St. Mary`s Catholic Church



St. Mary`s Catholic Church
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
April 27, 2014
Divine Mercy Sunday
You believe in me, Thomas, because
you have seen me, says the Lord;
blessed ate they who have not seen me,
but still believed.
Mass Times
St. Mary’s Warroad
Saturday 6pm~Sunday 8:30am
St. Joseph Williams~Saturday: 4:30pm
Sacred Heart Baudette~Sunday 10:30am
Are You a New Parishioner
To help serve you better,
please register with the Parish Office.
Parish Office
511 Cedar Ave NW
PO Box 33 Warroad, MN 56763
Fr. Augie Gothman-Pastor
[email protected]
Jennifer Hilligoss - Sec/Bookkeeper
[email protected]
Renata Kingsbury
Youth Ministry
[email protected]
Sacrament of Reconciliation
or anytime by appointment
Low Gluten Hosts are available at St. Mary’s
Please see Pastor before Mass if you
need to receive a Low Gluten Host.
Homebound or in a health care facility?
Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
Call pastor if Holy Communion/or a visit is
desired. Hospitals will not call unless a
patient asks that a priest be notified.
Planning a Marriage or Baptism?
Contact pastor for more information
Please notify the parish office of changes
of address or telephone number.
Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator
Louann [email protected]
Safe and confidential line 218-281-7895
Eucharistic Adoration
Abortion Alternative
Crisis Pregnancy Helpline~1-888-4-OPTIONS
Mass Schedule and Intentions
Saturday April 26 6pm Mass +For the Parishes
Sunday April 27 8:30am Mass +Comrades of Phil Kotta
Tuesday April 29 5:15pm Mass +Keosay family members
Thursday May 1 10:30am WSLC +Dennis Bachand
Saturday May 3
6pm Mass +Ron Bishop
Sunday May 4 8:30am Mass +Terry Lund
6pm Mass Lifeteen
Liturgical Ministers
Saturday May 3
Commentator-Barb Larson
Reader-Barb Kotta
Sunday May 4
Commentator-Harold Thiessen
Reader-Kim Hruba
If you are unable serve in the ministry you are scheduled for
please contact a substitute.
Our gift to God for
Capital Campaign
We thank God for all gifts!
Prayer Requests
Ted Johnson, Bob Wennerstrand, Ed Urtel,
Lisa Lewis, George Crompton, Dolores
Kujava, Joseph Harren, Bentley Benoit,
Mary Rinkenberger, Mary Gefroh, Jeanne Harren,
Harvey Nichols, Fuzz LePage, Fr. Don, John Baril,
Bernie Burger, Cork Stoskopf, Don Hanson, June Hahn,
Mark Engen, Stephanie Schmitz, Dian Garber, Harvey
Corneliusen, Peg Johnson, Lisa Lewis, Caroline Neiman,
and Carl Beckner .
Please remember to call the office when a name should be added or
removed. Those listed in the “Prayer Request” box will listed for
two months and then removed unless a request is made to keep
them on the list.
The Week Ahead
Sunday April 27
8:30am Mass
Tuesday April 29
5:15 Mass
Wednesday April 30
6pm Catechist Appreciation
Thursday May 1
10:30am WSLC
Saturday May 3
6pm Mass
Sunday May 4
8:30am Mass
Coffee & Rolls following Mass
6pm Life Teen Mass
Congratulations to Brian Gustafson and Krysti
Warne who were confirmed into the Catholic
Faith on Easter weekend.
Are you interested in becoming Catholic or learning
more about your faith? RCIA/Adult Catechism sessions
will meet Sunday evenings at 6pm.
Special Collection This Week
Many dioceses right here in the
United States do not have enough
priests and trained lay ministers to
serve their parishes. These dioceses
are known as home missions. The
Catholic Home Missions Appeal will
take place this weekend to support
these dioceses by funding essential ministries, including
seminary education and lay ministry training. Please be
generous in this Appeal and share your resources to
strengthen the Church at home.
April 27, 2014
2nd Sunday of Easter
“Jesus came and stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace
be with you.’” JOHN 20:19
Are you good at making people feel welcome? When you
meet someone new, a new neighbor, a new work colleague, a new parishioner, do you make them feel at
home? Many of us can probably do a much better job at
this. When we make people feel welcome, we make them
feel like they are included instead of being excluded. A
simple “hello” and a smile goes a long way.
Love and Life
“In the Catechism of the Catholic
Church we read: "The family is
the original cell of social life. It is
the natural society in which husband and wife are called to give
themselves in love and in the gift
of life. Authority, stability and a
life of relationships within the family constitute
the foundations for freedom, security and fraternity within society" (n. 2207)… Reason itself can
rediscover the family by listening to the moral law
inscribed in the human heart.”
Saint John Paul II, General Audience – 1 December 1999
April Anniversaries
Matthew & Erin Thunder, Tom & Judy
Goldsmith, Time & Theresa Thunder, &
Johns & Sonya Anselmo.
Mother’s Day Corsages
It’s a lovely way to say “thanks Mom
for life” on Mother’s Day and at the
same time spread a life-affirming
message for future Moms and
Mothers in crisis pregnancies.
The fresh floral corsages are plumed
with either a red or white carnation
and will be available for $4.50 on Saturday May 10th
and Sunday May 11th before and after Mass.
Please sign up on the sheet in the gathering space to
make sure that there are enough available.
The white carnations are usually ordered if you
Mother is deceased and the red are ordered for her if
she is living.
When picking up your corsage on Mother’s Day,
please check your name off of the list. This will be a
great help. Also help is needed for pinning the corsages on Mothers and receiving payment. Checks may
be written to MCCL ( Minnesota Citizens Concerned
for Life).
Thank you,
We Keep in our prayers…
Shane Thompson, Krista Johnston, Kampton Carpenter,
Alex Johnston, Luke Smith, Nick Borowicz,
Pamela Genereaux, Chris Muller,
Derek Woodward, Jason Hilligoss,
Deb Lien & Kyle Mohrbacher.
Thank you to Jennifer Olson, Marcy
Dalen, Mike Grover, Lynn Erickson, Jess
Gustafson, Tanya Lund, Nancy Ellenson,
Heather Hahn, Mary Jacques, & Solveig Harren for
making the Elementary Faith Formation program
happen this year.
Also, thanks to all the students who participated in
the program last Wednesday evening.
Congratulations to
Taner Anderson, Roselynn Dignan,
Daphne Ellenson, Brody Erickson,
Zachary Erickson, William
Hardwick, David Hruby,
James Jacques, Logan Kvarnlov,
Zoey Tesmer, Aaron Spivak
who are celebrating their
First Holy Communion this weekend.
I am the bread of life, Whoever comes to me will
never hunger….
John 6:35
On April 27th, with Pope John XXIII,
Blessed John Paul the Great will be
canonized. Saint John Paul II, Pray
for Us!
Coffee & Rolls, will be served after Mass on Sunday
May 4 Sponsored by the KC’s.
Birthday wishes (April 28-May 4) go out to...
Kathy Scheving, Alexander Marty, Harvey
Nichols, Elsie Belle Olson, Dennis Fermoyle,
Linnea Harren, Jennifer Bachand, Mary Phillipe,
Joan Rybak, Beverly Gibbons, Liz Aasen, &
Cassidy Pelland.
Belated (April 21-27)wishes to Deanna Comstock,
Daphne Ellenson, Daniel McKinnon, Pauline Warne,
Cassandra Johnston, Michael Huerd, Valla O’Loughlin,
Lori Rybak, & Lois Thiessen.

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