2015 JUNE
Dear friends,
It is my pleasure to introduce you to the 39th edition of
the MKSF’s newsletter.
Due to the support of U.S. European Command and U.S.
Army Europe, in May the KSF conducted a training event
on the aerial transportation and delivery of relief supplies.
These skills are essential in providing humanitarian
assistance or disaster relief, and the KSF had a great
opportunity to develop them.
Last month, alongside other civil-military projects, KSF
engineers dismantled a temporary bridge over the Drini i
Bardhë River. The bridge, property of the KSF, was used
for almost two years and ensured uninterrupted vehicular
movement while the permanent one was under
Sports are a very important part of every military and
security organization as it helps to develop team spirit,
leadership, initiative and endurance. In May KSF members
with good results took part in several sports competitions,
thus proving their competitiveness, vigor and spirit.
The KSF performed all of the above and many other tasks to
include routine day to day activities in a competent and
most professional manner.
As summer approaches, I would like to take this opportunity
to wish you and your families a nice summer filled with
great and memorable moments!
Sincerely Yours,
Haki Demolli
2015 JUNE
Minister Haki Demolli Appreciates Turkey’s
Continuous Support
On the 22nd of May, Minister Haki Demolli and the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) Commander, Lieutenant General
Rrahman Rama, held a meeting with Lieutenant General Erdal Ozturk, Chief of Operations at Turkish Armed Forces
Headquarters. Minister H. Demolli thanked the Turkish Ministry of Defense and Turkish Armed Forces for the excellent
cooperation between the two ministries and the two forces, especially in the field of education and training. He also
appreciated Turkey’s long-lasting support for Kosovo by contributing its forces to KFOR mission. During the meeting
Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama pointed out that cooperation between the KSF and the Turkish Armed Forces is very
intensive and that with strong support of Turkey the KSF is being developed into a professional, credible and beneficial force
that provides a professional service to the citizens of Kosovo. Lieutenant General E. Ozturk promised that the very good
cooperation between both forces will be further intensified and deepened.
2015 JUNE
US Marine Forces Europe Runs Stability Operations
From the 5th to 7th of May, a team of subject matter experts from United States Marine Forces Europe (MARFOREUR)
conducted a Stability Operations Workshop, which was attended by 30 KSF members from several KSF units. The goal of the
workshop was to exchange information with the KSF on battalion conducting stability operations in order to enhance KSF’s
operational effectiveness. The MARFOREUR team presented and exchanged information with the KSF on the following topics:
Essential tasks in Stability Operations; Inter-Agency cooperation during stability operations; Planning for Stability Operations;
Understanding the Operational Environment: and Inform and Influence Activities support to Stability Operations. “We are
training our members for operational deployments, and MARFOREUR’s provided workshop is a significant asset to our effort,”
said the KSF Commander, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama, at a certification ceremony.
2015 JUNE
KSF Jointly With EUCOM And USAREUR Executes
Humanitarian Assistance Operation “Kosovo Aid”
On the 27th of May, the KSF jointly with U.S. European Command (EUCOM) and U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) executed a
one-day Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief training event “Kosovo Aid”. The operation took place at Gjakova Airfield and
involved the KSF’s Rapid Reaction Brigade, U.S. Army Europe’s 4/25 Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 1st
Battalion, 150th Aviation Regiment and 5th Quartermaster Detachment, and U.S. Air Forces in Europe’s 37th Airlift
Squadron. The purpose of the operation “Kosovo Aid” was to help facilitate training for the KSF to assist civil authorities during
times of natural disaster or other emergencies that require humanitarian assistance. The primary training focus of the operation
were security operations, drop zone operations, communications, helicopter sling load operations and the recovery of
humanitarian aid supplies delivered by parachute. “Kosovo Aid” facilitated the ability for both EUCOM and the KSF to observe
and learn one another’s capabilities so as to react cohesively in the future should both need to engage in real-world
Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief operations.
2015 JUNE
KSF And Albanian Armed Forces
Communication Departments Set Way Ahead
For Future Cooperation
From the 25th to 28th of May, Beqir Bytyci, Director of MKSF Communication and Information Systems Department, hosted
five communication officers of the Albanian Armed Forces (AAF). Together they met all Communication and Information
Systems personnel and the KSF, Land Forces Command (LFC) G6 and Communications Company’s technicians, officers and
non-commissioned officers. The visit began with a welcoming meeting from BG Zymer Halimi and update briefs regarding
communication infrastructure, force structure, equipment, training, manning, NATO standards, and best business practices.
Next day included visits to the LFC G6, Signal Company, Operations Support Brigade, and the Golesh site where the KSF is
completing Phase I of a Strategic Communication Network microwave ring. Third day included discussion on information
security, classification of information, and a visit to the Rapid Reaction Brigade. On final day both parties held detailed
discussion regarding bi-lateral cooperation, training opportunities, and the management of information system and services. It
was quickly identified that there are many similarities between these two communication departments and the forces they
support. It was also determined that both forces have invested in identical tactical communication systems providing added
value to future potential joint training exercises. The AAF committed to providing professional communication functional area
training, basic and advanced options for both officer and enlisted members of the KSF. The MKSF and AAF senior officials
affirmed their intent for future cooperation, information sharing, and the building of a strong professional relationship between
these communication departments.
2015 JUNE
KSF Engineering Battalion Dismantles A
Permanent Bridge Over The Drini I Bardhë River
In June 2013, the KSF Engineering Battalion installed a temporary mobile bridge, property of the KSF, in a length of 52
meters and weight of 75 tons, over the Drini i Bardhë River on the way between Gjakova - Klina after the flooding which
damaged the main bridge above the river. Since June 2013, the KSF mobile bridge served for all vehicles driving through
Gjakova - Klina road. Now, after the renovation of the main bridge on the main road and putting it to service, the mobile
bridge was not used anymore. Therefore its dismantling started on the 12th of May and was finished by the end of the month,
when it was transferred to Training and Doctrine Center in Ferizaj. In the dismantling operation were involved 27 KSF
members from the Engineering Battalion, Training and Doctrine Command and Medical Battalion.
2015 JUNE
KSF Takes Part In “Let’s Clean Up Kosovo”
On the 22nd of May, the KSF joined an action “Let’s clean up Kosovo”, which was held throughout Kosovo with the goal to
clean up 351 identified landfills. The KSF Commander, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama, the Minister of Environment and
Spatial Planning, Ferid Agani, KSF members, students of Pristina elementary schools and other volunteer citizens went to
Arbëria 3 neighborhood in Prishtina to collect rubbish. “This activity has now become a tradition, and the KSF is participating in
it in order to increase public awareness of environmental protection. It is our common responsibility to recognize the need for
environmental responsibility,” pointed out the KSF Commander, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama. The action “Let’s clean
up Kosovo” aimed at encouraging the mobilization of all citizens, associations and enterprises for waste and garbage collection
in order to keep clean areas and help environment protection in the country. The KSF participated in it with dozens of vehicles,
trucks, and excavators in Pristina, Istog, Shkabaj, Ferizaj, Mitrovica, Badovc Lake, and other places.
2015 JUNE
KSF Runs The Pristina Half Marathon
On the 11th of May, over 30 KSF members ran and completed the 15th Pristina Half Marathon in hot and sunny conditions. The
Pristina Half Marathon year after year has grown into one of the largest international and community events in Kosovo, with
runners coming from all over the world to participate. This year there was also a 5 kilometers fun run that many children and
young people took part and a wheel chair event. With over a thousand participants it was great to see two of the KSF personnel
finish in the top 50. Corporal Binak Podrimqaku ran the entire half marathon course, with 15 kg backpack, as part of his
training programme as a KSF representatives at the Croatia Best Soldier competition.
2015 JUNE
Private Migjen Shala Wins
Best Soldier 2015 Competition
In May, for three days in a row, 22 KSF members from Land Force Command, Rapid Reaction Brigade, Operations Support
In April Lieutenant Colonel Darren Doherty, from the UK Ministry of Defence, lead a seminar with key personnel from the
Brigade, and Training and Doctrine Command in a tough contest competed for title of Best Soldier 2015. The contestants were
KSF on reserve force issue developments in the UK. The seminar initially focused on the history of Army Reserves in the UK.
tested in the following fields: land navigation (day and night); shooting; physical fitness test; obstacle course; written test on
Discussions were held on how the force developed over the last century up to the present day, talking about the growth of
general military knowledge; and loaded long-distance marching. According to the achieved results in all disciplines this year’s
reserve forces and the challenges that Armed Forces face today. Lieutenant Colonel Doherty provided participants with how
best soldier was declared Private Migjen Shala from the Operational Support Brigade. Private Besnik Nebihu from the same
brigade was selected for the second place, whilst the third place went to Elvis Hasanaj from the Rapid Reaction Brigade. Last
year Private M. Shala took part in the competition for Best Soldier 2014 where he won the third place and got acquainted well
with the competition procedures. “This was my goal since last year to become the best soldier for 2015, therefore throughout
the year I continued with the training, and today I feel honored to hold this title,” said M. Shala, adding that although the
competition was difficult it was manageable for every KSF serviceman. The KSF competition for the best soldier was organized
for the second time in KSF.
2015 JUNE
KSF Participates In Best Soldier Competition In
In May, for the first time in history, the KSF participated and completed the Croatian Armed Forces Best soldier Competition at
the “Eugen Kvaternik” military training area in Slunj, Northern Croatia. Corporals Binak Podrimqaku and Feti Pronaj
represented the KSF along with 151 other participants from 10 different countries. The competition was over a two day period
and included finishing a course of 46 kilometres over challenging terrain and tackling 13 obstacles enroute. The course was
designed to demonstrate individual’s preparation, military knowledge, individual skills as well as mental and physical fitness.
Poor weather throughout the competition did not stop the KSF participants from performing exceptionally well with Corporal
F. Pronaj coming 34th out of 151 competitors and 4th international finisher. Corporal B. Podrimqaku came 57th, which was also
an excellent effort when you think that nearly half of all competitors did not finish the competition. Lieutenant Colonel David
Jones, Adviser to Commander of the KSF, said that he was really proud of the KSF efforts and both participants did remarkably
well. “This was down to the individuals’ professionalism, determination and team spirit,” he pointed out.
2015 JUNE
Brigadier General Gezim Hazrolli Is Approaching The
End Of His Studies At The Royal College of Defence
Brigadier General Gezim Hazrolli is approaching the end of his one year term in the United Kingdom (UK), at the Royal
College of Defence Studies (RCDS), and was recently interviewed in London on his experience by Kosovo Press. RCDS is a
world-renowned institution committed to developing strategic thinkers and leaders. The aim of the course is to prepare
graduates who understand the strategic context, are skilled in analysis and able to work intuitively across national, cultural and
ideological boundaries to lead and contribute to developing strategy at the highest level. Brigadier General G. Hazrolli is the
first member of the KSF to attend RCDS, which is funded by the British Government, and has thoroughly enjoyed the
challenges that the course brings, as well as the opportunities to network at such a senior level within a global context. “The
experience at RCDS has been a fantastic one, developing my strategic understanding and capacity to operate at the highest level.
I have learned a great deal from my fellow participants, both British and international, and the chances to travel internationally
have been excellent and for me a unique learning experience. I am preparing for a three week study visit to the Middle East that
will include visits to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan,” stated Brigadier General G. Hazrolli in his interview to Kosovo Press.
2015 JUNE
KFOR Tackles KSF in Pristina Football Stadium
On the 21st of May, the KSF and KFOR played a friendly but competitive game in the Pristina Football Stadium, in front of a
sizeable and enthusiastic crowd. With the players from seven different nations on display the game throughout was extremely close
and at times a little physical, as you would expect from inter-military team sports event. However, it was played in good
sportsmanship manner and was well refereed by professional officials from the Kosovo Football Federation. The KSF team,
opened the scoring with a well worked goal finished by Private Albert Selimi however an excellent strike shortly after from
Corporal Ertuk Erkara (Austria) levelled the scoring. A game with chances at both ends entertained the crowd until the middle
period of the second half when the KSF went ahead again with a goal from Private Arbnor Jakupi, and it looked like the KSF team
had secured victory. But up popped Staff Sergeant Bergner Jens (Germany), late on, with a good team goal that brought the
KFOR supporters to their feet. The 2-2 final score demonstrated the commitment, sportsmanship and comradeship between these
two teams. “The game today was an excellent event with the perfect score line and it demonstrated further the friendship and cooperation between the KSF and KFOR,” stated the KSF Commander, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama. It is worth pointing out
that the British Army Football Association recently donated the KSF team well needed shirts.
2015 JUNE
UK Supports Young Footballers in Prizren
Lieutenant Colonel David Jones, Adviser to Commander of the KSF and a member of the British Army Football Association board
of management, has been able to attract quality donated England football shirts and initially give the first batch of the shirts to a
football command “Liria” based in Prizen. Lieutenant Colonel D. Jones received a donation of over €25. 000 worth of England
football shirts to give to football teams and charities across Kosovo. “I heard a lot of positive things about “Liria” and I thought it
would be a very worthwhile cause to support them,” he said. To date over 500 shirts have been supplied to various causes from all
parts of Kosovo, including children’s disabled charities, adult football teams, Kosovo Serbian schools and teams, as well as many
youth football teams. On the 13th of May, Lieutenant Colonel D. Jones attended “Liria” and presented one of the youth teams with
24 new England shirts. Mirsad Colak, Chairman of “Liria”, received the shirts on behalf of the club. “It was great to receive the
donation for the young football players of the club, especially as the young are the future of the team,” said M. Colak.

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