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Qandice - Mudu MultiMedia
Candice with a ‘Q’… A person as distinctive as the spelling of her name. Singer,
songwriter, producer, artist in every form of the word. From painting to clothing design
to being an entrepreneur, Qandice is a very gifted individual. Her love for music as well
as art was birthed through her mother’s same passion and gift for these skills. By the
talents of known artists such as Phyllis Hyman, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Lenny
Kravitz, Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, and by many more of the greats was Qandice
cultivated in her craft of song. Forever nurturing her love affair with music, Qandice in
her teenage years performed in talent shows and school pageants. She then went on to
Moore College of Art & Design of Philadelphia, with music still very much in her heart,
where she further developed her Nature-given ability for fashion and she still continues
on as she now studies the art of playing the guitar. Qandice’s style of music is what we
would call organic. Unrefined and natural lyrics seem to flow from her heart effortlessly.
With a style of her own, Qandice displays a blend of soft rock, rhythm and blues that she
affectionately calls the “Heavenly Blues”. Be it by live performance or just by listening
to her debut album entitled “Guitar Season”, you will be captivated by her prose…
mesmerized by her sincerity. The beauty, the healing quality of her music will hold you
and lull you as if you were being cradled in your mother’s arms. “Guitar Season” reveals
her deep love and admiration for the guitar as it also shows her faith in the ability for the
incredible sounds of the guitar to help her to communicate her songs to the world.
Ultimately, part of Qandice’s intention in naming the album “Guitar Season” is to pay
homage to the guitar as well as guitar players and to bring the guitar -the spirit of the
guitar back to R&B. As an independent artist audiences have embraced Qandice in
Philadelphia and throughout the Tri State area at such venues as the Clef Club of Phila.,
World Cafe Live of Phila., Kahunaville of De., The Coatesville Cultural Society of Pa.,
the Pantene Pro V Tour featuring Yolanda Adams, Susan Taylor, Regina Belle, and Lyfe
in Phila., The Reef of Phila., and many more. Qandice has also performed with Grammy
Award winner Gordon Chambers for Soul Power Tuesdays at the Five Spot of Phila. and
she has also opened the show in St. Louis, Missouri for Babyface’s latest Tour. Not only
is Qandice known for her heartfelt stage performances, she is also an avid supporter of
charitable events. She performed at the Department of Human Services of Philadelphia’s
Annual Picnic in the summer of 2005 and has made contributions to the African Relief
Concert-Live 8 in Philadelphia also in the summer of 2005. One of her much cherished
places to perform, the world renowned Zanzibar Blue, has featured Qandice several times
in concert. With her desire being to make a profound difference in the music industry, her
music was born in the spirit of changing what we have come to know as Rhythm and
Blues. Through her enchanting voice singing sweet, sweet melodies unto the world,
Qandice allows the Heavens to be heard… From her signature to her signature style of
fashion to her signature sound… She… Candice with a ‘Q’ is a walking symphony… an
artist truly on her way to universal stardom and fame.