The Sound of Creation Paintings + Music price List



The Sound of Creation Paintings + Music price List
The Sound Of Creation – Beezy Bailey + Brian Eno
Big 3 no.1
From Heaven Unto Hell
120cm x120cm
Title: Big 3
Duration: 07m 50s
Big 3 no.2
Broken Dance
165cm x 121cm
Title: Big 3
Duration: 07m 50s
Big 3 no.3
Barbarians Night Club
203cm x 120cm
Title: Big 3
Duration: 07m 50s
No. 26
24.5cm x 38cm
Title: Candied
Duration: 02m 59s
No. 39
No. 53
Uncle Fester
60cm x 31cm
Title: Uncle Fester
Duration: 02m 39s
Blue Bird Green
23.5cm x 39.5cm
Title: Blue Bird Green
Duration: 01m 36s
No. 74
Midnight Veld
29cm x 71cm [T-shaped]
Title: Midnight Veld
Duration: 10m 34s
No. 82
Generals At The Wall
74cm x 78cm
Title: Generals At The Wall
Duration: 15m 06s
No. 86
Cut & Calmed
61cm x 101.5cm
Title: Cut & Calmed
Duration: 08m 34s
No. 90
Love Story, Middle Kingdom
88.5cm x 145cm
Title: Love Story, Middle Kingdom
Duration: 10m 34s
No. 76, Neopolitan, 26.5cm x 122cm, €16,000
Music - title: Neopolitan, duration: 07m 00s
No. 46
International Bird of Paradise
12.5cm x 45cm
No. 91
Twisted Race
73cm x 143cm
Title: Twisted Race
Duration: 02m 54s
No. 35
Old Memories
32cm x 43.5cm
No. 72
Gang Bang
100cm x 25cm
No. 89
Poker Men
57cm x145cm
Title: Poker Men
Duration: 02m 17s
No. 79
Styx & Stones
61cm x 62cm
No. 83
The Propagandist
20.4cm x 57cm
No. 42
21cm x 70cm
No. 78
Mono Scarecrow
19cm x 134.5cm
No. 85
Festival of Limbo
64cm x 71cm [10.2cm depth]
No. 29
29.5cm x 33cm
No. 52
Sudanese Pianist
42.5cm x 52cm
Forest Occlusions
43cm x 54cm
No. 81
Matters of the Side Universe
64cm x 65cm [+ speaker]
No. 23
18cm x 35cm
No. 38
Wiggly Dancer
22cm x 50cm
No. 61
Atoms In Absence
51.5cm x 63cm
No. 69
Guston’s Aunt
30cm x 72.5cm
No. 45
Rubber Life
33cm x 47.5cm
No. 40
Pierrot Lunaire
23.5cm x 39.5cm
No. 70
17cm x 88cm
No. 36
Storm On The Heath
31cm x 48cm
No. 63
Passport Queue
28cm x 72.5cm
No. 43
Sally Ann
30.5cm x 60.5cm
No. 44
23.5cm x 50cm
No. 47
Cubist Waiter
30cm x 49cm
No. 67
Sometime In The Sky
100cm x 25cm
No. 62
17.5cm x 66cm
No. 51
Dark People & Two Suns
50cm x 39.5cm
No. 71
Olduvai Gorge
35.5cm x 104.5cm [T-shaped]

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