January-February 2016 Newsletter - Mohave Museum of History and



January-February 2016 Newsletter - Mohave Museum of History and
January/February 2016
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Einstein seemed to have second thoughts about
linear time being a critical aspect in man’s existence, and I have to agree. The speed with which
2015 passed was inconceivable. The Museum is
continually stepping up the pace in order to preserve history digitally and make the data accessible to more people at a higher speed with better
resolution. With that being said by the time you
read my thoughts another year will have passed.
I remember my grandparents taking an hour nap
every day, and now, if any day time rest is to be
enjoyed it is through, “power napping,“ I predict
that 2016 will usher in the concept of “Nano
Seizures” or cat napping gone viral.
The Museum complex had a very good 2015.
The Bonelli House got a well-deserved 100 year
birthday makeover, while the Mohave Museum
built Vickie a more improved office, put a second bathroom in the Library, put in a new Route
66 room and created a “Kids Korner” and last
but not least the Powerhouse Museum added an
“electric car” exhibit that is state of the art. It is
so easy to note these accomplishments in a single paragraph but it would take volumes to compile a list of the time and devotion that so many
great people it took to make visions become reality. I consider myself lucky to even know these
people and blessed to have the privilege to work
with them, and finally there are all of you, the
loyal members that support the Museum not only financially but with phone calls and e-mails
and volunteer hours. 2015 will be year that the
Museum can always be proud of.
I wish everyone the best for the year 2016. Happy New Year.
Shannon Rossiter - Director
Mohave Memories – published monthly by the Mohave Pioneers Historical Society, Inc. 400 West Beale Street, Kingman, AZ 86401-5708
Kathleen Louie Smith sang recently with the women’s Glee Cub
at a concert on the Santa Barbara campus of the University of
California, where she is a freshman.
January 1966
Gale force winds put part of the television translating system out
of service last Wednesday when they toppled a 64-foot tower
atop Getz Peak in the Hualapai Mountains.
A former Kingman resident, Richard Simmons, contacted his
aunt, Mrs. Agnes Duey, via ham radio rom his Air Force base at
the South Pole Sunday evening. Richard sent a special greeting
to the people of Kingman and his former baby sitter, Mrs. Ivy
An ancient U. S. Army wagon rolled down Andy Devine last
Friday. The wagon, presented to the Mohave Pioneer Historical
Society by Postmaster Don Smith and Mrs. Melba Smith, had
been stored at Mrs. Smith’s Hilltop home.
Barry Goldwater will be featured speaker February 14 at several
In action to help preserve Joshua Tree Scenic Parkway between
Wickenburg and Kingman, the Bureau of Land Management has
granted the first scenic easement across BLM public lands since
the President’s recent message on national beauty and passage of
the Highway Beautification Act.
Lake Havasu City: Actor Jackie Cooper
flew his private plane here last Saturday. He spent some time at the Nautical
The Stony World Auto Court,
built 30 years ago, this week
is being razed to make way
for a new shopping center on
Andy Devine Avenue.
Movie actor Robert Taylor and his
family enjoyed fishing at Lake Mohave this week.
The first contingent of enrollees at the Jobs Corps Conservation
Camp at Kingman Air Field are expected to arrive today. The
camp is operated by the Bureau of Land Management with enrollee efforts to be divided equally between classroom education
and the in-the-field conservation on-the-job programs.
(Photo of Robert Taylor, avid fisherman at Lake Mohave, Photo is of
Taylor may or may not be at Lake
A 100 percent increase in construction activity is foreseen at
Lake Havasu City.
Lake Havasu City: Those who are bowling fans are looking
forward to the opening of the new eight-lane bowling alley. The
target date for opening is April, according to one of the owners,
Mrs. Jesse Peach.
Traffic on Arizona Highway 68 in the Union Pass area has been
detained as much as an hour at a time last week due to the blasting necessary for the building of a new section of highway.
New officers for the Sheriff’s Jeep Posse are Moe Cobb, Walt
Crieger, Irwin Herridge and Ben Stevens. During the past year
the posse has put in 445 hours in search and rescue, 516 hours in
law enforcement, and 435 hours in meeting and schooling. The
posse members drive 4-wheel drive vehicles, 90 percent of
which are radio equipped. The posse has 22 members.
William Grounds at left, and James Crozier. Oldest living Males
born in Mohave County, Photo take in 1966.
January 1936
Construction of the new Mohave County Union High School
gymnasium was started this week by the contractors P. M.
Womack Construction company of Phoenix. The new gym is
being constructed on ground north of the high school building.
Chloride: We are told that the old Tennessee Mine is getting
ready to operate. We always thought we had a prosperous town
when the Tennessee was running. Now with other good mines
we have already shipping we hope for better times yet.
Mr. and Mrs. Barring Gould of England and Santa Barbara are
spending several days at the Kit Carson this week. This is their
first trip to Arizona and their enthusiasm is unbounded.
Ray Roe has leased the stage run from Kingman to Phoenix from
Arthur Black.
Alexander Woollcott, well known writer and radio lecturer from
New York City was registered at the Beale Hotel last weekend.
Big Sandy: There was a turkey shoot at the Trout Creek store
Saturday afternoon.
A women’s town basketball team is being organized and practice
will start soon. Anyone who would like to play is asked to see
Miss Mildred Matson, high school physical education teacher.
Negotiations for one of the most important real estate transactions in Kingman for several years were completed this past
week and Ira M. George became the new owner of the Arizona
Bank property located at the northeast corner of Fourth and
Beale Streets.
Mrs. Sylvia Vukoge of Kingman is the author of one of the stories published in the American Short Story for 1935.
Marie Carrow entertained the governor’s secretary, Mrs. Myrtle
Harris at the Kit Carson Monday. Mrs. Harris was accompanying the governor’s party which spent a few hours in Kingman
Mrs. Martha Peart has taken over the management of the Red
Barn, a popular dance hall at Hackberry.
Prescott has a fairly good courthouse for sale. A new one is being constructed and bids are being sought for the disposal of the
old one. Make a bid.
January 1916
“These items come from “Our Mineral Wealth”
The first shot in the War Between the States was fired 55 years
ago, January 9, 1861.
After suffering numerous accidents and having a number of narrow escapes from death, Charles Russell and his party have
abandoned the attempt to navigate the Grand Canyon in boats
and have disembarked at El Tovar.
Following the tremendous floods which inundated Phoenix and
many other portions of southern Arizona, Yuma the latter part of
last week experienced even worse conditions due to the accumulated flood water of the Gila and Colorado rivers.
Plans which have been under way for some time by the enterprising citizens of Chloride looking toward the furtherance of the
interests of that section have already resulted in the founding of
a well organized, live wire Mining Bureau.
J. E. Patterson, recently of San Diego, has removed to Mohave
County and will establish himself in the grocery business in the
new town site in the Union Pass district.
M. I. Powers, president of the Citizens bank, has been re-elected
vice-president of the National Wool Growers Association, the
convention of which was held recently in Salt Lake.
Star Theatre taken in 1916, dancing on 3rd floor ( Desert Inn)
Star Theater bill: Cabiria Love's Toll.
Mohave County Movers and Shakers
HENRY D. “DENE” PATTILLO, Banker was born in Mountain Home, Arkansas in 1903. He came to Kingman in 1923,
where he worked for Arizona Central Bank. In 1932 he was
with the Arizona State Banking Department, and in 1933 was
clerk to the Mohave County Board of Supervisors.
and Storekeeper, was born in
Canada in 1874. He came to
Kingman in 1897 and went to
work for the Gaddis-Perry mine.
In later years he was an owner of
the King Tut mine.
Dene and Lillian
Maloney were married in 1934. In 1936
he joined the Valley
National Bank of
Arizona; he retired as
manager of the Kingman office in 1964.
In 1905 he formed the Mining
Supply Company at Vivian with
Bartlett Richards and J. C. Rogerson, and in 1908 began the manufacture and bottling of lemon
juice. He was an officer in the
Arizona Stores Company in Kingman from 1910 through 1915.
The business was sold to Babbitt Brothers in 1916.
When Kingman was
incorporated in 1952
Pattillo was one of
the first members of
the City Council.
While he was serving Mayor E. J. McCarthy and Dean
on the Arizona Inter- Patillo, manager of Valley National
state Stream Commis- Bank standing in intersection of
sion, the commission Beale Street and 5th Street
was successful in challenging California and the U.S. Supreme Court to secure Arizona’s share of the Colorado River water for the Central Arizona
Project. He also helped Kingman, Bullhead City and Lake
Havasu City secure contracts for Colorado River water.
Knight was the Republican candidate for County Treasurer in
1916. He served as Exalted Ruler of the Kingman Elks Lodge
In 1921 Knight married Mary Watkins. They had two children.
Harry Knight died in 1953.
E. J. “CHARLIE” McCARTHY, BUSINESSMAN, KINGMAN MAYOR, known as “Charlie,” was born in Colorado in
1927, and came to Kingman as a teenager. He dropped out of
school to serve with the U.S. Navy from 1944 to 1946.
Pattillo was a member of the Kingman Masonic Lodge No. 22,
the Kingman Elks Lodge and the Rotary Club.
Dene Pattillo died in January 1999.
He returned to Kingman after the war where he owned a Shell
service station, and went on to own the Ford, Lincoln, Mercury
dealership McCarthy Motors as well as other service stations and
rental properties.
McCarthy promoted the incorporation of Kingman in 1952 and
served on the first city council. He became the city’s second
mayor in 1956, serving until 1962.
County Sheriff, 1919-1926, was born in
Ireland. He came to Arizona as a young
man, where he worked in the Commonwealth Mine and then served in the Arizona Senate 1914 to 1918.
Along with other service to the community he worked to secure
the routing of Interstate 40 through Kingman, served as chairman of the Mohave County Democratic Central Committee, and
was president of the Mohave County Chamber of Commerce.
He was elected Mohave County Sheriff
in 1919 and served until 1926. In that
year he made an arrest near Topock of
the five persons who had killed Tom
King at the Commercial Café in Kingman. He later gained national fame for the arrest of the Bonnie and Clyde gang.
Charlie McCarthy died in
September 1980.
(Standing) Jim Glancy,
Joe Ricca, Charlie McCarthy, Bob Marrow. Seated:
Barney Rake, Moe Udall
He worked for the Santa Fe Railroad, retiring from that position
in 1952.
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Mohave Memories – published monthly by the Mohave Pioneers Historical Society, Inc. 400 West Beale Street, Kingman, AZ 86401-5708
Memories thru Photos
Seven men in front of old Courthouse. Plaque on courthouse says: Mohave County Court House taken October 17th, 1913. Left to
right - J. P. Gideon, Sheriff; J. Bartholomew, Clerk of Boards; J. W. Morgan, Recorder; T. J. Whitney, Deputy Recorder; J. C. Lane,
Undersheriff; L. M. Teale, (sitting) Clerk, Superint. Court; Thos. Devine, Treasurer
Commerical Hotel was the First
Court House on Front Street.
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