HR Diversity Council Brochure



HR Diversity Council Brochure
Harrisonburg Rockingham
Chamber of Commerce
Diversity Council
Executive Committee
Lee Croteau, VBS Mortgage
[email protected]
Member Spotlight Coordinator
Charity Shahan, Northwestern Mutual
[email protected]
T h e Ch a mb e r ’ s Di ve r si ty C o u n ci l h e l p s
t o co n n e c t a n d d e ve l o p a r e a l e a d e r s
s e e ki n g to d o b u si n e ss o r g r o w th e i r
o r g a n i za ti o n , b y c o n n e cti n g i n t o a
p o we r f u l n e t wo r k th r o u g h l e a d e r sh i p
a n d a d vo c a c y, u si n g a n d p r o vi d i n g
e d u c a ti o n , n e t wo r ki n g , a n d p r o b l e m
Lead. Advocate. Network. Promote.
s o l vi n g s tr a te g i e s, b e n e fi ti n g e a ch
me mb e r ’ s p e r s o n a l a n d p r o fe ssi o n a l
g r o wth .
Leadership & Growth
Jorge Gutierrez, BMOC Group
[email protected]
Welcome Committee
Stan Farthing, Senior Helpers
[email protected]
Social Media
Mark Barreres
[email protected]
Chamber Liaison
Sheena Sours Armentrout
540-434-3862 x106
[email protected]
Please visit us at
A networking group comprised of
local businesses, community members,
and others who work together to
build a future of diversity.
Advantages of Membership
The chance to meet others who
share the desire to nurture
growth through Diversity.
Free marketing opportunities,
including networking with other
members, business card
exchange, member spotlights,
mentions in the Council
newsletter, and social media.
Leadership opportunities, both in
the Council and in the larger
Become a Member
Attend at least three meetings.
Present a brief member spotlight
about your business or
professional services.
Attend at least one monthly
meeting every six months to
maintain membership.
Mission Statement >>>> The Chamber's Diversity Council helps to connect
and develop area leaders seeking to do business or grow their
organization, by connecting into a powerful network through leadership
and advocacy, using and providing education, networking, and problem
solving strategies, benefiting each member's personal and professional
Vision >>>> The Council seeks to grow a diverse business membership, with
leaders representing all aspects of our community, in order to stimulate
commerce and organizational growth for our members and the community.
About >>>> The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce's
Diversity Council is a networking group comprised of local businesses,
community members, and others who work together to help build bridges
in our diverse community.
Goals >>>> Our goal is to advocate for diversity of culture and
thought, to educate the community, to network with diverse groups, and
to support diversity, the community, and one another.
Meetings >>>> The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce
diversidad 다양성 разнообразие
diversità‫ تنون ن نننن‬vielfalt ‫גיויןיןי י י‬
utofauti ποικιλία diversity
Diversity Council is open to everyone, whether part of a diversity group or
seeking to reach a diversity group. The Council meets every 2nd Thursday,
12 noon at the Chamber offices at 800 Country Club Road, Harrisonburg,
VA 22802.

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