ARC UPDATE Vol 4 - Arcane Horizon Inc.



ARC UPDATE Vol 4 - Arcane Horizon Inc.
Volume 2 Issue 1
September – November 2014
ARC Art with the Crafty Crew - Page 1 || Hay Ride & Bonfire - Page 2
Masquerade Music Merge - Page 2 || Karaoke Night - Page 3 || Around ARC - Page 3
The Sharing Board - Page 3 || Picture Gallery - Page 4 and 5
Questions, Comments, Suggestions? - Page 5
From the beginning of September to the end of November, the Crafty Crew kept themselves busy by making
beautiful pieces of art in ARC. Our theme for this period was group work! The crew seemed to enjoy being
a part of this once a week activity as they learned new techniques and experimented with different materials.
The projects included: painting colourful murals on big canvas boards that are displayed in ARC; creating
trees on poster boards and covering them with leaves that have fallen on the ground outside; making dream
catchers out of yarn and plastic lids; melting Fantastic Plastic in a toaster oven to form Christmas ornaments;
plus so much more!
The group work definitely highlighted the social aspect of the art program! Great job, Crafty Crew!
Please see the Picture Gallery on Page 4 to check out more pictures of the Crafty Crew!
The Masquerade Music Merge
The Hay Ride & Bonfire was held on Friday,
September 6th. Planning this activity at Birds Hill
Park Ranch earlier in the year was a great idea
because the sun was shining bright for us during
the entire evening!
With Tanya Barker, the music therapist, leading the
party, the Halloween celebration at ARC on
Wednesday, October 29th went off without a hitch!
The guests stayed true to the theme by wearing
masks to The Masquerade Music Merge.
The awesome response we received from the
invite resulted in two wagon times to accommodate
the number of guests. The first group hopped on
the wagons at 5:00pm; the second at 6:00pm.
The participants took turns choosing their favourite
Halloween songs to share with others. After
singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and
tossing items up high with a parachute, snacks
were available in the “spooktified” music room.
The ride ended at the campsite where dinner was
waiting. Everyone enjoyed the delicious chili, hot
dogs, and s’mores. Thank you to the wonderful
staff who went above and above by helping serve
dinner. Teamwork from start to finish was in full
effect, and because of this, the event ran as
smoothly as possible! Gooo teamwork!
More pictures from the Hay Ride & Bonfire are
in the Picture Gallery on Page 4.
The guests left with a special Halloween baggy full
of delicious treats!
The Picture Gallery on Page 5 has more
photos from the Masquerade Music Merge!
ARC was a packed house on Saturday, November 29th for Karaoke Night! As the guests arrived, they settled
in then helped themselves to dinner that was waiting for them in the music room. Each person took turns
picking a song he/she wanted to sing. “Let It Go” from the movie, Frozen was the most popular tune and
was chosen three separate times.
The singers enjoyed their time on the mic, and the dance floor was never empty! When the guests weren’t
on stage, they were in the photo booth flashing their pearly whites at the camera.
Thank you to everyone who offered their help! Again, great demonstration of team work!
Find more pictures from Karaoke night on Page 5 of the Picture Gallery!
The Sharing Board
The wonderful people from Paintless Design did
an awesome job creating and installing the wall
decals in ARC. Our mission statement is proudly
displayed on the mural by the entrance. Words
associated with Gentle Teaching has been placed
across the room to remind us about our
philosophy. The decals added just the right
amount of colour to brighten up our space!
Each team is taking turns posting information
about individuals on The Sharing Board right
outside of Dawn McDonnal’s office in ARC. We
will be able to learn more about those we support;
share new ideas; and get inspired!
Picture Gallery (continued…)
If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions regarding individuals’ day
programs, ARC, special events, and The ARC Update, please contact:
Marielle Dacquel
Phone 204-897-5482 ext. 239
Mobile 204-957-1483
Email [email protected]