January/February 2014 - Family Campers and RVers



January/February 2014 - Family Campers and RVers
Kansas Camper
January/February 2014
KCA a State
Chapter of
The Kansas Camper is the official publication of the Kansas Campers Association Inc. of Family Campers and RVers. The Kansas
Camper is published six times a year. Subscription is included in the membership fee for Kansas Campers Association Inc.
Kansas Campers Association Inc. holds two camping conventions each year, one the first weekend in May and the other over Labor
Day weekend. Information will be carried in the Kansas Camper preceding each convention giving location, fee and schedule.
Kansas Campers Association Inc. Board of Directors
Harold & Lori Johnson, (316-721-0651), E-mail [email protected]
Vice President…..
Forrest & Faye Tennyson, (620-251-3403), E-mail [email protected]
Florence Fox, (785-228-2579), E-mail [email protected]
Acting Treasurer…..
Bob & Kathy Schreck, (316-680-2058) E-mail [email protected]
Past President……...
Tom & Ilene Young, (913-909-6085), (913-909-9978) E-mail [email protected]
State Directors…..
Earl and Ivalee Vanderhoff, Ivalee (316-830-2115)
Earl (316-253-8200) E-mail [email protected]
Area I Executive Committeemen:
Area II Executive Committeemen:
Area III Executive Committeemen:
Area IV Executive Committeemen: Marty & Barbara Mashak, (620-459-6737) [email protected]
Area V Executive Committeemen
Forrest and Faye Tennyson, , (620-251-3403) E-mail [email protected]
Bill & Karen Hickerson, (316-282-5207) E-mail [email protected]
Chapter Development:
Conservation & Wildlife:
John & Charlotte Hendrick, (316-684-5267), E-mail [email protected]
Dorothy Cole, (316-755-5792) (316-755-5791) E-mail [email protected]
First Aid/Safety:
David & Barbara Hyle, (316-841-0385), E-mail [email protected]
Tony & Ann Newport, ( 316-776-2779) E-mail [email protected]
Nominations & Elections:
Teen King:
Anthony Tennyson - Parent Thomas Tennyson, E-mail [email protected]
Teen Queen:
Mercedes Tennyson - Parent Thomas Tennyson, E-mail [email protected]
Youth Director:
Georgiana Denisar, 785-865-3679), E-mail [email protected]
John and Georgiana Denisar, (785) 865-3679 E-mail [email protected]
KCA Presidents Message
the expense of funding the fair booth and the
time commitment to coordinate the fair booth is
quite significant. At least for 2014, it was
agreed that we should try other recruitment
methods and therefore established the before
mentioned $25 fund and as well as the $10 state
campout discount program for member and
Spring State 2014 is being held at the Kansas
State Fair RV Park and encampment building
May 2-4, 2014. The planning committee is
comprised of Ilene Young, Barb Mashak, and
Lori Johnson. I can't speak for the committee
but I would encourage you to contact them if
you have ideas, would like to help, or if your
chapter would like to do something special at
Spring State.
A reminder that Keith Koontz is heading up the
nominations committee for our 2014 KCA officer elections and Keith would love to hear from
you if you have interest in serving as an officer.
Officer terms are for 2 years.
Lori and I wish you a very Merry Christmas
and a healthy and prosperous New Year along
with great camping fun!
Harold & Lori Johnson
As I write this it is 20 degrees outside and we
are in the busy holiday season. I will say that
I'm already ready for the warmer months and
the start of the camping season. In a few weeks
it will be Christmas and Lori and I hope that
you and your family are well.
At our Annual meeting held this year in October the executive committee approved the updated Kansas Campers Association bylaws with
one change from what we sent out prior to the
annual meeting. The change is to retain the
term "executive committeeman" instead of using "representative". I expect to have the updated bylaws published on our KCA website
after the first of the year (www.ksfcrv.org). For
those that don't have easy access to the Internet
remember that most public libraries offer computers with Internet access and generally have
staff that will assist.
The KCA board decided to discontinue the
"yellow discount card" $10 discount for attending a prior year state campout. In its replacement, and to encourage new and prospective
members to attend a state campout, the board is
offering a $10 discount to any KCA member
that registers and brings a guest that registers
and camps in their own separate camping unit.
The guest will also receive a $10 discount and
can be a new KCA member that has never attended a state campout, or a prospective KCA/
FCRV member. Inviting someone to attend a
State campout is a great way to introduce them
The KCA board also decided to offer each
KCA chapter a $25 fund that can be used to offset expenses related to member recruitment.
Recruitment costs might be postage and mailing
expenses, or other expenses that relate to recruitment. The funds will be distributed on
submission of receipts and/or other proper
documentation with a limit of $25 for each
The executive committee and KCA board also
decided to discontinue the Kansas State Fair
booth. While we have gained members over
the years from contacts made at the State Fair,
“Truly an Experience you Won’t Forget”
316-835-3443 866-935-3443
On 93 Acres-180 Large Sites with 30/50 amp hookups;
Storm Shelters, Monthly & Long Term Sites,
Rental Cabins & RV’s, Tenting, Pool, Fishing Ponds,
Clubhouse, Recreation, Weekend Activities & Meals.
A Great place for Groups.
A Family Friendly Park-Annual Memberships Available
Located 12 Miles West of I-135 on US 50
Near Hutchinson, Newton & Wichita
Visit our Web-Site: www.springlakervresort.com
E‐Mail Address: [email protected] 3
State Directors Note
May 2 – 4, 2014– Kansas Campers Spring
State Campout, hosted by the officers of KCA
It may be after Christmas but we still send
greetings to everyone and hope that your holiday was great. Now we need to work on our
plans for 2014. Are you ready?
We have lost a few in numbers for the state
and we need to work to earn more members.
Hopefully the chapters will come up with a plan
for your group that will help you with meeting
and inviting others to join you to camp. Look
at friends, fellow church folks, neighbors, and
when the weather is better, the camper next to
you. Don’t look just at your own age group.
Venture out and meet others. A wide age range
in a group will help it to survive for a longer
time. Let’s get busy and get to work.
We will travel during January, February, and
part of March. The last of March will find us at
the International Retiree Campout in Canton,
TX. It’s not that far away so think about joining us if you can camp during the week. Give
us a call if you need help getting a registration
Don’t let the cold weather stop you in your
planning for 2014. We always enjoy going to
the camping sites that we know but try out
some new ones. When we get the plans for the
chapters, we will publish them in this newsletter. Read them over and get some ideas of
places you might enjoy.
We plan to enjoy 2014 and hope and pray that
everyone will have a great year. See you camping down the road.. Earl and Ivalee Vanderhoff
May5 – 9, 2014 – Sunchasers Retirees Campout, Winfield Fairgrounds, Winfield, KS.
July 7 – 12, 2014 – FCRV International
Campvention in Essex Junction, Vermont
August 11 – 10, 2014 —Regional Campvention, York, Nebraska.
August 29 – September 1, 2014 – Kansas
Campers Fall Campout
October 6 – 10, 2014 – Sunchasers Retirees
Campout, Winfield Fairgrounds, Winfield, KS.
Feel free to contact the state directors if you
need more information on any of the above
Regional Directors Note
Another camping season is closing
down. Some of our members have already
headed south, some will be going soon, and
some of us will remain in the north. Hopefully
you will have a good winter wherever you may
be. Remember to keep trying to promote
FCRV with your winter neighbors. We really
have to keep working on gaining new members.
As you are planning your 2014 camping schedule, be sure to include the dates for our re-
March 25 – 30, 2014 – 42nd National Retiree
Rally at Canton, TX.
April 11 – 13, 2014 – District II Spring Thaw
Campout, Winfield Fairgrounds, Winfield, KS.
April– 18 – 21, 2014 – District III Campout,
Four Seasons RV Park,
April 25 – 27, 2014 – District I Campout,
EAST: 3 miles east of Andover on North Side of HWY 54
WEST: Wichita RV, 10810 west Kellogg, Wichita, Ks, 67209
gional. It will be held in York, Nebraska, August 7-10. Since the national campvention is in
Vermont, many of us will probably not attend
because of the distance. Let's make a real effort
to get together in Nebraska. Hope to see you
Glenda Sellers
Kenneth Dennett passed away December 8,
2013. Kenneth & his wife Betty were member
of the Kyotees & Sunchasers.
Reports for the March/April issue are due no
later than February 10th.
When sending reports by e-mail please put,
“Report KCA Newsletter” in the subject line.
Include your Chapter name and if possible
send .doc files instead of .docx. The editor has
no easy way of opening .docx files.
Velma Clark, 87, of Temple, Texas, formerly of
El Dorado, died, Oct. 12, 2013. Velma’s
Daughter, Carol Kay Olcott, was once the KCA
Send reports to: [email protected]
Send Snail Mail reports to:
364 Republic Rd
Lawrence, KS 66044
Dusters: (Vermillion)
Man Kans: (Manhattan)
Mustangs: (Holton)
October 18-20 eight members of the Mustangs
enjoyed camping at Oregon Trail RV Park in
Westmoreland. A large (second largest in Kansas) hand dug well is adjacent to the campgrounds. We enjoyed visiting other area attractions that included Hoffman Pharmacy with its
original soda fountain, Oregon Trail Park at
Scott Springs, Rock Creek Valley Historical
Museum Complex and Wamego. The museum
at Westmoreland has memorabilia from Whizzo
the Clown and his circus family and also items
of interest from the Marlboro Man. The museum also houses many historical items from
the early settlers of the area. On Saturday
Vanita and Harlan joined us for lunch at South
Forty Café. Then we held our meeting at the
campground and enjoyed cookies and ice cream
for Vanita’s birthday. Sunday morning we gathered for breakfast and had pancakes.
On November 15 twelve members and two
guests met at Perkins for our November meeting. We planned our 2014 camping schedule
and enjoyed dinner and visiting.
December 8 several members plan to attend
Miracle on 34th Street at the Columbian Theater
in Wamego. The next meeting will be December 13 at Perkins, and we will be collecting
Heartland Park, Topeka
7530 SW Topeka Blvd.
April 25 through 27 2014
Cost: $55
BINGO, Saturday Morning Breakfast
And Supper, Evening Entertainment followed by Hospitality. We will hae games,
C.A.M.P. Coloring Contest for all Ages, Sunday Church Service and Memorial Service
for those in District 1 Camping Further Out.
Campfire Campers: (Northeast KS)
We met at the Timber Creek Lodge in Louisburg, KS for our November meeting. Plans
were made for our December meeting. We will
be meeting at the First Christian Church,
Topeka, KS for supper with Florence baking
the turkey and others bringing the rest. We will
be bringing gifts for the Topeka Rescue Mission. We’re also making plans for our 2014
schedule. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Linda Smith, Secretary
canned goods for a food bank at Holton.
Polly Coulter, Acting Recorder
Cole, Vice President – Dale and Evelyn Mishler, Secretary-Treasurer – Forrest and Faye
Tennyson, Board of Directors – Albert and
Charlotte Nitz and John and Alberta
Layton. Committee chairmen will be Executive
Representative – Forrest and Faye Tennyson,
CAMP – John and Alberta Layton, DASAT –
Bill and Evelyn Carinder, Conservation – Bill
and Wanda Minor and Wildlife – Bob and Neta
Our December meeting will be held at the
Oswego First Methodist Church on the 14th of
December. This will be our Christmas dinner
and gift exchange. Hosting will be Bill and
Wanda Minor and Bob and Neta Conway.
Reporter Evelyn Mishler.
Wagonears: (Berryton)
Wyandots: (Kansas City)
April 11—13, 2014
Winfield Fairgrounds, Winfield KS
Camping Fee: $40 includes electricity
Fun, Games, Hospitality, Fellowship, Flee Market, Programs, Pot Luck
Contact: Gerry Matney (620) 442-2404
Kansa Travelers: (Augusta)
KansaTravelers met at Spring Lake RV Resort
the weekend of Oct 19. Five units took part in
the activities of the resort.
October 25-27 we camped at Napawallah Park
in Oxford. We had 6 units camping and 1 drive
in for Saturday evening pot luck. Friday we
caravanned to Montana Mikes in Winfield for a
good meal and visiting. The Mid Kansas Chapter of Good Sams were camping at the same
place. They had reserved the shelter and shared
their campfire with us.
Saturday and Sunday morning, Glenn & Lynda
made breakfast treats for us, very good.
Saturday afternoon the K.T. ladies went “to
town”. We checked out the treasure’s & things
Kanokliners: (Caney)
The Kanokliners met for a noon luncheon and
business meeting on October 19th at the Sirloin
Stockade in Coffeyville. We were originally
schedules to go to Copan Lake in Oklahoma but
with the government shut down the facility was
closed. Joining us for lunch were former members Frank and Donna Wahl of Caney. Dale
Mishler gave the nominating committees recommendations for officers and committee
heads for 2014. In November we met at the
Golden Corral in Bartlesville, Ok. Officers
were elected and will be President – Dorothy
Thanks for renewing your
2014 dues. If you have a
blue mark on your newsletter label this indicates this
will be your last newsletter
unless you have paid your
2014 dues. The labels were
printed early so if you have
paid there still may be a
blue mark on your label.
shop. Two other shops were happy to see our
group because several purchases were made.
Our Saturday evening pot luck/soup dinner was
shared with the Good Sammers in the toasty
warm shelter, and a swell campfire. Sunday
morning we had a short devotional time led by
Bill. We enjoyed our morning in fellowship,
prayer and nature. Before breaking camp we
all caravanned to the Old Mill for Sunday dinner. YUM!
November 2, there were 15 members attending
dinner at Logan’s Restaurant in Towne East
parking lot at Kellogg & S. Rock Rd. Invitations were sent out to all the prospective new
members, but none attended.
Our next indoor meeting is December 7th at
3:00PM at Logan’s in Towne East parking lot,
Wichita. Some of our members are already in
Texas and others will be leaving in a few
weeks. Jan 18th we will meet at 3:00PM at
Pizza Hut in Augusta.
Reporter, Beverly Koontz
Drifting Clouds: (Concordia)
Eager Beavers: (Salina)
La-ZZZ Swingers: (Abilene, Talmage)
Pony Expressers: (Washington)
Peacemakers: (Medicine Lodge)
Pratt Fireliters: (Pratt)
Sunflower Ramblers: (Buhler)
The third weekend of October brought a mixture of weather as we camped in the River Road
Campground at the Great Salt Plains Lake in
Oklahoma. The sites are along the Salt Fort of
the Arkansas River facing high red dirt bluffs.
The overflow and river were busy with active
pelicans making for the perfect place to appreciate nature. Four couples braved the rain,
sleet, snow and sunshine. Friday evening we
snuggled inside the motor home with hot
chocolate, popcorn, apples and good friends.
No room to dance but plenty for story telling.
Saturday was dry and we were able to view the
Salt Plains and see some of the selenite crystals
dug up by a family. Digging for the chocolate
brown crystals is not allowed after October
15th but they had climbed around the gate. Jim
and Brenda Carpenter were hosts for the weekend and gave us a tour of the area.
Sunday morning Jim & Brenda fried doughnuts
for us for breakfast. They tasted especially
good on the cool morning. We weren’t the only
ones enjoying the campground, it was close to
being full.
In November the Carpenters hosted a group of
twenty-five at the Lumberyard Restaurant in
Zenda. Before the meeting we visited the
town’s museum and saw wooden replicas of
Ky-O-Tees: (Wichita)
Newton Nomads: (Newton)
The Newton Nomads met at Country Lakes
Café in Marion. Lou Roberts was hostess. After our meal we moved to Hilltop Manor for our
meeting. President Bill Hickerson conducted
the business meeting. We made out our calendar for 2014 and assigned hostess duties. KCA
dues were collected. Local dues were paid.
We held election of officers. Meeting was adjourned. Lou furnished snacks and drinks while
we played 3-13 and visited. Karen Hickerson
will be having surgery on December 6th. We
were pleased to have Donna Pankratz as a
guest. Lou Roberts Secretary.
Old Forters: (Ft. Scott)
Teepers: (Belle Plaine Area)
different buildings in Zenda in years gone by.
Quite an undertaking by the builder and the
lady making them so unique. We thank Jim &
Brenda for hosting again. The food was good
and the fellowship even better.
We have two new couples in our chapter. The
Bartels from Buhler and the Heins from Augusta. Welcome to the Sunflower Ramblers.
Reporter – Eileen Naasz
secretary, respectively. Their commitment extends beyond the office and is greatly appreciated.
With two potlucks and hospitalities each morning and evening, we didn’t lack for nourishment.
A highlight of the week has become our field
trip on Thursday afternoon. We pack a sack
lunch and car pool to a destination. This year
we went to the Wheat State Wine Co. southeast
of Winfield. We had lunch on the patio surrounded by their beautiful grounds followed by
a tour of the winery and a tasting of their wines.
One of their wines, Ad Astra, was the 2012
wine of the year in Kansas. Some of us went
on to Dexter to the Henry Candy Company.
It was a great week enjoying friends and having
a good time.
The next rally is May 5/9
(arriving on Monday and leaving Friday morning.) Many come in on Sunday afternoon before the rally starts for more time to visit. Acting Reporter – Eileen Naasz
Kan Teens:
Good weather graced the October fall session
of the Kansas Sunchasers in Winfield at the
Fairgrounds. The Kansas Sunchasers are a
chapter of retired campers and anyone able to
camp during the week is welcome.
As usual, we played all types of games which
included a spirited game of bean bag baseball
with gracious losers and proud winners. Green
Frogs, bring your guns (water) in May for a
shoot out at noon!
Speakers were Becky Reid, Kansas Research &
Extension Agent and Diane Caton with the
Kansas Volunteer Commission. Becky shared
ways to be prepared and to recover from a disaster and Diane told us about opportunities to
volunteer. She said Kansas ranked 7th in the
county for the number of volunteer hours the
Commission tracked. We are checking to see if
hours FCRV members volunteer could be included in the state total. Julie Neufeld from
Newton demonstrated some new Tupperware
items that would be handy while camping or at
Entertainers for two evenings were Brad Fritz
and Melody & Allen. They played the old music that we knew and loved. Movie night featured “Second Hand Lions” and lots of popcorn.
Keith & Beverly Koontz and Kathy & Bob
Schreck agreed to another term as treasurer and
Did you know four chapters in Kansas have
their own websites as well as the KCA? Go
to ksfcrv.org/ (the Kansas Campers Association) and follow the links to the Kansas Sunchasers, Suflower Ramblers, Kansa Travelers and Campfire Campers. Check them out!
National Campers & Hikers Assn.
Kansas Campers Association
c/o Editor
364 Republic Rd.
Lawrence, KS 66044
Wichita, Ks
Permit No. 711
The official publication of the Kansas Campers Association

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