CARB Executive Letters - Clean Cam Technology Systems, LLC



CARB Executive Letters - Clean Cam Technology Systems, LLC
Air Resources Board
Mary D. Nichols, Chairman
Liilda S. Adams
Secretary for
1001 I Street· P,O. Box 2815
Sacramento, California 95812·
Environmental Protection
October 26, 2010
Mr. Don Fairchild, Manager
Clean earn Technology Systems
6300 Seven Seas Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Dear Mr. Fairchild:
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff reviewed the emissions test data
submitted for a Detroit DieseI71-seriestwo$trok~die~elengine
rebuiltwlth a Clean
Cam Technology .Systems (CCTS) Detroit :,Diesettebdildkit. The CCTS Detrclt.Diesel
rebuild kit emissions data satisfY the 'ARB's Gommercial H arbor GraftRegtJlatiol11
compliance requirements fotarfexistiriglsngiheto
meet United States Environr11ental
Protection Agency (U ;S.EPA)tier2 marineenqineemlsstonstandards
or equivalent.
ARB is not certifying the engine rebuildkit, Rather, we areapprovinq engines-rebuilt
with this kit to comply with the Commercial, Harbor Craft Regulation U.S. EPA Tier 2
marine engine requirements. The rebuilt engine will have a new label attached
identifying the engine as rebuilt with this eCTS Detroit Diesel rebuild kit.
Two sets of emissions test data have been submitted for the GCTS Detroit Diesel
rebuild kit. These data sets are summarized in Table 1. Both sets of data showed ,
emissions rates below the U.S. EPATier 2 marine engine standards for the 71-series
Detroit Diesel engine. The U.S. EPA Tier 2 marine engine standards, which vary with
engine size, are summarized in Table 2 below. One set of emissions tests were
performed .by thebJhiversi~ of 'California.; ~jverside .(YCR.yano. theqth~rbySol.tthwest
81'78 E3.marinepropeller duty cycle.
"'The.emissions tests were conducted with.CARB diesel fuel:' The HarborCraft ','
Regulation allows compliance by demonstrating emissions levels that meet U.S. EPA
Tier 2 marine engine emission limits. The emissions test results for particulate matter
(PM), nitrogen oxides plus hydrocarbons (NOx+HC), and carbon monoxide (CO) are at
or below the U.S. EPA Tier 2 marine engine emission standards fora marine category 1
diesel engine with a per cylinder displacement of less than 1.2 liters/cylinder.
Commercial Harbor Craft Regulation (section 93118.5, title 17, California Code of
Regulation (CCR).
The energy challenge facing Cafifomia is real. Every Cafifomian needs to take inmediate action to reduce energy corisumption.
For a list of simple ways you can reduce demand ana! cut your energy co is, see our website;
California Environmental Protec ion Aoencv
Arnold Schw3i'zenegger
Mr. Don Fairchild
October 26,2010
Page 2
Table 1: eeTS Detroit Diesel Rebuild Kit Emissions
Rebuild Kit
UCR TestAvq Doe 12V71 (1.16Iiter/cyl)
UCR TestAvg Doe 12V71 (1.16·liter/cyJ)
.SwRI Test DOC 6L 71 (1.16 liter/cyl) Rated .
210 hp
SwRI TestDDC 6L71 (1.16Jiter/cyl)Rated
208 hp
SwRI Test DDC6L71 (1.16 liter/cyl)
Rated 228 hp
. (g/hp-hr)
The eeTS Detroit Dleselrebuildjdthastwovariatlons,
one forthe 71-series and
. .:...
.. .
. .
another for the 92- series DetroitDiesel2"stroke
engines. The 71-,seriesDetroit Diesel
.engines displace 1.16 liters percYli(ld$raJ'1d\t~~92~seiies DetroitDieselengines
displace 1.51 liters per cylinder. The:MariheTier2standards
for these two engine
series are different in regard to~thePMemissiohJates.
As shown in Table 2, the
71-series Detroit Diesel engineshavectoibeequ~Lto
or less than 0.22g/hp-hr PM to
meet the marine Tier 2 standard while, the 92'::seriesDetroitDiesel engines have. to be
equal to or less than O.15g/hp-'hr PM. The'92':'series Detroit Diesel engines have to
meet a cleaner PM standard.
'Sksed On the' ernissionstesfs
resultspresentedjn Ta6.i~ '1~bove,
'Diesel re~lHld.·kit'reduees ·e.niisslonsfr()mthepetroit
Diesel 71,-seriestwo stroke diesel
. engine to. below U.S. EPA Tier 2 marine engine 'emission standards. Therefore. ARB'
staff finds that the eeTS Detroit Diesel rebuild kit, when used with a Detroit Diesel
71-sedes engines, can be used to comply with the emission standard requirement in the
Commercial Harbor Craft Regulation for Tier 2 engines. This does not extend to the
Detroit Diesel 92-series engines because these engines are required to meet a stricter
Tier 2 PM emission standard.
A component parts list for this engine rebuild kit is attached to provide a means to
identify the individual parts specific to this rebuild kit. The component parts list may be
'needed to help resolve any future compliance issues. The eeTS Detroit Diesel rebuild
.kit requires specific injectors that are not on the attached parts lists.
Mr, Don Fairchild
October 26, 2010
Page 3
Table 4 below lists the injectors allowed for the 71-series engines, All ofthe injectors
must be certified by Signal Diesel Injector Service located in Signal Hill, California,
T abl e 4 CCTS De t rot't D'lese I Re bUI"Id K'tI Fue II' ruect or Iden ffi
perfonnance by
Detroit Diesel Enoine
Signal Diesel Injector
A CCTS engine label must be installed or placed on an engine rebuilt to comply with the
Commercial Harbor Craft Regulation marine Tier 2 requirements.
Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Mr. John Lee,
Air Resources Engineer, at (916) 327-5975.
~73~£.C0cr~~ __
Daniel E. Donohoue, Chief
Emissions Assessment Branch
John Lee
Air Resources Engineer
Control Strateqies Section
-' [g- -_
- I~~ted
Califo~ia Envi-romnental~tection
An: Resources Board:
waSte Mau:genrentBoaral
of Cttlifornu;.
l Department
Office of Environ-mental
of Pesl:icide Regulal:i~
Health Haza,-d Assessment!
I Deparl:ment
of Toxic Substances
State Water Resources Control_Boa,-d1 Regional Water Q~ity
em;.tr~l Beard,
October 5,-2001
~Mr. Don Fairchild
Clean- Carn Technology Systems
1901 Mineral Court, Suite-A
~ _ - - Bakersfield, California 93308
Dear Mr. Fairchild:
On behalf of the California Environmental Protection AgEmcy (CaUEPA). I am pleased to
forward an official certificate-for the Clean Cam Technology Systems' (CCTS) CamShaft Cylinder Reengineering Kit - Version I (for application-to Detroit-Diesel
Corporation's pre--1993-modelyearengines:
1~V-92, 12V-9_2,8V-92, 6V-92~ 16V-71,
12V-71, 8V-71 , 6V-71 , 6L-71 , 4L-71 , and-31-71). This performance certification is
- subject to the conditions in the Air Resources' Board (ARB) Executive Order ~G~96~29~
'038, which is also enclosed.
The control of exhaust emissions from stationery reciprocating -engines is an .important
part of GaUEPA's strategy to achieve and rnaintaln healthy air quality in California.
Upon review, local air 'management districts issue permits for stationary sources. The,
CCTS's Reengineering Kit can be incorporated in a districfs plan_to control nit~ogen
oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter emissions.
-CCTS's custom earn Shaft and Cylinder Reengineering Xit allows the specified pre1993-model yea-r engines to meet 2001 exhaust emission standards established by U.S.
EPA and ARB. The Reengineering Kit modifies the camshattcyllnder
liner, and piston
along witl1 changing the fuel il1ljection timing and O>sYg~nratio to allow ~he engine to be
operated with lower emissions. ARB" staff at the CaUEPA has independently verified the operation ofthe iisted model year engines. Additional information about the Certificati.on of this technology is available at
While CallEPA does not provide endorsement or approval of spe .
products, -our certification represents the validation of environm __- .
based on an evaluation of available data. Certification ;":k
high degree 0
confidence to potential customers and_regulators that the
y will perform a
claimed, under specified operating conditions. Developers ari_,--'
certified technologies have credited certifi~ation as a key pa"i>f their
in ..
domestic and international markets,
'l1te eneJID' ebaU
-immediate action to
=luce demand and
1001 I Street
I Sacra
Mr. Don Fairchild
October 5, 2001
Page 2
Increasing the use of innovative products that have a net environmental benefit will
assist CallEPA in improving our state's overall environmental quality. CallEPA has
endeavored to share certification information with our colleagues in environmental
protection, as well as potential technology customers. This year, we plan to eOncentrate
our efforts in advancing the acceptance of the California Environmental Technology
Certification Program (CaICert) among private and regulatory communities. I invite you.
to join the CalCert team ·in coordinating our outreach, marketing, and technical transfer
I have also enclosed a sorvey we developed to solicit client feedbaCk on the certification
process, cost, .and timeframe. We welcome your observations and opinions, particularly
any recommendations toward improving our service and your certification experience.
"Please complete the enclosed survey at your earliest convenience and return it to the
Office of Environmental Technology at P.O. Box 2815, Sacramento, CA 95812. Your
candid feedback will help CallEPA improve CalCert and ensure a more efficient and
responsive certification service.
Congratulations on the re-certification of the Reengineering Kit. We look forward to
continuing our cooperative association with Clean Cam Technology Systems to
facjlitate the development, use and transfer of innovative environmental sofutions.
Shouldyou have questions or need assistance in this endeavor, please contact.
Ms. Melissa Meuser, CalCert's marketing analyst, by telephone at (916) 445-6023 or
via e-mail [email protected]
. -.'
~ Tam Doduc, P.E. Assistant SecretarY
Technology Certification
Ms. Kitty Martin, Air Resources Board
Ms. Melissa Meuse~, Office of Environmental Technology
:-: :"','-
- •. _'-.: ....<----.;..
'~":.: -,
-r : -~:; ...
i~ valid.only when this equ!~ment or p~6~sis-~~J)Aed
.stationar:yscHirces and iS~J)~tvalidfor mOdificatiO~()pn~~~~_-engines; .:·.:-".'... >.:./ ' .'.
. WHEREAS~thi~ Precertffi~fion
- ;"'e''g--'u--'Ia'tions:
• '
WHEREAS. Clean,GamT~n\Jlogy
Shaft Cylinder R.eengiileeringKit
mechanical unit injecoohDetroit
.>. ,
.... --.".....
-;:.• r " .- _.'
.... '«. ,',.. _
J . '.
{Versi6n __
IJfotfApplication to any pr~t~g~>m()delyear
Diesel CbrpOratlC)fl'S engines (Mod~f$'16\l+92. 12V~92,
8V-92 6V-92 12V-7116V;;.71 3L-71 4L-7161)·i1 t 6V-71and8V-"71)''-:.·
, ._
' .. .,
'-~-- •• '
WHEREAS, clean Cam Tecl;ll10iogy Systems, identified the foilowingPre~itifK::ation
. standards regarding the emissions performenceoffhe earn Shaft CyliriderReengineering
Kit (VersionJ) for application to any pre-19931nOclelyear
mechanicaloriiti~on Detroit
Diesel Corporation's engineS (Models 16V-92~12V..c92,
8V-92,6V-92;'12V-71C16V-71 •
. ' .3l-71~ 4L-71. fiL-71. 6V-71. and 8V-71):·
..... :.: .:
emissions no greater than ~.8 grams per brake norsepower-hour
nitrogen oxides; .
.... .
emissions no greater than 1.0glbhp.hi of hydrocarbons;
eJ!1issions no greater than 0.16 glbh~hr of particulate matter; .
no greater
than 8.5 glbhp-hr of carbon monoxide; and
WHEREAS •.1find that the Applicant. Clean Carn Technology Systems, has metthe
requirements specified in Title 17, California Code of Regulations. section 91400 which
incorporates the ARB's Criteria for Equipment Precertification· (adopted June 14, 1996)
a£:ld has satisfactorily demonstrated through independent testing that the reengineering kit
described in the application meets the identified Precertification standards;
-: ":-"~~~>.,.
to ali CQnditi6risa'1{it¢qui~~n:ts.
. ...
6ffl1e ARJ:ts Ci1t~riafor EquiPment Precel"1:ffioatloQ, including the proviSloris '>~,~".;>.
WHEREA~. marketing
of this device using anidentffi~tion.otb~~tl1fif1tfiat.!)tJPWq;IDJhis
·.·.·~pcutiveOrdershali 'be prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from .thEf ARB~'~~~y -:
Oral or written.
refet¢nces to this Executive Order or its 'conteQ!IJY Clean Carn T echnO~f ..
. Systemsj its prin¢;' agents, employees. distributors. deal~F()r.other
must include theJfi.sclaimer that this Executive Order is not an endQrsement or approval of
the Garn Shaft:cylfnder Reengineering .Kit (VetSionl»)for applicatl6~·toany
mod¢Lyear me~l1anical unit ini~~on Detroit Diesel <J9rporation's engines (Models 16V-92.
12V~92,8V-92;6V~92, 12V-71/16V-71,3L=11,4b-1:'1{6l-71,
6V-71.and 8V-7t)~.No ..'
ctttiTIlShaU be made, such as "APproved by the AiiRE!sources Boafd,iiWith reSPE!titoany
advertiSing or other oral or written communication.Jtis only a findirigtfJatthe
Kit (Version I) for app1icati01'l to any pre-1993}nooel
mechanical unit injection Detroit Diesel Corporation~s~engines (Mod~fS16V":"92,>1.?V~92.
8V-92, 6V-92, 12V-71 , 16V-71, 3L-71., 4l-71,6L-71;6V-71.
and 8V-7.1}meeiSfue
identified Precertification standards under the recommended operatingtonditiOnsat
specified in the evaluation for application. number 980901;
·NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED. that theperfcrrnence.precertitication,
Executive Order G-10-089, executed at Sacramento, CGiJrfQmia,this .~~dayo(
January 2011, is hereby granted subject to the foliowing?d6nditions anclrequirements:
.Tne issuance of this Precertification Executive Order does not constitute'·
compliance with, or that-the equipment or technology identmedhereinllas been
verified to meet the requirements of the 'Verification Procedures tarin-Use
Strategies to Control Emissions from Diesel Engines" contained in the ~C.arlfomia
Code of Regulations,
Title 13. section 2700 etseq.
. The equipment or technology'ideotified
herein shan not be used to comply with
emissions requirements contained in any law, ruie or regulation where retrofit
technologies for in-use diesel. engines are required to meet such verification
procedures. .
This PrecertfficationExecutiveOrder shaU.expire on January ,,~2014
James Goldstene
Executive Officer
. Richard Corey, otilef
Stationary Source Division
. -~

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