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Curling Chronicles
Curling Chronicles
Official Newsletter | The Travelers Curling Club Championship
#TCCC2014 is officially open!
The Travelers Curling Club Championship banner has been raised at
the Mayflower, which means only one thing: The Championship is
officially open!
Sprits were high for the curlers, dignitaries, special guests and a full
house of fans (many of whom were sporting Saskatchewan green)
as the ceremonies got underway on Monday evening. For those
watching from the gallery, the rainbow of colours on the ice was
spectacular. For participants, the feeling was both emotional and
exhilarating. “Looking down the line and seeing representation from
every province and territory was truly phenomenal,” says Nunavut’s
Peter Mackey.
Other highlights included seeing the Mayflower’s favourite
daughter, Colleen Jones − dubbed ‘the greatest curler in the history
of the planet’ by Halifax Mayor Mike Savage − and her team throw
the ceremonial first rock and having team photos taken under the
Championship banner.
Special thanks to the Ceremonies chair Bernadine Halliday and her
team of volunteers for organizing such a memorable event.
Frankie Amos, host co-chair, reminded us all that we’re in Nova
Scotia, when she called ‘Sociable’ during the traditional toast to the
piper. With everyone embracing this local expression, this promises
to be a great week on and off the ice.
There is no doubt that every curler has felt welcomed with open
arms by the province of Nova Scotia, the city of Halifax and
especially by the Mayflower Curling Club. Jason Cooke, Mayflower
president and host co-chair, brought that point home when he said,
“Mayflower is a family and for this week you are home.”
Curling Chronicles
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Draw schedule
TCCC by the numbers
84,123: Total kilometres travelled by 2014 TCCC players 7,239: Longest distance travelled in kilometres, YT Women
5: Shortest distance travelled in kilometres, NS Men
28: Number of teams (14 men/14 women)
5: Championships held to date
112: Curlers
688: Ends curled throughout the week
11,008: Rocks thrown
24: Sponsors
6: Total sheets of ice
180: Number of volunteers
62: Years CPA has had a presence in Nova Scotia
18,688: Feet travelled by a lead per game
4,672: Feet travelled by a skip per game
736: Feet of ice swept per game
50,000: Dollars raised through pre-event fundraising
400,000: Dollars raised for SCI chapters since 2009
296: Number of curling clubs insured by Travelers Canada
Hog lines
What are you planning on doing in Halifax other than curling?
Take my family to the
Maritime Museum.
Darren Frycz, BC
Eat a midnight donair at
Pizza Corner.
Marion MacAulay, NS
See my family.
Peter Mackey, NU
Tour the Keith’s Brewery.
Phillip McInnis, PEI
Visit the casino.
Julie Scales, PEI
Go shopping.
Denise Hutchings, NU
Visit Peggy’s Cove.
Ian Grieve, MB
Cause trouble!
The Ontario Angels
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