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A KHL Group Publication
Volume 8 Issue 8
October 2008
Carlos Araoz
Are you
too hard?
from the
APEX show
South America
Big machines for big projects
Official magazine of the ERA
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13/10/2008 15:15:49
66 ft. of robust reliability
At Skyjack our philosophy is simple. We engineer lift
solutions that are robust, reliable and easy to service,
offering the lowest life cycle costs.
For information call +44-1691-676235
or visit us online at
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13/10/2008 10:23:21
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Gillian Martin
October 2008
Volume 8 Issue 8
Working too hard?
here is plenty of variety in this month’s issue of IRN. In our interview, Carlos
Fernández Araoz, general manager of Spanish rental company GAM, argues that the
company is well placed to weather the Spanish downturn and explains why it is being
so adventurous in establishing rental businesses in eastern Europe and South America.
South America is itself the subject of an article in which we report on the outlook for
rental business in the region and try to identify the rental ‘hot spots’.
Elsewhere, we look in detail at the pump rental business and at the issue of ‘Quick-Hitch’
attachment connectors. There have been instances of fatalities in the UK with some types
of semi-automatic hitches, and this has led to some significant changes to equipment
regulations, changes that may well influence what happens elsewhere in the world. It is well
worth reading this article and highlighting the risks to your employees and customers.
The news pages bring interesting stories from India, where six rental companies have
got together to form the first Indian Equipment Rental Association, and where one of the
country’s largest contractors, Punj Lloyd, is planning to spin-off its equipment division into
a stand-alone rental company.
Back in Europe, meanwhile, and it was the APEX aerial platform exhibition in Maastricht,
the Netherlands, that provided the latest ‘litmus test’ for rental market conditions. There
was a slightly surreal atmosphere, with a great turnout (25% up on the previous show three
years ago when the market was starting to catch fire) almost masking the fact that, in
reality, few of Europe’s biggest rental companies were placing significant orders.
The show did have a genuinely good selection of new machines, including Nagano crawler
mounted booms never before seen in Europe; Chinese machines; and important new
products from Genie, JLG, Haulotte and Skyjack. See our report on the show in this issue.
Finally, we draw your attention to this month’s rental management article by Brian Dennis.
Brian, who founded and ran his own rental company for many years, looks at the risks of
rental managers and owners becoming too stressed and over-worked. He makes a plea for a
sensible work-life balance. Perhaps the timing for his advice is just right.
e-mail: [email protected]
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Business Development Director
Peter Watkinson
James King
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Correspondence or comments should be sent to:
The Editor, IRN
N, Southfields, Southview Road,
Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 6TP, UK.
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13/10/2008 10:29:35
- Nantes - 09-10/2008 - Illustration : Stéphane Privat
MRT Series - THE 360 degree rotary
to stand the test of time.
MANITOU - the world’s number one in rough terrain handling offers
you the most comprehensive choice of rotary machines specifically
designed for the construction industry, truly a 3 in 1 machine to
perform lifting duties, materials handling and personnel access
the MRT increases utilisation and efficiency on site.
Your nearest dealer is just a click away
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News & Business News
IRNN prepares confidence survey, Belle and Altrad merger,
Romanian renter invests, Indian rental association forms, RSC
expands services, United Rentals buys, and more news.
This year’s APEX exhibition
provided rental companies
with dozens of new machines,
including crawlers, truck
mounts, booms and scissors.
54 Rental Management:
Do you have a good work-life balance? Brian Dennis advises
on how to reduce your stress levels, and how to recognise the
signs of overwork.
56 Faces & Places
15 Interview: Carlos Araoz, GAM
News on appointments at rental companies and their
GAM has grown from a small company in Spain to become
a multinational rental company. General manager Carlos
Fernández Araoz explains how to Murray Pollok, as well as
sharing its plans to prosper through the recession.
58 Reader Subscription
& Advertiser Index
47 ERA Page
How to subscribe to IRN, plus details of advertisers in this
The European Rental Association is launching a ‘member
to member’ recruitment initiative. IRN
N reports on the
organisation’s plans.
59 Products & Services Directory
21 Pump rentals
41 Bauma China preview
Patrick Hill reports
the product and
business news about
this important rental
equipment category.
Learn what will be on show at the fourth Bauma China,
the leading show in this large, fast-growing market for
construction equipment.
Directory of equipment and service suppliers to the rental sector,
from pumps and cabins to fuel tanks and rental software.
29 Quick hitch report
The sale of semi-automatic quick couplers for
hydraulic excavators is now illegal in the UK.
Dan Gilkes looks at the consequences for rental
companies, wherever they are located.
37 Latin American report
ISSN No: 1749-5040 (Print)
ISSN No: 1749-5059 (e-mail)
© Copyright KHL Group, 2008
49 Rental
I: Aerial
Murray Pollok reports on the rental market in
South America, identifying the ‘hot spots’ and
the areas with big potential.
KHL Sales Offices
Beijing Representative Office
Room 768, Poly Plaza, No.14, South
Dong Zhi Men Street, Dong Cheng
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KHL Head Office
A KHL Group Publication
Volume 8 Issue 8
October 2008
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A Volvo EC700B tracked
excavator working on
Panama’s 216.4 MW
Changuinola I HEP hydroelectric project. See page 37
for our report on the Latin
American rental market.
Carlos Araoz
Are you
too hard?
from the
APEX show
South America
Big machines for big projects
Official magazine of the ERA
IRN 10-08 Contents.indd 5
13/10/2008 12:26:42
8 Informations diverses et
IRNN prépare un sondage de confiance,
fusion de Belle et Altrad, expansion de
Williams Scotsman au Mexique, création
d’une association de location en Inde, RSC
étend ses services, United Rentals parvient
à un règlement, et d’autres nouvelles.
15 Interview I : GAM
De la petite entreprise espagnole qu’elle
était, GAM est devenue une société de
location multinationale. Le Directeur général
Carlos Fernández Araoz explique comment à
Murray Pollok et fait part de ses plans pour
prospérer en dépit de la récession.
47 Page de l’Association ERA
Dernières nouvelles de la European Rental
49 Produits de location I : platesformes élévatrices
Dans son rapport sur les nouvelles platesformes élévatrices, IRN s’intéresse aux
nombreux modèles lancés à l’APEX.
54 Gestion locative : le surmenage
D’après Brian Dennis, les gérants de sociétés
de location risquent autant l’usure que leur
équipement – mais les répercussions sur
leur entreprise sont autrement plus graves.
56 Visages et lieux
Nouvelles sur les nominations au sein
des sociétés de location et de leurs
8 Neuigkeiten &
IRNN bereitet Geschäftsklima-Umfrage
vor, Fusion von Belle und Altrad,
Williams Scotsman expandiert in Mexiko,
Entstehung eines Verleihverbands in
Indien, RSC erweitert die Dienstleistungen,
Abwicklung von United Rentals und viele
weitere Nachrichten.
15 Interview I: GAM
GAM, ein kleines Unternehmen in Spanien,
hat sich zu einem multinationalen
Verleihunternehmen entwickelt. Der
Hauptgeschäftsführer Carlos Fernández
Araoz erklärt Murray Pollok, wie das
möglich war, und stellt seine Pläne vor,
wie das Unternehmen in der Rezession
florieren soll.
47 ERA-Seite
Die neuesten Nachrichten von der
European Rental Association.
49 Verleihprodukte I: Hebebühnen
Die vielen Modelle, die erstmalig auf
der APEX vorgestellt werden, stehen
im Mittelpunkt des IRNN-Berichts über
54 Verleihmanagement: Überbelastung
Nach Meinung von Brian Dennis sind die
Eigentümer von Verleihunternehmen
wahrscheinlich genau so schnell erschöpft
wie deren Anlagen – jedoch mit einem
wesentlich größeren Schaden für das
58 Le formulaire d’abonnement
des lecteurs et l’index des
Comment s’abonner à IRNN ainsi que des
informations sur les annonceurs de ce
21 Location de pompes
Patrick Hill présente les nouvelles sur
les produits et les entreprises de cette
importante catégorie de matériel de
29 Rapport sur Quick hitch
La vente de raccords rapides semiautomatiques pour pelles hydrauliques est
désormais illégale au Royaume-Uni. Dan
Gilkes examine les conséquences pour les
sociétés de location, où qu’elles se trouvent.
37 Rapport sur l’Amérique latine
Beaucoup d’indicateurs montrent que
le secteur de la location connaît une
croissance rapide en Amérique latine.
Rapport de Murray Pollok sur le marché et
sur les plus grandes sociétés de location.
41 Avant-première du salon Bauma
Découvrez ce qui sera exposé au quatrième
salon Bauma China, le plus important salon
sur ce vaste marché en croissance rapide
des matériaux de construction.
56 Akteure & Bühnen
Nachrichten über neue Positionen
bei Verleihunternehmen und deren
58 Abo-Formular und
Hinweise zum Abonnieren von IRNN und
Angaben zu den Inserenten in dieser
14 Verleih von Pumpen
Patrick Hill berichtet über die Produkt- und
Geschäftsnachrichten zu dieser wichtigen
29 Bericht über Schnellkupplungen
Der Verkauf von halbautomatischen
Schnellkupplungen für Hydraulikbagger ist
jetzt illegal im Vereinigten Königreich. Dan
Gilkes analysiert die Konsequenzen für die
Verleihunternehmen, wo immer sie sich
auch befinden.
39 Lateinamerika-Bericht
Viele Anzeichen deuten auf ein
rapides Wachstum des Verleihsektors
in Lateinamerika hin. Murray Pollok
berichtet über den Markt und über
führende Verleihunternehmen.
41 Vorschau auf die Bauma China
Erfahren Sie schon jetzt, was auf der
vierten Bauma China, der führenden Messe
in diesem großen und schnell wachsenden
Markt für Baumaschinen, zu sehen sein
8 News e notizie commerciali
IRNN prepara un sondaggio sulla
fiducia, fusione di Belle e Altrad, Williams
Scotsman si espande in Messico, i moduli
dell’associazione del noleggio indiana, i
servizi RSC si estendono, United Rentals
arriva ad un accomodamento, e altre
15 1ª Intervista: GAM
GAM è cresciuta da una piccola società
in Spagna per diventare una società
di noleggio multinazionale. Il direttore
generale Carlos Fernández Araoz spiega
come ha fatto a Murray Pollok, oltre
a rivelare i suoi piani per prosperare
attraverso la recessione.
47 La pagina dell’ERA
Le notizie più recenti dall’European
Rental Association.
49 Prodotti a noleggio I: Piattaforme
I molti modelli lancianti alla APEX sono il
centro della relazione di IRNN sulle nuove
piattaforme aeree.
54 Gestione del noleggio: Troppo
Brian Dennis dice che i proprietari delle
società di noleggio hanno la stessa
probabilità di logorarsi delle loro
attrezzature – con danni molto più gravi
per le loro aziende.
8 Noticias y Noticias económicas
IRNN prepara una encuesta sobre confianza;
fusión de Belle y Altrad; Williams Scotsman
expande sus operaciones en México;
creación de una asociación india del
arrendamiento; RSC amplía sus servicios;
se resuelve el caso United Rentals, y otras
muchas noticias.
15 Entrevista I: GAM
GAM ha pasado de ser una pequeña
empresa española a convertirse en una
multinacional del arrendamiento. Carlos
Fernández Araoz, su director general,
explica a Murray Pollok cómo lo han
conseguido y cuenta sus planes para
prosperar en una etapa de recesión.
47 Página ERA
Las últimas noticias de la European Rental
49 Productos de arrendamiento I:
Plataformas aéreas
El informe sobre nuevas plataformas aéreas
se centra en los numerosos modelos que se
lanzaron en APEX.
54 Gestión de arrendamiento: exceso de
Brian Dennis afirma que es probable
que propietarios de las empresas de
arrendamiento, al igual que sus equipos,
sufran un desgaste, lo que provoca un daño
mucho mayor a sus negocios.
56 Facce e posti
Notizie sulle nomine nelle società
del noleggio e nei loro fornitori.
58 Modulo di abbonamento del
lettore e indice degli inserzionisti
Come abbonarsi a IRNN, e inoltre i
particolari degli inserzionisti di questo
21 Il noleggio delle pompe
Patrick Hill presenta un rapporto sul
prodotto e sulle notizie commerciali
relative a questa importante categoria di
attrezzature a noleggio.
29 Relazione sugli attacchi rapidi
La vendita di connettori rapidi
semiautomatici per escavatori idraulici
è ora illegale in Gran Bretagna. Dan
Gilkes ne esamina le conseguenze per
le società di noleggio, ovunque siano
37 Relazione dall’America Latina
Ci sono molti segni che il noleggio sta
crescendo rapidamente in America
Latina. Murray Pollok presenta una
relazione sul mercato e sulle principali
società di noleggio.
41 Anteprima di Bauma China
Eccovi alcune notizie su quello che ci
sarà in mostra alla quarta Bauma China,
la principale mostra per le attrezzature
edili di questo grande mercato in rapida
56 Caras y lugares
Noticias sobre nuevos nombramientos
en las empresas de arrendamiento y sus
58 Formulario de suscripción de lectores e
índice de anunciantes
Cómo suscribirse a IRNN e información de los
anunciantes que aparecen en esta edición.
21 Arrendamiento de bombas
Patrick Hill informa de las noticias sobre
productos y empresas de esta importante
categoría de arrendamiento de equipos.
29 Informe sobre acopladores rápidos
La venta de acopladores rápidos
semiautomáticos para excavadoras
hidráulicas es ilegal en el Reino Unido.
Dan Gilkes analiza las consecuencias
para las empresas de arrendamiento,
independientemente de donde se
encuentren ubicadas.
37 Informe de América Latina
Numerosos indicadores señalan que
que el negocio de arrendamiento crece
rápidamente en América Latina. Murray
Pollock informa sobre este mercado y las
principales empresas de arrendamiento.
41 Avance de Bauma China
Descubra todo lo que se podrá ver en el
cuarto certamen de Bauma China, la feria
más importante de equipamiento para la
construcción que se celebra en este enorme
mercado de rápido crecimiento.
IRN 10-08 Contents.indd 6
13/10/2008 12:27:22
Always reliable
At Cummins Power Generation Inc., our reputation
for reliability comes from more than our products.
It’s also earned by every person who touches your
power system solution. From application engineering
to manufacturing, customer service to local distributor
support, you can expect excellence from us every
time. And you can depend upon the energy of our
people to provide on-site power whenever, however
and wherever you need it.
To see our reliability in action,
read our customers’ stories at
© 2008 Cummins Power Generation Inc. All rights reserved. Cummins Power
Generation and Cummins are registered trademarks of Cummins Inc.
“Our energy working for you.” is a trademark of Cummins Power Generation.
Full page.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:25:53
United Rentals, Inc has acquired
U-Rent-It, Inc., a privately-owned
equipment rental company with
sales of approximately US$11
million and based in Corpus Christi,
Texas, US. Michael Kneeland, chief
executive officer of United Rentals,
said, “The acquisition of U-RentIt is consistent with our strategic
focus on the industrial marketplace.
We are actively pursuing growth
in industrial rentals, where our
depth of resources and branch
footprint can give us a competitive
Aerial work platform manufacturer
Genie Industries, part of the Terex
Corp, broke ground on a new factory
in Changzhou, China, in September.
“China represents one of the biggest
potential markets for us, and China
will become one of the largest aerial
work platform markets in the world,”
said Tim Ford, president of Terex’s
Aerial Work Plartform business,
“We know it will happen, and we
are positioning ourselves for it.”
Production at the facility, located
North West of Shanghai, is expected
to begin mid-2009, starting with
small personnel lifts and eventually
expanding into a full range of aerial
work platform products.
RSC Equipment Rental has formed
a new Integrated Services Group to
coordinate its product offering to
industrial customers. The services,
which are targeted at customers in
petrochemical, oil refinery, power
generation, mining, shipping, and
pulp and paper industries, include
RSC’s proprietary web-based
Total Control and Mobile Tool
Room offerings. Total Control is
a web-based service that enables
customers to locate equipment,
track its usage, and schedule onrent/off-rent times, as well as
providing operating, maintenance
and safety information. The Mobile
Tool Room is a portable unit stocked
with small tools, equipment and
hardware for a specific project.
Indian renters form
new association
ix rental companies in India met on 5 September in
Bombay to create the first Indian Rental Association.
The six were Gemini Equipment and Rentals, Quippo,
Gemmco, TIL, Gremach and Jindal Earthmovers.
Rajiv Sethi, managing director and founder of Gemini,
N; “Rental
and the chairperson of the association, told IRN
is not really publicised in the country. We want to become
accepted as an industry, and to have a common set of rules
and benefits both for customers and rental companies.
We will have a heavy emphasis on safety issues and the
The six founding members include a number of
independent renters such as Quippo, Gremach and Gemini
and Caterpillar dealers Gemmco and TIL.
Rental in the country is still at a very early stage of
development, but there is evidence that it is starting to
expand. Gemini, for example, has been renting Hek mast
climbing work platforms for 15 years, but in the last year
Rajiv Sethi, Gemini Equipment
an a half has invested in light construction equipment
including concreting tools, pumps, road building machines,
earthmoving units and aerials platforms.
IPAF reports new
rental statistics
Aerial platform rentals in Europe
account for approximately 20% of
Europe’s €23.5 billion equipment
rental industry, according to
preliminary results from IPAF and
European Rental Association (ERA)
research released during the recent
Europlatform conference.
Tim Whiteman, IPAF’s managing
director – who emphasised the
IPAF’s Tim Whiteman
provisional nature of the results – said
the research also revealed marked
differences between countries, with
the powered access representing 25%
of the UK rental market compared to
20% in France, 19% in Germany and
just 14% in the Netherlands.
The study – conducted by consultant
Global Insight – reveals that around
43% of Europe’s access rental market
is generated by the construction
sector and that the average age of
the European access rental fleet is
4.8 years, with fleets having grown by
25% in 2006 and by 35% last year.
IPAF is also working with the
American Rental Association on
similar research for the North
American market, and preliminary
results indicate that access rental
represents 35% of the total US$25.6
billion equipment rental market.
Take part
in the IRN
The November/December issue
of International Rental News will
include the annual IRN Rental
Confidence Survey.
We encourage as many readers
as possible to complete the
online survey by entering the
address below into your internet
Thank you very much for your
Benelux Merlo dealer Testcentrum De Lille has developed a tracked
telehandler with personnel basket attachments using a Merlo boom mounted
on an undercarriage from a 15 t Caterpillar excavator. Allenbroer De Lille,
founder and owner of Testcentrum De Lille, told IRN that the first two
prototypes of the machine were developed four years ago for greenhouse
and warehouse contractors, and that demand from other customers had led
the company to start industrial production in Belgium. The Giraf Track GT 580
B model - shown at the APEX aerial platform exhibition in the Netherlands
in September -offers 17.8 m working height as well as a maximum lifting
capacity with forks of 3800 kg. Other models to follow will include 5 t/
10 m and 3.8 t/14 m units, using the same chassis and crawlers. The GT 580
weighs 16.5 t and will be priced at around €120000. Mr De Lille, whose son
Stijn is managing director of the business, said; “Merlo is collaborating with
us. We have a very good relationship with them.”
IRN 10 08 News.indd 8
13/10/2008 10:37:29
The Showman’s Show
22-23 October, 2008
Newbury Showground, UK
The Big Five
23-27 November, 2008
Dubai International Exhibition Centre
Dubai, UAE
Bauma China
25 - 28 November, 2008
Shanghai, China.
World of Concrete
3-6 February, 2009
Las Vegas Convention Center,
Las Vegas, US
The Rental Show
2-5 March, 2009
Georgia World Congress Center,
Atlanta, US
Intermat 2009
20-25 April 2009
Paris, France
ERA Convention
June, 2009
London, UK.
Dates and location to be announced.
Belle and Altrad
close to merger
rench scaffolding and cement mixer manufacturer
Altrad Group and the UK’s Belle Group are considering
a merger, with the deal likely to be completed during
the first quarter of 2009.
The transaction would combine Altrad’s €419 million
turnover business with Belle’s £52 million (€65 million)
sales, with both companies particularly strong in exports.
Belle manufactures a wide range of small and compact
equipment, including compaction tools, concreting
equipment, cement mixers, mini-dumpers and breakers.
Altrad produces a wide range of scaffolding products
as well as wheel barrows, cement mixers and temporary
grandstands and furniture used by French local
Although the two companies do share some products –
primarily cement mixers – many of Altrad’s non-scaffolding
products are sold through DIY and builders merchants
stores in continental Europe, whereas Belle’s products are
designed for rental and professional users.
Ray Neilson, Belle’s managing director, told IRN
N that the
two companies had always had a friendly relationship and
that the distinct identities, products and sales teams for
each brand would be retained after the merger. He said
it was too early to speculate on what manufacturing
synergies there might be: Belle currently manufactures its
products in the UK and Poland.
Ron Blackhurst, chairman and the majority shareholder
in Belle Holdings Ltd, said he was excited about the merger
because it “will ensure the product development that has
been achieved over recent years can be continued and
the strategy to become the ideal supplier to the rental
customers, retail customers and professional users can be
progressed. This will be positive for the employees based
at the factories in the UK and Poland and offices around
the world.”
Dr Mohed Altrad, chief executive officer and the majority
shareholder of Altrad, said; “I believe this merger is in line
with the long term strategy of Altrad”.
The announcement came just weeks after Belle Group
was presented with a UK Queen’s Award for Export. Last
year the company grew by 30% and export sales rose 45%,
reaching over 93 different countries.
New Holland’s
‘Total package’
New Holland recently demonstrated
the most recent additions to its
excavator range at its factory in
Basildon, UK. Models included the
recently launched 13 t short radius
E135BSR, the conventional tail E135B
and the 7 t E70BSR and 8 t E80BMSR
short radius models.
The E135BSR is the company’s
quietest ever 13 t class excavator
and features the company’s
new integrated noise and dust
reduction cooling system (iNDr).
Through design lay-out and air flow
management across the insulated
engine compartment, the E135BSR
produces just 92 dB of external noise,
which according to business manager
Ian Thomson, “makes the machine
ideal for night time city centre
The E70BSR (pictured) and E80BMSR,
with operating weights of 7.5 t and
8.3 t respectively, feature the same
cab space as the E135B models and
both are designed around the iNDr
engine installation. In all cases,
maintenance has been simplified and
all regular checks can be done from
ground level.
Steve Orr, New Holland’s business
Husqvarna has introduced the K 3000 Wet electric power cutter that allows indoor cutting without
dust. The circular saw is equipped with a wet cutting kit that regulates the flow of water to spray
a concentrated stream of water onto the blade. Husqvarna said the amount of water is sufficient
to bind the dust without soaking it. “We know that this is an eagerly awaited machine”, said
Håkan Aldén, product manager for power cutters at Husqvarna Construction, “The power cutters
previously available on the market were quite expensive, so that many users modified their saws
in order to cut with water indoors. There is now an EU-approved solution to this problem.” The wet
cutting kit forms part of the Dust Extinguisher System (DEX) from Husqvarna.
leader for North Europe, said the
company’s European sales would grow
by 20% this year, “These new models
fit our ethos of looking to supply a
total ‘peace of mind’ package to our
customers in respect of productivity,
comfort, fuel efficiency and even
financial support via CNH Capital.
“If we can sell the right machine at
the right price for the right application
then we’ll achieve the market share
that we’re aiming for. “
IRN 10 08 News.indd 9
13/10/2008 10:38:17
One of India's largest construction and
engineering companies, New Dehlibased Punj Lloyd, plans to spin-off its
construction equipment into a separate
company. Luv Chhabra, Punj Lloyd's
director for corporate affairs, told Dow
Jones Newswiress the move had been
approved by the group's board and
was being undertaken to reduce capital
expenditure and improve revenues.
"It will be like an equipment rental
company," said Mr Chhabra, "Punj Lloyd
should be about 25% of its business
and the rest third-party...Logically, one
option is to dilute [our] stake in this
entity so that be don't have to keep
investing in it again and again." The
company's equipment fleet is valued
at $250 million and is managed from
three main equipment sites in India,
Indonesia and Abu Dhabi. Punj Lloyd has
annual revenues of US$1.97 billion and
is active in oil and gas, infrastructure
construction, process engineering
and nuclear power. Its subsidiaries
include Singapore based contractor
Sembawang Engineers & Constructors
and chemical company Simon Carves.
Electro-Services Ltd, a UK rental
company that services the utility
sector from six depots nationwide, has
invested £1.7 million in new Kubota miniexcavators and Terex site dumpers. The
order comprises 80 excavators and 25
dumpers. The Kubota models include 1.5,
3, 5 and 8 t units and the Terex dumpers
are 1, 3, 6 and 9 t capacity machines.
Chris James, sales director of ElectroServices, said: “I am more confident
about this purchase than any other
we have ever made…Although they
are near the top end for us in purchase
price, I feel the known quality and
reliability of both these manufacturers
justifies the investment.”
Romanian renter
invests in growth
Romanian access rental company
Industrial Access is expanding its
product offering beyond aerials to
include gensets, compressors, pumps,
lighting towers and welding sets. The
investment in the new products comes
nine months after private equity firm
Balkan Accession Fund acquired 90%
of the company from founder and chief
executive officer Stefan Ponea.
Mr Ponea told IRN
N that he had ordered
86 Atlas Copco gensets (30-325 kVA)
and portable compressors (2.57.0 m3), 13 pumps from Godwin Pumps
(models CD103, CD150 and CD160, up to
400 m3/hr)), GenSet welding/generator
sets (300 - 400A); ten Towerlight VT1
lighting towers and 11 power washers
from Brendon Powerwashers.
Industrial Access was founded by
Mr Ponea in 2005 and has six depots
in Romania and is also now entering
the Bulgarian and Moldova markets.
It has previously focused entirely on
powered access, with a fleet or around
300 units and still has plans for that to
double by the end of 2009.
Following the investment by Balkan
Accession Fund, Industrial Access has
spent €10 million on access equipment
- mostly with JLG but also including
Geda, Niftylift and Lionlift machines
- and a further €2.5 million on nonaccess products.
Mr Ponea, who retains a 10% share
of the business, said the Romanian
HAE creates events
rental association
Hire Association Europe (HAE) is to
launch a new trade association for
the events rental industry in the UK
and Ireland at the Showman’s Show
in October. The new body, Event Hire
Association (EHA), will run alongside
HAE and work specifically for the
event rental sector.
Graham Arundell, managing
director of HAE and board member of
EHA, said: “The new association has
been created to better support those
companies in the event hire market.
Although we offer a range of benefits
as part of HAE’s membership, we
decided that we could offer a much
more tailored service to event hire
companies if they had a dedicated
association of their own.”
Kevin McGuinness, managing
director of Allen Catering Hire
Services and a board member of the
new association, said he was one of
those behind the creation of the EHA;
“I hope to actively encourage other
hire companies from the event sector
to join EHA and benefit from the
services provided, which have been
designed with their specific business
needs in mind.”
The new organisation will be
launched on HAE’s stand during
the Showman’s Show at Newbury
Showground on 22 October.
Stefan Ponea Industrial Access
market remained good, although he
expected the financial problems in
western Europe and the US to have
a negative impact; “Definitely it will...
people want to wait and see. The new
projects are [moving ahead] much
more cautiously. [Investment] money
comes from the west...”
Industrial Access hopes to expand its
Romanian depot network to as many
as nine locations before the end of
the year and has already established
a rental operation in neighbouring
Bulgaria. Next in the plan is Moldova,
which will be used as a bridge between
Romania and the potentially large
Ukraine market.
Jewson Tool Hire, the rental division of
one the UK’s biggest builder’s merchant,
Jewson, has ordered 340 JCB mini
excavators and tracked dumpers as part
of an updating of its fleet. The order
comprises 200 JCB 8014 mini excavators,
100 JCB 8008 micro excavators and 40
HTD5 tracked dumpsters. Pictured, from
left to right, are Richard Pedersen (Jewson
Tool Hire director), David Turner (JCB
Compact Products managing director)
and Gordon Smith (Gunn JCB managing
director). Mr Pedersen said; “This order
helps us to kick start our aggressive small
plant replacement programme, meet our
customer needs and will allow us to stock
our new 2008 branch openings.”
The world’s largest tower crane
rental company, Arcomet, has
bought out its US partners at P&J
Arcomet to form Arcomet North
America. The acquisition from
Peter and Stephen Jehle includes a
60-crane rental fleet and its head
office in Washington DC, along with
a branch office in Houston, Texas.
Arcomet, based in Belgium, has
more than 1500 tower cranes in
over 15 countries.
IRN 10 08 News.indd 10
13/10/2008 10:39:04
to New
UpRight goes from
strength to strength
• Comprehensive product line with
working heights up to 40m
• New line of straight telescopic and
articulated boom lifts; plus slab
and rough terrain scissors
• Global sales and support network
providing local, high quality service
Find the right machine for
your rental fleet at
b o o m s
t r a i l e r s
l i f t s
s c i s s o r s
To v i e w t h e f u l l m a c h i n e r a n g e v i s i t :
Full page.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:27:03
Muck-truck UK Ltd showed an electric
powered version of its motorised minidumper at the recent Saltex groundcare
exhibition in the UK. Before now the truck
has always been powered by a petrol engine,
but the version shown at Saltex runs on
a bank of 24v batteries providing up to
3.5 hours of operation, said the company.
The “whisper quiet operation” means the
electric version will be ideal for use around
schools, hospitals or any site where silence
is important. Terry Rowlands, managing
director of Muck-truck said. “The demand
for an electric dumper truck has been
there for some time. Battery technology
is improving all the time but we had to
ensure performance wasn’t comprised and
the costings were right.” Availability is
expected to be early next year.
IRN 10 08 News.indd 12
New features
Users of KHL Group’s website,, will notice some big
changes this month. Besides updating
several pages we’ve also added some
new ones, including:
NEW Equipment News page
A compendium of the latest
equipment news by sector Construction, Rental, Cranes, Access
and Demolition
NEW Equipment Data page –
Key data on over 15000 items
of construction equipment
split over 70 categories - from
tracked excavators to tandem
rollers and access towers to allterrain cranes. The data pages
are searchable by manufacturer
and model and can be sorted by
any classification.
NEW Features page
The latest features from
across all of KHL’s construction
magazines, plus an archive of
stories you might have missed.
In the coming months KHL will be
introducing more new pages and
enhancing others, making a
unique source of global construction
Malcolm Jackman, former chief
executive officer of Coates Hire,
has been appointed CEO and
managing director of Futuris Corp
based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Futuris is a A$3 billion agribusiness
with activities including financial
services, hardwood plantation
management and automotive
component manufacturing.
13/10/2008 10:42:24
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13/10/2008 10:29:04
Without the right construction asset management solution,
your equipment isn’t being used to its fullest potential.
At most construction sites, it’s not about what you’re building, but what you’re spending. Trimble® Construction
Manager software helps you confidently manage your assets on site, no matter what their size, with advanced GPS
technology and powerful software. One small piece of hardware sends key data to a central management software
application that gives you valuable information – from engine idle time and site runtime hours to vehicle starts
and stops. All helping you to run an incredibly efficient work site. To learn more, visit, call
1-800-767-4822 or email [email protected]
© 2008, Trimble Navigation Limited. All rights reserved. Trimble and the Globe & Triangle logo are trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited,
registered in the United States and in other countries. PN 022508-104 (06/08)
Full page.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:30:12
Spanish explorer
GAM’s general manager Carlos Fernández
Araoz charts the company’s evolution from
“village company to multi-national” and
tells IRN
N Editor Murray Pollok how it plans
to prosper through the Spanish recession.
t can’t be easy being a rental
company in Spain at the moment.
The country’s much publicised
recession – particularly in housing
– has made it the European ‘exemplar’
for the current economic malaise.
Even if the rest of Europe manages
to resist the worst of the downturn,
Spain is already in the middle of it.
Carlos Fernández Araoz, general
manager of Spain’s biggest rental
company GAM, refuses to allow talk of
recession to dampen his enthusiasm
for the rental business. In the course
of an hour-long conversation, Mr
Araoz – a former management
GAM is diversifying away from construction
markets, with wind power installation and
maintenance in Spain being a growth area.
“We have very deep
DNA in civil works,
which accounts
for two thirds of
our construction
revenues. That has
helped us deal with
the downturn in
two ways: we are
present in long term
sites and have good
relationships with
major contractors.”
Carlos Fernández Araoz, general manager of GAM: “We have been lucky.”
consultant who took up his post last
December as number two to CEO
Pedro Luis Fernández – argues that
GAM has so far been able to withstand
the worst of the downturn by virtue of
its historical strengths and because it
foresaw what was coming.
“We’ve been lucky”, he says,
“We’ve always been very focused on
civil works and infrastructure – that
has a lot to do with our origins – in
the northern part of Spain, not the
touristic, ‘second-home’ parts of the
country [where the downturn is most
“At the same time, the North
was always badly connected to the
middle and the South of the country
– there have been big investments
in infrastructure. We have very deep
DNA in civil works, which accounts
for two thirds of our construction
revenues. That has helped us deal
with the downturn in two ways: we
are present in long term sites and
have good relationships with major
Slight decline
“That activity has declined slightly
less. The core of our business is stable
and growing and we have very little
residential work [just 6% of turnover
in the first half of 2008, according
to GAM’s accounts]. In contrast, our
competitors are not only suffering a
decline in residential work, but they
are striving to finds a position in civil
Much of this type of work is
government funded, and even it is
not immune from recession. Spanish
IRN 1008 Interview.indd 15
13/10/2008 10:43:28
Pound for Pound
GAM’s revenue from new business areas, such
as ports, is growing rapidly and represents a
third of revenues.
The Toughest Construction Equipment You Can Buy
A GAM forklift truck working at an exhibition
Boxer line was the perfect compliment to my
“ The
expansive fleet of equipment. The ease of use,
ability to perform big machine projects, and the
superior after-sale support was a knock out.
Or Call 800.476.9673
state investment in infrastructure
projects fell by 16% in the first half of
this year; “That is the only concerning
number”, says Mr Araoz, who joined
GAM in May 2006 as a non-executive
director, “I would like to see the
government [pushing] infrastructure
in a far greater manner than I’m
seeing .”
However, Mr Araoz is keener to talk
about the other measures that GAM
has taken to prepare for the current
market; “18 months ago we decided
to be a real Generalist, in capital
letters, and expanded into new areas.
Now, non-construction is a third of
our revenues and is growing very
aggressively. Easily 50% of our recent
growth has been non-construction.
Capital expenditure has been very
strong in that area.”
BOXER 300 Series
Welterweight Champ
for its speed and maneuverability, the
300 Series is BOXER’s smallest entry in the
mini-skid market.
Or Call 800.476.9673
GAM’s revenues of €187.8 million for
the first six months of 2008 were
48% higher than the same period
in 2007. (EBITDA (earnings before
tax, depreciation, amortization)
was up 51% to €80.8 million.) Take
into account the new acquisitions
(Vilatel and Viasolo) and that revenue
increase falls, but is still 19% on
a proforma basis. A third of that
turnover is generated by activity in
industry, energy, wind farms, railways,
ports and tool hire.
“We are seeing fabulous growth
in railways, in windmills, in the
green side of the business [such
as gardening and street cleaning
equipment] and in harbours. That was
a 100% ‘ownership’ market where we
are now growing very fast”, says Mr
The other headline-grabbing part
of the diversification strategy has
been expansion outside of Spain.
The company is already a dominant
player in Portugal, but in the last
two years it has opened locations in
Bulgaria, Poland and Romania, and in
September established its first rental
outpost in Latin America, with a depot
in Mexico City. Another will follow in
Sao Paolo, Brazil before the end of
Mr Araoz says GAM has looked at
25 potential markets and selected
countries based on three main factors:
economic growth and infrastructure
plans; areas without large existing
rental players; and countries where
major Spanish contractors are
Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Mexico
and Brazil met all these criteria. Some
obvious candidates are not on the
agenda, including Russia, where Mr
Araoz cites a business culture that he
says would not fit with GAM’s ethics.
He describes Romania as a “fabulous
market”, thinks Poland is a great long
term prospect, but is less enamoured
of Bulgaria.
“Mexico is very interesting. Rental
is hardly developed and the country
is quite chaotic, but there is a
massive infrastructure plan”, he says,
“There is going to be a pick-up in
construction but equipment financing
is undeveloped – contractors want to
be able to pick up all the machines
that they need.”
Five new markets will already
One of GAM’s JLG lifts working in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The Spanish company has rental operations in
Romania and Poland as well, and is now opening
in Mexico and Brazil.
IRN 1008 Interview.indd 16
13/10/2008 10:56:55
Middleweight Champ
BOXER 400 Series
“The aerials industry is full of
‘specialists’. They don’t like some parts of
the business, but other parts they do like.
I’m saying as long as there is someone
with a cheque then that’s enough.”
stretch the company’s management
capacity, so don’t expect many
additional new markets soon, even
though Mr Araoz “dreams” of one day
renting in India or moving up to Texas
from the Mexican operation. He also
talks of Turkey and India as longer
term prospects.
The strategy in the international
markets is to move equipment from
the Spanish operation and to use
GAM’s own staff. In the case of Mexico,
it shipped 100 units directly from
Spain to Mexico and had pre-arranged
contracts with Spanish customers
working in the country.
The overseas operations, including
Portugal, still account for less than
5% of total turnover, but is growing
fast, at around 43% in the first half
of this year. International revenues
will be around €20 million in 2008;
“If I triple it, it’s already significant”,
says Mr Araoz, “That would take us to
Home market
Although moving into these new
markets is stimulating to discuss, he
makes the point that “we don’t need
to go everywhere” and says GAM still
has enormous opportunities in its
home market.
He forecasts the Spanish slowdown
will mean very tough general
economic conditions for the next 18
to 24 months; “which is going to be
a big opportunity for us to grow.”
He claims GAM’s market share has
risen by 3-5% in the last 18 months,
now reaching 15-20%, and says it will
“We are not situated equally in all
geographical regions of Spain. Last
year, in Catalonia, we did €12 million.
This year we will reach €30 million”,
he says. The company’s share of the
Valencia market, for example, is also
relatively low.
He says GAM is renting to no more
than 40% of construction sites in
Spain; “It think there is just a lot of the
market that we have never visited…
we must go to more sites, more often,
and earlier than everybody else.”
In the past, he says, GAM’s target
projects were €50 million or bigger,
and he thinks that there is a real
opportunity to focus on project in the
€5-20 million budget.
The aerial platform sector – a very
competitive one in Spain – is one
area where GAM thinks it can perform
better. Now having integrated last’s
year’s Vilatel acquisition and with
a major aerial platform fleet, Mr
Araoz believes there is scope for the
division to be more aggressive.
“Aerials is probably the part of the
business that has not grown so much.
The companies we bought were not
very aggressive commercially. We
are pushing them to go beyond the
market definition they used to think
about. The aerials industry is full of
‘specialists’. They don’t like some
parts of the business, but other parts
they do like. I’m saying as long as
there is someone with a cheque then
that’s enough. We are changing the
That will be just one of the
challenges facing the company over
the coming 24 months. The past five
years has seen GAM make enormous
progress (“From village company to
multi-national” is how Mr Araoz puts
it), but the next phase will determine
its long term future. Surviving
recession at home and prospering
abroad will be among its primary
measures of success.
an 1,800 lb tip capacity and plenty of
speed, it’s easy to see why the 400 series
mini-skid is a 2007 Silver Award Winner of RER
innovative product award.
Or Call 800.476.9673
BOXER 500 Series
Heavyweight Champ
more power? Step-up to the heavy
hitter, with the 2,100 lb tip capacity. The 500
Series is the first and only mini-skid offering
variable track widening capability.
Or Call 800.476.9673
IRN 1008 Interview.indd 17
13/10/2008 10:57:08
Call the experts for an easy
to transport 2.6 tonne excavator.
DPS.indd 2
13/10/2008 10:31:59
Simply hook up a tra
No need to spend time
iler to your car and
and money looking for
load on the PC26MR
a big truck. No need for
a special licence.
You can reduce transfe
r time between jobsites
and minimize your tran
sport costs.
The MR-3 range welco
mes you to a world of
top class comfort and
of full machine
control. Komtrax is ava
ilable on all machines
and gives you remote
access to valuable
machine data. MR-3 me
ans easier maintenance
at a lower cost and a hig
for your equipment.
h resale value
All rights reserved. Only
Komatsu Europe Interna
tional nv - Mechelsestee
nweg 586 - B-1800 Vilv
for promotional use.
oorde - Belgium
DPS.indd 3
13/10/2008 10:32:22
Your rental customers have countless pumping applications.
And within each application there are countless variables. Horsepower, lift, flow, discharge, and more.
That’s why Godwin is your only choice for the original Dri-Prime® pump. Our high-volume CD series and
high-lift HL series Dri-Prime automatic self-priming pumps offer optimal performance for every variable,
and they’re available with cast iron or stainless steel construction, diesel or electric power, and manual or
automatic controls.
In addition, our 0.4 – 125 kW Sub-Prime® electric submersible pumps are built for tough mining,
construction dewatering, and industrial applications.
We offer the widest range of models and options, so contact us to find a Godwin pump that’s
perfectly suited to your purpose.
Godwin Dri-Prime pumps are available with CAT engines.
Gloucestershire, England • +44 (0)1285 750271 • [email protected] | Bridgeport, NJ USA • +1 856-467-3636 • [email protected] |
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13/10/2008 10:34:49
Special pumps,
special services
Pumps have come a long
way from simple devices
thrown into a hole to
remove water – and so has
their rental. Patrick Hill looks
at new products, as well as
at how rental companies
are exploiting market
Pioneer Pump will introduce by the end of 2008 this 21 bar
PP86C12-C18ACERT vacuum assisted, self-priming pump, the
first in a new series of high-pressure pumps. It will have a
maximum flow rate greater than 11355 l/minute. The company,
based in the US and with a UK arm, is also launching a new
100 mm solids handling, low-pressure, dewatering pump – the
PP44S8-C1.5ACERT. It will be available with either a 76 mm
solids handling impeller or a 51 mm solids handling, highefficiency impeller.
To reduce pump power consumption,
Pumpex in Sweden has put
new motors with 10% better
efficiency on its drainage pumps,
series P1001, PC1001, P1501
(pictured), and PC1501, and
sludge pumps, series SP20 and
SP30. The company, part of the
ABS Group, has also extended its
SP series of heavy-duty, lightweight
sludge pumps with two smaller
models - the 0.9 kW SP 10 and
1.5 kW SP14. Pumpex also increased
the opportunity to interchange
parts of all its pumps up to 9 kW.
nyone who wants to learn just how specialised
pump rental is becoming might want to talk
to Wayne Side, product director, pumps for
Speedy Hire’s power division in the UK. “It is a very,
N, “It’s getting
very specialised sector,” he tells IRN
more technical as the years go by.”
One example is the Bentonite pumps Speedy
rents for pile driving applications from its sixpower
equipment depots across the UK. The hardenedsteel, 100 and 150 mm pumps, supplied by GenSet
plc in the UK and each costing up to €78000, help
move the Bentonite clay-impregnated fluids used
on big foundation job sites.
What’s special about their design are the features
for quick disassembly for cleaning, a daily activity,
says Mr Side, a twenty-year pump industry veteran. ¬
ABOVE: Multiquip’s InstaPrime series of dewatering and sludge
pumps from the US is now available in sizes up to 200 mm and
flows up to 13248 l/minute.
These hose ramps, which have the same capacity as 200 mm pipes,
are but one of the many accessories Speedy Hire rents.
Keeping LA clean, and quiet
Low noise was a selection factor for the six SPP pumps Charles King Co. of Signal Hill, California rented to
the Los Angeles Department of Public Works. The department used two XF400-436 pumps, two XF300-418
and two Q Series pumps to bypass a 15 m sewer section during rebuild. The pumps, sited within 30 m of
university classrooms, ran continuously at 0.83 m3/sec and 7.2 m of suction lift.
Steve Radaich of Charles King says, “Due to the
extremely deteriorated condition of the sewer,
loose aggregates including concrete, rocks, and
brick were present in our wet well which ultimately
entered our pumps. However, solids and rags were
no match for SPP’s spiral vane impeller, which
passed all solids while continuously pumping.”
Elsewhere, Charles King mounted a SPP XF300475 diesel-powered single pump on a roadcertified trailer and added sound insulation for the
Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD). It
will be used for emergency bypass pumping at
the Whites Point pumping Plant, which is on the
Pacific coast and one of LACSD’s most critical
and environmentally sensitive. The XF300-475 is
capable of 13.6 m3/min flow at 90 m of head.
IRN 1108 Rental Prods Pumps.indd21 21
13/10/2008 10:58:23
What is attractive to rental companies about this
specialised pump application is that piling
fluid set-ups require at least three pumps –
one to flush the hole, one dredge pump to
lift the slurry out, and the Bentonite pump
to get it back to the batching plant.
Complex, too, is the range of
accessories that Mr Side’s group, part
of the Power business unit Speedy
formed three-anda-half years ago,
offers customers.
These include valves,
settlement tanks, fuel
bowsers, drip trays, hoses – ”a huge
array,” he says – that contribute a very
healthy 25% of rental revenues.
New to Godwin’s range of Extreme High Head pumps is the HL110M
model, which is capable of heads up to 185 m and maximum flows to
115 m3/h. The single-stage model, available with a Tier 3 engine,
replaces the double-stage HL6TS2 and passes solids up to 19 mm
in diameter. It can run dry indefinitely, primarily because of its
high-pressure, oil bath, double-mechanical seal with solid silicon
carbide faces. The seal more effectively transfers heat to the
pump body, Godwin engineer Dwight Evans tells IRNN. “We are our
own largest user [Godwin has 5000 pumps in its US rental
fleet]; we tend to break our own pumps first,” he says.
Perhaps most interesting of the accessories
are isolator panels that are part of pump power
supply circuits. An option on the panels, from
motor control system manufacturer
Ralspeed in Blackburn, UK, is ultrasound devices to start and stop
the pumps. They use sound waves,
instead of floats in the excavation, to
determine water level. Mr Side says ¬
TowerLight has expanded its Liquidator range with the
1200 m3/hr Liquidator 12 (300 mm) model. The pump delivers a
maximum head of 42 m and has a sound level of 65 dBa at 7 m.
The company, which bases its sales and marketing functions in
the UK and its manufacturing in Italy, also added its High Head
Gladiator Priming pumps, available in 100 mm, 150 mm, and
200 mm sizes and delivering heads up to 200 m. The pumps
have integral fuel tanks and are skid-mounted. The 200 mm
model will pass solids up to 82 mm in diameter.
BBA touts the benefits to the environment
from the new Economy version of its PT
range of wellpoint dewatering pumps. The
Netherlands company says the doubleaction piston pumps, which deliver a
maximum head of 20 m and flows from 35 to
190 m3/hr, use 35% less oil and 5% less
fuel than standard models. Service intervals,
because of adoption of DrivoOn engine concept,
developed in conjunction with Hatz Diesel, is
1500 hours.
IRN 1108 Rental Prods Pumps.indd22 22
13/10/2008 11:00:40
-ˆi -Õ«iÀÊ
+44 (0)23 8025 0139
Your challenge is our solution.
The core of ABS dewatering is the product range with its sturdy design and wear resistance, but our dewatering
solutions do not end at that. Quick availability of pumps and spares, smart accessories, easy maintenance, good
application service and expert advice are all parts of the ABS package for moving unwanted water.
Visit us at
023IRN.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:40:06
shipbuilders and utility companies use this type of
starter because they are more reliable.
Then, too, are the hose ramps used for pumping
across roads and other areas subject to vehicle
traffic. The 7 m long, chequered steel-covered
sections, which can be joined together, are flattened
to reduce height but have flow capacity equal to
20 cm hoses.
Pump rental might seem less complex to MW Hire
Services in Urlingford, County Kilkeeny, Ireland.
It rents general construction equipment but
specializes in pumps and gensets. David Walker,
executive assistant, tells IRN, “We have so much
repeat business, about 85%, that we don’t often
help choose equipment. Our customers usually
know exactly what they need.”
The company buys pumps primarily from SPP
in Reading, UK, because the augur-type units are
the most portable, extremely reliable, and easy to
service, says Mr Walker. He says the company also
likes their ability to pump across long distances. ¬
Less wear under
The durability of submersible Grindex pumps is
allowing contractor Oden Anläggningsentreprenad
to tunnel at 80 to 100 m per week through granite
to construct the Skanstull-Solberga high voltage
cable tunnel under Stockholm. The seven pumps,
rented from Cramo, primarily remove water used to cool the bits of the rock drill on the job.
Closest to the drilling rig and most exposed to drill cuttings in the water is a Grindex Major pump. “This
water is almost like gruel,” says Peter Ahlgren, blasting supervisor for Oden. “Grindex recommend 2000
running hours between services, but we service the pumps every 1500 hours to be on the safe side. In
practice this means the shortest service interval for the pump system is two months.”
Seven Grindex pumps together lift 300 l of water 50 m to the surface through a pump pit and series of
settling tanks. Five are the new Major N model, which can deliver a maximum of almost 40 l/sec at 2 m of
head, are on the project, which will be completed in 2010.
With a cutter that makes 3000 cuts per minute and a hardened impeller, Selwood’s
new C150 chopper pumps liquids containing a high proportion of solids, organic
matter, sludge, or rags at a maximum of 225 m3/hr and at a maximum of
37 m of head. The Hampshire, UK-based company manufactures the electricstart diesel, self-priming pump and sells it for €23000.
ABS Group’s US operation in Milwaukee is developing new
trash pumps. The company is combining its dewatering and
wastewater solids handling capabilities to create the
engine-driven, direct-coupled CB trash pump series.
Available in 20, 25, and 30 cm sizes, the range will
offer dynamic heads up to approximately 50 m and
flows up to approximately 28000 l/hr, says ABS. The
CB8 and CB10 will handle solids from 9.8 to 12 cm in
diameter, while the CB12 will pass objects 9.6 to 12.9 cm in size.
Pumps for results
BBA Pumps produces a full range of quality pumps. Pumps with
state of the art design, developed from a rental perspective.
This offers you the lowest cost of ownership and optimal versatility for best rental results. BBA Pumps, pumps for results!
Tel. +31 (0) 314 36 84 36
IRN 1108 Rental Prods Pumps.indd24 24
13/10/2008 14:15:08
AFEC Pumps, a complete line of
high quality submersible pumps
We are lookin
ta ve
for represen
in Europe
[email protected]
AFEC Pumps Europe BV
Edisonstraat 12A
7006 RD Doetinchem
The Netherlands
“Best return on investment”
Tel +31 (0) 314 625 125
Fax +31 (0) 314 625 306
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025IRN.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:42:12
Your diamond
in the rough
– the new force in dewatering from Flygt
Tough conditions call for tough solutions. And that’s
Flygt’s 2600 dewatering pump series in a nutshell. With
a patented impeller design and fewer moving parts, they
ensure superior wear resistance and consistent performance over time. In tests the 2600 series has been shown
to deliver a threefold increase in wear resistance compared
to traditional dewatering pumps.
Stronger, simpler and easier to maintain, they keep your
operations moving and ensure the lowest possible cost
of ownership.
To find out more go to
Full page.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:45:53
From Sweden, Grindex’s new drainage pumps have an electronic
motor guard, called Smart, to prevent damage due to phase drop
out, overheating or overloading.
A key feature of ABS’s new flotation system is
modularity that allows matching to submersible
pumps weighing from 50 to 500 kg. Users can add
flotation modules, says the Swedish company,
to build a unit to float its dewatering
pumps, ranging from the J54 to
J405 models. The system,
available in November,
allows attachment of the
pump before lifting and
includes a 2-part chain on
the lift bow.
MW Hire rents long enough to recover full cost
of pump ownership, and then sells them. “Once
we get over the first few months, it becomes
self-financing,” he says. After recovery of
costs, “The pumps are easy
to sell on,” to smaller rental
companies and to farmers.
The company enjoys
utilisation between 80 and
90% of its 500 unit pump
fleet, sized almost equally
across 100, 150, and 200 mm units,
for eight or nine months of the year. Some rental
contracts are for three years, says Mr Walker,
typified by the twenty 200 mm Q type SPP pumps
sets on the construction site of the Limerick Tunnel
beneath the River Shannon. That project began in
August 2006 and will complete in 2010.
Clearly then, pump rental – contract lengths,
pumps materials, application diversity, accessory
variety – is a complex business. But Speedy’s
Mr Side makes it simple; “We’re interested
in anything that’s fluid and that needs to be
PUMPEX is a complete equipment
supplier of professional dewatering
pumps. High reliability and easy service
results in unrivalled economy for users
and rental companies.
Together with our distributors, we work
hard to meet the demands of our
customers, for whom the availability of
products and spares is vital.
IRN 1108 Rental Prods Pumps.indd27 27
13/10/2008 15:29:35
Full page.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:46:57
Quick hitches
under review
Accidents involving
semi-automatic couplers
(attachment hitches) in
the UK have led to some
new regulations banning
their sale. Will the rest
of Europe and the world
follow the UK lead? Dan
Gilkes reports for IRN.
n October 1, 2008, semi-automatic quick
couplers for hydraulic excavators were
banned from sale in the UK, and many people
believe that other European countries will follow
suit soon after. This change in regulation will not
affect existing couplers working in the field, though
rental companies may wish to look to their own duty
of care responsibilities to customers.
Ten years ago, around 10% of the excavators in
use in the UK were fitted with some form of quick
hitch or quick coupler. Today that figure is closer
to 80%. Indeed, below 20 t operating weight it is
probably closer to 100%, according to coupler and
bucket supplier Miller.
Being able to use a range of buckets and powered
attachments with an excavator, even with a
mini excavator, greatly increases the machine’s
The demand for
fully automatic
couplers like
Liebherr’s Likufix
is expected to
versatility and boosts utilisation, raising profitability
for a rental company. Not having to hammer out
pins every time you change between implements
cuts downtime and allows an operator to rapidly
change between buckets and attachments for
specific tasks.
The UK is not alone in spotting the advantages of
the quick coupler. Many European countries have
moved to quick hitches, and they are increasingly
popular in the US rental market.
However, where in the UK quick couplers tend to be
in effect pin grabbers, locking around any existing
bucket pins that are already fitted to the buckets
and attachments, in markets such as Germany
around 95% of couplers are dedicated to a machine
and bucket type. In France the market is split 50/50
between dedicated hitches and pin grabbers, while
the US rental business has moved mainly to
pin grabbing couplers.
Traditional manual quick couplers
require an operator to jump out of the
cab to remove locking pins and refit after
the attachment has been changed. Semiautomatic couplers remove much of that
manual work, requiring just one or two
locking pins to be set by an operator. The
latest fully automatic hitches allow the
operator to change buckets without leaving
the cab, automatically locking in place once
the pins have been located.
However there have recently been a
The Steelwrist tiltrotator on this excavator allows the
operator to precisely place fill material.
IRN 1008 Quick Hitch.indd 29
13/10/2008 11:24:25
number of cases where the locking pins on semiautomatic couplers have not been correctly fitted.
The result has been buckets and attachments falling
off machines while in use, and in the worst cases
killing operatives on site.
“In the 12 month period up to September 2007 there
were four fatalities in the UK,” says Tim Faithful,
director of member services at the Construction
Equipment Association, the UK group that looks
after the interests of equipment manufacturers. “In
each case the operator had failed to put the locking
pin in correctly. Most people agree that the semiautomatic hitch is unsafe if people don’t follow the
Read the instructions
The problem for a rental company of course is that
they might not have any dialogue with the actual
operator of the machine, so there is no way of
checking that the driver has read the necessary
operating instructions and is happy to use the hitch
There are 27 quick coupler manufacturers in the
UK and Ireland alone, many more on the Continent.
The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has now
written to those UK and Irish manufacturers asking
them to withdraw any semi-automatic couplers
from the market by October 1, 2008. After that date
the ban will be enforced.
This decision cannot be applied retrospectively, so
any company already using semi-automatic hitches
can carry on with them, though their customers
might not want to have them on site once the ban
is in place.
“We’re amending the European Standard to include
quick hitches, that would put most semi-automatic
hitches out of scope,” says Mr Faithful.
The European Directive EN474-1 allows a member
country to implement additional regulations in this
way, and following meetings in Europe and elsewhere,
international standards organisation ISO has agreed
to look at revisions to the Directive. However as that
could take up to three years to implement, the HSE
has decided to take steps now in the UK.
While there are many manufacturers in this
market, Miller is perhaps the biggest, claiming
around 75% of the UK market and sold as original
equipment by many manufacturers, including JCB
and Caterpillar. Around 5000 of Miller’s couplers
are sold each year in the USA under the Caterpillar
brand, while a further 1000 hitches are supplied
Enterprise Software for Rental
Any more integrated and we’d be part of the equipment.
A solid rental operation is all about availability, reliability and
outstanding customer service.
The Lawson rental solution gives you the tools and
visibility you need to manage every aspect of your rental
business. Fully integrated with supply chain management,
financial management and service management, it will
enable you to effectively manage the flow of your entire
rental fleet.
With a more complete overview, you can better manage complex
rental contracts to provide a foundation for developing long-term
partnerships with valued customers. You’ll have greater ability to
maximize profitability through additional sales volumes, increased
market penetration and margin enhancement.
To find out why major players in your industry such as
Hewden, Aggreko, Haulotte Group, Briggs Equipment and
Manitou are turning to Lawson, visit
“We chose Lawson because they demonstrated very early on in the selection process that they
understood our industry and the unique challenges that we face.”
Tom Armstrong,CIO, Aggreko
IRN 1008 Quick Hitch.indd 30
13/10/2008 11:26:56
UN / ADR Approved IBC for transport of fuel.
Double wall for storage of fuel.
960 – 3000 Litres capacity.
10’ & 20’ ISO tank containers.
ADR / RID Approved for transport of fuel.
Double wall for storage of fuel.
5200 - 194000 Litres capacity.
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co uk
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DPS.indd 2
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DPS.indd 3
13/10/2008 12:51:58
A product range that reaches
every stage of your business
Choosing Haulotte makes you benefit from
a guaranteed after-sales service.
More than 95.000 spare parts shipped within
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13/10/2008 10:51:41
most of them simply drop to the ground without
causing any damage. However nobody wants to
see operatives being injured, or worse still fatally
wounded, on their construction sites.
Site managers have to be conversant with the
latest health and safety legislation and many
continually audit accidents and safety on their sites,
applying risk assessment techniques to reduce
incidents. If they see that the HSE in the UK is
banning semi-automatic quick couplers, under duty
of care legislation they may well feel compelled to
do the same.
As mentioned, the regulations are not going to
be retrospective. Rental companies with existing
semi-automatic hitches will still be able to use
them in the UK. However customer demand may
prove to be as effective as legislation in changing
buying habits.
An Atlas Copco HC 920 compactor mounted on a Komatsu
to US customers through ESCO. Cat also offers its
Connect’o’maat system, which is a dedicated type
quick-coupler that the firm has been offering for
more than 30 years.
One of Miller’s most successful products has
been the Bug coupler, which is a fully automatic
hitch that will work with buckets from most leading
excavator brands. However this year Miller moved
the market forward again with the introduction of
the TwinLock, introduced at ConExpo.
Miller’s TwinLock hitch is a fully auto coupler
that has a front latch that can be clearly seen from
the machine cab. This ensures that the operator
is always aware of the locking position, and in the
unlikely event of a loss of engagement force in
the hitch, two gravity operated mechanical stops
prevent the bucket from falling off the machine.
Of course there is a cost implication to fully
automatic coupling. Miller’s Steven Ford says that
customers can expect to pay 10-15% more for a fully
auto hitch. This is perhaps why he says that Miller,
along with other manufacturers, will continue to
produce semi-automatic hitches for those countries
where they remain popular, though they will no
longer be sold in the UK.
Advanced couplers
For the full belt and braces approach there are
more advanced systems available. Liebherr’s Likufix
hitch is an example of a dedicated quick coupler
that offers more than simple bucket location. Not
only does the Likufix coupler change between
attachment pins, but it also offers automatic
connection of hydraulic and electrical lines too.
Likufix can be added to any Liebherr quick
hitch adaptor and attachment and is available for
excavators in the 10-125 t range. Customers can fit
the system to a wide range of attachments including
breakers, sorting grapples, shears, multi-tine grabs
and pulverisers, making them an ideal solution for
demolition contractors in particular.
A hydro-mechanical system ensures a safe
and leak-free connection of hydraulic hoses. The
connection process is carried out automatically as
the coupler locks into the pins.
Whatever system you choose to employ, one thing
is clear, operators need to be confident about how
to safely use the quick coupler, and must be sure
that the bucket or implement is securely attached
to the machine.
Every operator must have seen a bucket fall off
an excavator at some time in the past. Fortunately
IRN 1008 Quick Hitch.indd 33
13/10/2008 12:48:50
Your time
Our commitment
Working Tools
Atlas Copco working tools are much more than just pieces
of steel. Because we manufacture both machines and tools,
we´ve been able to perfect dimensions, material properties
and tip geometry. The result is greater and higher productivity.
At Atlas Copco, we take your time seriously.
Atlas Copco Construction Tools
Full page.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:52:30
A Volvo 70 t EC700B excavator working on
the 216.4 MW Changinola I HEP hydro-electric
project in Panama.
South America promises to
be a fantastic rental market
in the decades to come.
But for now, where are
the market opportunities,
and who is grasping them?
Murray Pollok reports.
Down South
anama might seem a strange place to start
with a review of Latin/South American rental
markets, but what is happening in that small
but strategically important country illustrates the
scale of some of the infrastructure investment
going on in the region, and the opportunities for
The headline project in Panama is, of course, the
US$5 billion widening and expansion of the famous
canal, a project that will be running for the next
six years. Augusto Boyd, managing director of
Commercial de Motores (CDM), one of the largest
equipment dealer and rental companies in Panama,
tells IRN
N that “The economy is very good. There are
many things happening, including the Panama Canal
project…I see a strong demand for heavy machines,
above 50 t.”
CDM, which is a Volvo dealer in the country as well
as representing a wide range of other equipment,
also has a rental division. In fact, Mr Boyd’s
involvement in rental stretches back 17 years, when
he tried to sell Samsung equipment and ended up
renting it. The current resurgence in demand for
rental now means that “things have come full circle
for me…Contractors now like to combine rental and
bought machines.”
Clarisa Chen, CDM’s executive
director, says the construction
market is growing in other sectors
as well – high rise buildings,
earthmoving and roads; “so while
there will be some fall in demand
when the canal is finished in 2014,
there will still be other projects too,
especially in tourist infrastructure.”
Ms Chen adds that CDM is looking
at establishing rental activities
beyond Panama’s borders.
The focus on large equipment
reported by CDM in Panama is not
surprising when you see the figures
quoted for large infrastructure projects in South
America, with Brazil and Mexico leading the pack.
In fact, this ‘big machine’ demand has led Volvo
Construction Equipment to take a very particular
approach to the development of rental in the region.
Yoshio Kawakami, president of Volvo Construction
Equipment’s Latin and South American business,
tells IRN
N that the company is not pushing its Volvo
Rents programme in the region because that mainly
concerns more compact machines; “For that type
of business, Latin America doesn’t offer really good
opportunities…The focus for us is to develop rental
business through our dealers in Latin America.”
CDM in Panama is one example of this.
Big units
Mr Kawakami estimates that there are around 200
big Volvo units – typically 20 t excavators and 2.5 m3
capacity loaders – now being rented from dealers
in the region, and he is trying to encourage more
of them to establish rental businesses. “We have
developed a model that helps the dealers”, he says.
This includes advice on which machines to rent,
management systems and staff training.
“Some dealers are embracing it quickly – they
understand that rental is within
their scope of business – others are
reluctant because they don’t have
experience”, he says. Other Volvo
dealers active in rental include Grupo
Linck in southern Brazil and SKC
Rentals in Chile.
Brazil, of course, is where much
of the focus of attention is in South
America, because of its size and the
enormous amount of investment
in infrastructure. This has led, for
example, to a very rapid expansion
Yoshio Kawakami, president of Volvo
Construction Equipment in South America.
Solaris is Brazil’s largest rental company and aims to invest
US$120 million in its fleet over the next three years. It is owned
by Sullair Argentina.
in the market for powered access rentals, and in
particular a looming battle between Solaris – owned
by Sullair Argentina – and Mills Rental.
The origins of these two companies can cause
some confusion, even among rental customers in
Brazil. The Mills Group sold its Mills Rental access
division to Sullair Argentina four years ago. Under
the terms of the sale, Sullair had some years to use
the Mills Rental name, after which it had to rename
it: this they have now done, using the Solaris name.
At the same time, the Mills Group is again able under
the terms of the deal to re-enter the access rental
market, which they did earlier this year using the
old name Mills Rental. Is that clear?
Whatever their origins, both have big expansion
plans. Solaris Equipamentos e Serviços LTDA, to give
its full name, has recently created an earthmoving
equipment division to add to the access and
telehandler divisions it already has. The US$12
million spending on earthmoving equipment this
year is part of a three-year, $120 million investment
plan, with half of that sum earmarked for aerials.
The current 1300 unit fleet will be increased by 40%
this year, says Paulo Esteves, sales and marketing
IRN 10 08 Latin Americal.indd 37
13/10/2008 11:33:58
manager for Solaris, and the rest will be spent on
earthmoving equipment, telehandlers and gensets.
Newly established Mills Rental, meanwhile, plans
to invest $60 million in aerial platforms over the
next three years, taking the fleet up to 1500 units.
The company aims to have 450 units by the end of
this year.
Adding to the mix is Europe’s Riwal, which
established an access rental business in Curitiba,
Southern Brazil earlier this year, managed by Jim
Roest. Mr Roest tells IRN
N that there is sufficient
demand for aerials in the country to double the
country’s total access rental fleet to 8000 machines.
However, Riwal had just started renting – it has
30 machines – and will grow steadily over the next
12 months.
Equipment shortage
“There is a shortage of equipment in Brazil – it’s not
just a shortage of platforms, it’s all construction
equipment”, says Mr Roest.
Brazilian rental companies will also find themselves
competing with another European player within the
next couple of months, with Spain’s GAM planning to
open a depot in Sao Paulo by the end of the year,
capitalising on the presence of some of
its big Spanish contractor customers in
GAM is also making an entry in Mexico,
having opened in mid-September a depot
with 100 used machines in Mexico City.
The country is reckoned to be another big
potential rental market, with a national
infrastructure investment plan valued at
around US$250 billion for the next five
Some US renters are already getting in on the act,
with Ameco and Max Equipment Rentals (based in
San Diego, California) active in the country as well as
portable accommodation and storage space renter
Williams Scotsman, which has just expanded its
operations in Mexico with four new depots, in Juárez,
Hermosillo, Riviera Maya and Tijuana.
Williams Scotsman says that Juárez located across the border from El Paso,
Texas - is a port of entry for all of central
northern Mexico; Hermosillo is centrally
located and serves as a gateway to
various tourist destinations throughout
Mexico and is home to a growing
Jim Roest is running Riwal’s new access rental
venture in southern Brazil.
industrial hub with companies such as Ford Motor
Company; Riviera Maya is a tourist destination on
the Yucatan Peninsula; and Tijuana in the west is
one of the country’s fastest growing cities and
industrial centres.
Of the other territories, Volvo’s Yoshio Kawakami
says markets like Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay
and Argentina remain in “growth mode”, although he
thinks Argentina could well suffer as a result of the
financial crisis.
As Mr Kawakami points out, no-one will be immune
from the fall-out from the financial crisis; “We will all
be affected, no doubt.”
However, if you were staking your house on a new
rental business right now, you probably couldn’t do
much better than Brazil or Mexico (and not forgetting
Panama, of course).
Red Rhino Crushers Ltd
Unit 7, Brunel Gate, Brunel Rd, Aylesbury, HP19 8DG, UK
T: 01296 310 600 F: 01296 310 608 E: [email protected]
IRN 10 08 Latin Americal.indd 38
13/10/2008 11:36:04
PALFINGER AG · 5101 Bergheim/Salzburg, Austria · E-Mail [email protected] ·
We’ve found each other.
PALFINGER is on Cloud 9 with WUMAG and BISON. Is there anything more beautiful than a perfect match?
The “wedding” with WUMAG has enabled us to round out our BISON product portfolio in the upper
performance range – with access platforms that seek heights of up to 102.5 meters.
Full page.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:53:35
Your genset;
when and where you need it
Excellent service
Leaders in quality
Extensive range of products
Pol. Ind. Malpica-Alfindén • C/ Encina, 8 • 50171 La Puebla de Alfindén (Zaragoza) España • Tel.: + 34 976 107 332 • Fax: + 34 976 107 366
e-mail: [email protected] •
040IRN.indd 1
Quality Driven Energy
13/10/2008 10:44:50
Bauma China is being held for the fourth time this November,
but has already established itse
equipment event in China. Chris
preview the event for IRN.
isiting a Chinese exhibition can be a
fascinating experience, with dozens of big
local manufacturers showing equipment
that you didn’t know existed. And while much of this
equipment is on the large side, there are also many
Chinese manufacturers of mini-excavators, backhoe
loaders, skid-steers and even aerial platforms.
Bauma China is probably the best of the Chinese
construction exhibitions to see all of these machines.
The event is still be young – the first was held in
2002 – but it is already established as the leading
construction equipment exhibition in China,
if not the whole of Asia. Held every two
years at the Shanghai New International
Expo Center (SNIEC), the 2006 event
attracted 80000 visitors from all
over China, Asia and
the world as well as
1088 exhibitors.
With the Chinese
construction equipment
market continuing to boom, the
2008 event - held from 25 to 28 November - will be
far bigger than in 2006. According to the organiser,
who is also responsible for the ‘original’ Bauma
exhibition held every three years in Germany, this
year’s Bauma China will be 40% bigger than 2006
in terms of exhibition space, with around 1300
exhibiting companies.
Of the new equipment on show, a large proportion
will be North American, European, Japanese and
Korean machines being introduced onto the Chinese
Show Details
Shanghai New International Expo
Centre (SNIEC)
2345 Longyang Road
Pudong New Area
Shanghai (Pudong) 201204
Among Sunward’s new machines is the SWE 08
micro excavator, the smallest in its range.
and Asian markets for the first time. However,
there may well be new machines at Bauma China
that are variants on existing models, designed for
the specific requirements of the Chinese or wider
Asian market. JCB, for example, will be showing an
excavator developed specifically for the Chinese
But as far as the Chinese manufacturers go, the
Sany stand will be well worth a visit, with plenty
of big new machines on show. There will be a total
of 46 pieces of equipment on the stand including
a new generation concrete truck pump range with
x-shaped outrigger. The company will unveil two
new truck pumps- the 25 m SY5190THB-25 on a Sany
chassis and the 50 m SY5385THB-50m model.
25 - 28 November 2008
Tuesday – Thursday:
9 am - 5 pm
9 am - 3 pm
Like this truck pump, many of Sany’s launches
in other areas will tend towards the large side.
Most noticeable will the 1000 t capacity SCC10000
crawler crane, thought to be the largest capacity
crane ever built by a Chinese manufacturer. This in
itself illustrates how far the industry has come. Just
two years ago 300 to 500 t capacity cranes were
considered ‘big’ for China’s construction equipment
Changlin’s WZ30-25 backhoe loader
features a new cab with increased
comfort and visibility.
IRN 1008 Bauma China preview.ind41 41
13/10/2008 11:37:05
Pleasant and stylish
pastime – but tough on joints
Efficient and thorough
operation – with a robust joint
Productivity Partnership for a Lifetime.
Rammax trench rollers and other lightweight compaction machines, from
rammers to tandem rollers, make up
the wide range of all-purpose, highperformance products offered by
Ammann. Minimum maintenance, high
resale values and simple operation
make Ammann products predestined
Full page.indd 1
for use as rental machines. They are
characterized by performance,
functionality, design, and an optimum
price-performance ratio, just the same
as any other Ammmann machine.
Further informations:
13/10/2008 10:54:36
How to get there
SNIEC is located half way between Pudong
International Airport, 35 km to the east, and
Hongqiao Airport 32 km to the west. The Airport
Bus, Maglev or taxis can be taken directly to the
exhibition centre.
From Pudong International Airport
■ By taxi - about CNY 90.00 (US$ 13.00)
■ By Transrapid Maglev from Pudong
International Airport to Longyang Road – takes
about 8 minutes. CNY 40.00 (US$ 5.75) one-way,
CNY 80.00 (US$ 11.50) return.
■ Trains operate from 7.00 am to 21.00 pm and
run every 20 minutes.
■ By Bus: Airport Line Bus No. 3 to Renaissance
Yangtze Shanghai Hotel, drop off at Longyang
Rd. Station – takes about 40 minutes, CNY 20.00
(US$ 3.00)
From Hongqiao Airport
■ By taxi – about CNY 80.00 (US$ 11.50)
Liugong will be branching out
at Bauma China, with new series
of compact rollers, including the
CLG604T, a 4 t dual-amplitude
roller. Also new is the 13 t CLG
613T dual-amplitude asphalt hot
mix vibratory roller, used for
compacting asphalt concrete,
bitumen concrete and cement
concrete surface layers. In the
single drum category the 12 t
CLG 613T 12 t is also new.
The company will also
showcase the CLG 422 motor
grader which features a sealed
Sany’s 50 m SY5385THB-50 pump truck is among the new machines
to be introduced by the company at Bauma China.
disc rotary device with the blade working at 90° to
the left or right. Also present at the exhibition will
be the CLG630R, a 30 tonne tire compactor, which
can be used to compact the surface of asphalt,
basic foundation layer, sub foundation layer and
Liugong will also showcase new
hydraulic excavators in the
shape of the 5.9 t 906C, the
13.5 t 915C, the 26 t 925 LL and
the 36 t 936LC.
New machines from Sunward
include excavators, skid steer
loaders, its multifunction new
concept machine, telescopic
handlers and drilling
machines. Among the new
hydraulic excavators
on show will be the
SWE330LC and the
SWE150m. Sunward
will also introduce the
smallest model in its range
– the SWE 08.
Daisin’s new 1.5 t class DS15 excavator.
The Construction
Equipment Security
and Registration
■ From Shanghai Railway Station or Shanghai
South Railway Station take Metro Line 1 to
People’s Square, then take Metro Line 2 toward
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Station and get off at
Longyang Road Station.
■ The nearest subway stop to SNIEC is
Longyang Road Station on Metro Line 2 (coming
out of the city take this line towards Zhangjiang
Hi-Tech Park Station). During the trade fair, a
bus-shuttle service will be provided between
the Metro Line 2 and Maglev Transrapid station
Longyang Road and SNIEC fairground.
Get off at Longyang Road Station
■ Bus No. 983: Lujiazui – SNIEC
■ Bus Da Qiao No. 5: Fudan University
– Zhangjiang High-Tech Park
■ Bus Da Qiao No. 6: Shanghai Jiaotong
University (Xu Jia Hui Area) – Zhangjiang HighTech Park
■ Fang Chuan Line: Fangxie Road – Pudong
International Airport
■ Shen Jiang Line: Changyi Road – Sifan
■ Airport Line No.3: Renaissance Yangtze
Shanghai Hotel – Pudong International Airport.
Hanix has joined forces with Datatag to become the first Japanese
manufacturer to fit CESAR as standard with every Hanix excavator.
Great Japanese craftmanship now comes with visible and covert
markings – a real deterrent.
Lower insurance premiums up to 20% and reduced excesses – CESAR
is approved by major insurers.
Quick police access to the CESAR database – providing an instant trace
on stolen equipment via Datatag’s 24/7 secure call centre.
The first industry-wide official scheme – backed by PTAG.
Hanix Europe Limited
Email: [email protected]
See for yourself. Contact us today on 0161 335 2330 to find out more.
IRN 1008 Bauma China preview.ind43 43
13/10/2008 11:38:00
Chenggong’s CG990H wheel loader will be launched at Bauma
The company will also exhibit the SWEL55 ‘concept’
machine that it unveiled at last December’s
ConExpo Asia event. A clever boom design means
this machine can be used either as a loader or and
Changlin will introduce its ZL30H, ZL40H and
ZL75H wheel loaders as well as its PY220H motor
grader and WZ30-25 backhoe loader.
The ZL30H wheel loader has a 10 t operating
weight, a 1.7 m3 bucket capacity and features
an 87 kW Cummins engine. The ZL40H has a 13 t
operating weight, a 126 kW Cummins engine and
a 2.3 m3 bucket capacity and the ZL75H has a
23.5 t operating weight, a 216 kW engine and a
bucket capacity of 4.2 m3.
Meanwhile, the WZ30-25 backhoe loader is
equipped with a 63 kW Cummins engine, four forward
four reverse power shuttle transmission. It has a
1 m3 loading bucket and 0.3 m3 excavator bucket and
increased loader and backhoe performance. It also
features a Carraro wet type axle, a new cab with
increased comfort and visibility with two or four
wheel driving and a 7 t operating weight.
Dasin, a Sino-US joint venture, will exhibit 1.5,
1.8, 3.5, 6 and 9 t tracked hydraulic excavators
with optional attachments. Among the newest of
these is the DS15 excavator, which has a Tier 2
engine and low noise.
New from Chenggong at Bauma
China will be the CG990H wheeled
loader. Equipped with a fuelefficient Cummins engine, the
machine features a low speed
mute fan powered by separate
motor to enhance the cooling
and lower energy consumption.
In the aerial platform sector, Hangzhou Aichi
Engineering – a Chinese joint venture company
with Japanese aerial platform giant Aichi Corp
– will be showcasing a range of its access platforms
at the exhibition including the 26 m working
height HYL5140JGK aerial work platform mounted
on a Dongfeng EQ1141KJ chassis and the 28.9 m
HYL5112JGK, also on a Dongfeng chassis.
The Shenyang North Traffic Heavy Industry Group
stand will include the new 32 m working height
KFM5220JGK aerial working platform. The Z12DC
self-propelled aerial working platform will also be
on display, which has a maximum working height
of 12.2 m.
New products from Beijing Jingcheng – the
company that recently exhibited at the APEX aerial
platform show in Europe – include a 20 and 55 t truck
crane chassis, the GTBZ26 and GTBZ32 telescopic
booms, the GTJZ10 self-propelled scissor lift and the
GTJZ1323RT rough terrain scissor lift.
Hunan Runshare will be presenting its telescopic
and articulating boom access platforms. Working
heights are between 20 m and 40 m.
Jing Long (GJJ), China’s biggest hoist manufacture,
will show its SCE series double mast (heavy-duty)
hoist with a 5 to 10 t payload. The company will
also exhibit tower cranes and the SC200/200GZ and
SC200/200GDN standard hoists as well as a new
hoist with “electricity regenerating system.” IRN
The 13 t CLG 613T
asphalt hot mix
vibratory roller
from Liugong.
Beijing Jingcheng’s
GTBZ26 boom lift.
IRN 1008 Bauma China preview.ind44 44
13/10/2008 16:23:36
ft 40,00w.h.
ft 50,00 w.h.
ft 60,00 w.h
ft 60,00 w.h.
ft 82,00 w.h.
ft 98,40 w.h.
RQG 12
RQG 15.75 NEWS
RQG 18.75 NEWS
RQG 18 ID.
RQG 25
RQG 30
Poviglio (RE
rande n
T S.r.l. Via G +39 0522 967667
22 967666
TEL +39 05 [email protected]
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13/10/2008 10:55:34
Limitless applications.
One trusted brand.
Cutting. Grinding. Drilling. In stone, metal and concrete. It’s tough,
rugged work that requires tough rugged tools. Which is why we’re
so merciless when it comes to testing our diamond tools. So if you’re
on the lookout for a proven diamond tool, take a look at our
unique range.
Copyright © 2008 Husqvarna AB (publ.) All rights reserved. Husqvarna is a registered trademark of Husqvarna AB (publ.)
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13/10/2008 10:56:24
drive for ERA
The European Rental
Association (ERA) aims
to expand its membership
with a ‘member to
member’ recruitment
initiative, using the
contacts and knowledge
of some if its senior
Member benefits
Although official ‘ERA Ambassadors’ will be
contacted by the ERA, all current members are
encouraged to speak to colleagues/competitors
in their rental markets and encourage them to
join the organisation. If you are interested in
becoming an ambassador, or would like to get
a copy of the Recruitment Briefing Pack, then
contact the ERA secretariat.
The ERA website already includes a section on
‘Member Benefits’, as follows:
■ Support the sector’s European advocacy
efforts that benefit the whole industry.
■ Participate in the education of European
decision-makers on the specificities of the
rental sector to ensure that they are taken
into account in future policies.
■ Network with peer high-level representatives
from large and small rental companies.
■ Become an active part of a think-tank
industry network comprising national
industry associations and European industry
■ Influence the association’s strategy and
positions by taking up a leadership role.
■ Voice your concerns directly in dedicated
committees on particular issues affecting
your company / association in your daily
activities in Europe.
■ Gain access to credible industry specific
resources, studies and updates on the power
of the rental industry.
■ Participate in the development and sharing
of best-practices.
he ERA is to launch a new ‘member-tomember’ recruitment programme that will
see senior figures from existing members
attempt to recruit new members from within their
home markets.
The recruitment plan – which is being driven by
the association’s Promotions Committee – aims to
appoint one or two ‘ERA Ambassadors’ in each of the
main European markets who will then be allocated a
number of potential members to contact.
The ambassadors, all prominent members of the
rental business in their respective markets, will be
provided with briefing notes to help them when
they contact the prospective members. These notes
will include:
The reasons for the campaign
Benefits of ERA membership
Arguments to counter common objections
List of prospects in their country
Membership application form
“The association has made a great start, with over
100 members signed up in the first two years”, says
Michel Petitjean, secretary general of the ERA, “But
like any organisation we would benefit from having
additional members – both to provide new expertise
and better representation for the work we are doing
and to provide additional funding.
“Our members today represent a fantastic variety
of companies, but our rental company membership
is dominated by major national and international
players. We think that many smaller, mid-sized
rental companies would also benefit from ERA
membership, as well as many more suppliers to the
rental sector.”
Under the initiative, the ERA’s secretariat will
over the next three months contact potential
ambassadors, draft a final list of prospects and
prepare the briefing documents. From February to
March next year the ambassadors will contact the
prospects and invite them to join the association
and/or to attend the ERA Convention in London
next June.
“A key feature of the membership drive”, says Mr
Petitjean, “is to exploit the knowledge and industry
contacts of senior executives at existing members.
These are the people who are industry leaders, who
have the respect of their counterparts in the market,
and who are in a great position to sell the benefits
of ERA membership. We are hoping that they will get
behind the member-to-member programme with
See the ERA’s website ( for
more details of the recruitment programme as well
as future issues of IRN. In the meantime, if you are
willing to become an ERA Ambassador, then please
contact the ERA secretariat.
European Rental Association (ERA)
Avenue Marcel Thiry 204
B - 1200 Brussels
Tel: + 32 2 761 1604
Fax: + 32 2 761 1699
[email protected]
Secretary General:
[email protected]
IRN 1008 ERA.indd 47
13/10/2008 11:50:25
Full page.indd 1
13/10/2008 10:57:04
The market for truck
mounted aerial
platforms in eastern
Europe will grow
annually at 15% up
to 2011, fuelled by
construction growth
expansion of wind
power turbines, said Christoph
Schneiderbauer (pictured),
managing director of Palfinger
Speaking at the second
Europlatform conference – held in
Maastricht on the day before the
APEX exhibition – Mr Schneiderbauer
said investment in large truck
mounted platforms would follow
the enormous planned expansion
in wind turbines, particularly in
eastern Europe, with a 33% annual
increase in power from wind power
forecast up to 2015.
There are currently 50000 wind
turbines in Europe, with 100000
likely to be in service by 2015.
Mr Schneiderbauer said the
western European market for truck
mounts would see a much more
modest annual growth rate of
around 5% over the next few years.
“The picture in eastern Europe is
quite different. We expect annual
growth of up to 15% within the next
three or four years.”
Europlatform was co-organised
by Access Internationall magazine
and the International Powered
Access Federation (IPAF).
APEX access
Every three years the aerial platform industry gathers in
Maastricht, the Netherlands, for the APEX aerial platform
exhibition. This year’s event in September – the best
attended in its history with over 5000 visitors – saw dozens
of manufacturers launch new machines, as IRN
N reports.
UpRight launches
five new models
anfield Group’s UpRight
Powered Access used APEX to
introduce five new machines,
proving that the company remains
extremely active in the face of the
current downturn in demand and its
own share price troubles.
Of the five new models, three were
the result of cooperation with other
manufacturers. The trailer mounted
XT24AL, a 9 m working height scissor,
is designed and built by PLE Inc in the
US and assembled by Planet Platforms
in the UK, but will now be available
through UpRight.
The other two ‘badged’ scissor
models are both built by Netherlands
based Omega Lift, with the most
attention focused on the massive
X80ND, a diesel-powered, 26.5 m
working height scissor with a width
of just 1.24 m. The other model was
the crawler mounted 10.5 m working
Richard Tindale (left) with PLE CEO Marc Bogue.
height X28T scissor (pictured).
“Omega is working with us in
developing some machines”, says
Richard Tindale, UpRight’s sales
and marketing director, “We will
manufacture the scissor stacks
using our own supply chain, and we
are working together on some new
designs.” These are likely to be midto-large sized rough terrain scissors;
Five prototypes
from Aichi Corp
ichi showed five new booms and
scissors on its stand, although
was at pains to describe them
as prototype models and was not
committing itself to a timetable for
availability in Europe beyond early
The SR14CJ (pictured) is a tracked
version of the 14 m wheeled unit
launched earlier this year and will be
accompanied by a no-jib 12 m model
as well. The new SR12C will replace the
existing SR12B.
The new scissors are the SV05CNS
and SV06CNS models, 4.6 m and
5.8 m platform height models notable
for being short (1.85 m) and narrow
(0.76 m). Aichi said the use of an AC
Wind power
boost for
drive motor would improve duty cycles
by 150% compared to its previous
Also new are the SV08CWL and
the SV10CWL (Wide/Long), 7.9 m and
9.5 m platform height models, both
with dimensions of 1.15 m (W) and
2.5 m (L). The new scissors complement
the 6 and 8 m narrow long scissors
introduced in Europe earlier this year.
The crawler mounted 10.5 m working height
X28T scissor.
“Omega is experienced in building
those”, says Mr Tindale.
The other two new models were
the UpRight TL34 trailer, a “back to
basics” low cost trailer providing a
working height of up to 12.2m and 5m
of outreach, and the UpRight X33BE
scissor, a bi-energy version of the
X33RT rough terrain scissor lift. IRN
Teupen in Germany launched its 36.5 m
working height Leo GTX 40 crawler, which
has a 400 kg basket payload capacity. The
11 t machine, which plugs a gap in the company’s
crawler range, offers a maximum working
height with 200 kg payload of 39.5 m, and its
maximum outreach is 13 m. It will be available
by May of 2009 and list price is €280000.
Spain’s Matilsa launched the 21.5 m working
height, 13 m outreach Parma-21D. The
10.5 t articulating boom has four wheel drive
and steering, as well as four independently
operating outriggers. Matilsa’s director
of sales, Amancio Martinez, tells IRN that
the Parma-21D is the most compact selfpropelled access platform in the market.
The machine, which has a Hatz engine and
Sauer/Danfoss components, will be tested
in the rental market over the next four
months. Mr Martinez said that the company
will release an 18 m working height model in
the last quarter of this year.
IRN 1008 Rental Prods Aerial Pla49 49
13/10/2008 11:51:15
Skyjack’s first
articulated booms
uyers will have to wait until
the second quarter of 2009 for
Skyjack’s new SJ 46AJ and SJ
51AJ (Europe only) articulated booms.
Notable features of the new machines
Skyjack’s SJ 51 AJ, with its articulated boom,
allows truly vertical movement, says the
Multitel Pagliero has added a 13 m working
height 3.5 t GVW model, the MX130, to its
range. Mounted on a Nissan Cabstar, the
MX130 is now the Italian company’s smallest
truck mount. Maximum outreach of the
platform is 6.5 m, cage capacity is 120 kg and
its stowed dimensions are 5.8 m (L) by 2.37 m
(H). It is approximately 2 m wide.
include the use of axle-based 4WD
system; oscillating axle; selectable
differential lock for the rear axle from
the basket; and 360 degree continuous
rotation of the turret.
Both the 46 and the 51 will be powered
by a Deutz three-cylinder engine (with
Perkins as an option), while GM duel
fuel engines will be standard in North
Charlie Patterson, managing
director of Skyjack UK, tells IRN
N that
the design of the double boom riser
section “allows for true perpendicular
movement.” The booms, like other
Skyjack products, use “simple and
The new 10 m working height Toucan10E
differs from other models in JLG’s Toucan
range of vertical masts in that it has two
brushless, direct AC drive motors, as
opposed to the conventional DC electric
drive used previously. The motors provide
a faster drive speed of 5.5 km/hr, and their
power source recharges more quickly than
a DC system would, says JLG. The company
also says it improved the proportional drive
and lift controls for easier and smoother
operation of the 200 kg capacity model.
A new platform, new jib and extended
outreach make manoeuvring the machine in
tight spaces easier.
Bizzocchi in Italy exhibited the prototype of the 50.7 m working height KJ-A 510, designed for
26 t GVW carriers. Outreach of the new model is 34.5 m with 120 kg in the basket and 28 m with
its maximum load of 450 kg.
robust” analogue controls. Maximum
outreach on the 46 model is 25 feet
(7.6 m), increasing to 31 ft (9.4 m) on
the 51 version.
Skyjack also showed off a concept
vertical mast boom, marking a return
to the vertical mast sector that the
company exited over five years ago.
The concept machine at APEX – shown
to gain feedback from customers – was
the 16 ft (4.9 m) platform height SJ16.
The platform, which uses a mast
boom design, has a slide out deck
that was operated electronically
at APEX but will be manual, winch
driven in the final version. The target
weight of the model is 820 kg, with a
smaller, 12 ft (3.6 m) SJ12 model also in
development. Both will have 227 kg cage
Bronto offers
‘economical’ 78m
he new 78 m working height
S 78 XDT extends Bronto’s
range of straight boom models.
The previously largest was a 70 m
model, and the new machine offers
customers a lower cost alternative to
heavier, articulated booms, says the
Finnish company.
Jan Denks, Bronto’s export sales
N that the 78 XDT is
manager, tells IRN
approximately 20% less expensive
than the company’s HLA articulated
boom equivalent. It is also around
5 t lighter, has higher cage capacities
(up to 700 kg), and 3 m more outreach
(37 m) than the 78 HLA.
Commenting on current market
conditions, Mr Denks says the large
truck-mounted sector so far seems
less exposed to the uncertainty in the
access market, and that Bronto had
experienced no order cancellations so
far – although customers have to pay
a significant deposit when they order
the big units.
Ruthmann’s new 27.3 working height Steiger
T275 – replacing the T 270 - features a turret
that can pivot upwards and downwards,
minimising its transport length when fully
down and maximising outreach and working
height when raised. When the boom is closed,
the T275 has a smaller footprint and shortens
the length of possible carriers to 7.85 m. The
T275 has a maximum outreach of 21 m and can
either be mounted onto a 7.49 t GVW truck with
a horizontal-vertical jacking system or onto a
heavy-duty chassis with vertical jacks.
IRN 1008 Rental Prods Aerial Pla50 50
13/10/2008 11:52:11
The only trencher in Europe that is articulated, that
can work on slopes, equipped with
hydraulic intake for the demolition
hammer and other hydraulic tools. It
can make circular excavations, with
diesel Kubota motor, it functions
Technical specifications
a h
Euro Towers Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers of
aluminium tower equipment in the UK. Our products are
manufactured to a TUV approved quality system and the
Klik Ladder Frame Tower is approved to BS EN1004.
total weight of the machine
with angledozer
with twin wheels
height during work
during transport
digging speed from
travel speed
max digging width
max digging depth
breakout force
turning space
mt/h 10 to 250
45% - 20,25°
The simplicity in the design of the Klik Ladder Frame Tower
comprises the minimum possible number of
multi-purpose components making it quite simply
the best tower available on the market.
Available in 0.7m and 1.35m widths
2.0m, 2.5m & 3.0m platform lengths
We are dedicated to supplying a quality
product at competitive prices.
Contact Euro Towers now for any
special tower requirements you may have.
Euro Towers Ltd, Unit 5, Edgemead Close, Round
Spinney, Northampton, NN3 8RG, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1604 644774 Fax: +44 (0)1604 499544
e-mail: [email protected]
The first completely electri- electrical means with battery
cal tracked multi-functional Technical
transporter that can even ac- specifications
autonomy hours
company you at the sea.
In complete respect of the environment it can go through difficult
ways, high slopes and narrow
spaces. It can go over stairs - nonpolluting - noiseless - functioning
in closed spaces - largely used in
building, agriculture, beekeeping,
on the seashore, in industrial maintenance etc.
weight Kg
lenght cm
width cm
height cm
travel speed Km/h
max loading capacity Kg
batteries group 24V
partial charge H
200 AH
210 AH
on board battery charger 220V
gradeability 76% - 37°
max. height of the step 18 cm
Sede Legale/Commerciale: Via Broli, 66/A
Stabilimento Produttivo: Via della Tecnica, 10
Tel. 0039. Fax 0039.
e-mail: [email protected]
w w w . g e m m o g r o u p . i t
051IRN.indd 1
13/10/2008 11:02:19
JingCheng dips toes
in European market
hina’s Beijing JingCheng
Heavy Industries said it was
at APEX to better learn the
European market but it does not yet
have a final timetable for bringing in
machines. It is the first Chinese access
manufacturer to show aerial platforms
in Europe.
Mr Su Jie, chairman and chief
executive officer, tells IRN, “As a
responsible company, we must know
conditions of the market, we must
understand how to enter it effectively.
We must know our customers’ needs.”
Mr Su says the company recognises
that after-sales service is an essential
element of entering the market. “We
are conscious of the need to find
distributors. At this beginning [of
our efforts] we want more contact
with many companies, not just a few.
In the future, we could focus on one
distributor for all of Europe.”
The company showed four machines
– a 32 m working height self-propelled
boom (pictured), 10 m and 12 m
scissors, and a 14 m vertical mast – and
sold all of them to Polish company
GSR Spa used APEX to launch a new range of
3.5 t GVW telescopic van mounted platforms,
with the E140TJV fitted to a Ford Transit van
making its debut in Maastricht. The Italian
manufacturer says the van mounts have been
purposely designed to match the increasing
demand for units with “acceptable payload”,
and are designed to be installed on the most
common EURO 5 commercial vehicles such
as the Ford Transit, Iveco Daily, Mercedes
Sprinter, Renault Master and Volkswagen
Crafter. The telescopic range complements
the existing GSR reverse articulated van
mounts “making the GSR range one of the
most extensive available on the European
market today”, says the company.
■ From Finland comes Leguan
Lifts’ tallest model, the 15.6 m
working height Leguan 160. The
1900 kg machine is standard
as a four-wheel, hydrostatic
drive version, and tracks are
available. Maximum outreach is
6.65 m and basket payload is
200 kg. The Leguan 160’s price is
approximately €50000.
■ Italy’s Palazzani Industrie Spa
has put a new, bigger boom on its
Ragno XTJ 42 model to make the
48 m working height XTJ48, its
tallest spider ever. Available also
in a wheeled version, the 35 kW
diesel/2.2 kW electric-powered
machine has 15 m of outreach
and a maximum basket payload
capacity of 200 kg.
■ The push of a button
hydraulically narrows to 88 cm
the width of Dinolift’s new version
of its 12 m working height Dino
120T trailer-mount platform. The
1350 kg 120TN, whose outriggers
fold along the chassis, offers
7.9 m of lateral outreach and a
120 kg basket payload. Also new
from Dinolift in Finland are the
battery-powered Dino 135TB,
150TB, and 180TB.
■ Manitou’s 170 AET JL
articulated boom, which can be
used outside as well as inside,
features a 2-cylinder diesel
engine backed by an electric
option. The machine can run on
its diesel engine for three hours
to fully recharge the battery.
■ Italian company Cela said its
26.8 m working height TP J 270
truck mount is the first 27 m
working height, articulated,
telescopic boom with fly jib on a
5.6 t carrier. The model provides
a maximum of 12.5 m of out reach
and 200 kg of basket payload.
Also, the company has also
expanded its spider range with
the 12 m working height, 200 kg
payload Spyder 120 model.
■ Leader’s addition to its Giraffa
line of telescoping, weldox 700
steel boomed truck-mounts is
its biggest, at 21 m working
height. The Giraffa 210, for a 3.5 t
carrier, has a 7.5 m outreach with
a maximum 200 kg payload.
Series 2412
A super compact 12’ lift
400 lb lifting capacity
piece construction One
no loose pieces
portable for
one man operation
in most vans and
The Perfect Lift for
*HVAC Contractors
*Electrical Contractors
*Industrial Maintenance
*Steel Erectors
w w w. s u m n e r. c o m
Sumner Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Unit A6, Haybrook Industrial Estate, Halesfield 9
Telford, Shropshire
telephone: +44 (0)1952 586517
facsimile: +44 (0)1953 588920
Narrow crash barrier with
high protection effect
– no wider than a
marking line!
Mobile crash barrier
ProTec 120
Protects road users from on-coming traffic even in
situations with narrow road works!
! Highest protection effect
! Optimum containment level and
! Large water drainage opening
! extremely kind to the road surface,
with rubber-based stands
effective ranges T3/W2 and H1/W5
! Lowest ASI value “A”
! Concrete width is only 12 cm
! Protected reflectors
! Fast assembly
! Minimum space requirements
! Highly economical
Optimum road works safety:
there's always space for ProTec 120
Peter Berghaus GmbH
Traffic Technology • Mobile Crash Barriers
Phone +49 2207 96770 · Fax +49 2207 967780
IRN 1008 Rental Prods Aerial Pla52 52
14/10/2008 09:54:25
New crawlers for Europe
agano Hoogwerkers, a new company
dedicated to the sale of the Japanese
manufactured Nagano aerial platforms in
Benelux, unveiled three tracked models at APEX. The
models will be sold outside the Benelux region by
Hanix Europe under the Hanix brand.
Genie Industries has given its S-80 and S-85 booms makeovers
and introduced the units at APEX. The significant changes on the
S-80 and S-85 booms include fixed width axles and the use of
the ‘virtual pivot boom assembly’ first seen on the company’s
S-60/65 booms in 2003. The fixed axles give the units a 2.5 m
(8 ft 2 in) width, slimming down both machines’ footprints, and
involve fewer hydraulic components and moving parts. “Stability
on the old machine required a wider footprint with extendable
axles,” says Karel Verheul, European service manager for Genie.
“The weight’s a little higher than the old (S-80) but [it is] less
complex with setup”. The virtual pivot boom design keeps the
weight of the boom over the chassis’ center of gravity as it
raises, eliminating the need for additional counterweight.
The machines – two articulated booms and a sigmaboom type platform – have in common tracked crawler
carriages which Nagano Hoogwerkers describes as of
a ‘triangle’ construction. This means the lower rails
are coupled to a turning pin the middle.
“Should the machine pass over an obstacle,” says
Folkert Smeers, Nagano Hoogwerker’s commercial
director, “the lower roll can move up and not disturb
the equilibrium of the platform.” This makes the
machine suitable for rough terrain use.
Mr Smeets predicts that the na90za sigma boom
machine will be of particular interest to the large
glass-house erectors in the Netherlands and Belgium
because of the platform size and capacity - 3.1 m by
2 m and 600 kg. “The machine is more flexible than a
traditional scissor,” he says.
The two articulated booms, na120a and na180ja,
have 12 m and 18 m maximum platform heights
respectively. The na180a includes a jib for up-and-
over access and additional working flexibility.
The Nagano aerial platforms are being introduced
all over Europe, Nagano Hoogwerkers, an offshoot of
the Dutch company Kemp, is the only company which
will sell the machines under the Nagano brand. IRN
Iteco launches 19 m
electric scissor
A 19.0 m working height electric scissor drivable
at 14 m platform height is the latest machine from
Italy’s Iteco. The IT 17210 is the company’s first 4WD,
rough terrain electric scissor.
Corrado Conti, Iteco’s sales manager, tells IRN
that in addition to being drivable at 14 m, the scissor
could be operated at full height without deploying
the stabilisers.
The 17210, which will have a smaller brother, the
17 m working height IT 14210, weighs 8900 kg and
can be supplied with a diesel engine if preferred.
The scissor uses a 630 Ahr battery pack. Outriggers
are standard on the bigger machine and an option
on the smaller one.
IRN 1008 Rental Prods Aerial Pla53 53
13/10/2008 12:10:49
hen was the last time a typical rental
business owner spent two days without
making or receiving a phone call concerning
work? Many, or most, business owners find it difficult
to ‘leave their work at work’. Equipment rental
business owners are in particular danger of burn-out
or stress problems, with the resulting threat of the
destruction or regression of the businesses that they
have built up. Being aware of that tendency is the
first step to establishing a balance which maintains
a healthy life style, for the owner and their families.
Stress is a leading cause of work related illness.
In the UK, for example, it affects more than 20% of
the population. Equipment rental is a specialised
business, with many aspects of the most stressful
parts of other types of companies, and also some
aspects unique to rental. Along with all the normal
business concerns of staff, finance, suppliers,
turnover and cash flow, are the worries of whether
the equipment that was rented to that unknown
company or individual will be returned and paid for,
and how it is being treated by the client.
Most company owners realise that businesses
can only borrow money if they already have it. The
result is that owners of small rental companies
often invest extensively in their businesses. They
are therefore in a particular problem, they own the
business – or does the business own them?
So, are you running your business, or is the
business running you?
Question time
Asking yourself some questions is a good way to
start an evaluation of who is running whom:
1. How many hours do you normally work each
2. When was the last time that there were two
consecutive days when you did not make or
receive a work related phone call?
3. What time do you normally leave home in the
4. How many complete days do you take off for the
Brian Dennis is the
of an international
rental company,
and now works as a
consultant to rental
businesses on a “pay
as you wish” basis.
Additional information can be found at:
5. When was the last time you went shopping with
your family?
6. When did you last have a vacation without
calling the business?
7. When was the last trip which was not due to, or
involving, company work?
8. What time do you normally get home in the
9. Do you receive business related calls even on
your ‘off’ days?
10. Do you have ‘off’ days?
11. Do you remember the names of your wife and
your children!
Writing the answers to the above and showing
it to your nearest and dearest might have some
interesting results. For example, “I normally finish
work at 7 p.m.”, might be disputed. Assuming that
you do remember the names and locality of your
family (question 11), you could then ask them to
comment on your answers. Feedback from others
is important.
Reasons, or excuses, for behaving in stressed
manner are common and frequent:
■ I am the only person who can authorise that.
■ The business is our income and investment, it is
too important to delegate to others.
■ I don’t really work all the hours that I am away.
■ I organise my work load to minimise any stress.
■ Stress is good, it is over-emphasised as an
■ I cannot expect the staff to work hard, if I do
‘Off duty’ time
Many rental business owners would respond to
some of the questions with comments such “what is
wrong with always being ready to sort out problems
– it only takes a minute of my skilled time on the
phone”. Often the “minute” is much longer, and it
leads to other calls being required. Normally the
thought process, once started, is difficult to cut off –
your “off-duty” time has been severely interrupted,
as well as the “off duty” time of the people the
owner was with when receiving the call.
Other owners may reason that being, at least
partly, stressed is a natural part of the role of owner;
that it is a reasonable trade-off for the wealth and
life-style that a successful entrepreneur enjoys.
Stress is natural; it was designed into the human
animal as a method of aiding survival. It affects the
IRN 1008 Rental Managment.indd 54
13/10/2008 12:12:38
If the owner would not expect an employee to
work those hours, then they should not either.
■ Have, and keep, an outside interest. It doesn’t
matter what it is, as long as it is different. If a
business owner does not have the time for their
own interests, it is a dangerous start to a rocky
■ Business plans should also include
administration. Many plans ignore the costs,
both in time and money, of doing the essential
administration that any business has. Trying
to then complete those essential time-limited
tasks impose a high stress burden on the
■ As a business grows the owner will have to
delegate more. There will have to be somebody
to delegate to. Establishing a company structure
of supervision and management is an essential
task, to let the company grow.
autonomic nervous system, which controls many
of the involuntary body functions - heart, lungs,
sweating, adrenalin release, etc.
Stress reactions were always supposed to be short
term. In modern life, however, there are people
who are in a prolonged situation of stress: it is not
the natural way, and the body reacts accordingly,
declaring "enough".
The fact that more business owners do not have
more stress problems is often an indication of the
high resilience of the type of people who start their
own companies. Being resilient is one thing, being
immune is another – and few rental business owners
are immune.
Is this really the way work should be, or the best
way to run a business? Is being stressed the best
way to manage a modern business concern; or is
there an effective method of maintaining efficiency
without targets, which are always a little beyond
current achievements?
Business risks
Running a small business is a danger. More important
than the common business risks - financial, ethical,
legal - is the danger of letting the business run
the owner; as opposed to the owner running the
There are some techniques that equipment rental
owners may consider that will make their lives, and
those of their families, more relaxed and enjoyable.
The business is important, but without the health of
the owner it will fade fast.
■ Be realistic. A small equipment rental company
is a difficult business to run. There will be
disappointments and problems. Expecting and
allowing for them will develop reactions to suit
the level of the problem.
■ Don’t expect too much. Striving for impractical
results is a common problem for business
owners. Budgeting for an attainable margin
is more efficient than not achieving an
unreachable target.
■ The first years of most businesses are
stressful – that is an unfortunate reality.
Those first years should be just that – the first
years. After that most problems should have
been experienced and solutions or reactions
■ The owner’s time should be budgeted, just as is
the downtime on a machine for maintenance.
A major cause of business stress is a feeling of
being overwhelmed by various problems at once.
An effective technique to resolving problems is to
follow a standardised method of problem solving,
either written or in one's head. Identifying each
problem as a separate item, defining the real
problem from apparent problems and then listing
various solutions with their side effects is an
excellent management tool.
Using this method on individual stressful situations
can be an extremely effective way of resolving
various situations which cause "burnout" in owners
and managers. With practise it will become second
nature to apply the method to all varieties of life's
questions and problems.
Establishing a reasonable life balance is the key
to success.
There is a negative stigma in many people's mind
about problems of mental health. People who would
have no reluctance to admit to a back problem, or
a bad knee, would be reluctant to admit that they
have been to a specialist due to feelings of anxiety,
depression, or even inability to sleep well.
Counselling is widely available, and it can enable
a business owner to realise how their stressed
reactions to problems may be causing inefficiency
in the overall business results.
Counselling works, in general, by enabling the
client to realise that they do already have their own
answers to their problems - the client only needs
to organise those answers into the correct format
and result.
Accepting that a stressful situation exists, and
following a course of action to minimise the cause
can be the most positive action that an equipment
rental business owner can take. It can change their
business into an efficient happy workplace, and even
save a person's life. It can put fun and happiness
back into a company, and the whole workforce will
be likely to applaud the result.
IRN 1008 Rental Managment.indd 55
13/10/2008 12:13:01
People news
from the world’s rental industry
■ Worldwide temporary structure
rental company De Boer Group in
The Netherlands has appointed
Lucas Covers (pictured above) as
its group-wide chief executive officer,
succeeding Peter Dekker, who remains
on the management board.
Mr Covers was previously chief
marketing officer for Philips Consumer
Electronics in Amsterdam, and he had
also previously been chief executive
officer of Philips Electronics’ Business
Group Home Networks in Paris.
■ Mobile Mini Inc said Lawrence
Trachtenberg, its executive vice
president and chief financial officer
since 1995, will retire at the end of
2008. Mr Trachtenberg, who will
continue to sit on the US company’s
board of directors after his retirement
and act as part-time advisor, will be
succeeded by Mark Funk.
Mr Funk will join Mobile Mini on
3 November from Deutsche Bank
Securities Inc’s Structured Debt
Group, where he is a managing
director. He has previously worked
with Mobile Mini in organizing its
credit facilities, including financing
for Mobile Mini’s recent acquisition of
Mobile Storage Group.
of Volvo Aero. He replaces Tony
Helsham, who will remain on the
Volvo Group Executive Committee to
support the growth of ‘soft’ products
in the Group. Mr Persson has been with
Volvo since 2006 and previously held
executive positions in the Bombardier
Group, ABB, and the Daimler-Chrysler
■ Hirequip, one of New Zealand’s
largest equipment rental companies,
has appointed former Coates Hire
executives Garry Woods and Barry
Meale as directors. Mr Woods will be
chairman, replacing Kim Ellis, who
is leaving the board after almost
two years in the post. Mr Woods was
■ Olof Persson (pictured right)
will become the president of Volvo
Construction Equipment on November
1, 2008, moving from the presidency
■ Algeco has appointed Olga
Damiron (pictured below) as its
new human resources director for
Europe. Her role, which is a new one
for Algeco, is to foster a common
human resources policy across the
17 European countries where Algeco
Based in Paris, Ms Damiron brings
18 years of experience working for
industrial and high technology firms
in France and abroad. She joins
Algeco from Honeywell where she has
been director of human resources
since 2007.
■ Ramirent has appointed Grigory
Grif as its country manager for Russia.
Mr Grif had been general manager of
Ramirent’s St Petersburg operations
since 2004. Before joining Ramirent,
Mr Grif was general manager in Russia
for contractor NCC Industry LLC and
general manager in Russia for NCC’s
rental business, Altima.
“We are very pleased to have a
person with Mr. Grif’s long experience
of the rental business in Russia to
head our operations in this vast
market,” said Timo Korhonen,
director, Ramirent Europe Oy.
formerly chief operating officer and
executive director of Coates Hire,
and Mr Meale was Coates’ group
general manager of strategy and
Rob Nichols, managing director
of Hirequip owner Tasman
Capital Partners, said; “These key
appointments mark an exciting
step forward in the development of
Hirequip. Garry and Barry are two
highly-respected industry executives,
who over the years have developed
a detailed knowledge of Hirequip and
the New Zealand equipment rental
■ Arne Dirckinck-Holmfeld
(pictured below), sales and marketing
director at Irish scaffold and access
tower manufacturer Instant UpRight,
is to leave the company at the end
of the year and join German powered
access manufacturer PB Lifttechnik
as export director.
“I got an offer to get back into the
machine business, and will also have
a little less travel”, said Mr DirckinckHolmfeld. “I’ve had four super,
challenging years with Instant.” He
will be based in Denmark.
PB Lifttechnik, based in
Oberbechingen, manufactures a
range of vertical mast lifts, scissors
and articulating booms with working
heights of up to 22 m.
Ramirent director gets
Instant surprise
Algirdas Pikturna, technical director of Ramirent’s Lithuanian rental business,
got more than most out of Instant UpRight’s recent dealer and customer
conference in Ireland – a week-long trip to Cape Town, South Africa, with an
Irish charity to build homes for poor township dwellers.
Mr Pikturna, listening to a presentation by Hugh Brennan, CEO of the Niall
Mellon Township Trust, a charity founded by Irish entrepreneur Niall Mellon
to build homes for the township poor, was moved to enter a prize draw to
take part in the charity’s annual ‘Building Blitz’ later this year. He won the
draw and is pictured (left) at the Instant UpRight event with the Trust’s Mr
Sponsored by Irish scaffold tower manufacturer Instant UpRight, Mr Pikturna
will now depart for Cape Town along with thousands of other volunteers to
help build hundreds of new homes. The building blitz takes place from 28
November to 6 December and is part of the charity’s efforts to build over
5000 new homes in the country this year.
The Dublin-based organisation is still looking for volunteers for this year’s
blitz – see or contact Tel: +353 (0)1 494 8200 for
details. Volunteers have to raise €5000 to cover the costs of the trip and for
building materials.
■ Allmand Bros. Inc. in the US has
appointed Ross Hilton as director
of international operations. In this
new position, Mr Hilton will direct
the development of Allmand’s site
equipment and compact tractor
loader backhoe business worldwide.
He most previously was national
rental manager in Canada for Trimble
■ Ewout Korpershoek (pictured
below) was promoted in August to
managing director of Topcon Europe
Positioning in The Netherlands. He
had been director of marketing and
IRN 1008 Faces & Places.indd 56
13/10/2008 12:17:21
Building the future
20 to 25 April 2009
Paris-Nord Exhibition Centre - France
6 d a y s t o m e e t t h e e n t i re co n st r u c t i o n w o r l d
A trade show organized by
70 avenue du Général de Gaulle - F-92058 Paris La Défense Cedex - France
E-mail : [email protected] -
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13/10/2008 10:58:18
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Please specify your preferred FREE version:
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■ Digital issue sent to you via e-mail on the day of
■ Printed issue
■ Both digital and paper issues
To qualify you MUST sign and date this form:
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A ■ Construction equipment
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Upton, Huntingdon, PE28 5YQ
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towermatic T series….
A range of one piece,
passively powered
folding access towers ranging
from 2.5 metre to 6 metre
working heights.
■ Unique
■ Patented
■ Safe
■ Efficient
■ Manoeuvrable
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products & services
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Shredders & Stump Grinders
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Cleancare int - experts in carpet
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z Machines form 17L to 65L.
z Perfect for the Rental Industry.
z More durable than anything on
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z Compact and light.
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• Mobile Access Towers
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equipment throughout
the world.
New Look.
Same Great
Tel: +44 (0) 1691 676235
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„ No need for ladders
or steps
„ Ideal for indoor & low
level use
„ Safe and simple
„ 8 seconds to reach
full height
„ 1.63m platform height
gives 3.63m average
working height
„ 240kgs working load
„ No formal training
„ Battery powered with
universal charger
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80 PAC80
80A compact pneumatic pa
Noise levels
as low as
package AT LAST
A portable compressor + paving breaker
: A revolution in compressed air
: Low Whole Life Cost
: One man operation
: For years to come
For any general information
regarding this product,
please contact us at
[email protected]
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00 33 (4) 77 96 38 31
w w w . s u l l a i r. c o m
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Yanmar, Kubota, Isuzu & Perkins
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Skid Steers
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Auger Torque Europe Ltd
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& Son Ltd
Henry Cooch & Son Ltd
Unit 2, Platt Industrial Estate,
Borough Green, Sevenoaks
Kent TN15 8LN. UK
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FAX: +44 (0)1732 882681
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T +44 (0)1454 227 277
F +44 (0)1454 227 549
Static & Mobile
Generator Sets
MOSA StarLight SL55
The ultimate name in
metal fuel bunded tanks
Generator Parts
Service & Repairs
■ IBC’S 950 – 5000 LITRES
Transtore UK Ltd
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Services Directory
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Fixed Vertical Mast
4 x 1000 MH Lamps
360˚ Mast
80hr Run Time
■ High Productivity
■ Built for strength
■ Easy to maintain
■ Simple and safe to use
■ Multi quick fit
■ High return on
+44 (0)1775 840020
E: [email protected]
T 0870 606 4949 F 0870 606 3939
Tel +44 (0) 1566 777140
Fax +44 9)) 1566 777706
Email: [email protected]
Manufacturer of Recycling Equipment
420D Model
From Freeze
New model with many new features.
• Latest Chassis Design.
• Updated Control.
• Bungee Clamps.
• Multilayer Hoses.
• Easy Access Storage.
• Useful Lid Closed Slots.
• 42mm Silver Freeze Heads & Reducers.
VT1 Superlight - The market
leader in UK and Ireland
T:+44 (0)20 8205 7672
F:+44 (0)20 8205 7674
„ Hydraulically operated mast.
„ Distributor / Agent and rental
enquiries worldwide are welcomed.
Contact: Ray Caulfield on
0044 (0) 7970 140680
e-mail: raycaulfi[email protected]
Office, accommodationsanitary containers
16300 Kgs
27300 Kgs
44800 Kgs
68000 Kgs
Reach over 9,000 of
the World’s Top Rental
companies 9 times a year !
Tel: +44 (0)1892 786204
Tel: +44 (0) 1302 860300
Fax: +44 (0) 1302 860301
Email: [email protected]
tel: +44 (0)161 335 2331
Dieselstr. 8 49733 Haren (Germany)
Phone: +49 (0) 5932 506-0
Fax: +49 (0) 5932 506-10
[email protected]
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Pioneer Pump design,
manufacture and sell
high performance pumps
throughout the world.
Please contact the UK operations
and we will direct you to your local
distributor who is there to support
your needs.
self priming
pumps for
sales and
Godwin Pumps Limited
Quenington, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 5BX
Tel: 01285 750271 Fax: 01285 750352
Group is
number 1 UK Partner
with over 120 man years
of experience in delivering
integrated technology solutions.
Touchstone Group understands
your business and how to deliver
a single intergrated solution which
dramatically improves business
Customers such as SPEEDY HIRE,
are choosing to work with
Touchstone Group
For more information on how
Touchstone Group is delivering
measurable improvements
for businesses like yours
email: [email protected]
call: 0800 0345 424
Specialist IT solutions for the rental industry
Tel: +44(0)1449 736777
Fax: +44(0)1449 737322
[email protected]
the rental experts
Rental Software...
For YOUR Business
Implemented in over 600 rental
companies, inspHire is the most
widely used rental management
solution in the industry.
❏ Contractors Pumps
❏ Sewage Pumps
❏ Aerators
We have around 250 models that
can get to grips with just about
anything that is more
or less liquid.
Tel. +31 (0) 314 36 84 36
Whatever the size of your business,
inspHire can offer a user-friendly
solution that’s right for you.
Let inspHire make your business
more profitable -
[email protected]
Tsurumi pumps are
extremely rugged, low
on maintenance and
have no problem with
dry running.
Tel: +49-211-4179373
Fax: +49-211-4791429
Safe Measures from
The new Grindex pumps.
Trouble-free dewatering.
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products & services
directory please contact
Paul Watson on:
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[email protected]
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Lincoln Electric Europe
Blast it!
Plane it!
Strip it!
Grind it!
Mix it!
Over 20
Engine Driven Welding Generators
from 200-800 Amps D.C.
Tel: +44 (0)1673 860709
[email protected]
Take the adVANTAGE
An Engine Driver Welder ideal for
Site, Construction, Pipe and Rental
Markets – Vantage 400, 500 and
Ranger 305 D.
To advertise in the
products & services
directory please contact
Paul Watson on:
Tel: +44 (0)1892 786204
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Why Buy Anything Else?
• Auxiliary output from 2-30kVA
- multi voltage
• Air or water cooled, 3000 or
1500 rpm
Tel: +44 (0) 1670-590900
Fax: +44 (0) 1670-590301
e-mail: [email protected]
Event Seating
Read by senior managers and buyers of rental companies worldwide, IRN
offers you the manufacturer, a perfect vehicle to advertise your company’s
product’s and services. Directory Advertising remains the most cost
effective way of guaranteeing a constant presence within IRN
The strongest instant seating
system for events, idiot-proof.
Visit our website
for more information.
T +31 (0)162 45 31 61
■ A full year’s presence.
■ Specific heading of
your choice.
■ Reach rental
companies in mature
& emerging markets.
■ FREE hyperlink from
digital issue to your
company website.
■ 9,200 circulation.
■ FREE production
service if required.
Reach over 9,000 of
the World’s Top Rental
■ Full colour advertising.
this ad = £540 per year
40mm x 60mm
please contact Paul Watson on:
companies 9 times a year !
Tel: +44 (0)1892 786204
Tel: +44 (0)1892 786204
Fax: +44 (0)1892 786258
e-mail: [email protected]
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Need a rental fleet you can
rely on in all conditions?
Trust FG Wilson.
We provide innovative and flexible power generation product
designed specifically for rental fleets.
FG Wilson products are the first choice for rental fleet owners
due to:
• Low life cycle costs
Generating Power
• Long service intervals and excellent fuel efficiency
• Low noise and emission levels
• Superior after sales service and customer training
Visit for further details
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