp, although considered "etudes," are
beautiful and impressive works, demanding
subtle nuances, sensitive expression, and
technical skill.
Célèbres études pour la harpe: 40 études
faciles, Op. 318 (40 Easy Studies for the
Harp). Each of these 40 Bochsa etudes (20 per
volume) average 1 page in length. They cover
a significant amount of solid pedal harp technique. Especially beneficial is the incorporation
of both hands into each etude, so your left hand
gets a workout, too! Fingering included. Please
be aware that Bochsa wrote many sets of
etudes. These are Opus 318, and are the most
commonly recommended by teachers.
$17.90 -
Bochsa Etudes #1 $9.95
Bochsa Etudes #2 $9.95
Bochsa Set of 2 Etude Books
SAVE $2!
This easy-to-read chart by Sylvia Woods
includes the pedal diagrams for the most
commonly used glissandos: 6th, min 7th, suspended 4, diminished 7th, augmented, and whole
tone. Several possible pedal configurations are listed for many of the glisses, so you may choose
the one you like the sound of best, and the one that is easiest to get in and out of with the fewest
pedal changes. This 2-sided, 3-hole-punched, 8½" x 11" laminated sheet is concise, complete, and
easy to use. No harpist should be without one!
#5764C Glissando Chart $4.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Pozzoli Studi di Media Difficoltà
Bochsa Etudes
This method book by acclaimed American
harpist Yolanda Kondonassis is a collection of
ideas, information, and exercises designed to
be useful to harpists of all levels. There are 22
chapters of in-depth discussion on topics such
as techniques, practicing, memorization, performance, tuning, history, mechanics, harpistic
notation, and contemporary effects. Also
included are more than 50 pages of target exercises on the major elements of harp technique,
with step-by-step instructions and practice suggestions. The detailed photo illustrations of
hand position, and the comprehensive warmup routines for all levels make this book informative and concise. 147 pages.
Beginning to Intermediate PEDAL Music
This music is playable ONLY on a pedal harp, unless otherwise stated.
Did you start learning on a lever harp and you now have a pedal harp? If so, these easy
pieces are perfect for you. Most are not for complete beginners, but are simple enough
to let you learn to use the pedals.
Gustavson Sparklers
Trois petites pièces faciles
(3 Little Easy Pieces)
Although these pieces are considered "easy"
pedal harp music, they sound impressive!
Written by Alphonse Hasselmans, they make
a great transition to the pedal harp because the
footwork is not too demanding and the sound is
rewarding. Rêverie, Rouet (Spinning-Wheel),
and Ronde de nuit. 7 pages with fingerings.
#6529B Hasselmans 3 Petites $9.95
Marcel Grandjany
Petite suite classique
Each of these 6 movements
carries a similar feel but is contrasting in style. Joyful Overture,
Gavotte, Siciliana, Passepied,
Gigue, & Bourée. Fingerings
and pedal markings. 12 pages.
#6515B Petite Suite Classique $9.50
Nancy Gustavson’s
short Sparklers are fun
recital pieces that are
excellent for the new pedal
harpist! They feature lots of
glisses and pedal changes. Each is at the
beginning to intermediate pedal harp level and
includes pedal markings and fingerings.
Includes: Cloud Patterns, Sunny Skies, Gram’s
Lullaby, The Dancing Imp, and Great Day.
#6523B Sparklers Book $4.95
C.P.E. Bach Solfeggietto
The interplay of flowing 16th notes between left
and right hands at a tempo marked "quarter
note = 168" make Solfeggietto exciting and
challenging! Originally written for keyboard,
this harp arrangement is by Marie Miller.
Pedal markings & fingerings included. 4 pages.
#6533B Solfeggietto Sheet Music $6.50
Susann McDonald and Linda Wood
Susann McDonald and Linda Wood have composed and arranged wonderful music for the harp.
Although written for pedal harp, many of the pieces in these books can be adapted for lever harp.
(One often just needs to leave out the pedal changes for the glissandos.)
Harp Solos: #1 - 5
Haiku for the Harp
These 5 volumes of delightful graded recital
pieces feature arpeggios, glissandos, and
other techniques for that real “harpy” sound.
Volume 1 is the easiest, and the pieces get
more advanced throughout this fine series.
Each book is 8 to 12 pages with pedal markings and some fingerings. All pieces in Vol. 1,
and at least 2 pieces in each of the other
books are playable on lever harp.
Haiku poems have been
used as settings for these
12 short pieces. They provide training in some of the
techniques commonly used
by 20th-century composers
such as: complex rhythms,
changing meters, the use of
accessories, and improvisation. Because there are few
pedal changes, most of the pieces are adaptable to the lever harp. A glossary of symbols &
instructions for each piece are included.
#6536B Haiku for Harp Book $19.95
Companion CD: Susann and Linda have recorded the pieces in the 5 volumes of Harp Solos
books and the Haiku book. This helpful CD shows how the pieces should sound.
#7209D Haiku and Solos Companion CD $19.95
Harp for Today by Susann McDonald and Linda Wood Rollo
This comprehensive method can be used with either pedal or lever harp. It includes fundamentals
of harp technique, progressive exercises and helpful supplementary advice.182 pgs,.spiral-bound.
#7081B Harp for Today Book $49.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Intermediate to Advanced PEDAL Music
This music is playable ONLY on a pedal harp.
Lawrence Solos for the Harp Player
The Yolanda Kondonassis Collection
Lucile Lawrence’s treasured collection of
compositions and transcriptions for pedal harp
includes folk, baroque, classical, and romantic
pieces. Most of the music was transcribed by
Lawrence, Dewey Owens, or Carlos Salzedo.
The book includes a handy
glossary of the terms and
symbols, and has detailed
fingerings and pedal markings. See our website for a
complete list of pieces. 72
This collection of over 30 harp solos features
Yolanda's most popular transcriptions and
arrangements, including many found on her
critically acclaimed CDs. (See pages 11 and
12.) It includes complete editorial markings and
extensive performer's notes. Music by Handel,
Kondonassis, Scarlatti,
Mendelssohn, Telemann,
Debussy, Fauré, Vivaldi,
Chopin, Satie, Sibelius,
Puccini, Respighi, and
Bach. 144 pages. See
our web site for a list of
#6139B Lawrence
Solos for Harp $16.95
#6868B Kondonassis
Collection Book
John Thomas Minstrel's
Adieu to His Native Land
Godefroid Romance without Words
(Bois solitaire - Solitary Woods)
This piece by Welsh harpist John
Thomas (1826-1913) is a theme
and 4 variations. Each variation
explores a different aspect of playing:
arpeggios, harmonics, and a melody
among triplets. The pedal changes
aren't too demanding but it gives the harpist the
opportunity to utilize the entire range of the
harp. Pedal markings included. No fingerings.
7 pages.
The luscious, stay-in-your-head melody of this
romantic song is carried in the right-hand
thumb, allowing for a triplet accompaniment in
the right hand and a quarter note bass line
accompaniment in the left. By French harpist
and composer Felix Godefroid, and edited
here by Susann McDonald. Pedal markings
and fingerings included. 3 pages.
#6521B Minstrel’s Adieu Sheet $6.50
#6149B Romance without Words $7.95
Christmas Books for PEDAL Harp
This book includes 10 of Yolanda
Kondonassis’ most popular Christmas
arrangements including her composition Dream Season, arranged for both
solo harp and harp duet. This volume
is a "must" for every harpist's holiday
library. Fingerings included. 61 pages.
Includes The First Noel, Angels We
Have Heard on High, We Three Kings,
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, What
Child is This?, and
more. There are also
two harp duets: Ave
Maria by Bach/Gounod
and Dream Season.
Christmas Book
Christmas Collections
These arrangements by Susann
McDonald and Linda Wood will
get you into the spirit of the season! They incorporate
"harp-esque" techniques such as glissandos and harmonics. The pieces are intermediate-level for pedal
harp and include fingerings and pedal markings. Each
book is 17-23 pages. Save $3 when you buy them as
a set. Vol. 1: O Holy Night; Away in a Manger; Adeste
Fideles; First Noel; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Joy to
the World; Winds Through the Olive Branches; Lo,
How a Rose. Vol. 2: Silent Night; Away in a Manger;
We 3 Kings; It Came Upon a Midnight Clear; Hark the
Herald Angels Sing; Come Thou Long Expected Jesus;
Coventry Carol; Petite Litanies De Jesus. Vol. 3: O
Christmas Tree; Bring a Torch Jeannette, Isabella;
Sleigh Ride; Jingle Bells; Rudolph; Deck the Halls; 12
Days of Christmas; We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
McDonald Christmas #1 $17.50
McDonald Christmas #2 $17.50
McDonald Christmas #3 $17.50
Set of 3 Christmas Books $49.50
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
Yolanda Kondonassis
Christmas Collection
Pop Music for PEDAL Harp
This music is playable ONLY on a pedal harp.
Pop Sheet Music Arranged for Pedal Harp by Paul Baker
Twice a prizewinner in the International Pop and Jazz Competition, Paul Baker performs, teaches, and presents workshops throughout the U.S. See page 10 for his
CDs. Unless otherwise listed, these solo pedal harp arrangements are for intermediate to advanced harpists, include pedal markings, fingerings, & are 3 or 4 pages.
M o o n River from Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Paul’s arrangement of Henry Mancini’s lyrical
tune flows freely on the pedal harp.
Unchained Melody is best remembered from
the 1990’s movie Ghost. Paul’s version of this
tender ballad sounds perfect on the harp.
#6909B Moon River $5.50
#6907B Unchained Melody $5.50
Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz.
This expressive song is elegant on the harp.
Summertime: Paul's bluesy arrangement
#6916B Over the Rainbow $5.50
captures the steamy and sensual feel of the
Gershwins’ tune from Porgy and Bess.
#6913B Summertime $5.50
What A Wonderful World was made popular
by Louis Armstrong. Paul’s flowing, romantic
arrangement is perfect for the harp.
Angel: This popular, gentle ballad by Sarah
McLachlan is playable on lever or pedal harp.
#6917B Wonderful World $6.95
#6921B Angel Sheet Music $6.95
Stairway to Heaven
The Dirty Laundry Rag - PDF Download
This Led Zeppelin rock-ballad standard
from 1971 is dedicated to all those folks
who come up to a harpist at a gig and
inevitably ask, "Can you play Stairway
to Heaven?" Intermediate pedal harp
arrangement by David Ice. Pedal
markings included. 4 pages.
Park Stickney’s Dirty Laundry Rag, is lots of fun to
play and to hear. With the feel of a Scott Joplin tune,
Park’s jazzy rag features a variety of harp techniques
such as pedal slides, prés de la table, and muffles.
Due to extensive pedal changes, this is for advanced
pedal harpists. 6 pages of music. We’re selling this
through our web site as a PDF download, not as regular printed sheet music.
Go to to order the PDF.
#6959B Stairway to Heaven $5.50
More pop music is on pages 52 - 54, and 68 - 69 and at
The Pedal Harp in the Orchestra
Principal Harp: A Guidebook for the
Orchestral Harpist
These useful books by harpist Sarah Bullen
include audition excerpts plus practical advice on
orchestral performance, and each comes with an
instructional CD. Fingerings and pedal markings
included. Volume 1: The 6 cadenzas include:
Nutcracker, Mother Goose, Swan Lake, & more.
Orchestral excerpts include music by Bartok,
Berlioz, Britten, Mahler, Strauss, Stravinsky,
Verdi, and Tchaikovsky. 67 pages. Volume 2: This
volume includes excerpts or complete parts from
Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune, Tristan und
Isolde - Liebestod, Don Juan, La Mer, Flying
Dutchman Overture, Scheherazade, Bruckner’s
Symphony No. 8 in C Minor, Espana by Chabier,
Lucia di Lammermoor (Cadenza), and more. 62
pages, spiral-bound. Save $7 on the set.
#7611B Principal Harp Book/CD #1 $24.95
#7612B Principal Harp Book/CD #2 $31.95
#7610S Set of 2 Principal Harp $49.90
Writing for the Pedal Harp
The 2nd edition of this valuable 78-page
standardized manual for composers and
harpists explains all the various effects you
can achieve on a pedal harp as well as how
to notate them. The included CD demonstrates everything in the manual. Written by
Ruth Inglefield and Lou Anne Neill, this is
a must-have reference book for composers,
harpists, and libraries. 78 pages plus CD.
#7626B Writing for the Harp $24.95
Harp Scoring
Stanley Chaloupka was the principal harpist
with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for 40
years. He wrote the Harp Scoring book for
composers and ar rangers. Discussions
include pedals, pedal diagrams, glissandos,
chords, arpeggios, harmonics, and special
effects. 47 pages, paperbound, 5½" x 8½".
#7631B Harp Scoring Book $8.95
TO ORDER CALL 1-800-272-HARP - (1-800-272-4277) - OR 818-956-1363
Classical “Companion CDs”
The music on the following CDs was originally released on a 4-CD series entitled Easy
Pieces for the Harp, performed by Catherine Michel and Xavier de Maistre. These CDs
are now out of print. They have been re-formatted and split into 2 sets with different names: the
pieces recorded by Catherine Michel are now on three Pieces Faciles CDs, and those performed
by Xavier de Maistre are on two Pieces pour Harpe CDs. Don’t get confused by the
similar names of the 3 sets of CDs! These recordings were originally intended as
"companion CDs" for beginning & intermediate harp players to hear the repertoire
they are learning. But we think they are wonderful CDs in their own right.
Pièces Faciles: #1, 2, and 3
Pièces pour Harpe: #1 and 2
These 3 CDs include the music performed by Catherine Michel.
Volume 1: Marelles, Ribambelle,
Aquatintes, and A Martine by
Bernard Andres, Petite suite classique, Noel Provencal, and Prelude
#1 by Grandjany, 6 Noels and
Quatre Preludes by Tournier, and
Adagietto by Damase.
Volume 2: Automates and La
Gimblette by Bernard Andres,
Preludes by Damase, and 3 sets of
progressive Sonate by Naderman.
Volume 3: 6 Sonatines by Dussek,
Tango and Douze etudes by
Damase, Romances by ParishAlvars, and 4 pieces by Schubert
arranged by Felix Godefroid.
These 2 CDs include the music performed by Xavier de Maistre.
Volume 1: 3 selections from The
Magic Road by Gustavson, Church
Choir from the Little Harp Book, and
Trois petites pièces tres faciles by Grandjany, Sketches for
Harpist Beginners #1: Hurdy Gurdy Orgue de barbarie by
Salzedo, Trois pièces pour harpe by Laruelle, Petite
Berceuse, Trois petites pièces, Trois petites bluettes, and
Berceuse by Hasselmans, Grand'mere raconte une histoire, and selections from Six pièces breves, Six pieces
(1st Suite), and Feuillets d'album by Renie, Broceliande by
Challan, Andante con variazoni by Clementi, La harpe eolienne by Godefroid, and Passacaille by Handel, and 8
Pièces classiques pour la harpe celtique arranged by
Odette Le Dentu. Volume 2: Feuilles d'automne and
Guitare by Hasselmans, 12 Progressive Sonate by
Naderman from 4 collections, Minstrel's Adieu to His
Native Land by Thomas, Harmonious Blacksmith by
Handel, Le bon petit roi d'Yvetot and Et ron ron ron, petit
patapon by Grandjany, Variations on a Swiss Air by
Beethoven, and Ballade and Scherzetto by Ibert.
#6701D Pièces Faciles #1
CD $14.95
#6702D Pièces Faciles #2
CD $14.95
#6703D Pièces Faciles #3
CD $14.95
#3531D Pièces pour Harpe #1 CD $14.95
#3532D Pièces pour Harpe #2 CD $14.95
This DVD was derived
from 9 home videos
that were made in 1973, when Marcel Grandjany
was over 80 years of age. Because of 20 years’
deterioration, extensive editing was required to
salvage any of the footage. The quality of the
picture and audio is poor, but the contents are
priceless! The hands of Grandjany are captured
in this black-and-white DVD. We see and hear
the main aspects of his method through demonstration of his finger exercises and their application to the repertoire. This is an invaluable
resource for anyone learning Grandjany’s music
or methods. You’ll see his technique as he
teaches and plays short sections of 17 pieces.
See our website for a list of the music.
#7642W Grandjany Teacher DVD $24.95
Jazzy Beginnings:
An Introduction to
Jazz Harp DVD
Associate Professor of harp at Berklee
College of Music, has created this DVD to
help develop a pedal harpist's basic skills of
improvising and playing, whether solo or in a
small group. The examples feature Felice's
jazz ensemble of harp, bass, drums, and
flute. She presents 3 original tunes, and
shows how the harp can play in a "groove,"
the importance of muffling, various chords
and voicings, and beginning improvisation.
There is a section devoted to suggested
ways to practice your scales, chords, and
pedaling. A helpful companion workbook can
be downloaded online. A basic knowledge of
scales, keys, and chords is needed to make
the most of this DVD. 54 minutes long.
#7665W Jazzy Beginnings DVD $19.95
See the table of contents for each book on our website at
The Teacher DVD
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Don’t know what to buy for that special harpist? How about a Sylvia Woods Harp Center Gift
Certificate! We now have two types of gift certificates. You don’t need to add sales tax or shipping
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Sylvia's Mauna Kai Tower
in Princeville, Kauai
3 stories, 2 Bedrooms, 2½ Baths
Sylvia Woods goes to her home on the Hawaiian island of Kauai
to write her harp music books. She invites you to rent her beautiful condo in Princeville on the north shore of the beautiful green
island of Kauai for your next vacation, and she will grant you permission to use her Dusty Strings FH36B harp while you're there!
Panoramic views and up-scale amenities put this 3-story tower
condo in a class by itself. Located in the Mauna Kai complex of
the resort community of Princeville, Sylvia's Mauna Kai Tower is close to world-class golf courses,
fine dining, shopping and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Being its own self-contained building, the Mauna Kai Tower shares no walls with other condominiums. It has 2 bedrooms,
2½ baths, and can sleep up to 6 people. Since it is the tallest condo in the complex, the 3rd floor
living area views are spectacular. The airy kitchen is fully equipped with all the essentials necessary to easily cook and eat well at home. An added bonus is an IBM compatible computer and
wireless internet access. Sylvia’s Tower is currently occupied by a long-term tenant until
September 2011. It may be available for your vacation after that time. For more information, go
to or email us at [email protected] Aloha!
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#7418B Colors of Italy Book $15.95
#7418D Colors of Italy CD $4.95
#7418S Colors of Italy Book & CD $20.40
You can hear samples of many of our CDs
and books on our web site.
Embroidered Angel Hand Towels
Our adorable angel with her winning
smile and gold-stringed harp will
brighten your bathroom and welcome
your guests. She’s been machine-embroidered
on white hand towels just for you! This little
angel is wearing a bright yellow dress with a red
heart, and is about 4" tall from the tips of her
toes to the top of her golden halo. The 100%
cotton white hand towels are 16" x 26" and
make great gifts for harp students and friends!
Buy 4 and save $2. These are “hand-made” by
a local seamstress here in Southern California,
and quantities may be limited.
#8631T One Angel Hand Towel $9.95
#8634T Four Angel Hand Towels $37.80
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William Mahan captures
the moods and Colors of
Italy in this book of gentle and flowing original
compositions. The music, along with William's
illustrations, will take you on a trip through the
Italian countryside. Each piece has a different
flavor or "color" matched with an Italian city.
Truly inspired, these compositions can be used
for any type of situation. The pieces, for intermediate players, are in the key of C or G, and
about half of them have several sharping lever
changes within the music. A few fingerings are
included. Most of the pieces are 2 to 4 pages
long. All the Colors of Rome is a gorgeous 7page performance piece, about 5 minutes long.
Mary Radspinner plays all of the
pieces on the companion CD.
Sylvia Woods Harp Center
PO Box 816
Montrose, CA 91021-0816
w w w. h a r p c e n t e r. c o m
Colors of Italy
Book and CD
U.S. Postage
TMH, Inc
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