21st—24th August 2012
How we express ourselves
Central idea
Stories can engage their audience and communicate meaning.
An inquiry into
What a story is
What stories convey
How stories are created and shared
Feelings and emotions that stories evoke
Skills and concepts covered this week
Sequencing and understanding the story : ‘The Empty Pot’A folk tale from china
Getting acquainted with a new culture - China
Gained knowledge on importance of being honest
(connected with what stories convey)
Audio-visual of the story, ‘The Empty Pot’
Sequencing the story, ‘The Empty Pot’
Pre-reading skillsStudents were engaged in
Group discussion and brainstorming stories, ‘At School’,
Jasper’s Jungle Journey’, ‘Getting Up’ , ‘Why The Sun and The
Moon live in The Sky’.
Introduction to letter T
Reinforcement of letter S and A
Pre-Writing Skills 
Sand scribbling
Tracing curve patterns
Vocabulary Introduced tea, tent, tiger, tail, team, table, trophy, ten, time, tortoise,
toffee, tongue, trunk, tub, tickle, t-shirt, trumpet, tuesday,
truck, treasure, toilet.
Introduction to letter T
Children were
Introduced to number 3
Sorting and grouping objects
Reinforced number 1,2 and shape circle
Introduced concept inside/outside
Writing practise of number 1 and 2 Reinforcement of shape ‘circle’
Introduction to number 3
Children were introduced to
Pashua ke naam (Names of animals)
colour Kala (black ) and Safed ( white )
Gol aakar ( circle )
Information Communication Technology
Students were acquainted with the usage of the mouse
through simple online drag and drop activities at:
Students practised singing of simple major scales in ascending
and descending order
Hindi song (“Ek Kauwa Pyaasa Tha“) related to the current Unit
of Inquiry was taught
Rhythmic exercises on small
percussions were conducted
Simple English songs (“Halwawallah” and “500 Miles”) were
taught in class
Students were
Introduced to exercises related to
flexibility and balance
Played ball games
Laughing exercises
Swimming- floating exercises
Story time
To do list:-
Literacy: Worksheet– Trace
and write letter T.
Numeracy: Worksheet- Trace
and write number 3.
Best Wishes
Ms. Tannu Sharma
Ms. Hema Chadha

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