Media Kit and Coverage Map



Media Kit and Coverage Map
The Power of BTLS and the Bubba Army
Just 3 days into his return, Bubba and the Bubba Army take Tampa Bay by
storm. An incredible line of over 1000 cars, spanning 1.3 miles long, came
to show support for Bubba, making our first T-Shirt stop of the of the year
an overwhelming success!
Bubba987 has been increasing audience share significantly every week
since signing on January 5th. In the most recent weekly (2nd week of March)
Bubba is #2 M2554 6a-10a jumping ahead of Mike Calta on WHPT, and #4
A2554. This is just after only 64 days on the air!
In the first two months, had over 460,000 and 540,000
online streaming connections respectively, which is nearly 4x larger than
the next most listened to stations in the market!
No other radio station in Tampa Bay has an “ARMY” of
passionate listeners like the “BUBBA ARMY” listening
on-air, online, and activating onsite!
Call Letters:
98.7 FM
Signal Strength:
50,000 watts
Communities Served:
Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater,
Brandon, Riverview, Wesley Chapel, Land
O Lakes, Palm Harbor, New Port Richey,
Plant City, Bradenton, Sarasota.
Bubba the Love Sponge was voted #10 on the Talkers Top 100
Radio personalities in the entire country. Over 1.5 million
weekly Listeners!
#10 Ranked
Show in The
Plus an
listeners through
Radio IO
Bubba The Love Sponge attracts the biggest names
Bubba’s status as a premier radio personality allows the best access to A level celebrities, creating
segments that keep our listeners thoroughly entertained and engaged!
Some of the biggest names in news & entertainment can be heard on the Bubba The Love Sponge
Show including Tucker Carlson from Fox News, Howard Stern from America’s Got Talent, and veteran
actor Dan Akroyd!
Check out the audio
from a recent segment
of the BTLS show with
guest Dan Akroyd!
Tampa Bay Loves Bubba
Over the past two decades, Tampa Bay radio audiences have made the Bubba The Love
Sponge show the highest rated show in the market, on every station he has been on!
The past 6 years in particular, Bubba’s morning show has simply dominated the ratings from
6a-10am, maintaining a #1 ranking in all key adult demos (18-34,18-49,25-54), and has
owned the male demographic with an audience share nearly double that of the #2 show.
Source: Arbitron/Nielsen Jan 2008-August 2014
Morning Drive 6am-10am
“The Bubba the Love Sponge Show” Featuring: Bubba, Manson, Ned & 25 Cent
Middays 10am – 3pm
Afternoon Drive 3pm – 7pm “Ned”
Evenings 7pm – 12midnight “25 Cent”
The new Bubba987, WBRN! For the first time ever in major market radio history, Bubba The Love Sponge has his own radio station named after
him! If you haven’t listened, TUNE in to listen for yourself! It’s like listening to Bubba’s personal iPod – where you’ll hear the hottest collection of
music ever on the radio… we like to call it Classic Rock with a twist (and with a dash of classic ‘throw back’ hip hop & rap added to spice things
up a bit).... The station sounds amazing and like nothing else on the radio today.
That’s why it’s called “NO RULES RADIO”!!
Bubba and his team are the best in the business for driving customers to sponsors
businesses. Just ask any of these advertisers who see the power of the “Bubba Army”
listeners every day!
It’s the New Bubba!
The BTLS show is one of a kind, Bubba’s witty humor and dialogue keep his listeners engaged like no other. That is why
advertisers on Bubba987 are so happy and continue to partner with the station. When Bubba first came back on advertisers like
McDonald’s, Elder Ford, CamTech, Old North East Jewelers were ready to start right back with him to continue their successful
partnerships. For some advertisers being purchased nationally Bubba has been perceived as being too edgy. Since Bubba has
come back he has taken some of the controversial edge off, further solidifying Bubba987 as a great place for national
advertisers to reach Men and Adult advertisers in Tampa Bay. You will often hear Bubba compare himself to the old Bubba, and
how now he is communicating a little different, here is an example of that:!
Testimonials from loyal customers
“I just wanted to let you know that thus far Jeff Italiano is very happy with the response he has been getting from Bubba's
endorsement of his business. Jeff called me last week and said that his employees had taken several calls from customers who
were part of the "Bubba Army" and that the quality of lead was surprisingly good. He had talked with several business owners
who had been told by their employees to call Italiano based on Bubba's on-air recommendation. It's always nice to be able to
tell a station that their format is really working for the client.
Thanks for your efforts on Italiano Insurance's behalf!”
Beverly Versfelt
Testimonials from loyal customers
“I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased we’ve been with our radio advertising so far. Just in the first
month, our web traffic for H2 Turf is up approximately 40%, and has generated many new leads for our business. In fact the
very first day the on-air ad ran, we received a call from a large municipality that heard us on the radio, and are currently
negotiating a contract that would cover our advertising costs for the entire year. That’s about as good of an ROI as we could
ask for.
You and your team have gone above and beyond in helping us set up our ads, and giving us a great radio and online
presence. Something I thought we would not have been able to do just two months ago. I want to thank you and Beasley again
for making this possible for us. We look forward to continuing our ads with you and BBG in the future, and scaling up our
campaigns as our business continues to grow.”
Best Regards,
Jarrod Cothron
Cothron Contracting LLC
Testimonials from loyal customers
As a long time Bubba advertiser I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have him back
on the air in Tampa. His show works so well with our key demographics and as a result we’ve
noticed a nice increase the 1st quarter 2015 (Bubba on in Tampa) over the last quarter 2014
(Bubba not on in Tampa).
Thanks and keep up the great work.
Ron Boyar
Cam Tech School of Construction
Who is the Bubba Listener?
WHAT I Want to Know About Them
Household income summaries (HHLD): $50,000 or more
Household income summaries (HHLD): $100,000 or more
M-F 6am-10am aqh:
Level of education summaries: Any college
Level of education: Some college (1-3 years-not Graduate or AA/Associates)
Level of education: Post graduate degree
Occupation summary: Management, Business and Financial Operations
Occupation summary: Professional and Related Occupations
Occupation summary: Service
Occupation summary: Sales and Office
Occupation summary: White collar
Source : Scarborough R2 2014: Aug13-Jul14 / Scarborough R2 2013: Aug12-Jul13
Bubba and his team are the best in the business, let’s meet Bubba…
Bubba is one of the most prominent radio personalities in the
world, and he is right here in Tampa Bay! He has been thoroughly
entertaining listeners for over 25 years, and has built an army of
followers. Bubba is respected for his ability to attract and maintain
audiences with his lightning-quick mind and tongue, his sharp sense
of humor, his everyman approach to many nontraditional radio
topics, and for the unique lingo he often uses on-air, which fans
refer to as “Bubbaspeak.” Fans of the show are known nationwide
as the “Bubba Army,” and are very active in participating in
functions and calls to action, where it is not uncommon to have
thousands show their strength and support for the show. He
maintains a longtime team of loyal co-hosts and producers, who
bring a wide range of talents to the show: Impersonation wizard
Manson, radio’s oldest and crankiest pervert, Ned, and 25 Cent.
Bubba The Love Sponge gives back to the community
The Bubba The Love Sponge Foundation:
The Bubba the Love Sponge Foundation was
established as a 501(3)(C) Florida charity in late
2008 by syndicated and radio host Bubba the
Love Sponge® Clem as a community awareness
and donations vehicle that supports worthy
causes and victims.
Since then, the Foundation has raised and
donated more than $420,000.
Bubba987 - WBRN Weekly Segments
Bubba’s Throwback Thursday!
Throwback Thursday is one of Bubba’s best known features. Listen as the boys go back in time
and review some of Bubba’s best shows dating all the way back to the 90’s!!!
This is a hilarious segment that puts our listeners on a trip down memory lane!
Bubba987 - WBRN Weekly Segments
Top 5 “Genre” Countdown
Every Wednesday, Bubba and his team critique 5 current “Top 5” hits from different
genres….Country, Rock, Christian, Spanish, Hip-Hop, every week is a different format.
Get ready for laughs as Bubba and his team share their edgy opinions on these hits!
The segment is incredibly entertaining and is a listener favorite!
Bubba987 - WBRN Exclusive Weekly Shows
Jomama Johnson – “The Quiet Storm”
Tampa Bay is buzzing with the return of Jomama Johnson coming out
of retirement back to Tampa Radio to join Bubba 987FM.
The Quiet Storm delivers a diverse selection of soul and R&B songs by
legendary veteran radio personality Jomama Johnson, who previously
had entertained listeners for over 20 years on 93.3 WFLZ & 95.7
WBTP before retiring to spend time with his family and aging mother.
Listen to The Quiet Storm every Sunday night from 8pm – Midnight!
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Bubba987 - WBRN Exclusive Weekly Shows
T QUEST Friday MashUp
Forget the traffic reports and boring teen dance party music, Tampa
Bay is now kicking off the weekend with the T-Quest MASHUP on
Bubba987FM! For 98 minutes, Bubba 987 goes completely commercial
free every Friday from 4:35pm until 6:15pm while thousands of
commuters sit in traffic on the streets, bridges and highways around
the Bay Area. A long time area radio veteran & high profile party &
club DJ, T-Quest does not disappoint.
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