2007 foundation report (Page 1)



2007 foundation report (Page 1)
Message from the College President
Our goal at Morgan
Community College is
to create informed,
responsible, lifelong
learners. I believe that
we are enormously
effective in carrying
out this vision. The
key to our success is
the maintenance of
Dr. C. Michele Haney,
our high expectations
MCC President
for student
performance; promotion of student-faculty
interaction; fostering active, collaborative learning;
and providing an enriching and supportive
environment both in and beyond the classroom.
These practices are found in many of the stories that
we can tell.
“MCC Tops State in Graduation and Retention Rates”
put us on the radar screen this year for the State of
Colorado. In addition to the graduation and retention
rates, MCC had a 100 percent pass rate for the A.D.N.
nursing students who graduated in May 2006. This
accomplishment speaks well for the MCC program, its
faculty and the MCC students who dedicate themselves
to achieving their goals. In 2006, MCC surpassed 1000
FTE, a 25 percent increase over the college enrollment 10 years
ago. Historically, MCC was labeled “the little college that
could” as it overcame political and financial obstacles. That
tagline still fits as MCC continues to grow and meet the needs
of our communities.
“MCC/Cargill Meat Solutions Workplace Education Program
One of 5 Top U.S. Programs” was a designation as a result of a
Lumina Foundation search to identify successful programs
between employers and community colleges that are working to
strengthen the educational attainment of the Hispanic
I think you will agree that MCC is one of the best educational
values in Colorado. This report documents our success in
raising funds for more scholarships and new buildings and that
we continue to be responsive to our communities’ needs. We
will continue to work together on plans that build on our
strengths and encourage bold initiatives and institutional pride.
We are no longer willing to be known as a “best-kept secret.”
I hope you’ll want to find out more about what we are doing.
I invite you to come to one of our locations and look around.
Talk to the faculty and staff. Get a sense of who we are. And
by all means, talk to our students—they are not only our most
important product; they are our only product and one in which
we take the utmost pride.
Cargill Meat Solutions/MCC Foundation
Pro-Am Golf Tournament Raises $31,000
The 2006 Cargill Meat Solutions/MCC Foundation
Pro-Am was presented by Fort Morgan State Bank
and Colorado Plains Medical Center and boasted a
full field of professional and amateur players and even
generated a waiting list. A new one-day 36-hole
tournament format seemed to agree with
professionals and amateurs alike. The tournament
play culminated with a shoot-out among the six
professionals who scored the best for the day.
Tournament Chairman, Mark Frasier stated
“This tournament has achieved a great
reputation among Colorado golf professionals
and has also attracted several from the
neighboring states of Nebraska, Wyoming
and Arizona. The cooperation from the
Fort Morgan Golf Course, generous and
enthusiastic sponsorships and a host of
volunteers help make the tournament
the respected and financial success
that it has become.”
MCC Foundation 2006 Annual Report
Pro-Am players
enjoy an end-oftourney steak fry.
Cargill Team (left to right): Ed Klassen,
Ray Rodriquez, Jim Avery, and Jay Hauersperger
Message from the Foundation President
2006 was an exciting
year for the Morgan
Community College
Foundation. It was a
year of awakening.
The board members
are enthused about
the continual
increase of public
Foundation President
awareness and support
Sharon Kauffman
of the Foundation and
its projects that support MCC students and staff. Scholarships so
often make the difference whether or not a student can continue to
pursue higher education. Individual scholarship donations are
critical to help students move forward on their educational paths;
likewise, endowments financially assist deserving students and are
invaluable in growing and sustaining the Foundation.
The Finding Rainbows;
Fulfilling Dreams theme of the
2006 Gala rang true when several
year-end financial contributions were
made to the college for a new Adult
Basic Education facility. Those funds
were added to the gifts made though the
Dream Connections capital campaign and
allowed the MCC Foundation Board of
Directors to commit to a new building project
for ABLE. An architect has been selected and
ground breaking on the MCC campus is
anticipated for this fall. This addition and the new
Community and Education Center in Burlington are
testaments to the importance of educational
opportunities in Eastern Colorado. I offer a very
sincere thank you to the many donors across our
communities that make these projects possible!
7th Annual Gala Raises $29,500 for
College Programs and Scholarships
With “Finding Rainbows-Fulfilling Dreams” as the
theme and decorations of rainbows, pots of gold,
and lucky shamrocks decorating the Mark Arndt
Event Center at the Morgan County Fairgrounds,
the 7th Annual Gala was a great success. $29,500
was raised from a silent auction, a live auction, the
sale of tickets, and a pot-of-gold chance special.
Guests enjoyed a hors d’oeuvres buffet and cash
bar during the silent auction. Proceeds went to the
MCC Foundation for scholarships, professional
development, technology updates and other
funding needs of the college.
Volunteer Patti
Rousselle and
John Clatworthy
(also an MCC
board member)
auction off a
baby quilt.
Prior to the Gala sixteen MCC graduates were honored as
All-Star Alumni. To be nominated by faculty and staff, the
MCC graduates have to meet the following criteria: have
demonstrated service to the community, are using the
training received at MCC either in their chosen profession or
to continue their education, are serving as role models for
future graduates, have demonstrated leadership abilities while
at MCC and within their community, and are supportive of
MCC and the educational experience they received.
Board Treasurer
Mark Frasier
takes the kid’s
car for a
test drive.
MCC Foundation 2006 Annual Report
Boettcher Confirms Its Support for
the ABE Building
On December 8, 2006 the Morgan Community College
Foundation Board of Directors voted to support the construction
of a 4400 square foot building on the MCC campus to house the
Adult Basic Education program. The monies to be used were
raised during the 2004-2005 Dream Connections Campaign along
with special gifts from the Bloedorn Foundation, the DahmsTalton Foundation and the Boettcher Foundation. The plan has
been approved by the State Board for Community Colleges and
Occupational Education Services and an architect has been
selected. Ground breaking is planned for early fall 2007 and plans
for occupancy are for fall 2008.
The Boettcher Foundation, a privately endowed
grant-making organization dedicated to assisting,
encouraging and promoting the residents of the
State of Colorado, gave $35,000 toward the construction of the
new building for the ABE program. Their initial support was
expressed during the Dream Connections capital campaign in 2005
when the dream of a new and/or improved facility was one of the
initiatives of the campaign. The Boettcher Foundation Trustees feel
that capital expenditures represent substantial commitments to
organizations that most often cannot be funded out of general
Adult Basic Education has been part of Morgan Community
College since the school was established in 1970. Better known to
Morgan County residents as ABLE (Adult Basic Literacy
Education), the program has outgrown its current location in an
aging building at 117 Main Street modified from its previous use as
Patterson Hardware.
Most frequently, the Boettcher Foundation's capital grants are
made in the form of challenges, conditional on an applicant
agency's ability to raise the balance of the funds needed for a
project. The grant for MCC was no different—over half of the
funding for the project had to be in place before the grant was
extended. Additionally, they expect to see a substantial percentage
of that amount raised from those who are closest to the
organization, especially the board, the local community and those
who stand to benefit most from the completion of the project
Electrical limitations continue to plague simultaneous computer use
and room lighting. With an enrollment of as many as 250 students
during each semester, space restrictions inhibit comfortably and
efficiently serving students who are learning English as a second
language, reading, and math skills or preparing for a GED. Lack of
parking spaces is also a concern for student access.
Dahms-Talton Foundation Gift
Supports New ABE Building
Alan and Polli Dahms, both career
educators, said that they recognize the
invaluable importance of educational
opportunity and want to do what they
can to enhance that possibility. Alan
said “Education is something no one
can take away.”
Their gift of $50,000 from the
Dahms-Talton Foundation in December along with gifts from the
Bloedorn Foundation, the Dream Connections Campaign, and the
Boettcher Foundation will fund the building to be built on the MCC
campus. Their gift was given through the Northeast Colorado
Enterprise Zone, an incentive program to further economic
development in designated areas of the state. Alan and Polli serve as
trustees of the foundation along with Bill Anderson, CPA, and Ed
Zorn, attorney.
MCC Foundation 2006 Annual Report
Bloedorn Foundation Builds Their
Support of the New ABE Building
In December the Bloedorn Foundation presented the college with a
gift of $45,000 and a pledge of an additional $55,000 over the next
two years for the ABE building. These two amounts add to the
previous $100,000 given for the project since 2002.
The Bloedorn Foundation and the Bloedorn family have been avid
supporters of MCC with major gifts for the Learning Resource
Center, Bloedorn Lecture Hall, the ABLE program, student
conference participation funds, equipment additions and
scholarships for Morgan County students. Another gift, the
historically restored building at 300 Main Street, now hosts the
MCC Small Business Development Center and the office for
Continuing Education and Community and Workforce Training.
Corliss Bloedorn Littlefield, family member and current trustee
said, “I am very proud of my heritage and marvel at the wisdom
and generosity of the Bloedorn brothers. The foundation remains
true to its original mission. My fellow trustees, Jerry Jones, Don
Ostwald, JoAnn Kruglet and Don McClary, quietly support the
greatest good for the local community and its citizens.”
Daniels Fund Continues to
Support MCC
EMS students practice patient extrication.
MCC received a Daniels Opportunity Scholarship grant of
$32,000 from the Daniels Fund for use by non-traditional students
who need financial assistance to enroll in classes for Emergency
Medical Services (EMS). EMS training for emergency medical
technician (EMT) basic, EMT intermediate and first responder is a
sustaining factor for emergency care in rural Colorado.
In 2005, MCC received $40,000 payable over five years to assist
an underserved segment of the population in the service area –
those involved in the justice system, as well as those potentially
not able to attend or complete college due to a combination of
circumstances: non-traditional academic achievement, time lapse
since completion of a high school diploma or GED program,
and financial need.
Special Gift from CU Big
Benefit to MCC Program
MCC was the recipient of
16 gently used microscopes
from the University of
Colorado Health Sciences
Center. Klaus “Nik”
Buchholz, laboratory
coordinator for educational
support services/teaching
labs at the Health Sciences
Center, proved to be a Santa
“Klaus” for MCC when he
coordinated and approved
Joan Pearson and Nik Buchholz
the equipment gift. The
request came at an opportune time since the Health Sciences
Center is in the process of moving to its new location at the
Fitzsimons campus where the new facilities and equipment will
be state of the art in keeping with the demands of a major
research university.
The need to secure these sophisticated microscopes was created
by the increased number of students taking microbiology.
Microbiology is a prerequisite for students entering the nursing
The gift, valued at least $30,000, may have been a small gift from
a big college but the result is a very big gift for a small college.
Burlington Community and Education Center Opens
Burlington Community and Education Center
September 30 was a day of celebration in the town of Burlington at
the Community and Education Center, new home to MCC
Burlington Center! The MCC family and the community joined in
an open house, ribbon cutting, and dedication ceremony marking the
completion of an exciting project for Eastern Colorado. Besides a large
multipurpose room adjacent
to a commercial sized kitchen,
the center houses meeting
rooms, a science lab, two
computer labs, office space
and an inviting common area.
The new building definitely
fulfills a dream.
Dr. Michele Haney thanks donors Bill and
Billie Hinkhouse for their generous support.
MCC Foundation 2006 Annual Report
Thank you
We gratefully acknowledge the support given by alumni, friends, faculty and staff of MCC. This honor roll recognizes
many of the donors who contributed to MCC between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006. Although every effort
has been made to ensure accuracy, errors may occur. If you wish to report an eror and assist in our continual improvement,
please contact the MCC Foundation directly.
Thank you
10,000 +
Bloedorn Foundation
Dahms-Talton Foundation
Farm Credit of Southern Colorado, FLCA
Morgan Federal Bank
United Way of Morgan County
5,000.00 - 9,999.00
Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation
Colorado Plains Medical Center
The Cooper Clark Foundation
Dr. Robert & Janet Datteri
Fort Morgan State Bank
Gala Miscellaneous
1,000.00 - 4,999.00
Achziger Farms
Bank of Colorado, Brush
Jack & Doris Berryhill
Jeff & Martha Bieber
Rich & Susan Clough
Jerral & Jean Danford
East Morgan County Hospital
Doug & Tana English
FHLBank Topeka
Farmers State Bank
Gene & Adrienne Fasse
First National Bank
Fort Morgan Times
Mark Frasier
Dave & Phyllis Gertge
Goetz Insurors, Inc.
Graff’s Turf Farm
Bill & Sammy Gramlich
Dr. C. Michele Haney
Don & Carol Heer
Ingmire-Phillips Ins. Inc.
Dan & Sharon Kauffman
Kay Jan Inc.
Rex & Doris Monahan
The Pepsi Bottling Group
Joe & Valerie Rhoades
Mike & Connie Schingle
Schmeeckle Brothers Construction
Allen & Gwen Steffen
Wal Mart
Ed & Mary Zorn
500.00 - 999.00
Association of Morgan
County Commercial Banks
Bank of Colorado, Yuma
Mike & Lynne Berryhill
Eldan & Loretta Crone
Fort Morgan Auto Center
Greg & Lee Green
Gail Hartwig
Holzworth State Farm
Dale & Connie Ingmire
Francis & Joan Jolliffe
Edward Jones Investments
Don & Susan Jones
Mary E. Kelly
Don & Sheri Kembel
Dr. Don & Jo Ann Kruglet
Tom Lehman
Gary & Corliss Littlefield
Morgan County REA
Gregg & Ronda Mullen
Norma Pankratz
Eric & Kristine Richardson
Rocky Mountain Brokerage
Tom Smith
Lyman & Sue Spaulding
Jim & Suzanna Spears
Steve & Janet Rohde
Julie Waters
Wickham Tractor Co.
Morgan Community College Foundation Summary
Statement of Financial Position as of December 31, 2006
Cash and cash equivalents
Pledges receivable net allowance for uncollectable
Prepaid expensese
Real property - net depreciation
Other assets
Total Assets
$ 144,603
$ 52,044
$ 1,195,127
$ 977,645
Accrued expenses
Long Term Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Net Assets
Unrestricted Net Assets
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Permanently Restricted Net Assets
Total Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
$ 1,195,127
This financial statement is derived from the Foundation's full audit report. In no way is it meant to substitute for the full audit, but only to give a brief
overview. A complete audited financial report is available from the MCC Foundation upon request.
MCC Foundation 2006 Annual Report
1.00 - 499.00
A C Ice Company
Felix Acosta
Daniel L. Alexander
Brian & April Amack
American Eagle Distributing
James & Mary Andersen
Anderson, Lee & Company
Bill & Betty Baker
Kevin & Nancy Barden
Keith Bath
Kent Bauer
R. C. & Maxine Beethe
Bellendir Tire & Auto
Jack & Fran Benham
Sharon Bishop
Milt & Donna Boehm
Dr. Richard & Reva Bond
Becky Bornhoft
Thomas & Pamela Brown
Roy & Anissa Buhring
Sharon Bzdek
Glen & Connie Christensen
Eric & Jodi Christensen
Larry & Jane Christensen
City of Fort Morgan
John & Andi Clatworthy
Colorado Tau Master #598 - Beta
Sigma Phi
Community First National Bank
Cover Theatre
Debra Crouse
Kevin & Crystal Cruse
Mike & Cathy Dahl
Samuel & Julia Dickens
Doug & Suzanna Dobbins
Amy J. Ely
Empire Dairy
Dennis & Sandy Engle
Don Enninga
Don L. Estes
Lane & Jaylene Evans
Joe & Kim Ewertz
Judy & Keith Florian
Marshall & LaRue Frasier
Glen & Barb Frihauf
Manley & Kathy Frisbie
Larry & MaryLou Giauque
John Gotto
Dave & Alice Graff
Jeffrey D Gramlich & Margrethe
Timothy & Judy Grauberger
Jim & Janet Green
Ron & Gayle Greene
Al & Nelle Grosholz
Tim Guggenmos
Bob & Judy Gunnon
(Anita) Jolene Gurley
Haffke Hafke & Lebsack
Pat & Katherine Haley
Sandra Haman
Maryln & Roger Hanson
Grant & Robin Harden
Pam Hernandez
Ralph & Willimina Hernandez
Verl & Judy Hester
Don & Connie Hill
Cleta Hiner-Felzien
Traci & Troy Hinkhouse
Hyperion Club
Jerry & Joanne Jones
Doug & Sherry Johnson
Betty Johnson
Dave Johnson
Kris & Sheri Johnson
KFTM/Wayne Johnson
Rick & Maureen Kahl
Dick & Jo Kline
Bob & Shirley Kula
Robert L & Arlene R Kulp
Raymond & Kathryn Larson
Mike & Deb Lee
Earl & Vicki Lehrer
Nancy S. Leonard
R.M. & Florence Liittjohann
Mary Ann Lind
Learning Excellence
Limon Unrestricted
$13,883 (4.90%)
$425 (0.20%)
ABE General
$9,477 (3.40%)
$17,170 (6.00%)
Expansion Tech/Health
$8,053 (2.90%)
$20,100 (7.10%)
ABE Facility
$99,970 (35.40%)
Student Success
$5,702 (2.00%)
AG/Bus Scholarship
$1,995 (0.70%)
Burlington Facility
$23,908 (8.50%)
Faculty Development
$600 (0.20%)
$80,700 (28.50%)
James Lunsway
Ken & Joan McCloud
Jim & Betty McKie
Meg Associates Consulting
Group, Inc.
Greg & Connie Mese
Mark & Vickie Meyer
Jerry & Laurie Morris
N.E. Accounting & Tax Service Inc.
Jerry & Carolyn Newman
Cathie Nix
Lee W. O’Neil
Dr. Donald & Jo Ann Ostwald
Charles L. & Dr. Margaret E. Palu
Brad & Diane Parker
Dr. Dan & Connie Patterson
Ted & Joan Pearson
Shirley Penn
Dianna Pfeifer
Jim Potts
Premier Farm Credit, PCA/FLCA
R. Lance Price
Merle & Lynda Rhoades
Brandon & Cassie Risetter
David Roberts
Rocky Mountain District Lutheran
Womens Missionary League
Paula Salmon
LeeAnn Sammuels
Dan & Merlene Scalise
Roger M. Schaefer
Roger & Susan Schaefer
Sandra Schmeeckle
Todd & Teresa Schneider
Helena Schultz
Michael & Pat Shriver
Cathy Shull
Kelly Siebrands
John & Kristal Sneed
Craig & Linda Smith
State Farm Companies Foundation
Carol Steward
Jay Stretcher
Superior Transportation Company
Dr. Kelly & Barb Theisen
Greg Thomas
Norman & Carolyn Thornsby
Vernon & Ruth Tryon
Robert & Donna Wardell
Tim & Jeri Weimer
Galynn & Linda Wendling
Westek Rentals
Donald & Patricia Wickstrom
Melody Weiner
James & Wanda Wright
$600 (0.20%)
MCC Foundation 2006 Annual Report
Scholarships and Endowments
Gifts for annual scholarships are a special way to assist MCC
students who want to continue their education. A scholarship gift
may be given in honor or memory of someone or it may be given to
the MCC Foundation Scholarship Fund.
Endowments are often referred to as the gifts that keep on giving.
Endowments are permanently invested by the MCC Foundation,
and the income generated by that investment is used for the
purpose the donor designates – scholarships, the Learning Resource
Center, programs, or specific projects or equipment. A portion of
the income is reinvested each year, enabling the endowment to grow
and provide a permanent stream of income over time.
Annual Giving
Annual gifts from MCC alumni and friends have a powerful impact
on the lives of students. Each gift, regardless of the dollar amount,
makes a significant difference in the day-to-day experiences of
students. From top faculty to quality facilities, ongoing annual
support provides essential funding to virtually every program at the
main campus and its five centers.
Because the cost to educate an MCC student exceeds what is paid
in tuition and state support, annual gifts help to bridge the gap.
Each gift helps move the college forward for optimum benefit for
Making donations online at www.MorganCC.edu is easy, secure
and convenient; and checks are always acceptable. Collectively, you
can make a positive difference for our students, our college, and our
920 Barlow Road, Fort Morgan, CO 80701
Morgan Community
College Foundation
Board of Directors
Sharon Kauffman, President
Jeff Bieber, Vice President
Mark Frasier, Treasurer
John Clatworthy
Michele Haney
Don Heer
Charlene Holzworth
Don Ostwald
John Sneed
Sharon Bishop, Secretary
Morgan Community
College Foundation Staff
Joan Pearson, Director of Development
970-542-3107, 800-622-0216 ext 3107
[email protected]