Tighten... Tone... Lift



Tighten... Tone... Lift
Discover a more youthful appearance with:
Tighten... Tone... Lift...
Revitalise the Skin
Relaxing & Soothing
Beneficial for both
Women and Men
Soften Lines
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... tighten
... to n e
... l i f t
A skin revitalisation programme that is non-invasive,
gentle and rejuvenating.
Helps to repair and tone your face and skin, and give the
appearance of a younger, more youthful complexion.
Micro current gently exercises the delicate muscles of the
face to firm, tone and lift without surgery!
The experience is very relaxing, and in many cases
you may just fall asleep!
This is a wonderful way to pamper yourself while looking after
your skin. So indulge yourself and bring out that youthful glow!
Discover a more youthful appearance
Lose that tired saggy look
Revitalise and re-energise your face
Also beneficial for men, revitalising skin in shaving
areas and tightening the jowls.
“I looked tired and regular shaving had left my skin feeling
rough. After Microcurrent facials it now feels lifted, softened
and revitalised... it’s fantastic!”
Improve muscle tone in
the face & neck
Relax and enjoy an ‘uplifting’ experience with micro current
facial therapy.
Reduce deep frown lines
The treatment uses very low-level electrical impulses to gently
tone and lift the muscles of the face making the skin feel
smoother with a fresh healthy glow.
Soften crows feet
Lift sagging jowls
Improve skin texture
Soften deep lines
Skin feels more
alive & supple
Revitalise the Skin
Soften Lines
Relaxing and Soothing
Beneficial for Women & Men
1 3 0 0 78 44 55
Available at:
OXYGeNe salon
121 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

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