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Issue Three
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Belcher is 2014 Champion Auctioneer
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
NOV. 10
World’s Best Bid Caller
Magnuson Hotel, Carlinville
Private Lessons in the Morning
Bid Calling Seminar in the Afternoon
Contest of Champions in the Evening
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What Have You Done For Me Lately?
That’s always a fair question. ISAA is a trade service organization in the business of producing
programs and services. Much of it is intangible, making ROI somewhat elusive. It’s the nature of
what we do. While we volunteer leaders, committee members and staff try to operate as efficiently and cost effectively as our corporate counterparts, ISAA’s measurement of success is not
pegged to a bottom-line number, but rather our members’ ongoing interpretation of the value we
We don’t aspire to achieve profit margins and returns for owners and investors.
We aim to deliver benefits to members, the industry and other constituents.
I submit that, individually and collectively, the things we’ve done this year represent an impressive body of work, but
I’m biased and it really doesn’t matter what I think. It’s all about what YOU think and when it comes to value, it
resides in the minds of the beholder.
• ISAA held its annual conference in February featuring two of the industry’s best speakers (Steve Proffitt and
Darron Meares), two days of exhibits, Hall of Fame induction, advertising contest, and much, much more.
• ISAA conducted its Annual Membership Meeting with committees reporting on their accomplishments and
outlining their goals; elected officers and governors to the board.
• ISAA Board huddled during the February conference to set the schedule and appoint committees.
• ISAA awarded three $500 scholarships to children and grandchildren of member auctioneers.
• ISAA rolled out a creative Sponsorship Program.
• ISAA contributed $1285 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
• ISAA introduced a new line of branded merchandise.
• ISAA developed a media kit for use by members as they seek to promote the association and the industry.
• ISAA Lobbyist continued to impact the IDFPR staff and legislators relative to our 441 certification law.
• ISAA held a Legislative Reception which was well attended by members and their legislators.
• ISAA established a Political Action Committee and contributed to Senator John Sullivan’s campaign fund.
• ISAA engaged a manager for developing our Facebook presence, and posts members’ auctions on a daily basis.
• ISAA published quarterly newsletters to keep members informed on programs and services.
• ISAA provided CE at the National Auctioneers conference, the only state association invited to do so.
• ISAA was represented at the International Championship Contest by 2013 Champion Brian Curless.
• ISAA offered district meetings and CE at the district level making it more convenient for licensees.
• ISAA held its 32nd Annual State Championship Contest during state fair week.
• ISAA champions sold the commodities and livestock at the Governor’s Sale of Champions.
• ISAA bought items at the Governor’s Sale, proceeds from which fund FFA and 4-H members’ education.
• ISAA provided bidcallers and a ringman for the College of ACES annual auction on the University Campus.
• ISAA offers general liability insurance and other coverage options to members.
So, we’re not resting on our laurels...or anything else for that matter. Sometimes you may not agree with actions taken
but we’re okay with that. Member input is always appreciated.
As part of our commitment to delivering value, we know that we have to be able to answer the “what have you done
for me lately” question every day. And we’re working on it...EVERY DAY.
O.D. Holley, 2014-15 ISAA President
Advance Auction & Appraisal
6875 N. Eggert Rd., Rock City, IL 61070
815-218-0705 • [email protected]
Join Fellow ISAA Members Monday, November 10 at the
Magnuson Grand Hotel (formerly the Holiday Inn),
I-55 & Rte 108, Carlinville, IL 62626 • (217) 324-2100
to learn from one of the world’s best Auctioneers.
One-on-One sessions in the morning, seminar from 1-4 p.m.
Ralph Wade in His Own Words
Born in 1944 on a small dirt farm in Missouri, I would go to the local cattle auction with my dad. I realized
I had a talent or if you will, a gift from God. I would go to all the church fund-raisers and auction off the
goods. After graduating from high school, I worked all summer in the hay field and saved up enough money
to go to auction school and so that fall of 1962, I got on a Greyhound bus and rode to Mason City, Iowa,
where I went to auctioneering school and graduated first in our class of 225 students.
I came back home and embarked on a career in the auction business.
My first big break came in
1965 when I went to work for
Central Missouri Livestock Market where I had the opportunity
to work under Col. Ed Buckner,
the first World Champion Auctioneer.
After eight years of learning
and selling for CMLA, I moved on
to Colorado in 1974 where I free
lanced for four different markets.
That first year in Colorado, I
went to the World’s Fair in Spokane, Wash. and entered The
World Champion contest and was
fortunate enough to win. From
that time on, I sold all types of
auctions . . . from antiques to
farm liquidation and purebred cattle. In 1986 I went
to work selling for Superior Livestock Auction, the
world’s leader in livestock marketing selling over two million
cattle a year via satellite. Then in
1990, I started selling for Okla.
National Stockyard, the world’s
largest livestock market, where
the actual cattle come through
the sale ring, selling 450,000
cattle a year. I also sold promotional auctions for TriStar from
Hollywood, Cal.
So to sum up the span of my
life, I have sold about every type
of auction there is, from livestock
to charity auctions and all in
between. I have also taught many
auctioneers and a number of
those men and women have won
championships. I am still teaching and selling for
Superior and have horses, plus rope and ranch.
Calling All Illinois State Champion Auctioneers for the Contest of the Decade
“Champion of Champions”
The most prestigious title a Past Champion can hold
6 p.m., Monday, November 10
Magnuson Grand Hotel • (217) 324-2100
I-55 & Rte. 108, Carlinville
Winner Receives $1000 Prize Money + Trophy Plaque
One year ISAA Membership • ISAA Branded Merchandise
Guest Judges: Ralph Wade, Illinois International Champions Marcy Goldring-Edenburn, *Shane Ratliff, *Mike Espe (*invited)
Registration Form on Following Page
Call to All ISAA Champion Auctioneers
Join this esteemed group of Professionals in
Seeking the one, the only, “Champion of Champions” title
NOVEMBER 10, 2014
Ralph Wade One-on-One
30-minute sessions starting at 8 a.m.
ISAA Member Only
Students will be advised of time by email
Ralph Wade Seminar 1-4 pm
ISAA Member
Limited Seating–Register Today
Buffet Supper
Magnuson Grand Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn)
I-55 at Rte. 108, Carlinville, IL (217) 324-2100
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Amount Enclosed
Check No._____
Credit Card No. _______________________________
Contest of Champions
Illinois Champion in ______(year)
As of Press Time
First Runner-Up Logan Schmid, Champion Alex Belcher, Reserve Champion Abbey Schmid
Take Home the Hardware
Alex Belcher of Joe Ollis Auction Company, Buncombe, IL was selected by a panel of five professional Auctioneers as the 32nd Illinois State Champion Auctioneer. The annual state fair event is sponsored by the Illinois State Auctioneers Association and Farm Credit Services.
Belcher started competing in the contest in 1998 after receiving his college degree from Southern
Illinois University and graduating from Missouri Auction School. “By far, this competition has made
me a better person and a better auctioneer.”
In addition to being a licensed Professional Auctioneer in Illinois, Missouri and Texas, Alex also
holds an Illinois Managing Broker license. He is a member of Illinois State Auctioneers Association,
the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association, and the National Auctioneers Association. He won
the first annual ISAA Ringman Contest in 2007 and then went on to win the 2008 International
Ringman of the Year in Nashville, TN. He served six years on the ISAA Board of Governors and as
President in 2009. He won the Missouri Championship in 2011.
As the new State Champion, Belcher sold the prize winning steer at the Governor’s Sale of Champions for $100,000 shattering all previous records. He will compete in the International Contest next July
in Dallas.
The 32nd Annual State Championship Contest drew a standing-room-only audience as 15 of the
state’s finest Professional Auctioneers vied for the coveted title.
Abbey Schmid of Clinton was selected Reserve Champion and her brother Logan Schmid was
named First Runner-Up. Rounding out the Top Six were Les Crandall of Decatur, Larry Plank of
Tuscola, and Kyle Kelso of Macomb.
It was preview time at a typical Thursday consignment auction. There was nothing special about the day, as it was
the regularly scheduled auction, and there were many items on display. There were the usual suspects and a few new
buyers who had come to see what all the excitement was about. Everyone was browsing around, looking at what could
be their next purchase or an item that they simply could’t live without. All items were on display for the patrons to view
prior to bidding on them, just as it should have been.
One of the regular bidders came up to a staff person and
asked if he could view a pocket knife that had been on display
in a locked case for safety. This customer was a State Trooper
by profession and was always more interested in knives than
guns. The auction staff member unlocked the glass case, took
the knife from the display, and carefully handed the knife to the
prospective bidder. The customer attempted to open the knife after looking it
over. The pocket knife was different than
most, so the customer opened it with
difficulty, cutting himself in the process.
The staff member quickly alerted the
Auctioneer / business owner and explained to him what had happened. The
Auctioneer and the staff person did
everything in their power to make sure
that the customer was alright, but the
customer insisted that he was fine, that it was just a “little cut”.
Refusing treatment, he wrapped his finger with paper towel to
stop the bleeding and proceeded to view the other auction
The bidder went about his business at the auction as he
normally would, but with a cut finger. He sat through the entire
auction. He actually bid on the knife that he cut himself with,
but unfortunately was not the highest bidder. The man left after
the auction was over and never said a word to the owner or any
of the owner’s support staff about what had occurred earlier in
the day.
Approximately three weeks later the auctioneer received a
letter from the customer’s attorney expressing that the customer
had engaged counsel and had decided to sue the auctioneer
because he cut himself at the auction with the auctioneer’s
knife. Nobody at the site of the incident had thought that this
man’s wound had been all that serious, let alone needing
medical assistance. However, the customer claimed that he cut
a tendon in his finger and would need surgery and rehab to
nurse his finger back to health. Being a State Trooper, he
needed that specific finger for work as it was his shooting
Unfortunately, the auctioneer did not report the letter or
“notice of a claim” to his insurance company until four months
later when he received a second letter stating that he was being
sued for medical expenses due to the customer’s injuries. The
lesson here is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give the insurance company notice as soon as possible. Most policies have an
exclusion in them that allows the carrier
to deny a claim if “timely notice” is not
The good news is that the carrier, once
put on notice, opened a claim file and is
now working to settle the claim. The
claim is already up to $67,000 and still
growing. This amount is only the medical
expenses, so we anticipate the cost of this
claim will continue to increase.
Where is the coverage...? This
coverage is in the General Liability policy. This is part of the
bodily injury portion of the policy which states that if someone
gets hurt on your property, there is medical expense coverage
of usually $5,000 to $10,000 to cover the little stuff. If you get
sued, however, the occurrence limit of the policy can kick in to
cover the additional cost. In most cases the General Liability
policy will pay for the bodily injury claim, damages, and legal
It has now been almost eight months since the auction. The
insurance company has paid out over $67,000 to date, just in
medical expenses. There are still more medical bills, damages,
and the legal expenses of settling this claim to deal with. This
is still an open case, so it is impossible to say what the total
cost will be.
Where is the coverage...? What we do know is that had
the auctioneer not had a General Liability policy, he would
have been self-insured.
IT Risk Managers, Inc.
Larry Harb [email protected]
Jill Becker [email protected]
Update on Real Estate Auctioneer Certification
Margaret Vaughn
ISAA Lobbyist
After many months of waiting,
the IDFPR finally came up with a
draft of the Rules for Real Estate
Auctioneer Certification. They
were supposed to be unveiled at
the Real Estate Administrative
and Disciplinary Board on Aug.
14th and discussed by the Auction Advisory Board on Aug. 26th.
Both meetings were cancelled
due to lack of a quorum. However, the Auction Advisory Board
meeting was rescheduled for
Sept. 3 and I was able to attend, along with Virgil
Straeter and Darrell Adcock.
As we went through the Rules the item that appeared
to be the most problematic was the portion in Section
1450.1310(c) which would limit Auctioneers who had
been grandfathered under the Auction License Act (440s)
to the same as someone who was not grandfathered and
obtained their Real Estate Auctioneer Certification.
I was able to point out to the attorneys who drafted
the Rules that this was not the intent of SB 92. I explained the intent of SB 92 was to create a new certification for auctioneers who want to auction real estate but
had not been grandfathered (441s). That SB 92 was not
meant in any way to limit or narrow the scope of auctioneers who had been grandfathered. I was able to cite
specific language in SB 92 to support my argument.
Because the wording of SB 92 was very confusing it
would be easy for someone who was not involved in its
passage to misinterpret it.
The problem we discovered during the Auction Advisory Board is that because 440s are required to obtain an
Real Estate Auctioneer Certification if they are going be
doing real estate auction transactions with someone who
is not a 440 but obtained their Real Estate Auctioneer
Certification, it could be interpreted that the 440s real
estate activities are limited due to the fact that they would
now be holders of the Real Estate Auctioneer Certification. This was not the intent of the negotiations on SB
92, it appeared that the intent of was to insure that the
440s had the same knowledge as the new person they
were working with, which could be proved by completing
the Real Estate Auctioneer Course but the actual requirement that they had to take the additional step and obtain
an Real Estate Certification from the State seems to be a
red herring.
The attorneys from IDFPR were going to be reviewing the language again now that they had a better understanding of the intent of the law and its unintended
consequences. I have a conference call scheduled with
them to determine if this situation can be corrected in the
Rules or if we have to go back and amend the law.
Though the language in the proposed Rules as it
related to the Real Estate Auctioneer course did not
seem problematic, we are waiting to hear back from
Aaron Ensminger, the Director of Education at NAA to
see if it works at their end.
I will continue to keep you abreast of ongoing developments in this process.
Thank you for the giving me the privilege to serve you
Tips for Marketing Your Auctions in Print (Newspapers & Fliers)
Use Serif Fonts: Use “Times or Times New Roman” in your advertising. These are serif fonts
and will boost reading speed, and can increase comprehension by up to 300% over other fonts.
Use Larger Font Size: Even with a small ad space, use a larger font size (#12-#14). If your
primary audience is an older demographic, remember you need to cater to their visual needs.
Use Images: Use at least one clear photo. The photo will be the first thing they see in your ad
so make sure it clearly conveys the item.
Tips for Marketing Your Auctions on Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)
Rewa Boldrey
Time Your Posts: Schedule emails, status updates, tweets, etc. at the right time – when you are
most likely to have a captive audience with time on their hands. Late afternoon, early evening and
on the weekends tend to draw the most click-throughs.
Ask Questions: Posts with questions generate 92% higher comment rates than posts without questions. Be sure to
ask your question at the end of your post – that draws a higher comment rate than if the question is placed higher up.
Use Images: Photos attract 53% more “Likes,” 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs.
Facebook Manager
ISAA Professionals at
“Salute to Agriculture” Auction
Shown with Emcee Orion Samuelson (second from left) are
2013 Reserve Champion Les Crandall of Decatur, 2012
President Don Crist of Danville, and 2014 Ringman Champion Tom Walsh of Nokomis. Representing ISAA, they sold
packages of prize beef at the annual College of ACES “Salute to Agriculture” Auction on the U-I campus Sept. 6 prior
to the football game. After the event, they enjoyed watching
Illnois defeat Western Kentucky 41-34.
Wear Your Member Brand Proudly
NEW Warm Weather Cap
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Khaki with Red Bill
ISAA Logo on crown
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65% polyester, 25% cotton
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Men’s and Women’s
Lester, Don and ThomasSept. 6, 2014
Just a note to thank all of you for making today’s event so
entertaining. The auction is the “fun” part of the event and something everyone looks forward to. I greatly appreciate all of
you giving your time and energy and giving up your weekend.
Please know how grateful I am. Plus, we did SO well today!!!
So thankful! Hope you had a good time at the game!
Kendra E. Courson, Director of Special Events
College of ACES, University of Illinois
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Contact Terry Wilkey at 309-287-2808
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608-635-4319 or email
[email protected]
Some items may be backordered due to popularity
Governor’s Sale of Champions
A Big Day for ISAA Promotion
ISAA President-Elect Bill Houchens and
CEO Maxine O’Brien are shown with
Fair Queen Summer Robbins
after buying an award winning cheese.
Belcher sold the Grand Champion Steer for $100,000,
shattering all previous records.
Governor Pat Quinn took time
out to congratulate Belcher.
Emcee Orion Samuelson, an honorary member
of ISAA, smiles in amusement as Belcher
displays his award winning chant.
ISAA members who volunteered and bought commodities to make this a huge success: Alex Belcher, Bill
Decker, David Loy, Monte Lowderman, Jeff Prochnow,
Former State Representative Jim Sacia, Senator John
Sullivan, Lyle Lee, Jeff Prochnow, Bill Beck, Lee
Gaule, David Coker, Cory Craig, Maxine O’Brien.
Thank you Cory Craig for serving on
the Governor’s Sale Committee and
providing ISAA the opportunity to
showcase our champions.
Members and staff gathered after the
Governor’s Sale to celebrate a great day
of promoting the auction method
of marketing at the state fair.
(including members who left
before this group photo was taken).
Looking For
for Your
We would love to have YOU involved in our book ƉƌŽũĞĐƚ͕͞hŶƚŽůĚ^ƚŽƌŝĞƐ&ƌŽŵƚŚĞ
Auction Block͕͟and we are looking for YOUR stories!!
The book will be released ŽŶŽƌďĞĨŽƌĞ:ƵůLJϮϬϭϱ͘WƌŽĐĞĞĚƐďĞŶĞĨŝƚ^ƚ͘:ƵĚĞ͛ƐŚŝůĚƌĞŶ
Hospital and the National Auctioneers Foundation. The National Auctioneers
Association encourages your participation in this project.
Your topics may be from a wide variety including (for example):
Historical perspective of the auction industry
Auction stories to warm your heart
Funny auction stories
You Sold What?
Timing is Everything
Hidden Treasures
The ĞƐƚƵĐƚŝŽŶ/ŝĚŶ͛ƚDo
I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now
Stories are to be a MAXIMUM of 800 words in length. Deadline for all submissions is
March 1, ϮϬϭϱ͕ďƵƚƉůĞĂƐĞĚŽŶ͛ƚǁĂŝƚƚŚĂƚůŽŶŐ͊All stories are subject to editing for
space. If you need assistance with the typing/telling of your story, please let Tammy
know and someone will assist you with your submission.
To submit your stories (Word preferred) or for any questions, please contact Tammy
at: [email protected] or call (814) 360-4031.
The Fine Print: The Author of the book is Tammy Miller and the people providing
stories for the book are considered Contributors. No Contributors are paid to include
a story in the book and no Contributors receive any compensation from the sale of
the book. Contributors will be asked to sign a very brief contract regarding this aspect
of book contribution. The Author reserves right of refusal of stories.
12 CE credits must be acquired by the end of
December in order to renew your license.
Several Districts are offering CE as this newsletter is at press.
District Three, October 27, Farm Bureau, Galesburg
Distict Four, November 3, Elks Club, Pontiac
Districts Six and Seven, Pending Dates/Locations
ne CE
District 3 Ju
Check or call ISAA 608-635-4319
$25 per course for members • $75 per course for nonmembers
If CE is not offered again in your district,
you may attend any other District.
Jeff Prochnow reports that Chenoa Auction Gallery of Bloomington raised money to help the
Cummings family purchase a $6000 special motorized wheelchair for their 17-month-old daughter
Willow who has a muscle disorder. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience when Mr. Cummings
talked about Willow’s healthcare needs,” Jeff said. “The generosity of bidders was outstanding.”
Joe Orwig thanks everyone for supporting the benefit auction for fellow auctioneer Terry
Wilkey who is battling cancer. As lead auctioneer of the event, Joe thanks the 700 people from the
El Paso community, family, friends and fellow auctioneers who attended the benefit that raised over
ISAA raised $1285 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at the Fun Auction during the
February Conference and Show; Jim Folger exceeded previous revenues with $108,000 at his
annual St. Jude’s benefit; Maxine O’Brien reports that $5000 will have been donated to St. Jude’s
at the end of 2014 by students of Professional Auctioneers Continuing Education, LLC (PACE)
during the last two licensing bienniums.
Send your successes to ISAA to be
published in the next issue.
Help ISAA put together reliable statistics on what the Illinois auction industry does to support
your communities, churches and national groups. Please send the total dollar amount raised
at your benefit auctions and fundraisers so we can publicize this to consumers and the media.
Illinois Well Represented at
NAA Louisville
Brian & Sandy Curless, Isabella & Anna
Les Crandall, Kerry Lenhart, Marcia Lenhart
O.D. Holley, Kurt & Kelly Aumann
Chuck Pearson, Jerry & Chris Wallace
Vern & Pat Mariman, Ryan & Sarah Jordan
Glen & Susie Jordan, Daughter Paige
Shane & Jackie Ratliff, Emily & Ellie Rose
Kevin & Joanie Bunte, Pat & Terry Dunning
Rod & Irene Laningham, Renee Jones
Charles Drury, Alex Belcher, Abbey Schmid
Mike & Heather Espe, Sons Davis & Rhett
Lance Schmid, Marknet Staff
Maxine O’Brien, Husband John Hibner
Apologies if anyone was omitted
The National Auctioneers Association Auxiliary will award up to
three $2,000 scholarships at the NAA Conference and Show in
Addison, Texas next July. The program benefits members by
assisting their children and/or grandchildren as they pursue
higher education. Eligibility requirements are as follows:
A child /step child or a grandchild/ step grandchild of
an Auxiliary Member with continuous membership
since January 1, 2010.
 Candidates applying must be graduating from an
accredited high school and have been accepted into a
qualified college or university undergraduate study
program or a school of technology or candidates must
have completed the past year at a qualified college or a
university or a school of technology. (Undergraduate).
 Candidates can apply for this program more than once,
but can only be awarded the Auxiliary Scholarship one
 Auxiliary Scholarship Applications will be distributed by
“Request Only” Nov. 1, 2014 through Jan. 15, 2015.
 Return completed packet postmarked by Feb. 15, 2015.
 To qualify for Scholarship packet, please email Debra
Brock at [email protected] or by mail at 14501 Sundance St.,
Wichita, Kansas, 67230. Call with questions at 316-641-0748.
In Memorium
If you become aware of Auctioneers and/or their spouses who pass away, please notify ISAA at 608-635-4319 or
[email protected] so they can be memorialized in our newsletter and at the annual conference. Thank you.
Mark Barnard, Wayne City
Adam Bieri, O’Fallon
Lenny Bryson, Polo
Josepth Cotten Jr., Peoria
Joseph Cotten, III, Hanna City
Jeffry Foulks, Blue Mound
Ken Freeman, Cherry Valley
David Gerber, Elgin
John Harlan, Glenview
Dustin Hawkins, Albion
Jennifer Hickey-Selcke, Lombard
Bob King, Algonquin
Kent Korte, Metropolis
Bobbie Little, McLeansboro
Debbie Matt, Westchester
Frank Mazza, West Chicago
Jonathan Moon, Wyanet
Jonathan Mowrey, Milford
Jay O’Brist, Centralia
Larry Plank, Tuscola
Jeremy Rediger, Wyanet
Cathy Roesch, Belleville
Ronald Selcke, Jr., Lombard
David Swanson, Geneseo
Calvin Wilson, Olney
2014 IAC TOP 15: Ryan Jordan, Pana
2014 ISAA CHAMPION: Alex Belcher, Buncombe
BIRTHS: Weston Hunter Moss
Parents Matt and Bridget, Paris
Colton Michael Canning
Parents Blake and Jennifer, Murphysboro
WEDDING BELLS: Ryan and Sarah Jordan