Freaker`s Ball 2006 Freaker`s Ball 2006



Freaker`s Ball 2006 Freaker`s Ball 2006
Freaker’s Ball 2006
By: Alexa Sprick
On Friday, October 27, the Hiawatha High School Commons was overrun with
ghouls, goblins, and ballerinas for the 2006 Freaker’s Ball. Freaker’s Ball is usually the
most popular dance held during the school year. It always promises to be a wild and spooky time! And this year it was just that!
Lots of students attended the dance this year, most of who wore
fun costumes following in the Halloween spirit. During the
dance, students were able to dance, enjoy refreshments, get their
pictures taken with Frankenstein, and be judged in different
costume contests. The dance was held from 8-11 pm. Students
were required to pay $2 to get in with a costume or $4 if they
didn’t wear one. For once in the history of Hiawatha High
School, students were willing to pay to get into school! There
were a lot of really creative costumes. This year, costumes both
frightened, and humored students. Freaker’s Ball was a great success.
Student Council is responsible for sponsoring Freaker’s Ball each year. A lot of
work goes into making Freaker’s Ball the fun dance that it is. STUCO members are responsible for coordinating Freaker’s Ball whether it be the decorating, finding chaperones, or hiring a DJ. This year many members turned
out to help decorate for the dance. Sticking with the
Halloween theme, the Commons never looked so good
draped in black, skulls, monsters, pumpkins, and
lights. Though the attendance for this year was relatively low compared to other years, enough students
came to make this year’s dance a blast! I interviewed
sophomore Cara Nigus. “I really had a good time at the
dance” she said. When asked about her favorite costume she said “I really thought the fat ballerina’s were
the best” Each year the costumes get crazier and more
interesting. Freaker’s Ball is a great tradition carried out
each year by the students of Hiawatha High School.
Hopefully it will continue for many years to come! It is
truly a “frightfully” good