Donor Report - American-Italian Cancer Foundation



Donor Report - American-Italian Cancer Foundation
Donor Report
July 1, 2013 — June 30, 2014
Dear AICF Friends:
The Board of Directors of the American-Italian Cancer Foundation (AICF)
would like to thank the generous donors who made gifts and grants to
AICF in fiscal year 2013-14 in support of cancer research, education and
the search for a cure.
Your generosity has supported post-doctoral research fellowships
at the finest institutions in the country including Columbia University,
Massachusetts General Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, National
Institutes of Health (NIH), University of California Berkeley, Boston Children
Hospital, The Rockefeller University, Yale University, New York University
and others. The research of AICF Fellows is frequently recognized in
award-winning scientific journals and several of our brilliant researchers
have received awards and recognition from leading medical
organizations around the world.
We are also very proud of our Mobile, No-Cost Breast Cancer Screening
Program. Your contributions have enabled AICF to recruit, screen, and
educate almost 5,000 underprivileged women in New York City this year.
AICF serves neglected neighborhoods with low income, limited health
education and high incidences of breast cancer.
We are delighted that the 2013 Prize for Scientific Excellence in Medicine,
sponsored by the Alexander Bodini Foundation, was presented to two
prominent scientists: Joan Massagué, PhD, Chairman, Cancer Biology &
Genetics Program, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Charles
J. Sherr, MD, PhD, Herrick Foundation Chair of the Department of Tumor
Cell Biology, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
All of this has been possible because of your generosity, support, and
A special thanks to our Board of Directors, the Scientific Advisory Board
members, our volunteers and staff.
Thank you,
Daniele D. Bodini, Chairman
Executive Committee
George M. Pavia, Esq., Secretary
Silvia C. Formenti, MD, Chairman
Robert F. Agostinelli
Claudio Basilico, MD
Gian Andrea Botta
Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD
Alberto Cribiore
Claudio Del Vecchio
Mario D’Urso
Massimo Ferragamo
Mario J. Gabelli
Titia de Lange, PhD
Fabrizio Michelassi, MD, FACS
Larry Norton, MD
John Petrini, PhD
Virgilio Sacchini, MD
Philip Olivetti
Joseph R. Perella
Joseph R. Bertino, MD
Ottavio Serena di Lapigio
Paul A. Bunn, Jr., MD
Honorary Member
Franco Cavalli, MD
Alberto Costa, MD
H.E. Ambassador of Italy to the United States,
José Costa, MD
Claudio Bisogniero
Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., MD
Pier Paolo Di Fiore, MD, PhD
Thomas J. Fahey, Jr., MD
Alessandro di Montezemolo
Luca Gianni, MD
Umberto Veronesi, MD
Aron Goldhirsch, MD
John Mendelsohn, MD
Franco Muggia, MD
Michele Pagano, MD
Daniele D. Bodini
Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, MD, PhD
Gabriella Sozzi, PhD
Andrea Velardi, MD
Roy S. Wiener, MD
$250,000 and over
The Alexander Bodini Foundation
The Council of the City of New York
$100,000- $249,999
National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
$50,000- $99,999
Acquavella Galleries
The Del Vecchio Family Foundation
Gabelli Funds
The Lauder Foundation
Amy & Joseph Perella Charitable Fund
Valerie & Michael Puglisi
Salvatore Ferragamo USA
Veronica M. Bulgari & Stephen Haimo
Castagna Realty Co., Inc.
The Dino Olivetti Foundation, Inc.
Alexander & Patricia Farman-Farmaian
Edward I. Herbst
Winston & Strawn LLP
$10,000- $19,999
Robert F. Agostinelli
Avon Foundation Breast Health Outreach Program
E.L. Wiegand Foundation
Etro Milano
General Growth Properties
Alan Mnuchin
New York State Department of Health
Mr. & Mrs. Lucio A. Noto
Up to $9,999
Alley, Maas, Rogers, & Lindsay, PA
Vincent J. Amabile
Aon Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Arbess
Joanne Derosa Arnold
Joseph F. Azrack
Baker & Hostetler, LLP
Joseph S. Baldyga
Banfi Vintners Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Barbiere, MD, FACC
Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP
Heywood “Woody” Blaufeux
Giancarlo Boccato
Francesca Bodini & Zack Sherman
Bollinger Insurance
Gian Andrea Botta
Council Member Gayle Brewer
Bronx Community Health Network, Inc.
Brunello Cucinelli USA, Inc.
Bryan Cave, LLP
Bulgari Group
Thomas & Cynthia Burke
William Burns
Bryna Butler
Robert M. Buxton, CFA
CA Mechanical
Mario Calvo-Platero
William Campione
Capital One Bank
The Caravetta Heaven’s Helpers Foundation
Marco Carbone
H.E. Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi
Vivian Cardia
Mariafrancesca Carli
Colleen Cashman
John K. Castle
Champions for Charity
Chandler Construction Company
James Bass Chanko
Adele Chatfield-Taylor
Columbia Bank
Columbia University Center for Infection and Immunity
Eugenia Comini & Edward Bayliss
Consulting Engineer Services
Alberto Cribiore
2013 Gala Chair Chiara Ferragamo
DONORS/ july 1, 2013 — june 30, 2014
aicf helps woman detect early breast cancer
A Special Note From A Patient:
One Of The Many Thank-You Letters AICF Receives
“Maria, a 62-year-old woman, called AICF to schedule an
appointment for her mammogram. She had not had a mammogram
or seen a doctor since she moved to the United States three years
earlier as an undocumented immigrant. She was nervous because
she was feeling pain in her breast, but did not know where to
get medical care. One of her friends told her about AICF’s NoCost Breast Cancer Screening Program and she called to set up
an appointment. She was screened just a few days after her call
and unfortunately was found to have ACR M (highly suggestive of
malignancy, and requiring immediate medical intervention). Maria
was recommended for a biopsy, which she did shortly after receiving
her screening results. She was diagnosed with Stage-2 breast cancer
and is now planning her treatment options. Our Patient Navigator
continues to follow up with Maria to ensure the prompt start of
her treatment.”
We would like to extend a special thank-you to all of our
volunteers and interns:
Chiara Bianchini, Elsa DiRuggiero, Betty Fong, Constance
Fontanet, Elizabeth Hilario, Dana Huber, Kiera Laing, Laura
Marengo, Ryan Meyer, Orin Neritani, Ann Nguyen, New York
Junior League of City of New York (NYJL), Logan Primeau,
Nicole Pugliese, Jessica Quinn, Adrianne Ruffler, Nadia White
The Critical Importance of Follow-Up
“Lucy, a 48-year-old woman, was screened on our Mobile Care Clinic in partnership with our hub
site, The Joseph P Addabbo Family Heath Center. We called Lucy numerous times after her screening
to explain her mammogram results and advise her to get additional testing, but we were only able
to leave voicemail messages. After twenty days of trying to contact Lucy, she finally answered the
phone and informed us that she was aware of her results and need for additional testing; however,
she was frustrated because her local clinic had closed after Hurricane Sandy and there were no other
nearby testing locations. She was contemplating going to a local hospital, but the wait time for an
appointment was two months out. Our Patient Navigator helped her locate alternate locations in
Queens and she was able to schedule her diagnostic testing that same weekend. Lucy completed
her diagnostic testing and is currently awaiting a surgical consult. During our most recent call with
Lucy she shared that if it hadn’t been for AICF urging her to get her additional testing and helping her
find a location, she would still be waiting for an appointment and would be unaware of the need for
her biopsy. Our Patient Navigator continues to follow up with Lucy and will help her through the health
care system if treatment is needed.”
In Fiscal Year
we screened 4,324 women
75% had a household income
at or below $25,000
74% identify as women of color
47% were uninsured
20% were underinsured
AICF Makes Annual Mammograms Easy to Remember
“Mobile Care Clinic patients receive annual breast cancer screening reminders via mail and phone.
Recently, our Screening Administrator called Karen to remind her that she was due for her annual
mammogram and to schedule an appointment on our Mobile Care Clinic. Karen was excited to
receive our reminder call because she had recently moved and misplaced our contact information.
Karen informed us that since she relocated, she did not know where to find screening services in her
new neighborhood. Karen is uninsured and was in the process of signing up for insurance, but was
worried that she would miss her yearly mammogram. Karen shared with us that she had a family history
of breast cancer, so annual screenings were very important to her. She thanked us for calling her and is
looking forward to participating in our program again.”
Gabelli Funds Fellow
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Mentor: Scott Armstrong, MD, PhD
“One of my projects is aimed at identifying novel
therapeutic targets in a specific subgroup of childhood
leukemias characterized by some common genomic
alterations and a very dismal prognosis. Through
the development of two new disease models, I am
now testing a new compound in a Phase I clinical
experimentation at our institution for other leukemia
patients. The project has proceeded very quickly and I
am building evidence that a broader range of patients
could benefit from this therapeutic approach.”
Debra & Claudio Del Vecchio Fellow
New York University School of Medicine
Mentor: Michele Pagano, MD
“My experiments are currently focusing on a ubiquitin-
ligase named FBXL7. My preliminary data shows that
this enzyme is down-regulated in bladder cancer cells.
Moreover, I have found that PTPD1, whose levels are
markedly increased in human bladder cancer tissues,
interacts with and is targeted for degradation by this
ligase. My working hypothesis is that FBXL7 supports
the expansion of bladder cancer cells through the
degradation of PTPD1. I speculate that a drug capable of
selectively regulating FBXL7 could be fruitfully employed
for the treatment of bladder cancer and also in the other
cancers in which FBXL7 expression is affected.”
The Alexander Bodini Foundation Fellow
Yale University School of Medicine
Mentor: Carla Rothlin
“My experiences as master and PhD student have
provided me with a solid background on the
mechanisms by which macrophages control
inflammation and prevent collateral damage.
Inflammation has been described as an enabling
characteristic that promotes the acquisition of cancer
hallmarks in a wide range of tumors. In this context,
macrophage plasticity is a key component not only
of inflammation but also of tumor development. As
AICF’s fellow, I will focus on the mechanism by which
macrophages regulate the inflammatory response:
the TAM pathway. My goal is to re-programme
macrophages polarization through TAM signalling in
order to prevent inflammation-driven cancer.”
Research for Life ® Fellow
University of California, Berkeley
Mentor: Michael Rape, PhD
“Since I joined the lab, I have been involved in a
project aimed at the identification of ubiquitination
enzymes required for aneuploidy tolerance in human
cancer cells, and the characterization of the molecular
mechanisms underlying the cellular response to
aneuploidy. Recently, I expanded my research and
focused on investigating ubiquitination enzymes
involved in the differentiation of human embryonic
stem cells and in the development of cancer stem cells.
Receiving the AICF fellowship allowed me to work on a
project that may lead to the discovery of new targets
for more selective chemotherapeutics and therefore
have a signficant impact in the cancer research field.”
Research for Life ® Fellow
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Mentor: Judith Campisi, PhD
“I’m discovering that the cellular state of
senescence is induced upon standard anti-cancer
treatment, such as chemotherapy and irradiation,
and may be at the root of the deleterious side
effects of these therapies. This discovery could
be of incredible relevance in designing more
efficient and less toxic combinatorial therapies in
the future. Very interestingly, I have found that the
removal of irradiated or chemotherapy-induced
senescent cells in mice is not only delaying cancer
progression, but is also rescuing the down-regulated
activity of mice with senescence.”
Celina Crosa
Cutler Minikes & Adelman LLP
Meredith Darrow
Ruth Day
Anita T. Dazzo
Pierfederica De Iaco
Bernard De La Tour
DeRenzo Family
Joseph DiBenedetto
Council Member Inez Dickens
Damien Dimaggio
Kristin Dockery
Dolce & Gabbana USA
European School of Oncology
R. Bradford Evans
Experion Design Group
Fairman & Associates, Inc.
Fameco Real Estate
Ferrari North America, Inc.
Financo, Inc.
The First Sharon Baptist Church
Foa & Son Corporation
The Forbes Company, LLC
Nicolo Foscari
Linda Strong Friedman
Gianluigi Gabetti
Council Member Daniel Garodnick
Gerald Bland, Inc.
Joy A. Germont
GIV Foundation
Glidden Spina & Partners
Goulston & Storrs
Anastasia Grazioli
John & Sheridan Greeniaus
Guardian Angels Cancer Council
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Guariglia
Council Member Dan Halloran
Fern Hammond
Annafiora Helfrick
The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
Hyland Levin LLP
Ignarri-Lumis Architects LLP
Loretta M. Itri, MD & Raymond P. Warrell, MD
Council Member Robert Jackson
Council Member Letitia James
Jeanne S. & Herbert J. Siegel Philanthropic Fund
G. Randolph Jones
Karen Klopp
Lake Contracting LLC
Mac Levine
Vincenzo Lordi
Louis P. Singer Fund, Inc.
Alessandro Luongo
Carly Lynch
Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s
Stephen S. Madsen, Esq.
Dierdre Costa Major
Mallah Management LLC
Livia Manca di Villahermosa
Marcum LLP
Manuela & Stefano Maroni
Lavinia Marzotto
Michael Matcovich, Jr.
Kevin H. & Amanda M. McCarthy
Raymond Mikulich & Karen Karlsrud
Miller Savarese Associates, Architects
Carlo Filippo Mirisola di Torresanto
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Moran
Christian Moretti
Jennifer Munoz
The Noto Family Foundation
Council Member James Oddo
Philip & Bernice Olivetti
Vincent Pagano, Jr.
Council Member Annabel Palma
Stephen Palmieri
Claudia Parati
Paul Bitts Co. Inc.
Pavia & Harcourt LLP
Carlo Perrone
Perspecta Trust
Andrea Piedimonte
Giampaolo Pioli & Claudia Vitelli
Poten & Partners, Inc
Preston High School
Kevin S. Probel & Melanie Smith
Carmela Rafael
Remarkable Partners
Residence Resource LTD
Elizabeth Right & Michael Reiss
Juergen Riehm
RMD Services, Inc.
Sandra Roth
Royal Properties, Inc.
Maria Pia Ruffilli
Christina Sachs
The Sandra Atlas Bass and Edythe & Sol G. Atlas Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Alessandro Saracino Fendi
Mr. & Mrs. Ottavio Serena di Lapigio
Valentina Shah
Philip Sievers
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom
Soluna Holistic Spa Inc.
Sons of Italy Foundation
Source of Hope Foundation
SPC Interiors
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Katrin Theodoli
Shawn Thomas, CPA
Thomas Jefferson University - Kimmel Cancer Center
Dean Vanech
Andrea Ventura, MD, PhD
Jan T. Vilcek, MD
Anna Volk
Peter Webster
Roy S. Weiner, MD
David E. Williams
WPW Family Foundation
Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.
screening day
memory of
Mr. and Mrs. William Acquavella
Gift From:
Alexander Bodini Foundation
Joseph S. Baldyga .................................. Edith V. Baldyga
William Campione
The Alexander Bodini Foundation ....... Alexander Bodini
Danielle & Anthony Caravetta
William Campione ................................Ginny Campione
Debra & Claudio Del Vecchio
Chiara & Massimo Ferragamo
Marco Carbone .................................. Leandro Carbone
Gabelli Funds
Damien Dimaggio ........................... Argentino DeChellis
Joy Germont
Annafiora Helfrick .................................... Ennio Grassellini Jonathan Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Olivetti
Heywood “Woody” Blaufeux ..................Diego Sferrazza
Claudia Vitelli & Giampaolo Pioli
Carmela Rafael ..........................................Yolanda Simio
Valerie & Michael Puglisi
honor of
Gift From:
Cutler Minikes & Adelman LLP
(Richard Adelman)................................Daniele D. Bodini
Anna Volk ...............................................Francesca Bodini
WPW Family Foundation ........................ Alberto Cribiore
The Lauder Foundation ................. Claudio Del Vecchio
Source of Hope Foundation............. Chiara Ferragamo
News Anchorwoman
First Sharon Baptist Church .........................Robin Roberts
Christina Sachs .................................................. Lisa Rowe
Joy A. Germont ................................Virgilio Sacchini, MD
Kristin Dockery ................................The Smaniotto Family
kind *
Americana Manhasset
Argiano S.p.A. Società Agricola
Marco Bacci
Bacci Wines
Barbetta Restaurant
Barboursville Vineyards
Barone Ricasoli courtesy of Dreyfus Ashby
Vincenzo Bertucci
Guido & Martina Bevilacqua
Violetta Bitici
Borghese, Inc.
Paolo, Liana & Alessandro Boselli
Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corp.
Brooks Brothers, Inc.
Bruno Ceretto
Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Milano
Ca’ del Bosco
Caiarossa Srl
Capri Palace Hotel & Spa
Carlo Hauner
Casa Larga Vineyards
Castello di Cacchiano
Castello Monaci
Castelvecchio Winery
Castiglion del Bosco
Cinzia Rocca
City Winery
Colavita USA
Conair Corporation
Damilano Barolo
AICF’s 2013-14 Fellows
Daniela Villegas
D’Aquino Italian Importing Co., Inc.
Dolce & Gabbana
Domenico Vacca
Donna Distefano Ltd.
DonnaChiara Concept Winery
Eataly & La Scuola
Edible Arrangements of Howard Beach
Emilio Pucci
Neil Empson
Empson USA Inc.
Fattoria Carpineta Fontalpino
Mr. & Mrs. Massimo Ferragamo
Ferrero USA
Feudi di San Gregorio
Giuseppe Mascarello
Lorraine Alexander & Giancarlo Grisi
Luigi Seracca Guerrieri
Harrys of London
Henriot, Inc.
Hotel Hassler Roma
Hub Porteño
Il Borro - Salvatore Ferragamo
Il Salviatino - Firenze
illy caffé, North America
Indagare Travel
Investindustrial Inc. & Invest for Children
Gaetana Jacono
Eric Albada Jelgersma
Joan Kaufman
Kramer Portraits
La Cucina Italiana Magazine
La Locanda Country Hotel
La Perla
Lavazza Premium Coffees Corp.
Lungarno Collection - Hotels, Retreats, Villas
Luxury Italian Tours
Marchesi Antinori Srl
Marchesi Mazzei
Mario J. Gabelli
Mark Russell
Francesco Martinelli
Massimo Bizzocchi
Francesco Mazzei
Melia Villa Capri
Millbrook Country House
Mionetto USA
Alberto Moncada
Monsieur Touton Selection, Ltd.
Francesca Moretti
Palazzo Manfredi - Relais & Chateaux
Livio Panebianco
Panebianco LLC
Paola Quadretti
Marcello Malik Pigozzo
Pirelli Tire
Portolano Products, Inc.
Premium Brands, Inc.
Principe Corsini
Laudomia Pucci
Pure Yoga
Relais Santa Croce by Baglioni Hotels
Revello Fratelli
Babe Rizzuto
Gonzalo Robredo
Rocca delle Macie
Stefania Rocchi
Rome Luxury Suites
Safilo USA, Inc.
Saks Fifth Avenue
Salvatore Ferragamo
San Felice
Secco Italian Bubbles
Sella & Mosca
SINA Fine Italian Hotels
Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia
Tenuta Alfredosa di Raffaella Albanese
Tenuta di Biserno
Tenuta San Guido
Tenuta Sette Ponti
Terra Moretti
Jason Tesauro
The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
Olga Urbani
Urbani Tartufi S.r.l.
Valle dell’Acate
Vie di Romans
Villeroy & Boch USA
Roberto E. Wirth
Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
Maria Cristina Zenobi
Prize winners Charles J. Sherr, MD, PhD and Joan Massagué, PhD with
Scientific Advisory Board Vice Chairman Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD (center)
2013 Benefit Dinner & Auctions
On Monday, November 11, 2013, the American
Italian Cancer Foundation (AICF) held its 33rd Annual
Benefit Dinner & Auctions at the Racquet and Tennis
Club in New York City.
AICF’s Prize for Scientific Excellence in Medicine
was presented to Joan Massagué, PhD and Charles
J. Sherr, MD, PhD. The Prize has been established to
recognize important discoveries in cancer biology,
prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment.
The Alessandro Di Montezemolo Lifetime
Achievement Award was received by James G.
Niven. This award recognizes outstanding individuals
who exemplify the highest standards of commitment
to advancing the war against cancer through
volunteerism and philanthropy.
Thank you to all of our generous donors and sponsors
for making the event a tremendous success!
Executive Director Alessandra Rampogna, AICF Board Chairman Daniele D. Bodini, Regina Pitaro,
and AICF Board member Mario J. Gabelli
Gala Chair Chiara Ferragamo presents Lifetime
Achievement Award to James G. Niven
AICF Board member Joseph R. Perella, Lucio Caputo, Alexander Acquavella,
Beatrice Stern, James G. Niven, and Fern Hammond
Photo Credit: Photos by:
Lucio Caputo, Consul General of Italy in New York Natalia Quintavalle,
and AICF Board Member George M. Pavia, Esq
*save the date
Benefit Dinner & Auctions
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
The Plaza Hotel, New York City
2014 Gala Chair
Alessia Antinori
Marchesi Antinori
Alessandro di Montezemolo Lifetime Achievement Award
Joseph R. Perella
Chairman & Founding Partner
Perella Weinberg Partners
2014 Prize for Scientific Excellence in Medicine
James P. Allison, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Immunology,
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Jedd D. Wolchok, MD, PhD
Lloyd J. Old/Virginia & Daniel K. Ludwig Chair in Clinical Investigation,
Chief, Melanoma and Immunotherapeutics Service,
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Please call 212.628.9090 or visit to purchase tickets

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