dsv series



dsv series
Indoor Pool :: Whirlpool :: SPA
Light Commercial and
Residential Dehumidifiers
:: Controls humidity
:: Heats pool water with free
recycled energy
:: Vertical design fits through a 32”
door up to 106 MBH capacity
:: Plenum fan section, complete with
VFD controlled direct drive motor
:: Up to 10 field selectable air
discharge locations
:: Suitable for corner installation,
compact footprint
:: Optional A/C for year-round
comfort control
:: Contributes to space heating
:: “WaterSmart” feature means
reliable operation even without
pool water flow
:: HyPoxy® Coils for permanent
enhancement and
corrosion resistance
:: Supervisaire® Controls for real
time monitoring and diagnostics
:: Separate compressor and water
heater compartment out of airstream
:: Choice of “Green” refrigerants:
R-134a, R-407C and R-410A
DSV Series c/w Plenum Fan (Corner Installation)
:: Single side service access
:: Supervisaire® controller reduces service time
:: Patented simultaneous heat rejection to air and
pool water avoids temperature swings
:: Heavy-gauge enclosure, powder-coat baked
epoxy painted in a multi-stage process
:: Scroll compressors for high reliability and
quiet operation
:: Corrosion proof self-draining sanitary drain pan
:: Side drain with integral P-trap
:: Unit mounted sensors simplify installation
:: VFD controlled plenum fan complete with
Direct Drive Motor
:: Outdoor air inlet to meet ASHRAE Ventilation
Standard 62 with filter and balancing damper
:: Vented co-axial cupronickel pool water heater
suitable for potable water
:: Factory performance tested at operating conditions
:: Electronically Commutated premium
efficiency EC motors
:: Air conditioning package (air, water or fluid cooled)
:: Matching remote outdoor air-cooled condenser
or fluid cooler
:: Higher air volumes and higher external
static pressures
:: Mirror image configuration
:: Remote Chloraguard® module for advanced
gas-phase air filtration
:: Extended warranties offered with standard
2-year unit warranty
:: 50 Hz operation
:: Additional pool water heater available
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