April 2013 EHS Newsletter



April 2013 EHS Newsletter
Alfred Saliba Center for Families
From the Executive/Project Director
helps make us better and offer the best
Early Head Start services possible to our
children and families.
Linda O’Connell
ASCF Executive/Project Director
We are all happily headed into Spring
and Summer and are looking forward
to having more fun here at Early Head
Start before we end our year! This
Spring and Summer will be busy with
several events that are right around the
On April 7-12, we will be having several federal reviewers come on site to
help conduct our Triennial Review.
We will be asking for your help as
parents and policy council members to
participate in the review process by
participating in interviews. This process that goes on every three years only
ing with those returning and wish those
who are transitioning into Head Start or
other programs the very best!! Have a
safe and happy Spring and Summer!!
Thank you all for helping with our self- - Linda O’Connell
assessment by filling out parent program
and nutrition surveys. The results of the
self-assessment will be available to Poli- The Art of Teaching is the Art of
cy Council, Governing Board and parents Discovery
at the end of April.
- - Mark Van Doran
We now look forward to the rest of the
year and continuing to work on our
school readiness goals. The goals con-
Mike Schmitz, Mayor, visits with EHS
children during Dr. Seuss Week.
Dates To Remember:
Feb 13—Parent Committee
Meeting 2:30 2007
We appreciate your interest and concern
regarding our possible funding cuts in
Head Start/Early Head Start. For those
of you who participated in the national
conference call and sent letters to congress and the president, we certainly
appreciate your efforts. We will continue
to work hard to provide only the best
quality services possible for your children. Thank you for your support.
Home-based children enjoy
Family Day activities at the
As we look forward to transition and
end-of-the-year activities, please know
that we have enjoyed serving your children this year. We look forward to work-
Early Head Start’s Triennial
Federal Review will be conducted April 7th-12th
Feb 18—President’s Day
(Center Closed)
Feb 20—Policy Council Meeting 3:00
sist of language and literacy, cognitive,
social emotional, physical and approaches to learning. We create lesson plans on
a weekly basis that consist of these areas.
The lesson plans also have the goals that
you have created with your teacher during your parent-teacher conference. Take
time to look over these and the attached
activities when your teacher gives them
to you. You will be amazed at what your
child does on a daily basis here at Early
Head Start.
Also, the “Kindermusik” program has
gone very well this year. This program
reinforces the school readiness goals in a
very interactive way. Thank you for
taking the home kits and working on
them with your child. This is a great way
to spend time together.
If you have any thoughts or ideas you
Mar 13—Parent Committee
Meeting 2:30
Mar 20—Policy Council Meeting 3:00
Mar 25-29—Spring Break
(Center Closed)
Apr 10—Parent Committee
Meeting 2:30
Apr 17—Policy Council Meeting 3:00
From The Desk of Rena Miller
What a great
year we have had
so far!! Your
children have
been experiencing so many
wonderful activities. They have
been learning
about other
Rena Miller
cultures, aniEducation Coordinator
mals, weather
and much more. The children also
celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday by reading many of his books and inviting
guest readers to come to the center. We
thank our parents who came and read as
well as Mayor Mike Schmitz.
Volume 1, Issue 2
Feb-Apr 2013
would like to see implemented here at the
center, please let us know. We encourage you to spend time in your child’s
classroom. Together we can give your
child the best start on his or her journey.
Rena Miller
Education Coordinator
Perfect Attendance
Colson Bell
Kay’Lei Coleman
Isaiah Courthan
Trinity Davis
Azariyah Hutcherson
Tariyah Lindsey
Jayden Mills
Londen Ray
Promise Truett
Daniel Turner
Kay’Lei enjoys posing for the
From The Desk of Sherri Williams
We have had an exciting year
at Early Head Start and many
more exciting opportunities
are yet to come. Thanks to all
for your participation in Parent meetings, Policy Council,
Health Services Advisory
Committee, Education Committee, School Readiness and
Parent Engagement Committee, Kindermusik, volunteerSherri Williams
ing in the Lending Library,
Program Services
classroom, computer lab and
library, Family Day times, as
well as being prompt with
your child’s well baby and dental exams. Parents are
the child’s fist and best teacher and we appreciate
your participation in your child’s education.
We have many more activities to come as we prepare
for transition to Head Start. Home Base has many
more exciting Family Day activities planned, such as,
“Health Meals On A Budget” and going to Landmark
Park. I also want to thank the home-based Family
Advocates, classroom teachers and our children for
sharing a glimpse of what is being learned at Early
Head Start by sharing during our parent meetings.
All of you have done a great job and thank you again,
parents, for working with your children at home to
have them ready for school.
Please don’t forget we do have two options for the
Early Head Start Program. The Home-based option
provides all of the Early Head Start activities in your
home. We have Family Day twice a month. Lisa
Thomley and Racheal Nixon are our Family Advocates and will come to your home each week and
work, individually, with the parent and child. We
also serve pregnant women. Please keep the homebased option in mind as you refer your friends and
family to Early Head Start.
February was “dental health” month. Thank you to
Dandridge Dental for providing our activities to our
children and parents.
Thank you to Mayor Mike Schmitz for coming and
reading to our children to help celebrate Dr. Seuss’
From The Cars of Family Advocates
Lisa Thomley and Racheal Nixon
The Home-Based Early Head
Start program is having a fabulous 2013! We hope everyone
continues to enjoy the program.
Parent participation is up; we
are so proud of our families
who are attending Parent Committee meetings and Family
Day activities.
Lisa Thomley
Family Advocate
We have some fun outings
planned for the spring! We will be taking you to
Landmark Park, Miracle Park and the new “Pretend
Play City” in Dothan. We would also like to
squeeze in the Library and “Wiregrass Museum of
Art.” If anyone has an idea of somewhere fun we
God Bless,
Lisa and Racheal
Make sure all of you go by and check out an activity
or a book from the Lending Library. Thank you Erica
Boyd and Kristy McGriff for reorganizing the library
and making it even better for our children and parents.
Please continue to make your appointments with your
pediatrician or dentist. We will be notifying you by
letter if your child has an upcoming due date. If you
need assistance with your child’s appointment, please
contact your Family Specialist or Family Advocate.
Richard Dismukes, LPC, is our mental health consultant. He continues to be at Early Head Start the first
Thursday of each month from 9:00-11:00. If you
would like to speak to Richard about your child,
please let your teacher, Family Specialist of Family
Advocate know.
Sherri Williams, LBSW
Program Services Coordinator
Just a Reminder
could go, please let your Family
Advocate know and we will try
to get there. We value our families’ input!
As always, remember to read to
your children daily! YOU are
your child’s first and most important teacher!
birthday. March is also “nutrition” month and we
want to recognize Tonya Grier. Tonya is our nutrition
consultant. She is a registered dietitian, and March
13, 2013 was “Registered Dietitians’ Day.” Thank
you so much for your work at Early Head Start.
EHS hours are 8:00 a.m.—2:30 p.m., MondayFriday.
Each child must be signed in by 8:30 a.m. and
out by 2:30 p.m. each day.
Each child should have an extra set of seasonappropriate clothing in the classroom each day.
Racheal Nixon
Family Advocate
Parents, it is very important that you meet with
your Family Specialist during your scheduled
The EHS Menu is posted in the lobby so that
you’ll know what your child is eating each day.
Health Reminders: by Misty Ellison
Well Baby & Dental Exams
Alabama State Law requires all children to
have up-to-date immunizations. Parents will be
Misty Ellison
notified within 2 weeks
File Maintenance
of the expiration of immunizations. If a child’s
blue slip expires, that child will not be
allowed to return to the classroom until
the blue slip has been updated.
All children enrolled in the Early Head
Start Program must meet the EPSDT
(Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis &
Treatment) requirement, which includes
periodic well baby exams, lead screenings
and dental screenings/exams. Parents
will receive letters reminding them of the
due dates of any screenings and exams.
Page 2
Emergency Contact Numbers
Up-to-date emergency contact phone
numbers must be provided for every
child enrolled in the Early Head Start
program. It is very important that parents notify EHS office personnel, or other staff, of any changes in home, work or
contact phone numbers.
From the Desk of Dorothy Harris
The Alfred Saliba Center for
Families Early Head Start
Program, which has been in
operation since 2002, is the
only Early Head Start Program in the Houston County
area. The program provides
free day care services to
eligible families residing in
Houston county.
Dorothy Harris
ERSEA Coordinator
Eligibility is determined by the income of the
family and the age of the child applied for. Applications are accepted year-round and a waiting
list is maintained throughout the year. Office
personnel are available daily to assist in the completion of applications and to provide answers to
questions, if needed.
Applicants who are determined eligible, receive points to determine their placement on
the waiting list. Points are assigned using the
Eligibility Priority Criteria for Child Placement. When there is a vacancy, the applicant
with the highest number of points, and whose
parent is either working or enrolled in school
is selected first. All selections for enrollment
must be approved by the selection committee.
the results of the assessments are provided to the
parents. Early Head Start
children participate in
daily indoor and outdoor
activities and are providEarly Head Start chiled nutritious meals each
dren learn through
day. Early Head Start
playtime experiences
provides a safe and nurturing environment and all children are provided the best of care. Please feel free to stop by
our office at any time to pick up an application
or request information about the Early Head
Start Program. We welcome you!!
Early Head Start also accepts homeless children and children with disabilities. Other
services are also provided to EHS families.
Each enrolled child receives a developmental
screening within 45 days of entry into the
program. An assessment of each child’s deDorothy Harris
velopment is conducted three times a year and ERSEA Coordinator
EHS Activities and Events
EHS Parent Updates
The Early Head Start program currently consists of 49 working parents (45 center-based
and 4 home-based).
Home-based families participate
in Family Day activities
Home-based children participate in
Kindermusik program at the center
EHS celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday
Dothan Police Department visits EHS
during Community Helpers Month
Six EHS parents currently attend Wallace
Community College. These are: Yalonda
Thomas, Whitnee Brown, Teqwonda Bryant,
Aaerone Moore, Lauren Wymes and Samantha White. Courtney Davis, Angeliece
Branch, Lachinda Buze, Roxane Fuentes and
Rachel Bolden attend Troy University. Misty
Ellison, Tamaria Lindsey and Annette Mallard
attend University of Phoenix. Kimberly Wilson attends Fortis College. Tamara Thrower
attends Columbia Southern University.
LaToya Stevens attends Ashworth College.
Courtney Ramsey attends DeVry University.
Charmellia Purdue attends Ultimate Medical
Academy. Cavadica Ceasar attends Liberty
One EHS parent attends GED class.
From the Desks of Family Specialists, Erica and Kristy
have some information in Spanish and English.
Spring is almost here!!!
We would like to commend
all of our parents for working and/or going to school.
Keep up the good work! A
Erica Boyd
lot of our parents have purCenter-Based
chased newer vehicles,
Family Specialist
moved into their own homes
and have become more financially stable! Our “hats”
go off to all parents that are accomplishing the goals
they have set for themselves and their families!!!
Spring pictures are scheduled to be taken on
May 1, 2013 at Early Head Start! Make sure
your child is styling and profiling!
Parents, please remember to read your child’s
individual lesson plans, school readiness
goals and center flyers that are sent home to
keep you updated on your child’s progress
and center events.
Remember to squeeze in some family time at
your local park, library and museum.
Make sure you have an updated phone number, address and contact information on file.
Remember to keep your child’s immunizations and well-baby exams up-to-date. We
want to keep our babies healthy and safe.
Below is a list of important Reminders:
Take time to peak around the corner in our
conference room, see the updated Lending Library and check out items for your children. We
Volume 1, Issue 2
Parents, we want you to
know that we are so proud
of our Early Head Start
children! They are our
future lawyers, doctors,
teachers and, maybe, even
Enjoy the spring weather!!!
Kristy McGriff
Family Specialist
Erica and Kristy
Jazmin enjoys time spent in
the indoor playroom
Page 3
Early Head Start
545 W. Main St. Ste. 404
Dothan, AL 36301
Phone: (334) 794-4929
Parenting Tips for Fathers
1. Play with your child
2. Read with your child
3. Change your child’s diapers
4. Be firm, but gentle
5. Listen to all sides
6. Be fair
7. Cook (and not just on the
8. Help with the housework
9. Be available and present
10.Remember to teach
Alfred Saliba Center For Families
Early Head Start Program
Center –Based Benefits
Home-Based Benefits
Free Child Care (Mon.-Fri.)
Family Fun Activities
Trained Staff Members
A safe, loving child care environment
Assistance and Information on:
Child Development
Dental Care
Prenatal Care
Mental Health
And much more…
Weekly Planned Activities in Your Home
Family Fun Activities
Trained Staff Members
Assistance and Information on:
Child Development
Dental Care
Prenatal Care
Mental Health
And much more…
Who Is Eligible?
Who Is Eligible?
Pregnant Women
Pregnant Women
Children under 30 months of age by Septem- Children under 30 months of age by
ber 1
September 1
None, this program is Free
None, this program is Free
**We accept children with disabilities
**We accept homeless children
If you are interested in signing up for
your child, or for more information,
call 334-794-4929.
Applicants must meet eligibility criteria
Little Voices for Healthy Choices
Featured Recipe
Blueberry Oatmeal Squares
Dance With Me
Adult can hold infant in arms and chant while moving as
indicated by song lyrics. With the words “Dance with Me”
adult can turn around in time with the music.
1/2 cup quick oats
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp cinnamon
Side to side, side to side
1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
Side to side, baby dance with me
1 egg
1 cup skim milk
3 tablespoons apple sauce
Front and back, front and back
1/4 cup brown sugar
Front and back, baby dance with me
Down and up, down and up
Down and up, baby dance with me
Whoopsy daisy, whoopsy daisy
Whoopsy daisy, baby dance with me
Preheat oven to 350° F. Coat baking pan with cooking spray.
Place all of the ingredients into a large bowl and mix until just
combined. Pour into prepared pan and bake for 20 minutes or
until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Allow
to cool for 5 minutes and cut into squares.