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Sickness and Distress - Connecticut Elks Association
News and information by and for members of Winsted Elks Lodge #844 November-December 2014 Edition
Exalted Rulers Message
Greeting Elk Brothers and Sisters,
This fall season has treated us to beautiful weather and
fabulous foliage. We have had several successful events,
including our family clambake, soccer shootout, polish night and
fall pig roast. Thanks to the dedicated members who made these
functions an enjoyable event.
Special thanks to the officers and committee chairpersons for
working together to be well prepared for the District Deputy
Tony Roscello. He will send report to Grand Lodge of the
dedication Winsted Lodge has for Elkdom. During his visit, we
preformed initiation and Jan Wankowicz President of CEA
presented membership pins to 9 new members.
The Trustees have been working very hard moving tickets for
the drawing Nov 7. Please support their efforts by returning the
sold and unsold tickets so they can send the report to the State.
They have completed the repair to the water damaged walls in
the lodge hall and have painted them also. They have gotten the
permit for outdoor lounge fence and a date is being setup for the
fence installation.
Winter is around the corner and many things are happening at
the lodge stop down and enjoy yourself.
Brian Machowski
Exalted Ruler
A Message from the Secretary
Greetings Elk Brothers and Sisters,
Here we are in November already. Much has been going on at
our lodge. We have had our DD audit and did very well; we had
the DD visit with many dignitaries and guests in attendance. We
had 9 new members initiated. Our District Deputy Tony Roscello
presented Julie Machowski PER. a commendation from the
Grand Lodge congratulating Winsted Lodge #844 for growing
our membership during 2013-2014 year.
The food donation box is still in the grill room. We have
really been lax in donating. The food pantry is always looking
for cereal, peanut butter and jelly, tuna, mayonnaise, mac &
cheese, juices, baby food and food for the pets.
Tom Matthews and Debbie Angell painted the hall and it
came out wonderfully. Kudos to Vinnie for the paint color he
Beverly Balzarin
Lodge Secretary
Our Lodge Officers for 2014-2015
Photo by Debbie Angell
To Our Absent Members
The Elk’s ritual service is a privilege for all members. If you
would like this Ritual service for your deceased Elk family
member, please notify your Funeral Director or contact the
Lodge at 860-379-8045 to make arrangements.
Absent Members
It is our sad duty to report the death(s) of:
Member #2369 Al Jasch 9/10/2014
Sickness and Distress
If you or someone you know has a loved one who may be sick,
in the hospital or nursing home or may have passed away
please contact the editor of this newsletter at
[email protected] or leave a message with the Lodge at
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
From the Editor
Are you interested in staying current with the latest events
planned for our lodge?
Please consider providing your email address to this editor. In
doing so you are assured of getting The Antler prior to the issue
going in the mail and receiving the weekly reminders listing
upcoming events. Your emailed copy of The Antler will be in full
color compared to the mailed version which is printed in black
and white. If you are concerned about your email going public
rest assured your email will not be provided to anyone. Members
that are currently receiving The Antler by email should notify me
when they change their address otherwise you may miss an issue
or two of the newsletter.
Every issue of The Antler depends on the input of our
members to make it successful. Material for the next issue must be
submitted to me prior to Tuesday, December 23th to be included
in the (January – February 2015) edition of The Antler. Please send
your information via email to [email protected]
From your editor to all of you and your families, have a Safe
and Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Tom Wright
Newsletter Editor
From the Trustees
As we get closer to the end 0f our Annual Raffle, thank
you to everyone who promptly returned your tickets. A
huge thank you especially to all our members who went far
beyond selling what was given and came back for dozens
and dozens of more books.
This raffle is our major fundraiser. This allows our
Lodge to maintain & repair our facility, support programs
for our community and so much more.
If you haven’t sold or bought yours, and need us to
sell them for you, please return them ASAP!
Laurie Bessette
Hall Rental
Looking for a hall for a birthday, a wedding, or a party?
Remember the lodge has one that you can rent. Our
kitchen is available or you can request the House
Committee to cook the meal for you. Call the lodge for
details, after 4pm weekdays or after 2pm weekends.
By-Laws Revision Notice
Winsted Elks #844
By-Law Addition
Submitted by Debbie Angell, PDD
September 18,2014
Vote to take place during the lodge meeting on
Thursday, November 20, 2014
In compliance with the State of Connecticut
Incorporation Laws, motion to:
Create a Board of Directors to include the five
Lodge Trustees and four chair Officers (Exalted
Ruler, Leading Knight, Loyal Knight, and
Lecturing Knight) who will meet annually in April
to select a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer,
following the first lodge meeting of the year.
Thereafter, to meet monthly, notably prior to the
first meeting of each month, for the purpose of
transacting business to oversee the lodge. It is
suggested but not required that the chair be a
Trustee of the lodge.
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
Lodge Initiation-DD Visit 2014
The Winsted Elk’s Lodge #844
Their Veterans Officer
Photo by Debbie Angell
Pictured GL Officers Anthony Roscello DDGER , Rick Palanzo
PSP PDD State Officers Jan Wankowicz SP PDD,
Jon Arthur PDD, Mike Johnson PDD, Marlene Madzek PER,
Visiting Members Peg Roscello PER, William Coley,
James Coley PER,
Lodge Officers from Winsted #844
Winsted #844 9 new members Please welcome our new members
as of 10/16/14
Heather Rodriquez, Shana DeVaux, Eric Vaillancourt, Philip
Kostak, Staphanie Kennedy, Kimberly-lin Matthews,
Michael Underwood, Amie Wilt, Brian Dwyer
Also in attendance but not pictured were Louie Finn & Dave
Shaw from Newport RI #104
Need some Free time to
The Antlers have 2 events coming up. On Saturday,
December 6th they are doing an open house
from 10 to 3 upstairs at the lodge. We encourage all members
to stop in meet these awesome young people and learn more
about The Antlers.
On Saturday, December 13th from 1pm to 5pm The Antlers
are offering babysitting service upstairs
at the lodge from 1 to 5 there will be activities for the kids
and snacks will be available.
The fee is $2.50 per hour for one child, more than one child
just add another $1.00 per hour per child.
There will be adult supervision and several of the antlers are
certified babysitters by the Red Cross!
Cordially Invite your Veterans
To our 9th Annual Veteran Luncheon
Free for all Veterans
Sunday, November 9, 2014
Luncheon and Retiring of the Flags will follow at the Elk’s
Lodge at 75 High Street.
Baked Chicken
Roasted Potatoes
Soft Drinks
Cash Bar
For More Information call:
(860) 379-8045 or (860)307-5057
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
Elks Scholarships Contact: Debbie Angell,
PDD [email protected] / 379-5172
1.) MOST VALUABLE STUDENT (available to any
high school senior attending college in the fall)
The Elks National Foundation awards $2.44 million
in college scholarships to a total of 500 high school
seniors nationwide through its Most Valuable Student
scholarship contest. Applications are currently
available ON LINE.
The application deadline (on line ONLY) is
December 5, 2014.
High school senior and a U.S. citizen
Two $50,000 scholarships
Two $40,000 scholarships
Two $30,000 scholarships
14 $20,000 scholarships
480 $ 4,000 scholarships
Contact your local Lodge by
Ask your high school guidance counselor
2.) LEGACY AWARDS (available ONLY to children
and grandchildren of Elks members in good
Established in 1998, the ENF Legacy Awards
scholarship program offers 250 college scholarships
worth $4,000 each to the children and grandchildren
of Elks members.
The application deadline (on line ONLY) is
January 30, 2015.
College-bound high school seniors who are
the children or grandchildren of dues-paying Elks.
Judged on the core values of the Elks
National Foundation: Knowledge, Charity,
Community Service, Integrity
a deceased or disabled Elk Parent, who is a
college student)
In 1944, the ENF established Emergency Educational
Grants to help the children of Elks members who lost
their lives or became incapacitated as a result of
serving in the Armed Forces during World War II.
Today, this opportunity for college financial
assistance is available to all children from families
where an Elk parent is deceased or totally disabled.
Emergency Educational Grants provide college
financial assistance in the form of renewable, one
year grants up to $4,000.
All children from families where an Elk parent
is deceased or totally disabled.
Must attend an accredited U.S. college or
university as a full-time student
Must demonstrate financial need
Must be unmarried, under the age of 23 as of
Dec 31 in the year of the application
Deadline: Available by request between July 1 and
December 31, ON LINE ONLY
[email protected] or call the Elks @ 777-7554732
Elks Drug Awareness Program
Lodge Chairman: Debbie Angell, PDD
Contact Info: [email protected] 860-3795172
Since 1982, the Elks have developed an effective,
community based drug prevention program by
partnering with federal agencies to ensure the Elks
drug awareness program addresses the leading drug
abuse issues facing communities today. Did you
know that the largest volunteer drug awareness
program in the United States is the Benevolent and
Order of Elks. The Elks are committed to
eliminating the use and abuse of illegal drugs by all
members of society and believe that in order to
ensure a bright future for our country, it is essential
that our children be raised in a drug-free
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
launched , a website
for parents, educators, and caregivers. This site
consistently updates drug information and resources.
It includes information about marijuana use and
drugged driving; how to identify drug paraphernalia,;
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
why spice/K2 is a serious drug trend;how your school
can be involved in Red Ribbon Week and more. is NEW and for children.
Here you will find comic books, coloring books,
crossword puzzles and so many other wonderful
resources for children. Check this out!
Poster and Essay Contest NOW going on.
Theme: “Refuse to Use…You’re Never Alone”
Poster contest: Open to all children in grades 3-5.
Contestants MUST draw and color the official poster.
Judging on closeness to the theme, originality,
Neatness, Correct grammatical structure
Deadline: February 14, 2015.
Essay Contest: Open to all children in grades 6-8.
Contestants MUST complete an essay.
Judging on closeness to the theme, neatness,
originality, Correct grammatical structure
Hand written, or computer printed, 500 words or less,
8 ½” x 11” white paper (lined or unlined)
Deadline: February 14, 2015.
Greetings, Brother and Sister Elks,
As Elks, we have the ability to help our Community
stay a little warmer this winter. One of the biggest
problems in our area is the amount of individuals and
families that are in need of clothing, food and
sometimes even shelter. I have been witness to this
several times within the past year, but one time stands
out above all else.
It was a frigidly raw day last winter when a young
patient came in for an appointment. Her jacket was
half open, and her face, neck and hands were an ugly
red from the cold. I asked her where her gloves and
scarf were and she replied that she didn’t have any. I
asked her why she didn’t keep her jacket zipped up and
her response was that the zipper would not stay up.
My heart broke when I realized that this poor young
lady did not have the resources to buy winter
accessories. I gave her my scarf and favorite gloves
that I had worn to work that day. I have seen scarves
handed out to men, women and children. They do not
care what they look like, only that they help to keep
them warm. We Elks are fortunate enough to have the
ability to buy and/or make our own winter accessories.
Those less fortunate could use a scarf or hat on a cold
day, and as an Officer and Chairperson of our Lodge,
I am asking for your help. Our lodge was fortunate
enough to be eligible for a Grant from the Grand
Lodge; called The Beacon Grant, so that we can make
scarves and hats for those whom need them. Obtaining
the grant was the easy part, but now I am looking to
my fellow Elks to knit, crochet or loom these items. I
would also like to ask residents at local convalescent
homes (within our territory) to help knit these items.
I have purchased some yarn so please contact me or
see the bartender should you or a family member wish
to make scarves or hats. If you are unable to purchase
knitting needles, a crochet hook or a loom then please
let me know as I can get those for you. Once the
scarves are collected, we need to deliver them to area
Churches, Food Banks, Shelters, Town Halls and
Community Centers within our District. Together we
can wrap warmth around Northwest Connecticut and
help to keep those in need a little bit warmer this
Kelly Mallette
BPOE # 844
75 High Street
Winsted, CT
(860) 485-4950
[email protected]
Breakfast with Santa
Sunday December 7th from 9am to 11am
for kids 12 and under. Sign up sheets will
go up in the grille room November 1st
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
Dinner is served every Friday at 6:30 pm. Call
ahead to see what is on the menu.
“On the road again…..”
Casino Bus Trip
Novenber 8th
Tickets/Seats available
Contact Lodge at
Northwest District Soccer Shoot
If you like to cook, we are always looking for new
cooks. Remember, the club reimburses you for the
food; all you need is the time. Come to a House
Committee meeting (the last Thursday of each
month) and let us know when you can cook.
Pub food every Monday and Thursday 5pm-8pm
From Polish Night
Tom Matthews, NW District Soccer Shoot chairman pictured
with Tony Roscello, DDGER (Back row center) and those
Assisting which include the Gilbert School boys and girls
soccer teams as well as many Elks from Winsted lodge and
across the great N.W. District.
Polish Night was another huge success this year. The Polish
Night committee of
Andy Kapuscinski and Robert Bass wish to thank our chefs
Wanda Kapuscinski, Joanna Kasica
and Halina Karasek for preparing the wonderful meal.
Sunday, November 16th
Comfort Food Cook-Off
Enter your favorite comfort food
dish. Entrée and Dessert Categories
$5 donation for people’s choice vote
Judging starts at 3:00pm
For info call 1.860.379.8045
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
Elks Blood Drive
Our Ladies Bev and Kelly hard at work….
Local Merchants who helped support
our Annual Raffle
Winsted Diner: Asa Flint, The Bear Claw Coffee House:
Bob Rodriguez, John's Package Store: John Dimauro,
John's Import: Pat Dumauro, 101 Laundry: Tom Beckwith,
Berts Bottle Shop: Jeff Decker, D & M Autoworks: Donny
Travaglin and Mike Winsor, Levine Auto: JimDietlin and
Matt Peters, Ledgebrook Spirits: Chris Battista, ABC Pizza
Shop: Tom Koutroumanis, New Image Hair: Janet Stack,
True Value: Jim Jackson, Brian Kalay and Ken Johnson,
We collected 23 pints of blood
H. C. Chairperson Melissa with a welcoming smile
To see more pictures and videos of our events
visit us on Facebook at /
Winsted Payment Center: John Yasar, Sears: Farley
Hubbard, Stop and Shop and Winsted Super Saver: John
Dwan. They either sold our tickets or allowed us to sell
them at their stores.
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
~ November 2014 ~
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4 Election Day
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Veterans Day
11 Veterans' Day
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20 Lodge Meeting 21
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Burgers & Dogs
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Antlers Holiday
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Prime Rib
House X-mas Get
10 Human Rights Day 11
Trustees Meeting
21 Winter Solstice
House Comm Mtg
25 Christmas
Chicken Tortellini
Breakfast with
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
Hello to my Brother and Sister Elks,
As the holidays fast approach, I have the perfect gift idea for your loved ones, which will also help our Lodge
to reach one of our yearly fundraising goals. Each year, the Connecticut State Elks Association donates
$100,000.00 to Connecticut Childrens Medical Center, and each lodge is asked to raise money for this great cause.
Last year, the State Elks Association asked for a commitment of $1,000.00 from our lodge. Because of your help
with the various fundraisers done throughout the year, we raised $1,178.00. The requested goal this year from
the state is $1,400.00, and I would like to see us raise $1,500.00 for this great cause. This is why I am asking you
to support Connecticut Childrens Medical Center through my first fundraiser this year.
Partylite Candles offers a Candle fundraiser which will donate 50% of sales to our Organization. What a great
way for you to get some Christmas shopping done while helping our lodge reach our goal. There are one wick
candle jars with over 30 different scents that will burn from 40 to 60 hours, for $15.95 (includes $.95 for tax.)
There is also a 2 wick glow light jar that burns for 60 hours, and has 4 different scents. That candle sells for
$27.65 (includes $1.65 for tax.) It’s really cool because the whole jar glows while it’s burning.
Please stop by the lodge to check out the candle brochure behind the bar, and to see which scents are available
to order. Consider picking up a brochure and selling to your friends and family. If you take a brochure and sell
a bunch then the candles will ship directly to your house. The brochures should be at the lodge no later than
Monday, November 3rd, and the fundraiser will last for two weeks. I will need all orders and money in to the
lodge no later than, Sunday November 16th so that we can have your orders to you by the beginning of December.
You can pay by either cash or check, with checks made payable to BPOE # 844.
This is a great way to do some Christmas shopping, and a great way to support your lodge. Please do not
hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, would like to order, or would like to help with this
fundraiser. This is a win win for everyone, as together; we can help to reach our goal while supporting a great
Respectfully Submitted,
Kelly Mallette
Major Projects Chairperson
BPOE #844
75 High Street
Winsted, CT
[email protected]
(860) 485-4050
A Fraternal Organization in Winsted since 1903
Winsted Elks Lodge #844
75 High Street
Winsted, CT 06098
Address Service Requested
Non - Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Winsted, CT
Permit No. 69
Please Process
Winsted Lodge Officers for 2014-2015
Brian Machowski .............................Exalted Ruler
Kenneth Kostak ................................Leading Knight
Karen Papp .......................................Loyal Knight
Thomas Matthews............................Lecturing Knight
Beverly Balzarin ...............................Secretary
Timothy Angell, PSP, PDD .............Treasurer
Andrzej Kapuscinski .......................Esquire
Kelly Mallette ...................................Chaplain
Robert Doyle .....................................Inner Guard
Pam Zablocki ....................................Tiller
Vacant ................................................Organist
Ed Tullock .........................................5 Year Trustee
Laurie Bessette..................................4 Year Trustee
Susan Koloski ...................................3 Year Trustee
Vince Ferrante, PDD ........................2 year Trustee
Jonathan Beach, PER........................1 Year Trustee
Larry Winn, PDD .............................Honorable Mention
Julie Machowski PER &
Melissa Kapuscinski ..... House Committee Chairman
Monday ............................................ 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Tues - Thurs ..................................... 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Friday ................................................ 3:00 PM – Closing
Saturday ........................................... 1:30 PM – Closing
Sunday .............................................. 12:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Winsted Elks Lodge #844
75 High Street
Winsted, CT 06098