Italy stars at MAPIC - Il Quotidiano Immobiliare



Italy stars at MAPIC - Il Quotidiano Immobiliare
Year V Issue 24, November 2015
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Italy stars at MAPIC
The Italian presence at MAPIC has been a winning factor on all
of the latest occasions on which this trade fair for shopping
centres was held. This is because, for this particular market
segment, Italy is especially well represented in Cannes, in terms
of both the number of companies exhibiting and the number
of visitors attending - undoubtedly a sign of the dynamism
of a market which has withstood the toughest periods of
the crisis. This year the Italian Real Estate community goes
to MAPIC with a proactive, highly optimistic attitude thanks
to a number of factors, not least a purely internal matter
which sees a new leadership team at the head of CNCC,
the industry’s trade association. The presence in the Italian
marketplace of international investors has, over the past year,
extensively favoured the shopping centre industry. In any case,
the entire category of operators associated with the shopping
centre supply chain remains uncertain about its future and is
attempting to understand in which direction to move. Here, too,
many of the industry’s certainties no longer hold true and one
of these is consumption. For the moment, footfall numbers
are holding out and this leads centre managers to place their
hopes in sales picking up again. Consumer awareness will have
to be raised with new openings, new brands, suitable spaces
and high-visibility related services. But it will also be necessary
to persevere on management costs, energy savings, system
optimisation and location.
Deepening Periodic for the Real Estate operators
Poste Italiane S.p.A. - Spedizione in Abbonamento Postale - 70% - LO/MI
Guglielmo Pelliccioli
2015: A breakthrough year
for Italian retail
The sector challenged by its complexity
marco luraschi
APIC in Cannes is not only the most important
international trade fair dedicated to retail real estate
but it is also a fixed event for the world of Italian
retail property, which traditionally occupies the corridors and
halls of the Palais and is second in number only to the French
presence there. This year more than ever, the Italian market
which is represented in Cannes is strong with a renewed
vitality and a new impetus for development of projects and
is increasingly the focus of interest from major international
players, primarily American. The close of 2015 could be
characterized by a significant growth in both visitors and
consumption data for Italian shopping centres. The direction
changed a few quarters ago. Of course retail stock on the
Italian market is not all uniform, however; there are at least 4
or 5 different segments, depending on performance.
Of course, retail being the most dynamic sector par excellence,
it is understandable that there is high turnover for obsolete
product and that not all properties produce satisfactory
results, especially because in the last pre-crisis period too
much was built, sometimes without the right market strategies.
As far as regards corporate investment, in Q3 more than €320
million were invested in the retail sector in Italy, the secondbiggest asset allocation after offices. Whilst it may be true
to say that we have not seen the same numbers as in 2014,
we do know that there are several different operations in the
pipeline which are due to be closed later this year or in early
2016. These operations are more long-term than opportunistic
and are designed to take advantage of discounted prices.
MAPIC in Cannes becomes significant in the run-up to MAPIC
Italia. to be held in Milan in May. MAPIC Italia will mark a
historic step for the Italian market which will finally have its
own, international, retail event.
This year’s MAPIC is key for our
market: Italy is protagonist, thanks
also to the work carried out for over
a year by the CNCC, led by Massimo
Moretti, who has managed to create a
strong bond with the organisation. Not
without reason has MAPIC in Cannes
becomes significant in the run-up to
MAPIC Italia. To be held in Milan in
May, MAPIC Italia will mark a historic
step for the Italian market which will
finally have its own, international,
retail event.
We also want to highlight the presence,
for the first time ever, of the Agenzia
del Demanio (the State Property
Agency) in the person of its director
Roberto Reggi, who answered the
call with enthusiasm (and answered
our invitation too), realising that
the commercial sector can be a very
strong stimulus to the renewal of
large, abandoned areas owned by
the public sector. It’s not just about
older generation shopping centres,
rather it’s about modern, mixed
spaces, places for entertainment
and for socialising, landmarks and
developments affecting the while
surrounding area. They represent a
frontier to be explored, especially
considering that we are heading
towards “zero land consumption”.
The first signs of a possible recovery in the real
estate sector arrived some time ago from the
retail sector and now the investor attention has
returned to retail once more.
In recent years, the retail sector has undergone a
fundamental transformation in terms of both product
and content: the formats that are on the market and
which are winning the approval of the public are those
which have managed to read the needs of their clients,
who are increasingly well informed and are ever
more ‘technological’ and selective in their choices.
Online retail and e-commerce can be opportunities
for shopping centre development and the fear of
cannibalization appears to have waned because
physical space remains essential for brands. Yet the
challenge to attract customers is ever more complex
and selective. One cannot improvise at managing retail
or brands.
Let’s also mention the high street: the most important
international brands are looking for centrally located
spaces in major Italian cities (perhaps left vacant by
the banks or by the public sector) as if they were “gold
nuggets”, for the chance of breaking into a market
characterised by astronomical prices. In conclusion,
this year Italy will conquer the space it deserves at
MAPIC, and it will do so by bringing with it new and
innovative development projects, some of which will
directly involve the Italian market itself. The first signs
of a possible recovery in the real estate sector arrived
some time ago from the retail sector and now the
investor attention has returned to retail once more, so
that it is time for the sector to be recognized for its
real weight within the Italian economy.
at mapic
Year V
Number 24
November 2015
Deepening Periodic for the Real Estate operators
Guglielmo Pelliccioli
Marco Luraschi
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