BCE announces agreement to acquire Manitoba



BCE announces agreement to acquire Manitoba
In Touch
Newsletter for Bell retirees | June 2016, Vol. 16, No. 2
BCE announces agreement to acquire
Manitoba Telecom Services
The planned investments include
new cell sites and fibre links to bring
continuous wireless broadband
coverage to Highway 75 between
Winnipeg and Emerson. The
expanded 4G LTE and HSPA+
network will close wireless coverage
gaps along the critical transportation
corridor, improving service between
the capital and one of Western
Canada’s busiest border crossings.
Patricia Solman, SVP, MTS; Wade Oosterman, Group President and Chief Brand Officer, Bell;
Chris Goertzen, President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities; and Brian Pallister,
Premier of Manitoba.
With the $3.9 billion deal expected to
conclude in late 2016 or early 2017,
Bell will bring its leading Fibe TV
and Internet services to Manitobans,
expand its top-ranked mobile 4G LTE
network in the province, and connect
the new Manitoba Telecom Services
(MTS) data centre in Winnipeg to its
national network of data hosting and
cloud computing facilities.
Once the transaction closes, Bell
plans to invest $1 billion over 5 years
in wireless and fibre optic networks
to offer Manitobans its most advanced
technologies such as LTE Advanced
and Gigabit Fibe, which is up to
20 times faster than Internet speeds
currently offered to MTS customers.
$1 billion
in network
In this issue
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Health care plan.........................................3
News roundup............................................4
Retiree profiles............................................5
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Building on Bell Media’s strong
presence in Manitoba with CTV
and TSN, the deal will create a new
entity known as Bell MTS that will
serve as the centre of Bell’s Western
business and continue to invest in
local communities and sports teams
through sponsorship activities.
Bell MTS will also create a new Bell
Let’s Talk Fund led by Winnipeg native
Clara Hughes to support aboriginal
communities in the province.
The Source discounts...............................12
Walk So Kids Can Talk.............................13
Bell in Québec
A growing presence in Mauricie
Last summer, Bell announced
the deployment of its fibre-tothe-home (FTTH) network in the
Mauricie region. Many Trois‑Rivières
and Shawinigan residents and
businesses will soon have access
to Gigabit Fibe, the fastest Internet
on the market, and Fibe TV.
Un été signé Shawinigan
Bell is partnering with FestiVoix again
this year to spotlight homegrown
musical talent. The Bell Fibe stage
and Rouge fm stage will offer festival
goers rich and varied programming
(June 24 to July 3).
Bell is partnering with Culture
Shawinigan this year for a series of
free performances by emerging artists
at public venues around the city.
For details: cultureshawinigan.ca.
Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières
Virtual reality with Culture
Bell has teamed up with the
Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières for
the past several years and will
once again be part of this important
racing event and popular festival
(August 6 to 14).
2 | In Touch
Visitors will be able to explore virtual
reality at an exhibition made possible
by a partnership with Bell, the Phi
Centre and Félix & Paul Studios
(until October 2).
Photo credit: Phi Centre
In addition to these important network
investments, we are strengthening
our presence in the Mauricie region as
a partner in several upcoming events.
Please check them out below and
feel free to join us!
From La Tuque
to Trois-Rivières
Classique internationale
de canots de la Mauricie
Bell is once again presenting the
cultural portion of the Classique
while Bell Media will be the media
partner for this event. Every year,
more than 65,000 visitors cheer
on the teams as they compete in a
race along the Saint-Maurice River
(September 2 to 5).
Come have some fun and celebrate culture with us at the many
Bell-supported festivals and events across Québec.
(June 9 to 18)
Festival d’été de Maniwaki
(July 16 and 17)
Festival International
des Rythmes du Monde
(August 10 to 13)
Montréal International
Jazz Festival
(June 29 to July 9)
Festival d’été de Québec
(July 7 to 17)
Festival western de
(July 15 to 24)
Le Tour de l’Abitibi
(July 18 to 24)
Festival du cinéma international
en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
(October 29 to November 3)
Fête du Lac des Nations
(July 19 to 24)
Les Grands feux du Casino
(August 6 to 20)
Festival d’été de Québec
Festival Promotuel de la Relève
de Thetford-Mines
(August 18 to 20)
Les Grands feux du Casino Lac-Leamy
Plan B monthly health care premiums
to increase July 1
If you are currently paying for Bell’s Plan B health care for your dependents, please note that the monthly premium
will increase by $1 to $38, effective July 1, 2016. Your taxable benefits and pension income will be adjusted accordingly.
Premiums will continue to be reviewed on a periodic basis as necessary.
Prescription drugs represent the largest costs to the health plan. You can help keep costs down and minimize future
premium increases by discussing the lowest-cost treatment options with your medical practitioners and pharmacist.
Save on home and auto insurance
with The Personal
As a Bell retiree, you have access to a group insurance plan negotiated specifically for you.
Explore all the advantages offered by The Personal for your home and auto insurance.
Even if you just renewed your current policy with another insurance provider, you can lock
in your rates with The Personal for up to 364 days.
For more information,
please visit
or call 1-888-476-8737.
June 2016 | 3
News roundup
Bell steps up for the people
of Fort McMurray
As wildfires prompted a city-wide
evacuation of Fort McMurray, Bell
quickly joined the relief effort, donating
$100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross,
working closely with the Mobile
Giving Foundation to promote text
message donations, and providing
support to team members working
in the area. Bell also delivered free
Satellite TV service and 35 big
screen televisions from The Source
to shelters and provided wireless
customers in the area with extra
mobile data and free texts and calls
during the peak of the crisis.
Own with Bell feature launches with
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
With the latest Fibe TV innovations,
customers can watch select
On Demand movies as often as
they want, as long as their TV
service remains active. Own with
Bell launched with Star Wars:
The Force Awakens, 5 days before
the DVD release, and other Star
Wars movies and has grown to
include additional blockbusters such
as Race and London Has Fallen.
CRTC report highlights benefits
of Bell broadband fibre investment
A report by the Canadian Radiotelevision and Telecommunications
Commission showed that fibre-tothe-home (FTTH) connections like
those provided by Bell in Ontario,
Québec and Atlantic Canada provide
the best Internet service available in
Canada today. With Bell investing
more in new networks than any other
Canadian communications company,
even more homes and businesses
will soon have access to the highestquality broadband Internet and our
exclusive Fibe TV service innovations.
Bell breaks down barriers
to mobile accessibility
Bell has launched a new portfolio
of products and support services
to make mobile communications
more accessible for customers with
speech, cognitive, physical, hearing
and vision related accessibility
needs. With screen readers and
hearing-aid compatibility, video
conferencing, assisted messaging
and voice-calling services, Bell’s
accessibility products help customers
take full advantage of their smart
devices. For more information,
please visit Bell.ca/Accessibility.
Bell presents the second
Bal des lumières
Event raises $1.43 million for Montréal mental health organizations.
On March 23 in Montréal, more than 850 guests gathered at the
Bell Centre to support Canadian mental health and help raise funds
for 3 local Bell Let’s Talk partners: the Institut universitaire en santé
mentale de Montréal, Douglas Mental Health University Institute
and the Mental Illness Foundation.
Chaired by Bell CEO George Cope and others, this year’s event
broke the $1.1 million fundraising record set by the 2013 Bal des
lumières. Attendees included government representatives and
dozens of Québec artists and celebrities.
4 | In Touch
Closing price
June 2, 2016: $60.51
August 26, 2015: $51.56
May 24, 2016: $61.10
For information on Bell products
and services, please go to Bell.ca
or call 310-BELL.
Bell retiree profile
A home for life
Being the parent of a child with
special needs brings many joys,
but also its share of worries.
Just ask Diane C. Lambert, whose
23-year-old daughter Valérie is
intellectually disabled and has severe
“My husband and I will not always
be there to look after her, that’s
why it’s important to plan for the
future,” explains the Bell retiree.
The charitable organization
L’appart à moi was created in
2012 to offer people like Valérie an
alternative to living in an institution
or with a foster family. “I joined
the organization shortly after it
was founded,” says Diane. “I was
really excited about the project.”
L’appart à moi is raising funds to
construct a building in Saint-Hubert,
Québec to provide nine young
adults with Down syndrome, or
other forms of intellectual disability,
a living environment adapted to their
needs. The project aims to help
participants develop their autonomy
and grow while providing them with
safe, professional supervision.
A member of the organization’s
board of directors and fundraising
committee, Diane says the skills
she acquired during her 24 years
with Bell are serving her well in
her volunteer activities. “I spent my
career in Sales,” she explains. “As an
account manager, I was responsible
for corporate clients. Now I’m drawing
on that experience to approach
potential donors and convince them
of the worthiness of our cause.”
Diane C. Lambert with her daughter Valérie.
The project is going well: “We’ve
collected $425,000 so far, but we still
need funds to finance the services
for the residents. Among other things,
we need to hire a full-time coordinator
to organize their daily activities like
household chores, leisure activities
and transportation to work.”
The building will contain nine
45-square-metre studios along with
common areas such as a kitchen,
dining room and family room.
There will also be an apartment
for a couple who will live there
full time as resident monitors.
AIMING FOR 2017-2018
The future residents should be able
to move into the building in late
2017 or early 2018. “My daughter
is really looking forward to living
there,” says Diane. “She wants to
be like everyone else and have
her own place where she can have
friends and family over to visit.”
The project will also help counter the
poverty and vulnerability of people
with intellectual disabilities, who
often have low-paying jobs. L’appart
à moi will enable them to live within
their limited means. “My daughter
is in school right now, but will enter
the job market in two years. She
has been working one day a week
at the food bank La maison de la
famille since 2013 and loves it.”
Diane devotes an average of 20 hours
per week to L’appart à moi, but
works twice as hard in the weeks
leading up to the organization’s
annual fall fundraising gala.
“There aren’t many projects like ours,”
notes Diane. “So my greatest hope is
that it will inspire others to start similar
initiatives. I want my daughter to have
a happy and fulfilling life. That’s why
L’appart à moi is so important to me.”
To find out more: www.lappartamoi.ca.
If you, or other retirees you know, have found interesting ways to enjoy ent,
we would like to hear from you. Send us an email at [email protected], or write to us at
1, carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell, A-4, Verdun (Québec) H3E 3B3.
June 2016 | 5
Bell retiree profile
Fitness knows no age
Bell retiree Ian Andrew practices what
he preaches. The exercise instructor
for seniors lives by his philosophy:
“You have to keep moving forward
mentally and physically. Try to think
of retirement as just a change of
vocation. You’ve got to keep the
mind and body active,” he says.
Ian has been able to inspire his
clientele to commit to fitness.
“I have been teaching since 1994
and still have participants I met
back then,” he says. “They have
aged with me. Some were in their
early 50s when they started.”
That is just what he has done.
After retiring in 1994, Ian started a
second career in fitness. As a Bell
employee, the Ottawa resident used
to work out at the local YMCA on
his lunch hour. So when he retired,
he decided to explore his interest
in fitness by becoming a Master
Trainer for Western University’s
Canadian Centre for Activity and
Aging. “I realized I could work with
people, so I thought why not get into
the fitness business?” he explains.
With that certification under his belt,
Ian started holding workshops and
four-day courses for instructors who
wanted to train older adults. Helping
seniors improve their fitness requires a
tailored program, with special attention
to the health problems they may face.
“You have to know about the problems
that could occur,” Ian says. “If anyone
has osteoporosis, there are special
exercises. There are pre- and postsurgery exercises for hips and knees.
The courses involve the anatomy,
physiology and psychology of older
adults. Most instructors come in with
a fitness background, but they need
to adapt to deal with diabetes, heart
problems, strokes, frailty or dementia.”
6 | In Touch
At his peak, Ian was teaching
20 classes a week. To him, “That’s
how you learn: when you do a lot of
classes for instructors and participants
that include components of yoga,
tai chi, relaxation, breathing.”
It all started from his desire to be
in better shape himself, something
he has accomplished while sharing
his love of exercise with others. “I’m
in good shape for the shape I’m in,”
he says. “When I have any free time,
I go for a bit of a run.” Ian likes to take
part in Perth’s World Record Kilt Run,
which as the name suggests, features
runners wearing kilts. “It’s only eight
kilometres. I’m not competitive, but
I try to be first in my age group.”
Ian Andrew during the Perth’s World Record
Kilt Run.
In addition to training trainers, Ian
works directly with mature adults,
teaching six classes a week. “I have
eight groups, with members ranging
in age from 58 to 94,” he says.
“My oldest participant lives at a
retirement residence and is on her
third pacemaker. I get her exercising
with two-pound weights. She is able to
do her activities, so she keeps living
independently. And that’s the sort of
thing we strive to do. We work on
balance, endurance and cardio so that
people can do activities in daily living.”
Ian maintains that “You have to
keep focusing on something. If you
don’t, your mind will wear out just
like your body. So my focus was
to help older adults get out of the
chair and do something.” And this,
in turn, is what has kept him out of
the chair and doing something, too.
To find out more:
A voice for
Created more than 20 years ago by
Bell retirees, the Bell Pensioners’ Group
(BPG) is a not-for-profit organization
dedicated to the interests of defined
benefit (DB) pensioners. BPG closely
monitors developments in pension
legislation and regulations across
Canada and actively participates
in policy debates that may affect
DB pension plan members.
BPG is recognized within the
pension stakeholder community
and by various levels of government
as a well-informed, articulate and
credible advocate for DB pensioners.
As a member, you will have access
to a wealth of information in our
newsletters, on our website and at
meetings organized by our chapters
in Ontario and Québec.
BPG is there for you!
BPG Chapters
C.P. 1637
Laval (Québec) H7V 3P8
[email protected]
Ontario Central
P.O. Box 5, Station D
Etobicoke, Ontario M9A 4X1
[email protected]
Annual general
Other meetings
September 13
October 25
Salvation Army Citadel Gym,
816 Centennial Dr, Kingston,
from 2 pm (registration from 1 pm)
Le Godefroy Golf Club,
17500, boul. Bécancour, Bécancour,
from 10 am followed by a luncheon
October 26
Montréal (time and location
to be determined)
November 3
Belvédère Sport Club,
360, boul. Sabourin, Val-d’Or,
from 10 am followed by a luncheon
October 25
Nepean Sportsplex, Ottawa, from
9:30 am (registration from 9 am)
October 24
UNIFOR Union Hall,
1425 Phillip Murray Ave, Oshawa,
from 12 pm (registration from 11 am)
October 27
To join, visit
to register online or complete
the application form available
in the March 2016 issue
of In Touch. $20 annual
membership fee.
Ottawa, Ontario East,
North and Outaouais
P.O. Box 127
Merrickville, Ontario K0G 1N0
[email protected]
C.P. 47021
Lévis (Québec) G6Z 2L3
[email protected]
Burnamthorpe Community Centre,
1500 Gulleden Dr, Mississauga,
from 12:30 pm (registration from
11:30 am)
October 26
Puslinch Community Centre,
23 Brock Road South, Aberfoyle,
from 9:30 am
Southwestern Ontario
Byron P.O. Box 20067
London, Ontario N6K 2K0
[email protected]
C.P. 2042
Val-d’Or (Québec) J9P 7H6
[email protected]
June 2016 | 7
Women with big hearts
For several years now, members of the TCV Fieldway Retirees Club
have been making heart pillows for patients recovering from heart surgery.
In recognition of their efforts, Bell presented a $2,500 grant to the Trillium
Health Partners Foundation.
Hamilton Telephone Retirees Club
Members who would like to receive
the new club newsletter should send
their email address to [email protected]
Suggestions for content should be sent
to the same address.
Telephone Retirees Club
• September 8 – Der Bruder picnic
and barbeque, at 1:30 pm, at the
Foreman’s Club, St. Agatha. Reserv.:
Joyce Stuckhardt at 519-743-8974,
by August 25.
• Breakfast gatherings – 9 am, last
Thursday of every month at various
- June 30 – Kypreos Restaurant,
305 Lancaster St. W., in Kitchener;
- July 28 – Crossroads Restaurant,
384 Arthur St., in Elmira;
- August 25 – Harvest Moon
Restaurant, 5 Parkside Dr.,
in St. Jacobs;
- September 29 – Kypreos
- October 27 – Crossroads
• Second Wednesday of every month,
starting at 1:30 pm: Cards and games
at 404 Wing, corner of Weber St. N.
and Dutton St. in Waterloo.
• Heart Pillows: Stuffing and sewing
bees three or four times per year.
To join: Nancy Paulini at 519-744-7888;
[email protected], Joyce Stuckhardt
at 519-743-8974; [email protected],
or Lynn Berry at 519-585-7867;
[email protected]
Oshawa Telecom Pioneers
• September 9 and October 14, 9:30 am
to 1 pm, Comfort Pillow Project, at
First Baptist Church, 812 Hortop Street.
Call Alice Gould at 905‑723‑1774 to
confirm your attendance.
8 | In Touch
Telco Community Volunteers
Five retirees clubs, under the banner
of TCV, have been serving retirees
in the Greater Metropolitan Toronto
area since 2000. These clubs, located
in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville,
Scarborough and Toronto, hold monthly
events that include member meetings.
Info.: telcocommunityvolunteers.com.
TCV Fieldway Retirees Club
(Mississauga, Etobicoke & environs)
General club meetings third Monday
of every month (except July, August
and December). More info at fieldway.
telcocommunityvolunteers.com. To join:
Cecil Chin at 905-671-2052.
TCV Oakville Club (Oakville,
Burlington, Milton, Mississauga)
• June 23, 11 am to 2 pm – Barbecue
at the Port Credit Yacht Club,
115 Lakeshore Promenade in Oakville.
Cost: $20 for members, $40 for guests.
Please bring a non-perishable donation
for the less fortunate. Reserv.: Danielle
Young at 905‑824‑9968. No refunds
after June 1.
• August 25 – Show Unnecessary Farce
at the Dunfield Theatre. Cost: $65 for
members, $109 for guests. Bus leaves
Maple Grove United Church at 10 am,
with a stop at 10:30 am at the Milton
GO station. Reserv.: Linda Govia at
647-989-6176 by July 18.
• October 4 at 11 am – General meeting
at Maple Grove United Church. Lunch
at 12 pm. Speaker.
• October 11 – Show A Woman of
No Importance. Lunch at Betty’s
Restaurant first. Cost: $80 for
members, $120 for guests. Bus
leaves Maple Grove United Church at 9:45 am. Reserv.: Brenda Hicks at
905-878-4609 before August 16.
• October 20 – TCV annual general
meeting at the Novotel Hotel in
Toronto. Bus will leave Maple
Grove United Church at 10:15 am.
Lunch served at 12:30 pm (cash
bar). Reserv.: Barbara Gohm at
• Clubhouse activities – Crafters meet
at the Balsam clubhouse every
Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm. Info:
Bea Medland at 905-854-6265
or Gisele Dunn at 905-845-8752.
Euchre is played every Thursday from
1:30 to 3:30 pm. Info: Gerry Keary at
Volunteers wanted
The University Health Network,
which comprises three teaching
hospitals affiliated with the
University of Toronto’s Faculty of
Medicine, is looking for volunteers
for various tasks. Info: Claudia
Ortins at 416-603-5800, ext. 6125
or [email protected]
For more information on group
activities, call 905-849-9867 or visit
To join: Pat Herron at 905-794-7971 or
[email protected]
TCV Scarborough
General club meeting June 21.
More info at scarborough.
To join, contact Ron Green at
416‑290-5381; [email protected]
TCV Toronto Retirees Club
General club meetings first Monday
of every month, unless a holiday.
For more information, call the
hotline at 416-440-6838 or visit
To join or for info regarding the Heart
Pillow Group or Quilting Group, call
Nancy Spence at 416-292-5322.
Bell Community Volunteers
• The Bell Community Volunteers
are currently collecting pop-can
tabs to help finance the purchase of
the 264th wheelchair for Fondation
Clermont Bonnenfant. Please send
or deliver your donations to the Bell
Community Volunteers office (C-29),
700, rue De La Gauchetière O.,
c/o Lise Ouellet.
• The Bell Community Volunteers are
also collecting used eyeglasses for
an organization in Senegal.
• November 22 and 23: Artists and
craftspeople, come show your work
at the exhibition sale from 9 am
to 4:30 pm at the Bell Campus
(1, carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell,
Info: Lise Ouellet at 514-870-2569
or [email protected]
Organized vacation tours –
Montréal departure
• August 24 and 25: Cruise/show Sur
les Champs-Élysées (Québec City).
• October 1: Hommage aux
légendes de Memphis (L’Impérial
in Québec City).
Volunteers wanted
The program Le Grand Montréal,
la lecture et les enfants aims to instill
a love for reading in disadvantaged
children in kindergarten through
grade 3. Volunteers must commit to
spending a half hour per month reading
to the children. The targeted schools
will be located in Montréal. Info.:
Nadine Chamberland at 514‑954‑3195
or [email protected]
Put your skills, time and energy to
work in more than 600 volunteer
activities. The Volunteer Bureau
of Montreal (VBM) recruits
approximately 7,000 volunteers per
year for over 400 Montreal community
organizations. Info.: cabm.net/en,
[email protected] or 514‑842-3351.
Maison de soins palliatifs de Laval
(www.msplaval.ca) is looking for
volunteers for various tasks: care,
reception, cooking, maintenance,
etc. Free training is provided. Info:
Céline Archambault at 450‑936‑4300,
ext. 289, or [email protected]
Registration: msplaval.ca/formulairebenevolat.html.
• October 30: La route du rock’n’roll,
Le Mirage golf club.
Cruises – Montréal departure
• November 12 to 19: Travel aboard
the new Harmony Of The Seas
cruise ship. Inaugural departure from
America to the Eastern Caribbean.
Various establishments associated
with the Centre de santé et de
services sociaux du Lac-des-DeuxMontagnes are currently recruiting
volunteers. Hôpital de Saint-Eustache
is looking for volunteers for its gift
shop and reception. The Centre
d’hébergement de Saint-Eustache
and the Centre d’hébergement de
Saint-Benoît need drivers and people
for their medical accompaniment
service. Finally, CLSC Jean-OlivierChénier is looking for volunteers to
visit seniors. Info: Annie Lapointe
at 450‑473-6811, ext. 2006.
Maison de soins palliatifs de
Vaudreuil-Soulanges (mspvs.org) is
looking for volunteers for various tasks:
care, cooking, reception, maintenance,
gardening and fundraising activities.
Info.: Mireille Fink at 450‑202-2202,
ext. 129, or [email protected]
Located in Montréal, in the borough
of Verdun, Ancre des Jeunes is an
organization that helps 130 children
and adolescents per year stay in
school or go back. Volunteers provide
occasional or regular support in various
areas: help with homework, workshops
(cooking, woodworking, sewing, art),
maintenance, data entry, translation,
instruction (French, math), etc. Info.:
Emma Goyette at [email protected]
ancredesjeunes.org or 514-769-1654.
Bell retirees meet for breakfast
the first Tuesday of every month
at 8:30 am, at the Plus restaurant,
192, boul. des Bois‑Francs Sud.
Info.: Mario Massé at 819-752-3213
or Robert Rajotte at 819‑752-4339.
Info.: Lise Ouellet at 514-931-3319 or
[email protected]
• The Québec City Club Bell-Vie
has a new board of directors chaired
by Jean Wagner. The club thanks
all the retirees who have agreed to
take over the administrative duties.
For information, call the news line
at 418‑661‑2112.
Bell retirees meet for breakfast
the first Friday of every month at
7:45 am, at the restaurant Chez Cora,
1310, rue Johnson O. Info.: Michel
Maynard at 450-773-7675.
Club Bell-Vie
June 2016 | 9
Events (cont’d)
• August 25: Corn roast starting at
11 am, at Fraternité Saint-Alphonse,
3812, boul. Sainte-Anne, Beauport.
Powell family legacy
at Bell spans 152 years
• September 28 and October 26:
Breakfast meetings at 9 am,
at the restaurant Kalimera,
577, boul. Charest O., corner
Aqueduc. Info.: 418-661-3441.
• If you are a Club Bell-Vie member
and have changed your address
recently, don’t forget to inform the
club at 418‑661-3441.
Club des retraités de Bell
• Lunch every third Tuesday of the month
at the Au Vieux Duluth restaurant,
197, rue Visitation, Saint-CharlesBorromée. Info.: Lévis Gauthier at
32nd Bell Retirees Golf Tournament August 23
The Bell Retirees Golf Tournament,
previously called the Guy-Viens Golf
Tournament, will be held at the Vallée
des Forts Golf Club in Saint-Jean-surRichelieu. This tournament, chaired by
Ronald Nicol, is intended for retirees from
Bell and affiliates companies. Includes:
breakfast, round of golf, supper, games and
prizes. Price: $90 ($35 for supper only).
Info.: [email protected] or
André Lamarche at 514-946-5461.
Les Amis de la téléphonie
Unless otherwise indicated, activities
are held at 2615 Hertel in Sherbrooke
(Knights of Columbus clubhouse).
Tel.: 819-569-6905 (leave a message).
• August 13 at 3 pm: Corn roast.
• August 16 at 6 pm: Summer
supper at the restaurant La Causerie,
2261, chemin du Parc, Canton d’Orford.
For more information, call 819-569-6905
three weeks before the date of the activity
and listen to the recorded message.
With Bell’s long history as a
major employer in so many
communities, it’s not uncommon
for multiple generations of the
same family to have worked for
the company.
However, few have made Bell a
family tradition to the same degree
as Arthur (Pete) Powell, a valued
member of the Network team in
Ontario from 1952 to 1985.
Pete Powell in the Adelaide Street Control
Centre at the beginning of his career.
For many years, Pete worked
side-by-side with his son Mike,
who is now a Technical Advisor
with the Network construction
team and in his 36th year of
service at Bell.
Pete’s daughter Janine also
worked at Bell for 13 years and
two members of his extended
family, Bassy Morana and Steve
Powell, recently retired after
35 years of service each.
Pete‘s first Bell truck (behind the Adelaide
Street central office).
Pete passed away in March after
a long battle with Parkinson’s.
These images, shared by his
family, reflect some of his favourite
workplace memories and provide
a unique view of the fast pace of
change at Bell.
A proud family at Bell.
10 | In Touch
Obituaries (February to April 2016)
Our most sincere condolences
to families and friends.
Evangeline S. Achong, February 19,
in York
Lucy S. Alt, March 8, in Richmond Hill
B. Jeanine Baker, February 15,
in Orilla
E. Winston Barnes, January 28,
in St. Catharines
Earl H. Barr, March 31, in Scarborough
Donna A. Beland, January 16,
in Gloucester
Audrey E. Bendus, January 20,
in Cambridge
Peter R. Bishop, March 19,
in Bracebridge
Arthur J. Bodziach, April 1, in Toronto
M. June Bonin, January 20,
in Thessalon
Josephine Bottrell, February 29,
in Mississauga
Beverley Boyt, February 4, in Courtice
A.J. William Brady, January 16,
in Nepean
William T. Brooks, March 17,
in North York
Olga U. Brotto, February 25,
in Oakville
Bruce Brown, January 13, in Welland
Gordon C. Bruce, March 13,
in London
Michele Burns, January 24,
in Sudbury
Harold Burrow, February 12,
in Addison
Susan G. Catlin, January 10,
in Howe Island
Gordon M. Chambers, March 4,
in Brighton
Paul Copping, April 3, in Nepean
Kevin C. Cosgrove, March 14,
in Kingston
Marlene A. Coulter, March 15,
in Frankford
Robert Cureton, January 11,
in Georgetown
Dorothy Decker, February 4,
in Windsor
Mary Despond, March 21,
in Cambridge
Peter J. Devoy, January 24,
in Scarborough
Bernice F. Dolan, January 11, in Carp
Winnifred Dykes, April 3, in Toronto
Louise H. Embleton, January 1,
in Pickering
Patricia L. Farrell, February 14,
in Nepean
Brian Featherstone, February 17,
in Toronto
Maureen V. Fielding, March 10,
in Port Perry
Florence Fontaine, February 23,
in Windsor
Jean-Guy Fontaine, January 10,
in Welland
Gordon Gibson, January 29,
in Campbellville
Kenneth R. Godwin, February 23,
in Port Elgin
Roger F. Guest, January 19,
in Scarborough
Helen Hamilton, February 11,
in Bobcaygeon
Oliver Harju, February 28, in Toronto
William Hart, February 8, in Severn
Stanley Hartleib, February 5,
in Lakefield
Robert Y. Hashimoto, February 24,
in Burlington
Olga J. Howchuk, January 14,
in Windsor
Leslie Hubay, February 13,
in Burlington
John R. Hunton, March 31, in Lindsay
Roy Ilott, January 9, in Lindsay
Thomas Irwin, February 10,
in Thornhill
Carmel Jannetta, February 14,
in Toronto
Doug Johnson, March 29,
in Georgetown
Howard Johnson, January 9,
in Oshawa
Alma M. Johnston, April 2,
in St. Agatha
N. Paul Keller, January 11, in Grafton
Fred J. Kempster, January 11,
in Mississauga
Sajjad Khaliq, March 2, in Mississauga
Gael G. Laflèche, February 29,
in Toronto
Jacqueline G. Lamoureux, March 3,
in Orléans
William J. Lavoy, February 29,
in North Bay
Opal Lawrason, January 22, in Kanata
A. Aileen Lee, January 19, in London
Linda M. Letang, March 2, in Renfrew
Fredrick Bruce Mably, February 23,
in Whitby
Mary W. MacKay, February 16,
in Milton
Geraldine MacMillan, January 27,
in Toronto
Ellen Markov, February 20,
à Oro-Medonte
John R. Martin, January 29,
in Sault Ste. Marie
W. Murray McAdam, January 11,
in Waterloo
Geraldine McCarroll, January 20,
in Renfrew
Raymond D. McFadyen, February 28,
in Peterborough
Mardell McKibbon, January 16,
in Belle River
Shirley McPhail, January 21,
in Sudbury
Arthur Michea, January 25,
in Stouffville
William Miller, March 25,
in Georgetown
Stanley T. Morgan, March 8,
in Uxbridge
Catherine A. Mulholland, January 14,
in Mississauga
Constance R. Newton, February 15,
in Scarborough
Pierrette L. Noble, February 18,
in Ottawa
Joseph Paxton, January 26,
in Islington
Ruth L. Payne, February 3, in Ottawa
Robert Penrose, March 2,
in Mount Forest
Mario Peroni, February 26, in Oakville
Margaret Perrie, February 13,
in Sarnia
George H. Peterson, March 2,
in North Bay
Eric Phillips, March 16, in Whitby
Ronald P. Pine, February 23,
in Cayuga
Michael Poticznyj, January 23,
in Mississauga
Arthur Powell, March 28,
in Bobcaygeon
Sharon E. Real, February 20,
in Thornton
Patricia C. Roblin, February 16,
in Barrie
Ruth E. Rueger, January 11,
in Wallacetown
David A. Russell, March 8, in Beeton
Kathleen M. Ryder, February 14,
in Snow Road Station
Kenneth B. Schenk, March 30,
in Sarnia
Geraldine R. Scherman, March 4,
in New Dundee
Barbara V. Schulz, February 11,
in Toronto
Robert L. Sharp, February 14,
in Bobcaygeon
Eula Simpson, March 26, in London
Helen M. Simpson, January 13,
in Toronto
Robert Small, March 9, in Stratford
Douglas M. Smith, January 10,
in Whitby
Shirley A. Sonier, February 7,
in Toronto
Wayne I. Spere, March 10,
in Mount Forest
Carolyn R. Stewart, February 3,
in Richmond
E. Alvin Stiff, January 31, in Wasaga
George Stone, January 21,
in Tecumseh
Elizabeth M. Taylor, February 22,
in Tiny
Claude J. Therrien, April 2, in Oakville
Donald J. Thompson, February 3,
in Belleville
William Trapp, January 15,
in Algonquin Highlands
Muriel Tyson, January 5, in Stouffville
Elizabeth Wallace, February 21,
in Burlington
Murray J. Wark, March 9, in Oakville
Donald K. Webb, February 12,
in Oakville
Dennis L. Williams, March 16,
in Trenton
Robert J. Wilton, March 4, in Oshawa
Henry E. Yakiwchuk, January 9,
in Kenora
Jean G. Bélanger, March 8,
in Le Gardeur
Paul-Henri Bouchard, February 12,
in Québec City
Danielle Boucher, April 5, in Montréal
Marie Brisebois, March 31, in Montréal
Liette Chabot, February 24, in Laval
Marguerite Chamberland, March 20,
in Lévis
Brian Charbonneau, February 5,
in Sainte-Geneviève
Raymonde Chaussé, February 25,
in Montréal
Sandra Cianfaglia, March 15,
in Montréal
Thérèse Clément, January 18,
in Sherbrooke
Michelle Cloutier, March 12,
in Thetford Mines
Pierre J. Côté, January 21, in Laval
Julien M. Coulombe, March 14,
in Québec City
Marcel A. Delisle, March 29,
in Longueuil
Manon Denis, February 12, in Pincourt
Irma J. Dorrance, February 12,
à Pointe-Claire
Guy Dubreuil, March 11,
à Sainte-Madeleine
Evelyn Fergus, February 19,
in Beaconsfield
Michel Fortin, February 23,
in Sherbrooke
Mario Gagnon, February 3,
in Chicoutimi
Gertrude Girard, March 10,
in Sherbrooke
Cécile P. Giroux, February 3,
in Brossard
Léon G. Guay, January 28, in Montréal
Richard Guérard, March 18,
in Montréal
Léo Guilbert, March 16, in TroisRivières
Jacques Harvey, January 19,
in La Malbaie
Daniel Jean, March 22, in Québec City
Gabrielle Jetté, February 4, in Magog
Gisèle Laberge, March 26, in Laval
Denis Lacroix, February 4, in Brossard
Denis Laliberté, March 10,
in Québec City
June 2016 | 11
Obituaries (February to April 2016) (cont’d)
Richard P. Lamarre, February 25,
in Saint-Lambert
Micheline L. Lauzon, March 13,
in Granby
Simonne Lefebvre, February 18,
in Shefford
Paul B. Lemay, February 23,
à Trois-Rivières
Margaret Lemens, March 31,
à Val-des-Monts
Raymonde H. Lessard, March 8,
in Saint-Georges
Jean Letts, January 25, in PointeClaire
Pauline Lind, January 17,
in Mascouche
Hughes J. Lupien, February 26,
in Drummondville
Richard Luttrell, March 29, in Belœil
Gilles R. Methot, March 14,
in Gatineau
Robert W. Mullins, February 24,
in Lachine
Maurice Paquette, April 9, in Montréal
Patricia A. Perrotte, February 17,
in LaSalle
Yvon Philibert, February 13,
in Montréal
Roseline N. Pilon, 14 January,
in Gatineau
Albert Plante, 18 January,
à Saint-Eustache
Keith D. Poirier, 1 March, in Montréal
J. Neal Potter, 17 March, in MontSaint-Hilaire
Norman Pye, 27 January,
in Sherbrooke
Marcel Quenneville, 18 February,
in Saint-Antoine-Abbé
Fernand Rainville, 20 January,
in Beauport
Ronald H. Ramsay, 28 January,
in Dollard-des-Ormeaux
Jean Rochon, 1 February,
à Saint-Lambert
Pierrette Sarrazin, 8 February,
in Sherbrooke
Jacques Schanck, 8 February,
in Lachine
Richard Sicard, 19 February, in Laval
Jacques A. Simoneau, 26 January,
in Compton
James Starkey, 13 February, in Laval
Rock Ste-Marie, 7 April, in Rivière-desPrairies
Yves Terriault, 19 January, in Anjou
Rudolph R. Tremblay, 18 January,
in Québec City
Danièle Vachon, 24 February,
in Québec City
Gérard J. Villeneuve, 3 February,
in Chicoutimi
Elizabeth Russell, 6 March,
in Kamloops
Noel Bramwell, 24 January,
in Glace Bay
Radford Dill, 14 January,
in Lower Sackville
Gerald B. Fraser, 7 March,
in Jefferson, Wisconsin
The obituary notices
are updated monthly at
C. Nicole Lemieux, 24 March,
in Ardrossan
Save up to 30% at The Source
With The Source Employee Purchase Program (EPP), Bell retirees can save big on electronics
and accessories from top brands such as Samsung, Bose, Apple and Sonos.
EPP discounts range from 5%
on cameras, tablets and computers
to 10% on televisions and 30% on
headphones, batteries and cables –
and that’s on top of public sale prices!
To see the exact discount on items
you’re interested in, please visit
www.thesource.ca/epp-register and
sign-up as a Bell retiree using your
retiree/employee number (digits only).
Once you login to the site, you will
see prices that include the EPP
When shopping in store, please
present your Bell health benefits
card (for example Manulife) or your
latest pension statement showing
your retiree/employee number.
2016 pension audit in progress
To ensure pension benefits are
reaching the right people, Bell asks
a sample of retirees each year to
validate their personal information.
Those asked to participate in the
audit receive a letter in May.
Since the sample used is quite
large, some retirees may receive
audit requests in consecutive years.
If you received the letter dated
April 30, 2016, please fill out the form
and return it to the indicated address.
12 | In Touch
You can also complete the
audit using our new online form.
To get started, please
visit the Pension section at
InTouch.Bell.ca and click on Pension Audit Web Access.
For any questions, please call
The Source Shop by Phone team at
Thank you for supporting Kids Help Phone
Walk So Kids Can Talk raises more than $3.3 million for youth services.
Thank you to everyone who supported the Walk So Kids Can Talk and
contributed to the more than $3.3 million in donations to Kids Help Phone
from people across the country.
Through creative grassroots fundraisers and generous donations, Bell
team members and retirees really stepped up for the important cause of
youth mental health.
Funds raised for the Walk enable Kids Help Phone to continue
providing essential counselling services and other resources to
young Canadians by phone, online and on mobile devices.
Please visit KidsHelpPhone.ca to learn more.
Bell makes it easy to support your favourite
Every year in October, Bell kicks off
its annual Employee Giving Campaign,
providing retirees with an easy way
to donate directly to any registered
Canadian charity through pension
cheque deductions or by credit card.
Please watch for the registration form
in the next issue of In Touch.
To find out if a charity is registered
in Canada, please visit www.ccraadrc.gc.ca/charities or call the Canada
Revenue Agency at 1-888-892-5667
(613-954-6215 in Ottawa).
If you are currently making regular monthly donations from your pension
cheque, your donations will automatically be renewed in 2017.
You can start giving or modify your donations at any time by contacting the
Employee Giving team at [email protected] or 1-866-670-8800.
In Touch
Employee Services
1, carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell, A-4
Verdun (Québec) H3E 3B3
Telephone: 1-877-666-7474
Fax: 514-766-5735
Email: [email protected]
Website: Bellintouch.ca
To inform us of a move or to get information
on your benefits or your pension, contact
Employee Services at 1-888-400-0661 or
[email protected]
Website: www.benefits-avantages.hroffice.com.
1, carrefour Alexander-Graham-Bell, DB1-17
Verdun (Québec) H3E 3B3

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