Bibleway Sponsorship Pakcage - International Bible Way Church of



Bibleway Sponsorship Pakcage - International Bible Way Church of
college of bishops & youth
International fellowship
MARCH 17th - 20th ,2015 | SPARTANBURG, SC
July 9th - July 17th, 2015| Raleigh, NC
College of Bishops is a gathering of more than 600 churches and
its leadership throughout the United States and abroad. This annual conference is a time for training and preparation for a
growing leadership, department heads and administrative staff for
our local and national social community development.
This year focus is the youth and young adults, establishing a
Youth Development Program geared towards mentoring which
ensures the longevity of our organization and the communities of
which we serve.
The International Conference not only gathers over
600 churches, it also brings together over 3,000 members
within the fellowship in a variety of positions, Bringing together
the international vision through workshops, general sessions and
much more.
Bible Way organization has emerged as a strong, vibrant,
progressive and growing fellowship. In cooperation with our new
corporate platform, we are seeking companies with an impeccable
reputation in service and products to partner with our fellowship as
it continues to grow in membership and services.
As an Organization, our primary objective is, services to the world
through evangelism. It is our desire to energize our members,
inspiring them to reach the masses, particularly the unrepresented
and often untapped segment of society, This objective is achieved
through training, grass-roots education and implementation, of
outreach programs.. Many of members serve in various political
offices, judicial system, and as major stakeholders in corporate
Each host city and the generosity of corporate sponsors help support
International Bible Way Church of Jesus Christ, Inc., vision and the
continuation of our efforts to serve the community. Your support
would not only help us fulfill our vision, but will make the conference
affordable for our delegates as they travel from all across the
country and world to attend. We invite you to consider becoming a
sponsor for the 2015 College of Bishops & Youth Conference and
The International Fellowship Conference.
International Bible Way Headquarters | Bible Way Temple 1110 Holmes St | Raleigh, NC
The conference impacts
These annual conference are the capstone of IBWCOJO’s ministry
These conferences are designed to meet the needs of members in
personal encouragement, training in effective leadership, practitioners, and volunteering.
IBWCOJO members generally have an annual income of 50,000.
Ages ranging from 21 to 85.
There are several networking and interaction with our members:
This is a great way introduce new software, programs,
and management products.
On practical organizations products, financial
services, national and regional products.
Through hosting an event i.e., dinners,
meet & greet etc., souvenirs and conference supplies e.g., bags,
notebooks etc.
Conferences attendees profile
40 & UNDER - 36%
OVER 40 - 63%
Number of Conferences Attended
5 YRS & MORE 54.8%
2-3 YRS 27.2%
MALE 40%
Sponsorship packages
Category Exclusivity
Corporate officer Honorary Event Chair
VIP Status on all Social & Media Outlets
Presenting Listed on Marketing Medium (radio, television,
VIP Announcement onsite & recognition
Branding Signage throughout conference
Branding recognition on onsite print material
Sampling/coupon opportunities
Face time with conference members
Hyperlink to Your Company’s Website from Conference Site
Digital Presentation at General Sessions
Booth Displays at Event
Semi-Category Exclusivity
VIP Status on all Social & Media Outlets
List on Marketing Material
VIP Announcement onsite & recognition
Branding Signage throughout conference
Branding recognition on onsite print material
Sampling/coupon opportunities
Booth Display at Event
Status on all Social & Media Outlets
Announcement onsite & recognition
One Branding Signage conference
Branding recognition on onsite print material
Booth Display at Event
Social Media Mentions
Sampling /coupons opportunities
Branding recognition on onsite print material
Sampling/coupon opportunities
Booth Display at Event
Onsite Announcement on Sponsorship Level
Social Media Mention
● Branding recognition on onsite print material
● Sampling/coupon opportunities
● Booth Display at Event
Sponsorship packages
While our audience poses for photographers let your logo be posted for the purposes of advertising and capturing photos of participants,
celebrities or noteworthy people to be used in media outlets in film, television, magazines, social media and websites. $500.00
Signage: As a sponsor of a conference lunch or dinner; your company is entitled to provide appropriate signage throughout the event.
The signage will be restricted to only that of the event area and/or the entranceway. Your organizations’ name and logo appears (within
conference schedules) alongside option sponsors in the conference proceedings, website and at the conference registration area.
We wish to have the conference sponsorship to be a “win” for everyone. Therefore, if you would like to choose from our custom
sponsor packages menu which is a value that add up to one of the sponsorship categories we would love to help you make this a
possibility. Here are some options for a customized sponsor package:
Conference backpacks
Single-clasp lanyards for name badges
Conference t-shirts
Sponsorship Agreement
Our company is pleased to support the following conference by a sponsorship grant at the level indicated below.
Conferences Name: College of Bishop /Youth and International Conference
Contact Name:___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________City:__________________State: ____________Zip:___________
Fax: _____________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________________________________________
Web address:____________________________________________________________________________
[ ] Level 1 $10,000.00
[ ] Level 2 $5,000.00
[ ] Level 5 $1,000
[ ] Level 3 $2,500.00
[ ] Level 4 $1,500.00
[ ] Food Sponsor (see manager for sponsor level
[ ] Booth Rental $500.00
[ ] Booklet Advertisement Only:
[ ] Step & Repeat $500.00
Booklet Advertisement Only [ ] Full Page: $200.00 [ ] ½ Page: $100.00 [ ] ¼ Page: $50.00 [ ] Business Card: $35.00
[ ] Check (official bank)
[ ] Cashier Check
[ ] Credit Card
If by credit card, provide this information:
Card number: _________________________________________________________
Expiration date: ___________ Security Code:_________
Holder's Name(as on the card): _____________________________________________________________________
Credit Card billing address:
Street address:________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________ State: ___________________________
Zip code/Postcode: _____________________ Country: ________________________
Holder’s Signature: ___________________________________________
IBWCOJC Terms & Conditions
After written acceptance by International Bibleway Worldwide the sponsor must provide said sponsorship funds, and logo image (in the format required as a high resolution 300 dpi .pdf, .jpg or .png file) promptly. Additional exact
details such as the correct spelling and use of the sponsor’s name, trademarks, website address, etc. are to be released to within 15 days of receipt of said acceptance.
Sponsorship pledges cannot and will not be processed without payment. Payment is required in US Dollars, and will generally be made via direct bank transfer unless other arrangements are mutually agreed. An invoice will be sent
through your designated email address; payment details will be included in the invoice.
The sponsorship fee does not include free conference registration unless specifically stated in the sponsorship opportunity details. All sponsorship promotional materials must be submitted 30 days prior to the conference to ensure
inclusion in the production schedule.
Neither IBWCOJC or His Name Media Group, will be liable for actual or presumed damage or loss to a sponsor’s submitted intellectual property thru the fault of fire, theft, accident, or any other form of disaster; inclusion of accidental
negligence or otherwise situated. Submission of your required company Brand materials are released to this purpose of Conference and/or Concert display as advertisement to promote increased awareness yet do not solely presume
to increase actual sales for said Sponsor; sponsors are responsible for shipping of materials and customs fees.
Primary Signature:____________________________________ Date:________________
Information or Register Please Call Kimberly McGhee: (919) 919-355-5505 - Email: [email protected]
Make Check Out To Bibleway Temple
Mail Checks To: HNMpr - PO Box 14897 - Raleigh, NC 27620 - Fax # 919-754-9257

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