January 2016 - PNG Missions



January 2016 - PNG Missions
Acts 14:27b – “... and had gathered the church together, they rehearsed all that God had done with them …”
In the past few months of being in Wipim Amy and I have, through our prayer letters, asked you to pray for us and the many challenges both we
and the church have been facing. This month we want to gather you around and rehearse to you some of the things we see God doing and
share some answers to prayers.
Rain… It has been raining in Wipim for the past month consistently. The newspapers, radio and media told us that the drought was to continue
6 months into this year. After 6 months of little or no rain the Wipi people are thankful that God has heard ours and your prayers. There is so
much rain that the streams are full and their crops are being watered. We are thankful that our God is not constrained by the meteorologists and
their forecasts.
Arusa... We asked prayer for Arusa that he would get placed in Wipim Primary School for this next year. Well, God had other plans because Arusa
did not get placed in Wipim station school but was offered a position much further away. The move would not only hinder Arusa from being at
Wipim Baptist church but his oldest son would be sent away because there is no 8th grade where the new position is. Arusa has chosen instead
to retire from teaching and accept God’s challenge, to him, to be Pastor of Wipim Baptist Church. We have no doubt that God has prepared Arusa
and his wife for this and that this is God’s calling on his life. After Arusa made his decision he was blessed this month as one of our supporters in
America sent over a check equal to three months pay for Arusa and we placed it into his account. When I told this to Arusa his eyes filled with
tears at God’s provision for him and his family. Arusa depleted his savings account and for the last six months has had no income and this act of
generosity towards him and his family has truly humbled them. We are prayerfully seeking to present Arusa to the Church for consideration of
Pastor and then after that we will prepare for his ordination. The last thing we are praying about is his livelihood and wondering how the church
can afford to pay him even a little. One consideration is to take Arusa out to Moresby and introduce him to some National men in hope that they
might offer to support him along with Wipim Baptist church. Please pray God will give us guidance in this area.
Discipleship... - I mentioned that we had desired to write our own discipleship books and Amy and I finished that last month. We contacted a
commercial printer in Australia, negotiated a price to print them and sent the files. To our surprise we found out that we received all the
discipleship books back postage paid and there was no cost to us from the printer. Praise the Lord - We are excited to now continue discipleship with our people, working with them one on one with something they can read, write, understand, and keep to teach others.
Visitors... – Amy and I are so excited to have a few groups coming to visit us in Wipim this year. There are several people that have
communicated with us recently about having an interest in coming to Wipim to visit and see the work here. Yes, we do accept visitors and would
love for you to meet our people in Wipim; after all we are here because of you, and the support you have faithfully given. For you to meet those
you pray for… that is a win-win for you and us. If you are interested in seeing a remote mission field please contact us for information. Also if
you have any construction, mechanical, dental and/or nursing backgrounds these are always needed in our village.
Bible School Starting…
We will be starting Bible School this month with 15 students, 10 of who will graduate this year from our three-year program. Our students are
excited and the teachers are getting prepared. Arusa will be teaching “Life of Paul” through the book of Acts, Job will be teaching “Romans II”,
and I will be working on Hermeneutics and some basic “Theology”. Please pray for the teachers and students as we all seek to “Study to shew
ourselves approved”.
And finally Burton Bloopers…
Beth and Abby were talking about their first semesters of college and the many experiences they have had. Beth says to Abby, “Abby I was at a
4.0 GPO two months ago and now I am at a 3.67 GPO and I don’t understand how I got there?” Abby, confused said, “Beth you mean GPA?” To
which Beth replied, “Oh maybe that is how I got to 3.67” (referring to her mistake between GPO and GPA). We think Beth missed being in the
Burton Bloopers.
The Burtons – Doug, Amy, Abby, Drew and Beth – Hebrews 12:2