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Jobs and Growth Strategy
for Pendle
201 3 – 202 3
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Executive Summary
Our Vision
Our Business – more thriving businesses
Provide suitable sites to accommodate business growth
Encourage diversity and innovation in our existing and new start businesses
Increase the number of high growth businesses particularly in advanced manufacturing
Provide an effective business support service stimulating innovation and private sector investment
Our People – a highly employable workforce
Improve aspiration and attainment
Increase the number of higher skilled jobs.
More effectively link education with the needs of employers – employer engagement
Increase youth employment – reduce NEETs and provide more apprenticeships
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Our connectivity – improved networks
Improve road networks
Improve rail service
Maximise the use of superfast broadband
Our Place – improved housing and image
Provide a balanced housing stock
Improve the image of Pendle so it is recognised as a place of choice for people to live and work
Measuring Our Progress
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Welcome to Pendle’s Jobs and Growth Strategy.
This Strategy reflects our ambitions for economic growth and job creation in Pendle. We want to increase the prosperity of Pendle so that everyone in our
communities is able to enjoy a better quality of life. We aim to do this by creating the right conditions for companies to thrive and grow so that they create
higher value jobs for our growing population.
The Jobs and Growth Strategy articulates clearly what our ‘growth story’ is for Pendle and how we aim to contribute to the Lancashire Enterprise
Partnership’s (LEP) Strategic Economic Plan for Lancashire. We recognise the importance of this given the LEP will have to negotiate a Growth Deal with the
Government if it is to secure investment for economic growth in our area. Our aspirations for economic growth are shared by the business community. The
Pendle Vision Board has endorsed this Jobs and Growth Strategy and we will work with a range of partners to deliver the actions set out in the Strategy.
I believe that by implementing this Jobs and Growth Strategy, we will have a more prosperous Pendle, a place where people want to live, work and play.
Councillor Joe Cooney, Leader of Pendle Council – December 2013
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Executive Summary
At the heart of the Government’s plan to reduce the national budget deficit is a rebalancing of the national economy and the creation of economic growth. A
fundamental part of the plan is that every place should have the opportunity to participate in this economic growth. Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) like
the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP), which are business-led, have been established by the Government as the drivers of economic growth in their
local areas.
All LEPs will have a Strategic Economic Plan which will form the basis of a negotiation between the LEP and the Government for a Growth Deal. The Growth
Deal will result in the Government providing a share of the Single Local Growth Fund in return for economic growth in a local area. This Strategy sets out how
Pendle aims to create economic growth in the Pendle Area which will contribute to the growth aspirations of Pennine Lancashire and Lancashire as a whole.
The Pendle Jobs and Growth Strategy has four strands:o
Our Business
Our People
Our Connectivity
Our Place
– To create more thriving businesses. The focus here is to provide sufficient and suitable land for economic growth;
– To provide a highly employable workforce to meet the demands from local businesses as they grow;
– To improve road, rail and digital networks to bring businesses, employees and residents closer together;
– To ensure there is sufficient quality housing in Pendle.
Each Strand has a number of key outcomes supported by evidence of need and the issues and opportunities with delivery. These will require more detailed
work to be undertaken not least ensuring that the right planning framework is in place to support the Strategy so that Pendle’s growth aspirations can be
The delivery of this Strategy will involve a range of partners. The Strategy is supported by the Pendle Vision Board, Pendle’s local partnership of leading
businesses, Nelson and Colne College, Regenerate Pennine Lancashire and Lancashire County Council, all of which will have a part to play in the delivery of
the Strategy. This Strategy is also consistent with the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership’s Growth Plan for 2013/14 and, therefore, the emerging Strategic
Economic Plan. This is important as it will provide Pendle with the best opportunity of accessing the funding from the Single Local Growth Fund allocation
made to the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership as part of their Growth Deal.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Our Vision
Our Vision for Pendle is:
This Jobs and Growth Strategy sets out the priority actions that aims to
stimulate the Pendle economy to grow as Britain emerges from the
economic problems of the last 5 years. While future economic growth will
be subject to the influences of external factors beyond local control there is
scope for effective action to be taken by Pendle and its Partners to help
stimulate it.
It is evident that as well as striving to attract inward investment the most
“A vibrant economy that creates high quality
effective way to stimulate economic growth in Pendle is to nurture existing
companies to become more innovative and encourage new businesses to
jobs to support business growth which leads to
start and grow. To ensure success Pendle needs to provide its
businesses and entrepreneurs with:
a prosperous population.”
the right physical conditions for companies to thrive and grow
appropriate business support
a skilled and flexible workforce
good communication networks
In support of this there will need to be
good and affordable housing choice
an image that encourages people to choose Pendle as a place to
live and work.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
To achieve this Vision, activity is required on all of these elements. Resources to deliver the jobs and growth plan are limited so it is
important that all the agencies in the Borough support the Vision and work together to achieve its outcomes. Illustratively, the Jobs and Growth Strategy is
as shown in the diagram below:-
Jobs and Growth Strategy
OUR BUSINESS – More thriving businesses
Despite the pressures of a prolonged economic downturn the Borough has maintained a relatively stable number of businesses (2,975) and jobs (30,700).
Pendle businesses are predominantly SME’s. Over 90% of the enterprises based within Pendle employ under 20 people and many of these have started and
grown within the Borough. These companies tend to have a loyalty to the local area and Pendle has one of the highest percentages of companies in the
County with an age of 10 years and more. This capacity to develop home grown companies with an allegiance to the local area is something we want to
continue to nurture by providing the right conditions for entrepreneurship to flourish. This requires having suitable premises for fledgling businesses to
establish and sites which will allow their expansion and growth plus providing access to the right advice and business support to help them thrive.
Pendle businesses are keen to promote their area and support its growth. In February 2007 a group of key employers and private sector businesses came
together with the aim of improving the future for Pendle. This group is now known as the Pendle Vision Board. The members come from diverse sectors
of the economy high-tech manufacturers, leaders of retail and service industries and managers from the health service and other public agencies come to
offer their expertise. Their aim is to give a voice to the private sector in advising Pendle Council on long-term economic development, lobbying for funds and
promoting the Pendle Advantage (a great place to live, work and play). This Jobs and Growth Strategy has priorities in common with those identified by the
Vision Board.
To increase the number of thriving businesses in Pendle we will focus our activity on four action areas:
1. Provide suitable sites to accommodate business growth
2. Encourage diversity and innovation in our existing and new start businesses
3 Increase the number of high growth businesses particularly in advanced manufacturing
4. Provide an effective business support service that stimulates innovation and private sector investment.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
1. Sites to accommodate business growth
Key Outcome
There are insufficient suitable industrial sites available and
A supply of available and suitable employment land that
companies wishing to relocate, expand or move into the
meets business needs and in particular a strategic
Borough are unable to do so. There is potential to create
employment site in an appropriate location in the M65
employment sites by bringing parts of Brierfield Mill back
Growth corridor.
into use and extending West Craven Business Park and
both of these options will be progressed. Identifying a new
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
strategic employment site in addition to these is vital if
The current lack of suitable industrial land is hampering
Pendle is to retain its successful growing companies or
future growth in the Borough. Pendle has an industrial
attract inward investment. Ideally our new strategic
legacy of old mill buildings which do not provide suitable
employment site should be located within the proposed
accommodation for modern production methods and are
Burnley/Pendle Growth Corridor in order to give
often poorly located in residential areas.
companies connectivity to the national motorway networks.
The portfolio of sites currently available in Pendle is very
We propose to bring forward an extension of the
limited. There are a number of small sites scattered
successful Lomeshaye Industrial Estate at
around the Borough but currently we do not have a
Nelson as a strategic employment site. This site,
strategic site which could provide accommodation to an
which has direct access onto the M65, has the
expanding local company or an inward investor needing to
potential to create a substantial number of jobs in
build new accommodation with floorspace over 10,000
the Borough.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
2. Encourage diversity and innovation in our existing and new start businesses
Key Outcome
the Pendle economy to have greater diversity
Systems Ltd. It is vital to the local economy
A more diverse economy with increasing
and not rely on this one sector for all its jobs
that companies in this sector continue to thrive
numbers of high value jobs.
and provide highly skilled and relatively well
paid jobs which in turn lead to an increased
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
Traditionally the area grew on the textile
demand for the local services, housing and
Manufacturing is the largest employment
industry. Now the strength of the local
increased spend in the local economy.
sector in Pendle. The Pendle economy has
economy derives from the advanced
always been heavily dependant on
manufacturing sector which is a source of
The second largest employment sector is
manufacturing and exceeds the national profile
higher value employment. Advanced
public administration, education and health.
for the percentage of jobs in this sector. In
manufacturing includes companies in
As well as the Borough Council, Pendle is
2011 over 30% of its 30,700 jobs were in the
aerospace, electronics, and environmental
home to Nelson and Colne College and the
manufacturing sector compared to 13.8% in
technology. Pendle has a significant cluster of
Health Trust but with continuing cuts in public
Lancashire and 8.7% nationally. Whilst the
these businesses especially in the aerospace
services public administration is not seen as a
Government endeavors to rebalance the
sector. Examples of the internationally
growth sector for the future. However the
economy and the Lancashire Enterprise
renowned manufacturing companies located
presence of the College is an important factor
Partnership seeks to exploit Lancashire’s
here include Rolls-Royce plc, Weston EU Ltd,
in supporting the growth sectors of the
inherent strengths manufacturing is recognised
Silentnight Beds, Wardle Storey plc, Hope
economy with a skilled workforce and giving
as a strength both nationally and sub-
Technology, Euravia Engineering Co Ltd,
local residents the skills to access the
regionally, it would benefit the sustainability of
Graham Engineering Ltd and ACDC Lighting
available job opportunities.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
The third strongest employment sector in
stay overnight. This would increase the level
Supporting a culture of enterprise is a
Pendle is the distribution, hotels and
of spend in the Borough from these visitors.
driver for business growth and diversity. We
restaurants sector. One of the largest
The LEPs Growth Plan identifies the visitor
will do this by:
employers in the retail sector is Boundary Mill
economy as a sector with great growth
which employs over 750 people and attracts
potential and will be developing a Delivery
businesses with advice and financial
over 2 million visitors per year. The visitor
Plan to unlock opportunities
assistance through the Gearing up for
economy in Pendle has growth potential; in
Continuing to support new start up
Growth programme.
Working with partners at Regenerate
particular there is capacity for a new hotel to
Pendle is most notably below the national
boost the overnight accommodation for both
profile in terms of employment in the Finance
Pennine Lancashire to bid for funding
tourist and business visitors. A large number of
and the IT sector which clearly has capacity to
to provide programmes such as LEAP
visitors to Pendle come to take advantage of
grow in the future. It is important that there is
which helps new businesses get off the
its beautiful countryside which provides
diversity in the local economy as there are
ground by providing intensive training,
opportunities for walkers and cyclists of all
dangers in relying on manufacturing alone.
mentoring, HR coaching, social
abilities. The majority of these are day visitors
Growing the underrepresented high value
enterprise and international trade
but there is potential to capitalise on this
service sector would meet this need.
support to new businesses and those
footfall by providing more leisure facilities and
that have been trading less than 36
accommodation to encourage more people to
Jobs and Growth Strategy
3. Increase the number of high growth businesses particularly in advanced manufacturing
Key Outcome
access to finance plus work with partners to ensure the success of
Focus on developing high growth businesses especially in the advanced
applications for funding to continue the provision.
manufacturing sector
The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) highlights the
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
economic potential of the advanced engineering and manufacturing sector
There are some thriving companies located in Pendle however as
and its supply chains and recognises the strength of this sector in
mentioned previously there are issues around low business formation and
Lancashire. The LEP Growth Plan 2013/14 describes an emerging ‘Arc
low value employment
of Innovation’ which links world class clusters of industry, technological
The annual number of vat registered businesses as a proportion is
development and research excellence. This Arc which starts in Lancaster
8.3% which is below the County 9.3% and Great Britain 10.2%
includes the proposed Burnley/Pendle Growth Corridor and crosses the
The hourly pay of full time workers in 2012 was £10.97 compared to
Borough to take in the companies located in West Craven including world
£12.87 nationally
renowned Rolls-Royce.
There are a number of areas where we can support new business
The Pendle Jobs and Growth Strategy also recognises that retention and
formation. One is to support a more pronounced and embedded culture
growth of businesses in this sector will help to boost the number of higher
of enterprise so that people from all backgrounds see that setting up a
value jobs in the Borough. This sector also supports a strong service
business or social enterprise is an option. This needs to start early with
sector which is a sector that Pendle needs to grow. We need to focus on
enterprise education in schools and colleges. We also need to promote
creating the right conditions for business success in the advanced
the range of support that is available including advice, premises and
engineering and manufacturing sector and their related supply chains.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
4. Effective Business Support
Key Outcome
As well as an adequate
We will be actively directing our
A comprehensive programme of
Creating a comprehensive
signposting service for
companies to access support
support for companies to enable
package of support requires
businesses there needs to be an
from Boost Business
them to maintain a competitive
agencies at all levels, local,
effective lobby to ensure we can
Lancashire which is the
advantage and stimulate private
regional and national, to work
access funding to provide the
Lancashire Business Growth
sector investment.
together so that scarce
necessary support to meet local
Hub led by the Lancashire Local
resources are used effectively
circumstances as well as more
Enterprise Partnership. The aim
Evidence, Issues and
and avoid duplication. There
generic national support. We will
of Boost is to grow the county’s
also needs to be clarity for
work with the Lancashire
economy by £20m and create at
It is vital in this age of
businesses to know what is
Enterprise Partnership to bring
least 1,200 new jobs and
globalisation that companies do
available and how to access it. It
resources to the area through
safeguard 700 more by 2015.
not remain static, they need to
is important that Pendle
the funding sources available
Boost will help growth-hungry
constantly improve their
businesses are made aware of
including the Single Local
businesses to realise their
production processes and
what is on offer and that they
Growth Fund, Regional
potential by providing simple
explore new markets to remain
take maximum advantage of it.
Growth Fund and European
access to a range of leading-
competitive. Expert support is
Increased employer
Regional Development
edge funded programmes,
essential as companies explore
engagement will help direct
delivered by specialists with a
new ways of working and
businesses to the best source of
track record of growing
particularly take advantage of
established and innovative start-
overseas markets.
up businesses.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
At the sub regional level
and £1m to high growth
Enterprise Lancashire
Regenerate Pennine
provides quality independent
investment in improved
help and support to both
premises and or introduction
of new production process
Lancashire is an economic
development company owned by
Pennine Leap – is free
individuals looking to start a
the County Council and 5
business start up support
business and new businesses.
The Chamber of Commerce
Pennine Local Authorities
stimulates private sector
improve skills in the
including Pendle. They offer:
Lancashire Innovation
East Lancashire provides
workforce by supporting
Accelerating Business
Network - provides free
business support with specific
graduate recruitment
Growth (ABG) which is a
impartial advice, guidance and
emphasis on gaining new
competitive grant scheme (£50 –
financial assistance to
markets both at home and
£150,000) that will help to fund
businesses with potential to grow
abroad, increasing sales and
business growth projects across
through the use of new
reducing costs
Lancashire which commit to:
technology and innovation.
Pendle Council continues to
significant job creation, additional
investment from other sources,
The Fuse Fund – is a
support this agenda with its
and major impact on the
competitive capital grant scheme
Gearing up for Growth
(£5 - £50,000) that will help new
programme and annual
businesses to finance growth
Business Month which:
Lancashire economy.
Accelerating Business
projects creating new jobs and
Growth Plus (ABG +) offers
investment across Lancashire.
grant support between £150k
provides workshops to give
businesses support in
moving their businesses
This programme has a proven
track record. In 2012/13 it
resulted in 29 new businesses
starts, supported growth in 31
businesses, led to the creation of
provides financial support for
96 new jobs and stimulated
new start business
increased private sector
investment of over £4.5m.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
OUR PEOPLE – A highly employable workforce
A skilled and flexible workforce is essential to business
It is important to have a skills agenda that links business to
competitiveness and productivity. Skilled people especially
education from an early stage. School children need to be
leaders and managers enable constant innovation which leads
aware of the opportunities in local companies so that levels of
to growth and sustainability. The availability of people with the
aspiration and attainment are high from an early age. This link
right level of skills is one of the elements companies look for in
needs to continue as students progress to college and
deciding where to establish themselves.
university. Plus we need to have the skilled jobs that will retain
these people with high aspirations otherwise we run the risk of
Pendle is represented on both the Pennine Lancashire
highly qualified graduates not returning to the area once their
Employment and Skills Board and the Lancashire Enterprise
studies are completed.
Partnership. They aim to bring together the supply and demand
sides of the labour market and ensure that skill levels match the
This is a long term agenda but one which will benefit the local
needs of employers. The Pennine Lancashire Employment and
economy. Our Jobs and Growth Strategy will focus activity on
Skills Board identified its priorities:
four action areas:
to provide an interface between education and business to
improve outcomes;
to increase higher level Apprenticeships and
to support the delivery of effective Information, Advice and
1. Improving aspiration and attainment.
2. Increase the number of jobs in the higher skilled managerial,
technical or professional roles
3. More effectively link education and work to ensure business
gets the training it requires – employer engagement
4. Improve youth employment, reduce NEETs and increase
Jobs and Growth Strategy
1. Aspiration and attainment
Key Outcome
In order to raise attainment levels to meet the
The College has a comprehensive
Work with schools to make students aware of
growth needs of local companies there needs
apprenticeship programme and is proactively
the job opportunities locally and seek to boost
to be closer links between education
recruiting both students and companies
levels of aspiration and attainment
and the world of work. There are
To raise aspirations the Council, Pendle Vision
opportunities to improve skills levels in the
Board and the College hold an annual Work
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
future through Nelson & Colne College. The
Inspiration event attended by local
Pendle does face a challenge in improving skill
College has a state-of-the-art campus which
companies and 13-14 year old school children.
levels in the local workforce. Level 2
has benefited from a recent investment of
It is a practical event where students can learn
qualifications have become the minimum
£21m. It is well placed to meet the needs of
exactly what is on offer in local companies and
needed to get a job yet 36.2% of the Pendle
businesses through its outstanding
what they need to do to get employment in the
workforce has not got these qualifications.
apprenticeship provision with success
future. It gives pupils an insight into the world
Currently the percentage of pupils gaining an
rates well above the Lancashire and national
of work and the range of employment
NVQ level 2 and above is 63.8% which is
rates and its active involvement on the Pendle
opportunities locally, the aim being to raise
below that of the County 70.1% and Great
Vision Board and the Pennine Lancashire
aspiration and attainment levels and provide
Britain 71.8%. Whilst performing better for mid
Employment and Skills Board.
local companies with a workforce that meets
level qualifications there is also a serious
Apprenticeships are an important way of
their future requirements.
shortfall at higher level qualifications. Only
giving students a practical entry onto a career
18.7% of the working population can claim
path and giving companies the opportunity to
NVQ4 and above whereas the national
develop its workforce with support from the
percentage is 34.4%
Jobs and Growth Strategy
2. Increase number of higher skilled jobs
Key Outcome
Companies moving their products up the value chain providing increasing
numbers of skilled job opportunities.
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
The data showing distribution of employment of residents by occupation
highlights the lack of people in higher skilled managerial, technical or
professional roles (only 31.4% compared to 44.0% nationally) the
dominance of manufacturing is reflected in the proportion of employees
working in Skilled trades occupations (17.6% compared to 10.5%
Being able to offer a skilled local workforce is one of the qualities higher
value companies will look for when considering relocating. Plus any move
to more knowledge based jobs will require increased educational
attainment. The challenge is to ensure that there are higher skilled jobs in
the Borough so we retain skills in the workforce and give our young people
something to aspire to. If we are successful the workforce will have
sufficient skills and development opportunities to fuel employment growth
in higher value occupations otherwise such employment opportunities may
locate elsewhere.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
3. More effective links between education and work to improve understanding of each other’s needs
with regard to workforce development
Key Outcome
To improve this situation we need to have a
Recently the College, Council, County Council,
Improved links between Nelson and Colne
clear understanding of the current skills gaps,
and Job Centre Plus have worked together to
College and local companies to ensure that
employer needs, ways of improving
provide the Apprenticeship and Training
both have an effective understanding of each
productivity and future skill requirements
Centre in Nelson which aims to link
other’s needs
based on job growth. Clearly this is a complex
employers to the training and skills
task given the diversity of the local economy
development of young people and to recruit
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
and the disparate training requirements. As
young talented people locally. The new centre
There is a need to bring together the supply
member of the Lancashire Skills Board,
will act as an information hub to inform
and demand sides of the labour market to
the College is participating in research to
schools, colleges and training providers about
ensure that skill levels match the needs of
clarify what is required. The Skills Board has
essential skills requirements for employers
employers now and in the future.
already secured European funding for
helping education to meet the needs of
Workforce and Local Response Funding
A recent employer skills survey carried out by
valued at £7.3m. In addition both the College
the North and West Lancashire Chamber of
and Council are working together at more
Commerce suggests 31% of responding
effective Employer Engagement by sharing
businesses had difficulty recruiting staff due to
their knowledge of local company
skills gaps
requirements and opportunities.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
4. Improve youth employment - reduce NEETs and increase relevant apprenticeships
Key Outcome
earnings, poor health and life satisfaction.
At a local level the Nelson and Colne College
Reduction in the number of NEETs (16 -18
This impacts on both the individual and on the
NEET Engagement Team is working
years olds who are not in education,
local economy.
closely with Jobcentre Plus, Young People’s
employment or training) and increase the
Service, Together Housing and other partners
The need for our young people to grow up
to direct disengaged young people towards
prepared for the future is recognised at all
training and development that will provide
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
levels of government. It is a key priority in the
them with the skills to gain the first rung on the
Pendle has a high percentage of its young
Lancashire County Council Corporate Strategy
employment ladder. In particular young people
people (16-18 years old) who fall into the
and the Young People’s Service works
will be given pre-study and pre apprenticeship
NEET category 7.2% compared to County
intensively with young people to help them
training to enable them to progress into
6.3% and nationally 6.1%. It is widely
identify and address their barriers to
employment or training. This activity will be
recognised that spending a period of time as a
progression and to minimise the length of time
based at the College and in the community to
NEET can have a negative impact on a young
that an individual remains NEET
meet the needs of the young people identified.
number of apprenticeships.
persons life including unemployment, reduced
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Apprenticeships are recognised as a key component in the drive to
Increased employer engagement will help support an increase in
increase economic prosperity and a main route for young people (18 – 24
apprenticeships on offer. Due to our strong SME base it is important that
year olds) to gain skills in the workplace. It has also been shown that
employers and apprentices have access to flexible programmes.
companies who take on apprentices benefit significantly. By supporting
Individuals must be able to aggregate placements across more than one
businesses to increase the skills of their workforces, recruit and retain
business to achieve a full apprenticeship, with progression routes through
talent, in particular young talent we can support businesses to grow and
to Level 4
benefit from increased productivity and competitiveness.
There is a highly successful and respected national programme of
The majority of apprenticeships in Pennine Lancashire are in traditional
Apprenticeships which is being delivered locally through Nelson and
industrial sectors but we need to ensure that apprenticeships are
Colne College. The Nelson and Colne College’s Apprenticeship
available in the growth sectors of advanced manufacturing and ICT. We
Academy has an apprenticeship success rates that are amongst the
anticipate growth in apprenticeships will come from business start ups,
best in Lancashire.
existing businesses expanding and businesses locating in the area.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
OUR CONNECTIVITY - Improved road rail and digital networks
Effective Connectivity is a key component for growth.
Provide better access to education and employment
Good transport links allow businesses, suppliers and
Improve people's quality of life and wellbeing
customers to come together and allows people to get to
Improve the safety of our streets
work, to access services and to see friends and visit
Provide safe, reliable, convenient and affordable
places. Conversely poor transport links can be a barrier to
transport alternatives to the car
growth and impact adversely on quality of life. Traffic
Maintain our assets and
congestion brings delay and disrupts communities; road
Reduce carbon emissions and their effects
accidents cause injury and suffering; vehicle emissions
affect local people's health and contribute to global
As part of this document a set of Highways and Transport
environmental problems.
Masterplans are currently being produced that cover all 12
districts of the County. Pendle is covered by the East
There is a strong perception locally that East Lancashire
Lancashire Highways and Transport Masterplan.
as a whole is poorly connected, with both road and rail
networks making it difficult for people and goods to move
The County Council's Local Transport Plan (LTP3) sets out
the transport priorities until 2021.It aims to:
Improve access into areas of economic growth and
The Pendle Jobs and Growth Strategy will seek to ensure
that our local priorities are included in the East Lancashire
Highways and Transport Masterplan to bring about:
1. Improvements to the road network
2. Improvements to the rail service
3. Maximise the use of superfast broadband
Jobs and Growth Strategy
1. Improvements to the road network
Key Outcome
The M65 plays an essential role in the
Skipton. The A6068 eventually connects with
A new Colne - Foulridge bypass to improve
economy of Pendle and East Lancashire,
the A629/A650 dual carriageway Airedale
journey times, reduce congestion and
connecting people and businesses internally
route at Crosshills north-west of Keighley
improvement in roads linking into Junctions 12
as well as providing the primary means of
and13 on the M65 to open up opportunities for
access to the M6, particularly for freight.
The A6068, as it passes through the North
economic growth
Future employment opportunities and priorities
Valley area of Colne, carries traffic of around
will continue to be along this corridor.
25,000 vehicles per day including over 1,300
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
heavy goods vehicles. Not surprisingly, this
Whilst road links to the west and south are
The M65 ends abruptly west of Colne, leading
causes severe problems, with congestion and
reasonable, connections to the east are
to frequent long delays on Vivary Way and
delays throughout much of the day. The
ineffective, not least because the M65
North Valley Road to the north of the town
standing traffic affects local air quality and the
motorway finishes abruptly just to the west of
centre before the A56 route heads in a north-
road effectively severs the North Valley
easterly direction to join the A59 west of
housing areas from all amenities in Colne.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Colne to the A56 north of Foulridge. This would remove a significant
volume of through traffic from Colne and the village of Foulridge, and
benefit the local communities in terms of improved road safety, reduced
noise, improved air quality and reduced severance. Importantly, it would
not preclude the reopening of the Colne to Skipton railway
On current plans, this Colne - Foulridge bypass could be delivered by
2021 and at a cost of £34m. Its progress is dependant upon securing the
funding so a strong economic case for the bypass needs to be made to
ensure it goes ahead.
The M65 is clearly of major strategic importance but it is also vital that
roads linking to this strategic route also have the capacity to support
growth plans. In particular roads linking in to junctions 12 and 13 may
need improvement. A study is being undertaken to explore this issue
The County Council has a long standing proposal to build a bypass of
further. The Burnley/Pendle Growth Corridor study focuses on the
Colne and Foulridge and a route for the road has been protected. In
M65 between Junction 8 at Hapton and Junction 13 at Barrowford and on
August 2012, the County Council commissioned the M65 to Yorkshire
the local road network that links the motorway to key development sites.
Corridor Study to investigate whether a bypass was still the most
This study will link to the work done through the M65 to Yorkshire corridor
appropriate solution to Cone's problems and if so, whether the old scheme
study. The study will identify where highway improvements may be
was still the best route to take forward. That study has now been
needed to ensure that capacity, reliability and safety issues do not hinder
completed and recommends the a bypass of around 6km of new, modern
economic growth.
standard single carriageway road linking the M65 or A6068 Vivary Way in
Jobs and Growth Strategy
2. Improve the rail service
Lobby for an improved service to and
from Colne station
Evidence, Issues and
The relatively low patronage
will enable a quicker direct rail service
figures for stations to Colne
from Burnley to Manchester. An
show just how poorly Pendle is
improved rail service from Colne
served by rail.
into Burnley would allow residents to
take advantage of the faster service to
Rail links in Pendle and East Lancashire
The rail network ends in Colne following
Manchester once the Todmorden
as a whole are either far from adequate
the closure of the line to Skipton in the
curve is in place. This would have a
or completely non-existent:
1970’s. Colne is served by one train an
positive impact giving local residents the
Journey times to Manchester,
hour which runs on the East Lancashire
advantage of reduced journey times to
Leeds and Preston are lengthy
Line to Preston and Blackpool South.
neighboring centres of employment.
and require a change of train.
Skipton, on the other hand, is on the
Rolling stock is generally of poor
Airedale Line and is served by frequent
As part of the East Lancashire Highways
electric trains that reach Leeds in around
and Transport Masterplan, a Rail
Fast, frequent and reliable
40 minutes. The replacement of the link
Connectivity Study is to be undertaken
access by train to Manchester
could therefore give a faster connection
which will consider, amongst other
Airport is of critical importance,
between East Lancashire and Leeds.
matters, the existing network and the
yet there are currently no
through services from East
services that run on it.
There has been a successful campaign
to re-open the Todmorden curve which
Jobs and Growth Strategy
3. Maximise the use of superfast broadband
Key Outcome
Increase the number of businesses using superfast broadband
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
Digital connectivity is increasingly seen as a vital component for any high growth company. Pendle is included in
the rollout of superfast broadband in Lancashire and it is expected that 97% of the Borough will have
coverage by 2015. Following the rollout we need to ensure that potential business users are fully
aware of the range of services that superfast broadband will enable in order to ensure maximum take up.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
OUR PLACE - Improved Housing and Image
The Borough of Pendle sits in the east of the
transport links, good schools, a mixed high
country with the move to out-of-town retail
County of Lancashire along its border with
quality housing stock and a good quality of life.
shopping and the internet. However Nelson
Yorkshire. It has strong links to Pennine
has recently benefitted from investment to
Lancashire which is made up of the 6 local
Together with the quality of life, the
open up the high street and improve the public
authorities (Pendle, Blackburn with Darwen,
attractiveness and perceptions of the towns
realm. It was also awarded funding through
Hyndburn, Burnley, Ribble Valley and
and communities within the Borough help to
the governments Portas scheme and has a
Rossendale). Pendle is the largest Borough
attract and retain skilled people and to boost
strong town team in place to try to address the
after Blackburn with Darwen within Pennine
tourism. Pendle has six urban centres, the
level of vacant units currently in the town.
Lancashire having a population of 89,600.
towns of Nelson, Colne and Barnoldswick form
Pendle’s population is growing with an
the principle service centres along with the
The delivery of the housing agenda is
expected 11% increase by 2035. There will
smaller towns of Brierfield, Barrowford and
dependent upon other key strategies notably
therefore be significant increase in housing
Earby. These towns are surrounded by
the Local Development Framework Core
provision alongside a need for new jobs. We
beautiful countryside much of it designated an
Strategy. This document will provide a more
need to be able to offer an attractive package
‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ making
detailed view of the situation than can be
to retain businesses and attract investment
Pendle an excellent place to live as well as
included here but we need to emphasise its
including a range of job opportunities, effective
work. The largest centre Nelson has suffered
importance to the local economy and support
along with other small towns throughout the
the needs and activities they highlighted.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
With its international manufacturing companies, quaint market towns set in glorious
countryside Pendle is far from the collection of mill towns it used to be but the image
of the area has failed to keep up with the pace of change. Many visitors to the area
are surprised at what they find here and this plan will seek to increase the profile of
the Borough with the aim of making it more attractive to inward investors and
enhance the pride of local employers and residents in their Borough.
To increase the attractiveness of Pendle as a location for business we will focus our
activity on two action areas:
1. Continue to work towards a balanced housing stock
2. Improve the image of Pendle so it is recognised as a place of choice for people to
live and work.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
1. Housing
Pendle has a range of housing accommodation catering to all income
Strategy will identify a number of strategic housing sites to be
levels. It is however recognised that there is an oversupply of smaller two
developed to help meet this requirement.
bedroomed pre-1919 terraced properties and there has been recent
investment in specific areas to try to provide a more diverse mix of new
Despite reductions in house prices since the housing market crash the low
and remodelled property. The Borough also needs to have a supply of
wage levels in the borough have meant that there is still a significant need
executive housing that will attract and retain those in high skilled
for affordable housing, with waiting lists increasing. The Council’s Local
employment. It is important that the Borough has a mixed stock of quality
Development Framework will set a flexible affordable housing target based
housing to cater for the spectrum of need and aspiration.
on scheme viability.
Key Outcome
The Council is developing a number of sites through the Joint Venture with
A more diverse mix of high quality and sustainable housing that meets the
Barnfield Investment Properties and this includes the provision of
need of a growing population
affordable housing where viable. We are also bringing forward housing
sites to sell on the open market.
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
Well planned areas of new housing can help to sustain town centres and
The Borough has a high but falling number of vacant properties with
services, strengthen the employment and skills base and improve the
6.7% of properties being vacant in 2012. Pendle has been successful in
quality of the environment.
tackling this problem through active engagement with owners of the more
Work on the Core Strategy has revealed a projected increase in population
problematic long-term vacants. Continued targeted action is required in
of 445 per annum and a consequent need for additional housing. Pendle
certain parts of the borough where there are higher than average
has a housing requirement of 265-310 homes per annum and the Core
Jobs and Growth Strategy
2. Image
Key Outcome
number of vacant premises in the Borough.
accommodation providers but few hotels
A campaign to raise the profile of Pendle as a
Nelson did receive a boost from over £2m
providing overnight accommodation for tourist
place to live work and play.
investment to recreate the high street and its
and business visitors. It is part of this plan to
public realm in 2011and in 2012 it was
support the provision of a destination leisure
identified as one of the Portas towns. It is
attraction in the Borough to increase the length
Evidence, Issues and Opportunities
important that this focus on Nelson continues
of stay of visitors to the area and their
Pendle is an attractive Borough with pleasant
until it has an improved footfall and achieved a
contribution to the local economy.
market towns set in magnificent countryside
stable retail offer. There is now a strong town
but it still retains the down market image of a
team in place with membership from local
northern industrial town. The Pendle Vision
traders who are seeking to put measures in
Board recognised that this as an issue for the
place to bring about a positive change in the
future growth of the area and is seeking to
promote ‘The Pendle Advantage’ - a great
place to live, work and play. Recently the
Tourism and leisure is a sector of the
Council has highlighted the benefit of a
Pendle economy which has potential to grow,
targeted campaign to improve the image of the
bring more diversity to the local economy as
Borough and is working towards promoting
well as enhance the quality of life. Currently
‘Brand Pendle’. The Vision Board also
the Pendle countryside attracts a lot of visitors
highlighted the need to assist in the
but they tend to be day visits which do little to
regeneration of Nelson which is the town in
increase the income of local service providers.
Pendle which still has the highest
There are a number of small bed and breakfast
Jobs and Growth Strategy
The Pendle Jobs and Growth Strategy highlights activities that we
need to focus on to achieve our common vision ‘a vibrant economy
that creates to more jobs to support business growth and a
prosperous population’. This will require working closely with
partner agencies and the private sector.
This is a long term Strategy and it is important that progress
towards our goal is monitored and disseminated on a regular basis
to aid momentum in achieving success.
Success will be measured against a set of project performance
indicators which are currently being developed.
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Appendix 1
Strategic Framework
Advanced and automotive manufacturing,
activity identified in the Pendle growth plan
Aerospace and Aviation, Creative, Digital,
will be included in this document for
The Jobs and Growth Strategy for Pendle does
ICT and New Media, Energy and
Pennine Lancashire
not stand in isolation it reflects the strategic
Environmental Technologies, Business
objectives and focus at both the County and
and Professional Services, Visitor
Pennine Lancashire levels.
Lancashire Enterprise Partnership
The Lancashire Growth Plan 2013/14
Create the right conditions for business
success. A common objective for Pendle
Reclaim Lancashire’s role as one of the
Refocus the local skills system to make it
nation’s key centres for advanced
more responsive to business skills
manufacturing – this is one area where
demands. A common objectives for
Pendle can make a significant contribution.
The Lancashire Growth Plan identifies the key
opportunities and challenges in the economy
Maximise the economic value and benefits
Ensure Lancashire’s major transport
of an emerging arc of innovation across
projects are fully aligned with delivery of
Lancashire - the arc links world class
key economic priorities A common
Its focus of activity is in line with Pendle
clusters of industry one of which is
objectives for Pendle
strategic growth objectives:
Barnoldswick the home of Rolls-Royce
and is committed to deliver economic change.
and several other advanced manufacturing
Establish Lancashire as a natural home for
following growth sectors,
Strengthen Lancashire’s strategic case
making and refresh the area’s offer to
attract new investors and businesses A
high growth companies the LEP have chosen to focus on the
Oversee and develop complimentary Local
Growth Accelerator Strategies. The
common objectives for Pendle
Jobs and Growth Strategy
Pennine Lancashire Investment Plan
and 13 of the M65. At junction 12 is the landmark grade 2 listed Brierfield
Mill which offers major housing and employment opportunities providing
Pennine Lancashire is the five Boroughs of Blackburn with Darwen,
5,000 sq.m. of floorspace on a 2.8 hectare site. Junction 13 offers two
Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle and Rossendale. The Pennine Lancashire
strategic employment sites with further expansion on Lomeshaye Industrial
Investment Plan sets out the key strategic priorities for Pennine
Estate and Barrowford Business Park offering an additional 22,000 sq.m.
Lancashire and reflects the ambition to drive both jobs and housing growth
of floorspace and over 500 jobs.
in the area.
The benefits of Pendle to the Pennine Lancashire Investment Plan are:
The plan focuses activity across four priority themes:
Business and economic development
Housing growth and place
Physical and digital connectivity
1,500 private sector jobs across Gateway sites
Direct M65 connection with nearby Skipton, Leeds, Preston and
50 Homes under construction and 125 new homes/apartments for
future delivery
The Investment Plan highlights the Pendle Gateway. The Pendle
Gateway provides strategically aligned development sites on junctions 12
A joint venture company, Pearl 2, to deliver and facilitate growth

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