Foreign Sexy Men Foreign Event Model Foreign Sampling Kids



Foreign Sexy Men Foreign Event Model Foreign Sampling Kids
Example of our model usage for Events, Parties, Weddings, etc.
Here are some examples of events that used our models.
We hope you find it informative.
Foreign Event Model
Example: PR event
Foreign female models dressed in unique wedding dresses walked
around the venue, sampling the product to customers.
Eye catching beautiful women added higher qualit to the PR of
the product, successfully creating higher brand image.
Foreign Sexy Men
Example: Magazine House Party
Handsome foreign male models with nice body escorted and
served drinks to customers arriving to the party, An unique,
Sexy and Adult atomophere was added to the high-class party.
There was even a line-up to take photos with the models.
Foreign Sampling Kids
Example: Department Store Event (Halloween season)
Foreign kids dressed in Halloween costume went aound the store,
giving candy to customers. Their lively greetings and their sweet
smile is like a magic! Giving everyone smile and happiness!
Foreign Doorman
Example: Department Store Event
The usual entrance changed into an entrance like hotels in
foreign country! Handsome and gentle doorman greeting to
clients saying "Welcome!", created high-class atomosphere.
Customers felt special like celebrities.
Foreign Female Companion
Example: Motor show
At a foreign car brand booth in a Motor show, a foreign female
companion served the clients, and also modeled as an attention
model in front of the hot car model. Using both foreign and Japanese
companion, communication with foreign client become possible.

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